World Leaders Become Hookers
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Coercion, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Interracial, White Female, Hispanic Male, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Prostitution,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - After the world gets bombarded by the comet in Apophis in 2035, the heads of states of vast European countries (all young female Blondes) are now permanently stranded in Venezuela, being there for a summit, hence at the mercy of their Venezuelan counterpart (angry Brunette) whom they had belittled and criticized far too often in the past. Now they pay the ultimate price.

The Day of the Meteor

(The Meteor here is the one nicknamed by scientists Apophis, which is supposed to hit our planet by 2035).

The Story:




President Fillipa Fergana was sat down inside the Argentinean equivalent of the oval office. She was a beautiful woman in her early 40s; long dark hair, dark eyes, tanned, stood at 5'8, slender, intelligent, claiming ancestry to really be more Spanish than Italian (as many Argentineans are descended from Italian immigrants to Spanish-ruled Latin America), politically leaning towards the right when the rest of Latin America had shifted towards the left a long time ago, single with her two grown daughters as her husband died and most of all hated all those Western leaders who forever lectured on her Human Rights record.

The last time Argentina had a dictator was Juan Peron and he was a man. Filippna was one of the first female leaders in Latin American history to be right-wing and talk like a man.

Right now the world was in the middle of some economic and political turmoil. A massive race riot was taking place everywhere in the Southern portion of the United States between angry white Anglos and angry legal and illegal Latinos. If it got any worse the United States would find itself in its Second Civil War.

In Russia, a civil war was already being fought. The Russian government (which was currently right wing and ruled by the new party Nashi) had locked up millions of Russians of non-Slavic descent, mostly foreigners, black haired Caucasians, people from Central Asia and many Islamic minorities. Muslim extremists in the south clashed with Russian soldiers and the people who worked in the oil and gas rigs Siberia threatened to secede from Moscow, under the leadership of a general who was fed up of all the money going to the pockets to the people in the Kremlin.

In both China and India there were civil wars going on and in the cases of both countries it was their Southern halves trying to secede from the North, as both Southern India and Southern China fell exploited by both the Caste System and by cheap labor financial exploitation.

"The world superpowers are going down and so are their future rivals," she told herself in Spanish, after having thought about it.

Problems were not restricted to the world superpowers (America, Russia, China and India). Israel was at war with Hezbollah again, as it was further supported by Iran, Syria and Turkey. British troops were still stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan as Al Qaeda and the Taliban had managed to take over vast parts of the country once more.

This was why later in the afternoon she was going to have a meeting with other world leaders. These other world leaders were afraid that what was happening around the world would cause global turmoil.

As for the world leaders whom she was going to meet were the same ones who were forever lecturing her on Human Right abuses and even bad mouthed her oldest daughter Marina, who was accused of running a brothel in Buenos Aires, forcing the wives and daughters of the political opposition to work as prostitutes servicing men day and night.

Marina resembled her mother, was 16 years of age and an inch taller than her mother.

Now these were the same women who were going to come to her for political help, as they needed a strong Argentina on their side when they want to remake the world in their own image after the other big 4 plus Britain go down.

As President Fergana was reading through her paper work. She had reformed Argentina's economy and had improved it dramatically. It came at the expense of Human Rights. Many political dissidents and left leaning people had been locked up and even killed.

"Even when England ruled three quarters of the world we were the richest country on Earth. Richer even than the United States," President Fergana told herself in Spanish.

Deep down she believed herself to be descended from the Spanish Inquisition and even a firm believer in Spanish superiority over other Europeans, as it was the Spanish who first started conquering the rest of the world, from the Islamic countries to the Americas to the Philippines and Japan, back in the 15th Century. Back then it was the world superpower, conquering countries in the name of the Pope as well as spreading Roman Catholicism at sword point wherever they went and of course brought the Spanish language to their colonies.

There was a knock on her office door.


"Come in," she called out in Spanish.

The office door opened. It was her Personal Secretary, an attractive tanned thin Argentinean girl in her early 20s. Her name was Silvia. She was an inch taller than President Fergana with black hair cropped up and green eyes to go with her tanned complexion which was far darker than most Argentinean, making some people think she had some Greek ancestry.

"Just to remind you Madam President that you have a meeting with the European Heads of State in an hour right here in your Residence," Silvia told her.

"Thank you. I want you to knock on my door again in 55 minutes to tell me when they are about to arrive," President Fergana smiled at her.

"Yes Madam President," Silvia bowed, closing the office door behind her.

They are all bitches, she thought.

She lived in a strange new world. Like herself many of these European Heads of state were all women and Europe was not even the first to have women Presidents. There was Benazzir Bhutto and she was the President of Pakistan, an Islamic country. As for Europe it started first with Margaret Thatcher in Great Britain and later on Germany had Angela Merkel.

All these European Heads of States were flying over to Buenos Aires on their private jets. They were going to land on the airport and meet government escorts, ready to pick them all up.

55 minutes later her Secretary knocked on her office door again and President Fergana then got up, getting ready to welcome her counterparts to her country.

President Fergana stood outside her residence with some of her staff. She saw three limousines already arriving by her driveway.

"Here are the first three," she said.

She was going to communicate with them but not in her native Spanish. She was going to speak English with them.

Cursed language. When the Anglo Saxons are gone, their language would die out like Latin, she bitterly thought to herself.

People around the world spoke English because of the British Empire and its successor the American Superpower. It was the International language only because it was the language of business and money and trading.

The first head of State to come and greet President Fergana was the Belgian Prime Minister. The second was the German Chancellor. The third was the French President. Fergana made sure that her staff took care of all 3 heads and took them to the large hallway where there were tables full of food for them to digest and some punch drinks.

When all 3 Heads of State disappeared from her eye view, she commented something to herself in her mind. All three Heads were attractive pale slender Blue-eyed Blondes in their early 30s and stood at least 5'10.

More Heads of State came to greet Fergana: the Swedish Prime Minister, the Danish Prime Minister, the Dutch Prime Minster, the Czech Prime Minister, the Slovak Prime Minister, the Slovenian Prime Minister, the Austrian Chancellor, the Swiss Head of State, the Hungarian Prime Minister, the Polish Prime Minister, the Lithuanian Prime Minister, the Finnish Prime Minister, the Estonian Prime Minister, the Latvian Prime Minister and lastly the Spanish Prime Minister.

Except for the Spanish Prime Minister the rest were all attractive 5'10 pale blue eyed leftist Blondes. All of them were females. They were the ones who blasted her out in their own national media, calling her a dictator and a Human Rights violator.

When all these Heads of State were escorted into her Residence, she then met the Ukrainian President and yes, she too was another 5'10 slender attractive young Blonde in her early 30s and still looked young.

The last Head of State was the Russian President who looked no different from all her other counterparts except for the one from Spain. The Russian President wanted to have an alliance with her because of oil, in case Russia loses Siberia altogether. There was also the danger for Europe and Russia that with Islamic Extremists successfully taking over the entire Middle Eastern and Central Asian regions they would lose all access to oil and gas in those parts of the world, unless of course they chose to convert to Islam and implement Sharia Law in their own lands.

Of course with America and China in turmoil and what went on in the Middle East, the European Heads of States needed Argentina not only because of wealth and political allegiance but also because of oil and gas in the Falklands and also the newly discovered oil & gas taps within Argentina.

Also that it was not all the Heads of States from Europe coming to greet her. She sure as hell didn't see the Heads of State from Bulgaria, Romania, Portugal or Italy or even Britain as these countries had bad ties with Argentina at the moment.

As for the United States and Canada they were too focused on what went on in the Southern border with Mexico that everything else seemed unimportant. This was the second time in history that the USA isolated itself from the rest of the world but probably not going to be long as between the first two world wars (1914-1918 and 1939-1945).

When everyone was inside, they were all having Argentinean tea and South American Brazilian style coffee and gobbling up some Argentinean dishes. Despite the fact that she hated all these 'bitches, ' she still entertained them as no politician could afford not to and if she didn't, then she would be a bad host and further ruin her image abroad.

Another hour later they all went inside President Fergana's staff meeting room, discussing politics and economics as usual.

Fucking Blonde haired blue eyed bitches, she thought.

They wanted everything their way and hated the fact that Argentina was not a socialist welfare state like Europe and not as socialist as the rest of South America.

Your nations conquered other nations from the 15th to the 19th Century and took over their natural resources, exploited them and support totalitarian governments for your own interests, Fergana thought.

Despite the fact that Argentineans saw themselves not as native Latin Americans but as European foreigners occupying an area of South America, Fergana gave no credit to these European leaders. She believed that these Europeans saw themselves superior to the rest of the world and even superior to their distant cousins on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

There was then a knock on the door. Fergana's Secretary just came in, hurried herself over to Fergana and whispered something to her ear.

"My fellow Heads of States may I have all your attention please," President Fergana announced to all those Heads of States who had just now been busy squabbling with one another.

Her secretary then walked over to a spot in that very large meeting room and she opened 2 cabinet doors, revealing a large flat screen TV and she switched it on. She had her secretary tune the channel to CNN, the largest international news in the world.

The anchorman was Anderson Cooper in his CNN show AC360. Behind him was a live screen showing a meteor (as it was the year 2035 this is not the original Anderson Cooper but an AI computer hologram modelled after him).

" ... ladies and gentlemen we have some terrible news. The shuttles that had been dispersed out to sabotage the meteor heading straight for Earth had been unsuccessful. Now the US and the Russian army are planning to destroy it with nuclear warheads. If not, the meteor could reach the Earth just within the hour and even destroy all life on Earth..." Anderson Cooper announced.

"Oh my God with all this talk about civil wars and the Middle East completely falling to Islamic extremists and Britain fighting a losing war against The Mahdi from Iran, we've completely forgotten about this meteor," the French President cried to her other counterparts.

"Because you all thought that NASA and SPUTNIK would do their jobs well, failing to take into consideration that when the shuttles fail, that my country and the United States would still have to blast the damn rock out of existence," the Russian President

It was also true that beyond the year 2010 most world leaders had gotten dumber and dumber, just like the Emperors of Rome in that empire's last years. One generation after another was always even dumber than the last one.

Even when we meet our doom we still fight amongst ourselves, Fergana bitterly thought.

She gave humans no credit for anything but to the elite who ran nations and empires who thought things through for the masses they ruled over. As for her counterparts she didn't see them as the real leader and politician that she was. They were egocentrics who only became Heads of State merely to make names for themselves and resorted to using their good looks, the media and perhaps bribed certain corporations to back them up (possibly with sex) during their elections and voters voted them all in because they pretended to sound leftist so that they could get into power, exploiting the fear of the rise of right wing politics that had taken America and Russia by storm.

As for the Russian President she used scare tactics and nationalism to get into power even though most Russians always relied on hated foreigners from the south, like Turks from Kyrgyzstan or Georgians from the Caucasus or even Africans and Hispanics and Vietnamese and Bangladeshis, to do jobs that they themselves had to do but shunned from.

Despite now that everyone in the room was afraid that this could mean the end of all life on Earth and still bickering amongst themselves like chickens in a farm (like that British CGI anime Chicken Run), they still partly paid attention to what else Anderson Cooper had to say.

On the TV screen Anderson Cooper was talking to another anchorman, who also happened to be CNN's Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta (another AI hologram).

"So let's say that we do blast it before it reaches us what would happen? Is our planet safe?" Anderson purposely asked

"Actually no it's not Anderson. The meteor would explode into different pieces and these different pieces would still come and bombard different parts of our planet," Sanjay Gupta told Anderson.

"So would this mean end of life on Earth or will any of us survive?" Anderson asked.

The CNN reporters and anchorman were so brave that they normally reported news, even if it meant their own lives were at stake. They always reported things as scientific and objective as they could, even if they were politically leaning more towards the left.

On the TV screen Sanjay pulled down a holographic chart, showing a 3D computer graphic of our entire planet as a globe.

"Part of the meteor would still target Eastern Canada, Northern Siberia, Jordan in West Asia, the middle of the Pacific Ocean and the fallout would be some widespread gaseous wind spreading throughout the entire planet and this could even be within the time frame of one to two hours Anderson. The whole Northern Hemisphere would be affected, spreading south all the way to the Tropic of Capricorn. The people living there would be safe, especially if they over 20 degrees latitude," Sanjay said in his intellectual tone.

Sanjay pointed out to Chile, Argentina and then moving the globe and then showing Australia.

"So right now we should be in countries like Argentina or Uruguay or New Zealand. Pity us," Anderson cracking his usual Anderson-jokes.

"So you see ladies you are safe and sound here. It is a good thing that you are all here as Heads of your States and not there in the middle of the danger," Fergana was assuring all her counterparts as they all looked scared.

None of you have children over there since you wanted to keep yourselves looking fit and healthy and enjoy more freedom than any of your predecessors and you are all here and the only ones going to die are the morons who elected you so why are you all looking so scared of a sudden, Fergana thought, as she eyed each Head of State.

The Heads of States around her bickered and there was fear in their tones, including the supposedly-tough Russian President.

There was nothing they could do and it was their own respective armies who had to deal with the situations in their countries now. Within the hour the meteor would be destroyed, only to further do more damage to the planet and killing all life less than 20 degrees Latitude from the Tropic of Capricorn.

During that time Fergana had more tea and coffee brought over to them in the meeting room, to ease down her "guests".

When the hour was over they lost satellite communications on the TV screen. All channels had no signals.

"We lived??" said the German Chancellor.

"But our constituents are all gone!" said the Dutch Prime Minister.

"Our nations are gone from the history books," the Russian President told them all in an intellectual fashion.

"Just like Sodom and Gomorrah," added the Spanish President.

Since none of you have countries to rule, that makes me the most powerful woman on Earth now, Fillpa Fergana thought.

These women were her guests, had no homes to go to, no people to rule over and were practically at her mercy. After all they did call her a dictator, thinking that once this meeting was over they were going to go back home to their countries, thinking themselves to be all-powerful and superior to Filippa Fergana.

"I guess now we no longer have to worry about World War Three or what happens to the rest of the world or Muslims taking over the West," President Fergana made a weak chuckle, trying to tell them that it was a joke.

"So what is the next plan?" asked the Czech Prime Minister.

"Do you think we can still contact our military?" asked the Spanish Prime Minister.

"Even if they survive in bunkers we would have no radio signals. Chances are they are dead. All our countries are gone," said the Slovakian Prime Minister in a cynical angry bitter tone.

"We can't go north anymore. At least not for the next 100 years!" said the Russian President in a cold tone.

"We're stuck here then???" said a frightened Belgian Prime Minister.

"It looks like it," the Estonian Prime Minister chuckled lightly.

"No more worries about aging population, migration and how to handle economic situations," said the Ukrainian President blankly.

"And on the bright side the Muslims are dead too!" said the Danish President, making a weak smile.

"And the Chinese and the Japanese and anyone who threatened the West for control over natural resource!" added the Swedish Prime Minister in a happy tone.

Bunch of dumb Blonde bitches, Fergana thought.

She was listening to them bickering. Even though she and her Spanish counterparts were the only ones who weren't Blonde she also thought that the Spanish Prime Minister was probably the dumbest of them all.

President Fergana looked straight towards the Spanish Prime Minister, who in turn was talking to the Slovenian Prime Minister about how life was good in Spain and how she could use a siesta right now.

Puta, President Fergana thought of her Spanish counterpart.

"Puta" was Spanish for "bitch" and actually even for "whore" or "prostitute" or "hooker" or "streetwalker".

"Look. We can't just sit down here and do nothing. We are the leaders of the known world!" barked the French President.

"We are the leaders of the most powerful and most industrialised and the most wealthiest countries on Earth!" added the Belgian Prime Minister.

"So what can we do???" asked the Swedish Prime Minster.

"Nothing! We can't get out of Argentina at all. We're stuck here. We're President Fergana's guests!" the Ukrainian President stated.

"You ladies got to learn to calm down. Yes our Ukrainian friend is correct. You are all stuck here and while you are here you are my guests because after all you are not illegal immigrants or anything like that," President Fergana spoke louder to all of them.

All eyes were now turned on Fillipa Fergana, the President of Argentina, who was practically now the most powerful woman on Earth, running the most powerful nation that was left.

President Fergana turned her eyes towards her Belgian counterpart.

"What you said is pretty strange. Leaders of the most powerful countries on Earth???? Your countries are all gone. Destroyed. Evaporated by toxic gas. What countries are you referring to?? The ones destroyed by the meteor???" President Fergana cried.

President Fergana then turned her attention towards her French counterpart.

"You are the leaders of the known world??? Exactly what nation right now are you leading?? You were the President of France but your country is gone. If your country is gone then you can't be a President of that country. In fact you can't be a President at all," she cried to her French counterpart.

The Belgian Prime Mister and French President looked shocked and even gasped really loud after what seemed to them as their host telling them off. After all Argentina was a country which they thought nothing of. Before the meteor devastated most of the world they didn't see Argentina as a threat but a small fly that their countries could easily swat.

They all looked to each other, realising that they really were guests of President Fergana as their home countries were gone.

"The truth is none of you really are Heads of States anymore. Your countries are gone. You command no army. You represent no constituents or any citizens," President Fergana told them all in a serious cold tone.

"I am sure my army are hiding in their bunkers," the Russian President making a light chuckle.

"Then they would be dead soon as they would die from starvation within their underground bunkers with food shortages and there is no means to ever travel there or even communicate with them. After all you were the one who came to meet up with me but left them the futile task of dealing with the meteor, confident that your plan was going to work. You said it yourself that we can't travel beyond South America for the next hundred years," President Fergana said it arrogantly to her Russian counterpart.

The Russian President, who was normally cold and strong, gasped for the first time. If she gasped then the rest would really be shocked.

The meeting room door opened and two security men came in. one of them came to where President Fergana was sat and whispered to her ear. She whispered back to his ear. The two met left the room.

"I told my men to tell my generals that for now I am installing martial law in this country. This is to secure law and order. I also have a military unit dispatched to give assistance to the Chileans and Uruguayans to see if any of the gas had gone far south enough. As long as I run Argentina we are all safe," President Fergana assured them with a sincere smile.

It was obvious that she was trying to imply something to them.

"So what should we do?" the Swedish Prime Minister asked the others.

"Nothing. You are going to be guests in my country ... permanently," President Fergana said it to her Swedish counterpart seriously.

"So while we are here can we check our usual accommodation?" asked the Dutch Prime Minister.

"What usual accommodation?" asked President Fergana back, with a confused look.

"She means the embassies. Every Head of State who visits a country for more than one day normally stays over at their respective embassies," the Danish Prime Minister said.

All the Blonde women took out their cell phones, trying to contact their Embassies. None of them could get a signal.

"Reception is dead I'm afraid. Blame it on the meteor. Only reason we have electricity here is because I have a private generator but of course the gas does not affect power generators of lands that they have not impacted on. Now ladies. Sit right here. I will have more food and drinks served to you and I'll be back in fifteen minutes," President Fergana told her other counterparts.

She got up from her seat and left the meeting room. She came back 15 minutes later and sat down where she originally sat down. Another 5 minutes later servants and kitchen staff entered the meeting room with trolleys of tea jugs and cups.

"So here we are stuck as guests to our friend the host here," the Belgian Prime Minister said, pointing towards President Fillipa Fergana.

"Friend?? Is that why all of you bad mouthed in your media?? President Fergana Mistress of Human Rights abuse. Or was it Fergana that little loud mouthed Argentinean Hitler or called my precious Marina a pimping little imp," President Fergana chuckled bitterly.

All the Blonde women and the Spanish Prime Minister looked shocked at the way their host was now talking to them.

"Yes I am your host and I am also a Head of State, which is more than I can say for any of you. But am I a friend? You came here originally when you were still Heads of States since you needed me as an ally in case you lose your precious oil and gas, never mind the fact that I got bad mouthed in all your presses. Now you are just normal women. Women with no power. Women with no armies. Frankly speaking you are all at my mercy and this is not a democracy. I rule here with an iron fist," President Fergana told them off coldly.

"But come on I'm your friend Madam President. When their countries would not sell you weapons, mine did," the Russian President told Fergana.

"So that I can be your lackey against the West!" Fergana corrected her Russian counterpart.

Fergana looked at all of them.

"Listen Madam President. This is very bad politics. Very bad politics indeed. Maybe we should have another meeting tomorrow when you feel much better. Right now I want to rest and I think I'll rest at my Embassy," the Hungarian Prime Minister shouted.

"Embassy. You have no countries. Those Embassies can't represent you if your countries no longer exist. Don't you get it? You are no longer Heads of States because none of your countries exist anymore and if they don't exist anymore you also can't be citizens of those countries. I have never heard of anyone being a current citizen to a country that no longer exists. Technically you are refugees and if you want to try coming here and staying here legally then you would have to be immigrants. If you are here without me knowing or without the right papers then you are illegal immigrants," President Fergana said in a serious tone.

"Technically we are still Heads of States!" the Lithuanian Prime Minister said.

"How is that?" asked President Fergana in a confused but curious tone.

"Well every embassy in every country is always regarded as of being on foreign soil. So say if we were right now in the Lithuanian Embassy that means we are not anymore on Argentinean soil but on Lithuanian soil!" the Lithuanian Prime Minister said it in a smiling tone.

"I have got news for you. All your Embassy stuff had been arrested. I had put out an arrest warrant. I had the military police arrest all of them about ten minutes ago," President Fergana said in a wicked smile.

"You can't do that. That is a violation of human rights," cried the Estonian Prime Minister.

"Signed by you people, not me. Here I run by our Argentinean standards not your European ones. So if there are no Embassies for any of you to go to then our countries are really gone and that means you are all refugees now under my kind protection. As of today all your Embassies are officially close ... permanently," President Fergana said to them in a malicious tone.

"Look where can I stay for the night?" asked the Ukrainian President.

"That is up for me to decide now," Fergana said to her coldly.

They were all in her mercy and she knew that they knew it and would eventually have to accept it. It won't be wise for any of them to get on her bad side. Not now. Not ever ... again.

"You know I must compliment you all. You are all in your thirties when you managed to attain political leadership of your original home countries. I mean you are all a bunch of attractive beautiful Blonde haired blue eyed women who managed to keep your bodies fit. Men in my country just love Blondes and just go crazy over them. No offence but I do think you all look too pale. A bit of tanning and you would all look much healthier and even better looking, like Blonde women in Los Angeles. They get tanned and then they get contracts for modelling and many other things. Now I can help you all out," she said.

She took out what looked like her personal beeper. Within minutes an armed squad stormed the meeting room. All the former Heads of States gasped in fear, afraid for their lives. The armed squad was loyal only to President Fergana and answered only to her, since they were her personal squad.

"Now listen carefully to me all of you. Under my own law I can have any illegal immigrant shot on sight and decide there and then that they are a threat to National Security. I can be nice and consider you all refugees and give you refugee status but still under my discretion. The only way you can get out of this alive is to not just cooperate with me but do as I say ... literally. Now do you choose to submit to obey me and be loyal to me and do whatever I ask of you or not. I leave you the choice. If you want to discuss amongst yourselves I give you five minutes," Fergana offered.

The former Heads of States mumbled amongst themselves.

"Time is running out. Make up your minds now," President Fergana scolded them.

All the women looked to the Blonde French woman who used to be the French President.

"Yes Madam President. We surrender ourselves to you. Just please don't kill us," the Blonde ex-President of France sighed, even bowing her head down.

All the other women bowed their heads down in defeat. They surrendered so that they won't be killed right there and then.

"Good. But I don't believe you. No you won't obey me. Not yet. But I am going to convince you," President Fergana said in a serious tone.

President Fergana was a calculative woman who thought in strategic terms. She stood up and she whispered something to a man who looked he was in charge of this particular squad.

President Fergana left the room and then came back with her secretary Silvia. Silvia walked across the room and all 20 sat down women noticed that she carried a DVD cover on her hand. Silvia walked all the way towards the flat screen tv, setting up the DVD player and then walked back to where President Fergana stood, handing her boss the remote control.

President Fergana whispered something to Silvia's ear. Silvia left the meeting room, closing the door behind her.

"Listen up ex-Heads of States. You are all going to be watching a film. It is more than two hours long. I want complete silence and if any of you get up or walk away, my men would shoot you," President Fergana threatened all 20 women.

The 20 women remained seated and looked scared. President Fergana was fidgeting with the remote control and then the film came to life. She walked over to the light switch and turned it off.

"Now the film is about to begin. I want you all to keep silence at all times and pay full attention to this film!" Fergana instructed them.

For next 2 hours all 20 women saw nothing but recorded live brutalities committed by the Argentinean military towards civilians, rebels, members of the opposition and many other minorities in captivity. The Blonde women gasped in horror, as they saw different kinds of footages with scenes of men, women and children being gunned down to scenes torture scenes like water boarding to scenes women and young girls being raped continuously to scenes with both men and women being forced to have sex with Doberman dogs or even wild horses.

The scenes were too horrifying and the truth was that they were all true. When the movie was over President Fergana turned on the light switch.

The 20 former Heads of States remained seated, now realising that it was stupid for them to have come here all the way to Argentina without any armed escorts. They all believed that if President Fergana tried anything against any one of them that their countries would come and invade Argentina and that President Fergana knew that and so therefore would not try anything. As for their armed escorts they all perished in the Northern Hemisphere.

She really did torture those people. It is worse than what the Argentinean refugees tell the press, the Finnish Prime Minister thought.

Seeing is believing. She really is a violator of human rights, the French Prime Minister thought.

"May I have all your attention!" Fergana shouted at the 20 women.

All 20 women turned around and stared at Fergana, never having looked so scared in their lives.

"You all saw the video. You know what I am capable of. It is wise to obey me and be loyal to me and not try to disobey me or ever challenge me, unless of course, you want to end up like all those people in that film. So one more time will you submit to me and do whatever it is that I ask of you. From now on will you always be loyal to me and me only and be completely obedient???" President Fergana asked them in a cold tone.

All 20 women nodded their heads, then bowing in fear.

"Good," Fergana said in an excited tone.

She always dreamt of putting these women in their places and she knew how.

There was a knock on the door.


Silvia entered the meeting room.

"They're here Madam President," Silvia said to President Fergana in a confirming tone.

President Fergana looked at all 20 women.

"Ladies this is my assistant Silvia. She is going to take you somewhere. You will obey as you will obey me. My men would also be following her, making sure that you all arrive safely towards your next destination," President Fergana told the 20 women.

"Ladies if you will come and follow me," Silvia spoke to them in a soft tone.

All 20 former Heads of States got off their seats. President Fergana spoke to the squad leader in Spanish. They were to accompany Silvia and make sure that these 20 women don't try to escape.

The 20 women followed Silvia out the doorway, with the armed squad.

At last you are all mine, President Fergana thought.

As she saw the last ex-Head of State disappear from sight, she burst out into a malicious laughter.

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