Tiffany's Terror...the Beginning
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Blackmail, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Leg Fetish,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sexy daughter of a politician runs into a deviant with mischievous plans for her.

The clicking of her heels on the sidewalk echoed in the dark night. Her awkward steps and mild chuckling were proof of her intoxication as she made her way towards the only business still open on the street, the liquor store. With her blonde hair glowing under the streetlights and her face still made up from a night out, Tiffany was on a mission to get a bottle of wine. The night had recently ended for young Tiff and her older sister when they arrived back at Tiffany's apartment and decided they wanted some wine, so the younger sis took the initiative. Before she left for the store, the blonde changed out of her clubbing outfit of a miniskirt and tight top into "grubs", an oversized tee shirt and shorts. Still buzzing from the drinks, Tiffany still wore her sheer hose and heels as she staggered down the walk.

As Mike walked down the block towards his home, she caught his eye, the tall attractive blonde gingerly stepping into the liquor store. Her long legs a bit wobbly on the heels, and her curvy figure still outlined in the large tee shirt. After admiring her form as she entered the store, he walked past and to his ground floor apartment. Shortly after entering and flipping on the light, through the window he spied Tiffany leaving the liquor store holding a bottle of wine in a brown bag. Mike had ideas and plans for the sexy blonde for some time now, he decided tonight would be the night. Her tentative steps clicking in the direction of his place, Mike slid open the screen door and slipped outside near the corner of the building. While the clicking of the high heels on the sidewalk became louder, Mike grabbed his pocket knife from his jacket and edged closer to the corner of the building. He saw her shadow on the ground, from the streetlight at her back, and stood poised and ready.

Tiffany was worried about not dropping the bottle of wine. Still buzzing hard from the night out, the 22 year old blonde was cursing to herself the decision not to change into different shoes. The heels were making her inebriated walk a bit challenging. Adjusting her grip on the bottle, Tiffany passed by an apartment building and was suddenly grabbed roughly by her long blonde hair and felt the touch of cold metal on her neck.

"Shut the fuck up and I won't have to cut you, bitch! Now, come here!" A gruff voice bluntly commanded her in her right ear before she felt the man pulling her backwards and into an apartment. The brown bag containing the wine was taken from her hands and tossed onto the carpeted floor.

"Wha--, what do you want? What are you doing?" Tiffany stammered through her drunken haze, the blur of sights in the apartment and the chaos of the situation making her dizzy.

SMACK!!SLAP!! The blonde is dropped onto the couch and her face is struck twice in quick succession, once by the palm and then by the backhand.

"I just told you to shut the fuck up! I knew blondes were dumb, but didn't think they were deaf too!" Mike growled menacingly at the girl.

Tiffany is on her back awkwardly on the couch, her long blonde hair strewn about around her head, one leg partially on the couch, the other resting uneasily with her foot on the floor. The fear was causing her feet to nervously fidget around.

Her eyes wide in fright, Tiffany glanced up at her assailant, a tall man in jeans and a black jacket, and meekly pleaded again. "Please let me go ... don't hurt me, take my money ... please!"

Taking the knife and placing it close to her face and neck, Mike grabbed her chin in his hand and lightly touched the knife to her lips, coated in a dark red lipstick.

"I told you to shut up! Now, you just do everything I say and I won't hurt you, Tiffany, okay?" He said quietly but still sternly.

Tears welling up in her eyes, the blonde woman nods slightly, struck by her attacker knowing her name.

Mike smiled to himself as he saw the fear flash across her face at the mention of her name. He knew Tiffany, the youngest daughter of a local politician, and he had been waiting for a chance like this for a while. He then turned his attention to the scared blonde lying on his couch.

With the knife near her neck, Mike placed his hand on her chest, groping her through the tee shirt. "Okay, Tiffany ... here's the deal..." he leered at her full red lips and curvy body and grew excited, "You use that sexy mouth you got and do a good job, and maybe I let you go..."

She cringed back at his words, but even in her buzzed state, she was thinking that giving him a blow job would be better than being raped. With a sniffle, the young lady reluctantly agreed.

"Oh--okay ... but you promise you'll let me go if I do?" A look of hope crossed her face.

"You got it..." Mike replied, in disbelief at her gullibility. "Now, lean in here and open that mouth, slut! And if you even graze me with your teeth, I'm gonna use this knife, understand?"

The blonde nodded and lowered her head slowly, two tiny tears dripped down her cheeks, one from each eye. Mike unzipped his pants and removed his hardened cock and helped guide Tiffany's head towards it. The lovely blonde parted her full red lips and slid her mouth over and around his cock.

"Yeah, that's it, now do it good bitch!" He growled, and silently flicked on his video-camera in his cell phone, placing it on the couch behind him looking down at Tiffany hard at work on his manhood.

"Ughhh ... use the tongue!" He whispered as Tiffany moved her head up and down his shaft. She had given head to several boyfriends before, so she did know what to do. The alcohol was numbing some of the reality of the situation as she started getting into it more. Pulling her head back, she teased his cock with her tongue and dragged her warm tongue up and down before taking it all in her mouth again.

Mike was amazed at how great Tiffany was at sucking cock, her head moving faster and faster and moans escaped as she worked. His member fully erect and swelling, he knew he was about to burst and grunted out one more command for Tiffany.

"Ughhh ... here I come, Tiffany! Swallow it, swallow it all!!"

Tiffany barely heard him as she aggressively worked over his manhood, sucking and licking just as it began spurting forth into her mouth with a river of seed. The blonde took down all of it, or all that didn't splash onto her tee shirt, neck or chin. She slowly pulled her mouth back off of his rod and looked up at him with dampened eyes.

"Can ... can I go now, please?" She asked softly, looking up at Mike.

Mike leered at the beauty and started stroking his cock, "Oh, I may not be done with you yet..."

"No! You said you'd let me go! Help!" Tiffany yelled and leapt off the couch in the direction of the back door, but Mike was upon her instantly. The two wrestled on the carpet until Mike got Tiffany rolled onto her back again and dragged her back towards him with her shorts, which soon slid down her smooth legs. Left holding only her shorts, Mike went after the scrambling, half-naked blonde as she neared the screen door.

SMACK! SLAP! Mike smacked her twice more, knocking her to the ground, where he climbed onto her form.

"You bitch! I'll let you go when I'm done, not before!" He yelled, "And if you EVER try that again, I'll cut you!" He pressed the blade against her neck as he straddled her body on the floor.

Mike took in the view now, the trembling blonde weeping on the floor beneath him, her large white tee shirt rustled up, exposing some of her toned and tanned midsection. Her shorts torn away, her lower body clad only in nude colored hose, he smirked when he saw the slutty Tiff wasn't wearing panties. Her feet kicked slightly, with her heels still on her feet.

He started feeling all over her shapely body. He began groping her breasts down to her waist, sliding his hands up and down her long, nylon-clad legs. He moved his hands underneath the large tee shirt and groped her breasts roughly. Mike's cock had grown hard again and he slid it along Tiffany's firm, smooth legs, up her thighs until it reached her waist.

The whimpering cries from Tiffany increased as she knew what was to come. He reminded her to comply by grabbing her face roughly and again menacing her with the knife.

Tiffany was lying on her back on the floor; her lower body nude save for the hose and heels, the flimsy large tee shirt lifted up allowing Mike to paw at her chest. He guided his cock up against the entrance to her sex, tracing up and down along her slit through the silky hose. Tiffany shook her head and sobbed some more at the impending rape.

Mike took his fingers and pressed into her sex through the hose, and molested her some more, stimulating her body for his cock. Pinching a small part of the hose, he tore a hole and promptly positioned his cock there and started to push forward.

"Oh God! Please don't!" She cried, until the pressure of the knife was felt again on her neck, then she just sniffed and sobbed.

Mike shoved his manhood into her body, tearing past her hose and into her tight pussy. Tiffany moaned in anguish and he growled in pleasure while his manhood was buried deep within her. The blonde barfly began sobbing louder as he pulled back and slammed his manhood into her body again, deeper this time. His hot breath blowing on her neck as he raped her, Mike powered home his enlarged member at an ever increasing pace.

Tiffany was on the floor, pinned beneath Mike as he fucked her. The white tee shirt hiked up and exposing her breasts, her long tanned legs encased in sheer hose and both bent at the knee as the blonde dug her high heels into the carpet to try and counter his thrusts. With her legs lifted and now close against his body, the tingling feel of it spurred him on to fuck her even harder. Loud, panting breaths were coming from her attacker, and she was whimpering and sobbing on each thrust.

Pounding into her hard, sliding out slow, and driving into her again. This was the rhythm of the assault as Mike fucked this young blonde beauty on the carpet of his living room. Her large and shapely tits were jiggling with each and every powerful thrust. She was grunting and sobbing softly while the attacker took her violently. His began to grind his hips into hers, screwing his manhood deeper into her prone body.

Mike leaned in and licked Tiffany's face on her cheek and his growing moans echoed in her ear. Pumping into her like a crazed madman, he fucked her with mercilessly, her gasps and grunts only enticing him more. Their faces grew damp with sweat as the assault continued on the plush carpet. Tiffany felt rug burns occurring on her back where her tee shirt had been raised, as the power of Mike's thrusts dragged her flesh against the carpeting.

"Ugh ... ugh ... oh yeah you slut! That's a good slut, Tiffany!" He growled almost incoherently as he felt his cock swell up once again.

Without much more warning, Mike felt his cock erupt inside of Tiffany and coated her insides with his seed. His heavy breathing began to subside as he recovered from fucking this sexy blonde. Keeping the knife near her neck, he panted and zipped his pants back up.

Mike grabbed her pink shorts and threw them at the blonde, still lying on the floor and weeping.

"Now, get dressed ... and before you go and think about reporting anything," Mike grabs his cell phone from the couch as Tiffany slides her pink shorts onto her smooth legs. "I got a real nice video of you giving one helluva blowjob ... I wonder how much daddy would like to see that, or how it would affect his career..."

She felt sick at the sight of her sucking Mike's cock which he was showing her on his cell phone. Lowering her head, Tiff began to sob again.

"Now, you go home now and take your wine, you don't report anything and your blowjob ability stays our secret, okay?" He flashes the knife again to get his response. Tiffany nods. "I asked you a question!" he demanded.

"Okay ... I won't report anything ... can I just go home?" The scared and used blonde asked, pleadingly.

"Yeah, you go home..." Mike said and the blonde gingerly stepped toward the screen door, "And Tiffany, " Mike called to her, her hair whipped around in the air as she turned in response. "I will be in touch again!"

Tiffany sniffled once more and wiped the tears from her eyes, grabbed her bag of wine and left the apartment. She went home to her place and found her older sister passed out, oblivious to Tiffany's long absence. The leggy blonde promptly poured a glass of wine and drank it down, then went into the bathroom. She pulled off her torn hose, stripped off the tee shirt and shorts and kicked off the heels and went into the warm steamy shower to cleanse herself from her adventurous night.

Unfortunately for Tiffany, this was only the beginning...

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