Analena's Exposure
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Fiction, MaleDom, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Young submissive girl has agreed to be Kevin's slut. He is training her to be totally accomodating to his needs and wants.

Hi, my name is Kevin and my girlfriends name is Analena. She is an 18 year-old woman about 5'8" inches tall with a 34 B chest, a nice round ass, and beautiful long brown hair that reached her lower back. She and I have been together for a while now, and are no strangers to sex. Analena was not a virgin when I met her but her experiences with men were not many. She and I started slow but over the six months that we have been together she has developed some marvelous sexual ability. She told me once after a particularly rousing fuck, that it was the first time she had cum from fucking. We moved in together and while we do not allow others into our bedroom yet, we have taken each other to the edge and beyond in the places and the manner in which we have sex. Analena has told me she has boundaries, places she will not go sexually and hers are similar to mine in most cases. In those cases where, I feel she can stretch her limits, I have done so with remarkable success. In fact she is now somewhat more willing to try some things she had refused to do in the past. It's amazing how much wetter she gets now that those limits have changed.

Just the other night we were at home and I started to kiss Analena and we both knew that we would sooner or later be having sex. I could tell that she was getting excited by the way she moved her body against mine and the fact that she reached down and grabbed me, through my jeans. We were both beginning to enjoy each other's touch and the knowledge of where we were heading was gearing us both up. I am a bit taller then Analena I am 6'4" trim and muscular, but Analena seems to be most impressed by my cock, she adores it. I mean adores it, she is always kissing it and cooing over it and asking it to fuck her. I am sure that my cock is probably average, though I really do not look to see so my judgment is more of a guess. Analena claims it is one the nicest ones she has had, but I think she is prejudiced because this cock manages to get her off, and those that came before did not. At any rate it's about 6-7 inches when hard and Analena can barely get her hand around it to stroke me. I learned early on that it's more how a tool is used that gives it value not how it's made. I have tried to learn from every woman I have fucked. I think just listening to their wants and needs will take me a long way towards satisfying them. Analena is no different. I usually am able to hold off cuming till she is ready and consequently she manages to get there every time.

I have found one of the things that Analena begs for is for me to shoot my hot cum anywhere on her body but especially her face. If a gob of that white substance lands on her nose, and starts to ooze off, you can see her start to squirm, the excitement is that noticeable. So, whenever she sucks me off, I have to make sure some of it is sprayed on her body.

So that night as we continued to make love to one another, She dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. She has learned to take me into her throat and controlled her gag reflex to accommodate my length and so I allowed her to swallow my cock until her chin was pushing up against my balls. I sighed as I heard her moan and I knew both of us were enjoying this entrée to the night's festivities. Using her mouth, She took me in and out over and over again always bringing me deep into her throat. Every now and again as she had me deep in her mouth she would use her tongue to lick my balls. When I was ready to cum, She grabbed my now heavy balls, and let my cock slide slowly out of her mouth, she managed to catch some of my first eruption in her mouth and I could see her savoring the taste. Then I pulled out completely and spewed my hot white cum on her face, on her nose, in her hair and on her ear lobe too. It was a delicious site to see all that cum, oozing down the various areas of her face and the shit eating grin that spread across her face and she took a finger a cooped some of the cum from her hair and slowly slid the finger into her mouth and sucked the cum off. As she went to scoop some more I reached for her hand and shook my head, I wanted her to leave it, till we finished the evening.

Well, the site of my cum dripping off her face had my cock ready for round two. I went to the cabinet and to get the lube and I saw that Analena's grin left, as she knew I was going to fill her ass tonight. She hesitantly began to lead me to the bedroom, but I stopped her and pointed to the kitchen table — there I said. So I walked her into the kitchen, and had her lean on her hands on the edge of the table and walk back away from it, until she was bent over, with her ass sticking up in the air, what a beautiful site. Her ass was facing the rear of the kitchen, towards the back door, and her face was looking right into a full-length mirror hanging on the living room wall. She would be able to look up and see me pounding her ass. I glanced into the mirror and saw her look it was a mixture of excitement and fear.

She was great at anal, but every time she worried that it would hurt. At the end of each ass fucking she would beg me to do it again soon. So, she had her fear but her excitement overwhelmed it. I stepped behind her and slid my cock into her pussy but when I pulled back I moved down and started to push into her ass.

"Please? Kevin, please not in my ass. You know it hurts me when you do my ass."

"Analena, it doesn't matter what you want and you know it. I am going to take your ass because that what I want tonight. So don't give me a problem you know as well as I do that by the time we are finished you'll be sad to feel my cock leave your ass."

After liberally coating us both with lube, I placed my cock at her rear opening and pushed slowly until the head popped through. Analena softly cried out in pain as I pushed through but once in I slowly pushed my cock all the way in, making sure she took all of me. As usual I took it slow to start then I gradually increased my tempo. I looked into the mirror in the living room and I could see that where Analena's face had previously shown some pain it was now a look of contentment. Even her cries had turned to moans and then as I pushed in deep to grunts. It was clear to me that she was enjoying what my cock was doing in her ass.

I noticed she had begun to smile as she waited for me to refill her ass with my cock. Now when I pushed my cock to the base and lodged myself deep in her ass, she would wiggle her hips. She was ready and impatient for me to start pumping hard and fast. I took my time and continued to go slowly, yet each time I completed my push in, she would grunt, it was like watching the ladies play professional tennis! They would grunt or scream every time they hit the ball, Analena grunted every time I hit the bottom of her ass. As my tempo picked up her pussy started dripping, I could see her juices running down the inside of her thigh. She was so wet and so excited I knew I was going to enjoy watching her body rock when she came. This time when my cock bottomed out she added a few words to her grunt, she said.

"Kevin your cock feels so good, fuck me, fuck me hard and fast."

I was going at a pretty good clip when I heard someone knocking at the back door. I was planning to ignore it, I was really enjoying Analena's ass, but a thought hit me, that exposing her, and humiliating her, was a perfect way to further push her limits, so as I continued to pound into her ass, I said.

"Come In the doors open."

I heard Analena grunt as my cock hit bottom again, and then I felt her move, trying to get up, and then she said,

"Shit Kevin, you can't let someone in while you're fucking me on the kitchen table!"

"Yes I can Analena, I want him to see what a dirty little whore you can be."

I used words that Analena could not ignore. She had admitted to me early on that she had a submissive nature, welcomed my domination, and wanted to be my dirty little whore. She relaxed as my neighbor John, came in the back door and said.

"Sorry Kevin, I did not know you and Analena were aah aah doing this, let me come back later."

He paused and looked at the two of us. I told John not to worry and asked what I could do for him, all the while continuing to stroke into and out of Analena's ass, and Analena continued to grunt with each thrust.

"Just came over to see if I could borrow your skill saw for a few days, I have some repairs to make. Jesus, Kevin are you fucking her in the ass?"

It was clear that Analena was paying attention, as she would jerk a bit when her name was mentioned especially when John asked if I was in her ass. I knew she was humiliated, I just did not know if she would tolerate the exposure. Well the balls were in the air we just have to wait and see.

"God yes, John and it's as fine an ass as I have ever had. I'd invite you to join us, but we are not willing to bring others into our bedroom yet, or as in this case our kitchen."

"Well, not that she isn't a total babe, but I think my woman would be a little upset if I came home smelling of sex. So if it's OK, I'll just get the saw out of the cabinet and let you continue!"

"Before you go John, take a look at her tits."

With that Kevin reached around Analena's waist and straightened her up and spun her around to face John.

"I love her tits, and look how red and swollen her nipples are?"

"They are spectacular but what's that all over her face?"

I could only wonder what Analena was thinking as I continued to pump into her ass while this conversation was going on, In fact each time I plunged in, I would lift her up on her tiptoes toes and then she would come down as he receded. But she continued to grunt and the only noticeable thing was that her face was red, from embarrassment or from the pounding I could not tell right now but her ass was still pushing back to me. I felt sure I could feel her actually pushing down on my cock every time I plunged in.

"Oh, she loves facials, John, that just some cum we decided to leave there for the evening."

"You are living the dream man, living the dream don't screw this one up!"

And with that he left, I once again resumed fucking Analena in earnest and both of us soon erupted into mind shattering orgasms and collapsed to the floor.

I felt like my cock was jumping as my cum coated her ass. I had never felt Analena cum so hard either.

"I'll let you rest for a while to gather your strength because you know I am not done with you for the night!"

Analena moved first and slithered down to my cock, covered in cum and her ass, and she engulfed it, taking it all in and sucked it. She took it out and went down and inhaled my balls, I could tell she was on fire she would be ready for me soon. She had never been exposed before that night, not even a flash of panty in a shoe store and tonight she carried on while a stranger watched her ass get fucked. Well if she gets this hot every time she's exposed we will probably get arrested for public indecency, because I intend to push Analena to do me in public more often!

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