Elizabeth Noah, Idin Noah Book 3

Idin stood over Abaddon, the demons head in his hand and the sword in another, he had finally slain the demon, he could finally be at peace.

"That took forever." The voice said behind him.

Idin spun around to see Lilith in all angelic glory.

"You done with all this Idin?" Lilith asked

"What do you mean?" Idin asked.

"I mean are you done, you killed him finally" Lilith said.

"Yes I can rest in peace now, thousands of years chasing him through the void, I think I have earned my rest." Idin said.

"Good, we can leave then." Lilith said.

"Leave am I going to heaven?" Idin asked.

"Pfft hardly." Lilith said.

"Oh hell?" Idin asked.

"No" Lilith said.

"Well I am dead where do I go?" Idin said.

"Yes you are dead, you wasted your mortal life." Lilith said.

"So purgatory?" Idin said.

"Idin those places are for mortals." Lilith said.

"But you said I wasted my mortal life?" Idin said.

"Exactly, we gave you a mortal life, you died, so now..." Lilith said.

"Now what?" Idin said chasing after her as she walked away.

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