Sandy and Rob
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Rape, Heterosexual, Rough,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sandy, sexually abused by her stepfather,runs away. Rescued by Jim and the bike gang he rides with, he takes her to his home. Rob,the brother, falls in love. Sandy's trials are not over, for she is raped by some of the towns leading citizens. Retribution and justice prevail and romance continues for Sandy and Rob

Sandy and I (Rob Gordon) have been married for a little more than three years. I'm thirty-one years old and Sandy is twenty-five. My life has been real stable up till now. I lost my mother to cancer when I was in my teens. I have two older brothers and my father and stepmom are still living. Dad owned and operated an independent hardware store near Chicago. It had been in the family for two generations and I made it a third. However, one of the big national chains decided to move into town. We couldn't compete so we sold out to them and Dad retired. Putting the word out to some of our suppliers, I heard about the hardware and feed supply store in this town of twenty-two thousand and purchased it eight months ago.

My oldest brother, Paul, owns a trucking company, and Jim, who is only two years older than me, is a writer. Jim started out in the newspaper business. He worked for awhile as an investigative reporter. He didn't like the hours, so he has since switched to writing novels. The themes of his novels are exposés of different corporate businesses, and are billed as fiction. I guess the SEC thought one novel sounded too plausible and investigated a pair of like firms. Damned if they didn't find something in their investigations.

Sam Henderson, whom I bought this business from, lost his wife a few months before I contacted him. He said he wanted to move out west where he had family. He was concerned about how his customers were going to be treated. I had to assure him that if he would stay on for three months, I would not change his style of doing business too much until they got used to me. This was his life-long work and I knew that all his friends were customers and I think he made all of his customers friends. I counted him as one of my best friends when he left, and he felt the same about me.

The store is located on what was the end of Main Street years ago, but a recent spurt in building has made it more the center of town. Henderson's, as the store was known, took advantage of the building going on and had added a building supply complex to the back lot. All of this was much larger than the store that I had bought from Dad and then sold. I had almost unlimited funds to buy out Henderson's, but wanting to show my faith in my new community, I paid cash for the inventory and put a mortgage on the real estate.

Sam paused a bit when we were discussing how I was going to pay for the store. He said, "You know Bill Jones at the bank made me an offer for this property when he found out I was thinking of selling. It was pretty low. I trusted his daddy a long way, but I don't think I would trust Bill that much. Do as you please though." I didn't see what harm I could come to, so I went ahead and mortgaged the property.

At the end of three months I had a Grand Opening as new owner and a goodbye party for Sam. I guess most of the town was there. Sam kept me by his side and introduced me to a lot of townspeople that I hadn't yet met. I could read by his body language those he liked and trusted. He seemed to like most everyone. I had hired some of the off-duty police for traffic control, so late in the day when an officer with captain's bars came by, I was surprised to see a different Sam. "Tom, what are you doing here? I don't want you on the premises." There was real hate in Sam's voice.

"Guess you forgot. I came by to meet the new owner, which in my mind says you can't say anything about it." He turned to me saying, "Sam and I never seemed to get along, but I'm sure we won't have that problem. He could tell you about it, but I don't think he will. I will meet you some other time." With that he turned and left.

"Sam, what was all of that about?"

"I can't tell you. It's personal. I will tell you, though, don't trust that son-of-a-bitch, especially around women."

Sam left next day for the west. I never did find out what Tom's name was that day and I never found out why Sam hated him like he did.

I guess I had better start to tell about my brother Jim, because he is the one who brought me Sandy. Every year Jim goes on a bike trip around the country. He's got buddies that are lawyers, doctors, accountants and what have you. There are twenty in the gang. I call them a gang and they call themselves "The Gang" but they don't have that mentality. They might even do some good sometimes. They are just a bunch of guys out to see the old US. Jim is a great one for details, so is always looking for scenes and settings he can use in his writing. Dad and I still lived in a big old house with lots of rooms. We had a housekeeper, Mary, a little older than Dad, who cooked and did the cleaning. She had been with us since Mom died and had practically raised me. She also had loved Dad forever. She knows that I know it. Anyway, six years ago Jim called and said he was in North Dakota. He asked Dad if he would mind having him bring home a female house-guest. Dad was puzzled as Jim had a fiancée that he dearly loved. Jim went on to explain that it was someone that needed a little help for a short time. Dad was okay with this. Jim arrived late the next night with Sandy.

I didn't see her until the following night as I had been out on a date and had gone to work before she got up in the morning. Jim had come in with this skinny girl and asked Mary to put her to bed. Jim warned Mary that she was tired because they had ridden the bike all the way from North Dakota. Also she wasn't too well. Jim was beat too, so he crashed in his old room. I met her that next night at dinner. I wasn't impressed. She was a fairly tall blonde, about 5'6" I'd guess. She had on an old pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. Her sneakers should have been thrown away a year ago. Mary did the introduction. "Sandy, this is Rob. Rob, Sandy is going to be with us for three months. Jim arranged this with your father."

I gave her my best smile and said, "Welcome, our home is your home." I knew it sounded corny the minute I said it. For some reason I was afraid she might think I was being sarcastic. I guess she took it the way I meant it, because her eyes started to fill a little when she looked up.

Jim had Dad and I come into the study to tell us about Sandy and how she came to be with him. "This is the way I came to know Sandy. It was getting along towards evening and the gang had been on the road all day with only one pit stop. We found the campground we were headed for and pulled around to the far side so we wouldn't bother the other campers. There was another small group of bikers there already. Some of them were pretty noisy. There were twenty of us so we just ignored them. After we got set up for the evening and had eaten, we got out our guitars and mouth organs and made some music. Three of the other bikers had their wives with them and they came over and joined us around the campfire. I'm always looking for a story so I sat down next to what I thought was the leader.

"Back at their fire I could see four bikers and this girl. She sat away from them and looked pretty scared. 'What's with the girl?' I asked the biker.

"'She is a hitchhiker that one of those guys picked up. The four guys aren't really with us. They had her with them when they joined us a couple of days ago. They have been pretty rough with her over the last two days, and she has paid more than enough for her ride. Actually I would like to get her away from them. My wife is tough, but she says she couldn't take what the guys are doing to her. She's pissed at me for letting it go on this long. I told my wife we would leave them here when we left in the morning and take her with us. Can you go over and get her from those guys tonight? I really think she is in danger. The girl could really be messed up. Those four bastards aren't going to give you much trouble with your gang here. Also I'd like it if we could ride out with you when you leave in the morning. Our wives would feel a little better.'

"I sauntered over, walking right by the guys. I sat down by the girl, asking what her name was.

"'Hey, get away from her. That's our pussy. Get your own, ' shouted one of them.

"Twenty bikes beat four bikes in any kind of count 'em up. Why don't you guys get on your bikes and take off? I say the girl is mine and I don't want an audience when I even smile at her. So, bug off! They were soon gone.

"'Sandy, my name is Sandy.' I had forgotten I had asked her name. She put her hand in mine and we walked back to our fire. I was pretty disgusted with the three bikers and their wives, especially when they claimed they couldn't do anything to help Sandy. I guess they didn't exert themselves much. I thought to myself this poor girl is too trusting. How does she know she is any better off with me than with the guys she was with?

"Sandy, all of these guys with me are safe to be with. I guarantee that. We are just out on a vacation jaunt. Most of them are married with children. I have a girlfriend and I love her a lot. I write stories and am working on my second book. I would like to hear your story and see if I can find you a safe place to stay. Can we get you anything tonight to make you feel better?"

"'A shower! I feel so dirty and I have been too scared to eat. Could I have something to eat please?' I asked one of the wives to go over to the shower room with her, but she wouldn't leave her husband. So I took her and waited for her to shower. Eventually she peeked her head out and told me her clothes were filthy.

"I said, 'Wait here.' I went back to the campfire and scrounged up some clean jeans and a sweater for her to put on. 'Do you want to wash those clothes?' All she had was her filthy dungarees and a sweatshirt. I asked her about underwear. She said she had lost it somewhere. It was a very small load at the camp laundry.

"We went back to camp and I gave her my sleeping bag. She was soon asleep. Boy did the guys ever rib me about my new possession. Jokes were flying all over the place. Like, 'George, have you ever found anything of value?' George came back with, 'Yes, I found a quarter one time. Hey, Jim did you ever find anything of value? Oh, I know Jim caught a Sandy. Question, What's a Sandy? Answer, I don't know, but I bet his girlfriend makes him throw it back.' You get the idea.

"The next morning we were up and off heading east. The three bikers with the wives peeled off after a hundred miles heading south. I puzzled all day over what I was going to do about Sandy. That night I got a chance to talk with her and find out a little about her. It seems that her father died when she was just into her teens. Her mother remarried when she turned sixteen. By the time she was almost seventeen her new stepfather had abused her several times. So she ran away. She has been on the road ever since. She turned nineteen last month. Most of the time she gets along okay, but this last week has been her worst nightmare.

"She has a fatalistic attitude and feels she hasn't long to live. I'd like to prove her wrong. I asked how she got along all of these years. She said she was always willing to pay the price to get from here to there. I thought when she said 'pay the price' it was normal conversation. It isn't. It is a whole philosophy and that's what she has been living by.

"She gave me an example: 'If I wanted to go from California to Montana by thumb, I would pay the price using my body. My stepfather made sure I was experienced, damn him! Most usually a pretty smile would get me a ride. Sometimes I had to show a little skin. When I was cold and hungry I was willing to pay a higher price. This meant a blow-job or a jerk-off. I've had to pay out with sex several times. I only had to do a gang bang once before. It was a carload of businessmen going across country. Overall they were pretty nice and they took me almost two thousand miles. I never felt I couldn't pay the price until I met those bikers. I couldn't have taken much more when your gang pulled into that campground.'

"She tells me her mother is still alive, but she hates her for getting remarried to that guy. She says she absolutely hates her mother. She won't consider going home. I guess she felt deserted when her mother remarried and it turned out to be such a disaster.

"She said she would pay the price and do anything for me for the next three months. This is for running off those bikers that had her. What I would like to do is get her some clothes and maybe take her for a physical to see how badly she has been damaged.

"Maybe we could work on her self-esteem and show her that the whole world isn't all bad. I can't really take her in hand as I am planning on getting married soon. I guess I'm asking if I can dump her on you, Dad. It shouldn't be too difficult with Mary here. Maybe Rob can make a sister out of her. I don't think she will be much trouble and if she is, just remind her that she is mine for the next three months."

I asked Jim how he was going to tell Sarah, his fiancée, that the person he owned was a female and nineteen years old. He started to sweat and said he didn't know yet. Dad spoke up and said he better tell Sarah everything just as it happened. Keeping secrets was no way to start a married life. Jim agreed, but it wasn't a chore he was looking forward to.

Dad made Sandy an appointment for an exam and tests with the family doctor. Two days later when it was time for her to go with Dad, he had an appointment so I ended up taking her instead. Mary came up with some clothes. I could see that they were out of style, but Mary thought she looked nice. Sandy didn't say anything, but she knew. I gave her a couple of points for just thanking Mary and saying she thought she looked nice too. So here I am taking Sandy to the doctor. If Sandy was nervous, I was more so. I had no idea how she would act away from us. Christ, I had only known her three days!

Sandy sensed it right off. "Ashamed of your little whore? Taking her to see if she has VD? It is more than probable you know. Well I won't humiliate you if I can help it. A lot depends on the doctor. I'm not going to let some old bastard paw me all over and then look down on me." Actually this act of belligerence made me feel more confident. I knew Doc Harris, and he was well aware of the frailties of human nature.

We walked in and wouldn't you know, the office was full of patients. We went up to the receptionist and I said, "Sandy is here to see Dr. Harris."

The receptionist, without looking up as she was on the computer, said "Sandy, who?" Christ, I was in a quandary, I didn't even know Sandy's last name.

Sandy spoke softly, "Sandy Osgood."

"New patient?" At Sandy's nod she said, "Take this clipboard and fill out all the information on it. Bring it back here and I will go over it."

We went and sat down and Sandy wrote her name. It was in a little girl's handwriting and then she began to tremble. Whispering to me, "I don't know all of these big words, would you help me?" I took the forms and by asking her questions we were able to fill in most of the blanks. That is until we came to the Social Security number. "I don't have one and if I did I wouldn't have used it. My stepfather could have tracked me."

I took the forms back to the receptionist who reviewed them. "She left the SSN off. We have to have a number for insurance purposes."

I said, "She doesn't have a number. As you can see, I put down that I am responsible for her bill. If there are further questions about it, you can take it up with Dr. Harris."

The receptionist looked disgusted. "We do not discuss billing with the doctor."

Looking her in the eye I came back with, "This is a somewhat unusual situation and Dr. Harris is fully aware of it. I'm sure he will fill you in on any details he wishes you to know."

It seemed like we were waiting forever. Sandy sat tense and upright with her hands folded in her lap and her feet flat on the floor. Finally a nurse came out and announced, "Sandy, Doctor Harris will see you now." She gave me a nervous little smile and followed the nurse through the door. Now it was my turn to be nervous, not for me, but for Sandy. As the hands on the clock passed an hour and then another half, I wondered what he was finding. Then Doc Harris stuck his head through the door and asked me to come in.

Sandy was getting dressed in another room. "Hi Rob, it's good to see you again. It looks like you are keeping fit. You know you may be only twenty-five, but it might be a good idea to have a checkup yourself. Have a seat." Then he went over some notes he had scribbled. Turning to me he stated, "I don't think I have ever seen a situation like this in my life before. I've been your Dad's family doctor since I was interned. He calls me and tells me he is bringing in a young lady who needs a physical. Then he doesn't come in to explain, just sends you with her. She said I could ask you anything and tell you anything.

"Before I say anything more, what is your Dad's relationship to her?" He looked at me expectantly.

"Dad is kind of a surrogate father and I guess I'm her surrogate brother. I don't know anything about her. I didn't even know what her name was until she answered the receptionist. Today is only the fourth time I've seen her."

Doc was shaking his head. "Oh come on, give me a little more than that. She mentioned Jim too. Where does he fit in?"

"Okay Doc. Short story. Jim owns her for the next three months." I paused and the doc was about ready to explode. I continued, "Basically, Jim rescued her from a biker gang and for saving her she promised she would do whatever he wanted her to do for three months, and he wants to get her help. As you know he is getting married soon and he doesn't need this complication. So Dad and I are looking after her. This physical is the first thing he asked her to do. She didn't object, just said okay, and here she is.

"What we do know is that she is a runaway, and has been on her own since she was seventeen. She is nineteen now and says she has seen forty of the states, all by hitch-hiking. Apparently she had no goal and just went on down the road. She is used to begging and if need be, using her body to pay for a ride. She told Jim that there are a lot of nice people she has met, but some she never wants to meet again. She was abused by her stepfather shortly after she turned sixteen and that started all of this. She told Jim that if he hadn't got her away from those bikers that night, she was going to end it all."

"Rob, I really can't tell what her overall physical shape is yet. Not until I get back the results of all the testing I've ordered. I can tell you that she has recently been horribly abused. She is black and blue pretty much all over. She has had rough sex, both vaginally and anally. This happened within the last week. I suspect she has had some broken ribs at some point. I noticed an irregular bump on one arm. It was probably broken at one time. She wouldn't talk about it. She is young and if she hasn't contracted some incurable disease, she will heal pretty fast.

"I have noticed another thing. I would say she might be a case of arrested development. In a lot of ways she seems to be sixteen and yet you say she is nineteen. I guess that fits if she was abused at sixteen and has been on the road since she was seventeen. She never would be able to develop along with her age group. However, she has a highly developed sense of street smarts. Don't try and slide anything over on her, because she will pick up on it pretty fast.

"Here is a warning for you. If she sticks around long enough to lose that scared-doe-in-the-headlights look and fills out, she is going to be a beautiful young lady. Watch your heart! Anyway, as soon as I get the test results back, I will have you bring her in to go over them. I gave her some med samples to hold her until I see her again. In the meantime take her shopping and get her some pretty clothes." Doc shook my hand and I went and found Sandy in the waiting room.

We didn't say much on the way home. To break the silence I asked her if she would like to go shopping for some clothes now. No! I wouldn't know what to buy. Well, how about a soda and sandwich? Okay if you know some place with a booth. After we got seated, she wanted to know what the doctor told me about her. She did give him permission to tell me everything. She was just curious.

"Well," I said with a straight face, "he said to go buy you some clothes."

Sandy laughed. "That's because I have Mary's panties on and they are three sizes too big. I had to pin them to keep them from falling off."

"Do you really want to know?"

"Yes. Mainly because I never had a physical before, and I couldn't read what he was saying. He'd look at part of me and say 'That's interesting' and a lot of 'Humm' stuff like that. He put something on my arm and pumped it up. Said that was to check my blood pressure. He looked at every inch of my skin and felt and pushed my breasts around. After he looked in my ass and in my cunt he asked me about my lifestyle. I tried to answer everything as I knew Jim would want me to." I shuddered at the language Sandy was using.

"Doc Harris has been my doctor ever since I can remember. He treated my mother and cried when he couldn't save her. We knew he'd be a good person for you to see. He said that you were a nice young lady. His heart went out to you when he saw the amount of abuse you've had to tolerate. Jim's stock went up in his eyes considerably when I told him how you came to be with us. From what he can see now, he thinks you will heal up okay. Use the medicines he gave you. When he gets the tests results back he wants to see you again. I'd like to be there too, if you don't mind."

I said this because in my mind she might have a nasty surprise in store for her and she would need some support. "I'm going to call Jim when I get home and see if we can figure how to get you some decent clothes. That is unless you want Mary to take you shopping."

"Please call Jim."

I did call Jim that night. I asked him if he had told Sarah what he had done on his vacation. He had and she wasn't too thrilled. I told him about our trip to see Doc Harris. I gave him all the details. Then I asked him what to do about clothes for Sandy. He had no clue how to go about getting clothes for her especially without making Sarah jealous. I asked if Sarah was there. No, but she was coming over in an hour or so. I said I thought I could get him off the hook, but I had to talk to Sarah.

I was getting ready to call Sarah at Jim's house when she called me. "What's up? You Gordon guys are always doing some damn fool thing. I'm beginning to wonder if I want to become a Gordon or not."

"Sarah, I need your help. Your ever-loving lover brought me a new sister. She needs a few new clothes. Hell, she needs a whole lot of clothes. Mary fitted her out in one of her dresses to go get a checkup. She even had to wear a pair of Mary's panties pinned up. I just don't want my new sister appearing in public like that again. Could you take some time tomorrow and have her outfitted? Maybe you could get her hair done too. It looks like she hacked it off herself, but there is still a lot to work with."

Sarah said only for me, she would do it.

I had to be in the store early so I left Sandy a note. Sandy, Sarah is coming by and is going to take you shopping. The wallet with this note has a little cash and my credit card with no limit. If you have any problems, call the store, Sarah knows the number. As far as how Jim came to bring you home, just give her the facts if she asks. She probably won't. As for clothes, buy what you want and buy plenty. If Sarah advises you to buy something you don't like, say so. She will respect you for it. A little secret about Sarah, she loves strawberry milkshakes and never seems to get enough. Ask her out of the blue if she knows where you can get one before she takes you home. Don't let on I told you this. Have fun! Your let's pretend brother, Rob

That night at dinner Dad and I were impressed with the simple outfit that Sandy was wearing. We surmised that Sandy and Sarah were going to become friends. I guess Jim's worry about how Sarah was going to feel about Sandy was abated. I was surprised at how little Sandy had bought. When I chided her about it, she claimed that Sarah thought she should just get some separates until she filled out with all the food that Mary was feeding her. She was like a happy little kid and wanted to model everything. Mary was interested too. So Sandy put on a short fashion show for us.

It went well until Sandy appeared in a frilly bra and panty set. Mary stood and shouted, "Girl, cover yourself! What are you thinking?" Sandy turned and ran crying from the room.

Dad said to Mary, "Don't be too hard on her. She just doesn't know. I don't think she was flaunting herself, she was just proud to show us her pretty things."

I followed Sandy into her room. She was still in her underwear, lying on the bed sobbing her heart out. Looking at me when I came in, she sobbed, "What did I do wrong? I was just so happy I had something new. I never had anything this pretty before. I hate Mary! She has been so nice to me until now."

"Sandy, Mary was brought up in another time. She thinks it's horrible when girls appear on TV in a bikini. You are certainly more covered than that. Maybe you can ask Sarah sometime about what is appropriate in different situations. I had better get out of here before Mary learns I am in your room with you dressed like this. She will be shouting at me too. By the way, I love your hair fixed the way you have it. Don't worry about anything. Things are going to work out for you. I know it."

It took a couple of days for Sandy and Mary to regain their previous standing. Sandy told me that she got on the good side of Mary again by begging her to tell her what she did wrong. During the heart to heart talk, Mary hinted that she was in love with Dad and had been for years. He just didn't see her as a potential wife as he wasn't looking for one. He never had dated, just seemed to be satisfied with the memory of Mom.

Ten days later, Doctor Harris called and said he had all of the results from the tests. He wanted to talk to Sandy the following day. I asked Sandy if she wanted Sarah to go with her. No, she would be happy if I went. She even wanted me by her side when the doctor had us in his office. "Sandy, I guess I have to tell some things you may not want to hear. The good news is that you are at this time perfectly healthy. Can you tell me if you have ever been treated for STDs?"

"You mean VD?"

"Yes, specifically gonorrhea."

"One time at a church clinic a doctor gave me some pills and told me to take them or I would die. They kept me there for awhile until he said I was okay."

"Well that is what it was and it is not present so you were cured. Unfortunately it has caused a problem. I'm sorry to tell you that you will never be able to bear children."

"That's okay Doc, I never wanted kids anyway."

"There is one other thing I have to caution you about. If you go back to your old lifestyle, the odds are that you will either catch something that can't be cured, or meet up with someone that will hurt you bad or even kill you. You are an attractive young lady and I would hate to see that happen. The Gordons have done a lot for you. They may be willing to set you on the road to becoming a proficient member of society."

Five weeks later the newness of being cared for was wearing off Sandy. Jim didn't have much to do with her. Mostly because he worried that Sarah would get jealous. Sarah and Sandy were friends, but Sandy seemed much more comfortable with the male gender. That left me to be her guide and mentor. I only saw her in the evenings and weekends as Dad was putting the pressure on me to take over the store. I was not much company during the week. We had fourteen employees to manage. I had my own circle of friends and invited Sandy if it was something a crowd was into. I always introduced her as an acquaintance and treated her like a sister. My friends accepted her as such. I did date occasionally. I certainly didn't invite Sandy along on those.

I could see that Sandy was getting antsy. I came home early one day to talk to her. I said, "Hi, got a minute?" Sandy nodded. "How much longer does your promise to Jim last?"

Sandy looked startled so I knew it had been on her mind. "Five weeks and two days. Why?"

"Well I just had the feeling you were keeping track. Do you wish the time was up?"

"Yes, I guess so."

"Would you like to contact your mother? She must be worried sick since you ran away."

"No way! I'm never going home!"

"What are you going to do when the day comes and you are free of your promise to Jim?"

"That's just it, I have no plans. I know what Doctor Harris told me would happen if I go back out on the road again. I believe him. I just can't sit around here watching TV and talking to Mary. I see Sarah occasionally, but she is getting her wedding plans together. Also I never finished high school, so all I will be able to do is wait table. I don't think that would hold my interest very long and then I'll be back out there. I might as well be out there now."

"Okay I can understand that. I have a thought. I know you are untrained, but I don't think you are stupid. Why don't you come to work in the store as a clerk? I will move you around until you find a job you like, if any. In the meantime we'll start you on getting your GED. That's night school.

"Now when you come to work, I could introduce you as my sister which my long time employees would doubt. I could introduce you as a special friend, but that would indicate that I was sleeping with you. You could be neither. If it is neither, you better fix it up with Mary to be a distant relative. People will eventually find out you live here so I will let you decide."

Two days later Sandy appeared ready to go to work. She was going to ride with me. On the way to the store she shyly asked what price she was going to have to pay for her new job. It was kind of funny, because I had remembered when Jim told us that was what she lived by. I was ready with an answer.

"I called Jim last night and he transferred the promise you made to him to me. Five weeks and one day. That's definite. If you are willing to go for a GED, I will accept a promise from you to stay until you get it. That's not as definite time-wise."

"I will pay the price by staying until I show you a diploma. Also would you introduce me as your housekeeper's niece?"

I showed Sandy around and introduced her to everyone. I just said that she would be working with us. The last department I took her to was the lawn and garden shop. This was where I planned on her starting. There was a loading dock to handle the shipping and receiving of the seed and fertilizer as we had a lot of wholesale customers.

The department was staffed with three people. Two men, Joe and Walter, did the heavy work. An older lady, Miss Suzy, handled the sales register. I told Sandy just to watch the first day and see how we dealt with the customers and to learn the inventory. I planned to put her in charge if she was capable.

We had a system where a light went on in the office if a department needed assistance. The clerk flicked a switch at the register and either Dad or I would answer the summons. Everything seemed to be fine for a week. Sandy was really trying to learn her job. Her co-workers were giving me good reports about her. They said she was asking a million questions about the stock and why this was done this way, etc. She seemed to get along best with the men customers, not timid around them at all.

The trouble started on Monday morning. Walter, who we relied on for the heavy lifting, called in sick. This left Joe, who was older and had a weak back, to do the loading. It just so happened that a special order was to be picked up by James Lawn Care. The order was for seed, lime, fertilizer and turf builder. It was all bagged in forty and fifty pound bags. There were thirty bags in total. James, the owner, was pretty crude both in his language and actions. None of clerks wanted to deal with him.

James backed his truck up to the dock and went in and got his invoice and paid for it. He made running comments about how slow Miss Suzy was today. He hoped he got his order before she died on the job. Miss Suzy didn't say anything as he made the same comments every time he came in.

Sandy heard it all. She followed him out to the dock where Joe was struggling to load his order. James, who was a big fat guy weighing about three hundred pounds, started in on Joe. Joe had the three bags of seed and four of the seven bags of lime on the truck. He was having a hard time with loading because his back was bothering. James's comments got nastier and nastier.

Then he made a big mistake! He turned and saw Sandy. He knew she was an employee because she was wearing the company blouse with the store logo. He said with a leer, "Hey, sweet tits, if you bend over and help Joe load the truck, I can see what I bet is the best part of you. Maybe if you get lonely me and you can go out."

Sandy ignored him and said to her co-worker, "Joe, stop loading the truck. This asshole is all done here for the day." She walked right up and got right in James's face. "Listen you big tub of shit, you get your fuckin' ass in your truck and get to fuck out of here. You called Joe a limp dick when I bet you haven't seen your itty bitty thingy in twenty years. Probably the last time you got off was when your mother gave you a blowjob."

Sandy paused and said, "Well I guess we have traded enough insults for today. I'm serious though. You are not getting the rest of your order today. If you will back up to the dock tomorrow morning, I will be here personally to get your truck loaded. Here are a couple of secrets. Miss Suzy loves chocolates and Joe likes to suck on a pint of Old Granddad sometimes. If you want to look at my ass go ahead, just don't let me catch you. Now get out of here, we've got work to do."

He was gone by the time I was able to answer Miss Suzy's call for assistance. There were two customers that had heard the whole exchange. Miss Suzy and Joe couldn't wait to tell me all about it. By noon every employee in the store had heard what had happened at the loading dock. Sandy didn't say anything to me when we went home that night. She had only worked there a week, but the other employees made her one of them.

She did ask me if I would go into work a half hour early in the morning. There was a truck that they weren't able to load today and she promised to be in at seven-thirty to take care of it. Miss Suzy got her chocolates. Joe got his Old Granddad and Sandy got a dozen roses and a friend for life. Sandy seemed to know just how to handle difficult customers, especially if they were men.

Sandy was working hard on her GED. She never talked about her life on the road, but I knew sometimes she missed the freedom. She did talk about her early years and how happy she was before her dad died. Over time I was able to figure out where she grew up. Jim very discreetly went to her home town and found out about her mother. Her mother had divorced her stepdad when he was caught molesting a neighbor. He was convicted and sent to prison.

Sandy told us that Mary had hinted she loved Dad, so I talked to Jim and Paul. None of us would mind if she became our stepmom. Dad just had to see her as we saw her. She was a nice lady who loved three men and their father. Sarah and Sandy, Jim and I set out to open his eyes. Dad never had a chance. First we got her to dress better and then Jim and Sarah would invite them on what was a double date, only he didn't know it.

After Jim and Sarah were married, Sandy and I did the double dating. I was what you could call a work-a-holic so didn't go out much. Sandy was fun to be with most of the time unless something pissed her off. She had a vocabulary that would curl your hair. Funny though, after she blasted someone, she would make them see why she blasted them. Then she would turn about and make a friend.

Dad woke up one night at a show we went to in Chicago. It had a sad lovers scene in it and Mary put her hand in Dad's. I swear it was the first time they had touched. Dad turned and looked at her. The tears were running down her face. He put his arm around her and held her close. The next morning he asked me how I would feel if he started courting Mary. I laughed and said she had been us kids' Mom for ten years or more. Make an honest woman of her.

The year I turned twenty-eight Dad turned the store over to me. It was the year Sandy was twenty-two. I asked Sandy if she was ever going to get her GED. I reminded her that she had promised to stay until she got her certificate. She went to her room and brought out a paper and said. "No, I promised to pay the price until I showed you my diploma. This is it." I took it from her and looked at it. Sandy had received her diploma when she was twenty, almost two years before. "Sandy, would you like to enter into a new contract? Say, would you be willing to pay the price for a Rob Gordon?" We were married six weeks later.

Weddings are supposed to be such happy times. Sometimes people can try too hard. Sandy and I had a lot of issues that had to be resolved before we were married. We had lived in the same house together for three years. I felt I knew her as well as anyone could. I also knew her background. Surprisingly her past didn't bother me one little bit.

We had never kissed and as far as I knew she had never kissed anyone or wanted to since she came to live with us. We kissed to seal my proposal of marriage. I was very gentle. I softly kissed her every time that we saw each other. I worried how she would feel about being intimate with a man after being abused by so many, so I treated her with care.

That lasted for a week. Sandy was in my room and I had just kissed her, oh, so gentle. "Rob, have you ever had sex?" I admitted that I had. "Tell me about it. All of it from your first time to your last." I thought it fair for her to ask as I knew all about her past.

"Well, the first time was when I was seventeen. I wasn't very good. Too quick, I guess. When I was a senior I hooked up with a girl in my class who had sex since she hit puberty. She taught me a lot. Then when I was in college my fraternity had the usual parties with the sororities. We had the well known toga parties and homecoming weeks and really any excuse for a bash.

"Some of those girls were pretty demanding and they never complained about not being satisfied. I can't remember anytime that I didn't score if I wanted to and most times I wanted to. I never was heavy into alcohol and never tried drugs, so I had a lot more fun than those that did that scene.

"When Dad asked me to train to take over the store, sex has been pretty intermittent. Not because I don't enjoy it, but because I kind of set different priorities. Now that you ask, I really can't say when I've last had sex. It has been awhile. I guess the last time I had sex was at my college fifth reunion. That was two years ago. Why do you ask?"

"You say you enjoy sex and it has been awhile. Can you tell me why we aren't having sex then? And what's with the gentle little kisses? Lord knows I've had enough experience with dicks and dongs and I guess you know what a pussy is. I've been waiting since the first time I saw you to make love to you. I expect a lot of sex from the man I marry, and I expect to make him satisfied in return. Let's get started to see if this marriage is going to work."

Sandy did get some more gentle little kisses that night, but it was only after we had worn each other out.

That problem was pretty easy to resolve. This one wasn't. I finally convinced Sandy to contact her mother and tell her she was alive and getting married. Sandy's mother hadn't heard from her for five years. We were sure that her mother thought she was dead. Sandy and I traveled east to her home town. Jim had told me when he investigated Sandy's mother that she had discarded her last married name but kept the name of her daughter's father.

I asked Sandy if she wanted me to approach her mom. No, she would just ring the doorbell and say "Hi." Sandy had dressed up in a stylish dress and was wearing heels. She rang the bell and when the door opened, she said, "Hi Mother."

Rachel, Sandy's mother looked at her a minute and said, "Come in Sandy." She turned and entered the house.

After we were seated Sandy said, "Mother, this is Rob Gordon. Rob and I are getting married three weeks from today. He convinced me that you should be informed." I had never seen two people talking with so little emotion. This was mother and daughter. I knew at that minute these two would be forever estranged.

"I know now that you are alive. I'm glad of that I guess--knowing, I mean. You did run away. I figured you would show up someday if you were alive, so I'm not surprised."

"Mother, you don't seem to know or care why I ran away."

"I know why, you little Lolita. When Pete, my new husband, wouldn't succumb to your flirting and you couldn't take him away from me, you left. You tried to place the blame on Pete while it was all your fault. He was set up by a neighbor and is serving time. We are divorced now. I have no daughter and no husband and it is all because of you."

"Mother, I'm going to tell you my side. You wouldn't listen then, but you are going to listen to me now. You remember I broke my arm shortly after you married Pete. The day Pete picked me up from the hospital with the new cast on, he felt me up. He pinched my tits and tried to get his hands between my legs. He found out if he rapped on my cast it would cause me excruciating pain. He found a foot long dowel and every time I wouldn't do what he wanted, he would hit the cast. I couldn't take enough pain killers.

"I was a virgin, but that's how he taught me to suck cock. Three days later I wasn't a virgin anymore. A week after that he ripped my asshole out. When I tried to talk to you, you wouldn't listen to me. I was his little whore until my arm healed. The day the cast came off I ran away. I will thank him for one thing. When he taught me to suck cock he taught me well. It is the only way I survived out on the road as a runaway. That got me food and it got me money and it got me rides.

"The day Rob's brother rescued me I had been gang-banged for three days by four guys. I was going to kill myself that night, but I was saved to find someone to love. I've worked hard and I have regained my self-esteem and I have finished school. My many co-workers love and respect me. My boss has not only asked me to be his partner in life but in business as well. If you see that piece of shit that caused all of this, tell him to go fuck himself, it will be the best piece of ass he ever had."

Sandy was tearing herself apart and I could see her mother wasn't believing her. "Sandy, please go sit in the car. I'll be out after a word with your mother." Sandy turned and left, not even saying goodbye.

"I'm sorry about all of this. I knew Sandy was bitter but I didn't know to what extent. I thought this would be a happy reunion. I was going to have you at our wedding. I see this is not possible, and again I'm sorry. If you ever need to contact us, I'm giving you my card with our address." Sandy's mother looked at me and said, "Please leave."

Changes in our life seemed to come thick and fast and more complicated. Dad and Mary were married and settled into a happy existence. Sandy and I were married. We did send Rachel an announcement. I guess Sandy and her mother were estranged with no possibility of coming together. Paul and his wife, Willow, were there with his three teenage kids. Jim had started a family as soon as he and Sarah were married.

A national chain wanted to move into our area. Their inventory was the same as ours, only they carried a more diversified line. We knew our time was limited before we would be out of business. It took them awhile to get the necessary permits. In the meantime we liquefied our inventory and sold the building to the town. The town tore our store down and made a park. So goes seventy years of history.

We heard from one of our previous suppliers that Henderson's, a store a hundred miles south of us, was for sale. It was bigger than the Gordon's store, more to service farming clientele than suburban like ours. Sandy had a real flair for management as we found out her first week working for us. She really enjoyed running a store and was ecstatic when we signed the purchase agreement.

Sam Henderson indicated he was understaffed and this solved the problem of finding jobs for some of my former employees. We gave severance packages to those that found other jobs or were near retirement age. Sandy found a nice house, and it was close to our store. It had a large secluded lot in back and enough space on each side for what we desired.

Sam Henderson left and we were getting to know the people of the community. Bill Jones we knew, of course, as he was our banker. Tom Monroe, the police captain, I met the first time at Sam's going away party and was warned about him by Sam. Vincent Parker ran the town pharmacy. Jeff Bunker was a customer and ran a home building company. Bill and Vincent approached me one day about joining the local country club. I needed three sponsors to join. The other could be either Tom or Jeff. Sandy thought it would be a way to really get to know more of the townspeople. Five months after Sam left, these four men drugged me and raped my wife!

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