Helen - Space Slave

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Reluctant, Rape, Heterosexual, Robot, Post Apocalypse, Space, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Gang Bang, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Caution, Violent,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Prologue - Helen's forced transformation between her eighteenth and nineteenth birthdays from a prim and proper virgin office worker in a crowded Earth of AD2123 to an eager submissive whore in a miners' brothel on a distant planet is chronicled with loving detail. This is the first of the "Space" trilogy about the interconnected lives of five women, each of which will be complete on its own; if you have never read any of them try this one first.

As Helen left the office, she wondered, idly, how her boss, Mr. Harris, had managed to mislay his bank identity card, and why he had needed to borrow hers. It was the card she used to move the company's money from one account to another and to pay in funds. She hated and feared Mr. Harris because he was always finding excuses to touch her, and had asked her out more than once, but she disliked his oily manner and his greasy hands. Once he had even squeezed into her tiny work cubicle, stood behind her and stroked her breasts.

When she had protested he had only laughed and said, "The way to promotion isn't through being so prim and proper."

Never mind that creep and her boring job, tomorrow was her birthday, she had arranged a day off, and she was looking forward to her date with her unofficial fiancé, Mervyn, even though she knew that he would again be pressing her to let him make love to her. She put all thought of the office out of her mind as she boarded the hoverbus, which was as crowded as usual.

'Just think, ' she mused, 'it's 2123 and I am eighteen years old tomorrow. Mervyn and I have applied for a marriage licence and I'm sure we won't have to wait more than a few years for one. Just as soon as we are properly on the waiting list we'll be officially engaged.'

Just to prove that everything was wonderful today, a seat came free after less than half her journey and she sat down in the packed hoverbus for the last half-hour of the trip home.

Next morning she was up early and took a shower, even though it cost her a tenth of her week's water ration. Oh, if only there weren't so many people and she could eat and drink and wash and shower as much as she liked. She knew from school that it had not always been like this. She had seen pictures of open countryside with no buildings and no people and animals walking free. How different from the present day with never a moment outside her room that she could not see other people and with no open spaces, only the illusions in the senso-theatres and on the ThreeVee wall.

Helen checked her appearance in the mirror before getting dressed and was satisfied with what she saw: a tall girl, nearly six feet, with reddish-blonde hair and a pale face, green eyes, a figure that was, maybe, just a little too full. Her breasts were creamy and the nipples were palest pink and were smallish as they seemed to be asleep at the moment. Her 'private forest' was red-gold and small and neat, allowing her labia to be seen easily. They were coral pink and creviced, with the little love bud hidden away at the top. She blushed at her own naughty thoughts and blushed again when she saw that her nipples were standing up, just as they did when Mervyn touched them. He was the only boyfriend she had ever allowed to do that and it had taken him some time to persuade her. She blushed even more as she remembered what he had said when she apologised that her nipples were too large.

"I like big nipples," he had said, "and your breasts are just big enough to weigh in one hand, but they are certainly not too big."

It was embarrassing that he could be so crude at times; nice people, she was sure, did not think about such things, let alone say them! Then she really blushed deep crimson as she saw that this line of thinking had made her nipples rise to their largest, as though they were seeking Mervyn's hands. Turning away from the mirror, she dressed quickly.

She put on neat and functional underwear, certainly not designed to excite men; Mervyn got quite excited enough as it was. Then she added a green tunic which matched her eyes and was fashionably high at the neck and short in the skirt, just showing the edge of what she thought of as her 'bottom'. Her one-piece shoestockings which matched her hair were a pleasant completion to the picture.

"No! No! Darling, I want to, just as much as you, but..."

Helen was, as she had expected, fighting off Mervyn's advances.

"If you really wanted to, you would let me," he interrupted, brusquely.

They were lying in a cubicle at the senso-theatre with the experience turned down so that they could hardly hear, see, or smell it, let alone feel it. Helen's tunic was completely open down the front and her brassière was unfastened and pushed out of the way, allowing one of Mervyn's hands to luxuriate on her ample breast with its pale pink nipple proud and firm under his expert caress. It was the other hand, under her tunic and resting just on top of her 'private forest' which was causing her to protest.

Mervyn had wanted them to live together for a while now, and it was true that when he stroked her breasts, she became very damp between her thighs, but she wanted to wait until they were married, yet she longed for she knew not what. Mervyn was old-fashioned enough to believe that you could make love whenever you wanted, but Helen was a thoroughly modern girl who believed that they should wait until they were married before 'going all the way', as was the fashion now.

Helen took his penis in her hand (his thing as she thought of it) and began to work it up and down in a way that she knew would excite him into 'making a mess' quickly. Then he would calm down and they could enjoy the senso-theatre experience. Just slightly wistfully, she wished that he would be a bit more forceful in his approaches, argue a little more, and perhaps persuade her to yield to him. 'It' would be fun, all her married friends at work said.

Suddenly the cubicle door was torn open and a policebot was there! It hummed a little to itself as Helen and Mervyn cowered and tried to cover themselves with their hands. They were frightened by its mere size; a seven foot high bullet-proof metal parody of the human figure, it was designed to run at sixty miles and hour and was strong enough to overcome any human.

"Helen Carstairs, you are arrested for theft!" it announced in a mechanical voice.

"I don't understand," she said, "What theft?"

"Come with me, now!" was the automated response.

Blushing all over, she was lifted out of the cubicle and dragged half-naked through the gaping crowds in the theatre out onto the street where there were more crowds all eager to watch the excitement of a girl being arrested and to gape at her public nudity. The policebot took her to its aircar and unceremoniously bundled her into the coffin-sized cell at the back.

When Mervyn tried to follow, he was knocked away by the policebot which intoned, "Interfering with an arrest is a criminal offence."

Helen replaced her brassière and refastened her tunic as best she could in the very confined space of the holding cell in the back of the policebot's aircar. It did not help that there were no windows and so she was in total darkness.

She was sure that when she got to the police station it would all be sorted out. Although her brain implant was how the policebot had found and identified her, she was sure that it had been given the wrong information, and that the first human policeman she saw would sort it out. Then she became vaguely worried; there weren't any human police any more. The civics lesson at school had said that the only way to get rid of corruption that had become rife in the legal process had proved to be by replacing all the police and judges with robots.

Anyway, there would have to be a court hearing and there would be some people in the court, surely? After all, she hadn't stolen anything from anybody, she was innocent and so she would have to be released!

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