Pleasant Unpleasantness
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Blackmail, Heterosexual, BDSM, Humiliation, First, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jeffrey finds himself caught by the cops when he is doing his naked thing outside. Instead of ending up behind bars, the cops have other plans for him.

Even when I had fantasized about something like this happening to me one day, I always had been sure that nothing like that could ever happen for real. Firstly, because I surely would get arrested, and secondly, because I would probably die from shame at the spot.

Well, before I tell you what happened to me, I can better give you some background information about myself. Not that this will explain why it happened to me, but I'm sure that it will explain how it could happen to me and also tell you about what kind of person I am.

You must know that somewhere after my sixteenth birthday, I started to do things that many would probably find strange. In a way, my parents played a part in this, because they were often away during the weekends, and then I had our flat for me alone. On those days, I started to explore my sexuality. Not in the way you would think, because I was very shy and had trouble with talking to other people, especially girls. So, on those days that I was home alone, I started to fantasize about erotic situations and started to act them out. During one of those fantasies, I learned that I loved to walk around naked in my own home. I can't explain it, but it just gave me a nice feeling. And from those feelings, most of my fantasies started to be about being naked and getting caught while doing this. Not that I wanted this to happen, ever, but just the fantasy was enough for me to get me turned on.

It was just plain fun to think about those things, and also about how I would react on it if it would happen for real. Of course in my fantasy, I was always courageous and acted like I was in control of the situation. In reality, if something like this would happen, I think I would have crawled away in a corner, crying my eyes out.

But for my fantasy life, it was wonderful, the thought of being caught naked by a girl, was a huge turn on for me. I wondered about all the things that they would do with me, or what kind of things they would make me do. Like most boys of that age, without a girlfriend, my hand was always my best friend while imagining those things. Because of being alone, so often, I had a rather active imagination and for weeks, well, months in fact, I acted out many of my fantasies. Sometimes, I even handcuffed myself and then tried to free myself without using the keys. Well, those handcuffs weren't that difficult to open, just a little wire was enough to open them.

This thing went on for almost a year. And there had been a few close calls when my parents came home unexpectedly, but they never caught me. The scariest thing was once when I had handcuffed my hands behind my back, and I suddenly heard the voices of my parents in the hallway. I was just in time, to get into my bed, and then I kept lying there as quietly as I could. Like usual, my mother had looked in on me, but she hadn't noticed anything unusual. I still wonder what they would have done, if they had caught me naked and handcuffed like that. Brrr, I get the chills just by thinking about it.

However, by the time I turned seventeen, I was getting bored by just running around naked in our flat. And on a whim, I decided to extend my fantasies to the rest of the apartment building. It wasn't a huge building, because it had only six flats on three floors, and also an attic and a cellar. So, going out of my flat, naked and sneaking around the hallways was fun to do. Sometimes I even sneaked up to the attic or down to the cellar. Although the attic was safer, because nobody used it. I even cleaned it out, because there were a lot of cobwebs and dirt everywhere. In the end, I turned it into a rather nice looking place. Of course, I also understood that when I would be naked up there and somebody would come up the stairs, there was no place to hide myself. So, in the beginning, I had hidden some clothes in a plastic bag up there. Although, I have never needed them, except from one time when my parents came home when I was up there. So, my preparations had turned out to be a good thing.

Going down to the cellar was somewhat more difficult. The front door of our building had a full length transparent glass window in it, and to reach the door of the cellar, I had to walk all the way through the hallway that was in plain sight from outside. So, somebody walking by and looking in could easily see me, especially if I would put the lights on. However, with the lights off, they could maybe see me as well, but it would be more difficult, I hoped. The cellar itself was mostly used to store things in it that you wouldn't use much and it had six separate rooms, or boxes as we liked to call them. So, it wasn't as fun down there as in the attic. However, just the fact that I had to be more careful there made me go down sometimes, because you also had only one entrance to it and the only place where I could hide myself would be in our own little box. I could only hope that nobody would be curious enough to have a look inside our place. I can tell you, I had a few close calls down there, but luckily, my neighbors weren't nosy.

By now, I was doing this almost every weekend when my parents were gone. It even happened that I was immediately undressing after they had left and only got dressed again late on the Sunday evening, just before they would be getting home.

I was sneaking around our hallways for three months already, when a new neighbor came living in the flat above ours. All the other neighbors had been of my parents age or older. Only the couple living downstairs had a child, a son that was three years older than me. But now, my new upstairs neighbor became one of my fantasies as well, because, she was a beautiful woman of twenty-four years old. In my mind, I fantasized about being caught by her, and that she would have her way with me. Well, that was the dream, in reality, I always jumped out of my skin, whenever I thought she was getting too close to me. Sometimes, I even had to sneak back to the attic to avoid being seen by her and then sneak back down, past her door to my own flat. In a way, it made it more thrilling for me again, but also scarier.

By the time I was eighteen, I had finally made some friends. They were all classmates, and strangely enough, our group had more girls than boys in it. To make it even worse, I had developed a crush on one of them, but I was still too shy to ask her out, so she just remained a good friend and nothing more. Although, my new friends had sometimes hindered me to do my thing during the weekends, but I didn't mind it too much though.

The attic had also changed, we had turned it into a nice hangout for us and had now a few old sofas in it and an old coffee table in the middle. If only my friends had known what I did there sometimes, I think they would have looked differently at me and the place.

I don't want to tell you too much about them yet, but when the real story starts, they were still my friends, and we were in our last year of high school. Our group hadn't changed and we were still three boys and four girls hanging out at my place in the attic. The other neighbors didn't mind it, because they had no use of the attic, and we only came together twice a month. So, we didn't disturb anyone, and I could still do my hobby most of the weekends.

However, my urge of running around naked was also changing, I didn't feel the same thrill anymore of being naked in our apartment building. And because I wanted to get more daring, I finally decided to move my long time hobby beyond the borders of my apartment building. Of course, I wouldn't do it in plain sight or in the streets. So, with my scooter, I went to wooded areas that were far away from civilization. Well, far enough away from houses with people in it.

This new experience was very exciting. I liked the idea, how I always had to search for a spot to hide my scooter. Most of the time, I used the bushes for this, but sometimes I just needed to park it against a tree. Then I stripped myself at the scooter and hid my clothes in the compartment underneath the saddle. It could be locked, so I knew that my clothes were safe there. I always hid my keys under a nearby stone or something like that. And then, I went on my naked walkabout.

I loved the feeling of the soil underneath my naked feet when I walked through the forest, sometimes branches of trees or bushes brushed over my body and it excited me. It all felt so good that when I did this the first few times, I just came without touching myself. After a while, I needed to use my best friend, my hand, again to make me cum, but I always had a hard-on or semi hard-on when I walked through the forests. Well, at least the first few months, after some time, I also got somewhat used of running around naked outside. Although, it didn't take much to get me hard, a sudden sound could be enough to make me go fully erect. I think that when I would have been caught, those people would have laughed their asses off when they would have seen that thing of mine growing by just looking at it. Although, this never happened to me. After a while, I got braver and also did this sometimes during the day. That was a lot scarier, but also more thrilling.

Of course, without even noticing it consciously, I started to do it closer and closer to inhabited areas. I think I wanted the excitement to stay at the same level, and I could only accomplish this by making the risk of being caught higher and higher.

Eventually, I even started to do it in areas with a few houses and streets. I even dared to walk in those streets, but always made sure that I could dash into the forest, whenever I would hear a car coming. I had a few close calls, but I think I managed to avoid being seen by anyone. Well, nobody ever stopped his car to see if they could see or catch me.

Then, I started to go to more crowded areas, well crowded with more buildings, that is. I started to roam around naked in industrial areas with huge parking lots. At first, hiding my scooter away from the building and then sneaking around the edge of the parking lot, so I could easily hide myself in the bushes or behind trees around the property. Yes, I always made sure there were enough trees and bushes around to hide myself behind. I'm not completely crazy. Again, I had some close calls, but again, I wasn't caught.

By now, I was nineteen years old and very daring in where I went naked. Well, at least concerning places where I could get caught but where I also knew that the risk of getting caught was still very slim. Because, you would maybe find this strange, but I was scared to death about being caught while I would be naked. I still was very shy, and I think that when I would get caught, I would be so ashamed that I even wouldn't be able to answer any of their questions. And you can be sure, there would be a lot of questions by those who would catch me.

Well, that was how it went, until that fateful night that would turn my world upside down. I think that if somebody would have told me what would happen that night, I would have called them crazy. And I would have called them even crazier, when they would have told me all the other things that would happen because of that night. I always had been sure, that if I would get caught, I would get into a lot of trouble with the law and also with my parents. However, the things that did happen, was even crazier than anything I had fantasized about.

However, before I go on with my story, I think it is time to give you an idea about how I look. By now, I was getting close to my twentieth birthday, and from the things I already told you, you know that I am a man. Well, back then, I still called myself a boy, just because of the fact that I was a virgin. And I wasn't one because I wanted it, but I was one because I was too shy to try anything with a girl. Even kissing a girl on the cheeks made me blush fiercely.

To give you an idea about how I looked. I was 1m81 tall and had black hair that was cut short. The color of my eyes was, well, still is brown-greenish, and I was always clean shaven. Well, that was what people could see of me, everything else, from my neck down, hadn't been seen by anyone else, except from my doctor. I even didn't shower in school, that was how shy I was. However, to go on with the description of my body. Whenever I was naked and looked at myself in the mirror. I saw that my body didn't look bad, I had a slim figure and some muscle tone. Not that my abdomen looked like a six-pack, but you could see that I had some muscles. Well, I did a lot of sports during the week, so this helped me to stay slim. My body was slightly tanned, from when I went skinny dipping in a pond where nobody else came. So, during those days, I also did some sunbathing. Oh yeah, something else what I found out later on, was that girls liked the fact that I almost didn't have any body hair. Except from my pubic hair and the hair at my armpits, I had no hair anywhere else. Something that I had inherited from my dad, he also had no hair on his legs, arms and chest.

So, now that you have some background information about me and an idea about how I looked, I think it is now time to start the story about the day that changed my life!

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