Lisa & Ryan - Naked in School
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - NOT your standard NIS story. Lisa is an athlete from California and she thinks NIS is for the birds. Ryan is an athlete from Texas; he LOVES NIS. To say they don't hit it off is an understatement. Texas may survive -- maybe. [I wanted to put "TRUE" in the story category, but you know it's not.]

Monday am- Ryan

Well, this my PITA Naked in School journal. We just got back from "Seasonal Vacation" - which everybody knows is really Christmas break, but you gotta be PC and all. The other football players will be in the program soon - we don't do that shit with having players in "the program" during the season, 'cause it might get somebody really hurt, and it will sure as hell disrupt our play. We take football serious, down here in Texas, so "the program" will wait for us players. I'm a senior and had already heard from the good Texas colleges. Haven't gotten any offers from out of state, but that's probably because we didn't get very far in the state championship playoffs, I guess. If that damn Robinson would have caught that last pass, we'd probably have won that game ... I'll bet I'd be getting better offers then. Damn his lazy, black ass...

This week it's time for me in the program. I'm the quarterback, the leader. Typical QB build, I guess, for a school in the top rank schools in the best football state. Maybe some of them jerks in other states might argue, but in Texas, we know the truth about what state is best. The whole team was blonde for the season, and had close cut hair. Me: I had the bluest blue eyes that drove the cheerleaders crazy, and I was ripped. Six-pack abs, 6'1", good arm, broad shoulders, the works. The girls liked that part too. And I was hung pretty good - for a white guy. Nothing like Ray Jackson-Fielding, that big black lineman, but good enough to keep the girls happy.

Wonder who I'll be paired with? Hope it's some new meat. Cheerleaders are fine and all, but boring after a while, you know?

"Will Ryan Wylie and Lisa Kim please report to the office, please." Well, that is it, my call. Who the fuck is Lisa Kim?

Monday am - Lisa

"Will Ryan Wylie and Lisa Kim please report to the office, please."

What is that about? My first day in a new school and I report to the principal's office? I was still in the hall, trying to find my homeroom. Maybe they just do that here in Texas. Sigh.

I was just getting used to things in San Diego too. The school was a little rough, I guess, but it was OK. Had to go to public school, cause of my dad's job. Mom had died when I was little, so it was just me and him. And then he got transferred to Austin. We lived in one of the nicer suburbs, I guess. He wouldn't know, though. He had been attending a conference in Washington, DC since we got here. Good thing I can take care of myself. I was 19; I wasn't afraid of much. But I was a virgin - mostly because my travel schedule wouldn't let me fuck my boyfriend. Wouldn't let me FIND a real boyfriend is more like it.

So, anyway, I reported to the office, and was told I was in the program.

"THE PROGRAM?!" I said. "No way. This is my first day. I'm not even supposed to BE in the program."

"Sorry, Miss Kim," Mr. Hawthorne said. He didn't look sorry at all. He looked like a dirty old man who wanted to see some Lisa-booty. " But we have your enrollment form right here. There are 37 boxes on the form that your parents checked, and number 34 is for participation in the program. So you'll be participating. No option."

Now, I'd already participated in the program in San Diego. Got groped for a couple of days, too, until I sued Ronnie Morgan and named the school board as well. That got the impolite groping stopped, let me tell you. I dropped the suit after the week was out, so no harm no foul, right?

But one look at Mr. Hawthorne's face, and the assistant principal Mrs. Battleaxe - I mean Mrs. Bartlex - and I could tell there was no arguing with them.

I could at least stake out my ground. "Fine. I was already in the program in San Diego. I wound up sueing the school because of the gross and impolite touching. 'Reasonable request' does not mean that anybody will invade any body cavity without permission."

"On no," said Mrs. Battleaxe. "No non-consentual intromission, or insertion of any kind. Unless voluntary, of course." She smiled. It looked like Freddy Kruger. "We feel that this is a good ice-breaker for new students." I got the Freddy Kruger smile again.

Then HE walked in. I guessed it was Ryan Wylie. He was really big. Now, I'm not small, but that's as in: not small for a girl of Korean ancestry. I was 5'8". Not very curvy, if you must know the truth. Mostly flat-chested, and pretty muscular - I still hadn't found a studio to work out in, 'cause we just got in town. Take a memo, Lisa: Finding a place to work out was a priority.

Anyway. Back to Ryan Wylie. He was large - not so tall exactly, but large. He had nice blue eyes and blond hair, good complexion. And he walked in, and just nodded. Then he started to take off his clothes. Well, he wasn't huge everywhere thank goodness. More like, average in the cock department. Maybe 5 or 6 inches when he got hard, I guessed. Not that I'd know, cause he was limp as a dishrag now.

Nice muscles though

Monday am - Ryan

So, that was Lisa Kim. Hmmm. Must be new meat, I guess. I started stripping. If she wasn't impressed, I guess she was a freaking les. I mean - what girl wouldn't be impressed? Cheerleaders all said so.

I nodded to Mr. Hawthorne and Mrs. Bartlex. They knew me, and were big fans. And I knew what I was here for: To be the first footballer in the program this year, and to shepherd Lisa around the school. And, of course, to nail Lisa too, unless she was les. Maybe I'd nail her anyway.

I watched her a minute as I was getting undressed. Apparently, she was just finishing a chat with Mr. H or Mrs. B - whatever. She took off her blouse without much fuss. Not that there was much to fuss about. She was about an A-and-a-half. No bra of course; she didn't need one. Her waist was slightly thick, but it wasn't baby fat at all. She had pretty good muscles, for a girl. She stepped out of her skirt and then her panties. A pretty nice pussy, from what I could see. Just a 'landing strip' of pubic hair - looked natural, too. A pretty good sized ass, as I could see when she bent over to put her clothes in the box the school provided. No fat there that I could see. Her thighs were not slender and curvy either -not like the cheerleaders I'd seen. And I'd seen more than my share of cheerleader's thighs, let me tell you.

Overall, she looked more like a boy, than a girl. Probably les, then, I thought to myself.

"Hi hon. You must be Lisa." Always start simple. I learned that lesson a long time ago. "You new here?"

Monday am - Lisa

Oh good! He can talk. From the way he looked me over while I got undressed, I wasn't sure. Like I was more the supposed-to-be-next pussy on his belt than a human. "Yes, I'm a senior. Just moved into town from San Diego." And I stuck out my hand.

He looked at it in shock for a second, then remembered what he was supposed to do. He shook it. I purposely keep my hand pretty slack. No sense getting in to a "manly handshake contest" with Mr. Hulk. Actually, he was pretty easy to look at, but I was put off by his way of watching me get naked. Excuse me... "nude"; participants in the program are supposed to be "nude" despite the "Naked" in the program's name.

The bell rang. "Off you go then," said Mr. Hawthorne. "Take care to show Miss Kim around, Ryan."

Out in the hall, the vultures gathered. I knew about them and braced myself for the onslaught of groping. I didn't expect the big paw on my shoulder. Ryan's arm was casually draped across my back and just hung over my shoulder, inches from my breast. It was like a large 'Do Not Touch' sign ... maybe even a 'Property of Ryan' sign. Ut.oh. Scooby. This could be trouble.

Ryan, on the other hand, was getting serious gropage. Bright-eyed blondes of all sorts were stroking his chest, his belly, his backside and -of course - his cock. They were all so big and perky in the tits department, that I would have paled by comparison. But nobody was comparing. Ryan Naked was the big news.

He was like, "Hi Linda. Hey Betty Sue. Gloria, how was your Christmas?" and on and on. They were stroking him in every possible way, and he was chatting. Unbelievable. He was polite though, and introduced me. I got a polite, pseudo-friendly smile from the girls, and then they went back to their stroking.

Poor guy was treated like a hunk of meat on the rack. Can't have been very nice for him. I looked at him and he had this little half-smile on his face

Monday am - Ryan

On the way to class, I put my arm around Lisa's shoulders. Might as well give her a thrill - and keep her away from other guys until I could score.

The cheerleaders, of course, swarmed me. I could tell they just wanted a feel of Mr. Meat, but I made sure to introduce Lisa. Got to impress her with my manners, after all. I bet she was wet between the legs by now. I don't think I'll make a move on her 'till tomorrow. She won't be able to stand the pressure by then.

Me and Lisa had the same class for first session. I didn't like to call 'em "periods" 'cause that was, like, what you called it when a girl was on the rag. It was English. I was a pretty good student: C+, which was plenty good enough.

When we got into class, I waved to the other students for quiet. "This is Lisa Kim." I gave her shoulder a little squeeze. "She's new, from California. And she's in the program this week. Be nice to her." What more could I do for the kid? I was being super nice. I'm sure she'd be appreciating it personally, later.

She smiled at me and the students. Gave a little "HI" wave and grabbed a towel and took a seat. Of course, I sat in the wooden chair at the front of the class and waited. I guess the girls had worked it out, because Melanie Flemming stood nearby, waiting. No line, no crowding. I smiled to myself. Glad to see SOMEbody had organized the BJ's. Miss Rapp - Rapp the Rack as she was known in our locker room - just said, "I take it you need relief already, Mr. Wylie? Go ahead, if you've made your selection."

I had spent about a week with Melanie back in October when we had the Immaculate Star game. She was a good reliable BJ, and a fair fuck. That's about all I could say about her.

Melanie dropped to her knees between my legs and hoovered Mr. Meat in to her mouth. It wasn't the best BJ I've ever had, but you know the old saying: "No BJ is a bad BJ." I pinched Mel's nose and pulled her in. When she was close to deep throating me, I released her; she popped off and grabbed some air. Then my hand was on the back of her head. "All the way now," I said softly. And then I pulled her HARD down my pole.

The bitch took it and didn't complain until my pubes were tickling her nose. Then she backed off again, grabbed some air, and choked out some mucus. It was messy. Who gave a fuck? I started fucking her face, and came real quick. She swallowed like a good girl should. She gave me a spermy smile and wiped her face on a towel on the way back to her seat.

After I was done, I stood up with Mr. Meat at about half-staff and gave Lisa a look. This could be you, I said in my mind to her. Just play your cards right, and it will be. I saw her close her eyes probably already feeling the pressure - as I was taking my seat.

Monday am - Lisa

Oh My God! He manhandled that poor girl. I thought I would faint when she gasped for air and spit out all that stuff. And then before she even had time for a breath, he pulled her back in for more.

I'm not an expert - I AM a virgin after all, despite having given my San Diego bf a BJ or two - but that oral sex must have hurt. It must have been into her throat, she couldn't breathe, her eyes were watering and her make-up was a mess. And when he was done with her, he just patted her on the ass like "Good puppy." God. THIS is my protector, my guide, my Sir Lancelot? Well, he likes his lance a lot, but ... UGH.

Thank god it was fast.

We were off into English class. "Tale of Two Cities" huh? Well, ok. I did that back 2 years ago, but ... different strokes for different places, I guess. We reviewed what they were assigned over Christmas break. Two whole chapters? Wow. I couldn't believe it. Maybe they had advanced placement classes I could transfer into.

After class, The Hulk, as I was beginning to call him, came over before I could even get up. "Need help with your books?" he said. He sounded sincere. I remembered the old joke: The key is to be able to fake sincerity.

"No thanks, Ryan." I picked up my backpack and slung it over my shoulder. That should keep Mr. Shoulder Hug off for a while. But he was not to be denied. He slung his arm around my waist. It was all I could do not to shrink away. "Ummm. Thanks but..." I gracefully slithered out of his grasp. "I think I've got it covered."

He looked a little surprised, and then he got that little half-smile again. I was beginning to not like that half-smile at all. We walked to the next class. Fortunately I had AP Math and - surprise! - he didn't. So I went in, found a seat and discovered that more than half of the people in here were of Asian descent. No football stars, I guess. Maybe they couldn't count past 21. Nice that suburban Austin had enough of a minority population to fill half a class. Guess it was the big IT businesses around.

Ryan was pretty nice all through the morning. We'd only have one more class together - social studies - but he came around after all my classes and showed me to the next. It was better than having a GPS, I guess. Except that the GPS wouldn't have been trying to put its paws on me "casually" ... trying to help, you know?


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