Neglected Black Housewife
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2010 by SamSlam

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A black housewife finds a young white stud at a bookstore. Reluctant at first, his persuasiveness finally wins her over.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Cheating   Interracial   Black Female   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Voyeurism   Hairy  

"Hi, may I help you find something?" I ask, as I approach a strikingly beautiful woman, looking around the bookstore.

"Yes," she smiles at me, "I'm looking for books on orgasms." She says it so matter-of-factly that it catches me off guard. Or maybe it's her exquisite eyes, deep brown with an almost oriental look coupled with her mahogany complexion that makes me catch my breath.

"Right this way," I say, leading her across the store. "Is there a specific book you're looking for?" I ask her as we walk toward the sexuality section.

"No, not a specific book. I just want to look through your selection," she responds. I'm taking in more of her beauty as we talk. She'd be tall even without her two-inch heels and her pale blue blouse beneath a light grey business suit perfectly complements her cocoa brown skin.

"There are a lot of books on orgasms. Is there a specific type you wanted?" I ask as we arrive at the sexuality section.

"Funny, I thought they had dispelled that old myth about different types and everyone agrees there's just the one kind now," she says.

"Type of book, I meant!" I feel my face flush and I know I'm probably blushing.

"I knew what you meant," she says, patting me on the arm, playfully. "I was just kidding!" Her smile shows beautiful white teeth between her thick, ruby lips.

"That was good!" I return her wide smile and recover my composure. "There really are a lot of different types of orgasm books. Here's one called The Multi-Orgasmic Woman," I tell her, pulling a book from the shelf.

"That's okay," she says with a slight chuckle. "I'm still trying to be the single orgasmic woman."

"Okay," I say slowly, wondering if she expects me to comment on that. "There are different types of books depending on whether it's for you or your partner," I explain, noticing her wedding band for the first time. "For your partner, I have a popular one called She Comes First: The Thinking Man's Guide to Pleasuring a Woman."

"She comes first, huh? If only," she says sarcastically. "No, I'm looking more for the, um ... do-it-yourself section," she laughs nervously.

I pause a minute before continuing. "Well, we have Tickle Your Fancy - A Woman's Guide to Sexual Self-Pleasure. Taking it off the shelf, I show her the cover. It has a picture of a woman with her eyes closed, head thrown back, apparently in the throes of self-pleasure.

"What a great title," she says, looking at the book." It's been a long time since my fancy's been tickled properly." She's smiling as she flips the pages.

Not wanting to walk away from this beautiful, sexually candid woman, I reach for a familiar yellow book and tell her, "of course, if you're really desperate, there's always Sex For Dummies."

"Oh great! We just met and already you're calling me names!" she says flirtatiously. She looks me in the eyes and dips her hip on one side, saying. "You really think you're going to stand here and help me pick out an orgasm book, don't you?"

"Um, no. I'm sorry. I was just trying to be helpful." I'm holding my hands up, palms out and backing away from her.

"You were very helpful, um," she bends slightly to read my nametag, "Mike. But I think I'll just browse now."

"Sure. If you don't find what you need here," I pause for effect of the double entendre, "just let me know. I'm here for another hour." She's smiling and flipping through the book as I walk away.

Wow! In the two years I've worked here I've never known any customer to be so candid about their sexual needs, let alone books on masturbation! The customers in this section are usually giggly teenagers or panting couples. Neither group asks for help.

I get back to work, reshelving books but my eyes keep straying back to her, captivated by her alluring presence. I position myself across the store where I can watch her without being obvious. Her business suit is perfectly tailored; conservative yet cut to show off her curvaceous figure. Her skirt hugs her ass giving a hint of the firm round globes underneath. Its mid-thigh length shows plenty of her shapely legs tapering into two-inch black pumps. I start fantasizing what she'll look like applying the techniques in that self-pleasuring book.

In my mind I see her lying naked on her back with her knees pulled up, pumping her fingers in and out of her pussy. Her velvety, black bush brushes against her hand as she furiously works her fingers faster and faster trying to achieve that illusive climax. Her other hand is pinching and pulling at her thick black nipples stretching them out from their surrounding dark areolas, making her large, dark tits appear cone shaped on her heaving chest. She's bucking wildly against her hand, lifting her firm, round ass off the bed. Shifting her hand to her clit, she starts rubbing in a circular motion while still shoving her fingers in and out of her pussy. As hard as she's trying, she still isn't quite getting there. I crawl up on the bed, my pale white skin contrasting sharply with her dark mocha coloring. Bending my mouth down to her pussy and pushing her fingers aside, I say. "Here, let me help you with that."

"Help me with what?" asks Amber, a recently hired, red-haired, high school girl with teen sized tits and a dynamite little ass. Her question breaks me out of my reverie and I realize I've spoken out loud.

"Uh ... with those books," I say, pointing to the books in her arms and trying to recover quickly. "Here let me take some." I glance over at the enthralling woman still browsing the sexuality section.

"Sure. Whatever," she says, handing me half her books, but looking at me quizzically. "Are you okay?" she asks.

"Yeah, I'm fine," I say, putting my hand in my pocket and trying not to be obvious about adjusting my aroused cock. Amber and I have hooked up a couple of times since she started working here. She's been a regular customer for a long time, but couldn't get hired until she turned 18 last month.

"Is that for me?" Amber asks, looking at the bulge in my pants. She moves closer angling her body so no one can see what she's doing and slides her hand over my cock, squeezing it between her fingers.

"Yeah," I lie, "I was hoping we could get together after work tonight."

"Oh, Mike," she says, "I can't. I've got a big test tomorrow. I need to get right home." She glances around the store and, lowering her voice says, "it's not busy right now, Jason and Debra can handle it. Why don't you help me put these books in the back."

I follow her to the stockroom, which is deserted this time of night. She leads me to a secluded spot between two rows of shelving and while unbuckling my belt says, "I can't leave you like this. Besides, I owe you after what you did to me Saturday night!" Smiling, she quickly kisses me on the lips, drops to her knees and pulls my Dockers and boxers down in one smooth motion.

"You don't owe me anything," I say. "I thoroughly enjoyed it."

"Well, I plan on thoroughly enjoying this too," she says, smiling up at me. "But the orgasm ratio had to be three to one in my favor."

Amber is a young, very enthusiastic lover. She loses herself in complete abandonment during sex, which is part of the reason she came so many times the other night. Now, as she runs her tongue up and down the length of my cock, I close my eyes flashing on her sexy teenage body. She has small firm tits with puffy pink areolas and eraser-like nipples. A light patch of red pubic hair surrounds her tight little pussy and her firm round ass makes you want to cream just looking at it.

I open my eyes just as she slips her mouth over the end of my cock. While caressing my balls with one hand she wraps her other hand around the base of my cock, pumping it in and out of her mouth. She's creating a steady rhythm with her sucking and using her tongue to lick just under my cock head. The entire sensation is incredible and I start thrusting my hips forward matching her rhythm, while watching the door to make sure we're not interrupted.

I've never done anything like this and the excitement of a blowjob in the stockroom is driving me close to my climax. Amber pumps faster, stroking and sucking my cock and playing with my balls. I dig my fingers into her red hair and pull her head towards me, trying to drive my cock farther into her mouth. She looks up at me, lets go of my cock and slides her lips all the way down to the base of my shaft. I can feel the tension building in my balls as my cock enters the back of her throat. I'm getting close and I close my eyes again. Suddenly, in my mind, I'm lying on my bed and the sexy black woman I just met is kneeling between my legs, her massive brown breasts with their hard black nipples are brushing against my thighs as she deep throats my cock. She pulls her lips back along my cock, stroking faster, sucking harder and flicking her tongue against the underside of my cock. Our eyes lock and I watch her thick, black lips glide down my cock and I buck my hips up to meet her. My legs tense, I thrust my ass off the bed and start shooting streams of cum deep in her throat in quick jerky motions. Nearly losing my balance I grab the nearby shelf to keep from falling over. Looking down, it's Amber again stroking and sucking and swallowing my cum. When she's sucked every drop of cum from me, she let's my cock slip from her lips and stands up.

"Wow! That was amazing!" I say. "I really needed that."

"You are amazing and that was intense!" she says, making a show of licking her lips. "You really came hard and I really enjoyed it, but we'd better get back. I'll go out first, I want to get a coke," she says, smacking her lips as she leaves the stockroom. While I'm pulling up my pants, I'm already wondering if my fantasy woman is still in the store. If I ever get a chance to live out that fantasy, I'm pretty sure I won't be thinking about Amber when I cum in the her mouth.

Yes! She's still looking at sexuality books as I exit the stockroom. I figure I might as well take a chance; gorgeous women flaunting their sexual needs don't come along everyday.

"I'm getting ready to go. Did you find what you were looking for?" I ask her just as matter-of-factly as her original request.

"I'm still looking. You have a nice evening and thanks for your help," she says, dismissing me.

"Look, it's none of my business," I say, stepping closer to her, trying not to get flustered by her immense beauty, "but a sexy woman like you shouldn't have to fend for herself in these matters."

"You're right," she says sharply, "it is none of your business." She's looking at a book entitled How to Have an Orgasm Whenever You Want. She looks at me, her eyes soften and she smiles. "Thank you for your help, Mike. Now why don't you go home and let me finish browsing, okay?"

"Okay," I say, apologizing, but not ready to give up yet. "I work here part-time so if there's ever anything I can help you with," I say, "I'm here most nights until nine."

"I'll mark it in my planner," she smiles, shaking her head and going back to her reading. I look back one more time at her perfectly round ass and wonder why a sexy woman like her needs books on orgasms.

I think about her all through my classes the next day, hoping to see her again in the bookstore. I work my regular shift from five to nine and it's pretty uneventful except for helping a voluptuous blonde, in a scoop neck blouse, trying to find a novelization of a current chick flick. I start to fantasize about fucking her brains out and then realize someone has already beaten me to it.

About eight o'clock my fantasy woman walks in and goes directly to the sexuality section. She's wearing a white pinstriped blouse tucked into a black skirt and I'm getting aroused just watching her walk. She strides confidently, with just enough swing in her hips to draw my eyes to her undulating ass cheeks. Her long lovely legs give her a dancers gracefulness as she navigates the aisles.

Standing at the customer service desk, I suppress the urge to go right over to her. I can't suppress other urges and I hope it's not obvious. Trying to decide how best to approach her, I watch as she flips pages of books and imagine what her dark brown ass looks like naked under her tight, form-fitting skirt. I can almost feel my hands cupping her firm flesh and squeezing her ass cheeks. I catch her looking at me several times and each time she quickly looks down at her book. I take that as a good sign and finally walk over to her.

"Hi," I say. "It's good to see you again. Although, that probably means you still haven't found what you need."

"Hi Mike," she answers. "No, not really. You're right about there being a lot of books. It's just ... I don't know. I'm looking for an answer that doesn't need batteries." She laughs and the pinstripes on her blouse distract me as they curve around her sizable breasts. Her high collar blouse with one open button reveals more of her smooth chocolate skin than was visible last night. I force myself to look her in the eyes; their exotic, almond shape making that very easy.

"It shouldn't be that way," I say softly, moving closer to her." Maybe you're not considering the right question."

"What question is that?" she asks sarcastically. "You mean like, why am I even discussing this with a skinny, young white boy in a bookstore who's trying to pseudo psychoanalyze me?"

"No, That's a different question," I laugh, "but maybe you do need someone to talk to about this and you could do a lot worse than me."

"I could?" she asks smiling at me. Her smile seems to light up her whole face and her eyes sparkle as she raises her already high eyebrows in a questioning manner.

"Yeah," I say, smiling. "You could call Dr. Phil."

Laughing, she says, "well maybe we should just get Oprah to do a book club selection on it."

"That would be great!" I say, laughing with her. "Seriously, I'd love to just sit down over a cup of coffee and get to know you. I don't even know your name." She's staring at me quizzically. "What do you say?" I ask. "I get off in a few minutes and you'll get a free latte out of it."

"I don't know," she says, looking at her watch. "I really should be getting home."

"Half an hour," I counter. "What can it hurt?"

"Okay," she finally agrees. "Half an hour but I pay for my own latte." We agree to meet at a nearby Starbucks instead of going to the cafe in the bookstore. We order separately and choose a small table in the corner that affords only modest privacy.

"My name is Cynthia Emry. She says offering her hand. My friends call me Cyn."

"Nice to meet you," I respond, shaking her hand. "I'm Mike Judd." I linger holding her hand, enjoying the touch of her smooth skin. "Since your friends call you Cyn, I suppose you'll want me to call you Miss Emry?" I say chuckling, as she pulls her hand back.

"Mrs. Emry. But no, call me Cyn," she says, taking a drink. "How long have you worked at the bookstore?" She's sitting back appraising me while she sips her latte, her firm, round tits pushing against the cotton material of her blouse. She crosses her legs and her skirt rides half way up her thigh, exposing more of her smooth, brown skin. I force myself to look in her eyes rather than stare at her beautiful legs.

"About two years. It's a perfect job while I'm in school and I get a great discount on my textbooks. What do you do, Cyn." I love the sound of her name. Cynfull, I think.

"I'm a management recruiter. I work for a consulting firm headquartered in New York. I work out of my house so I can live anywhere and this is where my husband's job brought us."

"And what does your husband do?" Her face captivates me. With only light makeup complementing her already gorgeous skin tone, she looks more like a glamour model than a management recruiter.

"He's a minister. We go where the church sends us," she says, looking intently for a reaction from me. I don't disappoint her.

"That explains a lot," I say, immediately regretting it when I see her eyes flare up.

"It explains nothing!" she yells, and then quickly lowers her voice. "You don't know anything about me or my husband," she fumes, through clenched teeth. "You college kids think you know everything! You don't know shit!" She stands up, getting ready to leave.

"Wait! I'm really sorry," I stammer, contritely. "That was a stupid thing to say. It wasn't really a statement about your husband, Cyn. It's more reflective of my own bias against organized religion and all the hypocrisy that goes with it," I say, trying to explain. "I said it without thinking, okay? I'm sorry."

"Please," I plead, gesturing towards her chair. "Please, sit back down." She does and slowly her face relaxes but my eyes are drawn to her chest, still heaving from her anger. Her tits swelling and pushing against the pinstripes create small gaps between the buttons with each breath she takes.

"I'm sorry I got so upset," she says, finally. "You just seem to think you know all about my problems and you don't. My husband is a good man. He's a wonderful father and a powerful minister." I notice she doesn't say a great lover. I wonder if he even notices her luscious tits.

"I'm sure he is," I answer. We're silent for a minute.

"So, how old are you anyway, Mr. Know-It-All college boy?" Cyn asks, smiling curiously.

"Twenty," I answer unapologetically. "How old are you?"

"Thirty-two. Happily married with two kids and a successful career, thank you," she declares proudly. "So where do you get off trying to solve my sexual problems? You're too young to have enough experience to give you any credibility." She's back on the attack and I react again before I think.

"Funny. I was thinking you're old enough to have already experienced some things you're obviously only reading about."

"You don't know what I'm experiencing and what I'm not!" She's fuming again and talking through her teeth.

"Hey, don't get mad at me. You're the one looking through orgasm books. I'm just trying to help," I retort.

"Yeah by hitting on me!" she rants. "Is that what you do at that bookstore, watch for women to come in looking for sexual self-help books and then offer your services?" She's really on a tirade now. "You think I don't get better offers than you all the time. I'm a black woman working in a professional capacity in a mostly white company. I get hit on more than the blonde bimbos answering the phones. Everyone including the president of the company is trying to live out his black woman fantasy. I've seen it all before. No thank you!"

"When did I hit on you?" I challenge. "When?" I repeat. "I thought we had a cool banter going and that you'd be a fun person to get to know, so that's what I'm trying to do. I didn't force you to come back in the store tonight when you knew I'd be working and I didn't tie you up and drag you to Starbucks. So if you don't want to be here, leave! No one is stopping you."

She walks out but instead of gazing at her luscious ass, I'm gazing into my coffee, mistakenly believing that I'll never see her again.

I relive that conversation all the way home, kicking myself for the way I handled it. I ignored every principle I know from my psych classes about using active listening to defuse anger. If I had only listened, asked questions and encouraged her to talk maybe ... oh fuck it! I've only seen her twice, so what if she's the most enticing woman I've ever met.

That night I lie in bed replaying the two encounters I've had with Cyn and marvel at how quickly and explosively she flips from teasing to anger. I don't know if this woman is bi-polar or just wound too tight from her sexual frustration and feeling guilty about it. I'd love to relieve her tension and see what happens. I think about how stunning she looks and my cock hardens as I visualize her dark brown skin, her flat stomach and the sensuous curves of her tits and ass.

Picturing her naked, I reach down and start stroking my fully aroused cock. I wonder how dark and thick her nipples really are and how aroused she'll get when I suck on them. I imagine myself between her dark brown legs lapping up her pussy juice as she achieves her first multiple orgasm. When I think about fucking her doggy style, slapping against her firm, black ass, I shoot my load across my stomach. I fall asleep dreaming of her licking it off and cleaning up my cock with her tongue.

A week later, near the end of my shift, I'm cashiering when I see Cyn enter the store and look around. She walks over and speaks to Jason, who's manning the customer service desk. He points to me at the cash register, she looks over and our eyes meet. I smile, give my customer his change and log off the register. Walking towards Cyn, I notice she's dressed more casually tonight in a light yellow sleeveless blouse and jeans. The top clings in all the right places, accentuating the fullness of her tits, and the jeans show off her shapely hips in ways that her business skirts couldn't. Her tits bounce lightly as she walks up to me.

"Starbucks?" she asks, raising her eyebrows questioningly, "the latte's are on me."

"Sure!" I say, maybe too enthusiastically. "I'll be done her in about ten minutes," I blurt out, checking my watch, "I'll meet you there." Without answering she turns and walks towards the door. I'm entranced by the seesawing action of her ass cheeks inside her tight fitting jeans. They've ridden up in the crack of her ass and the stretched material displays the perfectly round shape of each cheek as she walks. She doesn't have the back shelf kind of ass like some black women, hers is more of a round bubble and I'm dying to squeeze it.

"I owe you an apology," she says as she stirs her coffee, not looking at me. "I let my own frustrations make me angry and I took it out on you." She looks up at me with those provocative eyes. "I'm sorry."

"No!" I counter. "It's me who owes you an apology. I said some things that were really out of line. I was presumptuous and rude and ... and..." I've imagined this conversation all week and now, just being this close to her, I'm tongue-tied. "I'm just so glad you're here and I'm sorry about before."

She laughs, "okay, we're both sorry. Let's start over." She sips her tall Sumatra and I take a drink of my Caramel Machiatto.

Great! Now, remembering my active listening skills, I say sincerely, "You mentioned your frustrations. Do you want to talk about it?"

"You cut right to the chase, don't you?" she asks, smiling. God I love her smile. "The thing I said before, Mike, about you being young and inexperienced. I really meant that. I'm not comfortable discussing my sex life with you."

Don't argue, I tell myself. "I am young," I concede. Use questions. "What if I was more experienced than you think, would you feel differently then?"

"What do you mean?" She leans forward placing her arms on the table in front of her, clearly interested in my answer. Her arms create a cradle for her tits and I'm trying not to stare at the considerable amount of coffee colored cleavage bulging over the scoop neckline of her blouse.

"Well, what if I'm more knowledgeable and skillful in the art of lovemaking than you might expect for someone my age?" I ask, trying to keep her engaged in this discussion, while stealing glimpses of her sexy tits, jammed tightly against each other and overflowing from the top of her cinnamon colored bra. I lean forward to afford us more privacy and my face is only inches from hers. It takes all my willpower not to drop my eyes down to her exposed cleavage. Her scent is breathtaking and my cock is hardening, as I continue to explain. "During my first year at college I rented a room off campus. My landlady was an attractive 43 year-old woman who invited me to ... um, partake in some extra-curricular activities. Let's just say, she became my unofficial tutor and taught me some amazing things about how to satisfy a woman." I'm smiling, but it looks like I've done it again.

"Is that what this is about?" she clamors, pulling back from the table, her tits bouncing as she fumes. "You got the taste of an older woman who needed your attention to make her feel young and now you're out to offer your services to other despondent older women? Well, mister, this is one older woman who doesn't need your mercy fuck!" She's starting to stand up again.

"Mercy fuck?" I sputter, incredulously. "Is that what you think this is? Oh, Cyn, you couldn't be farther from the truth. You are the most ravishing woman I've ever met. You're smart, sexy, funny, and beautiful. I haven't stopped thinking about you. I dream about you. I fantasize about you. Mercy fuck? It would be you showing the mercy, if that's what this is." Oh shit! I think I just blew it again. When will I learn to keep my thoughts to myself?

Surprisingly, she slowly sits back down, staring at me. My admission of how I feel about her is hanging in the air between us.

"Ravishing? Who says ravishing anymore?" she laughs. More quietly, she says, "do you really fantasize about me, Mike?'

"I couldn't wait to see you again, Cyn. I was certain that I never would. You can't imagine how excited I am just sitting here talking with you and how scared I am that I'll blow it again and you'll never come back." I take her hand between my two hands and look her in the eyes. "Yes, I fantasize about you. I fantasize that I'm the one who finally makes you feel what you ought to be feeling." I look down at our hands. The contrast of her caramel colored hand between my two pale looking hands conjures up a vision of our bodies, black and white, entwined in the throes of passion. She pulls her hand back breaking the spell, sits back and looks at me.

"My husband," she begins slowly, "is a very religious man. He's not like one of those hypocritical televangelists that you hear about. His religion is all consuming. He was raised to resist temptation. All temptations. In ten years of marriage I've never seen him falter. He doesn't smoke. He doesn't drink or gamble and he especially resists temptations of the flesh. Even my flesh," she sighs. "He believes that God made sex for procreation not recreation." She pauses, sipping her coffee.

I don't say a word. Even though I don't believe for a minute that any guy, including her husband, is going to be satisfied getting laid twice in ten years of marriage. While Cyn is harboring her frustrations, I lay odds that her husband is ministering to his female congregations' most urgent needs, spiritual and otherwise. Quick learner that I am, I don't voice these thoughts.

We sit quietly for a few minutes, neither of us knowing how to move the conversation forward. I'm especially concerned that anything I say will scare her away. Finally, she leans forward conspiratorially and says, "you really slept with your landlady your first year in college?"

"Yeah, I learned a lot, too," I laugh. I don't tell her how much I'd love to show her what I learned. "You know, at orientation they told us that our education doesn't stop when we walk out of class each day. Boy were they right!" Her deep laughter shakes her whole body and she catches me staring at her tits as they bounce up and down.

"I really should be going." She abruptly stands up, somewhat flustered. "It really is nice talking with you Mike. I'm glad we didn't leave things the way they were."

"I'll walk you to your car," I say, standing with her.

She drives a late model Toyota Camry and as she presses the remote, I ask, "so Cyn, can we have coffee again sometime? Please." I open the door for her and as she moves between the open door and the car she leans forward and kisses me quickly on my lips then slides into her seat.

"I'd like that, Mike," she says, looking up at me as I lean on her car door. "Just don't get your hopes up. I enjoy talking with you but I'm not ready to play out your fantasy. I'm a happily married woman." As she closes her door, we both know that happy is a relative term and her confession about her sexual frustration lingers long after she drives off.

My cock is still hard and I'm not looking forward to another night of jacking off in bed. I call Amber's cell phone.

"Hello," she answers on the second ring.

"Hey," I say, "you still at work?"

"Just leaving," she says. "You?" "I'm wondering what you're doing and if you want to come over for awhile. You know, finish what we started in the stockroom last week," I tell her, hoping she'll help me relieve the tension that's keeping my cock hard.

"I can't. I wish I could, but I have to pack for my trip," she says and I remember she's visiting colleges with her parents for the next few days. After a pause, she asks, "where are you?"

"Just down the street. I went for coffee," I answer.

"Why don't you come by here for a minute," she asks teasingly. "I bet we could do something quickly before I have to go home."

"I'll be right there." We talk for a few more minutes and I'm just hanging up as I turn into the bookstore parking lot.

She's parked in the back in a relatively secluded spot and I pull in next to her. She looks very hot in a light green button up blouse and a tan pleated skirt. As I'm getting out of my car she wraps her arms around my neck and starts kissing me on the lips and pushing her tongue in my mouth. I run my hands up and down her back and squeeze her firm young ass cheeks while she grinds her pussy against my hard cock. I break off the kiss and unbutton her blouse.

"I want to see your tits," I say, unhooking the front fastener of her bra, freeing her firm white mounds. She shakes them back and forth playfully before I lean down and suck one nipple in my mouth and roll the other one between my finger and thumb.

"Mmmm, I'm glad you came by, Mike," she says, running her fingers through my hair. Keeping my mouth and my hand on her teen sized tits, I slide my other hand up the inside of her thigh, under her skirt. I feel moisture on the front of her thong and push the material between her pussy lips, stroking my finger up and down. Amber spreads her legs and pushes back against my finger. I slip two fingers in the side of her thong and they glide easily up inside her eager, young pussy. I finger fuck her and suck on her tits, while she leans against my car moaning softly.

"Wait," she says, pushing back from me just as car lights head toward us then turn away into the adjacent shopping center. Her blouse is open, her bra is dangling at her sides, her pink nipples are hard and her face is flush. She smiles at me as she reaches up under her skirt, bends over and strips off her thong. She holds it up to my nose and I take a deep breath.

"You can taste me next time, "she says, pulling her thong away and kissing me. "Right now, I want you to fuck me." She puts her thong in my shirt pocket, turns around, spreads her legs and bends over my trunk. I lift the back of her skirt exposing her perfect, white ass cheeks and her shiny, wet pussy lips. I drop my pants, freeing my raging hard cock and slide it into her in one smooth stroke.

"Oh Fuck! That feels so good! Fuck me, Mike! Fuck me hard!" she says, as she stretches her arms out across my trunk, pressing her bare tits against the cold metal of my car, and humps her ass back to meet my strokes. I slam into her, pushing her against the car and slapping my body against her white ass. I close my eyes and it's Cyn I'm fucking, watching my white cock disappear between her thick black pussy lips. She's on all fours on my bed with her ass pushed back to the edge while I stand next to the bed hammering my cock into her pussy. Her chocolate colored tits with their thick black nipples hang down, shaking back and forth with each thrust of my cock.

I feel like I'm going to explode, but I hold back, trying a trick I learned from my landlady. She called it the "Rule of Ten". I pull the head of my cock almost all the way out of Cyn's pussy and hold her dark brown hips with my hands so she can't push back against me. I stand there with my cock just barely in her pussy while I count to nine and then slam it deeply into her and hold it there. I pull back again leaving just the head between her thick, wet lips while I count to eight this time before slamming into her twice in quick succession. I continue the sequence counting to seven and pounding three times, then counting to six before taking four hard strokes, etc. The counting keeps me focused on something else, while the teasing drives her crazy. When I get down to holding my cock out against her lips for the count of two and slamming into her eight times, her pussy is drenched and she's pushing hard against my hands, trying to get my cock deeper into her burning pussy. Finally, with the last count of one, I just keep pounding her sopping wet pussy with my very hard cock.

"Yes! Keep fucking me hard like that! Ohhh Fuck! I'm cumming!" Amber's voice breaks the spell and once again I'm in the bookstore parking lot slamming my cock into the white assed, sexy teenager sprawled across my car. She thrusts back against my cock and I feel her pussy muscles tighten as she rides her first wave of orgasm. I push my cock deep insider of her as I tense my legs, rise up on the balls of my feet and shoot load after load of cum into her tight, young pussy.

I leave my spent cock inside her pulsating pussy while we both catch our breath. Finally, I pull out and Amber stands up, turns around and kisses me passionately on the lips.

"Wow! That was intense!" she says while fastening her bra and buttoning up her blouse. "Someday you'll have to tell me who to thank for the great fuck!" she laughs.

"What are you talking about?" I ask, buckling my belt.

"Look, Mike. I'm young, but not stupid," she says, kissing me on the lips. "The last couple of times we've been together, you've been distracted but your fucking was incredible. Your mind is obviously on someone else while you're fucking me."

"Amber, I..." I start to talk, but she puts her fingers to my lips.

"Mike. It's fine. We're not exclusive and I don't mind being a receptacle for your fantasy, especially when I get fucked like this. I'm using you as much as you're using me. Too bad, she doesn't know what she's missing. If you need a letter of recommendation or anything..." she says laughing.

"Amber, you're the best!" I say kissing her and squeezing her ass cheeks, still bare under her skirt.

"Apparently not, but it's okay," she says, pulling her thong out of my pocket and getting in her car without putting it on. "Thanks, Mike. See you next week." A few days later I'm called to the phone at work.

"This is Mike, may I help you?" I say into the phone.

"Yes. This is Cynthia Emry and I'm calling to inquire about the book I ordered." Cyn's voice sounds so formal.

"You're calling from home and can't talk, right?" I answer.

"That's correct."

"Let me guess," I say, "you want to meet after work?" I'm so excited she called that I can barely contain myself.

"Yes, that's why I'm calling," she responds stiffly.

"Starbucks? Buy your own lattes about 9:15?"

"That will be fine. I'll pick it up in a little bit."

"Just so I have the title correct, that's the fantasy book you're looking for this time not the how to book, correct?"

"Yes, that's correct," she sounds like she's stifling a laugh.

"I have it right here. It's titled, Tickling her Fancy Without Batteries." I'm almost laughing now.

"That sounds wonderful. Thank you."

"No. Thank you!" Half an hour later I'm sitting in Starbucks waiting for her, having already ordered for both of us. When she walks in, heads turn; she's that beautiful. She's wearing another sleeveless blouse, beige this time with a scoop neckline, a brown corduroy jacket and her ass hugging jeans.

"What?" she asks as I continue to stare at her after she sits down.

"Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?" I ask. "Every person in the place stopped what they were doing when you walked in here." Her face darkens into a blush. The first one I've seen on her.

"Thank you," she says. "That's a nice way to start."

"I'm glad you called," I tell her. "I didn't know if I'd ever see you again."

"I didn't know if you would either," she sighs. "This isn't easy for me."

I wait for her to speak again. She's nervous and appears to be working up to saying something. I sip my latte and wait.

"Mike, you want to help me solve my problems, don't you?" she asks, tentatively.

"Absolutely. At least I'd like to try," I answer honestly.

"I bet you would," she laughs. "What I'm struggling with is, why you? With all the opportunities I've had for something like this, why should it be you?"

"First, because I know why you're doing it," I answer. "Those other guys want to live out their own fantasies; I want to help you achieve yours. Second, with me, you're in control. I don't know your phone number or where you live or if Cynthia Emry is even your real name. You decide when or if we meet and you decide if you want to stop. And finally, we have no connection. I'm not going to cause trouble for you at work. I bet you can't say that about anyone else. This is all about you, Cyn."

"Wow! You're really good!" she says, surprised. "Have you ever considered commissioned sales? I'm recruiting for a few positions."

"I've been thinking about various positions since I met you, but I can honestly say that none of them have to do with sales," I tell her, smiling.

"I'm sure," she says smiling back. "Tell me about your fantasy, Mike."

"Which fantasy is that?" I ask teasingly.

"Your Halle Berry fantasy!" she laughs. "Which fantasy do you think I mean? How many fantasies are you harboring, anyway?" she asks.

"Wow, my fantasy, huh? You sure you want to hear it?" I reach to take her hand, but hesitate. I don't want to scare her. But I needn't have worried because she reaches across to meet mine. We hold hands for a minute before she sits back studying me again.

"Yes, I think I'd really like to hear how you fantasize about me," she says earnestly.

"Okay, it starts slowly with just talking and holding hands," I tell her. "I want us to do this right. It's all about foreplay. Sex isn't just physical, it's mental too."

"Thank you. Dr. Kinsey," she laughs.

"Okay, just the fantasy, not the sex lesson," I say, laughing with her. "After talking and kissing for a while, I'll start the gradual process of undressing you." I look her over, again imagining what she'll look like naked. "It'll be fun," I almost whisper. "I'll undress you very slowly, studying every inch of your body as it's progressively revealed to me."

"You look like you just undressed me in your mind, how did I look?" she smiles.

"Like a goddess. I answer. And that's how I'll treat you. I want to worship at the alter of Cynthia."

"It's Cyn. Please, Mike, don't ever call me Cynthia," she says, clearly upset. "My husband calls me Cynthia. He's the only one who does, so ... just don't, okay?"

"Sure, sorry." This woman has more hot buttons than a microwave oven. "Anyway, you'll be completely naked and I'll stay clothed while I slowly explore your entire body. Never having seen you, or..." I'm searching for the right phrase that won't offend her, "any woman of color naked, it'll be a completely new experience for me."

"Woman of color? Oh that's precious!" she laughs again. "Please don't be politically correct, with me, Mike. I'm black, just plain black."

"Okay," I say, but there is nothing plain about her. "I've never been with a black woman before and I'm sure I'll be enchanted by your beauty. Now, can I finish my fantasy?" I laugh with her.

"Okay, I won't interrupt you again. Where were you, oh yes, I'm naked and you're enchanted, right," she's smiling, but obviously enjoying herself.

"Next a foot massage and maybe a hand massage, to relax you. Have you ever had a hand or foot massage while lying naked on a bed?" I lean forward waiting for her reply.

"No," she whispers, "but it sounds nice."

"Oh, it is. Trust me. Imagine yourself naked; lying on your stomach, completely vulnerable and the only parts of you I'll touch are your hands and your feet. It can be quite erotic." I pause and sip my drink. "When you are sufficiently relaxed I'll massage your back, your ass and your legs. I have to tell you that based on what I've seen with your clothes on, your ass is going to distract me for a long time. I can't wait to touch it, kiss it, run my hands over it and massage it for you. When I've thoroughly explored your backside, I'll turn you over and do the same on your front."

"Mmmm," she says, leaning closer to me. Her blouse gaping open, revealing her sizable dark breasts packed into a lacy beige bra. "Please continue."

"Well I've never seen a black woman's breasts other than in the movies, although I admit that seeing Halle Berry naked in that movie "Monster's Ball" was very erotic," I tease.

"Will you forget about Halle Berry for a minute? Breasts are breasts, black or white, okay? Don't expect chocolate milk or anything," she laughs.

"Fine, ruin my fantasy," I say, "no chocolate milk? Then, let's forget the whole thing!" We're both laughing and I watch her bountiful tits bouncing around as I continue. "Still, never having seen your breasts, Cyn, I expect to be quite enamored with them and spend a lot of time exploring them." I look right at her tits as I continue, speaking softly and slowly. "I want to fondle, suckle, nibble and just lose myself in them until they are so aroused and so sensitive that you beg me to move on to the rest of your body." She's leaning forward with her elbow on the table, her hand under her chin, clearly getting into my fantasy as evidenced by the protrusion of her nipples, pushing out the material of her blouse. Thick round knobs, larger than I had imagined, are jutting out, embossing themselves on the front of her top. I pull my eyes up to meet hers as she takes a drink.

"I'll gradually kiss my way down your body, already hypersensitive from the past few hours of massaging and fondling, and is now openly inviting my tongue to explore the absolute top item on my list of places to visit before I die," I say with a completely straight face.

Sputtering and spitting coffee, she's laughing so hard her body shakes. Her tits are bouncing like crazy and my cock is bulging in my pants, as I watch her hard nipples jiggling up and down inside her blouse.

"This is number one on your list of places to visit before you die?" she asks glancing at her lap. "That's priceless! Do I even want to know what number two is?" She's wiping her eyes.

"Halle Berry's, where else?" I say.

She hits me playfully. "You sure know how to break a mood, don't you? Come on, Mike, I really want to hear the rest of your fantasy."

"Well the rest of my fantasy is that my tongue thoroughly enjoys it's visit, for as long as it takes to work it's magic." I lean closer and lower my voice even more. "I absolutely love going down on a woman, Cyn, exploring every fold and crevice with my tongue, memorizing where to lick based on her responsiveness and I'm tireless at it. I once ate a girlfriend, off and on, for over four hours. I love the taste and I can never get enough." She's just staring in my eyes, like she's trying to read my mind.

"Wow," she says, almost dreamily, "then, what after that?"

"After you've erupted in an explosive orgasm? Is that the after that you're referring to?" I smile.

"Yeah, I like the sound of that. After the explosive orgasm," she whispers.

"Then nothing. My fantasy stops," I tell her. "It stops because then it's no longer a fantasy. It either becomes a dream or a nightmare, Cyn, and I can't predict which it'll be." I take her hand in mine, move my face inches from hers, and look deeply into her brown eyes. "In the dream version, we make mad passionate love for the rest of the afternoon, until we're both fulfilled to the point of exhaustion. We live happily ever after, meeting as often as we like to satisfy our bodies' lustful demands." I pause.

"And the nightmare version?' she asks, huskily.

"In the nightmare version," I say, more cautiously. "Once the orgasm subsides, your stockpile of conflicting feelings from the past ten years comes crashing down on you in the worse form of guilt imaginable and you leave in tears, regretting having ever met me." We just stare silently at each other.

"Damn!" she finally says, breaking eye contact and pulling her hand from mine. "You are either the most insightfully sensitive man I've ever met or the most manipulative bastard on the planet."

"No in between, huh?" I ask, smiling, "like maybe I just want to bed a sexy black woman but not if it ruins her life."

"An older, black woman," she corrects me, smiling. "I guess I've got a lot to think about, don't I?" she asks, sitting up straight, her bullet like nipples pointing at me from the tips of her full, round tits, drawing my eyes away from her face, as she continues talking. "I guess my choices are to walk away from this and leave you to explore Miss Berry's body or to cut her off at the pass and show you what a real woman is like." She's making light of it, but I think it's to keep from facing her choice just yet.

"Cyn," I again reach for her hand. "It's whatever you decide, you're in control. I want to live out this fantasy so much I can taste it, so to speak." She smiles. "But not if it makes you crash and burn, understand?" I give her my cell number. "Call me anytime, night or day. We can meet or just talk or..." She puts her fingers to my lips.

"Shhh. Thanks, Mike. I think I'd better go." I stand up to walk her to her car.

Standing by her car, I pull her to me and press my lips against hers. Her hard nipples crushing against my chest arouses my cock and she responds, putting her arms around my neck and pushing her tongue in my mouth. We kiss hungrily for several minutes, before she breaks the kiss.

"Whew," she pants, "I better go."

"You might want to pull your jacket around you when you go into your house," I tell her nodding towards the bumps on her chest.

"Shit! When did that happen?" she asks as she looks down.

""Oh, about 30 minutes ago," I answer, smiling.

"Enjoyed that, didn't you?" She brushes her lips lightly against mine and whispers, "That's nothing, Mike. I better change my wet panties, too." Before I can respond, she gets in her car and drives away.

The next few days drag by with no call from Cyn.

Tuesday morning, as I'm on my way to class, my cell phone rings. It's a blocked number, but I answer it anyway.

"Mike? It's Cyn." My cock stirs before I can even answer her.

"Hi," I finally say, "it's great to hear from you." It's 8:45 in the morning and I'm already walking toward my nine o'clock chemistry class.

"What are you doing today?" she asks, somewhat seductively.

"Whatever you want," I answer, ready to blow off my classes in an instant.

"I want your fantasy, Mike," she says, quietly. "You made me so wet telling me about it, I'm sure it's what I need. Can we meet somewhere?" Holy shit! My cock is pushing out my pants as I turn back towards my car.

"Absolutely! Do you want to come to my apartment or meet somewhere else?" I ask her. My roommate has classes all day and I'm trying to remember how our apartment looks.

"Your apartment is great. Are you sure it's okay?" She sounds excited.

"Yeah. My roommate has classes all day, so he won't be back until dinnertime. What time?" I am so excited I can hardly talk. I'm almost running to my car.

"Well, I was thinking of right away, unless you need more time," she says.

"No, right away is great!" I throw my books in the backseat and start up my car. I give her my address and speed home to straighten things up.

Half an hour later, I just finish putting dishes in the dishwasher and selecting a light jazz playlist on my IPOD, when she's knocking on my door. I open it, wearing jeans, a pull over shirt and no shoes.

"You're beautiful!" I say taking her into my arms. She's wearing a pastel green blouse tucked into tight jeans and high-heeled boots. We're kissing passionately before I can even get the door closed. It's obvious that the anticipation level is high for both of us. I decide to slow things down.

"Can I get you something to drink? A coke, coffee or something stronger?" I walk her toward the couch and we sit down. She takes her boots off and tucks her feet under her legs.

"No, thanks I'm fine. What do you mean something stronger? You're not old enough to drink," she teases, kissing me again.

We sit there, kissing on the couch. I'm determined to take this slowly and keep my hands on her back, resisting the urge to touch her breasts or squeeze her ass. She's more aggressive and has one hand cupped around my ass cheek while her other hand is on my neck. Our tongues are entwined and our bodies are pushed against each other.

"Slow down," I whisper, pulling my lips back from hers. "How long can you stay?" I ask her.

"All day," she breathes and starts kissing me even more urgently than before. This woman is hot. I'm wondering how I'm going to slow this down again, when I feel her hand move around my leg and rub up and down the length of my cock. Fuck! I've got to get control here and ... Fuck! She's undoing my belt.

I gently grab her wrists and pull them up in front of her, breaking off the kiss. "Cyn, we have all day," I whisper. "There's no need to rush."

"Oh yeah?" she responds. "Maybe your need isn't in a rush, but mine is. Mike, once I decided I could handle this, it's all I've thought about." She twists her wrist out of my grasp and takes my hand, moving it down between her legs. "You can probably feel the heat coming through my jeans. I've been soaking wet just thinking about this."

"Okay," I say. "We don't have to slow to a crawl, but let's make it memorable. Come on." I stand up, pulling her up with me. "We'll go to my bedroom." Once there, I sit on the edge of my bed, and pull her over to stand between my legs. My face is even with her breasts as I unbutton her blouse. She starts helping me, trying to speed things up but I push her hands away.

"Please," I plead. "Let me undress you," I say, looking in her lustful eyes. "I really want to undress you, Cyn," I whisper and continue undoing her buttons.

Her jeans are so tight I have to unsnap them to pull her blouse out. I push it off her shoulders and she lets it fall to the floor. Her black lace bra can barely contain her full tits, and her hard nipples are pushing against the sheer fabric. I take one in each hand, lifting them as I rub my thumbs across her nipples through the thin material. She lets out a low moan as I plant kisses all over her stomach and continue to rub and pinch her nipples through her bra. Reaching behind her, I find the fastener and release her tits from their lacy bindings. Tossing her bra aside I gaze at the sumptuous feast in front of me. It's so much better than even my vivid imagination could conjure.

Her tits are firm for their size, with two-inch areolas that are so dark they are almost black. Her protruding nipples are over half an inch long and as thick as my pinkie. I wrap my lips around her left nipple, sucking and licking the little black nub while I squeeze her right breast with my hand. She puts one hand on my shoulder, while running her other hand through my hair, holding my head to her breast. I suckle at her breasts for a long time, alternating left and right and even burying my face between them. Her nipples are very responsive growing rock hard from my prolonged fondling.

I'm still nibbling on her nipple when I unzip her jeans and start pulling them down. She wiggles and sucks in her breath to help me get them past her hips. I take my mouth off her tit to pull her jeans down to her ankles and she lifts her feet out of them, pushing them away. Her black bikini panties are soaking wet and I push my nose against her crotch, breathing in her scent. She moves her legs apart as I cup her mound through her panties, lightly rubbing my thumb in circles over the thin material.

"Mmmm.," she says, dreamily, pushing her pussy against my hand. "That's nice."

I slip my hands inside the waistband of her panties and pull them down, revealing her thick, black patch of hair. As her panties glide to the floor, I cup her ass cheeks and rub my face back and forth against her mound, reveling in the velvety texture of her thick dark bush. I've never felt anything like it. I pull my face back and look up past her large brown tits to her beautiful eyes and ask her if she's ready for her hand and foot massage now.

"You're not still on that massage my hands to relax me fantasy, are you?" she says smiling. "I know this is your fantasy, Mike but can we fast forward a little? I need to move a little faster than that. Doesn't all this wetness mean anything to you?" she laughs.

"Okay," I say, chuckling. "We'll skip the hands and feet, this time, but I really want to massage your ass. Will you lay on your stomach for me?"

"Not until you're undressed!" she says. "This isn't fair. You're starring all goo-goo eyed at my naked treasures and I don't get to see you at all." She starts tugging my shirt up over my head and I don't stop her. When she pulls my pants and boxers down, my fully erect cock springs out, hitting her arm. She wraps her hand around it and starts gently stroking. The sight of her cinnamon colored hand wrapped around my pale white cock is extremely arousing and my cock twitches between her fingers.

"That's what I'm talking about," she says, bending her head down toward my hard cock and licking the precum from the tip.

"Not just yet," I say, stopping her just before she's about to devour my cock. I can't believe I'm foregoing a blowjob but I really want this to be about her. "You first," I tell her, "on the bed."

"Oh, Mike. I thought you said I'm in control," she lightly protests, while lying down on her stomach. I catch my breath at my first sight of her magnificent ass. Two perfectly round, dark bubbles squished together forming a black crevice that leads directly to the lush black hair encircling her puffy pussy lips. She spreads her legs a little wider as I start kneading her firm, fleshy cheeks. I study her skin as I plant kisses on her ass. Her chocolate brown coloring gradually darkens becoming almost black between her cheeks and around her pussy. I have my palms flat on her glorious cheeks, while I run my thumbs up and down between them, teasing her asshole and she lets out a low moan.

Sliding my thumbs down beside her pussy lips, I massage all around them without touching her pussy. Cyn is pushing her ass up and wiggling around trying to put my hands in contact with her burning, wet pussy. I finally oblige her and rub my thumbs up and down her moist slit, pulling her open and massaging the pink inner sides of her lips. I am captivated by the contrast between the black outside and the pink insides of her pussy lips as I slide two fingers up inside her anxiously awaiting pussy.

"Mmmmm," she moans loudly, pushing her ass up against my hand.

I finger fuck her excruciatingly slowly, while continuing to massage her ass cheeks with my other hand. She's humping her ass up off the bed, pushing my fingers deeper into her hot, slick pussy. I lean over and start kissing and biting her dark brown ass cheeks while continuing to slow pump my fingers in and out of her pussy. She's humping more frantically now as I start licking around her ass hole, and push my tongue just inside it, reaming around the edges of her tight back door.

"Oh yeah! Oh Mike! That feels ... ummm so good," she says, while continuing to writhe around on the bed. I keep licking her ass and finger fucking her pussy until she's moving around so much I can't keep my tongue in her asshole. I pull my fingers out and slide my body up on top of her, positioning my cock between her ass cheeks. I kiss her neck and move my mouth close to her ear.

"I want to taste you," I whisper, licking my fingers. "I want to turn you over and lick up all that thick juice you've been making." I'm sliding my cock up and down the crack of her ass and kissing her neck. "I'm going to lick your pussy and suck your clit until you beg me to stop." I pause. "Then I'm going to do it some more."

I slide off of her and let her turn over. Kneeling between her legs I am spellbound by the sight of her naked flesh. Her large smooth tits lying high on her chest are tipped by hard black nipples bulleting straight out from her large areolas. Her flat brown stomach becomes almost black around her naval and then gradually turns brown again before disappearing behind her thick pillow of black hair. The triangular patch acts as an arrow pointing me to her shiny, black pussy lips.

Bending forward, I breathe in her scent again; it's much stronger now since she's been creaming for the past half hour. Her pussy lips are glistening with her thick juices and begging to be licked, but I ignore them. I tease her first by licking her inner thighs, then all around her pussy without touching her lips. She's squirming on the bed trying to push her lips against my tongue. Slipping my arms behind her knees, I raise her legs off the bed and lower my face to her flaming, wet slit. Flattening my tongue to its full width, I take one long, slow stroke from her ass all the way to her clit.

"Oh god! Yes!" she yells. "Eat me, Mike. Please! Eat my pussy!" I push my tongue just between her steamy, dripping lips and begin lapping at her juices, built up inside her. Her taste is arousing and my cock is rock hard as I tongue fuck her and eat her delectable cream. She's pushing her ass off the bed and spreading her legs wider, trying to suck my tongue deeper inside her sweet black pussy. While sliding my tongue in and out of her delicious cavern, I watch her aroused pink clit peek out from under its fleshy black hood. This is what I like about fucking in the daylight; you can see everything. I slide my tongue up to her clit and lick gently around it several times before sucking it into my mouth.

"Oh yeah! That's what I need!" she breathes as I slip two fingers deep inside her fiery, juice-filled hole and continue to suck her thick, pink clit. She's thrusting her hips up, pulling my fingers deeper into her while grinding her clit against my tongue. I suck her clit completely inside my mouth and flick my tongue across the tip of it as I continue to finger fuck her pussy.

"I'm cumming!" Cyn yells, "Just keep doing that! Oh yeah! Keep doing everything just like that!" She clenches her pussy around my fingers, jerking wildly, her whole body shaking. Her head and shoulders come up off the bed as her orgasm overtakes her and she gushes creamy juice all over my fingers and down her ass cheeks. I shift my mouth from her still protruding clit and start hungrily lapping up her delicious flow of syrup. I watch her chest heave and her tits swell as she gulps air into her lungs. I keep lapping up more and more of her thick, tasty cream and it just keeps flowing. I'm trying to lick her clean but she continues to ooze syrupy nectar while she catches her breath.

"You have an amazing tongue, Mike," she pants. "I've needed that release for so long!" She tugs at my head trying to get me to move up her body but I just stay where I am licking her juices from around her lips and between her ass cheeks. Her taste and aroma intoxicate me and I never want to stop eating her.

"I'm not done down here," I say, looking up at her while running my tongue between her thick black pussy lips. "That wasn't explosive enough yet. I'm sure I can do better with a little practice." I'm smiling at her. "I was just so overwhelmed with the experience of being here with you that I couldn't concentrate."

"You're kidding, right!" she says. "What happens when you concentrate?"

"You'll see," I answer, returning my face to her crotch and sucking her pussy lips into my mouth. Turning my head sideways, I alternate nibbling on each of her lips. Sucking it into my mouth and gently holding it between my teeth, I lightly run my tongue up and down the entire length of her pussy lip.

"Holy shit! What are you doing?" she moans, squirming her ass around on the bed. "What is that? You learn this stuff from that landlady of yours?" I don't answer. I just push my tongue deep inside her pussy and insert one finger in beside it. I twist my finger all around getting it sopping wet then slowly slide it out and smear a path up and down between her pussy and her asshole. I continue tongue fucking her and dipping my finger in for more lubricating juice as she moans and writhes in response. I skim my wet finger in a circular motion around her asshole before going back for more of her thick lubricating cream.

When she's almost whimpering, from my machinations, I move my mouth to her clit and slip the tip of my finger in her ass. I'm sucking her clit, while pushing my finger a little farther into her asshole, and pinching and massaging her pussy lips between the thumb and index finger of my other hand. The simultaneous sensations are overwhelming and she starts bucking feverishly against my mouth and hands.

"Oh God! I can't even tell what you're doing! It's just incredible! It's ... It's everything at once! Oh fuck! I'm going to cum again!" I'm leaning my weight on her and trying to keep her from bucking my mouth off her clit as she starts feeling the first wave of her orgasm. I keep sucking her clit, pinching her pussy lips and massaging the inside of her asshole as she thrashes around on the bed. When she spreads her legs even wider trying to reach that next plateau, I bury my index finger all the way inside her ass and gently bite her clit. She literally explodes, gushing hot frothy cream over my hands while her body convulses, shaking my lips loose from her clit. I return my tongue to her pussy, hungrily lapping up the thick gooey sauce flowing freely from her lips. Her taste and aroma are overwhelmingly strong and I'm almost lightheaded by the time the last trickle oozes out and I remove my face from her matted bush.

I stop briefly to suckle her rigid, black nipples as I lick and kiss my way up her body, now glistening from the exertion of her two orgasms. Pressing my lips to hers, she eagerly sucks my pussy soaked tongue into her mouth, kissing me with unbounded lust. My throbbing cock is paused at the threshold of her sensual furnace, rubbing against the doorway, begging for admittance. She raises her knees off the bed, spreads her legs wide apart and sucks the entire length of my rod deep into her hot, slick love canal. Tighter than I expected, undoubtedly from years of neglect, her steaming pussy envelops my cock like a glove and her inner muscles massage the sides as I glide in and out of her well lubricated hole, using long slow strokes. I can't believe this is really happening! This time I'm not going to open my eyes and suddenly be fucking Amber, having imagined all this.

We're still kissing passionately, our tongues lustfully entwined as we pick up rhythm and speed and I move feverishly toward my long awaited release. I really want us to cum together and I try desperately to hold back my own climax awaiting a signal from her that she's ready to join me. I reach between us and pinch her thick nipples, stretching them out from her chest as I start pounding into her faster and harder. She's thrusting up against me jamming her pleasure button hard against my pelvic bone.

"Oh my god! Mike! I can't ... believe ... it's building ... up again!" She's speaking in gasps, sucking air into her lungs between words. "This has ... never ... happened ... before! It's like ... Oh fuck! Yes! Fuck Me! Harder, Mike! Harder!" She's panting and twisting her head from side to side as she bucks her ass off the bed slamming her burning pussy up around my hard cock. I'm so fucking close, trying to hold back, waiting for that one rapturous moment when our physical frenzy transcends mere pleasure and becomes an all-encompassing ecstasy. I don't know if I can make it.

"I'm cumming!" Cyn finally yells. "Oh! Oh! Oh! Ohhhh! Fuck!" She clenches her pussy muscles around my cock, raises her shoulders off the bed and digs her nails into my back. That's all it takes for me, I let go and my body jerks violently shooting multiple streams of cum deep inside her hot, quivering pussy. Our bodies, tense and shuddering, lock themselves in a vice-like grip and vibrate together toward our mutual crescendo.

We collapse on the bed, her trembling body shivering beneath me, her breasts swelling and pushing her hard nipples into my chest as we both gulp air deep into our lungs. We just lay there for several minutes trying to breathe. As we start to come down from our exhilarating peak, we hold each other tight and start kissing again. Cyn is the first one to speak.

"I'm going to put that landlady of yours on my Christmas list!" she says, laughing, running her hands up and down my back.

"Explosive?" I ask leaning my head up so I can see her face. Her hair is damp and matted to her forehead, her sweat soaked body glows in the aftermath of three intense orgasms.

"Uh huh," she nods. "Like dynamite," she smiles dreamily. "That was really your first taste of a black woman? How did you like it?"

"Um ... It was like candy," I say, "a thin chocolate coating over a deliciously thick cream filled center." She laughs and I add, "but I liked it best when we finally added the nuts."

"You're crazy, you know that?" she says, brushing her lips against mine.

"And you are ravishing!" I say. "I don't care whether you like the word or not. You are ravishing!"

"I don't feel very ravishing right now," she says. "I feel sweaty and depleted and ... wonderful! Thank you, Mike. God, I thought I'd never find you. I've been looking for so long."

"What do you mean, looking for me?" I ask.

"Well, someone like you. You don't really think I came into that bookstore to buy a book do you?" She flexes her pussy muscles, moving her hot juice around my spent cock. "Do I feel like someone who has trouble with orgasms?" she asks. "We've been all over town to bookstores, video stores ... don't get me started on the sleazy guys in video stores."

"We?" I ask, "Who's we?" I'm about as confused as I've ever been. I lean up and stare into her eyes.

"Calm down," she says, pulling me back against her. "I'll tell you the whole story." She leans back staring at the ceiling and begins speaking in a low voice. "Most of what I've told you is true. My husband is a minister and he does neglect my needs but not for the reasons I gave. He belongs to a men's fellowship group that worships every Thursday night. Except one of my friends found out that what they're worshiping is white pussy. We live in a mixed neighborhood with a fully integrated congregation. There is no shortage of women in our church who are aching to experience a black man reaming their snowy white pussies, all the better if the black man is the pastor of their church!" she says angrily.

"There are three of us black wives who got together to decide what to do about it. We call ourselves the neglected black housewives. At first we were going to confront our husbands. Then we asked ourselves why couldn't we just play their game, and we went looking for white men to satisfy our needs. We didn't want to go to bars or clubs so we began frequenting bookstores, video stores and coffee shops."

"So getting angry and leaving, that was all an act?" I ask incredulously.

"I was just testing you, Mike," she says, reassuringly. "There is no shortage of white men looking for black pussy and I didn't just want an affair. I wanted ... well, I wanted what you just gave me." She's again kissing me and running her fingers through my hair.

"Testing me?" I'm nearly speechless, thinking back over our conversations and seeing them all in a different light. "I must have passed huh?"

"Well, on the oral exam ... A+. On the fill in the blanks, um ... very full." She laughs and then says, "I was also teasing you. Aren't you the one who said that sex is not just physical; it's mental? What would have happened if I had come on to you the first time we met? Would we have had the amazing sex we just had? Wasn't your anxiety part of the foreplay?" She's smiling, but I realize she's right.

"Wow!" Is all I can say.

"At first, I really thought you were too young but you were very persuasive and when you told me your fantasy, well ... here we are. Wait until I tell the girls about you!" she says enthusiastically. "You're going to love them."

"I'm going to meet these ... what are they? Neglected black housewives?" I'm looking at her with disbelief.

"Oh Mike, they're looking for their own white men but you, Honey. You're too good not to share. What you did to me is indescribable; they'll have to experience it to believe it. I wouldn't believe it myself if I wasn't right here. Three big orgasms! It wouldn't be right for me to keep you to myself."

"I don't have a say in this?" I laugh, but thinking about the implications of what she's saying is stirring familiar feelings in my groin. I'm still lying on top of her with my cock resting inside her saturated pussy.

"Sure, but once you meet them, the only problem will be saving enough of you for myself," she says as she starts rocking her hips and squeezing her pussy around my recovering cock.

"Michelle, we call her Shelly, is 40, older than me but not as old as your landlady tutor," she smiles. "She's a little shorter than I am with slightly darker skin and a firm well-proportioned body. From the stories she tells, I think she has a few tricks that'll add considerably to your education," she laughs again and starts to rock a little bit more.

Barbara is 29 and looks like Halle Berry," she says with a twinkle in her eye. "Really! People tell her that all the time. She's light skinned with a figure that we all envy." I can't imagine Cyn envying anyone's figure and I tell her so.

"Nice of you to say but you haven't met Barbara," she smiles. "You tried to be subtle whenever you were checking out my tits at Starbucks," she says knowingly, "with Barbara's I'm pretty sure you'll just gawk; every man does." She's undulating her hips against my fully recovered cock. "So what do you say? Are you up for it?"

"I will be if you keep doing that," I answer, picking up the rhythm of her hips and sliding my cock in and out of her sopping, wet pussy. "Yeah, What the hell. When do I meet these ladies?"

"Thursday night of course," she laughs, rolling us over and putting herself on top of me. She sits up straight and, without moving around, starts massaging my cock with her pussy. I've never been with a woman who could control her pussy muscles like this. It's incredible and I'm just about to tell her when she starts a rolling motion with her hips.

"You think you're the only one with tricks?" she asks. "You like this?" She reaches for my hands and puts them on her tits. Her hair is still matted to her head and little droplets of sweat run down between her beautiful brown breasts. I rub my palms in a circular motion around her hard nipples and squeeze her bountiful tits. She's rolling her hips forward, sliding my hard cock in and out of her pussy while clenching and unclenching her pussy muscles around me. It's the most incredible sensation I've ever felt.

"You are amazing!" I tell her, pinching her thick, black nipples and kneading her large brown tits. I feel her juices running down my ass as she continues rolling her hips in a rippling motion over my cock and milking it with her pussy muscles. I'm picking up her rhythm and pushing my cock up deeper into her enflamed pussy.

Leaning forward and dangling her tits over my face, she whispers in my ear, "and you haven't even seen what I can do with my mouth, yet." I grab one of her nipples between my teeth and suck it hard before she pulls back. "They're pretty sensitive right now, Mike," she says, picking up her speed, riding me harder and faster. I'm bucking wildly on the bed, thrusting my cock up into her while she bounces up and down, rolling her clit against me and holding her tits with her hands to keep them from slapping against her chest. I slide my hand between her legs and help her along by massaging her clit with my thumb. She rides me into a deeply intense orgasm that has her moaning and screaming my name.

"Mike! Oh Fuck! Mike!" she yells, riding out wave after wave of pleasure until she collapses on my chest just as I shoot my load inside her quivering pussy. I love the feel of her hard nipples pushing into my chest, as we lay there until our breathing returns to normal.

"Give me a minute to catch my breath and I'll clean you up," she says, kissing me. A few minutes later she comes out of my bathroom with a wet washcloth.

"This probably isn't what you thought when I said I'd clean you up," she chuckles, "but I never really liked the taste of my own juice." She sits on the bed beside me and gently lays the hot washcloth across my cock. It feels nice as she wraps my cock and balls in the steamy cloth, massaging away all traces of her juice. I spread my legs as she runs the washcloth over my thighs and lift my knees so she can get the juice that ran down to my ass.

Tossing the washcloth on the floor, she kneels between my knees and lightly licks the length of my cock. Her breasts hang low on either side of my cock and with her hard black nipples brushing against my thighs, she coats my cock with her saliva. She makes eye contact as she slips my semi-erect cock between her lips and gently sucks me completely inside her mouth. Her mouth is wet and warm, and with the sight of my white cock disappearing between her black lips and her tongue darting all over my cock, I recover quickly. As my cock hardens within her mouth, she slowly pulls back and moves her lips up and down the entire length of my shaft. I'm getting as turned on from watching her as I am from the sensations of her lips and tongue caressing my cock.

When I'm fully erect, she pulls her mouth off of me and positions my cock between her tits, rubbing them up and down my shaft. Wet from her saliva, my cock glides easily between her tits and I marvel at this new sensation. I've never tit fucked before and I'm thinking how great it is, when she leans her head down and sucks the head of my cock into her mouth while continuing to slide her tits down my slippery cock. I'm pushing up against her now, sliding my cock between her tits and into her mouth.

"That is so fucking awesome!" I shout. "I've never felt anything like it." I'm starting to bounce my ass off the bed trying to get more of my cock in her mouth, but she keeps her tits tightly wrapped around it, leaving only the head exposed to enter her mouth each time I push up. She's driving me crazy, not letting any more than the head into her mouth. As erotic as it is watching my white cock slide between her massive, dark tits, and as great as it feels, it's not even close to the feel of her warm, wet mouth and I want more of my cock in there.

She knows how to tease, and my cock just keeps getting harder and harder, gliding between her tits. Finally, she pushes her body up until just her nipples are resting on my thighs and her mouth is still wrapped around the head of my cock. She lifts her head and slides back, pulling my cock with her. When my cock is pointing directly at the ceiling, she slides her lips all the way to the base and buries the head in her throat. She holds it there, not moving, and then slowly slides her lips up the entire length while pulling my cock back towards my feet. When she lays her chin on the bed between my legs, with just a little more than the head inside her mouth, my cock is stretched all the way down pointing at my feet. She lies there, looking at me, her eyes sparkling as she flicks the underside of my cock with her tongue and sucks on the head.

"Oh my God, Cyn!" I yell, panting and trying to hump my cock deeper into her mouth but can't move it from this position. "That feels so good! You are amazing!" I just lie there reveling in the sensation of my cock stretched all the way down between my legs and her tongue and mouth dancing around my cock head, when she slides her hand up and starts gently stroking my balls. My cock is so fucking hard but there is no way to get the motion going that will give me release. She just keeps teasing and teasing and teasing. I keep trying to hump her mouth but it's futile. Finally, she lifts her chin from the bed, allowing my cock to move into an upright position and she again slides her lips up and down my shaft. I thrust my cock into her mouth while she continues to stroke my balls and bob her head up and down. In no time at all, I'm jerking wildly and shooting thick streams of cum into her mouth. She swallows every drop and keeps sucking until I'm completely spent. She engulfs my softening cock entirely in her mouth and just holds it there with a subtle sucking motion while I lie back on the bed completely drained. Pushing my cock around her mouth with her tongue, she lazily cleans me up with her saliva.

"Damn, Cyn! I came harder than I've ever come before. You have just ruined me for anyone else in the entire fucking world!" I tell her, meaning it.

"Does that mean you don't want to meet Shelly and Barbara?" she asks, moving her body over mine and laying her head on my sweat-soaked chest. "Shall I just keep you for myself?"

"You decide, Cyn." I say, stroking her hair. "You're in control, remember."

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