Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A simple little story in three parts, written in a film noir-ish style, of a man and a woman and a struggle for control. It's not just about that, however... it's also about the sex. (M/F, D/s?, oral, cons)

I come back from lunch for the second half of the meeting. This is the third day in a row that I am spending with her, trying to convince her that my company was worth buying. My company -- I wish. I'm just a hired gun. She, on the other hand, is the decision maker for an off-shore corporation that buys and sells things. Like companies.

She is tall for a woman. Almost 6', and in heels about 2" taller than me. She has auburn hair, green eyes and an unlocatable, middle-European lilt to her voice. She wears tight, clingy dresses that show off her figure. The hem is at mid-calf, but always with a slit here, or a plunging neckline -- skin is always visible and everything I've seen is tawny. She likes neckwear: Monday was a 6-strand choker of pearls around her neck; Tuesday was a gold band; today it's a 2" leather strap with a crystal heart centered on the throat. So far she's been all business; I've had a hard dick since Monday.

Today she comes back late from a lunch which included too much to drink. Something is wrong, this is not her: She's too good a business-person to work blitzed. Now she is hard to deal with: throwing out things we'd agreed to, demanding too much. I called a halt for the day at 3.00, and went back to hotel room to rethink.

At 4.15 she calls. "I need to apologize for this afternoon. I had some bad news at lunch and it upset me. Can we meet for a drink so we can clear the air before tomorrow?"

Now, not mixing business with pleasure is a good idea, but a drink with a beautiful woman is also a good idea. At 5.30 we meet in the hotel bar. She catches the bartender's eye and he comes over to the table. "Champagne, please, Harry." I guess she was enough of a regular to know Harry. I drink a little and she drinks a lot. She explains that her "former friend" had dumped her at lunch. By 7 she is seriously drunk and talking about sex. He complained she was too much like Catherine the Great. I tell her she doesn't seem like a Catherine to me. She acts conspiratorial and tells me her middle name is Anastasia, and she sometimes thinks of herself as Annie. He was ok in bed, but very conventional, and she was bored. She's glad he's gone; she was just about to kick him out.

She goes to the ladies room and comes back with a look on her face I hadn't seen before; she comes around the table and sits next to me in the booth. She leans on my arm and says, "Let's get some dinner and see a movie. I need a change." Well ... this sounds promising, and my dick is getting harder, but screwing her while she was drunk was (a) something we would both regret in the morning (b) probably not going to be very much fun and© it would probably cost my client about $3 million. But ... she was beautiful and it was just dinner and a movie and...

Anyway, we walk along toward a place she knows. Suddenly she grabs my hand and drags me across the street. We're standing at the ticket booth: "BOX LUNCH -- all XXXX action." I'm in shock. Not objecting, you understand, just in shock. I pay and we go in.

The place is nearly empty and we sit in the back row. The woman on the screen is licking a huge cock, and having a great time doing it. The woman next to me is staring at the screen; she hasn't let go of my hand and is squeezing it in rhythm with the strokes on the screen. She leans her head on my shoulder, trapping my hand against her breast, and begins stroking my thigh with her free hand. She's breathing now in time with the blowjob on the screen.

I'm trying not to break the spell. I want more, but when I try to move my hand against her breast, she freezes. I stop and after a few more hot licks on the screen, she's ok again. GOD! If she doesn't do something except stroke my cock and breathe against my neck, I'm gonna lose it. On-screen, there's a new cock, pumping into the actress from behind, while she's getting more and more frantic with the cock in her mouth. I'm groaning in time with the strokes on my cock. Suddenly she sits up, grabs my hand with two of hers and shoves it under her dress. She's pushing my hand hard toward her pussy. I know what she wants and I also know how close I came before she stopped stroking me. I decide to let her wait. I reach over with my free hand and grab both of her wrists. My busy hand is stroking the inside of both thighs. She squirms against the restraint and arches her pelvis forward toward my fingers. I'm just out of reach.

On-screen, it's the cum-shot. The girl's ass is covered with cum. She jerks the dick in front of her and it's shooting all over her face and hair. She is writhing between the two cocks. I touch the pussy through the silky panties, now soaked through. With the first light touch, she shudders and moans. "Ohhh Yessss" She hisses. "Do me."

I pull the panties at the waist and the material forms a thong that slices between the lips of her pussy. On-screen, a new actress is being spread-eagled over a motorcycle by a trio of leather-clad studs. It's a rape scene and she's putting up a weak fight. When they cut her pants off with a switchblade, there is a tremendous groan and orgasmic shudder from the seat next to me. She wrenches her hand free and shoves my hand against her pussy -- hard. Her grip is iron and I can't move anything except two fingers trapped between her lips. I'm still stroking her but she says "nooooOOO. Don't move." Her eyes are locked on the screen.

The three motorcycle rapists are fucking her now. In the pussy. In the mouth. They bend her over the cycle and take turns butt-fucking her. She wants it now, and every time a new cock plunges into her, there is another shudder against my hand. By the end of the scene, the girl on screen is smiling at the studs, the girl next to me is limp. She has been cumming for about 30 minutes now, and is close to passing out. She slumps against my shoulder and is out.

DAMN! I gotta do something -- by dick is bursting. I can't fuck her here, and I won't fuck here passed out anyway. Maybe the walk back to the hotel will wake her up enough. I sling her arm over my shoulders and head back. She's walking -- wobbly but awake. Leaning on me she whispers the name of her ex- and says, "I've never been this hot. Please ... please do me." The alcohol in her breath makes my eyes water. The sex in her voice is making my prick leak pre-cum. She keeps repeating it over and over. "Do me."... "Do me." A whisper now... "Dooo Meee."

I stumble with her into the elevator and hit the button for my floor. She's on me again. Hands on my prick. Rubbing again, stroking through the pants. She pushes her crotch against my leg, like a dog in heat. "Just do me ... you can have anything you want."... "Do me." It's like a chant ... quiet, pleading. She never looks at my eyes now, just stares at my crotch.

I manage to get the key into the door, and she's undressing already. Buttons down the top of her dress are unbuttoned and she's unfastening the clip on her bra, between her breasts. "Do me ... Do me."

The door is open and we stumble through into the darkness. For the first time, I grab her, pushing her back against the closet door. I hold her hands behind her back and crush her mouth against mine. My hand has been drenched with her pussy juice. My dick is about ready to explode from her gentle, persistent stroking, and this is the first kiss. Her mouth is on fire, her tongue a frenzy. She struggles against my restraint. My leg is between hers, pinning her crotch against the wall, and she is humping against my thigh. I can feel the wetness of her pussy through the leg of my pants. She is fucking my mouth with her tongue in time with her thrusts.

I drag her over to the bed and undo the rest of the buttons on her dress, still holding both of her wrists in my left hand. "Do me ... do me." It's plaintive now ... pleading "What ever you want ... anything ... after... " A hiss escapes her and she thrusts her pelvis against mine. "Please... " Her breath is hot on my neck. "Do me ... do me." She's thrashing on the bed, and I need both hands to get her panties off. I pin her legs down and grab the panties. I pull them UP sharply and suddenly. The material cuts deeper into her pussy. She's frantic. She grabs my head and with a sudden lurch pulls it to her crotch. Her legs are around my head. "Do me ... do me ... do me." Very quietly now, but fast. In time with her thrusting against my face. I try to rip the panties off, but can't. I push it aside with my nose and lap at her. My hands are on her ass, pulling the cheeks apart and up toward my face.

I know what she wants, and she can have it ... When I decide. I lick the labia. I lick the folds at the top of her thighs. She's thrusting at me. "do me ... do me" with each thrust. She wants me on her clit. I will make her wait.

When I'm ready, I put a finger in her ass and attack her clit at the same time with my tongue. I suck it into my mouth, and tongue it hard. She cums. Her legs clamp down on my head hard, and she arches up off the bed. She's balanced on her shoulders: her legs are over my shoulders and I can feel her orgasm pulse through her clit, spasm through her asshole and ripple down through her legs.

I keep licking and sucking her clit. In and out. With each long lick, I finger-fuck her ass. She keeps cumming. "do me ... do me." Now a quiet whisper. And now in time with my tongue.

I don't know how long she stayed like that, but it was a long time. I varied the tempo. Fast and furious on her clit. She shuddered and came. Slow and gentle on her clit. She shuddered and came. No motion on her clit, just in and out of her ass. She shuddered and came.

Then I was hearing "no ... not again ... oh goddd..." Shudder. Orgasm. I kept licking and fingering her ass. "ohhhh ... noo ... ohhh ... godd..." Shudder. Orgasm. "ohh ... ohh ... no more please ... no..." She is still balanced on her shoulders and my finger and tongue. For the first time in my sexual life, I am consumed in HER passion; I don't even notice that I still have my clothes on or that my dick has never been this hard.

I don't move, and she begins to relax. My mind pulses with the throb of her pussy. I KNOW the exact instant. I lick once, slowly, from her ass to her clit. "Ohhhhh ... goddd ... ohhhhhh." She arches up again, and cums with a violence that I couldn't believe - the spasms continue for long minutes.

She pulls away and curls up. "do me." A final whisper and she's asleep. Passed out cold. I couldn't believe it.

WHAT ABOUT ME??? I look down at her from the side of the bed and want to shake her awake, and fuck her up, down and sideways. I take off my pants and see that I've cum in my shorts - my dick is still like iron. But I know in that instant that I'm not going to fuck a woman who is passed out.

She is curled up with her knees to her chest, sleeping on her side. Her breathing is slow and quiet. I strip and lay down with my face near her ass. Her pussy is beautiful: the lips visible between her thighs are still flushed and wet. I touch my tongue to her lips and she shudders and sighs. My hand is on my cock now, stroking. With each stroke I lick from her ass to her pussy lips. With each lick she moans. I feel the cum boiling in by balls and grab for a towel. I wipe my gism into the towel and cover her with the sheet.

I'll sleep on the couch tonight. I know it seems strange, but I don't know her well enough to sleep with her.

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