The Ambassador's Gift
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Slavery, Lesbian, Science Fiction, DomSub, Harem, First, Lactation, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Darwe is a slave girl being given to the Emperor for his Harem. Well educated and trained she awaits her new life. But even the best plans get disrupted. In the very court things go awry and someone else claims her. She is thrown in to imperial intrigue and romance.

Alamah Darwe roused from slumber. The early morning sounds of the strange city woke her, her bodymaidens held her in a clench still lost in their dreams. Darwe pondered the upcoming excitements of the day. She could hear voices from the chamber next door, the ambassador's quarters in this spare yet luxurious hotel. Her bladder making its need known, she extricated herself from the girls clutching her and watched them flow together unconsiously, as she left the bed. She quietly padded to the Eastern toilet and squatted over the hole and made her water. Why such a lavish hotel would incorporate such a primitive toilet in the slaves' quarters was beyond her. At her slaves' madrassa they were used to the most sophisticated plumbing. Nipponese toilets, bidets, lavratories, hamams, the whole cult of the cleanliness of the body. At least this place had a decent bath. Stealing a moment of quiet time before the rush of preparations, she walked out onto the sunfilled balcony. Leaning against the stone rail she luxuriated in the rays hitting her bare body. Today ... today she would be given. All her slave training, all her testing and preparations were focused on this day. And to be given to the very emperor of all humanity. it was too much to contemplate. What would life be like in a real harem! What would it be like to have sex with a male? Would she find love? Did girls bind with other girls as they did in the madrassa?

Her musings were interrupted by a little pinch on her butt. Her bodymaiden Eya wrapped her arms sleepily around her waist. "Time to get started Amah. Aru is starting the bath, and the ambassador's dressmatrons will he coming soon." Darwe picked up the cuddly little pincher and carried her directly into the bath. Standing there she blew a big raspberry on Aru's belly which got her to squealing and then plunked her in the water. Aru hollered and flailed about til she managed to get upright. She sputtered, "I'm sposed to give YOU a baff not MEE amah!!!" Eya was giggling as she prepared the soaps and scrubbies from outside the sunken tub. She started giggling and then Aru joined in as well. Aru took the shampoo and started to work on her hair while Eya finally got in the tub to scrub her back. Darwe worked on her nether regions making a note to have the ambassador's depilitators go over her mons and legs after the bath. She hoped fervently the emperor would be pleased with her. Eya was scrubbing her face ever so meticulously while Aru was waiting impatiently to rinse her hair. Finally Darwe convinced Eya that her face was clean and Aru dumped a pail of water over her. She dumped a couple more on her and pronounced her washed. Eya jumped out of the tub and dried off enough to run to the ambassador's chambers to get the depilitators ready and Darwe followed at a more reasonable pace. She layed down on the medical table in the ambassador's chambers and placed her heels in the stirrups.

The ambassador rushed in leading the depilitators nervously, "We have 4 hours to make it to the palace and I have so much to do! Shaving wenches, if you even nick the skin on this slave your life is forfeit!!" he then rushed out, his blue robes flapping. Darwe glanced up at the depilitators momentarily. Oh no they are beautiful! Both of them were tall dark and slender, with black wavy hair. Not twins, but maybe sisters. They looked vaguely Turkish ... Alamah definately. Somewhere in their late 20's. She layed back and closed her eyes. She could feel their hands on her legs applying the shaving oils. This is so embarassing, I'm already moist from their touch. How am I going to make it through this let alone hold still! They applied the oils up her thighs and then over her mons and asshole. They can tell I'm aroused now! She moaned involuntarily. Glancing down at them she spotted them pulling out straight razors and she dropped her head in shock. To be caressed by such lethal weapons by beautiful women. Her mind reeled. she tried to hold stock still feeling one woman on her leg and another starting on her mons. Darwe felt helpless which did NOT calm things down. she tried to think of math, distracting herself until she realised she was counting blade strokes. quickly her mons was clean, the woman moved down to her labia, her hip leaning in on darwe's hip spreading warmth and signalling softness. Oh god, Darwe shivered. the other woman had finished one calf and was working on the other. The first woman made quick work of the labia and was taking her time on Darwe's asshole. Finally she moved to start shaving down Darwe's thighs, finished up her legs quickly and inspected the rest of her body. She was pronounced mustacheless and didn't need any shaving but they did tackle her armpits with a gusto. They were about to do her arms when Darwe called a halt. The idea of shaving her arms creeped Darwe out.

The ambassador rushed in just then in a flurry of blue robes and inspected Darwe. "What is this! I can't present a slave to the emperor that is in the throes of arousal!! She will be distracted and embarass me!! You! Shaving wenches! Finish her off and clean her up so she can show proper decorum!" With a flourish he pushed up his blue sleeves and bared his bluestained arms and ran out.

One of the ladies came up to Darwe's face and began kissing her passionately. Darwe felt cool long fingers on her breasts. The other lady started licking Darwe's belly button and quickly licked her way down to her cleft. There she sucked up the copious fluids accumulated and started to tease out pleasures for Darwe. the double onslaught got Darwe soaring and in no time she was spraying the lower woman's face. Not nearly finished, Darwe held the shaving woman's face to her pussy and made her continue. After a longer interval of heaving squealing, writhing and panting Darwe had her second. This time she caressed the head between her thighs and released it and then wrapped her arms around the other woman on top of her. as she rested she realised how sweaty they were, their breasts slick and sticky with the oils of fresh sweat.

Time was pressing so she finally released the shaving woman and with her help unsteadily got off of the examination table and took both of their hands and brought them back to the washing room. There she made quick work of the sweat and cum juices and toweled off, looking at the two shaving women fully engaged in a sixtynine at the edge of the tub. Smiling, she went off to the dressers. Aru and Eya were both there, Aru already done up in a geisha's apprentice motif and Eya was struggling to get into a girl's full kilt, with the puffy sleeves and sporran and funny socks and hat. The ambassador thought the bodymaidens should wear traditional clothings of their ethnicities for the emperor.

Darwe, on the other hand, he intended for to wear a harem girl outfit, but he insisted she not go veiled. On Tamacheq, only noble men are allowed to go veiled, male slaves and all women were not allowed to veil themselves. He himself would be fully beturbined, in his best indigo Tagelmust, and berobed in his best robes. Darwe's harem pants were several thin layers of translucent silk in different colors as well as a top. Strategic ornaments kept it from being completely obscene. She wore little curled toe flats on her feet. Darwe's hair was intricately woven into an elaborate headdress with bits of chainmail and coins and jewels. Low on her hips was wrapped a belt of the same manufacture. Little rings were placed on her fingers and in the side of her nose and in her ears.

The ambassador finally flapped into the room and inspected the three of them. He was in quite a state, aparently traffic control would not allow him to parade down the street with an elephant and a herd of camels, and he had to arrange other transportation to the palace. "What kind of civilised planet doesn't allow for ceremonial animal right of way!" He had hauled a white elephant and a herd of white camels all the way from Tamacheq and had them died indigo blue for this very occasion. At very least the mammoth limousine they were herded into was painted blue, which seemed to calm him down. Darwe and the girls were allowed small icechips to occupy them on the trip to the palace. When they got there they were hustled inside into a lobby which reminded Darwe of an extremely opulent hotel.

The three girls were ensconced in a tiny little chamber with a video screen showing the goings on in the court, while the ambassador went out to do things or fidgit. Darwe distracted her little charges by playing temse and takadant with the people on the screen.

"There's the Emperor! he looks boreded"

"I'd be bored if I had to sit there all day. He needs someone to play with."

"Look at that woman standing next to him. Is that his wife?"

"Oh no, that's Queen Miria. She's like his adopted sister or sumfin. I've seen her on the news."

"She's pweeety."

"Yes, she is, All tall and brown and confident."

Right then Ambassador Moussou came back. "It's almost time. If any of you embarass me I will make you regret being born. Now lets go out and get to the assembly point." The three followed him through the most expensively dressed and in some ways most absurdly dressed crowd of people Darwe had ever seen. The buzz of the crowd was overwhelming. The three of girls clutched hands and managed to follow the ambassador. They were not noticed, Darwe's almost obscenely nude dress was suddenly modest. The girls and the ambassador just seemed quaint. Darwe felt mildly detached and wondered why she wasn't impressed with anything there. After a brief moment they were ushered into the court. The party had to walk down a looong purple carpet before they were held up almost to the emperor. An armsman objected to Ambassador's ceremonial takoba. Queen Miria saw us and whispered something to the emperor. She then strode to where we were standing, our progress blocked by the Armsman. The Armsman insisted he hold on to the takoba for the moment and the ambassador finally relented.

Queen Miria discreetly spoke to the ambassador. "Are you intending to offer this alamah to the emperor's harem?" "Yes Milady, only the finest trained alamah of the realm of Tamacheq, although she retains her virginity." The Queen mused. "The way we do things in court is very discreet, speak nothing of this to the emperor and I will take these ladies to the terem. Your offering has been noticed and accepted." With that Queen Miria took Darwe's hand and led her and her two charges away. Suddenly Darwe was impressed.

The scent of the queen, the heat of her body, the confidence in her very demeanor. It was like she's stolen me, thought Darwe. They entered a garden and Darwe got lightheaded and begged to sit on a bench for a moment, almost swooning. Queen Miria noticing her condition guided her to the bench, solicitous. She called someone on her phone to bring water, the new ones had arrived, and we were in the terem garden. Thirty seconds and out came two most striking girls, identical in form, but one was pale and the other was quite dark. they were completely nude and they held a pitcher of water and glasses and some fruited pasteries.

"Darwe, this is Natya and Satya, my bodymaidens." "These are my bodymaidens Aru and Eya." They all quietly munched on the pastries and drank the cold water for several minutes before conversation started up again. The queen explained how the ambassador had almost made a critical mistake by offering the emperor a woman. Darwe was mortified but Queen Miria calmed her down saying there was a definite place for her and her bodymaidens. Instead of the emperor's harem I was now in the Queen's harem and everyone was safe.

She sent all the bodymaidens off to explore the terem while she and I walked the garden.

The queen held my hand like she owned it. I've been a slave since my father died, but I never felt owned until I met the Queen.

Walking in the garden quietly talking about the palace, I surrendered my everything to her.

She eventually led me to a pool with a lounge beside it. We sat there and she began taking liberties with me.

Touching me lightly and caressing me like a butterfly.

It was getting warm in the day so she stood up and disrobed out of her court attire.

The sudden sight of her nudity was intoxicating.

At first her breasts seemed modestly sized but later I noticed they were very heavy and pendulous. her scent overpowered me.

I was drawn to her heat.

Her regal neck looked so nibbleable.

My hands went to her bare skin, she was very clever with her hands,

had me out of my garments much faster than it took to put them on. I was breathing heavily already awash in sensuality.

The look in her eye as she removed my silken pantaloons, all I could think was I was finally owned and was about to be possessed. Her kisses started. At first we dueled with our tongues then she started to slip down.

My neck she layed bare. My breasts, wet. My nipples, tantalised. Her saliva filled my belly button.

Down she flowed til she parted my thighs firmly and drank my nectar.

I was lost, riding crest after crest of arousal getting close to my limits. When her lips fastened to my clitoris I broke through and screamed out my passions. She did not let me up til I had announced two more orgasms to the garden.

She gave me a breather then while she pulled out a diamond doubleheadded phallus from a pillow.

She inserted one length into her and came to kneel between my legs.

"I have taken you in the way of a woman, now I will take you in the way of a man. Have you ever been with a man?"

"No my Queen, and I was only penetrated for educational purposes. you are my first lover to take me this way."

With that I parted my thighs once more and welcomed her into my embrace. she penetrated me, gently but firmly.

It did not feel as I thought a diamond would feel, it was not unlike fingers, warm to the touch, supple soft and hard.

She thrust like a man, like the couplings I have seen.

I was writhing in a new rhythm, my pelvis swiveling, pivoting in harmony with her thrusts.

I clutched her desperately, I had hitched my wagon to a star and that star was going fast.

I was possessed with a power I knew no limit to. I could feel she was much more than a mere queen, but what I had no clue.

My own body was pushed past my limits and kept there. I was orgasming continuously, pounded and pleasured.

My being was shredded in pleasure, and I was made anew. I had found my Goddess.

She finally found her orgasm and shrieked like a Valkerie, a Beansidhe, like a Siren.

She collapsed on me. I clutched her tightly refusing to let her dismount.

After resting for a moment Miria insisted I take suckle from her full breasts. I quietly drank her milk, knowing I would obey anything Miria wanted now no matter how odd.

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