Battlemage Nonetheless: Book 2 - Catalyst
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Drunk/Drugged, Magic, Fiction, Slow,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Dusty is starting to adjust to his new life in a new world of magic, but that new life is again going to change. In the middle of choosing which of the four women he wants to be with he is given a new mission to find out how children are being kidnapped and why monsters are attacking a town. Just as he feels it couldn't get any worse a "new" distraction then arrives to knock him off his game.

Today it seemed that the sun was trying to go down faster than it normally did as a woman, who looked completely out of place, slowly made her way down one the side of the street past a bar in the rough side of town

She had been coming down to the area where the police had told her that her boyfriend was last seen. She kept hoping against hope that she might find someone, anyone, who might know something about him.

As much as she loved him, they really hadn't parted on good terms last time that she saw him and she wanted a chance to change that by talking to him once again.

The woman was so determined to find him that she made it a point to come down to this area every weekend over the last month to look for anyone who either had seen him or had any information about him.

Without intending to, and before she realized it, she had let everything else so far suffer in her life because of this single minded determination to locate him.

At her job she had always been known as a young up and comer, but this had changed lately to the point where all of her reviews over the last eight months were now becoming something in the just barely satisfactory area. Not enough to get her fired, but enough that she was put on notice that she wasn't performing up to her usually high standards.

But she didn't care.

Her job was only a necessary evil she needed to find him. If she lost it in the search for him she would find another. Her love for him was just that great.

She hadn't been taking care of herself and her fairly attractive frame was starting to grow lean. It wasn't enough yet to distract from her looks, for now it enhanced them, but if she didn't start taking better care of herself it soon would.

As she walked down the street, again feeling dejected from the lack of information she found, it was then that she noticed four young men who appeared to be somewhere between the ages of sixteen and twenty, dressed the same and standing around leaning against the wall of a bar just ahead of her watching her approach.

Making her nervous, she looked across the street trying to decide where to cross, and it was then that she noticed there were two more men who seemed to be similarly dressed and also watching her progress down the side of the street as well.

As she took better notice of them it was then that she realized they were all wearing the exact same colors. It was only then she could tell that they were all part of some gang.

Starting to backtrack she turned, only to see that a couple other young men dressed the same as the rest had been following her and she didn't even realize it.

Desperately she started looking around for somewhere to go, a building, stairway, an open alley, something that she could enter to get away from them. She stopped moving as she desperately looked around for somewhere safe to enter.

"Hey gorgeous what's wrong? Who are you looking for? Where are you looking to go?" called out one of the guys. She thought he must be the leader as he was the only one that spoke and seemed tougher than the rest.

Frozen in fear at the spot she could only watch as the three other young men also peeled themselves free of the wall and followed him as he headed for her.

As she looked nervously around, she then noticed that the other two already crossing the street in the waning light heading their way.

Rooted in fear she didn't move as the young man who spoke came up and put his arm around her shoulders. The young men had her trapped in a half circle with her back to a closed off alleyway.

"You know, he must not think that you're all that important if you can't find who you're looking for. I can't imagine someone not wanting to be found by you. What do you say to giving up on him and you coming and hanging out with us for a while?" asked the young man.

Looking into his face, the woman realized he had to be in his early twenties.

He had sandy blonde hair in a tight buzz cut. He had a ring in his nose and she could see tattoos on his wrist as his light jacket slid up his arm. His piercing blue eyes tried to hold her in place as he spoke to her. He might have been quite attractive if he wasn't trying to act tough.

"You know we've watched you come down her for the last few weeks looking for someone. What do you say that you give us a chance to show you the way around my bedroom for a while? You know you'll like it, bitch" said the young man suddenly.

Suddenly a third sense went off, something trying hard to tell her that this wouldn't end well for her, and the woman quickly lurched backwards almost by reflex into the alley between buildings out of his grasp. She didn't want to end up forced into sex, or as an unwilling rape victim, even if it wasn't that smart to be in this area of town alone.

The young men suddenly started jeering from behind her as she desperately started into the blind alley looking for a way out.

About midway into it the woman noticed a door that she was sure wasn't there when she first looked. It was a solid looking security door that looked to be made of some type of heavy wood.

Desperately lunging for the door it seemed to almost swing open on its own, and as the woman turned to look behind her, she noticed the young men suddenly running for the door to try and prevent her from closing it.

She barely got the door slammed shut as she heard the young men trying to push the door open to force their way in. Locking the door she started walking backwards away from it as she heard them trying hard to break it in.

The woman turned and looked around her, and she could see that she appeared to be in a long hallway that led into another room.

Quickly walking down the hallway, she headed for the room thinking to explain herself and ask the owners of wherever she was to call the police for her, when suddenly all the lights went out and she felt as if she was falling into an endless black pit as the floor dropped out from beneath her.

Finally able to force open the door the young men look around into a storage area that couldn't have been more than a 8' x 8' room, and that only had a few items in it, a shovel, rake, broom, and various spider webs but the woman was no where to be found as they stood and looked around.

Looking puzzled at each other the men back away unsure what this meant and where she could have possibly went.

"So when are we going to tell them?" asked Suzan softly as she smiled down at Dusty.

"I want to soon, but I want to do it so I don't hurt anyone any more than I have too. You are all very special to me. You were the first ones to accept me for me when I arrived here," said Dusty trying to look Suzan in the eyes.

"But we need to do it soon. I love you and I don't want to hide it from anyone. And since you finally managed to say it back to me, and agreed to want to be with me, I just want everyone to know that as well.

"And I know that you don't want me to believe your trying to keep one of the other girls as a spare in case we don't work out, do you? You don't want me to believe you're not serious about me at all, do you?" asked Suzan softly in her deep voice, while looking down at Dusty with a soft smile as she lay on his chest.

She barely had her eyes open as she looked down at him, smiling, as she asked her questions in her deep feminine voice. And as she did, she could feel Dusty getting harder underneath her, even though they were still wearing their pants.

While she had already thought he was as hard as he could get, and she knew he always responded well to her voice when she softly spoke to him as she lay on him like this, but as she asked these series of questions she swore he became harder still if that was even possible.

She clearly couldn't miss the twitching from his member either of course.

As she asked her questions she also lifted her chest up just a tiny bit and shifted around so that her naked breasts rubbed back and forth on his equally naked chest to make her point.

Dusty could feel her extremely hard nipples rubbing around on him as she did this and if his hands weren't currently busy massaging her butt they would have been on her firm, yet soft, chest as well.

Dusty's mind wandered as they lay there.

They were taking a few moments to be with each other because Suzan had managed to sneak away in the middle of the night to get to Dusty's room. And while Dusty was always hoping she might come, he didn't always expect her to visit him every night.

But he was happy all the same whenever she decided to come and he heard her enter his room. Even if he was starting to drop off into sleep, he came instantly awake when he heard her key in his door.

The other girls didn't know it, but Suzan had a key to Dusty room in the guild quarters just for moments like this. She would often come by only to make out with him for a few hours late into the night, well after the others had gone to bed before they themselves went to sleep.

Lately and almost all the time she now did it while topless, and usually as she lay across his equally naked chest.

She always said that she thought it only fair if she was topless he be also.

And it was often during these times that Dusty remembered what he was giving up when he chose to abstain from sex with anyone else until he married them this time. After almost a year without sex, and having her stir up these urges like she was, it had long since started him down the path of recovery to get past what had happened to him.

Not to mention that Suzan had a hard body that was beyond belief.

It was both firm and soft in all the right places because it needed to be, and she always managed to use that to the best of her ability while they were alone to keep his undivided attention. He really couldn't believe how many ladies in this world were really built like she was.

You couldn't throw a stone anywhere without hitting a young well built woman here.

Dusty figured it had to do with where he was from, as most of the people drove their cars everywhere.

Where as the people from his world often took their cars to jobs where they did manual labor or even to the gym to work out, but here almost everyone walked everywhere. If they had a hard days work at a job to do they walked to it, then walked home once finished.

It was rare to see someone on a horse or in a wagon unless it was because they were transporting something. The cost of the upkeep of the animals wasn't something most people spent money on, unless they had a reason too.

Not to mention all the physical labor that they all did on a daily basis

Living like this seemed to keep everyone fit, help keep their weight down, as well as give them bodies that people back home spent hours in a gym trying to get. Most of the women could easily get jobs as fitness models without any real preparation in his world.

And if they were back in his world, and if Suzan wore just a tiny bit of makeup daily, she would have been a fashion model easy or maybe an extremely high priced call girl with her looks and her body if she wished, but from what he could see she always kept trying to downplay her looks.

Makeup when she wore it for him made her unbelievably hot, but even without it she was still uncommonly pretty. And over the course of the year, or seasons as they called it, he was still working on getting their terms right and was still getting used to saying that, her hair was now just past her shoulder blades and framing her face nicely.

He was sure she did it because he commented early on how when they met he thought Lori's long hair was so attractive. Dusty had to admit that was something that made him feel special. He wasn't even trying to get her to do that, but he realized she did it to get his attention.

And Dusty was also aware that in this time and place makeup was used for only very special occasions.

Everyone who worked for a living with their hands didn't have the luxury of wearing it all the time because they would soon sweat it off. To them it was a waste of time, effort, and expense.

So the fact that she was willing to do it at all, change her hair style and wear makeup for him, spoke volumes about her interest in him. She said the first night that he saw her with it on in his room was because he was the only one that she would ever do it for and because she was very committed to him.

While he was determined to not have any more casual sex because of his previous bad experiences, and because of his forgotten promise to his aunt that he was determined to keep this go around, the moment Suzan took off her shirt and pushed him back on his bed at nights when she visited was starting to play with his mind.

She was making it very hard to control his lust for her.

Suzan still had a large chest for her size, and she had the cutest little bumps on her areolas when they were exposed to the air or when he nibbled on them and they scrunched up and got so hard in his mouth.

Dusty also liked how ragged her breath became while he was doing this to her. Sometimes he could even make her sweat hard if he did it right.

He also knew that he was now her first boyfriend and he wasn't sure if he should be happy or sad about that. He didn't want to take advantage of her and push her into anything she wasn't ready or expected, but she always seemed that she was determined to make up for lost time with him.

She had already become so accomplished with her kisses, after so much practice with him, that he knew that a blowjob from her would be the ultimate one he would ever get from anyone when she used her tongue in his mouth.

Well once she learned how to give one, he always thought with a smile.

Suzanne also always seemed to use her hands to the fullest on his body, to softly stroke and rub on him everywhere she could reach. She really enjoyed his tightly muscled frame. And he also knew that she could fully tell anyone who asked how long and how big around his cock was as she rarely passed an opportunity to touch him there as well.

The first time that she got up the nerve she fished it out for a long hard look before she went back to deeply kissing him, and for some reason at the time she slowly started to stroke it before he managed to get it put back up. She said that it was always poking her and she was curious what it looked like.

As her curiosity grew, pulling him out that one time didn't stop there, as there was one time he completely embarrassed himself somewhat when she kept at it while they were making out.

At the time she had managed to do something different and had shifted forward on him during a heavy make out session, managing to do it while she was straddling him, and suddenly reached behind herself so she could pull him out again while his hands were occupied playing with her chest.

Dusty knew he should have stopped her, but he was a bit distracted at the time as he had just used both hands to fondle her hard apple butt that seemed to fit so well in his hands just right and she made no protest as he switched and started playing with her chest.

He had been trying to see if he could feel through her pants if she was wearing normal panties or if she had gone commando.

At the time he was sure that she was commando.

Suzan had started slowly, but firmly, to stroke and fondle it from base to tip softly as she could with one hand for almost five minutes, and he was aware that he was becoming painfully hard as she also rubbed her other hand back and forth on his naked chest.

Then slowly she shifted so she could use her free hand on his chest to rub around on it and suddenly she then moaned as deeply as she could in his mouth right as she picked up the pace of her stroking him and used her nails a little harder on his chest.

She was suddenly moving her hand behind her as quickly as she could while now using a firmer grasp on him.

She hadn't done her moaning trick in a while, but when she did that night, combined with the stroking, he blew his load right into her hand before he realized it. It was like it was the last trigger he needed to trip his switch.

It had been far too long since any woman had played like that with him. Any woman being Lindsey that was, as she was the only woman he had ever been with.

The only thing Suzan did lean up on him with her other arm across his chest and just smile down at him as sweetly as she could, as he was trying to regain his composure from what she had just done. He was really embarrassed to have that happen and that he let it go so far.

Then she wiped her hand on her own pants leg and said she was going to be the only one who would ever be allowed to do something like this for him, and went back to kissing him as if nothing happened.

After a few moments she got up and said she needed to head back to her room and get some sleep. Then she thought about something for a moment, and then licked the hand that she had used to play with him.

Dusty thought that was odd until she said, almost to herself, "Not bad I guess. The girls said that some guys really enjoy for the women they are with to put them in their mouths.

"Rachel says she really likes the taste of men, Marie said it was an acquired taste for her, and Lori said she usually was only willing to do it when she didn't want to go all the way with the man in question, but she would do it for you at anytime if you would just ask. For me, you're my first ever that I have tasted.

"But it must be because it's you. I don't think it taste bad at all and if it's only me and you I could see doing that for only you if that is something you really wanted. I don't believe I'll have to push myself too hard to watch you enjoy it," said Suzan softly with a dazzling smile.

If Dusty thought the chamber was empty, realizing what Suzan meant by that statement made him completely hard again. Suzan noticed and smiled again as she turned and left.

Later that night after she left it struck Dusty that she wasn't asking him as much as she was making a statement to him about what she considered to be a fact, that no other woman would ever be allowed to touch him again the same way she just did. But as he thought on it he realized that he didn't really seem to mind either.

Dusty was pretty sure she planned what she did on that night on purpose the more he thought about that event. Sort of like she was marking him secretly in her own way.

But from that point forward Dusty didn't allow her to pull him out of his pants anymore.

It was already difficult for him to let her make out with him as she did without going to the next step, and that night if she hadn't moaned like she did it, might have gone further. And if she did it again, they might go even further than either of them planned.

And while Dusty respected the fact that Suzan wanted to wait before they went as far as any real sex acts, same as he did, but he had to admit that from time to time he also wondered if this wasn't her trump card she was holding out to get him to commit to her.

If it was, then he had to admit that the promises she was offering to give to him exclusively came wrapped in a pretty appealing and unbelievably desirable package. She was an excellent saleswoman for her wares.

He knew at this point that he did love her, but he swore that he would wait for marriage this time around, but he was also smart enough to realize that he was already putty in Suzan's hands, and he wasn't sure yet if that was a good or bad thing.

Other than playing with every inch of his body while they were alone, she never once was one for teasing or trying to embarrass him publicly. She always saved that for their alone time. She tried to treat him like any other male she met when they weren't in the privacy of his room.

Well she did go on dates with him under the guise of showing him around, but she wasn't overtly affectionate with him even then.

But she did want him to publicly profess his love for her. That was the one thing she really wanted above all else. She said that the other things would come once everyone knew that they were in a relationship together.

"Well when would you like for it to happen?" asked Dusty, coming back to the present.

"We just received a new mission for you to complete from the mage's council. I would think after that that it would be the best time. That way everyone has time to come to grips with our, I mean your decision, on who you want to be with," said Suzan softly.

"Ok, after this mission the council wants us to go on, we'll all have a sit down and talk. You above all are special to me and I just need to make sure to let everyone know that no matter what. After we get back we'll become exclusive," said Dusty smiling up at Suzan.

"Thank you! That's all I wanted! I want everyone to know I'm yours and your mine," smiled Suzan down at Dusty as she went back to kissing him intently once more.

She continued to lay on him and Dusty kept cupping her firm butt with both hands as she then opened her legs even further to straddle him more. Before he realized it, it felt like she was pressing down now even harder and more forcefully on him, right before she started to grinded down.

Arching her back away from him as she did this, she then started to drag the backs of her nails all over his chest, neck, and face, before she started fondling his nipples using both of her hands. Lightly pinching them from time to time, alternating back and forth as she did.

Then with warning she suddenly took a very deep breath and moaned as long, as hard, and as deeply as she possibly could into his mouth while picking up the pace of all of her different movements on him.

And it all felt different than she had done it any other time, as if with the combination of the moaning into his body and everything she was doing with her hands and hips, was causing his body to somehow now start to vibrate in a tune all of it's own, and suddenly his hardened dick started to swell without warning.

Dusty tried not to, he tried wildly to think of anything else as he grabbed at her hips to make her stop, but there was no way to stop her before he blew his wad in his shorts when she did all of this to him. If he had known she was going to do something like this that then he would have made her stop early on.

While he was hoping that she didn't know what she had done and really hoped that she couldn't feel the moisture through his pants and in hers, it would have been a futile prayer.

He realized that she knew what she did as he felt her smiling in the kiss, and he then also felt his cock as it was slowly deflating, and he was sure that she could also feel it. It would have been impossible for her to also have missed his harsh breathing for a moment or the stiffening of his body while she ground on him.

But then she then she seemed to be so insistent with her continued deep kiss as she kept her hands moving over his body, still lightly pinching his nipples, that he lay back and let her.

As he thought about it he realized what just happened wasn't as bad as it felt and of course there were worst things that could happen than having a gorgeous woman fondle you to completion as she was now doing.

He just wished she didn't make him feel like a teenaged boy every time she touched him lately. Dusty wondered if every time she got him keyed up she only did it just to prove that he was now hers for the taking.

But when they finally had sex he'd get his revenge!

There were things he knew to do that would hold her on the edge until she begged for release! And he would make her beg each and every time for awhile before he gave it to her. He was really looking forward to that time!

Dusty also sure that she did this to him tonight because she was showing him what would happen once she really poured on the sex appeal. But eventually it would be his turn and he planned to play her like a violin!

But he was wrong in his thinking why she did it.

The real reason Suzan did this was that she was happy that he was going to make it official and public soon to everyone that he loved only her, so she did what she thought was little something extra to show her appreciation for him doing something she really wanted for her.

Suzan knew he had to be greatly missing sex by now, but he never once pressured her to have it with him since she knew that he must have realized that he couldn't catch anything from her.

She also knew it was because she asked him not pressure her, and he respected her request. Also she was happy that he didn't sneak around and take the others up on their offers for it either.

While she knew that he still wouldn't have any form of sex yet with anyone, well not without marriage, she would make his time with her as enjoyable for him as possible while they waited.

She wanted to help him release some frustrations from the lack of sex from time to time, but he kept stopping her most of the time when she tried. Tonight she finally managed to push the right buttons again to make it happen for him.

As she later snuggled next to him before she left for a bit she was thankful again for him not pressuring her into sex that night.

The way she currently felt she more than likely would have given in to Dusty's request for it happily if he had asked, but she was so glad that wouldn't be an issue. She was just so happy that he always seemed to think of her needs before he forced his needs on her.

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