A Mighty Lonely Man
Chapter 1

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Cheating, Slut Wife,

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Quite a few of my readers complained that I had not written a single sex scene since my first story "Deeds". I have tried writing one here. It is downright dirty but I can only derive from my experience and this is it. This is the revenge of a cold calculating man. The first part of the story is only about getting the balls lined up. I will pull no punches and pocket each ball before part two is over.

I have loved and lost, but survived. I have been down and out of my luck but I have survived. Hell, I was once in a car crash that claimed two lives and I survived. Tonight, though, I do not think I am going to survive the darkness around me. I am not sure if I want to, even if I can. There is too much pain, too much hurt, too much at stake and I am not sure that I know the rules of the game anymore.

Today my son is mine again (for the first time?). Today I am

It has been 10 years, happy and content. I have been blessed with the most normal life that anyone can think of. I have just enough money to fulfill all my needs, I have just the right size home for all my loved ones to live in and I have just the right people around me. Alright, just a few measly months have changed all the "have" in the last sentence to "had" and it's not hard to guess why I am sad. I 'had' just enough money to fulfill all my needs, I 'had' just the right size home for all my loved ones to live in and I 'had' just the right people around me. Yes, this is how drastic my change has been, and all this, has changed overnight.

My name is Duke Anderson, I am 30 years of age and I have been married to Amanda for the last 10 years. Just a few months ago I celebrated (sic) my 10th anniversary and I am sitting all alone in a dark, in a small bar, feeling dangerously close to being dead. It all started that fateful night.

I had just returned from a week long trip to my parents' and to get some legal work finalized on the sale of a bit of farm land. My father was finding it tough to maintain the whole farm and wanted a part of it to be sold. I reached home in the morning but met Amanda only in the evening when she returned from her trip to her parents place. Ralphie, our son had accompanied her to California.

It was around nine that we closed the bedroom door. Amanda looked at me with seductive eyes that almost makes me cream in my pants.

"Did you think about me all day?" she asked, knowing the answer to that question. "Oh yeah," I told her as I surveyed every curve of her body.

"You'd jack off thinking about me?" she asked, both hands cupping those gorgeous tits. I nodded, rubbing at my dick through my jeans. "Pull it out and do that for me." She sat on the edge of the bed and I stood by the bathroom door, my hands fumbling to open my pants. I struggled to open them but succeeded. My jeans fell and I pulled my boxers down too, my hard member pointing straight at her. She smiled, pushing her hand harder against her crotch. I spit on my hand and began tugging at my dick. I was so close to coming, even as I began, that it was insane. My hand slid up and down, my eyes locked on her. She stared directly at my dick, lips being wetted by her tongue. Her eyes rose to mine. "Tell me what are you thinking about?" "Your lips," I told her, still jerking, slowly. "Why are you playing with yourself like that? Why not faster?" "I'll come if I go any faster," I told her. "So you really want to please me?" "Oh yes," I told her, slowing even more. "What do you want to do with my lips?" "I want to feel them wrapped around my dick," I told her, stopping as I felt a bit of come leak out and swing off the end of my dick. She was staring directly at it, attention on my throbbing dick. "How do you think it would feel?" "Amazing. You give the best head around." "When was it last that you had a another woman give you a head?" "Eleven years ago." "So, you do not know how others give head do you?" "Don't know, don't care. You are the only one who can ever bring me close to ecstasy. If I was not sure of it, I would have never married you." I said, fisting my dick faster suddenly.

"Do you think about my tits," she asked me, squeezing both of them. Her nipples were sticking straight out. "All the time," told her slowing down. "Come here," she commanded and I crossed the room, standing in front of her, wearing only a shirt and socks. "Take off your shirt." I did and she smiled, letting go of her tits, "What a nice dick you have." Amanda reached out, her hand running over my tense stomach. My dick screamed for relief. I was gonna come without her even touching me! Her fingers slipped down, tangling in my pubes. "Keep jacking off." I returned to playing with my dick and her hand slipped back to her own crotch. At this angle my dick was pointed at her chest. Soon I would come and if she didn't move my earlier fantasy with the ranch dressing would be real. She must have seen where I was looking. "When you think about my tits at the ofice, do you suck them? Do you put your dick between them and fuck them?" "Yes, yes." I told Amanda, my hand moving fast again. "Do you bite my nipples when you fuck me?" "Oh yes!" I told her, my hand gripping my dick a little harder. I was going to explode soon. She pulled her tank-top out of her jeans and over her head. Even in a bra, Amanda's big boobs looked heavy. They flopped down when the top cleared them. Although not as firm as the day we married, they still gave me a raise. Through the mesh material I could see her hard nipples. She rubbed them in front of me.

"Do you want me to take my bra off?" "Please," I told her, knowing I would explode within a minute. She reached back, unhooking the bra, and immediately their weight pulled the cups down and apart. She grabbed the straps and in one smooth move pulled them away and over her head. Amanda's big breasts, with huge, hard red nipples swung in front of me. They had that classic, real parting sag that fake tits rarely have. The ends were like two cantaloupes stuffed under skin. I was gonna come and then she hit me with the hard stuff. "Do you think about squeezing them," Amanda asked while hefting her huge tits from below, "While you fuck me from behind ... Where would you fuck me? In my cunt or up the ass?" "Ugh. Shit!" I screamed and cum launched from my dick. The first long, thick stream splattered on her mouth. "Come on my tits!" Amanda commanded, egging me on, while rubbing her glorious globes. I looked as my semen fell on those beautiful tits. For almost thirty seconds I came before nothing more fell from my dick. As the orgasm ended, I let go of my dick, long ropes of come hanging from it and my hand. Amanda fell back on the bed, beckoning me. "Come lick it off me, Duke." I threw my shirt aside and climbed on the bed, draping myself over her. I felt my naked dick fall on her leg. My lips descended on her neck, my chest getting smeared with my own come. I licked up my jism and moved down. "Suck it all up." It was everywhere! I couldn't get enough of it. My lips were falling all over her amazing torso. I hefted one of her breasts, running my tongue around that big, red, jism covered nipple. As I sucked on it, Amanda continued talking, "That's right. Suck on my big titties. Lick your come off me. Yeah. Oh that feels so good. So good!"

Her huge areola was hard as a saucer and about the size of one. My whole mouth was opened and I still could see it peaking out. My tongue bounced her nipple in circles and she continued talking dirty, her other hand kneading her free breast. While sucking her tit, my hand slid to her jeans covered pussy, roughly rubbing her. Amanda began humping against my hand, my mouth gently biting down on her nipple. "Fuck me with your fist. Shove it in me. Rub me. Rub me! Rub me!" she demanded, her body writhing beneath me. My dick became rigid watching this lady approaching an orgasm. I had never dreamed she'd be like this. Hell, I'd never been with anybody like this. She was so vocal. Her mouth opened and she threw her head back, screaming loudly, the whole bed rocking. I kept going though and I could actually feel the dampness through her jeans. She was coming buckets! I let her tit fall and kissed down, getting the last of my come off her soft, somewhat flabby belly. Amanda watched me, hands running over my head and onto my back. "Sexy, kinky little boy. You're so naughty. What are you doing now? Yeah, right there. Oh you're going to do that?" I had unbuttoned her jeans and she lifted her ass up. I gave the wet material a yank and off they came. Good heavens, the room suddenly was filled with that amazing odor of sex. I had only been smelling myself but once those jeans came off I saw that Amanda's jockey's were soaked clean through. Even her ivory white inner thighs were slick with come. My hand, fingers down and thumb on top, pressed into her pussy. Amanda's eyes lit up. I roughly began wiggling my middle finger against her wet pussy lips. I could feel her pubes through the wet material. My other hand grabbed a handful of tit, squeezing it. I began sucking her breast again, while working her off with my hand. "Not again! No! No! No!" she screamed, sweat breaking out on her curvy body. I let her breast go and got between both her legs, my hand still working her while the other one stroked my now stiff dick. Her free breasts moved in slow circles as her body began to react more and more to hand job. "Stick your fingers in my cunt! Press it harder. Harder! Harder! Harder, you bastard!" As her orgasm slipped away, I dropped my face to that drenched pair of underwear. I nuzzled it, sucking in her aroma. She loved it.

"You like my pussy? You like the smell? Tell me you want it. Tell me you want to put my wet pussy in your mouth." "I've always loved going down you my horny bitch," I told her as I started to pull her underwear down. She pulled her legs apart, displaying her matted down mass of cunt hairs. There was a huge wet spot under her ass. "You like my hairy pussy? Put your face in it. Be dirty and rub your face in my cunt," she told me and I did just that, happily shoving my face right into her snatch. She was so wet it felt like someone had dumped Vaseline and KY jelly all over her. "Oh, that's it! Lick right there. Stick your tongue in. Yes!" I went to work eating her out, ignoring my hard-on which was aching for some action now. She was keeping me so hot, I didn't even have to think about maintaining strokes. The whole time I munched on her box, Amanda talked slutty. She was the queen of talking dirty. Many a times I had come just by her slutty talk over the phone when we were apart. My mouth eventually reached her spot and then the fireworks really began. When my fingers found their way up her trench she went crazy. "Oh, cunt-licker, yes! Right there. Make your wife come again. Oh yes. Put another finger in me. That's it. Yeah. I can't wait for you to stick that dick in me. Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, AH!" bellowed Amanda, her ass flying off the bed, pelvis knocking me in the nose, not damaging anything luckily. I glanced up, seeing she had both hands kneading those tits, while she orgasmed. Her body jerked and spasmed, making the bed rock. Come was flowing from her sexual orifice. I had heard about spurters but this was different.

She was gushing all over the bed. When I pulled my hand away, it was covered in her vaginal slime. I sucked a finger and then leaned over her. Amanda eagerly accepted my fingers. I fucked her face with them and then pulled away from her greedy lips. "Let's see that dick now. Let me suck your big, dick. That's it. Straddle me. Yeah, right there. What a sexy, hard dick you've got. I'm gonna suck you and then I wanna feel this pounding my pussy, baby," she told me as I kneeled in front of her. Her hands grabbed my dick, taking it into her mouth. I leaned forward, grabbing the thin headboard. Amanda's head began pistoning back and forth on me. I decided to get in on the action, talking back to her. "That's it. Take it all down. Show me what a good cocksucker you are. Oh you are. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. You could suck a baseball bat. Oh, that's so good. So good. You nasty lady. Yeah suck my dick. Suck it good." This went on for a few minutes before I pulled out of her, nearing another orgasm. She watched me slide back down between her legs. She opened them wide, her fingers opening her pussy lips. "Drive it right up here. You're gonna love this hole. It's so wet and warm for you. I'm about to come thinking about it in me. Stick it in! Ugh! Yeah, keep going. All the way. Ugh! Yes! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!" I was pounding her good and Amanda held her legs to the sides, fingers still down, rubbing her clit. She was staring at the ceiling, but her vision seemed far off. Her body and the bed shook wildly as I pounded into her. I was supporting myself with one hand, and the other squeezed her tit, while my dick pistoned in and out of Amanda's sloppy pussy. I could feel her juices all over my dick, balls and abdomen. She was unbelievably slick, but I knew I was close just from the excitement.

I pulled out, wanting to switch positions. "Roll on your side," I told her. "I'm gonna really show you fucking." Amanda immediately rolled onto her side, showing off an ass that was wider than when we got married but still very sexy. She lifted a leg, and reached down guiding my dick back into her cunt. I slipped in up to the hilt. I pushed her top leg up, trapping it behind the knee with my arm. I seriously began fucking her, the wet slapping of our bodies together. She had a hand on the head board, tits jiggling as I slammed into her. "Yes. Right there. Keep giving it to me. Drill me like Texas. Drive it home. Pound this pussy good! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! I'm, I'M, I'M!" Her body went wild again and I felt a new splurge of juice. I looked down to see her stomach undulating. Her pussy contracted around me and I couldn't hold it, depositing my second load. I kept pumping until my dick was flaccid. "That was great," she told me breathlessly. "My pussy feels so good. How long before we can fuck again?" I answered her by diving in on that pussy. Five minutes later she was coming again. Ten minutes passed and she was on her stomach, ass up on a pillow getting fingered in the pussy while my tongue dabbed at her ass. "Dirty boy, stick it in there. Yeah, in my ass. Oh, right there. Lick my asshole. Taste my butt, baby. You're so nasty. Nasty boy. Nasty," she told me, pushing her butt back at me. I rolled her back over onto her back and pushed her legs up, fingering her pussy more. Amanda's eyes bulged as my index finger found its way up her tight slick butt. Between me eating her and her natural coming, the was slick as could be. "Finger my ass. Finger it. You like this, don't you? Good girls won't let you do this. No, I'm a bad, bad girl. I've got a dirty boy with his fingers in my pussy and butt. Yeah move them faster. Make me come again! AGAIN!" I pulled out of her and dropped beside her, stroking my half-hard dick. The magic Blue Pill that I had stocked for my anniversary week was working magic.

She immediately flopped over, her mouth falling on mine. We kissed deeply and sloppily, like two lust filled creatures. The heft of her giant breasts on my body began to excite me again. She pulled away from our kiss, our breath smelling like body fluids. "Tell me to suck your dick." "Amanda, show me how much you love my dick. That's it. Lick the head. Yeah, roll that tongue. Rub my balls. Yeah rub them. Play with your pussy while you suck my dick. That's right, play with yourself. You dirty foxy lady. That feels so good. Keep touching me with your tongue. Yeah. Now take your finger and push it in my ass." She stopped sucking me for an instant and then smiled with half my dick in her mouth. I lifted a leg to the side, allowing her access. I grunted as I felt that finger push into me. My dick hardened even more and her eyes bugged out in surprise. I told her, "You look so sexy with my dick in your mouth. Uh! You like being the one - uh - fingering? It feels so good. Uh! Yeah, I can come any second - uh!" She pulled away from my dick and slipped her finger out of my ass. I was about to say something, when Amanda leaned forward wrapping those amazing tits around my dick. She bounced up and down on my shaft, eyes on me, while those fatty breasts encircled my dick. The head would appear and she'd flick her tongue over it. "Titty-fuck me. Bounce up! Yeah! Yeah! Fuck my tits, dirty boy. Fuck them like you used to dream about. You wanna come on my boobs again?" "No," I managed to croak. "I wanna fuck you. I wanna feel your insides." Amanda stopped and straddled me, sliding down on my dick in one easy motion.

She began sliding up and down like her legs were hydraulics. I met her movements, causing the bed to bang against the wall and creak. Her huge tits jiggled and bounced in all directions as she rode me. She reached forward, grabbing the head board. Her tits swayed in my face. "That dick's so good," she told me, still bouncing, "and hard. I am so lucky have you as my stud. Keep fucking me! Suck my tit. Yeah, bite my nipple. Bite it. Yeah, yeah, yeah! Oh, I'm gonna come again." I slid my hand down, and found her clit. That sent her off once more. She was going berserk on me. Her whole body vibrated and she reared back and then forward and every direction. I thought she might break my dick off, as this beautiful woman with lethal breasts wildly rode me, hair flopping about, sweat, come and spit flying. She finally collapsed onto me, her mouth next to mine. She was breathing heavily, my hard dick still in her sloppy pussy. We rested for a second and then she climbed off me. Amanda got on all fours, her big tits swaying seductively. She grinned at me, her make up smeared by our lust. She wiggled her rear and I knew what she meant before she told me, "Here's the big finale." I got behind her and slid my dick into her cunt, taking a few slow strokes. She just cooed, "Get it nice and lubed up. I can't wait for this. You're gonna be naughty with me. Oh that feels nice. Stick a finger in there again. Uh! Uh! Uh! Yeah, so sick. Is it all lubed up, nasty boy? I'm ready for that dick." "Yeah, it's sloppy," I told her, my dick jerking with my heart. Everything up to this point had been incredible and now her ass! I pulled my finger from her anus and Amanda glanced over her shoulder. She bent more, parting her legs even more so that her face was resting on the pillow and ass was most receptive. I pressed my dripping dick against her slightly gaping asshole. I thought I would shoot come everywhere just then. "Uh. It's in. Uh, yeah. Deeper. Push slowly. Uh," she told me, as I pushed in inch by inch. Her back and ass were covered in sweat. "Deeper. Yeah. Deeper. Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!" I paused most of the way in. I felt her tight backdoor suddenly loosen and I was relieved because I was half an inch of thrust or pull away from an orgasm. I pushed in more, holding her haunches. I glanced down, so turned on to see my dick almost completely up Amanda's ass. "Yeah it's almost there. This looks so sexy. I'm gonna come fast." "Keep going. Uh! Push. Uh! I feel your balls. Uh! Is it in?" she asked, barely audible. I was in all the way. "It's in all the way." "You feel huge! Uh! Uh! That's it, move slowly. That's it. That's it. Uh! Uh!" she told me. I began fucking her slowly, building her up. After a few more strokes and she was looser.

I slapped her ass and I pushed in and she cried out, "Spank my ass. Yeah, spank it. Tell me I'm dirty. You nasty boy." "You like it in the ass? Huh? Huh? Uh! Huh? Uh! You like my dick here?" "Yes," she cried out. "Yes. Uh! Fuck my butt! Fuck it! Uh! Fuck it!" she screamed through her teeth. I leaned over her, my dick pressing her ass in a new way. She screamed and began to undulate. I'd hit a sensitive area for sure. I reached under her, cupping those huge tits. Amanda responded, humping back into me as I tweaked her nipples. This was it! There was no going back now. "Yes! Squeeze them. Uh! Fuck me! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Fuck UGH! UGH! UH!." Her body rocked with each half thrust. My hands squeezed tighter on her tits and I felt her ass tighten as an orgasm rocked through her. That was it and I began coming. "I'm coming!" "Yes! I can feel it! Come in my butt. Nasty! Nasty! Nasty! Fill my ass up," she commanded, still pushing into me. I almost collapsed as the orgasm ended. All the blood in my body seemed to have left my head. I settled onto her back and we twisted to the side, my dick still buried in her butthole. The room was rank with come and sweat. My hands still held those incredible soft boobs. My breath came out ragged on her neck, her slick red hair in my face. After about two or three minutes, I felt my limp dick fall from her butt. A stream of my jism leaked from her rear end. My thighs and stomach were covered in Amanda's juices. The whole bed seemed to be sopped from secretions. That was pure sex.

After that we made our way to the bathroom and had a nice loving shower together. We lovingly caressed each other's tired body. This was pure love.

She remade the bed when we came back and then we drifted into blissful sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night and realized that Amanda was not beside me. Upon inspection I realized that she was not in the bathroom or in the children's room. She must have gone to the kitchen for a glass of milk or something, I thought. As I got to the first landing, I saw that there was some light in the basement. I use the basement as a makeshift office. I looked at the clock on the wall and it said 2 AM. I slowly walked to the basement door and tried to hear if there were any sounds coming from in there.

I could hear Amanda talking. I started walking down the steps. As I got nearer to the voice I froze. I could hear what she was saying and the first words that hit me were — "Of course I love you. I do not love Duke, never have and never will. I just think that he is a good provider and I know that he will never cheat on me. You can never become a one woman man, which is the only reason I did not marry you. I wanted a child and I wanted the child to have a father he could depend upon. So now, Ralphie has your eyes and has Duke's attention and love to be happy about for the rest of his life. But, why are we talking about this? I just called to find out if you are meeting me today as planned. I need to leave really early if I have to meet you and I do not want to reach the motel to find out that you have cancelled on me, like last time." There was a pause and then she said "I know that your wife was not feeling well and you had to stay back and take care of her, but tomorrow is really big. It is the 10th Anniversary of loss of my virginity. I want to be with you in bed at the exact time we made love 10 years ago."

I could feel tears forming in my eyes and I could feel something funny in my throat. Strangely, I could not feel my heart beating. I slowly walked back to my bedroom and put my head on the pillow. If you would have walked into my bedroom at that moment you would have found me prostrate and lifeless as a log. As she entered the room I pretended to be asleep. I lay awake as she went to sleep right beside me. At precisely 5 in the morning the alarm went off and I pretended to have woken up. She just tapped on my shoulder and told me to go to sleep. She said that she had to go to meet a friend who was taking an hour of stop over in Boston and that she would be back by 10. I pretended to go back to sleep, but I saw, from my half closed eyes, her putting on her new lingerie that she had bought a day earlier and then putting on a jeans and a t-shirt.

I was already sure that she was cheating; now, I needed the evidence. As she left the house I got up and started to look for any evidence that I could confront her with about the affair. I found nothing, absolutely nothing. I also looked through the computer kept in the study, which she used for her mails, but found nothing. It was obvious that they had no need for email communication since they had a regular means of communication. I had to find some other way to gather evidence. The next thing to look at would be the phone bill and try and spot any regular number that I knew nothing about.

I had to make some tough decisions for the days ahead and it was still not clear to me what I would do. The only thing I knew for sure was that this marriage was over. There was no way I was going to live in this sham of a marriage. People might judge me as harsh or heartless but I also could not face life being the dad of a child which was obviously not mine. It was just hurt and pain that registered while I was searching for evidence. Heaven knows it's hard to pray when your faith has been compromised. I hung my head and prayed to god to give me strength to live through this and then I started to cry. I do not know how long I cried but it was around 8 in the morning that Ralphie knocked on the door and I dried my tears and went outside to take him up in my arms and make breakfast for him. I got dressed and waited for my wife to come back home.

Sitting all alone in the house, anger started seeping in. I was getting furious at the lack of respect shown to me. I knew that I had show some restrain for a while. At around 11 in the day she returned and told me that she was going up to take a shower. The day dragged by and so did so many after that. We had a party at our house on the anniversary and I tried my best to be natural and I guess I succeeded because no one complained. I had no clue how to go about things. It is not as if I had planned for this day all my life. It was an unexpected curve ball that destiny threw at me and I had to find the wisdom to deal with it.

I was still having regular sex with Amanda. I was not enjoying it as much as I did when I thought she was all mine, though. But then, I decided that since I have been having sex with her for the last 10 years of my life and have been lucky enough not to contact any disease, my luck is not likely to run out now. Every morning I woke up and left for the office much ahead of time. I wondered if she had noticed that I had stopped saying I love you and I was calling her by her name and not the usual Honey and Darling. This continued for the next week.

During this time, I looked back on our marriage and tried to see where we went wrong but then I remembered that she had been cheating on me since at least a day before the marriage. The marriage did not stand a chance even on the day we got married. I was starting to get restless. I wanted this farce of a marriage to end as quickly as possible. I had to wait, though. being a lawyer I knew how to cover all bases. I was in no mood to let the bitch have any of my riches. I was a regular golfing partner to most of the judges and it would not be too tough to screw her over in a divorce. I knew how to make her look totally unsympethetic in the court. I knew how the system worked and no respectable divorce attorney in Boston was going to take up her case, if just for the fact that I was the president of the bar association.

I ran down to the office of Paul Drake, an investigator that my law firm used regularly. When I came back I was carrying, on me, six voice activated recorders. I placed them at startegic points in the house. Now, all the conversations could be caught on the recorders. I placed one in her car too. Now, all I had to do was keep on gathering evidence so that I could get a clean divorce. There was only one down side to this plan, I would lose custody of Ralphie. He is not biologically related to me and there is no way the court is going to grant me custody of any sort. I had invested 9 years in his care and I had grown used to being loved unconditionally by him. What could I do to get Ralphie to stay with me was the only question to my mind.

I had also asked Paul Drake to start a tap on all my phones. At the end of the week I had a full dossier in my hand given by the most efficient PI firm in Boston. The man who was so blatantly cuckolding me was Ralph Peterson, a moderately successful used car salesman. He was married to owner of the used car lot that he worked for and had a son exactly the age of Ralphie. I suddenly knew what my plan was going to be. I called up my accountant and asked him to back track through my income tax returns and account for every penny that has been spent on Ralphie. Right from the day he was born to today. That would include every single hour of babysitter money too. I was sure that it would be enough to finish Ralph economically.

We had enough evidence in form of taped conversations from the house and phone taps and even had photographic evidence of their meetings since the tail started. There was no possible reason for me to procrastinate any more. In my mind, it was more important to break them up so that Amanda did not have any choice but to leave Ralphie with me. I had a perfect plan for the two cheaters.

It had to start with a confrontation with Amanda. This was the part which I was dreading the most. Well, some things can't be avoided and this was one of those things. I asked Amanda to send the children over to my parent's fr the weekend because I wanted some time alone with her. As weekend approached, I rehearsed the lines I was to open the arguments with.

We sat down for breakfast and I gulped mine down fast and as she was having a sip of milk asked her - "Why did you need to sleep with Ralph? Was I not good enough in bed? Was I lacking in something?" The look on her face was priceless. Good for her that she did not start denying it. That might have angered me too much and blown my plans apart.

She stared at me for a full minute trying to find something to say. She spoke "I'm sorry" in almost a whisper and walked off. Her whole body showed how broken she was. I knew she was broken because her plans had been altered.

She did not come down that night and I did not go up. The next day was a Sunday and we were both staying home. There was no way to avoid talking about it. Actually a open hearted conversation fit my plan perfectly. I was counting on some of the most cliché lines to activate my plan.

When we sat down for breakfast she spoke "I am sorry. I should have never stepped out on you. But you have to realize that it brought about no change in my attitude toward you. What I have with Ralph has nothing to do with us. It has never interfered with us ever. He is a pig in all respect except for the fact that he is a very skilled lover."

"Are you ready to end it with him?"

"Why would you want that? It is not a triangle we are talking about. He and you never meet. The only thing common between the two of you is me and that has been for the last 10 years, since the time we met we've had this arrangement and it has not hurt anyone."

"Then what do you call the hurt that I am feeling right now? Has this agreement which I knew nothing about hurt me now? Is it going to hurt our son when I file for divorce and he has to live with just one parent around? Is it going to hurt our son to find out that his mother was a scheming bitch who denied him the pleasure of knowing his father for 9 years? Is it going to hurt our son to know that I am not his father?"

"But you are his father" she cried, "Why do you think that he is not your son?"

"Because I heard you talking about how he has his father's eyes - Blue, while mine are Black. Are you going to deny that Ralph is the real father of Ralphie? Are you going to tell me Ralphie did not get his name from Ralph? Are you confident that when I have the DNA comparison done our DNA will match? I just hope and pray that it does not match that of your lover either. That will a real kick for me." My voice betrayed me for a moment and the anger surfaced, but I quickly held back.

"It does not matter who has donated the sperm, you are his father." She said, sobbing.

"It does matter to me and it should have mattered to you. The fact remains that if you die today and Ralph claims for the custody of his son, he would get the custody being the sperm donor. If it matters in the eye of the law it should have mattered to you."

"We can have another child."

"Only if you agree to turn Ralphie out on the streets. I will not take care of another man's child another day." I had no intention of doing so, but I had to show to Amanda that I was ready to play hard ball and there would be no prisoners taken.

"How can you be so cruel? You have loved Ralphie from the day he was born. Won't you feel bad to see him out on the streets? He is not to be blamed for anything that I have done." the look of shock was on her face, " This is not you. How can you be so cruel?"

"If you can be so cruel as to deny me a chance to sire my own son, I doubt you have the moral ground to ask me that."

By now my arguments had shown her that I was taking no prisoners. She hung her head and asked, "What can I do now? The decision is all yours. Short of giving up Ralphie I will do everything."

"You can start off by moving to the guest room. Meanwhile, I have some things to take care of and once I am through with that we will have a talk. It must not take me more than a month to sort everything out. Till then you are not to have any contact with Ralph. If I so much find out that he knows of this conversation, I will kill three people - Ralph, Raphie and myself. Then you can go on with your life thinking about the two most important people in your life Ralph and Ralphie."

She simply hung her head and said nothing.

"You will go to the office of my divorce lawyer and give a deposition about this whole affair. Leave nothing out, from this day onward only your honesty can save three lives."

By noon next day everything was lined up. The deposition was signed and sealed and Ralph was a very troubled soul. When Ralph was presented by the lawsuit claiming for back support for all expenditure incurred by me on his son, he was in tears. It also claimed a DNA sample from him to compare with Ralphie, with a copy of the relevant portion of the deposition attached where Amanda had stated that Ralph was the real father of Ralphie. Everything that made perfect sense to him yesterday was now just a blur. He tried calling my home but all calls were diverted to my cell phone and each time I picked up he hung up. Same was the case with Amanda's cell phone. I was growing tired of this but I had to persist.

When Amanda came to know of the case she decided to have another talk with me.

"Why are you doing this? This will wipe him out financialy."

"He has wiped out my belief in my wife. I am just returning a favor. Anyway, this case has nothing to do with you. It is between me and Ralph. Last time it was between you and Ralph and I was a third party, on this occasion, my love, you are the third party. So my request will be to practice what you preach and stay away from this matter. It hardly concerns you." I had rehearsed this line so many time in my head, ever since she had said that her affair had nothing to do with me.

Amanda just looked at me with sad angry eyes and left.

On the very first day of the hearing the court was presented with the deposition and a certified copy of the expense claims. It was slam dunk, I came out of the court a few days later with a large settlement that not only wiped him off but ensured that he would be paying me a part of his income for a long time. His wife came and tried to appeal to my better nature asking me for some leeway so that she and her son would not be on the streets. I felt sorry for them but not enough to relent. Meanwhile, Amanda was getting antsy. She would not talk to me but the look in her eyes said that she detested me for bringing her lovers down.

Once Ralph was taken care of, I turned to Amanda. It was time that she paid for the sins that she had committed. I had to find some way of doing it without hurting Ralphie too much.

"I want to adopt Ralpie and for that I need the signatures of that asshole. You will call him and meet him at our house. By the end of the meeting either he signs the papers or I proceed with the divorce. Have I made myself clear?" I said as I gave her a bunch load of papers to get signed.

"And if he signs those papers, is there a chance for us?"

"There was never any doubt in my mind that we would stay together." I lied, "I have loved you unconditionally since the day we have been together and you have made me more happy that I ever was. If you could do so much when you were loving two people, I can't wait to find out how happy you will make me once you love only me."

She smiled a little and said, "I promise you will never get a chance to complain from this day forward." Then she got up and called Ralph to meet her at the house as soon as possible.

I was sitting in the living room when Ralph came. He looked at me and said, "I hope you are happy now. I am broke, my wife has left me and I have been fired."

"I hope you are happy too ... My wife is a slut thanks to you, Ralphie is not my son, my marriage has turned into shamble thanks to your involvement in it and I have been reduced to a cuckold." I retorted.

"Then why am I the only one getting punished? Amanda here, had as much to do with this as I had, perhaps even more than me. You were nothing but a name to me. Amanda had made it perfectly clear to me that you were nothing more than a meal ticket and I accepted it. My only crime was to love her and let her marry someone else. My crime was not to turn away each time she called and trust me, all of this was her idea. My wife always came first for me. If I had to do something with my wife, even something as menial as taking the trash out, I would refuse to meet Amanda." he was calm and composed. "I have never met Ralphie. It would be unfair for me to say that I have not thought about it but I never wanted to interfere with his well being."

"I am not a successful guy like you Duke.'", he continued, "From the beginning Amanda knew it. From the beginning she had made it clear that we would never get married. Foolish me was in love with her despite all this. I could see the ugliness in her soul and yet I kept coming back to her. Why are you not walking away when you have a chance? I never had the chance. I married for my future stability and not for love. But I swear to god that today I love my wife and my child more than the world itself."

As he took a break from his speech, I looked at Amanda. She was stunned by the words that Ralph spoke. She had no idea that the love of her life was not even in love with her.

"The only reason I kept coming back was because I was afraid that she would somehow let my wife know about this affair and my world would come crashing down." He chuckled, "I should have known that people like us never have happy endings. I am sure that in your mind these words must be shallow, meaning nothing but I am being honest for the first time in my life. I have never disrespected you mainly because I had blocked you from my mind completely. You featured in my mind just as a guardian. I know it is screwed up but but for me to have relations with your wife behind your back was just like having relations with a girl on campus whose father you have never met or have any interest in meeting."

It was most interesting listening to Ralph talk. Sure, I knew it was no absolution for him but it surprised me how convenient in his own mind, the situation was for him. It was almost as if he had the illusion that what he was doing was not in his control. I spoke for the first time since his story began.

"Do you think that Amanda could afford to have me find out about all of this?"

"No", he replied.

"Then how could she tell your wife? Surely when she would tell your wife there would be a large chance that I would come to find out. So, my request is that you stop this bull shit about being forced into the mess. You were a willing partner. And what you told about guardian. If your intentions about any girl is less than honourable, you better be a little scared of the guardian. I am doing what any guardian would do - giving you a punishment. As for Amanda's punishment, it is an internal family matter and you should not be privy to it. Despite all your involvement with my family, you are just an outsider." I was going to make them look at the mirror today and see the ugliness that was the reality.

"You are an educated man Duke, you can turn this conversation which ever way you want. I was actually scared for my marriage and God be my witness, that was the only reason I continued." He signed the papers and pushed it in front of me.

"Now, for the more important talk for today. Listen very carefully to me. Ralph, you do not have anything here to hang around. You do not have a job or a family anymore. I suggest, no, I insist that you leave the town as quickly as possible. If I ever come to know that you have so much has been in the area code as my family I will hunt you down and make you feel sorry for your pathetic existence. You have till the end of the month to make all the necessary arrangements and leave." I looked at Amanda. She had her head hung low and was playing with the wedding ring in her finger.

"Amanda, it will be an uphill task for you to gain my trust again. You have the option to leave with Ralph right now and I promise you I will give you unrestricted access to Ralphie. The choice is completely yours."

"I want to stay." Amanda quickly responded. Now, I would have the chance to extract my pound of flesh.

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