Doubled Pleasure
Chapter 1

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Man marries twins!

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I was late. The last meeting of the day ran over and now with the traffic I was going to be late. I was to meet my new girlfriend Elly at the restaurant and at best I'd be twenty minutes late. Thank god for cell phones at least I was able to call her and assure her I was on my way. She said she'd be in the bar with a glass of wine and if I were very late she'd drink my share too. When she'd laughed I relaxed. Elly had a wonderful attitude about life and it was one of the reasons I was so enthralled with her. It was her natural beauty that made me approach but it was her personality and her eyes that made me want her. I was always partial to brunette and hers was blonde. I'd always dated shorter girls but she was 5'8". Most of the women I'd dated were thin and Elly was more full figured, not overweight in any sense of the imagination just really healthy. If I had to tell you only one thing about her that stunned me every time we met it would be her eyes.

Her eyes were such a pale blue. Every time I looked at her I found myself being swallowed up be her eyes. We had an easy rapport from the first words we spoke. We were very similar in some ways, polar opposites in others but we got along really well over the two months we'd been dating. We'd both taken the relationship slow, no rush to hop into bed. She told me before she agreed to go out with me that she was looking for a life mate, not just a date. I told her I was tired of single life and was also looking for someone who made me want to never lose them. After another drink we'd agreed to start with lunch the next day and let whatever might happen just happen.

That was two month's ago and that first lunch lasted three hours. We talked without pretense, without worry about what the other might think and we grew from that first conversation. The frequency of our dates had increased and we spent just about all our free time with one another. After each date I eagerly awaited the next. When I would pick her up or meet her somewhere she seemed to sigh in relief, just as I did, that we were finally back together again. I knew I was in love and I hoped that tonight when I told her that it would be the same for her. So being late only made me more anxious and when I entered the bar and saw that luxurious head of hair my heart melted. I hurried to her and pulled her to her feet and hugged her, apologizing for being late.

"Kevin, I'm so glad you made it."

"Elly, sorry about being late, I couldn't wait to get here. Shall we have a drink then find some dinner?"

She nodded and we sat at the bar enjoying some wine and small talk. Something about Elly was wrong something just didn't feel right. Whenever I was with Elly I could feel her warmth, her joy, her love of life. While her words were typical it just felt all wrong and when I took a moment and looked into her eyes I said.

"Who are you?"

"Kevin, it's me Elly! What's gotten into you tonight?"

"You're not Elly. I know she has a sister, but she never mentioned a twin. Are you her sister?"

"Kevin what makes you say that?'

"Now that I notice there is a lot that makes me say that."

She looked at me and I knew that she knew she was caught. I waited patiently for her to respond and the silence was maddening.

"How did you know? Elly and I are twins and usually only mom can tell us apart. Even Dad gets us confused more than half the time. What did I do wrong?"


I wanted to know why she was doing this, pretending to be Elly. Was it some sort of game the two of them liked to play? If so perhaps I'd been wrong about Elly.

"First of all I am Liz. Elizabeth to be formal. As for why! I wanted to know whom my sister was so hot for. She's been hurt a number of times by 'good guys' and I wanted to see who you were. When Elly called me earlier and invited me to meet you I figured I'd find out. But when Elly called to say you were late so she was going to run an errand I decided to come here and just wait."

Made sense so far and she didn't seem to be making this up.

"When you rushed in here and grabbed and hugged me I figured I'd play along. It's a twin's devilish nature at least it's mine. Sorry."

I listened and decided she was being honest and before I could say anything more Elly came in and I was mesmerized by her once again. She and I hugged and I knew now what seemed odd with Liz. I'd come to recognize Elly by touch. After the two of them said their hellos we grabbed a table for dinner and looking at the two of them I saw just exactly how similar they were. Everything about them was the same, except for the eyes. Elly's eyes were much paler then Liz's.

When the conversation came around to the events preceding Elly's arrival Liz finally asked me.

"So how did you know?"

I looked at Elly and said.

"Elly when you touch me I feel you. I have recognize you by your touch and when we hug its so different from anyone else I've ever hugged. So much about you has been engrained in my mind and body that if I were blind I'm sure I'd pick you out of a crowd."

"Oh that's so sweet, Kevin."

"Bullshit Kevin"

Liz blurted out as Elly leaned over to kiss me.


One word from her sister and Liz backed off and apologized.

"Sorry but it sounded like so much, if you'll excuse me once again, crap. But it was a while before you called me on it so what else gave me away. You two have some sort of secret password or something?"

Elly and I laughed and I shook my head no and said.

"Your eyes are different. Liz. Your eyes are a bit darker than Elly's. That's what confirmed it for me. Once I saw your eyes then a lot of stuff cemented my conviction. Speech pattern was different and there was no love in your tone. So, if you really were Elly then this would have been useless to me."

I brought a jewelers box from my coat pocket and got down on my knees before Elly and asked.

"Elly, I believe my life started the night we met. I told you then I was looking for a wife, someone to share the rest of my life. Each night parting from you becomes harder and harder. Please let me be your husband?"

I'd certainly stunned both girls with this request. I looked into Elly's eyes and saw deep emotion and waited for her reply.

"Kevin, I am flattered and pleased. I so want to have you as my husband, to be your wife. I must first give you time to know me completely. Then if you still will allow me to be your wife I will thank you every day that I live."

Stunned by her response I looked at her questioningly. As I sat back down, still holding the ring in my hand I said.

"Elly, while I admit I don't know everything about you, for instance the whole twin thing, what I know has me so in need of you that I can't think of anything that would make me change my mind."

"I too am in love with you and with all my heart I want you too. Let me speak I need to say this, to get past this. Please?"

I nodded and Elly hesitatingly began. She spent some time on being a twin and how she and Liz were so very close, closer than most sisters. She talked about past lovers in her life and how something had always been missing but that with me she had found someone who she knew she loved, whom she wanted to be a wife to. She reached out with her hands and took mine in one and Liz's in another.

"Liz and I are lovers, Kevin and always will be. We've never been able to stay away from one another and that has always been a problem for our men. You may decide we are sick, to do this. You may agree with society that incest is a sin, that homosexuality is a sin. I cannot make you change your beliefs. I love you and want you so very much, but I can not and will not abandon my sister."

Stunned is too gentle a word for how I sat there. I looked back and forth from sister to sister and could see the emotions in their eyes. I still held Elly's hand as I reviewed in my mind everything she had said. I wasn't sure why I hadn't just gotten up and left, why I sat there or why I reached out and took Liz's hand in mine, but I did.

"Elly! I don't think I can live without you Elly, certainly not as happily as I could with you. Liz, I don't know you. I don't know what the two of you expect from me."

"Understanding at the very least. The ability to at least let your wife and your sister-in-law continue our relationship too. Consider allowing both of us into your life in whatever way you choose. I do want and need you Kevin."

We left the restaurant and went to my place. I wanted somewhere we could all talk and not be concerned about being overheard. I also wasn't ready to be in their apartment a place they shared in ways I had not yet shared with Elly. The more we talked the more I got to know Liz. I learned she was in many ways a twin to Elly. She told me she was concerned about losing Elly to me and that if I demanded it that she was sure Elly would try but that in the end Elly would grow tired of missing her and it would jeopardize our marriage. She admitted that her and Elly's relationship could also jeopardize the marriage but preached that her love, Elly's love and my love would give the three of them a chance.

At midnight I stood up and faced the two of them. I looked at them both and paced back and forth a few times then said.

"If this is to work, if this is to have any chance at success, and I will admit that it's a long shot then we will need to be committed not just to one of us, but to all of us. That means that I must vow to Liz what I vow to Elly. That Liz will make vows to me and to Elly and that Elly will make vows to me and to Liz."

Both Liz and Elly stood and came to me with their arms open. Hugging together as a three was something we would have to learn but that night the intent was all that was needed.

Over the next few weeks details were reviewed, problems solved and two months after our proposals I was wed to Elly. Her parents were thrilled to see their daughter married. Liz was her maid of honor and the entire family wished us well as we left for our honeymoon. Liz told us in front of everyone that she would see us when she returned from her business trip but that she wanted to have us for dinner as soon as she returned.

In actuality Liz had flown to Mexico with us. In a small town I married Liz. Then we flew to California where Liz and Elly were married. After that whirlwind trip we settled in a houseboat on the Mississippi for our honeymoon. Drifting along the quiet banks of the big muddy we were able to enjoy one another without prying eyes.

That first night in bed with Liz and Elly is something I will remember for a life. The two had asked me to get into bed and then the two of them entered the room from the bath wearing identical lingerie except for the colors. Elly's was in light blue and Liz was in dark blue. Shear baby dolls tops with g-strings and the site of four breast jiggling as the slowly walked to bed had my cock raging. I might still be a bit unsure of this whole thing but seeing the two women I had come to love approaching me with sex on their minds overruled everything. After all if you want a man to say yes work on his cock.

Elly laid on my left and Liz on my right and we kissed each other before Liz moved her lips to my body. Ely's tongue danced with mine as my hands explored her back and ass. Liz kissed my chest and sucked my nipples and I moved one hand from Elly to Liz massaging her ass as she moved down below my belly. I pulled Liz's legs to me and slipped one over both Elly and I exposing Liz's pussy to both of us. We took turns kissing and licking Liz as she worked her mouth on my cock. I moved my tongue to circle Liz's asshole and Elly worked hers all over Liz's clit. Using my free hand I found Elly's pussy and was amazed at how wet she was and the groan she emitted as I slipped a finger into her.

"Oh god Kevin that feels so good, I want your cock in me, please."

She reached down and pulled Liz from my cock and kissed her deeply.

"Liz I want my husbands cock."

Liz moved away and I released Elly from my finger as she slipped over my cock.

"Kevin, my love let me do this, it is my first cock and I want to savor it."

I was amazed that Elly was a virgin, evidently unless both sisters had agreed then no man had gotten this far. I patiently watched as Elly spread her thighs and lowered herself on my cock. She went slowly and I was having a difficult time holding back, I wanted to lunge up into that hot wet pussy. I could see her swollen clit poking out as she engulfed me. She had gotten so far when I felt some resistance and realized I was about to pierce her maidenhead. Elly braced her self, bit her lip and pushed herself down on me taking my cock all the way into her. She winched as I broke thru but remained motionless before slowly riding up my staff then sliding down again. Her breathing quickened and Liz moved in and kissed her, using her free hands to play with Elly's breasts, concentrating on pulling and pinching her erect nipples. As I lay there enjoying Elly's hot pussy riding my cock I reached over and grabbed Liz's ass. I pulled her towards me and lifted her over my face allowing her hot box to sit on my mouth. My cock was enjoying that warmth of Elly's pussy and my tongue tasted Liz's sweet nectar as Liz and Elly kissed and fondled one another.

It couldn't last and didn't as I shot my load deep into Elly as Liz writhed on my tongue and Elly screamed in pleasure as her orgasm soon overtook her. Spent I lay on the bed with Liz and Elly entangled about me. Liz had inched over to Elly and now had her head buried in Elly's cum filled pussy. She was doing her best to suck my cum from her sister's pussy. When she pulled up and kissed Elly I knew she was sharing my seed with her sister.

"Ladies that was wonderful. Liz are you a virgin too?"

I asked looking at Liz's cum soaked swollen lips.

"Yes Kevin. Perhaps as Elly and I show you how we make love your cock will ready for me?"

I nodded and moved to a chair in the room and watched the twins as they slid onto a sixty-nine position and made gentle love tone another. It looked soft and tender as each of their tongues danced lightly on and around the others cunt. Elly was on her hands and knees above Liz bending down to lap at her sisters wet pussy and Liz tilted her own head up to get her tongue deeper into Elly. I was ready sooner than I expected and moved to the head of the bed, just in front of Elly's face.

"How do you want me Liz?"

"I want you to take me this way Kevin, with Elly licking me as your cock pierces me. I am ready for your cock, fuck me Kevin."

I moved closer now and rested the head of my cock on Liz's pussy lips, moving it up and down, slowly opening her up. I pushed my cock into her as slowly as I could, eager to be in her hot cunt knowing that with Elly licking her clit and my cock I was bound to erupt sooner than either girl would want.

"I'm no sissy Kevin ram that cock into me."

Her language and need spurred me on and I pushed home in one hard thrust, spearing her virgin cunt and then fucking her like a mad man. I stayed longer than I at first believed I would but when Elly cupped and fondled my balls as she sucked on Liz's clit I exploded and filled Liz's cunt. I fell out of her and as my cum oozed from her slit, Elly used her fingers to gather it before she put them in Liz's mouth. By the time she'd loaded her second finger with my cum she and Liz licked the fingers clean once again sharing my cum between them.

The night was a short one for all of us as I embraced both of my wives to my side and we slept. Our week on the river was full of sex and discovery. I learned that I enjoyed watching my wives have sex as much as I enjoyed fucking them. After deflowering both of them their inhibitions melted away and they began to constantly ask me to fuck them in different positions. I did my best to pleasure them as they wanted and our love for one another grew strong.

On our final night in the houseboat the girls came to me with a request. They wanted me to take their anal virginity too. They allowed me to choose who would go first but promised that they would make sure I was capable of filling both their assholes. I had not expected this so soon, I thought maybe some time later as we exhausted ourselves with fantasy we might get to it. I was as eager as they were to have me in their ass.

I decided to take Liz first, and Elly and I took her to bed and kissed and caressed her till her cunt was dripping. I requested that Elly lay under Liz with her head on Liz's wet pussy when I put my cock in her ass. Happily doing as I asked, Liz was on all fours with her ass tilted up at me and Elly was between her legs already lapping at her sister's wet cunt. I slipped my cock into her pussy and stroked her a few times getting my cock saturated with her juices then asked Elly to take my cock in her hand and put in on her sister's asshole. Never letting her tongue stop eating Liz's pussy Elly used her hands to take hold of my hard cock and placed it on Liz's virgin rosebud.

"Push me in Elly."

I asked and Elly pushed my cock into her sister's tight ass. I watched as Liz's hands grabbed the sheets and her head buried in Elly's available cunt as more and more of my cock slipped in.

"Put your hands on my ass and push me the rest of the way Elly!"

She used both her hands now and clasped my ass and pulled me all the way into her sister.


Came the muffled voice of Liz as I let my buried cock rest in her ass as she adjusted to the feeling. When I began to slide back out and push back in I watched as her hands at first tightened on the sheets gradually let go as she began to moan in pleasure as I rode her ass. Elly never stopped eating her sister's cunt and the combined sensations moved Liz to a quick and forceful orgasm. As she came she rocked her hips into me as I plowed her brown eye and all too soon I was cuming. When I pulled my spent cock from her strings of cum attached to my cock and her ass spanned the distance between us and Elly pushed her head up and licked them first from my cock then from Liz's ass. While I watched, Elly began to lap at Liz's stretched asshole and sucked my cum from her sister's ass. I now knew what they girls meant when they said they would make sure I was ready for both of them.

My cock never died down and as soon as Elly had sucked all my cum up she got on her hands and knees while a spent Liz moved her head between Elly's legs. I let them enjoy one another as I caught my breath and when I was ready I moved into position. Liz knew how it happened to her and her grabbed my cock and pushed me into Elly's cunt to moisten me. She pulled me out and placed my cock on the edge of Elly's' backdoor and pushed me in a little before putting her hands on my ass and pulling me all the way into Elly's asshole.

Elly buried her face into Liz's pussy and screamed while her hands almost tore the sheets to shreds as I began to ream her ass. Having just cum in Liz's ass I was prepared for a longer ride and I enjoyed the feeling of Elly's tight ass as it grabbed my cock as I stroked in and out of her. Elly soon released her hands and lifted her head and I heard her grunt with each thrust before finally screaming back at me.

"Kevin fuck my ass hard, fill me."

She continued to repeat this request as I drove into her with more intensity than I had used on Liz. Like all good things this too ended with me cuming hard in her ass. Liz repeated Elly's clean up on my cock and her sister's ass but my cock was spent. I sat for a while watching as the two of them devoured one another using their fingers where my cock had been. I looked at this site and knew it was one I had for the rest of my life and hoped we'd find a way to slow down once we got home.

As I thought of the word home I realized that we would need to be discreet in our relationship. We'd talked of Liz moving in and were still trying to work it so her parents and our friends would never know of the nature of our relationship. But that's for later, right now I would just watch my wives eat one another.

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