The Competition
Cast of Characters

St. Dunstan's Junior High School:

Diane York: Chair, Home and School Association; also known as "Dragon Lady"
Rebecca (Becky) York: Long suffering daughter of Diane, Grade 7 student, swim club member
Principal Hayworth
Rita — Principal's Administration Assistant
Mrs. Maxwell, Social Studies teacher
Robert Richardson, head of English department, Drama Club counsellor
Athletics Department staff:
Joe Weldon, senior Boys' coach, head of department
Ed Ronson, junior Boys' coach
Ginger Ford, senior Girls' coach
Eileen Green, junior Girls' coach
Fellow members of St. Dunstan's Girls' Swim Club
Andrews, Angela — Grade 8
Black, Alexandria (Alex) — Grade 7
Dover, Debbie — Grade 8
Johnson, Natalie — Grade 8
Smith, Joanna (Jo) — Grade 8
Thompson, Marcia — Grade 7
Winters, Samantha (Sam) — Grade 7
Girls' Support Group
Linda Macintyre — Grade 7, best friend of Rebecca
Rachel — school "bad girl"
Anne — science nerd
Named members of Boys's Swim Club
Greg — romantic interest of every other female student at St. Dunstan's
Paul — romantic interest of Linda
Other students
Barbara (Babs) Collins — Swim Club Mascot, club anchor (literally)
Kevin — romantic interest of Rebecca
Patricia Spaulding — Grade 8, transferee, sister of student in Gymnos

Gymnos Middle School

Don — romantic interest of Marcia

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