Idin Noah Glossary
Chapter 1: Types of Beings

The Creator, God capital G

The entity responsible for the creation of the universe and all the entities with in, with the exception of Idin Noah. If this being still takes an active role in the universe is up for debate, his creations that are aware of the origins of the universe still show a great deal of respect for this entity either due to fear of or a great love for.


A group of beings that have been around since the formation of the universe, these beings occupy a higher plain of existence and can interact with the mortal plain but have to follow rules for interaction that have been set since the beginning of time, they exist primarily as energy, choosing to manifest as a physical entity as the need arises.

Higher Celestials.

The heavy hitters of the universe, these beings remain mostly dormant either by choice or by having been imprisoned by the creator. These beings include Arch Angels and Arch Demons IE: Abaddon the Destroyer, Lucifer the mourning star, and Michael the Arch Angel. Idin Noah well being on the level of power as a Higher Celestial is not part of the original creation and not bound by the rules of these beings...

Lesser Celestials.

These include demons of all different types as well as lesser angels, including the majority of the heavenly host, they also include a host of mythological beings from various mythologies, including The Fey, Greek Gods, Roman Gods, Egyptian Gods, and a host of spirits. These beings range in power from being less powerful than some Mortal beings to being very near that of a Higher Celestial.

Fallen Celestial and Demons.

Fallen Celestials and Demons are Celestials that have chosen to abandon their original intent, purposefully betraying their creator. The difference between Fallen and Demons can be likened to that of a Misdemeanor and Felony, Demons often are imprisoned for their crimes, Fallen are often allowed to roam the mortal world.


A group of beings that owe their existence to the interaction of Celestials and Mortals, these beings can often be the offspring of a mating between humans (of the Homo Genius) and a Celestial, although other examples exist ie: other animal parings and a Celestial. In general these beings are of great strength and hard to kill usually requiring a special method of death. Beings of this type include The Daughters of Lilith, and Weres, less common are the Cambion, and lesser Fay races.

Lesser Immortals.

These beings are not true half breeds, often mortals tainted through interaction with Celestials, these beings often are "infected" and can be created from mortals, not having to be born an Immortal. The Sons of Cain and Classical Weres would be in this group.

Specific Races.

Daughters of Lilith.

These are the half breed children of the Fallen Celestial Lilith and Humans (Homo Genus), they are all female. Lilith accidentally created this group by mating with the Human Cain, their daughter was the first of this race. The race exhibits great strength, a deadly aversion to the sun, the need to drink human blood, often pale with fair hair, they have fangs and claws when in attack mode, they can move fast enough that the human eye will often miss their movements, they are drawn to human sickness and claim their purpose is to ease human suffering.

The often will find ailing humans and help them along toward death, this process they view as a sacred duty, in this process they drain the life blood from the human and can gain some of the victims memories. In past times they have been called Plague Bearers, they have been confused for Sucubi due to their mating habits.

They can be killed by exposure to the sun, dismemberment, and blessed silver, they can often survive an abnormal amount of punishment if they have access to human blood, even as far as having limbs removed and grown back.


Weres are the offspring of an unknown celestials and various mortal animals, these beings are not humans that change into animals, but animals that change into humans. They are often feral and avoid all contact with humans, the strengths and abilities of these beings are often unknown, but silver (not blessed) can harm them, which suggest the celestial responsible may not of been a demon or a fallen.


The offspring of Sucubi, Incubi and a Human (homo genus), these for all intents and purpose remain human in appearance with the exception of being exceptionally good looking, they tend to have a higher affinity for the mystical arts, and like all immortals do not age once reaching adult hood. This is one paring where the Human half of the offspring is much stronger, often the Cambion is unaware of what they are until they stop again.

Sons of Cain.

These are the result of the mixing of blood between Lilith and the Human Cain, the process turned Cain into a Lesser immortal, sharing some of the traits of the daughters of Lilith, they require much more blood, they also are a great order of magnitude weaker. What they lack in strength they make up for in aggression and numbers as the turning process is quick, Cain was known to turn hundreds of humans at a time.

They exhibit much of the weakness of classical Vampires, with all the weakness of the Daughters Of Lilith with the addition of Holy water and wooden stakes.


All the normal creatures on earth, including humans, this also includes humanities creations, IE: Robots, Cyborgs and A.I...


One example of this being exist to date, see Phillip Moore.

Cast of important Characters.

Name: Lilith.

Age: Unknown.

Class: Higher Celestial.

Status: Fallen and Redeemed

Time as a Fallen: 1.5-2 million years

Lilith was the Arch Angel guardian of the new race of mortals called man, during the first emergence of the race she fell in love with one of the creatures, causing her to neglect her duties by giving them knowledge she was not supposed to, she was stripped of her rank and power cursed to wander the earth. Her crime of having loved a mortal would constantly plague her, she would fall in love again with the mortal Cain, their Daughter being the first of the race of her daughters.

Fear of losing Cain caused her to try and turn him into an immortal, this process caused Cain to become a ruthless animal and a lesser immortal, weaker than her daughter, in his betrayal he killed their daughter and started to raise an army of these "Sons of cain", Lilith seeing the threat started to raise a group of Daughters to counter Cain.

During this time she encountered the being known as Idin Noah, initially thinking he was a fallen like her she sought his help in dealing with Cain, it was learned that Cain was seeking to open the ancient prison for Higher Celestials.

During Idin's Assault on Cain's city of Bal-im or Babel, Lilith Sacrificed herself to the bottomless pit to prevent the opening, this act redeemed her in her creators eyes, she was restored to her power and made the Guardian of the Pit.

Name: Idin Noah.

Age: 200,000-400,000.

Class: Unknown, the equal of a Higher Celestial.

Status: Unknown, believed to be trapped in the Abusso.

Idin Noah started his existence with no memory of who or what he was, he arrived on earth speaking modern english, and had the appearance of a Homo-Sapien, a race that had just begun to propagate and replace neanderthal. His first encounter was with a Neanderthal women he grew to love, later he would encounter Lilith and her daughters and help them over come Cain.

Idin's earlier life on earth was marked by tragedy, losing his wife and adopted child, he promised Lilith he would guide her children, a role that he has often taken less than serious, as Idin views them as Parasites which goes against his main philosophy of protect the weak from the strong.

Often times Idin has felt he is being used by higher beings, he has been on hand at every attempt to release Abaddon the Destroyer from the pit, and every time he has prevented it until the most recent time when he decided enough was enough, he went into the pit to end Abaddon's existance. During one of the earlier attempts Idin sacrificed himself as Lilith had, his reward for the act was a mortal life which he also sacrificed to stop yet another attempt to release Abaddon.

Idin has often ended up either through divine providence or dumb luck at key points in history, having witness the rise and fall of nations, man's continual attempts at self extinction, he has watched civilization rise to reach the stars only to fall back again, he often reveals information nonchalantly that to a mortal is a great revelation and to him is simply an interesting factoid.

Above all Idin is pro-human, he has often stood against any being who intended to harm humans, be they demons or angels, he has found himself fighting both sides of the battle, always with the goal of preservation of human life.

Idin has claimed to have watched the Pyramids being built, Been apart of the rise of Sumner, had contact with several Alien visitors to earth, Warned the Atlantians about their pending doom, Swam through the great flood, been a signer to the deceleration of independence and Constitution of the U.S., Was apart of the Barons to force the Magna Carta, among innumerable other feats and accomplishment, and with his great age it is hard to argue the validity of his claims.

Idin is most happy when he is pursuing that of a normal mortal human life, often times falling in love with mortals both romantic and familial, often adopting children. Through out his long life Idin has tried various ways to allow him to have a normal family life, from being a powerful advisor to rulers and kings, to being a nobody living on a farm, his most current attempt was that of an entrepreneur in the U.S. Owning several companies and passing them down to himself through out the years.

Idin's physical strength is impressive, and any being should think twice before engaging him in combat, but his most impressive ability is that of the knowledge he has obtained, if knowledge is power Idin has enough to equal his physical strength.

In his pre-mortal days Idin had a self regenerating body, nothing done to it could cause it to die, even if reduced to atoms he would quickly reform. If trapped he could usually find a way out, Time was the enemy of who ever held him, like wind cutting through stone Idin could simply batter anything with the steadiness of time, he could punch through the thickest steal with enough time.

In his mortal guise Idin was able to use the magics that had been denied him all his life, he had the knowledge and now the ability to be among the highest level of magic users on the earth.

Sadly this all came to an end when Idin threw himself into the pit to hunt and kill Adaddon the destroyer, his current status is unknown.

Name: Elise

Age: 2000 Years old at death.

Class: Higher Immortal.

Status: Dead, Former Queen of The Daughters of Lilith

Time as queen:1500 years.

Elise as Queen of the Daughters is a direct blood decedent of Lilith, her reign was one of the longest in modern times, she took over after her mothers death in C.E. 500, it is rumored that the Mage Merlin killed her mother.

During her reign she had an affair with Idin that ended badly in the last 300 years of her reign, toward the end of her time as Queen she was known to become increasingly brutal and secretive, culminating in an attempt to Resurrect Lilith that was prevented by Idin Noah, Elise died in the resulting battle.

Her death in proximity to the pit allowed her soul to get trapped with in where it was manipulated by the demon Abaddon, she may have already been under the influence of the demon Legion at the time of her death.

Elise was Survived by her oldest Daughter Lillian and younger Daughter Desdemona (aka Sunny), she was resurrected briefly in an attempt to release Abaddon and was killed by Lilith direct offspring Kei Amrita.

Name: Lillian

Age: 217.

Class: Higher Immortal.

Status: Queen of the Daughters of Lilith.

Time as Queen: 17 years

Lillian is Elise's oldest daughter, when she was young Idin Noah was constantly around, leading to a childhood crush and a bit of hero worship, in the 200 years of her life she was a dutiful daughter to her mother, becoming her mothers right hand.

While her mother became increasingly secretive Lillian began to gather loyal members of the daughters to herself just in case. This proved prudent at the time of Lillians humans mate death, when with the help of Idin Noah she discovered her mothers attempt to free Lilith, with Idin's aid Elise was defeated.

Lillian took over the role as Queen, with the Aid of the current Merlin, and Idin Noah, Lillian formed the Council, a group to oversee supernatural affairs, a NATO of sorts for the supernatural members, this group was successful in preventing wide spread destruction during Abaddon's last escape attemp.

Name: Desdemona (aka Sunny).

Age: 68 years old...

Class: Higher Immortal.

Status: Nurse, Married to Phillip Moore

Desdemona rebelled at an early age from the Daughters of Lilith, by the time she was 30 she had refused to answer by the name her mother had given her, picking the Name Sunny Desdemona, using her given name as a last name.

By the age of 38 Sunny had managed to embarrass her mother on several occasions, the height of which revolved around an incident when Sunny was dating BOTH a Son of Cain, and a Were, neither men aware of the other until Sunny invited both to an event in honor of her mother. The ensuing disaster ended with Sunny being banished from the Daughters.

When Idin Noah found out about Sunny's banishment he reached out to her, providing a stable home, he offered her employment at his companies and to pay for all schooling. Sunny refused, instead finding her own job that allowed her to indulge in her favorite past time, eating. Sunny worked at a Doughnut shop while taking computer classes, she viewed herself as the assigned Sister to the area of San Diego, a post of high regard in any major city, this having mostly to do with the fact that Idin allowed no other sister to live in his city.

It was several years later when Sunny was Asked by Idin to aid the Cyborg Phillip Moore, this was how she met her Husband and future father of her child. After that adventure Sunny and Phillip moved to the east coast to pursue their education, once complete they both moved back to San Diego to open a free clinic. Sunny is currently 6 month pregnant and enjoying all the new food cravings she now has.

Name: Murray.

Age: 1600.

Class: Higher Immortal.

Status: Cambion

Title: Retired Merlin.

Murray is the man who made the title Merlin famous, Merlin being an ancient title for the strongest mage in the World. It was Murray that helped a young Arthur Pendragon become king, it was Murray who became the keeper of the Celestial Sword Excalibur.

Murray is the offspring of a Succubi and Human male, he has an affinity for magic, one that was trained at an early age, he rose through the ranks of Magi, reaching the title of Merlin at the age of 80, Being a Combion Murray would never age like humans, he used his magics to disguise this fact.

The Merlins of old had all been aware of the being Idin Noah, seeing it as their jobs to catalog all the supernatural beings in the world, Murray was no exception, Murray first encountered Idin Noah as a night of the kingless Camelot and eventual night of the round table.

Idin would fight along side Murray in many battles and help Cement the young Arthurs reign, it was during this time that Murray met another Cambion Named Morgana Le Fay, his future wife and mother of his child.

Morgana and Murray's seemed to have an intense adversarial relationship, leading to intense passion and rage, the resulting offspring being a female Cambion also named Morgana.

In one incident the cause unknown, Morgana Le fey pinned Idin to a rock and blasted him with dragon fire, Idin being in his Knight of the Round Role it can only be assumed this was an attack on the crown.

Name: Morgana

Age: 323

Class: Higher Immortal.

Status: Cambion

Title: Current Merlin

Morgana is the offspring of the Cambion Murray, and Morgana Le Fay, as such she too is a Cambion, the fact of which both parents forgot to mention to Morgana. Morgan has had a friendly relationship with both parents although she remains a bit of a daddies girl.

Morgana also has a romantic interest in Idin Noah, always coming off as too predatory for Idin's taste (saying much about Morgana as Idin has had relationships with aggressive immortals) She maintains a friendship with him however, often coming to aid him in his en-devours.

After the events surrounding Phillip Moore, Murray began to see his daughter as a possible replacement as Merlin, after Idin's sacrificed himself the first time Murray allowed his daughter to take over the role of Merlin choosing to retire himself.

Name: Kei Amrita.

Age: Before first death 60,000 years, after resurrection 18, current 31.

Class: Higher Immortal.

Status: Died and Reincarnated

Amrita was one of Lilith's original daughter, and lived with Idin for most of her adult life, she was among the oldest daughters ever at the time of her death at the hand of Nimrods arming.

It is suspected that the Guardian Lilith had a direct hand in bringing her back to life in order to aid Idin through the young Kei, when Kei was turned the two personalities merged, at times Kei seems young and unsure, at others she has the wisdom of her former life.

She is Idin's oldest companion, a warrior of no match, her age seems to have carried over into her new life, granting her a strength beyond any of the modern Sisters, after Idin's death she has taken the role of the protector of his family, willing to lay down her life to ensure the life of his Daughter and Wife.

Name: Sharon Jones

Age: 43

Class: Mortal.

Status: Police Captain, Adopted daughter of Idin Noah

Sharon has known her Dad was special since the day he walked through fire to save her live, he saved her from a fire that had killed her parents. Idin adopted the young 4 year old and raised her as his own, encouraging her through out her life.

When she expressed an interest to join the force he simply smiled and congratulated her on her choice. Being the daughter of Idin equipped her to know the true dangers of the world, and at times brought her into contention with her dad over his vigilantly escapades, Sharon is often party to these very same escapades.

Sharon has never had a long relationship as she always compares the men in her life to her father, a measuring stick that is hard to equal.

Name: Jennifer Noah

Age: 36

Class: Mortal.

Status: History Professor

Jennifer met Idin Noah when he saved her from two would be rapist, Jennifer bears a striking resemblance to Idin's first love, through the course of their first meeting they grew to love each other. Once Idin was mortal they dated for 2 years before deciding to get married, at the time of Idin's disappearance she was pregnant with his daughter.

Name: Elizabeth Noah

Age: 14-15.

Class: Unkown.

Status: Freshmen in High School

It is currently unknown what effects being the daughter of Idin Noah have had on Elizabeth, she is faster and stronger then most mortals, at times she can even be as fast and strong as some immortals (when angered.) Her senses are above average, she has a natural athletic talent, she can alter the laws of probability (verified by Murray ex-Merlin through a series of test involving picking winning horses)

She has seemed to inherited her fathers desire to protect those around her, she can seem stand offish and aggressive when dealing with other children.

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