Tom Billionaire
Chapter 1: Mykonos

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, Group Sex, Orgy, Harem, Polygamy/Polyamory, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Big Breasts, Violent,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Mykonos - Fourth Book in the John Billionaire Series. The story of one Tom Eriksen, a wealthy billionaire who has suffered great tragedy despite his financial success. Abandoned by those he loves and shunning those that still care about him, he sets off to drown his sorrows in a sea of sexual excess and hedonistic pleasure. But some old friends will remind him who he really is.


"Mmm ... Your cock is so delicious." The gorgeous babe rolled her soft brown eyes up, staring adoringly at me while she lavished my stiff prick with her considerable oral expertise. Her dirty-blonde hair fell in soft waves to either side of her sharp, angular face, bouncing lightly with her head-bobbing motions. Her sculpted, dark eyebrows were furrowed in concentration. Keeping her gaze on me, she went up and down slowly, sucking with exquisite force and using her tongue to tickle the underside of my shaft. After the first few pulls, she took a deep breath and then obviously relaxed herself, focusing downward as she swallowed me to the root, using her throat muscles to massage the head of my prick while rolling her eyes back up to see my reaction.

I simply smiled and stroked her hair. The beautiful young woman pulled off to gulp some oxygen before deep-throating me once again, sending lightning bolts of pleasure up and down my spine. The girl had an intensity about her. You could see the focus and attention she put into pleasing me, determined to make an impression.

She'd made an impression alright. I'd first seen Vivienne on Paradise Beach, Mykonos, Greece. Like most of the other vacationing Europeans, she was clad in a barely-there bikini designed to attract as much attention as possible to her absolutely incredible body. Standing 5'9" (or 1.8 metres, as she put it), her legs were long, lithe, and incredibly toned. Her hips were shapely without being overly large. She had a narrow waist and a flat tummy. And her tits were over- proportionally large for her slender frame. I wanted to bury my face into her cleavage the moment I saw her, and from some of the attention she was getting from other men around, I wasn't the only one. On top of all that, she had a well- chiseled face, with angular cheekbones and a sharp beauty that simply drew one's attention to her as if she were magnetic, even at the expense of any girls around her.

In a sea of nubile girls all over the beach, Vivienne stood out above the rest, with a body that would have made the ancient Greek sculptors drool with envy. And in my perpetual mood of hedonistic narcissism, I just HAD to have her, regardless of any potential consequences.

So I had my attendant staff set me up well within view of Vivienne and her companions, three other nubile examples of youthful, female beauty. They, as well as many others around, couldn't help but glance over as my uniformed attendants arranged three lounge chairs, a large canopy sunshade, and a small table on which to put my drinks of choice. Everything gleamed of the finest materials and expensive fabrics. By contrast, the four girls reclined together on simple beach towels with no additional equipment. We were at the far Eastern edge of Paradise Beach, and while the Greek Tourism Board supplied a large number of "sun beds" and umbrellas in the middle of the beach, it was the height of the busy season and they were all already taken.

After patiently waiting, I stepped forward and settled into the center lounge chair. Immediately following me was my valet, a gorgeous young Greek woman whose ample tits threatened to burst over the top of her skimpy bikini, as starkly white as the buildings of Santorini. She set my drink on the small table along with a bottle of water for herself, and then knelt in the sand beside my chair. "How may I serve you, sir?" she asked with a thick accent, her dark brown eyes dancing.

I let my gaze run down to the obvious cleavage she was showing me in this position, neatly framed by her curly dark hair cascading over her shoulders. I thought about how she had already "served" me just last night, her legs in the air as I pounded her cunt without mercy until I blasted wave after wave of hot spunk into the back of her womb. But now was not the time for such thoughts. I had other targets in mind.

"Nothing for now, Evania," I said gently, and then waved to the lounge chair on my left, separated from me by the cocktail table.

My beautiful valet nodded and slid onto the chair, pulling her shapely legs together and bent at the knees as she turned onto her side to watch me attentively. I glanced over just as she wrapped an arm around her torso, a motion which compressed her big tits together for my viewing pleasure.

Meanwhile, I snuck a glance over to Vivienne and her companions, my gaze hidden behind my Cartier sunglasses. The elaborate beach setup and uniformed attendants had gotten her attention. Everything screamed money, perhaps unsubtly; but then I didn't want to waste time with subtlety. The third lounge chair seemed to pique Vivienne's interest, especially since it appeared that I had only the one companion. And more to the point, Evania was clearly in a subservient role and separated from my chair by the table. The chair immediately to my right remained unoccupied, and perhaps the gorgeous dirty-blonde couldn't help but momentarily imagine herself relaxing in it.

I smiled and then reclined back into my chair, sinking deep into its plush cushioning and letting my legs stretch out. But then on a whim, I raised my sunglasses up and turned my head to find my beautiful brunette valet still watching me attentively, just in case I needed her services. With a smile, I ordered gently, "Evania, remove your top."

She smiled, pearly teeth sparkling as she turned and reached back to unhook herself. The sheer size of her tits popped the pure white fabric forward as soon as the clasp was released, and after undoing the simple knot behind her neck, her large and pleasantly rounded breasts were left bare for anyone to see, her dark nipples already hardening in arousal.

Given that a decent percentage of women on this beach were topless, Evania's little move didn't attract TOO much attention. Still, many men couldn't help but glance over. And to my delight, Vivienne was similarly glancing over with some jealousy. Up until now, she'd been fully aware she was the most attractive thing in a hundred meter radius. But now, with Evania's darker beauty and unfettered tits, she had some competition. I knew Vivienne's type. She was energized and aroused by the rush of knowing she had a man's attention, and to lose it was something she simply did not want to deal with.

So to my delight and pleasure, Vivienne lay back and unhooked her own bikini top, stripping away the blue and white garment to reveal her prodigious bosoms to anyone who cared to look. And they were certainly worth the look. High, firm, round ... simply a gorgeous pair of melons. She then leaned back, planting her hands behind her and thrusting her chest into the air. I saw the corners of her lips rising in a smile as she knew she'd once again drawn the attention of the majority of males in the vicinity, including me.

This was a girl ready and willing to play, and I felt a stirring in my loins as my heartbeat accelerated in excitement. Now I really had to have her. So I curled my finger to Evania, and once my valet was again kneeling in the sand between our two lounge chairs, I leaned forward and whispered to her my instructions. She smiled in understanding. After all, this wasn't the first time we were doing this.

After retrieving four glasses of ouzo from our attendants, Evania, still topless, sauntered over to the girls with the tray. The four young vacationers at first looked quite surprised when the gorgeous Greek woman knelt beside them. But with some mild conversation, the girls graciously accepted the drinks. A few minutes after that, my lovely valet succeeded in inviting them to join us, and the four young ladies picked up their beach towels and moved to spread them out in front of my lounge chairs, comfortably shielded from the sun by my overhead canopy.

One girl, a green-eyed, shoulder-length blonde, seemed the most reluctant and deliberately placed her towel the furthest away from me. I knew that Evania had stated my intentions clearly: That I just wanted the pleasure of their company on the beach and in return, my attendants would provide to all their needs. Indeed, more drinks, snacks, and umbrellas were soon arriving, although there were no additional lounge chairs coming. But still, the blonde girl instinctively knew that while I didn't necessarily expect anything more than conversation from them, I certainly wanted more.

It was a game I'd already played twice this trip. I had plenty of money and not enough companionship. I started at Naoussa, on Paros, letting native-Greek Evania show me the way. It took some time, but eventually I landed two beautiful local girls, the pair of them looking for a chance to get away from home for a while. They certainly got their wish, and neither girl spent much time with their clothes on while we cruised all around the Mediterranean for close to a month. They got to explore the world just beyond their usual reach, and I was kept well- satisfied with young pussy whenever I wanted it. But eventually the girls got homesick and we returned them back to Naoussa, full of cum but none the worse for wear.

After a couple of weeks break, it was Evania's suggestion to hit a bigger "tourist" spot. The durations might be shorter and expenses higher, but the experience certainly promised to be wilder. At Ibiza, Spain, I'd picked up a trio of young university-age girls on holiday. They had little money and were originally staying at a hostel rather far from the beach. But instead of spending their weeklong holiday at the hostel, the three of them moved onto my yacht and allowed me to shower them with clothes, dinners, and expensive gifts. And I spent their weeklong holiday fucking all three of them within an inch of their lives. Ultimately, they returned home with pleasant memories and I took another couple of weeks to rest with Evania in Greece. But then it was time to start again. I rather enjoyed how things had worked out at Ibiza, and Evania promised me that Mykonos was every bit the equal as a place to find gorgeous young girls ready to party.

She was right. Yesterday, Evania and I were at the Western end of Paradise Beach. We'd attracted another trio of girls, and by the end of the afternoon two of them certainly seemed willing to spend the next several days with me. But one of the girls was absolutely terrified of going off with a total stranger and ultimately, none of them joined me. In retrospect, I'm rather glad they didn't. Otherwise, I never would have met Vivienne.

And Vivienne seemed just as interested to meet me. The gorgeous dirty-blonde bombshell placed her blanket immediately at the foot of my lounge chair, then sat down with her legs folded to the side while leaning on one arm, bending forward to profile her naked tits for maximum appeal. I couldn't yet see her eyes because of her black Gucci sunglasses, but there was no mistaking the smile on her face. "So," she began in an amused but firm voice, with a noticeable but not unmanageable French accent. "I would like to thank you for the drink, but I make it a point not to accept gifts from strangers."

"My name is Tomas Eriksen," I said gently, holding up my own drink in a 'cheers' gesture. "But you can call me Tom. Now we are not strangers."

"Santé, Tom." Vivienne pronounced it 'Tohm' — like 'tome' with an extra breath of 'huh' before the 'o' — and smiled showing off twin rows of perfect teeth. She raised her glass and took a sip before smirking. "Although you do not look Scandinavian. You are American?"

I reached up to touch my dark hair, frosted with blonde tips, and my decidedly more Eastern features. At least I had the blue eyes. "Yes, American. And my mother is NOT Scandinavian," I noted.

"Ah." The dirty-blonde then canted her head and gestured with her glass to her naked chest. "I am Vivienne," she finally told me her name. Then she swept her hand out to introduce the rest of her friends. Cecile was the shoulder-length blonde who was still suspicious of my motives. Lucette was a slender brunette with big, brown doe eyes. And Aveline was a busty, blue-eyed redhead with a wide mouth and a predatory expression. The four of them were old friends who were reuniting two years after graduating from the Université de Bourgogne. Vivienne and Aveline were best friends who had settled into jobs nearby their school in Dijon, Eastern France. Lucette and Cecile had each returned to their hometowns, and this was the first time all four of them were together again. They had already spent two nights in Mykonos drinking and partying, and as Vivienne put it, were "looking for our next adventure" for the remaining five nights they had left.

Collectively, the girls reminded me of twenty-something Midwestern-Americans, eager to get the hell out of Kansas. They were country girls seeking the energy of bright lights, pumping music, and the appearance of being "sophisticated". Well, they were going to get all the adventure they wanted with me.

The conversation flowed easily, despite the differences with accents. I made it a point to involve all four girls, Cecile perhaps being the least experienced with English and therefore the most hesitant of the French girls. But after an hour of me staying in my seat and keeping my hands to myself (along with round after round of drinks), even she started to loosen up.

I flirted with the four of them and started dropping sexual innuendos into the conversation. Jokes went around about me keeping up with the four of them, and I retorted that even if I took them all on at once, at the end of the evening I would be the only one left standing. That led to jokes about me being an old man and it eventually coming out that I was 32 while the four of them were either 23 or 24. But I promised them I was very fit for my advanced age. From my well-toned body born of the daily workouts with a personal trainer available to someone of wealth like me, the girls seemed to agree.

After the first hour, the redhead Aveline had moved up alongside Vivienne and lost her bikini top. Her tits, while not quite as large as her best friend's, were still quite big and round. Then Lucette shyly shed her top and revealed her very perky B-cups. And egged on by her friends, eventually Cecile stripped down as well to show that she had quite healthy natural C-cups of her own, capped with pretty, pale, pink nipples.

It was time for an afternoon snack then, and the girls oohed and ahhed when my attendants brought us quite the spread. It was a cross-section of food from three nearby cafés, and all four girls rather smugly dug in while basking in the jealous looks of more than a few vacationers around us. We had all the shade, drinks, food, and comfort anyone could want on a beach, far more than the girls were expecting when they woke up this morning.

There was an interesting moment when Aveline dripped some mustard onto her left tit, and she moved to take a napkin to clean it up. But reacting quickly, Vivienne reached out and grabbed Aveline's wrist, stopping her motion. Then darting a glance to me to ensure that I was watching, the busty blonde bent over and extended her tongue, swiping up the glob of mustard from the upper slope of her best friend's breast before taking it into her mouth, humming erotically.

Lucette looked scandalized. Cecile exclaimed, "Vivi-enne!" And Aveline merely smiled mischievously.

Yeah, I think we were all on the same page. I glanced over to Evania who shared my Cheshire smile.

By the end of the second hour, I invited Vivienne to take the lounge chair by my side. And knowing everything that such an invitation implied, the gorgeous young woman agreed. None of the other girls protested. It had always been quite clear that Vivienne was the one I wanted most, and for the moment, the other girls just seemed happy to be along for the ride. My placing my hand onto Vivienne's leg without her objection just seemed to validate the direction we were headed. The only thing was: the girls did not yet know I planned to have them all as well.

I began by asking, "Do you have plans for tonight?"

The girls exchanged glances before Aveline spoke up, "Plans? What fun would a vacation be if we made plans?" She laughed musically, the other girls also joining in.

"Well," I brought my hands together, steepling my fingers. "I'm still new to Mykonos and I'm afraid I don't know the best places to go dancing. Would you ladies perhaps like to show me around?"

"We would love to," Vivienne was quick to answer before anyone else could raise an objection. "But we would need to return to our hotel to change into more appropriate clothes."

It was my turn to smile. "Nonsense. Why don't I just take you lovely ladies shopping? My treat. I'm sure we'll find everything you need."

Shopping? Four pairs of eyes lit up in absolute delight.

Dresses, shoes, and of course lingerie, which the girls wouldn't let me see (not yet, at least). Plus jewelry. At first, the girls were quite restrained in their selections. After all, they didn't want to upset me. But after my repeated insistence, as well as making several selections on my own and thrusting them at the girls, they got the hint: Money was no object. I was paying. I wanted to spoil my new companions. And as the Euros flew by, I could actually feel the sexual excitement building, just like I wanted. After all, under the right circumstances, shopping can make a girl quite aroused while also subtly instilling them with a sense of gratitude. And all four girls were starting to feel the need to thank me, as evidenced by the way they each began hugging me after I made purchase after purchase after purchase (especially the big jewelry ones).

Shopping and changing into their new outfits led us to dinner at the most expensive and upscale restaurant on the island. Dinner led to dancing at a trendy nightclub, during which I finally got to put my hands on Vivienne in a somewhat more intimate manner. Her ass was just as firm as I could have hoped for, and the heat in her eyes made it clear that she would follow me anywhere. "Are you having a good time?" I asked mid-dance.

"The best!" Vivienne enthused just before I twirled her and jerked her back, where she literally fell against my chest, giggling happily. I definitely knew her type: young, energetic, and looking for adventure on holiday. She'd come to the beach with the express purpose of hooking up with someone, and from her perspective, she was about to land the whale. I was wealthy, charming, and an excellent dancer. At worst she was going to have a very pleasant hook-up. And if she was really lucky, we might even stay in contact once the holiday was over. As she fingered the pretty necklace I'd bought for her, which likely cost as much money as she made in a month, I could see Euro symbols lighting up in her soft brown eyes. Perhaps she was already dreaming of becoming my next trophy wife.

Making my point, Vivienne moved even closer to me with the next dance, wrapping her thighs around my leg and drawing my chest against hers. She held my cheek in one hand and stared intently at me from just centimeters away. "I am having a wonderful time, Tohm," she husked in that alluring accent. "But I think we can have an even better time in your hotel room." And with that, the gorgeous young babe pressed her face forward and pushed her tongue into my mouth.

It was a spectacular first kiss. Vivienne had made a wonderful first impression just catching my eye in the first place. Her confident, flirty demeanor had continued to impress me throughout the day. And the intensity and passion of that first kiss would have knocked my socks off, were I wearing any. She was intoxicatingly arousing and I knew that if I let her, she could possibly overwhelm me...

... and that COULDN'T happen. This game I played only worked if I could remain detached, in control of the situation. Vivienne was gorgeous and here for sex and a good time, both of which I would be happy to provide for her. But I couldn't let myself develop strong feelings for her. I couldn't let myself be overwhelmed by my own lust for her, lest I might start making bad decisions. A man like me could be led around by his dick in the hands of a manipulative woman, and I simply had too much to lose to relinquish my control.

"Patience," I husked through gritted teeth, pulling my lips away from Vivienne's. "Patience. There is still more dancing to be done."

Vivienne looked a little frustrated, panting in obvious arousal. If I wanted, I could probably drag her into a dark alley and have her give me a blowjob right then and there. But that wasn't how I wanted to start things off. I wanted to savor these moments. And I wanted to stay on top of the situation.

So in an effort to regain some perspective, I switched away from Vivienne and pulled Lucette into dancing with me. While still a very pretty girl any guy would be happy to have in his arms, the shy brunette wasn't nearly as overwhelming as Vivienne; and I was quickly able to get my heartbeat down to a more manageable pace.

Meanwhile, Vivienne started chatting up Evania, not quite grilling my valet about me, but certainly inquisitive to understand the man behind the charming smile and carefree demeanor. I also took turns dancing with each of the other girls, and by now even Cecile was warming to my attentions. She and Lucette seemed to have decided that while I had less-than-platonic intentions, those intentions were mostly focused on Vivienne. With the pressure on them relieved, they started to relax and simply enjoy what they believed to be mild flirting on my part.

The only one who started to actually pull away from me was Aveline. She was just as attracted to me as Vivienne was, and quite enthusiastic with her affectionate demonstrations of thanks during our shopping excursion. The busty redhead had spent much of the day attempting to get and hold my attention, almost competing with Vivienne although she never resorted to anything negative. But as the evening wore on it became clear who the focus of my attention was on, and Aveline began looking elsewhere with some disappointment.

Realizing I was losing one of them, I moved up to Aveline for the next dance and spun her into my arms. "What's wrong? Are you not enjoying yourself?"

"Oh, I am fine," the redhead put on a smile, her blue eyes glinting in the strobing lights amongst the thudding bass beats. "It has been a wonderful day and I want to thank you for these wonderful clothes and these beautiful earrings and necklace, Monsieur Tom." She fingered the jewelry with a smile.

"You're welcome," I replied warmly. "And it's just Tom. No 'monsieur'."

"It is obvious you are wealthy and can afford to spend money on we who are only friends of the girl you really want." Aveline nodded her head to Vivienne, who was still grooving with the music but talking with Evania, who looked absolutely stunning in her own right.

I understood. Aveline, like the others, believed that everything was arranged to seduce Vivienne and that I was merely buttering up her friends to get to my true target. She probably thought that at the end of the night, I would spirit Vivienne away to my hotel or wherever, with merely a promise to return her to her friends in the morning.

"Nonsense," I stated firmly, my own blue eyes glittering. I slid my hand down from Aveline's lower back and cupped her ass, tugging her against my crotch where my erection had been hard for some time. "In fact," I continued. "I was just about to invite you to spend the night on my yacht with me."

Her eyes went wide in pleasant surprise, but then she got the implication almost immediately. "You do not mean to invite just me," she stated knowingly. "You mean to invite all of us."

I nodded slowly, keeping my gaze locked onto hers

"Greedy, perhaps?" She arched a nicely sculpted eyebrow.

I shrugged. "I can afford it. And I promise you won't feel neglected." My hands squeezed her buttcheeks, just slightly thicker-padded than Vivienne's. And my eyes glowed with lustful arousal.

"You were serious when you said you could keep up with all four of us," the redhead breathed. "You've done this before."

I nodded. Then once again I tugged Aveline against my crotch, ensuring she could feel my hardness and making my intentions absolutely clear. Vivienne was a slam dunk at this point. I'd piqued her interest and I knew with certainty she would accept my invitation to come to the yacht. But yeah, I was greedy. What I really wanted was all four of them. Aveline's eyebrows raised and I leaned forward to growl into her ear, "Stay with me, Aveline, for the rest of your holiday. This can be your dream vacation. We will do anything you ever wished to do here; money is no object. We will dine and we will dance. We will shop and buy exquisitely expensive things. And we will spend every available moment exploring all the passionate pleasure we can find."

At my words, I heard the quiver in Aveline's breathing and felt her tremble in my hands. I ducked my head and bit down on her neck while squeezing both her asscheeks and grinding my erection against where I knew her clit would be. The gorgeous redhead moaned and sagged against me, clutching her fingers against my shoulders before I stood her up. "Talk to your friends. Make a decision. And in five more days, you can return home with pleasant memories and a lot more luggage."

With a confident smile, I turned Aveline around and sent her back toward Lucette and Cecile. Then I turned to make the same offer to Vivienne.

I sent my attendants to the girls' hotel to check them out and bring their belongings to the yacht. I didn't want the girls to go themselves and risk any of them changing their mind at the last moment. Aveline was certainly ready and willing. Knowing full well what she was getting into, the gorgeous redhead renewed her mild competition with Vivienne, moving up to take my arm and hold onto me as we left the nightclub. Only after seeing this did Vivienne move to take my other arm.

Lucette seemed intrigued, even flattered that I might still have an interest in her even with Vivienne and Aveline around. At the very least, she wanted to tag along for the high-class whirlwind, eating at more fancy restaurants and going on more shopping trips. And if I showed some sexual interest in her, well, wasn't getting a little wild the point of a holiday in Mykonos?

Only Cecile still had her reservations. But unlike with Aveline, I implied to Vivienne that I would not whisk her away on this grand, all-expenses paid adventure unless she convinced all three of her friends to come along. I claimed that I could not bear to be the reason for separating the four of them on their holiday. And Vivienne's dominant personality was all it took to cajole her friend into not messing everything up.

I reassured Cecile by explaining that absolutely no one would be doing anything they didn't want to do. She still seemed skeptical — after all, I was a strange man taking them to an isolated yacht far, far away from home. But buoyed by her friends, the pretty blonde agreed.

An hour later, the girls were settling into two staterooms on the yacht: Lucette and Cecile in one, Vivienne and Aveline in the other. Everything was of the finest appointments: Gold-plated fixtures, highest-quality silk sheets, and plush furnishings. Lucette and Cecile looked around as if they'd never even seen such a luxurious room, even in a hotel let alone on a boat. Evania was explaining to them the various decks on the yacht and showing them how to work the controls for the built-in LCD TV with satellite feed, as well as the attendant call buttons for room service.

Vivienne and Aveline, on the other hand, were a little busier with me. Vivienne made her own intentions clear when she simply dumped her bag into her room and then immediately came to the Master Suite. Aveline followed along with her old predatory look in her eye as well, entering into my room just steps behind Vivienne.

The statuesque dirty-blonde first turned and looked at her best friend with questions in her eyes. Vivienne still considered herself the 'primary' girl, even though by now she'd figured out that the wealthy, greedy playboy wanted to tap all four of them. Perhaps she'd intended to stake the first claim on me while her friends were settling into the staterooms.

But the way Aveline returned her best friend's gaze made it quite clear that she wasn't about to leave, and in fact the redhead turned and closed my bedroom door. The room was then filled with nothing but the sound of the subtle downtempo music I was pumping through the stereo, the room's insulation doing its job.

I had changed immediately upon arrival while Evania showed the girls around the yacht. By now, I was wearing just a long, elegant white robe with gold trim on top of a pair of black silk boxers. I was reclining on my bed, expecting Vivienne to immediately come to me, and pleasantly surprised that Aveline was here as well. I simply opened my arms in a welcoming gesture, and quickly I found two gorgeous, nubile young women crawling on top of me.

The pair of them self-organized, Vivienne on my right arm and Aveline on my left. Clearly, they both had some designs on me but just as clearly, they knew that fighting with each other would only hamper their individual efforts. And to my surprise, Vivienne backed off to let Aveline move in first to take my head in her hands and press her spicy lips to my own.

Vivienne had made a spectacular impression on me with her kiss back at the nightclub. And with her first kiss, Aveline proved herself equal to the challenge. I felt the redhead's passion as her lips parted my own and her tongue plunged into the back of my mouth, the smell of her arousal filling my nostrils.

And then a new sensation took over lower down my body, and I realized that Vivienne had not backed away for Aveline's benefit. No, the sharp, intelligent vixen had gone straight for my silk boxers, tugging them down and inhaling my shaft into her mouth while I was preoccupied with kissing her best friend.

I jerked my mouth away from Aveline's, gasping at the sudden pleasure and arching my head back. And then I glanced down just in time for Vivienne to roll her soft brown eyes up, stare adoringly at me, and sensuously husk, "Mmm ... Your cock is so delicious."

There's something very symbolic about a blowjob. In a way, it's the ultimate display of subservience a woman can give to a man. She bows before him. She lavishes pleasure and attention on him, often to the point of completion, without getting any pleasure in return. A blowjob is ALL about pleasing the man. Sure, she may hope that he will reward her efforts, but it is by no means guaranteed.

In a new sexual encounter between two near-strangers, the first blowjob IS the first impression. Do it well, and the woman may well reap the rewards for a long time to come. Do it poorly, and she may find herself tossed aside as soon as it's over. Is it fair? Maybe not. It just IS. Things work differently in the world of the wealthy. I had lots of money and a willingness to spend it on those girls whom I favored. Vivienne and Aveline were willing to do whatever it took to get into my favor. Let's not beat around the bush: they were trading sex for money. But as long as everyone understood the rules of the game, everyone could be satisfied with the outcome.

Vivienne attacked me with enthusiasm, skill, and determination. She wasn't holding anything back. She gave me her very best right from the beginning, determined to make a good impression. Because after a few minutes of eager cocksucking, I motioned her aside to let the competition take over.

Aveline had a wide mouth and bee-stung lips that seemed made for sucking dick. She was quite beautiful to begin with, but she was awe-inspiring with my thick shaft between her lips. And her blue eyes flashed as she did her best to one-up her best friend in the cocksucking competition.

"Oh, FUCK, yeah, baby ... So fucking GOOD," I groaned, quite happy with her efforts. I saw the twinkle in Aveline's eyes as she received my praise, my cursing understandable in any language.

But Vivienne wasn't just idly waiting her turn. My attention was drawn away from Aveline's excellent blowjob when Vivienne began peeling herself out of the dress I'd bought her just hours before. It was short, skimpy, and revealed quite a bit of skin to begin with; but now I was seeing a whole lot more of her. The black lace bra she'd chosen quickly came off as well, revealing those massive tits I'd been admiring all day at the beach. She tossed the flimsy garment at me, landing it on my face. I chuckled and picked it up, glancing at the tag. I wasn't comfortable enough with the metric system to easily convert the centimeters but there was no mistaking the letters in '90DD'. I then glanced up just in time for the stacked babe to move my hand to the side as she pushed those glorious breasts into my face, guiding me down into her cleavage while she jiggled them nicely against my cheeks.

"You like that, Tohm? Feel my tits against your cheeks," Vivienne giggled musically in her cute accent. "Are they everything you wanted? I have watched you staring at them all day!"

I just groaned and nodded with a big smile on my face, happily smothering myself in her perfect mammary glands.

But then it was Vivienne's turn to take over cocksucking duties as Aveline pulled her mouth off and brushed her hair back behind her ears, licking her lips with a smile. Vivienne remained kneeling beside my right hip and bent over to inhale my prick while facing away from me. That let me run my hands up and down her thighs and over her shapely ass, skimpily-clad in just a black thong. And then my attention was drawn to my left as Aveline similarly began stripping out of her dress, bumping and swaying to the music before her own large tits popped free.

A minute later, I felt like I was in heaven as I suckled on one of Aveline's engorged, ruby red nipples while Vivienne bent over worshipping my cock. At the same time, guided only by my sense of touch, I slid two fingers past the crotch of Vivienne's thong to bury them inside her juicing wet pussy. I fingerbanged the gorgeous dirty-blonde for a minute while concentrating on getting my tongue onto every square millimeter of Aveline's breasts. And then pulling my fingers free, I held them up and arched an eyebrow up to the redhead. And without a single heartbeat of hesitation, Aveline grabbed my wrist and shoved the honey-coated fingers into her mouth.

That was the last straw. Vivienne's talented cocksucking had brought me to a boil, and I was suddenly grunting as I erupted great gouts of hot cum into her mouth. The blonde babe's head jerked just once when the first blast splattered against her tongue, but she quickly recovered and took in everything I had to give her.

"Fuuuuck!" I grunted, firing again and again and again.

But even after I'd finished nutting my load between Vivienne's lips, she didn't swallow it all down. With bulging cheeks and holding a hand over her mouth, the statuesque blonde picked her head up and turned back to face me. And in perfect coordination, Aveline descended to her best friend and molded their lips together, initiating a sloppy, cum-filled kiss full of erotic moans and dribbling globs of jizz.

I smiled happily. It was only the first night and I already knew that this was going to be a wonderful few days.


I awoke in the morning beneath a pile of naked limbs, feeling quite satisfied with myself. Last night had not been the first time Vivienne and Aveline had shared a man; and it showed in the skill and coordination they displayed while wringing every drop of ecstasy from my body. The two of them alone had been even better than all three Spanish University girls from Ibiza.

But now I was face-down on my bed, feeling like my mouth was full of cotton. Such was one of the consequences of ouzo-fueled orgies. I turned my head to the side, feeling the dampness of my own drool on the sheet. Then I began a push-up to lift myself off the mattress.

A leg was on my back, the foot hanging over my left shoulder with the rest of the leg across my torso and to my right, exiting next to my hip. The leg slid off me as I elevated myself, accompanied by a soft female moan when it landed back onto the bed.

My morning erection was throbbing, having been uncomfortably pressed between my pelvis and the mattress for some time now. As with most mornings, I'd rubbed myself into the mattress for a minute or two while still unconscious, and I was more than ready to go. There were other legs to my left, belonging to the same girl whose arms and head were currently draped on my ass. With intent to fuck, I grabbed that second-pair of legs and pulled them toward me while turning myself around to get my rock-hard prick lined up.

Vivienne rolled onto her stomach while I jerked her legs around. It was merely luck of the draw that her cunt was the first one I saw. I'd have fucked Aveline if she were there instead. But Vivienne it was and the gorgeous dirty-blonde was just starting to wake up when I slotted my dick into her bare-shaven pussy and pressed forward, burying myself to the hilt inside her sopping wet snatch.

"Nnnnghhh-ooooohhhh..." Vivienne groaned as I sank into her body, my cock gliding down with relative ease.

Good, she was still somewhat lubricated by the last load of cum I'd dumped inside her the previous evening. For a girl as gorgeous and seemingly promiscuous as Vivienne, her cunt had been surprisingly tight when I'd first penetrated her last night, almost immediately after that first blowjob. I knew I had a thick cock, but FUCK Vivienne's pussy was quite snug. It had taken several thrusts to enter her the first time while she screamed for me to just ram it deeper.

This morning, barely conscious, the young beauty merely moaned as I filled her up and started my fucking motions. Her arms and legs moved out to the sides like a frog's as I took her from behind, humping her prostrate body like an animal. I both felt and heard the squishing as I pistoned in and out of her cum-filled cunt, intent on adding another load as well.

"Ngh! Ngh! Ngh!" Vivienne grunted with every thrust, her cheek pressed down against the mattress.

But then Aveline began to stir as well. She lay flat on her back, but her naked tits barely sagged to the sides despite their immense mass. They called to me, reminding me of just how sweet they'd tasted last night. And more to the point, I was fully aware that Aveline's pussy was currently empty, with none of my jizz floating around inside. That's not because I didn't spunk inside her. No, my first load after nutting into Vivienne's mouth last night had gone into Aveline's pussy. It's just that Vivienne promptly sucked it all back out. My next load went all over Vivienne's big tits, which Aveline then licked up. Only my last load of the evening, deep into Vivienne's womb, stayed inside. That's because we were all too wiped out to even move after that.

So after sloshing around inside Vivienne's cunt with the remains of last night's fourth ejaculation, I pulled out and knee-walked my way over to Aveline, who had just managed to come fully awake while listening to her best friend's orgasmic cries of ecstasy. The redhead was unresisting as I parted her knees with my hands and guided my still-slick cock to the entrance of her pussy, and then she gasped as I began pushing myself inside her. Aveline had a little better muscle control, relaxing herself enough to let me in while the lubrication on my cock proved just slick enough for entry. And then the busty redhead's tits were jiggling and her hands gripped my biceps while I proceeded to give her a screaming morning orgasm.

"Oui-oui-oui!" Aveline began chanting while I hammered her harder and harder and harder. "Mon Dieu fuck me HARDER! Aaaagh!!!"

I watched the gorgeous young babe pick her head up and start tossing it left and right, sending red hair flying every which way. I moved my hands up to her shoulders, physically yanking her lighter body against my crotch with each thrust while she held onto my forearms in desperation. And as I felt her pussy muscles clenching in orgasm, I slammed myself as far as I could go up her vaginal channel and let loose, hosing down her insides with a massive load of cum, my balls having fully recharged overnight.

"Unnnghhh!" I grunted, pouring out fresh waves of cum into her willing body, my pelvic muscles contracting again and again with each creamy wad.

When we were done, and I was propping myself over Aveline's face on my elbows, I smiled down at the pretty redhead. "I want you to keep that inside you until after breakfast, tu comprends?"

She giggled and nodded. "Oui."

THAT'S how you start a day.

Aveline sat down with a noticeable 'squish', causing her to blush in embarrassment. Lucette in particular seemed even more wide-eyed than usual, but no comments were made. The six of us fit nicely around the yacht's dining table, Vivienne to my right and Evania to my left.

I introduced the girls to the uniformed, all-Greek crew: the yacht's captain, and the other five crewmembers who were serving us. None of them were young males, to reduce the temptation for any of my girls to step out on me while onboard. One crewman actually did get cheeky with an Ibiza student a couple of weeks ago; he's no longer aboard. And two of the crew were young females: Althea and Nika. I'd bedded each of them a few times on this trip in between ports.

The captain acquainted himself with the ladies and informed them that any of his crew would serve them to the best of their abilities, and then everyone was dismissed to return to their posts. Althea, as the cook, remained behind to serve us. Nika went to tidy up the staterooms — she knew just how to handle changing out my sheets.

Then started the discussion: What to do?

If it were solely up to me, I'd spend every waking moment fucking one of the seven nubile ladies on-board, or at least recovering from one and preparing to fuck the next. But no matter how narcissistic my desires, human females just don't quite work that way.

Well, scratch that. In the aftermath of ... losing ... my wife, I HAD holed myself up in a Vegas penthouse with an ever-changing harem of hookers who simply lived for me to fuck them. But there was a soullessness to those encounters that just didn't satisfy. The four French girls on this boat weren't exactly paid to screw me. And the energy and enthusiasm they would bring more than made up for the hassles of seducing them and keeping them entertained.

For their part, the girls seemed somewhat at a loss for what to do for entertainment as well. It was their first time in Mykonos and their only plans were to hang out at the beach, eat at the cafés, and pick up guys. But now that they were hooked up with me, all three of those goals were rather moot.

"What do you suggest?" Vivienne, the group's chosen spokeswoman, asked me while leaning over and wrapping both hands around my arm.

I smirked and glanced down at her obvious cleavage. "You don't want to know what I would suggest."

Five women around the table grinned knowingly. But I turned to Evania. "This is your country, my dear. Do you have any suggestions?"

My gorgeous valet nodded with a smile. "If this is your first time to Mykonos," Evania began in a clear voice with the now familiar Greek Island accent. "Then let me show you what this place is really all about, beyond the beaches and bars."

The girls glanced at each other and nodded. Playing tourist for the day didn't seem so bad.

"But Mr. Eriksen," Evania continued. "Perhaps we will need to get the girls some appropriate clothes and shoes for walking. Another shopping trip is in order."

More shopping? Four pairs of eyes lit up in absolute delight.

As usual, Evania followed me into my suite when we finished breakfast. While Evania might not fit the technical definition of a "valet", functioning more as a personal assistant to me on this trip, the valet term was something I'd become fond of. And one of the traditional duties as a valet WAS to dress me, something I rather enjoyed. So while I stood patiently in front of the wardrobe, I let the gorgeous 27-year-old Greek goddess strip me naked before standing behind me and reaching her right hand around to take my turgid erection in hand. "May I please take care of this, sir?"

I inhaled, considering the options. Every year I was getting older and despite my near superhuman ability to get erections and manufacture semen, I was starting to recognize my limits. I'd only cum once that morning, so I knew I had plenty of juice left; but I wondered if I should save it for later in the day. Still, the feel of Evania's hand subtly stroking me made my decision. "Pare mou mia pipa," I stated in Greek with a smile, ordering her to suck my dick. "These first morning shopping trips usually take longer than expected."

My valet's brilliant white teeth sparkled as she smiled from just over my shoulder. She quickly circled around and knelt before me, taking my mushroom head into her mouth while jacking me in her right hand with the corkscrewing motion she knew I loved so much. Like I said, a blowjob is the ultimate display of subservience. And nothing made Evania happier than pleasing me.

It didn't take very long. I didn't try to hold back, not wanting to make the gorgeous brunette wait any longer than she had to for my cum. I closed my eyes and groaned as the pleasure lanced through my body and expelled itself through my shaft, filling Evania's mouth with wave after wave of my creamy honey. She swallowed happily, taking great gulps that made her throat ripple with every burst. And when I was done, she gasped for breath with a delighted smile and then lovingly nuzzled my deflating prick in gratitude for my heavenly offering. "Efharisto..." she thanked me.

"You're welcome, Evania. Now let's finish getting me dressed."

The morning shopping trip did indeed take up the entire morning. Knowing we had several more days, everyone took their time browsing. And even though the girls knew they wouldn't have to pay for things, they showed some restraint in taking care to only select outfits or accessories they really liked.

And then of course, there was the time Vivienne dragged me into a dressing stall and mounted my cock. It was a tiny shop with only the one dressing stall, really just a partition with paper-thin walls that didn't even reach the ceiling. Everyone in the store could hear the statuesque blonde moaning in heat and the wet squish of my cock in her cunt as she urgently humped me while shoving those massive tits into my face. And she looked rather disheveled when we finally exited the stall.

The middle-aged Greek shopkeeper just raised both her eyebrows at us. Evania was nearby and made some comment in Greek, which made the older woman crack a smile.

But then Vivienne looked down and tried to scoop a trail of my jizz that was leaking past her panties and down her leg. Aveline simply darted forward and dragged her best friend back into the dressing stall. The sounds of noisy slurping soon emanated through the paper-thin walls, causing the shopkeeper to once again raise her eyebrows in astonishment. I suppose Aveline was just making up for not sucking my cum out of Vivienne last night.

Eventually, we hit a café for lunch, and spent well over an hour just chatting while some of the yacht's crew arrived to bring back the girls' extra shopping bags. Meanwhile, Evania began telling the history of Mykonos like an accomplished tour guide, and FINALLY we piled into a jeep and set off to explore more of the island, including picturesque churches like Paraportiani, out of the way beaches, and the Monastery of Panaghia Tourliani. Evania brought two digital cameras for the girls to take home with them, and we kept busy snapping photos almost constantly.

Dinner was once again at an exclusive restaurant. My girls delighted at being treated like royalty, and I got more than a few stares from other men wishing they could surround themselves with five such gorgeous creatures of beauty. The food was excellent, even better than the previous evening. And as the girls were getting used to me, they were certainly relaxing and becoming much more comfortable with the overall situation, as if they lived every day of their lives purely for leisure as one of my "special friends".

The next stop was a nightclub, where we all proceeded to get drunk and dance like the world was coming to an end. Several guys attempted to poach one or another of my girls, but none were successful. Vivienne especially stayed molded to my hip, doing her level best to keep my attention on her at all times. With her fantastic body and obvious sexuality, she was certainly doing a good job. For this night at least, I seemed to be the center of the gorgeous blonde's world. There was an extra intensity in her kisses, more than just mere lust or passion. And the way she held my face in her hands afterward and simply stared into my eyes communicated so much more.

Meanwhile, Evania and Aveline were frequently asked to dance. With my encouragement, they flirted and bumped hips with many a young man on the prowl; but in the end they always came back to me.

Lucette and Cecile were also frequently approached by other men. Both girls enjoyed the attention and flirted, the way all girls on holiday flirted. But even though neither girl was sleeping with me nor showed any interest in sleeping with me, they both almost shyly informed their suitors that they were already taken, and then returned to the safety of the group.

By the end of the night, I was bombed completely out of my MIND. Really, ouzo is quite the dangerous drink. Vivienne and Aveline were similarly plastered, the three of us hopped up on Red Bull and adrenaline by the time we returned to the yacht.

It was a somewhat messier path to my suite from there. Aveline had already latched onto my lips before we even boarded, and she didn't seem inclined to let go. Various pieces of clothing littered the hallway up to my door, a bra here, panties there, a dress hanging on a random doorknob.

I'd dropped Aveline onto her back across my bed and slid my cock into her juicing cunt when I looked up to the open doorway to see that Evania had picked up all the clothing and carried them into the room. A smiled at my valet and got an impish gleam in my eye. The gorgeous brunette caught my look and then smiled when I nodded my head toward Vivienne, who was currently molding herself to my side, kissing my neck and rubbing her tits against my arm. The statuesque blonde had practically been attached to that arm all night.

Evania noiselessly slipped past me and came up behind an unsuspecting Vivienne, reaching up to clutch the dirty-blonde's shoulders before leaning in and kissing the taller girl's neck.

Vivienne gasped at the new touch and then turned, lust flaring in her eyes as she realized my Greek valet was joining in on the fun. She readily accepted Evania's hands on her face and bent down, puckering her lips as perhaps the two most beautiful people on the entire yacht came together in a passionate kiss.

The girls both moaned before Evania firmly moved Vivienne onto her back beside Aveline, similarly spreading the blonde's legs open. Then Evania paused to strip herself of her own clothing, revealing her gloriously naked body inch-by- inch before kneeling beside the bed and burying her face into the blonde's bare- shaven muff.

Side-by-side, my valet and I worked the two girls. I fucked Aveline to two climaxes before busting my nut inside her, the redhead screaming my name loud enough for the entire yacht to hear, especially since Evania had left the door open. Evania herself ate out Vivienne to two orgasms as well, actually beating me in our mini-competition. No matter, I didn't mind losing, as long as I got to cum. Then I switched with Evania, the Greek brunette slurping my jism out of the redhead while I straddled Vivienne's chest, having the dirty-blonde suck me hard while also laying my re-growing cock into the valley of her cleavage, using her tits as extra stimulation.

When I was ready, I repositioned Vivienne directly atop her best friend, watching the two young beauties crush their tits into each other and make out both for their own pleasure and mine. Then with a few more silent directions to Evania, my valet retrieved the necessary items, lubed up two fingers on both her hands, and then unceremoniously plunged them into the tight assholes of our young French friends.

"Aiiii!" Vivienne shrieked in surprise.

"Oooh!" Aveline grunted.

And then my head was right by theirs. "I'm going to fuck your asses off ladies, comprenez-vous?" I wasn't really asking them. I was telling them.

Aveline's eyes went wide, the blue color brighter than anything I'd ever seen. She looked a little nervous, but with plenty of alcohol in her system relaxing her she just gulped and nodded.

Vivienne, on the other hand, simply grinned back at me. Smiling in response myself, I got to my knees and brought my erection up to her face, Vivienne excitedly taking me into her mouth and sucking on me adoringly before pulling me out and feeding me down to Aveline. The redhead licked me several times before the girls simply put my cock between them and ran their lips back and forth together. And then it was time as I moved back off the bed between their spread legs and let Evania lube me up.

Vivienne had been grinding her crotch against Aveline's when my hands landed on her hips. The gorgeous and sexy dirty-blonde went still, raising her ass up into the air in anticipation as I notched my moistened mushroom head against her anus. She shivered the moment I began to apply pressure, and with surprising ease I slipped through her sphincter and began to burrow in. She began muttering in unintelligible French, closing her eyes and hanging her head down while Evania stroked her spine and Aveline kissed her neck from below.

But soon I hit rock bottom, my pelvis pressed tightly against her ass, and I flexed my thick cock deep within her bowels. "Mon Dieu! You are so BIG!" Vivienne cursed.

I pulled back several inches and rammed forward once again, causing the dirty- blonde to grunt as I stretched her anal chute out. And then Vivienne began a repetitious moaning while I started to rhythmically pump in and out of her ass.

Aveline was whispering encouragement in French to her best friend, kissing the blonde girl and rubbing her cheeks. Meanwhile, Evania's hand reached underneath, fingering my sex-toy's clitoris and stroking her pussy while I continued sawing in and out of the girl's back door. And from the combined attention of the three of us, Vivienne was soon skyrocketing toward orgasm.

"Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!" The dirty-blonde gasped through clenched teeth. "Fuck me! Fuck my ass!"

The words were quite simulating. Hearing them in Vivienne's extreme accent, which was getting worse the longer we fucked, was inspiring. I started ramming her harder and harder and harder, reaming out the poor girl's asshole with drunken abandon. She began babbling in French, words I couldn't even pretend to comprehend; and yet I understood her meaning just fine. And there was no mistaking when her entire body locked up and her ass muscles clamped down on my prick, trying to break it off inside her bowels as she screamed in climax.

Vivienne collapsed straight onto Aveline after that orgasm, all strength gone from her limbs. That effectively pinned down the busty redhead and distracted her while I pulled my cock from Vivienne's rectum and pushed it into hers. Too late, Aveline felt the penetration and tensed up, but my mushroom head had already passed through her sphincter and I was pushing down while she simply threw her head back and groaned, "Ohhhhhggghhh."

Vivienne tried to catch her breath for a minute before she realized she was crushing her best friend beneath her. The blonde quickly pushed up on her knees and elbows, letting Aveline finally gasp for additional air. But then the blonde just as quickly took that air away when she molded her lips over her the redhead's, sucking her into a kiss while Evania changed the target of her cleaned-up nimble fingers, rubbing and stroking Aveline's pussy before sliding two of them inside.

Deprived of oxygen, Aveline could do nothing to resist the intense sensations assaulting her body. From the thick cock splitting her asshole, to the fingers rubbing her G-spot and massaging her clit, and her best friend's tongue in her mouth, Aveline quickly crested into a mind-blowing orgasm that literally knocked her unconscious. I swear the redhead had passed out even before her screaming stopped.

I fucked Aveline's ass for a few more strokes, unable to stop. But I didn't want to continue just using the redhead's limp body and I had to CUM.

So without warning, I seized Vivienne's hips and flung her bodily to the side, rolling the statuesque blonde onto her back. I gripped her legs and raised them up while quickly pushing my dick to the entrance of her ass, still lewdly stretched open from the reaming I'd given her not ten minutes prior. She barely had time to squeal before I lunged forward with my hips and once again skewered her asshole with my cock, and without any restraint I rutted in and out of the busty blonde's backdoor intent on my own ejaculation.

Evania wasn't done yet, either. Watching me take charge pushed her into motion as well. My lovely valet had gone thus far without an orgasm of her own, but now she mounted Vivienne's chest and dropped her own bare-shaven cunt onto the pinned girl's mouth. "Eat!" she commanded with flames in her irises, staring down into Vivienne's surprised eyes.

The blonde really was surprised. After more than a day of Evania being the perfect servant — obedient, helpful, and deferential — it must have been quite the shock to hear such a command tone coming from her mouth. But when I rammed my dick even harder up Vivienne's ass, the blonde quickly went to work, grabbing onto Evania's thighs and munching away as if her life depended on it.

And then I hit my limit. After three more ecstatic thrusts into Vivienne's rectum, I stopped at full depth and let fly with jet after jet of hot cum to scald the insides of the young French blonde's bowels. With each pulsing wave of pleasure, I felt a measure of contentment arrive to quiet the depressive thoughts that kept trying to come to mind.

And when I was done spunking this girl's asshole and pulled out to rest, I took in the scene around me. Aveline was still flat on her back to my left, gloriously naked and limp, with some of my semen Evania missed still trickling out of her pussy. Evania had spun around into a sixty-nine position with Vivienne so that she could slurp my cum out of the blonde girl's asshole. My Greek valet treated my semen as if it were liquid gold, as she seemingly could never get enough of it. And Vivienne — beautiful, sexy, gorgeous Vivienne — moaned in ecstasy into Evania's pussy while feeling the busty brunette giving her a rimjob.

Two gorgeous 23-year-old French girls and my sexy valet: Vivienne, Aveline, and Evania. My Three 'V's. This was my life now. In a way, it wasn't so different from my life before. And this version was less complicated. Just money and fun and sex. No romantic issues. No worries about the future. Who needed wives? Who needed children? Who needed hope?

All that mattered was the present. In four days, these girls would leave and return to France, and I would move on to the next place to sate my lust. Hell, I might even stay in Mykonos. It was the high season and there was always a new group of girls flying in.

Best to enjoy today, and forget about my past.


Vivienne and Aveline were a little sore after last night's adventures. So in the morning I packed them off to their own stateroom and rolled Evania over, taking pleasure from my beautiful valet. Before I came, she pleaded with me for her own small happiness and I granted it to her by pulling out of her pussy and blowing my load down her throat so she could drink down the cum she craved so much.

The girls then decided to relax aboard the yacht. We had a jacuzzi big enough for ten, convertible for either hot or cold depending on my mood. Bikini bottoms were worn for sanitary reasons, but bikini tops were expressly forbidden. So all five of my girls lounged around the back deck wearing nothing but skimpy bottoms and expensive jewelry. I spent a couple of nice hours just soaking with champagne and strawberries, ogling all the wonderful titflesh around me, ranging in size from Lucette's perky mounds to Vivienne's massive hooters. I'm sure the four men on the crew didn't mind the view, either.

Those crewmen would have also gotten quite the show just before lunch, had they been around. Aveline decided she was hungry a little early and she sweetly asked me to sit up on the jacuzzi platform surrounding the tub. So with my legs still dangling into the water, the gorgeous redhead knelt on the jacuzzi bench seat and tugged my swim trunks down to my ankles. Then carefully tying her hair back, she bent over and promptly inhaled my prick.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Aveline's wide mouth and bee-stung lips are just made for sucking dick.

If Lucette had been scandalized to see Vivienne licking mustard off of Aveline's tit, I rather wondered how she would react to see this. So prying my gaze off the view of Aveline adoringly bobbing her head up and down in my lap, I glanced across the jacuzzi to see that the slender brunette was simply staring intently, her doe eyes seeming even bigger than usual. And her hard nipples seemed rather plump as well.

On the other hand, now it was Cecile's turn to look a little embarrassed, blushing red and averting her eyes. Back when we first met, she had immediately guessed my less-than-honorable intentions in offering the girls drinks and food in exchange for their company. The shopping and dinner had enthused her, and the pretty blonde had warmed to my flirtations the past couple of days. But somewhere in the back of her head, she may have been pretending that sex wasn't part of the deal. I had been a gentleman throughout and not pressured her in the slightest, but as she fingered the exquisite bracelet she now wore on her delicate wrist, perhaps she couldn't help but feel a little... obligated...

But I had other things to worry about right now, like my impending eruption. I ran my fingers through Aveline's silky red hair, panting heavily while she rolled those blue eyes up and stared deep into the back of my soul. I love blue eyes, have I mentioned that? And I couldn't imagine a better sight at this moment than the view of Aveline's pretty face in anticipation of my load.

"Oh, Aveline!" I cried as I grunted and then began geysering into her mouth. She drank down every drop without missing a beat, continuing to bob her head up and down with the pressure of her lips only adding to my pleasure. And when I was done, I sagged back on my elbows with a goofy smile on my face.

"Did you like that, Tom?" the pretty redhead asked sweetly as she leaned back and wiped her mouth.

"Loved it, Aveline." I grinned. "Feel free to do that whenever you want."

She sparkled happily and I made a mental note to get her something extra- special the next time we were in town.

But of course, Vivienne then had to top her best friend. The gorgeous dirty- blonde had been reclining side-by-side with Evania on some lounge chairs, catching some sun and talking intently. She'd also stripped off her bottoms for an all-over tan, and so she was fully naked save for some of the jewelry and sunglasses I'd purchased for her when she got up and sauntered over to the jacuzzi.

Without a word, the young babe took my hand and tugged me off the jacuzzi platform, motioning for me to get rid of the trunks when my feet landed on the deck. Still holding my hand, she led me over to a wide bench built against the yacht's wall, laying me down flat on my back. And then with slow, deliberate movements (and an impish smile), Vivienne removed her sunglasses, knelt beside the bench, and then slurped my half-hard cock into her mouth.

It didn't take long for me to get hard again. The process was greatly sped up when Vivienne folded my dick into her cleavage and squeezed her tits around me while humping her chest up and down. And then once she deemed me suitably rigid, the statuesque dirty-blonde mounted me and sat down on my prick, moaning and arching her back as it speared upwards into her body.

Vivienne rode me to a climax before she concentrated on me. I observed the heat in her eyes and her fierce expression as she clenched and unclenched her pussy muscles while fucking her entire body up and down on me. Those massive tits wobbled brilliantly right in my face and she bent over several times to mash them against my cheeks. I could only imagine what was going through Lucette's and Cecile's minds NOW. And in the end, I grunted and fired my wad into the gorgeous blonde's pussy.

When we were done, Vivienne sat back and breathed heavily, causing her mammaries to rise and fall enticingly enough to start getting me hard again. But the gorgeous dirty-blonde turned her soft brown eyes to the jacuzzi, giving Lucette and Cecile rather significant looks as if to ask, 'Would one of you like to go next?'

Somewhat to my disappointment, neither girl got out of the tub or gave any indication they would take up the offer. So Vivienne simply stood up, cupping her own snatch and waddling back over to the lounge chairs. She sweetly said something in French to Evania, who quickly removed her own sunglasses and lowered her lounge chair into a flat position. Then Vivienne carefully straddled the chair, squatted down, and released my cum to begin trickling out of her spread labia and down to my valet's waiting mouth.

Just another day on my boat.

That same afternoon, we were on the island of Delos taking pictures when Lucette finally asked the question that always comes up at least once during these little excursions. "Tom, why are you doing this?"

I knew what she meant by the question, but I just took a deep breath and averted my eyes. "What do you mean?"

Lucette looked up at me with those big, brown doe eyes. "Why did you come here, so far away from home? Why did you invite us to stay with you?"

Aveline and Cecile were posing off to the side while Evania took their picture, but Vivienne was always close by to me. The statuesque blonde giggled as she stepped up and wrapped her arm around the slender brunette. "Why? Why do you think, Lucette? Because he CAN."

Vivienne then turned her body into Lucette's, molding herself against her friend's side and bringing her lips up to the brunette's cheek, dangerously close to kissing it. "He is a man. He is wealthy. And he can afford to shower pretty young things like us with gifts, for as long as he continues to be entertained." The gorgeous babe then turned and flashed her eyes at me, lowering her eyelids with a sultry expression while running her left hand down her side and over her rounded hip. Vivienne's tone made it clear she had every intention of 'entertaining' me for a long time to come.

But even with Vivienne practically humping her, Lucette kept her gaze on me, searching my eyes. "No, it is more than that." She pointed. "Your wear no ring, but your fourth finger is not tanned the same as the other fingers. You used to wear a ring." Her gaze then returned to my eyes. "And then there are me and Cecile. Why have us along? We have not given you any sign we will have sex with you, and yet you treat us as well as Vivienne and Aveline. You could have the both of them without us being in the way."

Vivienne arched her eyebrows and glanced at me with curiosity. "Perhaps he did not think we would stay the week with him if you two were not also invited?"

I took a strong step forward, moving myself almost menacingly close to Lucette. "Or perhaps I still intend to have you, one way or the other," I growled threateningly, wanting to see her reaction.

To her credit, the slender brunette stood her ground. "No. You are not the type of man to force a woman," Lucette stated decisively. "If we thought you were, we would not have gotten onto the yacht."

"I would have." Vivienne grinned.

I chuckled and held my arm out to her. The giggling blonde quickly slid into my grasp and let her hand run down my side and toward my crotch while I reached back to palm her ass.

But Lucette maintained her serious demeanor. She folded her arms and looked up at me. "What are you running away from, Tom? What happened to you that you are trying to drown yourself with sex? We are not the first group of girls to board your yacht, are we?"

I sighed and turned my head away. "Lucette, you really know how to kill the mood."

"Kill ... the mood?" The French brunette frowned, turning over the expression in her head and working to translate the concept.

I sighed. "Nevermind."

She looked at me plainly, a warmth in her eyes. "Please. I just want to understand."

I sighed and long-buried frustration boiled up to the surface. "My wife left me, okay? She ... we..." I gritted my teeth and fought the moisture trying to form in my eyes. "We had problems having children." No one had ever pushed even close to this far to get inside my skull, not any of my recent girls nor even Evania. It actually felt just a bit of a relief to say something.

Lucette furrowed her eyebrows and frowned. "Many couples have trouble conceiving."

I sighed and looked away, suddenly feeling like I didn't want to be holding Vivienne any longer, like I was betraying my wife and the others. "It's complicated."

"Surely you have friends who care about you, Tom. Where are they now?"

I suddenly didn't want to have this conversation. Evania, Aveline, and Cecile were returning and now within hearing range. I shook my head, "I don't want to talk about it, okay? Let's just have a good time, Lucette."


"I did NOT invite you girls to pry into my personal life!" I turned and barked at the smaller girl. "I am happy for you to share my company and enjoy your holiday. There are only a few more days left. You are not here to ask about my family!"

"No. We are here so you can fuck us," Lucette snapped back. I heard Cecile take a sharp breath from further away.

I sighed and pinched my forehead. In a calmer but resigned voice, I said, "I am here to enjoy my holiday as well. I will readily admit that I would not have invited you all if I did not think that ... some ... of you would sleep with me. That's the point of coming to Mykonos." I glanced at Vivienne, who just smiled weakly. "But I assure you, Lucette, if you leave in three days without us ever doing anything, I will still be quite happy to have had your company."

I turned and promptly decided to go for a short walk by myself. My posture and demeanor made it clear that I did not want company, and no one followed. Behind me, I heard Vivienne start berating her friend for upsetting me, even slapping the shorter girl's arm.

That was a little too close.

After we returned to the yacht, the captain set sail for a quiet, uninhabited island so that we could have a gorgeous, unspoiled beach all to ourselves. Along the way, Lucette tracked me down to apologize for prying into my personal life.

"It's okay, Lucette," I waved her off. "I was expecting at least one of you to ask the 'why' question. And you are right to be a little wary of any strange man who invites young women onto a yacht where he could take you ... anywhere."

She nodded and then stepped forward, wrapping her arms around my neck. "Please do not think I am ungrateful. I am having a wonderful time and this is already the best holiday I've ever been on. You have been nothing but a gentleman to me. Thank you."

I smiled and nodded. "You're welcome."

"And you really did not expect us to just roll over and let you have sex with us?"

I smirked. "I could hope..."

That earned me a giggle. Then Lucette leaned in and pecked my cheek. "We shall see."

Eventually, we got to our destination, a gorgeous strip of pristine sand with a small cove to protect the calm waters. The beach wasn't very large, perhaps the size of a basketball court. And the surrounding slopes meant that it was only accessible by boat. But it was plenty big enough for the six of us and private enough for my intentions.

So everyone promptly stripped naked and frolicked in the sand and surf like little children, though I will admit, the bodies I felt up during our play certainly did not feel like little children. Giggling, even Lucette and Cecile let my hands roam along their delicious treasures.

Lucette in particular was much more animated, going out of her way to approach me. There was a time when I stood in the shallows, bracing myself with my hands clasped together. Vivienne and Aveline were taking turns holding onto my shoulders and stepping onto my hands just as I stood up from a crouch and vaulted them into the air, sending each naked girl laughing and splashing back down into the calm waters. I was not surprised when Lucette sauntered by to take a turn. I was more surprised the second time she came to be launched, when she reached her hands out to cup my balls and take a quick stroke of my cock, her movements hidden underwater from the others.

My eyebrows rose. Lucette batted her eyes prettily at me and giggled, "I AM here to enjoy my holiday."

"Be careful then, my dear," I murmured while letting my own hand slide between her legs. "I do not expect anything from you but I will take advantage if you give me the opportunity."

The slender brunette shivered as my finger began stroking her labia, and then her doe eyes opened up and she stared right at me. "Then perhaps I need to give you an opportunity."

The opportunity was not right now. I knew enough about women to read that. Instead, I simply put my hands into the proper position, letting her step onto them. And I vaulted the slender brunette into the air, getting a fleeting view of her well- formed breasts and cute pussy, covered only by a well-trimmed rectangle of dark fuzz. After that, even Cecile worked up the nerve to come and play a bit more with me.

Just before the sun went down on our western-oriented beach, we got dressed in casual clothes and the crew laid out a spectacular picnic dinner in the sand, complete with wine and silver utensils. A bonfire was also lit to the side, providing extra warmth and light as the sun began its slow descent.

We took our time eating our food. Both Vivienne and Aveline stayed right beside me, ensuring that I didn't need to serve a single bite to myself. Mostly, the girls used their fingers. But after Aveline placed a sliver of fish between her lips and fed it to me that way, of course Vivienne had to get in on the act.

And then to my surprise (after we'd finished more than a few bottles of wine), Lucette was even so daring as to repeat the maneuver, this time with a slice of Olive bread just barely protruding from her mouth. The first time my lips touched the shy brunette's, I simply grabbed her head and rolled her onto her back, spitting out the bread. Then I showed her that this "Old American" certainly knew how to French kiss. Lucette melted beneath my arms and allowed my tongue to play freely with hers.

After a few minutes, I pulled back just far enough to look at Lucette's big, brown eyes, which were wide in anticipation. She looked nervous, but hungry. A day spent living such a lavish adventure, plus enough wine to batter down her sense of caution, had primed the budding wallflower. I recognized the opportunity she was giving me. "Are you sure?" I asked softly.

"I am here to enjoy my holiday," she replied just as softly.

I reached down to my shorts, undid the clasp, then deftly unzipped my own fly and pulled my cock free. It was loud and obvious enough for her to be fully aware of what I was doing. Lucette simply shivered as I raised her skirt and slid her panties to the side. And then within full view of her friends nearby, I pinned the skinny girl on the blanket beneath me, nudged her thighs apart, and pushed my cock into her moist folds.

The slender brunette tensed up for the briefest of moments, her mouth gaping open like a fish as she gasped for air. But then she exhaled and sighed, the tightness of her pussy relaxing enough for me to continue pressing deeper and deeper into her, until at last my pelvis was mashed up against hers. On the picnic blanket, just a meter away from her friends, Lucette and I were having sex while fully dressed.

I brushed her dark brown hair back from her forehead with my left hand, gently rubbing her scalp. With warmth and kindness in my eyes, I smiled down at her before bending and capturing her lips once again with my own. Her tongue daintily came out to play, intertwining with mine. And then she was gasping again as I pulled my cock back and then re-sheathed myself in her wetness with a forceful lunge.

And then again.

And again.

Lucette was a quiet and serious lover, much like the rest of her personality. She didn't scream or cry out, merely whimpering almost constantly and moaning softly when her orgasm overtook her. I pried my mouth off of hers as I approached my own ejaculation, gripping her face in both of my hands and grunting as my body powerfully humped up and down, driving my cock into her slender body over and over. Her big, brown eyes were wide and staring right back into mine as I thrust the final few times and then stopped, fully embedded inside her, as my cockhead opened up and I began pouring out a hot load of cum into her depths.

My body spasmed uncontrollably a few times before I expended my last breath and then collapsed my heavy weight on top of her. And the shy, slender brunette simply wrapped all of her limbs around me, cooing happily as she felt me crushing down onto her chest.

My holiday was going well.

Since our island was some ten miles away from the nearest club, instead of dancing the girls and I huddled around the bonfire and just talked. The girls shared with me their daily lives. All had entry-level jobs and came from middle- class families. Dijon was a city in its own right, but still rather far away from the major French metropolitan areas like Paris or Marseilles, in more than just geographical distance. Vivienne and Aveline talked about sharing an apartment in Dijon but still dreaming about the lifestyle of the bigger cities. Lucette and Cecile were even more provincial and unused to the rapid-fire pace of a hotspot like Mykonos. None of them had ever experienced anything on the scale of luxury they'd already had these past couple of days.

Of course, they asked what I did for a living. I explained that I was currently wealthy and lived for young girls like them. Nothing more. The matter was quickly dropped and the girls returned to talking about themselves.

Vivienne was quite animated telling stories about all the trouble the girls got into during their University days, and Cecile laughingly pointed out that it was Vivienne's fault more often than not. That led to stories about what kinds of trouble Vivienne and Aveline were getting into recently, and I simply hung back and listened as the girls caught up with each other as much as to inform me.

I felt a tug in my chest just then. It happened every time with these girls. Somewhere along the line, I would develop feelings for them. At first, they were just nubile bodies to be lusted after and then fucked into submission. But the more time I spent with them, the more I got to know them, the more they became... real ... to me. I was starting to like them, and not just in a casual sense of "like". I was starting to like them in the sense that I might want to spend more time with them, and that I'd miss them when they were gone.

It was happening faster now. With the Naoussan local girls, it had taken weeks for me to get to the level of "friends" with them. It nearly broke my heart when they told me they wanted to go home and leave me behind. I specifically went to Ibiza afterwards, because I knew the Spanish girls would have to return home at the end of their weeklong holiday. Then, I hadn't started to feel the pinch of longing until the night before they departed.

But I'd only met these French girls little more than two days ago. How could it be happening so fast?

I couldn't develop feelings for them. They were disposable playthings, to be used and enjoyed and then sent home without a backwards glance. I would get to know them enough to make the sex less ... mechanical ... but nothing more than that. They were extended one-night stands, and I fought to keep my mind in that mode. The LAST thing I wanted was to... feel ... for another human being.

Hell, I was already too late with Evania. I had come to depend on her these past few months and I already did not ever want to be parted from her. But no more attachments than that.

No more...

Fortunately, Vivienne decided she'd gone long enough without fucking me. The gorgeous blonde had been leaning against my chest while I reclined on a backrest the crew had provided each of us. Presently, Cecile was reminiscing about a particular professor who had letched after all of them, and Vivienne took the opportunity to slide her hand back and into my shorts.

I stiffened almost immediately and controlled my breathing, letting the sexy girl stroke me to full hardness. And with somewhat subtle movements, she managed to slide onto my lap and extract my dick through my fly. It turned out, she wasn't wearing any panties beneath her skirt, and after working me into position, Vivienne slid herself down onto my prick, enveloping me in her wet warmth.

Aveline was the first to notice the particular way her best friend was gyrating in my lap. "Mon Dieu! Are you fucking him, Vivienne?" the redhead exclaimed.

"Oui-oui!" Vivienne grinned.

Aveline simply rolled her eyes and then gestured for Cecile to continue her story.


I slept alone with Vivienne overnight, and the gorgeous blonde woke me up with a morning blowjob before letting me roll on top of her and fuck away to my heart's content before blasting her cunt full of cum. The stacked and beautiful babe then went to breakfast with my jizz still squishing inside her.

By now, Aveline had abandoned any sense of competition. It was clear that Vivienne wanted to be the primary girl in my life for this trip and Aveline decided she could live with that. I made clear that any of the girls was welcome to bed me whenever the urge struck them, so Aveline decided she'd let Vivienne play girlfriend, and she would just fuck me whenever the urge struck her. The busty redhead would enjoy her holiday and take what sexual opportunities she could for the next three days, and head home with pleasant memories and a lot more luggage.

After breakfast, the girls decided that they didn't need to return to Mykonos. Their flights home on Saturday routed through Athens, and on a whim, we decided to just head out to sea and I would drop them off in Athens directly when the time came.

The trip back to the mainland would take six hours, traveled quite leisurely. We could go faster; but then the girls would have a much bumpier ride and it wouldn't be as much fun to be in the jacuzzi, and we couldn't have that.

This time, to my surprise, Lucette was the first one to elevate me out of the tub and give me a blowjob. The doe-eyed brunette had been talking with the other girls, and after I blasted my wad into her mouth, she gestured to Evania who eagerly came over to swap spit and cum.

"Lucette!" Cecile exclaimed in outright astonishment, her green eyes wide and both hands over her mouth.

The slender brunette pulled away, giggling ecstatically. "That was actually nice!"

"You kissed a girl!" Cecile gaped in French, my rudimentary language skills enough to translate that much.

"And I'm going to do much more!" Lucette babbled a reply in her native tongue. And then Lucette dragged my valet back inside the boat where the two of them proved that the Lesbos wasn't the only Greek island that inspired girl-on-girl pleasure.

I would have followed Lucette and Evania inside to watch Lucette's first Sapphic experience, if not join in. But Lucette's display got Aveline and Vivienne horny; and the two of them decided to double-team me right there in the jacuzzi. I got a particular kick out of watching Cecile's wide eyes as Aveline athletically rode up and down my pole while Vivienne fed me her luscious tits.

Then Cecile practically had a heart attack when Vivienne produced a bottle of lube and bent over right there at the edge of the jacuzzi, reaching back to spread her own asscheeks. And while the innocent young blonde watched with a gaping jaw, I proceeded to ream out Vivienne's asshole, the both of us sloshing water everywhere.

In the end it all worked out, because Aveline distracted the shoulder-length blonde by first shoving two fingers into Cecile's pussy when the she wasn't looking, causing the shocked girl's green eyes to get even bigger. "Aveline!" she screeched but made no attempt to remove the fingers.

"Relax," Aveline soothed in French. "Relax..." Then the busty, naked redhead moved in to capture her friend's lips and move a hand over the blonde girl's healthy C-cup breast.

Cecile moaned into the kiss despite her nerves, her eyes fluttering as she soaked in the sensations. Aveline continued fingerfucking Cecile's pussy and ultimately, she lifted the shy girl onto the jacuzzi platform and began eating out her blonde- trimmed muff. I'm not sure if Cecile came harder when Aveline shoved a third finger into her pussy while munching on her clit, or when she saw me busting my nut deep inside Vivienne's anal chute.

I shook my head wryly. I should have gone to college in France. Four hot, bisexual friends who love to play with each other? Man, I went to the wrong school.

The trip to Athens took long enough for us to have lunch and then take naps well into the afternoon. Evania was bunking down with Lucette in the French girl's stateroom while Cecile was cuddled up to Aveline in the redhead's stateroom. Vivienne, of course, stayed with me. But I woke up early and Vivienne was determined to remain attached to my hip. So when I went to get some fresh air, she followed after me.

We were perhaps thirty minutes from arrival, and I briefly considered waking the girls. But then, we were in no hurry and we had no scheduled plans. There was no harm in letting them rest.

Vivienne and I went to the forward end of the main lounge, the windscreens protecting us from the open ocean air as we stared straight ahead. I settled into a comfortable couch and opened my arm when Vivienne moved to snuggle up with me. I exhaled quietly and felt content as she wrapped her warm body against my side, and I let my hand gently stroke through her hair and down her scalp.

We lay like that for a few minutes before she asked me the question I had begun to suspect would come. "Can I stay with you?"

I sighed. We both knew she wasn't just asking about the next few hours.

This had happened once before. Marta, one of the Spanish college girls from Ibiza had been overwhelmed by the luxurious lifestyle and expensive gifts and pleaded to stay with me. She didn't care to return home to her boring life of studies and promised she would follow me anywhere. She was the prettiest of the trio and my personal favorite. Her flexible body could contort into the most amazing shapes. But she asked to stay with me before I'd become fond of her, and I reminded her that this was just a holiday. The night before they returned, she was in tears. But in the end, she kissed me and thanked me for the most wonderful week of her life.

Now it was Vivienne's turn. And I had to admit, I was far more tempted this time around.

Even days after we'd first met, Vivienne's sheer physical beauty attracted me as powerfully as ever. Her raw sexuality was thrilling. Her legs were perfection. Her lithe frame and massive tits were awe-inspiring. And her face was one of the most beautiful I'd ever seen. I wasn't sure if she could get through the ice cold walls I'd set up around my heart, but the way she looked at me with those soft brown eyes had done quite a bit to melt down those defenses.

She read the hesitation in my eyes and immediately spoke again. "Please, Tohm." I still loved the way she pronounced the name. She bit her lip nervously and pleaded, "I WANT to stay with you."

"Why? Why, Vivienne?"

"Because I like spending time with you," she replied quickly.

I snorted. "It has nothing to do with my money? Expensive dinners, clothes, and jewelry?"

"And you do not want me here because of my body and sex?" she arched her eyebrows with a smile.

"Touché." I chuckled. Even if it wasn't politically correct, wealthy men and trophy wives had long found each other for the same reasons.

"This is a chance to get away from my boring life," she said with hope in both her voice and eyes. "Perhaps you will take me to see the world!"

I sighed. "You have a home, family, and friends, Vivienne."

The beautiful dirty-blonde shook her head. "They will still love me, wherever I am."

"You have a job and an apartment with Aveline."

"I HATE my job and Aveline can always find another roommate. Perhaps she might even come with us, no?"

I shook my head. From what I'd read into Aveline's personality, she wouldn't. This was a fantasy holiday, but the redhead would return to reality come Saturday.

"I know what I am getting into," Vivienne stated sincerely. "I do not ask you to fall in love with me. But I am having too much fun to want to stop. I've been talking a lot with Evania about your life and what you have been doing these past months. After this, will you go back to Mykonos and find more girls? I will help you with them. Perhaps you want to go to France? Let us go to Nice. I will serve you like Evania and show you around!"

I sighed, "Vivienne..."

She wasn't about to let up. "Please Tohm. Let me come with you. I will be the best girlfriend you can imagine." She winced nervously. Her eyes were getting wilder and her accent thicker the longer she spoke. Her voice was full of emotion and there was a desperation in her tone. "Or ... even not as a girlfriend. I will be whatever you want me to be," she said quietly. "Just let me stay with you. Take me wherever you go next. And I will give you so much pleasure you won't even be able to stand! It's not like I will be very expensive for you to keep."

My eyes sharpened. "No. I will not make you a paid mistress," I barked rather harshly.

Vivienne quailed, shrinking away from my tone. "I didn't mean ... I just ... I just..."

I realized how I'd reacted and my expression softened. "I'm sorry, Vivienne. That anger was not meant for you." I quieted down and looked away.

"Something from your past again," she deduced intuitively.

I sighed. "My life is more than just money and leisure, Vivienne. I have ... complications..."

She shook her head. "Nothing that would change the man I see right here. You are a good man, Tohm."

"You don't even know me."

"You are wealthy and you could easily have taken advantage of us. Perhaps you did, in a way, but nothing we did not know we were getting into. You are a kind man, and you've been so gentle with both Lucette and Cecile. You have a good heart. That is all I need to know." She chuckled. "Well, you are also a fantastic lover."

I sighed and put my hand over my eyes. Why did she have to be so sweet and so beautiful? Why did this have to be so tempting?

Just put her off your fucking boat on Saturday and be done with it, I told myself. Go to the next party town and pick up four more Vivienne's, without these complicated feelings. You started with two local Greek girls, then three Spanish college students, and now these four babes. Maybe you should try five next.

"Please, Tohm? Let me stay with you?" Vivienne pleaded.

"For how long?"

"For however long you will keep me? I ask nothing more."

I sighed. "Let me think about it."

She nodded, and then slid her hand into my shorts, wrapping her nimble fingers around my cock. "I will let you think. But first, let a girl help to make up your mind."


We emerged from the main lounge a full half-hour after arrival at Piraeus, the port city of Athens. My balls were drained for the moment and Vivienne squished between her legs. Only then did I signal Evania to go around waking our guests from their naps.

Vivienne returned to her room to clean up and dress while I waited for Evania to come and dress me. My gorgeous valet knelt and cleaned me with her mouth, tasting the remains of Vivienne's essence on my prick, but she only cleaned me. Then we made ready to disembark.

A well-appointed Mercedes GL was waiting for us, complete with driver. Evania slid up front to give directions. Lucette and Cecile volunteered for the third row. That left me sandwiched between Aveline and Vivienne in the middle. We'd just gotten seated when Vivienne pulled my hand beneath her skirt, pushing my fingers into her soaking wet pussy. The gorgeous blonde leaned against my side and husked, "I'm not wearing any panties. You can take me whenever you want."

I arched an eyebrow and nodded before beginning to rub lightly, which made Vivienne's eyes flutter; and she started to moan softly as the little bits of pleasure began soaking into her body.

Her moans got Aveline's attention, and the busty redhead on my left smirked before grabbing my other hand. Aveline WAS wearing panties, but she pulled them aside while pressing my other fingers into her crotch. And so I spent the next thirty minutes fingering two pussies as we headed for the shopping areas.

The girls actually hadn't gone shopping since Tuesday morning, since we spent all of Wednesday off-shore. And once we hit the upscale districts my girls went absolutely NUTS. They'd been somewhat reserved in their purchases at Mykonos, not knowing me well enough to risk buying too many frivolous things. But a few days of getting to know me and my laid-back attitude took the reins off their appetites, and we quickly had so many new items that we had to send the car back just to drop off the shopping bags.

After all, we were now in the cosmopolitan city of Athens, not just a resort town. Clothes, shoes, and handbags were the order of the day. And of course, I couldn't let my girls continue to wear jewelry they'd already had for a few days. I insisted that they needed new necklaces, bracelets, sunglasses, watches, earrings, etcetera. And THIS time, I got to stay and watch as all five of my gorgeous ladies tried on new lingerie, even Cecile. I got so worked up, I decided to accept Vivienne's offer and corralled her in a dressing room, bending the statuesque dirty-blonde against the wall and taking her from behind.

Afterwards, I poked my head out and beckoned Evania in to clean up our guest.

I also made the executive decision to check into the Hotel Grande Bretagne for the next two nights. The Royal Suite happened to be available and we also booked an adjoining Grande Deluxe Suite for the extra space. Vivienne quickly set up shop in the master bedroom with me, and none of the others bothered to challenge her.

We then moved as a group to take dinner at the GB Roof Garden. We'd had some excellent meals both at Mykonos cafés and aboard the yacht, but this dinner blew all those out of the water. For someone who had never been to Athens before, it was quite an experience having a magnificent rooftop view of the Acropolis while dining on the finest Mediterranean cuisine. And after a few days spent downing ouzo and whatever wine we would could find around Mykonos, it was quite refreshing to get the really good stuff this night. I had to hand it to the French girls: They didn't come from the wealthiest backgrounds, but they certainly knew their wine.

After dinner we all went to a nightclub recommended by the hotel. It was rather more upscale than Mykonos, and a touch more restrained. Of course, the more inhibited atmosphere didn't stop Vivienne from crawling underneath the table to give me a blowjob.

A half-hour later, I nearly spit out my drink when Lucette crawled under the table to do the same. The shy brunette certainly had decided to let loose on this holiday, throwing caution to the wind. Unfortunately, a bouncer caught Lucette crawling back up into her seat with a glob of my cum leaking from the corner of her mouth. He looked like he wanted to make some trouble for us, but Evania stood up, slipped him a few bills, and said something in Greek. Whatever she said, the burly bouncer just smirked a reply and then walked away.

Almost immediately after the bouncer left, Aveline leaned over and asked something of Evania. I couldn't hear them over the thudding bass beat of the music, but I wasn't trying very hard since Lucette and Vivienne were cuddling up quite close to me, Vivienne doing her level best to permanently embed her tongue into my throat while Lucette just seemed satisfied to run her hands along my chest.

But then Aveline tapped out Lucette and slid around to change places with the slender brunette. I smiled casually as the busty redhead settled underneath my left arm and moved to take over throat-diving where Vivienne had left off. But Aveline wasn't about to stop there. Her hand was soon in my crotch, slipping beneath the hem of my designer slacks as she began stroking me to get me hard again. I was still a little wet with Lucette's saliva, and Aveline simply used it to grip me even tighter while slickly gliding her hand back and forth.

I gasped and pulled back. "Mmm ... you don't want to get us into trouble again, do you?"

The gorgeous redhead smiled at me, her blue eyes twinkling in the strobing lights. "Do not worry, Tom. Evania said the bouncer promised we would not be disturbed again. She must have given him a lot."

My eyebrows raised and then Aveline was sliding into my lap, facing away from me so as not to appear too conspicuous. After all, any passing club-goer could still see us. But there was no mistaking the movements she was making beneath the table. I felt Aveline sliding her skirt up to her waist and it soon became clear she wasn't wearing any panties. Ultimately, it was Vivienne who reached down and elevated my prick into position, the dirty-blonde holding it in place while Aveline adjusted herself and then slowly sat down on the upright rod.

"Ohhh ... I will miss this..." Aveline sighed, her chin dropping down to her chest as she felt me penetrating all the way up into her vaginal cavity. And then leaning back against me, the gorgeous young babe began to gyrate in time with the music, using my dick as a pole at the center of her orbits.

Not too far away from us, two young men were chatting over their drinks and dropping more than a few glances back toward my table. They were doing quite a bit of ogling Vivienne in her skimpy outfit, her big tits threatening to burst from the sheer fabric. But now their gaze shifted to Aveline's wobbling orbs as she looked to be giving me a lapdance. One of them gestured with a finger and his drink, and I intuitively knew they were speculating on whether or not the busty redhead was actually fucking me.

I decided to remove all doubt from their minds. I slid both hands up and under Aveline's spaghetti strap top, my hand making a definite outline beneath the tight material. I cupped her large breasts, squeezing the heavenly globes firmly and actively bucking my ass off the bench seat to thrust myself into the redhead's juicing cunt.

Both young men's eyes went wide as they realized what I was doing, and their eyes darted to mine for just a brief moment. With a cocky grin, I nodded knowingly at them. And as their jaws dropped, their gazes went back to the sight of Aveline, moaning in heat as she closed her eyes and fucked herself back at me without any further concerns for her exposed state.

Aveline's only concession to modesty was that when she came, she bit her own lip to keep from screaming out loud. But muffled or not, I certainly could feel her body's reaction as she quivered and shook as if in the middle of an earthquake. And a minute later I joined her, spraying the redhead's innards with my third load of the evening.

"Stay right here," I whispered in her ear once we'd finished, my dick slowly going limp inside Aveline's pussy. Then I turned to Vivienne, who was still watching us intently. I beckoned her to me for a kiss and then gave her my instructions. I felt her cheek shiver beneath the palm of my hand when she pulled back and nodded, a gleam in her eyes.

As instructed, Vivienne turned and winked at the two young men. And then for the second time that night, she slid beneath the table and moved herself between my legs. For the second time that night, she began slurping and swallowing my cum, only now as it leaked out of her best friend. In the end, Vivienne pulled my dick out and licked it clean before putting it away. Then she finished hoovering out Aveline, keeping the final few globs in her mouth. And after sliding back up to sit beside her friend, Vivienne extended her tongue out, quite obviously with a load of white cream on top of it; and she let Aveline hungrily devour the last of my load.

I would miss these girls.

-- FRIDAY --

Sexually speaking, Friday was one of the greatest days of my life. I'd had quite a few adventures in the past few years, many of them with multiple hot babes not so different from these French girls. But Friday turned out to be quite incredible. The plan was to play tourist and visit some ancient monuments. But as Vivienne once said, 'Plans? What fun would it be if we made plans?'

It started with Vivienne's wake-up blowjob. For the second night in a row, all other girls were banished from my bed so that Vivienne could snuggle up to me by herself. We'd stayed quite late at the nightclub, dancing until the early hours of morning, so I fully expected to sleep in on this day.

But it was the girls' last full day with me, and my devoted playmate apparently intended to make use of every available hour. And so it was barely 7am when my crusted-eyelids pried themselves open to find radiant sunshine pouring in through the opened drapes. The golden rays haloed around Vivienne's dirty- blonde head, giving her the appearance of an angel.

Well, an angel with my cock in her mouth.

Her intensity was back, full-force. Actually, Vivienne hadn't really stopped being intense around me since yesterday morning. And the way her soft brown eyes locked onto mine while her head bobbed up and down sent shivers down my spine. I hadn't seen a girl stare at me that HARD since...

... well, I didn't want to think about that.

I sighed. I couldn't keep her. I shouldn't keep her. But maybe if I hadn't wanted Vivienne to stay with me, I wouldn't have bought her that 3,000 Euro necklace yesterday. It was the same necklace she wore right now. Actually, it was the ONLY thing she was wearing. And as she moved up to fold my dick into the valley of her cleavage and press those gorgeous tits around my cockflesh, I groaned in resignation.

Could I actually say goodbye?

The door opened then and Evania poked her head in, saying, "Mr. Eriksen?"

Aveline soon poked her head in as well. Good lord, was EVERYONE awake at this early hour? Aveline looked like she wanted to rush in and hop on the bed, but my ever-loyal valet held the redhead at bay and raised her eyes to me, her expression asking whether or not I wanted them to go away.

I figured that given a choice, Vivienne would like to have me to herself this morning. And for that reason alone, I beckoned Evania and Aveline inside. I needed the extra distraction. I couldn't get attached to Vivienne. And I couldn't let her get any more attached to me than she already was.

'Fuck 'em all, ' I told myself. 'You're a narcissistic bastard. You're not supposed to have feelings for any of them.'

Vivienne noticed their entry and for the briefest of moments, clear annoyance flashed in her eyes. But it soon passed and the gorgeous dirty-blonde quickly moved aside to let Evania strip off her negligee and dive onto my prick, greedily sucking me into her mouth. At the other end, Vivienne moved behind my beautiful valet and slid two fingers into Evania's snatch from behind, causing the Greek brunette to moan around my shaft.

In the meantime, Aveline went straight for my face, kissing me firmly before stripping off her own nightgown and then feeding me a swollen, ruby red nipple. I raised my hands to play with her glorious tits, perhaps not quite as large as Vivienne's but certainly big and firm enough. I switched back and forth, lavishing both breasts with my saliva before tugging the busty redhead's crotch over my face so I could taste her sweet pussy.

I hadn't done nearly enough muff-diving this trip. With five girls and only one cock, the girls certainly had spent enough time eating each other out that they didn't necessarily need me munching on them. Even Cecile was starting to get quite the workout playing with her friends, and actually let Evania seduce her last night after the nightclub from what I was told. So this morning, I took the time to savor Aveline's flavors, not letting her get up until I'd eaten her to two spectacular orgasms.

By that point, I was hanging onto my own climax by the barest thread. Vivienne and Evania were taking turns sucking me, passing me back and forth like my dick was their favorite candy. And while it would certainly be enjoyable to bust my nut into one of their mouths, I still had fucking I wanted to do. So I pried them off and told my Three 'V's to give me a break.

The girls huddled together to come up with their next course of action. From nowhere, Evania produced six handkerchiefs. They may have actually been some sort of table napkin but the point was, she bound Vivienne's and Aveline's wrists together with two of them and then used two more to attach those wrists to the headboard of my bed. Thus, the two of the most gorgeous French girls I'd ever met were fully naked and flat on their backs, with their arms stretched out behind them and restrained so that they would be completely unable to resist me. Then Evania handed me the last two handkerchiefs and told me to string her up next to them.

My Three 'V's. All in a row. I nearly blew then and there.

I took Vivienne first, fucking her to a quick climax before sliding over to Aveline and ultimately to Evania. By the time I started stroking in and out of my busty valet, I'd reached my pleasure limit and with bulging eyes and an even more bulging cock, I pulled out and knee-walked up to the gorgeous brunette's face. Evania was straining at her bonds in desperation to reach me before I went off. But we ran out of time and my first shot sprayed across the bridge of her nose and her cheek. But then she finally managed to get my pulsing dick inside her mouth, and I spunked the rest of my load down her throat, leaving her to let her head lay back as she whispered a happy, "Thank you, sir."

I moved myself over to Vivienne and Aveline, letting the two of them suck me back to hardness before I went down the line of beauties, fucking their tits in sequence. None of the girls were smaller than a D-cup, and the abundance of titflesh was almost more pleasurable than fucking their pussies. But then Evania spoke up, giggling as she informed me, "The jelly is in the bedside table."

My eyes lit up, and three near-identical grins show up on my girls' faces. I released Evania so that she could help me lube up Vivienne's and Aveline's assholes while the two French girls rotated over into a doggy-position. Then I re- tied my valet to the headboard and lubed her up myself before gripping the gorgeous Greek girl's hips and sinking my cock into her ass.

Evania's strongest orgasm came when I was spanking both her buttcheeks in rapid-succession while sawing my cock in and out of her anus. I even started spanking Aveline to my left a few times as well. And when her knees buckled beneath her I switched over to Vivienne. The sexy dirty-blonde began moaning my name the instant my mushroom head pushed through her sphincter. And then she was urging for me to fuck her harder while I grabbed a tit with my left hand and manipulated her clit with my right.

After Vivienne came and collapsed, last but not least was Aveline. For her, I flipped her onto her back and pushed her legs up next to her ears. Her own knees were crushing against her upright breasts and she gritted her teeth and groaned when I rammed my dick through her back door. I held nothing back as I threw every gram of my weight into fucking her, hammering my pelvis against her ass and giving her the reaming of her life. I actually beat Aveline to climax, ramming forward and unloading a massive torrent of cum deep into her bowels. But the sensation of her anal chute being flooded with jizz set the busty redhead off, causing her to howl at the ceiling.

The four of us then climbed into the massive shower together, soapy hands groping at every bit of flesh we could reach while we all cleaned off. I think Aveline came again when Evania decided to try cleaning out the redhead's pussy with a few extra fingers.

And to finish off our morning, we didn't bother with handkerchiefs or plans or order. We simply tumbled onto the bed in a riot of naked bodies, kissing, sucking, licking, and fucking anything we could get our hands on. Every two minutes it seemed like one of the girls was crying out in orgasm. But I knew what I wanted: I'd cum in Evania's mouth. I'd spunked into Aveline's ass. Now I wanted to nut in Vivienne's pussy, and complete the trifecta of trifectas.

I ended up atop the dirty-blonde in a missionary position, her legs scissored behind my ass while I thrust into her with heavy lunges. Evania was sitting on her face, getting eaten out at first; but eventually Evania rolled off while she and Aveline got into a heady French kiss. That left me to simply bend over and softly brush my lips against Vivienne's with a tenderness that stood in sharp contrast to the wildness of the previous couple of hours.

Vivienne's soft brown eyes were melting my defenses, and I felt an upwelling of emotion in my throat as I looked down at the serenity on her face. She was HAPPY right now. She was unbearably happy to end with me on top of her like this, thrusting powerfully into her spasming pussy while gazing with adoration into her eyes. I was responsible for that happiness, and I could just as easily take it away.

But I didn't want to. I didn't want to hurt her. I cared about her.

Shit, too late to not have feelings.

In the end, I simply set my forehead down on the mattress beside her head in resignation, thinking only of the pleasure Vivienne's body was bringing me. She wrapped her arms around my back and stroked my spine lovingly, cooing pleasantries in French into my ear with words I didn't understand but with meanings I knew all too well. And when the pleasure became too much, I simply let my body sag down onto hers, letting my weight drop as my balls uncorked and spewed blast after blast of hot cum into her womb.

Vivienne came with me. She came because of me, her body trembling as she felt my offering of liquid love. And when we were done, she stroked my back and whispered haltingly, "Merci ... mon amour."

She'd called me 'her love'.

And without thinking about it, I replied softly, "Avec plaisir ... mon cheri."

I'd called her 'my darling'.

Ohhh this was going to get complicated.

If I thought Vivienne was clingy the past few days, this day she showed me the MEANING of clingy. And the problem was: I couldn't be happier.

Breakfast was room service, and she and I didn't bother to get dressed. The girls were all used to seeing me naked, even Cecile. We played with our food, Vivienne taking every opportunity to feed me or even lathering yogurt onto her breast for me to lick up. Her enthusiasm was infectious, with everyone else in the room smiling at our antics.

There was no jealousy, Aveline had dropped the competition long ago, and the redhead even tossed Vivienne an extra strawberry to swirl around the whipped cream and feed to me. Evania, my valet, was loyal and devoted but held no possessiveness over me. Everyone had seen how Vivienne had been crushing harder and harder on me as the week progressed. And honestly, everyone had also seen me grow more and more attached to the gorgeous beauty as well.

By the end of the meal, Vivienne simply bent over and slurped my cock into her mouth. I'd already cum three times and wasn't feeling particularly horny, but she simply wanted to suck on me for the pure joy of it, and I wasn't about to stop her.

She didn't get me off, and we eventually prepared to head out. Vivienne came along to watch, and help, as Evania dressed me. Vivienne was very specific in helping to select my wardrobe for the day, and I got the distinct impression it was a duty Vivienne very much wanted to do for me again and again. I sighed almost mournfully. The last woman who held such influence over my fashion choices was...

... But she wasn't around anymore. She'd left me, to deal with her own demons.

I gritted my teeth against the pain welling up inside me. I'd been so good at walling away those emotions. For months, I hadn't felt it this bad. But somehow, Vivienne melting down my defenses not only opened me up to my own affections for her, but also set loose the negative feelings I'd thought I'd finally successfully buried.

"Tohm?" Vivienne touched my cheek, concern etched into her eyes.

I looked up from my reverie, forcing a smile onto my face as I stared into her soft brown eyes. "I'm fine."

"Are you sure?"

I nodded, willing her to just drop it. "I'm fine."

The girls finished dressing me in silence.

No matter how much money you have, the best way to visit the Acropolis is just to walk around, putting your feet on the dirt and seeing it with your own eyes. The Mercedes GL dropped us off and the girls meandered around, snapping photos like their lives depended on it. Evania was playing tour guide again. But this time, instead of giving a professional and proper commentary like when we were on Mykonos, my valet joked and chattered with the girls like an old friend. She even shared with us some of the seedier rumors about Greeks and ancient times. Kinky people, those ancient Greeks. And of course, Vivienne clutched my arm like she never wanted to let go.

I have to admit, I spent more time watching the eye-candy instead of the ancient ruins. The girls were all dressed for walking, which meant short-shorts that barely covered asses, skintight tops that didn't cover bellies, and various accessories that only emphasized their youth and vitality. For example, Vivienne was cruising around in new tennis shoes, white knee-high socks, jean shorts that didn't actually cover her ass, and a pink tank top that was doing a woefully inadequate job of containing her tits. Top it off with a denim baseball cap with her dirty- blonde hair dropping down in two pigtails, and she was the very image of a naughty young plaything just waiting to be ravaged at my very whim. And all four of the other girls were in a similar state of dress.

Some things had changed since the girls first started snapping photos on Tuesday. In the beginning, 99% of the pictures didn't include me. The girls were enjoying whatever exotic location I'd taken them to, like Mykonos and Delos, and they could plausibly return home and show off a hundred photos that made it seem like it was just the four of them on holiday together. There was the occasional shot of me or Evania in them, but not much.

Evania and I had started creeping into the photos on the yacht. After all, they'd have to explain whose yacht it was, right? Then there was the private cove on the uninhabited island. Everyone was naked in those pictures, so I don't think the girls were planning to share them with friends and family. I was scrolling through one of the cameras and my jaw dropped open when I realized someone had snapped a shot of Aveline giving me a blowjob on the beach. And I nearly spit up when I saw that there was also a shot of me fucking Lucette with our clothes on.

I turned the camera to the slender brunette. "Did you know about this?"

The doe-eyed beauty smiled at me and nodded. "I want to remember." Then she returned to scoping out the Parthenon, and Vivienne dragged me with her to take yet another shot of the two of us. I swear half the memory card was now just her and me.

Truly, by now Evania and I were a part of the group. Instead of one of us snapping a picture of the four French girls, we frequently would snag another tourist to take a picture of all six of us. A part of me wondered how the girls would explain things to their friends and family. But I figured they would just selectively separate certain pictures for private recollection.

But if that was the case, Vivienne wouldn't have any recent shots of her for 'public' consumption. She simply refused to let go of me long enough to even take a single picture without me in it. I didn't particularly mind. The dirty-blonde was so bubbly and happy and effusive with her affection that I couldn't think of anywhere I'd rather be at that moment. There's something to be said about a kiss so intense and passionate that you forget there're a thousand tourists milling around you.

Once we'd finished stomping around the Acropolis, certainly contributing to the ancient monument decaying at a rapid pace due to foot traffic, we took things to a different level.

And by level, I mean a much higher level. The girls gawked at the luxury helicopter when we brought them to it. None of them had ever been on a helicopter before and Lucette at first was too scared to climb in. But the cabin was pressurized and insulated, and we were soon airborne. The best way to visit the Acropolis is on foot. The best way to see the CITY is in the air. And THIS time, we didn't have a single tourist around us.

Of course, the newfound privacy and the idea that we were in the air spurred Vivienne into wanting to join the mile-high club (or whatever its metric equivalent), even though we weren't nearly that high. We had just enough time to get her wet, get her mounted, and get her filled with cum before Lucette started getting nauseous. After forty-five minutes, the helicopter returned to the ground and Lucette made a mad dash for the nearest waste can. While we waited, Evania asked if she could have my jizz, but Vivienne almost shyly said she wanted to keep me inside her for as long as possible.

Evania didn't seem to mind terribly much. She'd gotten to taste Cecile's nectar when she talked the innocent young blonde into getting eaten for her own version of a mile-high encounter. I distinctly remember the mysterious look on Cecile's face as she stared right at me while the orgasm swept through her somewhere far above Piraeus.

Once we'd gotten our stomachs settled, we found a nice café and got lunch, then returned to the hotel for an afternoon sièste. In the master bedroom, Vivienne got me hard and stripped us naked. Climbing aboard, she pushed me inside her and we fucked quietly until I filled her pussy for the third time that day. And then she lay down on my chest so that she could nap while feeling my prick deep inside her.

Perhaps three hours later, we drove off to find, L'Abreuvoir, one of the finest restaurants in Athens and French to boot. The weather was perfect for outdoor seating in the garden, and we spent a good two hours there drinking wine and talking about everything we'd done this week. Aveline, Lucette, and Cecile spoke of all the experiences they would brag to their friends about, from the yacht to the uninhabited island to the helicopter and everything in between. I found that the girls would even brag about meeting me and Evania. Sure, they'd gotten a little wild, but it was a holiday, no? Aveline joked that her other friends would want to come visit and see if I would take them on a weeklong adventure.

But conspicuously, Vivienne didn't join in these comments. She never once mentioned what she would say to her friends when she saw them, and I believed I knew the reason: Vivienne wasn't planning to tell them anything because she wasn't planning to go home. She still hoped she would stay with me. She hadn't come out and asked me again just yet, but the hope was still there.

And I wasn't so sure I would turn her down when she did ask.

"You are strangely quiet, Tom," Aveline giggled over a glass of expensive wine. "Won't you miss us?"

I smiled and managed a grunt. Aveline's bright blue eyes went up and she grinned knowingly. "Ah, Vivienne is distracting you, no?"

"Oui-oui," I grunted. Indeed, Vivienne was leaning against my side, pillowing her head on my shoulder while her right hand stroked up and down my cock underneath the table.

The gorgeous dirty-blonde just grinned before ducking her head down and taking several long sucks at my prick before sitting back up. She leaned into my ear and whispered, "Any meal. Every meal. I will bend down and suck your cock."

I groaned and nodded as Vivienne ducked back down to resume her blowjob. No girl had ever devoted herself so completely to my pleasure like this before. Marta, the Spanish girl from Ibiza, had been enthusiastic but not quite this brazen about it. My wife had been quite the cocksucker, but we were equals in that relationship. My old assistant was willing, but she waited to read my moods. My last girlfriend was an equal. Even Evania waited for me to give her direction. No one had ever pushed themselves so completely after me, constantly offering herself and apparently willing to fuck me at the drop of a hat.

Why? I wasn't asking Vivienne to do this for me. She already had the clothes, the jewelry, and the luxurious vacation. She could have fucked me half as much as she had and I would have been perfectly happy with her. But the girl sounded like she craved me. It was so intense it was almost scary.

I couldn't get attached. I shouldn't get attached. I had to send her home.

Gently, I reached down and pried Vivienne off my cock. She pouted at first but obediently raised her head up. I took a deep breath and set my jaw. What I was about to tell Vivienne would absolutely crush her. She might not understand, but it was necessary, for the both of us.

I held her hands in my own, and then I stated, "Vivienne, for the rest of this night, you are not to touch me, do you understand?"

She didn't. Her forehead furrowed and her eyes sharpened, a deep frown etching its way across her face. "Tohm-"

"After I release your hands, you may not kiss me, hug me, or otherwise touch me. If I make love with one of the other girls, you may join in, but still you may not touch me. Do you understand?"

"Tohm, NO!" Vivienne shook her head, aghast at what I was proposing.

"Please, Vivienne."

"But why?" Her voice was rising and I patted her hand, lest she make a scene in the restaurant. All conversation around the table had gone deadly silent.

"Because this is what I want."

"Why? Why?" she demanded.

"Will you do it for me?" I asked softly.

Her mouth opened, flapped a few times as she searched for something to say, but no sounds came out. Her eyebrows were pinched in and a look of extreme pain marred the girl's angelic face. She bit her lip and then moaned, "Tohm, I don't understand..."

"If I asked you to climb into my lap and let me fuck your ass dry until I came inside your bowels, would you let me?"

"Of course!"

"If I asked you to strip naked and dance on this table, in full view of all these people, would you do it?"

"For you, yes!"

"Now I ask you not to touch me for the rest of this night."

A heartbreaking wail creaked out the corners of Vivienne's lips as she clenched her teeth in agonized frustration. "But Tohm! This is the last night!"

"We still have the morning."

Her chest was heaving up and down as she fought to breathe, the rise and fall of her cleavage rather distracting. Her eyes rapidly darted left and right, seemingly at random, staring at nothing. She clenched her teeth even harder and looked on the verge of tears as she panted in a full-blown panic. "And will we have after the morning?"

I pinched my lips and looked down. "I don't know yet."

"Please, Tohm, I want to STAY with you!"

Aveline's eyes darted across the table. She may have suspected her best friend was thinking along these lines, but this was the first public confirmation.

I sighed. "I know."

"If I do this, will you let me stay with you?"


"Perhaps???" Vivienne looked ready to pass out.

I took a deep breath, steeling my nerves. "If you don't do this, if you touch me tonight, I will certainly put you on that plane tomorrow."

Vivienne's lower lip quivered. "This is my test ... of obedience."

I shrugged. However she wanted to look at it. I just knew I couldn't make love with her again this night. I needed time to recover. I needed to distract myself with girls that I didn't have such strong feelings for. If Vivienne made love to me tonight, I knew I would never let her go. "Yes," I said firmly.

Vivienne's chest rose and fell twice more with big, gulping swallows of air. And then in less than a heartbeat, a supernatural calm fell over her. "Very well," she stated serenely.

I was astounded at how fast Vivienne had gone from inconsolable grief to perfect stillness. In fact, she was a little too still. Her eyes were wide and locked onto me, her head canted at a slight angle. For a moment, she looked like a robot that had just been turned off.

"Vivienne?" I ventured cautiously.

She blinked and then her body settled, the rigidity of her posture melting away. "I will do it. For you, Tohm. I will do it."

I sighed with relief. If Vivienne only knew that all she had to do was make love to me one more time and I'd keep her forever...

I shook the thought from my head. It was going to be an interesting night.

The evening did not start the way I was expecting it. An unfortunate side-effect of ordering Vivienne to not even touch me for the rest of the night had a rather mood-killing effect on the other girls. The same way everyone was jovial and giggly while Vivienne was fawning all over me and happily in love, now everyone was quiet and withdrawn since Vivienne was quiet and withdrawn. Not much was said in the car on the way back to the hotel, and I sat up front to avoid having to deal with any of them.

Upon returning to the hotel, I decided to remove myself from the situation. The girls would hopefully feel more comfortable without me around and I went into my bedroom and closed the door. Then I went to take a shower and clean away the day's grime before dressing in silk boxers and a bathrobe, lying down on the bed and contemplating my existence.

THIS was why I didn't want to get involved with any of the girls. Emotions were just so ... frustrating ... The month with the Naoussan local girls had been far too long. I'd cut things down to a week with the Spanish girls at Ibiza specifically to avoid things getting to this point. And I hadn't even spent five whole DAYS since the Monday morning when I first met Vivienne and her friends. What more could I do? Shorten things to four days? Three?

Maybe one-night stands WERE the way to go.

So I lay alone in my bedroom, wondering if I was now going to have to go to sleep completely alone for the first time in a long while.

Fuck that. I don't sleep alone.

I sat up and got ready to poke my head out and call for Evania. Even if the French girls were disquieted by how dinner had ended, my valet would be ever loyal and adoring. In her arms I would find the sexual relief that would clear my head of these unwelcome thoughts. Actually, Evania tended to enjoy it more when I was feeling particularly frustrated. My sex got quite aggressive and I tended to fuck her that much harder when I was in a mood like this.

But just when I was about to get up, a knock sounded at the door. I picked my head up and called, "Come in."

To my surprise, a pretty shoulder-length blonde poked her head in. "Tom?"

"Cecile!" I sat up straight, an easy smile on my face. "Come in, come in."

She smiled back and walked forward, still dressed from dinner. Of all four girls, I'd spoken the least with Cecile. She wasn't the shyest (that would be Lucette), and in fact could be quite friendly. But she'd been the wariest of my sexual intentions from the beginning and thus far had shown little interest in bedding me. Also, her English was the least comfortable of all of them. Still, that hadn't stopped us from interacting comfortably on a daily basis. In such close quarters, it was difficult NOT to communicate.

I leaned back against the cushions and the headboard, relaxing comfortably while gesturing Cecile to a nearby armchair. But instead, she came and sat on the edge of the bed next to my knees. My eyebrows went up briefly in curiosity but I let it pass. Then I asked gently, "What can I do for you?"

With her limited command of English, Cecile took me quite literally. "Oh no. You have done quite enough for me, thank you. All these beautiful clothes and shoes and-" She looked down and touched the sparkling tennis bracelet hanging limply on her wrist. "And so much more. I don't think I deserve it."

I smiled warmly and waved her off. "You're welcome."

The blonde blushed and looked down. "I feel embarrassed."


She looked away. "I have had such a wonderful holiday. I only expected to spend time with my friends in Mykonos, drinking and dancing and watching them pick up men." Cecile blushed bright red. "I even imagined what it would be like to have a ... casual ... affair with a man for one night." She giggled. "But I knew I would never have the ... the... courage ... to go through with it."

I chuckled, thinking it so cute how she fumbled for the right word in English. I was pretty sure 'courage' translated to 'courage' in French. "It's harder than it looks."

Cecile raised her eyebrow at me. "You seem to do just fine."

It was my turn to blush. "I've had some practice."

Cecile then bit her lip. "This holiday has been so much more. I've seen so many more things and done so many more ... things ... in a few days than in the last few years. And it hasn't cost me anything. I feel like I'm cheating."

I chuckled. "Avec plaisir. My pleasure."

She shook her head. "No. Not from me."

I suddenly got what she was getting at. "Cecile..."

Her green eyes quickly darted up to mine. She pouted prettily and moved a hand up to the strap of her dress. "You can have me, Tom, if you wish. You have given so much to me. You deserve it." She bit her lip nervously and pulled the strap off her shoulder.

"Cecile," I interrupted and moved to stop her hand. Quickly, I took hold of the strap and raised it back onto her shoulder. Then I grabbed the shoulder and looked her in the eyes. "I meant what I said in the beginning: No one has to do anything they don't want to do."

"But all the other girls have-"

"All the other girls did what they wanted to do. No one is obligated."

"You are a wealthy man, Tom. You have spent much on me and the others, and I have not paid my part."

"You are not whores, Cecile," I interrupted harshly. "I have had whores. I know what a whore is, and you are NOT a whore."

She looked like I'd slapped her. "I did not mean-"

"You don't have to pay me anything. You can leave tomorrow with all my gifts, and you don't have to sleep with me. I will have just enjoyed your company and the happiness you brought to me and your friends. Tu comprends?"

She shuddered, then nodded, and the light in her eyes changed. The dark green became brighter, and I visibly relaxed. No longer did Cecile have the look of a girl going to her execution. From the beginning, she had been the one most wary of me and the one least likely to sleep with me. The last thing I wanted was for someone like her to simply sleep with me because she felt obligated. Yeah, I didn't mind a girl feeling a little more amorous toward me out of gratitude for a wonderful vacation; but that was just to augment their original desire to have a good time, not sexual payment because they felt they HAD to. I had much more enjoyable ways of having sex to waste an erection on someone who didn't want it.

Cecile nodded. "You know, Lucette said you would turn me down. I did not believe her."

I arched an eyebrow. "Why not?"

Cecile blushed again, looking extremely embarrassed. "I think I had already made up my mind that you were just a dirty old man, out to fuck any girl you could get your hands on. I decided before I got to know you."

I shrugged. "It's understandable. Although the 'old' part kind of hurts."

She giggled. "You are not old. I guessed you were 27 before you told us you were 32. You are in good shape, just like you said."

I grinned and flexed my chest and arms for a brief second. Cecile started laughing again. And then before I realized it, she'd darted forward, grabbed my head in her hands, and pressed her lips firmly against mine.

I was too surprised to react. Cecile was kissing me firmly and her tongue was trying to worm its way into my mouth, but I just dumbly sat there for a few seconds before instinct kicked in and I opened my mouth to her. She moaned and kissed me harder, molding her body against mine and lifting her legs onto the bed to crawl alongside me.

When she broke for air, I pulled my head back and gasped, "Cecile?"

"Make love to me, Tom," the pretty girl husked. "Take me!"

"But you don't have-"

"Take me, Tom!" she interrupted and kissed me again. "I want to. I want to."

We kissed for another few seconds before she rolled away and onto her back, giggling mirthfully. "My casual affair!" she crowed, quite pleased with herself.

I just chuckled and rolled on top of her, kissing her gently. Then I pulled back and asked softly. "Why?"

"Because I can, Tom. Because I want to. Because I don't have to. I've been so wild this week. I never thought I would make love with another woman. I was always curious, but I never had the... (giggle) ... courage to try. And now this. Now you. I can hear you, Tom. I can hear Vivienne screaming her pleasure even when I go to sleep. I want to know what that feels like, tu comprends?"

I grinned. "Je comprends."

And then I kissed her again.

It didn't take long for me to get naked. Cecile dragged my robe off my shoulders and wriggled me out of my boxers with relative ease. She then rolled me onto my back and for about thirty seconds, gave me quite the little striptease. She only managed to remove her dress before embarrassment took over again and she stopped trying to gyrate to imaginary music. She was laughing hilariously and I reached up to grab her and kiss her again, whispering encouragement. But she wouldn't try to dance again, and instead rather quickly removed her bra and panties.

Cecile then bent over my lap and sucked me into her mouth. I gritted my teeth and threw my head back at the sudden pleasure. Seriously, do they TEACH cocksucking at French High Schools? All four girls were amazing oral artists and Cecile was already producing wondrous ecstasy that shot up and down my spine too fast for me to even pretend to resist. I looked down as the green-eyed beauty brushed her blonde bangs behind her ears so I would have an unimpeded view of her mouth going up and down in my lap.

But I wanted more. I'd come to accept that Cecile and I wouldn't do anything sexual ... ever ... but that didn't mean I held no hope. I knew as well as everyone did that this was the last night, and after days of fantasizing about fucking Cecile I didn't want to wait any longer. I reached down to cup her face and tug her up to me. Panting, Cecile crawled up my body as requested and then I rolled us over until I was hovering above her with my hard, wet cock trapped between our bellies.

"I'm going to take you now, Cecile."

"Oui! Oui! Take me!"

I reached down and aimed my prick, rubbing my head in her folds that were already moist and getting wetter. Swiping up and down a few final times, I then slotted myself and with my eyes boring into Cecile's, I pushed my way into her.

Or at least, I tried. Cecile really hadn't had many sexual partners, and she was almost virginally tight as I tried to burrow my thick cock through her narrow entrance.

"Take me!" she screamed again. "Take me!"

Re-setting my feet to brace myself, I grabbed Cecile's hips and lunged again, this time succeeding in pressing three inches into her vaginal canal.

"Take me!"

Another lunge, and this time I was all the way in.

"AAAAHH!" Cecile's entire body bucked and shuddered. I swear she came right then and there...

... and she didn't seem to stop.

We fucked for about ten minutes, Cecile screaming the entire time. I'm not sure if she had three orgasms or fifty, but I know she was certainly happy. The girl who didn't want to have anything sexual to do with me for five days now pounded my ass with her heels and drew blood across my back with her nails, flinging her entire body against me while I pounded her relentlessly. Her head jerked left and right as her light blonde hair went flying in every direction. Her good-sized tits bounced and jiggled, even slapping into my chest on occasion with our fucking motions. And her pussy clenched down oh-so-wonderfully around my invading prick every time her shrieking went up another few decibels.

In the end, I simply smothered her entire body and crushed her beneath me, muffling her last scream with my chest. My hips were spasming as my dick fired load after load of cum into her body, pouring out everything that had recharged while I took a three-hour nap earlier plus everything Vivienne had stimulated in me during dinner. I spunked out so much cum that it overflowed Cecile's womb and started squirting out from around the near water-tight seal of her pussy and my shaft, and still I had a few more shots left in me.

I suddenly realized Cecile was banging on my back, no longer in pleasure but more in desperation. Belatedly, I realized I was suffocating her beneath me and I hurriedly rolled off, ready to apologize. But the pretty blonde was just laughing with tears in her eyes as she soaked in the radiant bliss of such an exciting sexual encounter.

"Incroyable!" she gushed while panting for air.

I chuckled. "Glad you liked it."

She giggled and rolled into me, burying her face against my shoulder and wrapping an arm across my chest. "Merci, Tom ... Merci ... For this entire trip."

I chuckled. "Avec plaisir."

Eventually, we both came down from our sexual highs. I stretched, and then wrapping my arm behind Cecile, I tugged her closer to me and asked, "What's going on outside?"

"What do you think? They are all talking about you." Cecile sighed. "Vivienne thinks she is in love with you."

I sighed. "I know."

"She wants to stay with you and not come home."

"I know." I didn't want to think about it right now. That was one of the reasons for keeping Vivienne away from me. But just then, my bedroom door opened again, this time with Vivienne herself standing in the entryway.

Cecile and I picked our heads up, Vivienne staring straight at me with smoky intensity in her brown eyes. Her sculpted, dark eyebrows were hard and intense.

"Vivienne?" I asked with some curiosity. I wasn't expecting her to come to my room this night.

"Your rules, Tohm. If you make love with one of the other girls, I may join in, so long as I do not touch you, no?"

I bit my lip. I didn't really want her with me, but those HAD been my words. Why did I say them? Did I really want to be so close to temptation? Having her so close, so sexual, would I be able to resist rolling over and TAKING her myself?

Or perhaps I WAS subconsciously sabotaging myself. If I made love to her tonight, she would stay with me beyond tomorrow. I knew it. Perhaps she knew it as well. But she would stay within the rules.

I sighed and nodded, then gestured to Cecile. "She's all yours."

Cecile looked a little nervous. She'd never been intimate with Vivienne and to be honest, she looked a little intimidated. I understood; an intense Vivienne could be QUITE intimidating.

But Vivienne smiled. "Relax, Cecile. I'll be gentle, IF we decide to play together. But for now..." Vivienne then swung the door open wider, showing that EVERYONE else was immediately waiting outside. "I just brought more girls for Tohm."

Evania was the first one through the door, quickly moving up to Cecile. She stared hungrily between the blonde's thighs where copious amounts of my cum were still leaking out of her. "May I? Please?" Evania practically wheezed excitedly.

And the orgy was underway.

I was amazed, Vivienne stayed completely apart from the party. Well, she stayed in the room, naked and glorious, fingering herself to orgasm after orgasm, showing remarkable control. Never once did she touch me. And never once did she come close enough for me to touch her. When this girl made up her mind about something, she really committed.

Me? I fucked everyone else. Aveline was first. Lucette, Evania, and then Cecile again all had their turns as well. But not Vivienne. She obeyed. For me, she stayed out of the fray.

Vivienne hung back, whimpering pitifully while I drove into Aveline's sodden snatch from behind, sending the redhead's big tits to swaying back and forth.

Lucette teased her when the doe-eyed brunette mounted me cowgirl-style, offering up one of her perky tits to Vivienne while enthusiastically bouncing up and down my cock.

And after I nutted a load up Evania's asshole, Aveline actually sucked it out and then gaped her mouth open in invitation to Vivienne, who simply moaned and rubbed herself to an orgasm right then and there before Aveline turned around and snowballed the load back to my Greek valet.

Vivienne even stayed away when the girls dragged me into the shower to clean up. The attached bathroom had a big, oversized shower enclosure, just big enough to fit the five of us. I was made squeaky clean but then shoved outside. And only then did Vivienne move into the shower herself, in part to separate herself from me, where all four of the other girls more or less assaulted her.

I won't go into details, but at one point, I think all eight hands were caressing Vivienne's shrieking body, and I do believe someone got her entire fist into the dirty-blonde's cunt. The point is: Vivienne was eventually dropped onto the floor outside the shower, quivering post-orgasm as if she'd gone through electro- shock. But she recovered enough to put herself back in the armchair to watch as I once again fucked Cecile, eventually maneuvering around so that the young blonde was riding me reverse-cowgirl with Lucette tonguing at our juncture.

Lucette herself got my next load in a missionary position. Evania, of course, went after that one. Evania and Aveline together worked me back up one final time, with Evania going for a ride on me for only a few minutes before tapping herself out, graciously stating that the rest of this night should be for the French girls.

Aveline was the first to hop on, bringing herself to two screaming orgasms before collapsing onto the bed in exhaustion. And then while Cecile took one final ride as well, the pretty blonde brushed her bangs back behind her ears and then shyly asked me to take her anal virginity.

About ten minutes later, with Evania's fingers in her crotch, Cecile squeaked a climax, and I pulled out of her lewdly stretched anus to blow my load all over her ass. Aveline had one final tease for Vivienne, urging the dirty-blonde to lick up my cream and that it would not violate the rules.

But Vivienne stuck to her guns. She whimpered in abject misery, but she did not leave the armchair. And this time, when the other girls set to cleaning up me and Cecile, the most gorgeous of my French babes simply turned her head away so I wouldn't see the tears streaking down her cheeks.

It wouldn't have mattered. I was so exhausted I promptly went to sleep.


Sometime in the morning, I awoke to the sensations of warm sunlight on my face and a warmer pleasantness emanating from my nether regions. My crusted- eyelids pried themselves open to see the golden rays haloed around Vivienne's dirty-blonde head as it slowly moved up and down my upright morning erection.

She was an angel.

Vivienne paused when she realized I was awake, and she pulled back far enough to clear her mouth. And panting softly, she stated huskily, "It is not last night anymore."

My lower lip quivered as the emotion swelled within me. This girl was incredible. She was in love with me. And I didn't want to let her go. "No, it's not," I replied.

Vivienne darted forward then, grabbing my head with both her hands and searing my lips with the most incredibly passionate kiss I'd ever felt in my entire life. Adrenaline surged through my limbs and I rolled us over so that I was on top as I gripped her head with my hands as well.

"I love you, Thom."

I shouldn't have said it. I really, really shouldn't have said it. But my heart responded before my brain did. And with all the passion I felt for this gorgeous young girl, I replied, "I love you too, mon cheri."

As our kiss deepened, her legs shifted just perfectly to line my cock up with her dripping wet pussy. And as I slowly sank into her body, that lost part of my heart flared to life.

There was a bubbly optimism in Vivienne's personality as we packed up and checked out of the hotel. I hadn't said that I would let her stay with me. Indeed, I had Evania make sure her luggage was tagged and prepped for her flight to Dijon just like the others. But everyone had the sense that I would change my mind before it was time to go.

The girls felt it. They went out of their way to embrace Vivienne and express their goodbyes as if they wouldn't see each other again for a long time, rather than just separating to go to their own homes once back in France.

Evania felt it. She was behaving differently with Vivienne today, as if the French girl were now her superior, an extension of her employer, rather than just another guest.

And of course, Vivienne felt it. She was just as clingy with me as ever, but the desperation in her embraces of the past couple of days was gone. She simply hovered around me as if she belonged by my side, rather than as if she were auditioning for the job. And she doted on me like an established girlfriend.

All this was possible for only one reason: I felt it. In my heart I already knew I'd fallen for the gorgeous French beauty. I hadn't meant to, and in fact had gone out of my way to try and prevent it from happening, but I'd fallen in love with her. And I couldn't bear to let her get away from me. I simply hadn't formalized that realization yet.

With only a few hours remaining before they had to get to the airport, I let the girls decide what they wanted to do. Very quickly, they agreed that they wanted to return to the yacht for a last cruise around the harbor, and after breakfast we made the trip back to Piraeus.

Once aboard, I made it a point to have Vivienne's bags stacked up next to the other girls' for easy off-loading when it was time to go. I'm sure she would have rather fully unpacked herself in my stateroom, but I wasn't declaring that decision just yet. Still, the girls had to unpack enough to change into bikini bottoms (happily skipping the bikini tops). And then my girls spread themselves around the sundeck as we weighed anchor and set off into the morning sun.

The girls spent the first hour reminiscing about the week. It felt like sooo much had happened since they first met me on Paradise Beach back in Mykonos. Aveline had the bright idea to bring out the digital cameras, and Aveline hooked them up to the large flat panel TV so we could reminisce using our own photos.

There were tourist shots from the Monastery of Panaghia Tourliani, some random pelicans, and the island of Delos. There were more intimate pictures from our uninhabited island, and even a few rather racy snaps from the jacuzzi and other places right here on the yacht.

"I'll have to hide some of these pictures from my boyfriend," Aveline giggled when a high-resolution shot of her giving me a blowjob on the beach appeared on the 52" LCD screen.

"Boyfriend?" I raised my eyebrows with some alarm.

The beautiful redhead chuckled. "Yes. Both Lucette and I have boyfriends back home. Vivienne just broke up with hers a week before the trip."

I arched an eyebrow. Hmm, rebound... I bit my lip a little nervously, glancing at my dirty-blonde paramour, who wouldn't meet my eyes.

Then Lucette giggled. "Relax, Tom. We did not holiday in Mykonos expecting to be celibate. We knew what we were getting into."

Browsing through some of those rather pornographic pictures started to get all of the girls stirring in their seats, and I wasn't immune either. After all, the five beautiful babes around me were still topless, each of them wearing nothing but the skimpiest of thong bikini bottoms in a variety of neon colors.

I suppose I should have stopped being surprised by Cecile after she came to me last night at the hotel, but I still was when the pretty blonde sidled up to me and promptly stuck her hand into my shorts. "S'il vous plaît?" the blonde arched an eyebrow to Vivienne, who simply smiled and waved her friend along.

Cecile grinned and then dropped a cushion onto the deck, kneeling atop it and then reaching out to tug my shorts down to my ankles. Cecile then gestured to Lucette, who was holding the second digital camera, and asked, "Photo?"


"Oui!" Cecile giggled, and then bent over to begin sucking me. The cute girl even posed with my dick in her mouth for Lucette to take a picture.

I just waved over Evania, instructing, "We're getting copies before they leave."

Cecile's blowjob started off a new round of sex. We didn't do anything nearly as crazy as last night's orgy, but all four French girls took a turn with me, just to get it out of their systems if nothing else. Vivienne even let Aveline go last, and let the redhead accept my final load into her sucking pussy. She knew she'd have more opportunities with me after her friends were gone.

And then one-by-one, the girls drifted away to stare out across the peaceful waters, lost in their own thoughts and memories of the most incredible week of their lives.

Me, too.

As expected, Vivienne stayed right by my side. I was still naked after spunking Aveline. My dirty-blonde de facto "girlfriend" had licked me clean before cuddling up beside me in the oversized lounge chair and was still topless herself. She even pulled my arm around her neck, placing my palm atop her full breast, which I reflexively squeezed.

Lucette and Cecile had already headed to the forward deck of the yacht, probably to watch our progress as we motored back to Piraeus to send the girls off to the airport. Aveline headed below decks, perhaps to clean herself up. And Evania, after checking me with her eyes to make sure I didn't need her for anything else, melted into the background to take care of whatever arrangements she needed to take care of, leaving me alone with Vivienne.

I cuddled her against my side and sighed happily, formulating plans for the upcoming weeks. I would need a break after this particular adventure with the French girls. If I stuck to my normal routine, we would take the yacht to another beach town to relax a bit without entertaining any guests. The crew could have some rest and I would take a more leisurely pace of screwing Vivienne and Evania, with the occasional hookups with Althea the cook and Nika the cabin stewardess. And then when I got bored, I'd figure out the next party beach to descend upon and work out my recruitment for fresh pussy. There was still a LOT of summer left.

Then again, did I really NEED to keep doing what I was doing? Fresh pussy was always nice, but it wasn't everything. Actually, a high-quality pussy that really knew how to please me was far better than some strange, even if it was "new". And I had that quality pussy now in Vivienne. Heck, I'd had Evania this whole time, but on her own my valet wasn't enough to keep me rooted in one place. But with Evania and Vivienne together? Maybe they would be enough to keep me satisfied. Heck, if we found another 'V' that made me really happy, I could even re-form my three 'V's.

And as fun as it was to traipse around the Mediterranean like this, visiting different ports, it might actually be even better for me to set up shop at some magnificent beach house. I could still park myself close to a party town and use the yacht to pick up hot playthings from time to time before returning them back from wherever they came. Or a helicopter: those were always good for short distances, especially if I wanted to go over land.

With a beach house, I would have a more permanent home that didn't rock with the ocean waves. I could accumulate a staff to cater to my every need. I could give Althea and Nika more permanent jobs, and if I picked somewhere in Greece, I could keep them closer to their homes. Evania would be my ever-loyal assistant. Vivienne would be my adoring girlfriend. And maybe ... just maybe ... I could find true happiness once again.

After all, I couldn't just float around for the rest of my life. I wanted to settle down somewhere. I wanted peace, tranquility, and stability. I couldn't before, because I felt restless, my life turbulent. But now, with Vivienne, I felt peaceful. I felt calm. And I hadn't felt this calm since...

My arm tightened around Vivienne's neck as my jaw clenched. She noticed the new tension in my body and immediately stroked my chest. "What is wrong?"

I turned my face away from her and stared away. What was I doing? Trying to start over from scratch?

The palatial house? I had one, back in the U.S. The permanent staff? I was sure they were still back there, doing their jobs, waiting for me to come home. I had a helicopter, too. Even Evania was a replacement, in more ways than one.

And love? For everything we had been through, up to and including her leaving me to deal with her demons, I knew my wife loved me. And I loved her. We'd been together off and on for years before getting married. She'd seen me through many crises, many of them quite personal. And through it all, she'd always shown me remarkable understanding and love.

She even left me because she believed that she had failed me, and just couldn't cope with it, no matter how much I'd tried to reassure her. Yeah, this latest crisis had been bigger than any that came before it. In the end, it had proven too much for us to handle, and ultimately drove us apart. But I still loved her, and I couldn't just... replace her, too.

I'd been running away from my past. I'd buried my emotions and tried to drown them in a sea of sexual excess and hedonistic pleasure. I'd picked up these girls, and others, and just... used them. It wasn't fair. Yeah, both sides knew what they were getting into before we got started, but it still wasn't fair to them. I was always honest with them about what I wanted from them and what they'd get in return. But I was never honest with them about who I really was.

And I had a life waiting for me in America. I had people who cared about me. And no matter how nice it might be to just grab a beach house, make a home with Vivienne and Evania, and just spend my money until I died from sexual overload, I couldn't turn my back on who I really was. The madness had passed. I was ready to settle down again. But I owed it to the people who loved me to try and settle back to the place I'd left behind.

"I have to go home," I said softly, still staring off into the distance.

"What?" Vivienne asked, obvious concern in her voice.

"I have to go home," I repeated, sitting up straight. "Back to America."

The gorgeous 23-year-old French girl was right by my side, leaning in and crushing her big naked breasts against my back. "I'll go with you."

Oh, dear. I took a deep breath and my shoulders sagged as I hung my head forward. I closed my eyes, feeling the walls drop back down around my heart. What I was about to do was cold. Really, really cold. But it had to be done.

"I'm sorry, Vivienne. But it's time for you to go back to France."

Vivienne was hysterical. From the time I told her that I was sending her back to France to the time we got to Elefthérios Venizélos International Airport, she was crying almost non-stop. At first, she wouldn't even get into the Mercedes GL, since I wasn't planning on going with them to the airport and she refused to leave me. In the end, we grabbed a second car to fit the girls' extra luggage and when I jumped into the SUV, Vivienne had no choice but to follow me. She then spent the 45-minute trip trying to talk me into changing my mind, whimpering and sobbing all the while.

The other girls tried to help Vivienne see reason. They all knew what they were getting into when we first started. I'd always stated that she would leave when our time was up, and I'd even kept her bags collected with the others all this time.

"I'm still married," I explained.

"I don't care!" Vivienne whimpered. "I love you!"

"How can you love me? We have not even been together a week!"

"It is enough!"

"You love my money. You love the lifestyle. You don't even know ME."

"I love what I know. Money or no money, a man is a man. And I know this man!"

I sighed and thought of all the secrets I'd kept from her. And shaking my head sadly, I said, "You don't know me at all."

Even when we got to the airport, parked at the curb, and started unloading, Vivienne would only get out of the SUV when I did. And she stood there, hugging herself, watching me like a hawk as I said goodbye to the other girls, doing my best to be calm under the circumstances.

Lucette was understanding, whispering in my ear that Vivienne had always been passionate and headstrong, but that she would get over this. She thanked me for the week, and especially for that most memorable lovemaking on the beach.

Cecile kissed me and then said she was wrong about me; I was a good man, and I was proving it by not leading Vivienne on, by sending her home with her friends. She pulled my hand down to her ass and whispered about how she would never forget last night. And then she kissed me again.

And Aveline tried to swallow my tongue with her kiss. She grinned and promised she would take care of Vivienne. After all, they had been best friends since they were young, and she was happy not to be losing her. And then the busty redhead went over to hold her best friend as I tried to say goodbye to the gorgeous dirty- blonde.

"Please don't leave me," Vivienne whimpered pitifully. "Don't you care about me?"

"It is because I care about you that I'm doing this. You belong with your friends. You have a life waiting back home for you."

"I don't want that life! I want a life with you!"

I sighed, thinking of all the problems waiting for me back home. "You don't. You really don't. I have a lot of demons I have been running from. But meeting you has shown me that I can't ignore them any more. I thank you for that."

"But I love you!" Vivienne's voice cracked as she pleaded with me one last time.

I shook my head, and felt the wall close completely around my heart. And in a stern voice, I stated, "I don't love you."

The quiver started with her lower lip, and then expanded across her face and body until her knees buckled. Vivienne would have fallen flat on her ass if Aveline hadn't been holding her. And still threatening to collapse, with fresh tears in her eyes, the beautiful girl wailed, "I passed your test! You CAN'T send me away now!"

I sighed. "It wasn't a test, Vivienne. I was just trying to remind you of who we really are to each other. I'm just a rich man running away from his life. You're just a girl on holiday. We could never be anything more than that."

Vivienne's face turned from sorrowful pleading to rage in an instant. And suddenly breaking free of Aveline, she actually took a threatening step forward and screamed right in my face. "What happened to you? What happened to your wife? What happened to your life? Why are you so fucked up you cannot let yourself feel anymore?" And she continued to rant at me in French, jabbering so fast that I'm not even sure her friends could understand her.

I didn't have an immediate answer. Splaying my hands out to the sides helplessly, I simply said, "I'm sorry." And then I backed into the Mercedes, closing the door behind me.

Evania signaled the other car to leave, and then with an apologetic face for the girls, she hopped into seat next to me and closed the door. Still holding onto Vivienne, Aveline held up her free hand to wave goodbye. Lucette and Cecile waved as well. But Vivienne just glared at me as the SUV pulled away from the curb.

It was sad. But I had to get on with my life.

Evania had perceptively noticed that I was talking about going home to America when arguing with Vivienne in the SUV. But my valet was still in shock when I told her that I wanted to cancel the lease on the boat and terminate the crew to head back home immediately. However, she handled things remarkably well given the abruptness of my decision. And we spent the 45-minute drive back to Piraeus working out the details.

"The boat crew will be fine. A week's pay in severance is perfectly normal. But are you sure you want to give Althea and Nika three-months salary in severance? You don't have to, and we haven't even been in service for three months total," Evania questioned.

"Three months. I can afford it. Besides, we had an open-ended contract, and this notice is so sudden, it'll give them time to find other jobs. They're not part of the standard boat crew, so they not guaranteed employment on the next charter."

"This is because you slept with them, isn't it?" Evania raised an eyebrow knowingly.

I shrugged.

Evania chuckled. "Althea and Nika will be disappointed. They were looking forward to the next week to relax with you."

I sighed. "They're sweet girls. They'll be fine."

"But I won't be, Mr. Eriksen," Evania said softly, her eyes downcast.

I exhaled slowly. As much as I knew I had to head back home, leaving my Greek crew in Greece, it pained me to think of being parted from Evania. My valet had been provided by a top European Agency when I'd first arrived just a few short months ago. I hadn't necessarily been looking for a sexual partner. All I really wanted at the time was a local "travel agent" of sorts to help me get from Point A to Point B to Point C as I traipsed all over Europe for the first couple of weeks. Neither of us had known when we met that we would click so well. Evania said she'd never slept with a client before, but as it turned out, we fell into bed together before the end of the week. Maybe it was because we were in Rome at the time.

Since then, our relationship had evolved by leaps and bounds. She reminded me in many ways of my previous assistant, and yet was completely different. She filled a great void inside me, and I was loathe to be parted from her. Indeed, facing the thought of losing Evania hurt more than the thought of losing Vivienne.

So I made my decision right then and there. "Come with me."

Evania blinked and her eyes went wide. "Sir?"

I stopped to think about it. I cared about both Evania and Vivienne. But while Vivienne had momentarily become a sort of replacement for my wife, Evania always had a more functional role. And I still needed that. I needed her not only to tie up my affairs here in Greece, but I would need her help in getting me back to America. And even though she did not know America like a native, once I WAS back home, I would still need someone by my side.

I didn't love Evania. What we shared together was far more "employer-employee" than romantic. It was even a little bit "Master-sub". In any case, my feelings for her did not conflict with the love I felt for my wife in the way Vivienne might. And when I thought of myself returning home to pick up the pieces of my old life, I instinctively knew my gorgeous Greek valet would fit right in.

Besides, I was heading back to America. Of all the people who might be waiting for me there, I didn't know who would still be on my side. And if I was going to do this, it would be really nice to know I had someone who had my back.

"I'm serious. Come with me," I repeated and then exhaled slowly. And looking at Evania with soft eyes, I added, "I need you."

Her eyes sharpened and she sat up straight in her seat. She nodded firmly and said, "And I will be there for you."

A wave of tension rolled off my shoulders. There was still a lot there, but a good chunk of the tension was gone. And I sighed in obvious relief. Reaching over, I put my hands to the sides of Evania's head and tilted her toward me. And then I kissed her forehead thankfully.

"I am here for you, sir," Evania stated plainly.

The way she emphasized "sir" stirred another memory in my head, and there was a sudden pressure against my brain. I remembered another loose end: someone else very special to me, who wasn't my wife. And exhaling, I turned to look out the window.

The boat crew were quite surprised, but handled the situation gracefully. They were used to being chartered for a week or a month at the longest, and they'd already been hired for almost three months. They'd all made a good bit of money, and the week's severance pay would give them plenty of cushion before finding their next charter. After all, this was the high season.

Althea and Nika were a little more in shock. Although they were staff, not guests, they'd still enjoyed being a part of my little cruise around the Mediterranean. And from the way both girls kissed me before disembarking, they'd also enjoyed our occasional intimate interludes. Nika was visibly disappointed we didn't have time for one more romp, actually. Althea was more pragmatic, eager to return home after not seeing her parents and siblings for some time. And both were absolutely overjoyed by the three-month severances.

I was still on the boat, finishing off the last bit of paperwork while Evania put Althea and Nika into a cab to head to the airport, when a sudden shout grabbed my attention.


My eyes flew wide open and I turned to look at the pier in shock. Sure enough, running up the gangplank, was Vivienne.

I'd underestimated how much she loved me.

I dropped the clipboard to the deck and opened my arms just in time to catch the 5'9" dirty-blonde babe as she launched herself into the air, actually wrapping her legs around my waist as I staggered and worked valiantly not to fall. And I was still trying to regain my balance when she turned her head and started raining kisses on my face, frantically trying to get to my lips and hitting absolutely everything else along the way.

At last, I let my hands loose. Feeling herself falling, Vivienne instinctively dropped her feet down to the deck. And as I defensively held her at arm's length away, taking in her messy hair and wild-eyed look, I sputtered, "Vivienne?"

"I missed my flight!"

"I see that," I sighed. "We'll get you another one."

"I don't want another one. I want to stay here with you!"

I frowned and shook my head, suddenly feeling every bit of my age as I stared disapprovingly at the 9 years younger girl. My valet was just coming up the gangplank, shock in her eyes as well as she realized who was holding onto me. And sternly, I ordered, "Evania, book Vivienne on the next connecting flights to Dijon."

"Tohm!" Vivienne gasped desperately. And then in a mournful, quiet voice she whimpered, "Mon amour..."

"I'm not your love. You're not my wife. And you're not my girlfriend," I stated harshly. And then I sighed, the word "girlfriend" now making me think OF my ex- girlfriend, the mother of my daughter, who'd also left me.

"You cannot abandon me, Tohm," Vivienne pleaded, tears forming in her eyes again. "Please! Let me come with you!"

I shook my head. "This is not going to be what you think it is. There are things I need to do in America. I'm not planning a holiday anymore. We wouldn't be sightseeing or shopping or spending all day naked in bed. It wouldn't be the lifestyle you're thinking of."

Vivienne shook her head. "I don't care. I don't need shopping or sightseeing. I need you. I need to be WITH you!"

"I can't be with you right now," I said through clenched teeth. "I'm not ... right ... emotionally. I'm no good to anyone."

"I can fix you!"

"Fix me?" I arched an eyebrow. I shook my head and sighed. "The only one who can fix me is me."

"But I can help you!"


"Just let me be here for you. Let me stay with you. I can comfort you. I will listen to you. You say you have problems in your past. Well I am NOT a part of your past. Does it not make sense to have someone with you who is not from your past? Someone who is not a part of the problem?"

I arched my eyebrow. It was a surprisingly philosophical argument from someone I initially viewed as only a tender young plaything. "I'm bringing Evania with me," I stated flatly.

Vivienne darted her eyes over to my valet, a bright flash in her eyes as she abruptly looked at the Greek girl as competition. But just as suddenly, she darted her eyes back to me and stated emphatically, "Evania is your support. She will always serve you. But I love you."

I sighed and looked rather pityingly at the desperate girl still clinging onto me. What I had done was cold and cruel. I had let this young, innocent girl fall in love with me, and for a time, I'd even led her to believe that I loved her too. Maybe I even had, for a little while. But because of the way I'd felt about her ... maybe still could feel about her ... I had to leave her behind.

"Vivienne," I began wearily. "I'm going home because I need to get my wife back. I love her."

Vivienne's soft brown eyes tightened. She bit her lip and looked ready to burst into tears. But just as her mouth opened so she could wail out some response, a new voice called out.

"Jonathan, you were a lot harder to find than I thought."

My head jerked around at the sound of my real name. I turned my head and looked over to see a statuesque blonde, her sharp business suit and heels looking out of place on the deck of this yacht. And her silvery blue eyes bore straight at me as a self-satisfied smirk spread across her red lips.

I sighed, wondering how she'd found me. But I nodded and greeted, "Hi, Cassandra."

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