German Slaves
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mind Control, Magic, FemaleDom, Light Bond, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - 4 Persian women get revenge on their German ex-boyfriends

"My car tires were slashed and so I had to take the bus to college," Tim told Patrick.

"So I guess she did this to you, huh," Patrick said to Tim.

"Yup," Tim said.

Tim picked up his beer glass and sipped from it. Both boys were Blond German American college students, who were having a drink inside McDonalds not far away from their college. They were studying in a college in Los Angeles.

As for who slashed Tim's car tires, it was his Brunette Persian-American girlfriend whom he had broken up with. Her name was Nita (short for Anahita). Nita was known for her grievances with some other college students. One day a student named George spread bad rumours about her (he was right to do so as she got on his nerves with her known bitchiness) and one night she threw rotten eggs on his car. Tim knew that she had to be the one behind his car tires being slashed. It was his fault for not having taken precautions.

Patrick sipped his glass beer too. About 3 months ago, Patrick too broke up with his girlfriend and she was also a bitchy LA type Persian American girl who wore a lot of make up, smoked a lot, dressed up in mini skirts and not really a Muslim. Her name was Soraya and she did the same thing to Patrick ie slashed his car tires.

After McDonalds both college boys went to a casino and each lost $20. After 7PM, they went back to Tim's place. Tim only lived with 2 other male housemates, also of Teutonic stock. They also ordered pizza.

"Man that really sucks," Albert laughed.

"I guess we all have the same experience huh," Sasha said.

Tim, Patrick, Sasha and Albert were all eating pizza by the wooden table in the living room, watching television. Sasha and Albert were Tim's housemates and he told them what happened this morning as both boys had their own time schedule and went to class in their own separate good time. They too had Persian American girlfriends whom they broke up with, roughly two to three months ago. All 4 boys now had the same experience since Tim's car tires were slashed only yesterday.

The 4 boys were not just merely Blond. They were also doing some athletics for the college too.

"Man this pizza really tastes great," Albert enjoying his cheese-salami slice.

"Tell me about it. This is the first time their pizza tastes really really great," Tim smiled

He was digging in for another slice. The boys ordered pizza from their local Domino's and their pizza only had a peculiar taste. Tonight it tasted like it was out-of-this-world.

"I guess they got a new chef," Patrick smiled.

Then their door bell was ringing.


"I'll get it," Tim offered.

Tim got up and walked towards the hallway that led to the front door. When Tim opened his front door, there stood Nita. She was only a head shorter than Tim with her brown hair and brown eyes.

"Nita??" Tim was surprised.

"Did you enjoy your pizza Tim," Nita said.

She said, not asked. She also had a wicked smile on her pale face.

Oh no, Tim thought.

Tim gulped.

He knew she was scrupulous but did not know that apart from slashing his car tires, that she would be further spying on him that entire day.

"I let the pizza delivery guy deliver pizza to your place but not before I put some of my own magic spices on it," Nita smiled.

Either she bribed the delivery guy or threatened him, Tim thought.

"Remember when I told you that I knew magic and you told me that I was so funny. How about a demonstration now," Nita said.

Tim remembered Nita telling him that she practised magic with wiccans and did magic spells with some other girlfriends of hers but thought nothing of it.

"Listen Nita..." Tim was about to speak.

"From now on you will do as I say and refer to me as Mistress. You are my slave and only live to serve me as my personal slave," Nita told him.

Suddenly some compulsion from Tim's jaw forced him to speak.

"Yes Mistress. I am your obedient slave," Tim responded.

Tim guessed that whatever it was she sprinkled on their pizza, it was going to make him ( and probably the other 3 German Americans with him) obey the first person they saw.

The second thing in his mind was that none of this would have happened if he hadn't broken up with her. If she wasn't such a dominating bitch, he wouldn't have broken up with her.

"Now let us walk to your lounge ... slave," Nita ordered.

"Yes Mistress," Tim responded meekly.

He was afraid for what she had planned for him and friends.

They walked to the living room, and the 3 other boys were all equally surprise to see Nita there.

"Enjoying your pizzas boys. Don't worry boys. I sprinkled something in your food. As of tonight you are all my slaves and will not speak unless spoken to," Nita told Patrick, Albert and Sasha.

Sasha was about to get up.

"Sit down slave. None of you will move unless I tell you to or allow you to. You shall do nothing to harm me. You shall always be obedient and loyal," Nita screamed at Sasha.

Sasha remained seated. He gulped. They all felt powerless.

"Each of you has committed a crime against a fellow Persian sister," Nita looked at Tim who stood by her side and then at the other 3.

The only reason why all 4 boys broke up with their girlfriends was because their girlfriends were thrift spenders and dominating and bitchy, and always wanted to go out partying.

Nita took out her cell phone, sped-dialled a number and waited for a response from the other party.

"Ok be here in ten minutes," Nita said.

Nita hung up.

Fifteen minutes later, the door bell rang and Nita answered it. When she came back to the living room, all 4 German American boys saw whom their guests were.

It was the ex girlfriends of Patrick, Sasha and Albert. It was Soraya. The names of the other two were Jazmin and Shermane. Jazmin was Sasha's ex girlfriend. Shemane was Albert's ex girlfriend.

Nita knew all the girls Tim's 3 other friends had dated and so could arrange for all of them to be here. It wasn't hard since they were all Persians anyways.

"Now I want all you Blond boys to come and kneel before me," Nita commanded.

"Yes Mistress," all 4 athletic boys said in unison.

The 4 boys went in front of Nita and then dropped down on their knees, like slaves about to prostate. Nita could see fear on their eyes.

"As of tonight you Blond boys are no longer free men. From this night forth you will all be German slaves to your new Mistresses. Each of you will have a Persian Mistress. Is that understood!" Nita barked at them as if they were nothing but cattle.

"Yes Mistress," all 4 boys answered in their scared monotone.

"Soraya come here," Nita called out to Soraya.

Soraya stood next to Nita, who stood before a kneeling Patrick.

"Is this the one?" Nita asked Soraya.

Soraya stared at Patrick, nodding her head in anger and bitterness. Soraya couldn't control herself. She grabbed Patrick by his Blond hair, angrily yanking it.

"You bastard," Soraya sounding hysterical.

"Soraya calm down," Nita said.

Nita grabbed Soraya's arm which was holding onto Patrick's hair.

"There will be time for all this but please stop now," Nita pleaded.

Soraya looked from Patrick to Nita, then let go of Patrick.

"I know you are hurting inside but you need to be patient my sister. Soon he will be your slave and you can do whatever it is that you want with him. Ok," Nita said.

Nita then hugged Soraya and then let go.

"What is your name slave?" Nita asked Patrick.

"I am Patrick Mistress," Patrick answered.

"Patrick I want you to look Soraya in the eye," Nita commanded.

"Yes Mistress," Patrick answered.

Patrick looked towards Soraya. His blue eyes were matching against her brown ones. Patrick looked scared and Soraya looked angry at him.

"Patrick. From now on Soraya is your Mistress. You shall always call her Mistress and obey only her," Nita giving him her final commands.

Patrick stared at his new mistress.

"Who am I?" Soraya asked Patrick in a barking tone.

"You are my Mistress," Patrick answered in a fearful tone.

"Good," Soraya smiled wickedly. "Just to let you know we are not through."

I am going to enjoy having you as my new slave, Soraya thought.

Nita looked at Jazmin and asked her.

"So which one is it?" Nita asked.

Jazmin angrily pointed towards Sasha. Nita and Jazmin walked in front of Sasha.

"His name is Sasha," Jazmin told Nita.

"Sasha from now on you must call Jazmin Mistress and you must always obey her only," Nita gave her final orders to Sasha.

Sasha gulped. Jazmin had a wicked smile on her face.

"I have been waiting a long time for this," Jazmin told Sasha.

Nita stood in front of Albert. Shermane stood beside her.

"Slave I want you to look Shermane on the eye," Nita ordered Albert.

"Yes Mistress," Albert responded.

Albert stared at Shermane. Shermane looked angrily at him.

"From now you will obey Shermane only and always refer to her as Mistress," Nita giving her final orders to him.

Nita looked at the 3 other girls. The other 3 Brunette Persian girls were still staring at their Blond German male slaves.

"Girls how about we go and sit down by the sofa," Nita suggested.

The other 3 Persian girls followed Nita and they all sat down the sofa. The pizza box was already empty.

"See I told you that my plan would work. I told you that I knew magic," Nita said.

"Thank you so much Nita," Shermane said.

"We believe you now," Soraya nodded.

"Hey I love you all as you are all my sisters. We Persian girls must always stick together. Now why don't you all come here and give me a hug," Nita suggested.

The other 3 Persian girls got up and went to hug Nita, then sat down again.

"Brunettes are the best. Brunette power," Nita screamed.

The other 3 girls screamed in unison.

"Brunette power."

"Now how about we test out our new Blond German slaves. After all this is the only thing that they are good for. Tim. Come and crawl here to me," Nita shouted towards Tim.

"Yes Mistress," Tim responded.

Tim turned around and crawled towards Nita. Tim was scared of Nita as deep down she could be a very mean bitch.

"I want you to use your stinking German Northern European tongue to lick my superior Persian pussy," Nita ordered Tim.

"Yes Mistress," Tim responded meekly.

Tim pulled her mini skirt up. He then pulled down her underwear. He then moved his face closer to her cunt, then using his tongue to work on her clitoris. As Tim was licking his Mistress's pussy, Nita put her hand on top of Tim's Blond head.

"His tongue feels so good. I think I am going to cum into his mouth," Nita smiled.

The other 3 Persian girls called their ex boyfriend slaves to come crawl to them and lick their pussies. All 4 girls were now enjoying having their pussies licked by their ex boyfriends.

"This is a night come true, having all our ex-es serve us like this," Shermane said.

"I think they are better this way after all the things they done to us," Soraya said.

"I think every Persian girl should have a German slave," Jazmin said.

"Blonds are slaves. This is what they are here for," Nita said.

While all 4 Persian girls were enjoying themselves, all 4 German guys were dreading what they were doing. Tim dreaded what was being done to him and his brothers. This was the worst night of his life (and he was sure theirs). Their ex girlfriends were mean bitches and now after having thought that they had the upper hand, now they were their slaves.

"It is funny that Hitler said that the Blond German men are superior to everyone else. We all know that it is Brunette Persian women who were meant to rule and dominate," Nita said.

Nita laughed. Jazmin, Shermane and Soraya also laughed.

After having their pussies being licked, the 4 girls made the boys lick their feet and suck on their toes. The girls also made the boys use their hair to clean off their cum stains between their legs.

"Ok slave who is superior. The Blond German man or the Brunette Persian woman?" Nita asked Tim.

Tim gulped. Tim hated the fact that he and his brothers were being treated like this and being humiliated like this.

"The ... the Blond German man ... Mistress," Tim tried being defiant.

Nita slapped him very hard in the face.


She then yanked hard on his hair. Nita got up and came back with a kitchen knife.

"You know you are my slave. You can't hurt me but I sure as hell can hurt you. You deserve to be hurt, even physically for what you put me through," Nita screamed at Tim.

Tim was afraid that Nita was going to hurt him. He wasn't sure what she was going to do with the knife but she called all the shots.

"Please Mistress don't hurt me," Tim begged.

Tim was afraid for his life. Tim looked scared. Nita looked aggressive.

"Who is afraid now!" Nita mocking Tim.

"I am Mistress," Tim cried.

"And what the fuck are you!" Nita cried.

Nita was making Tim feel very inferior.

"I ... I ... am your slave Mistress," Tim responded meekly.

"And who am I," Nita said.

"You are my Mistress whom I must obey," Tim responded.

"Now answer my question one more time," Nita said.

"The question Mistress," Tim cried.

He was trying to play dumb that he forgot what her question was.

"You Blond guys really can't be this fucking stupid," Nita screamed at him.

"We are Mistress. We are," Tim responded.

Tim had just let his "brothers" down but it was not worth any form of torture.

"My question was this. Who is superior? The Blond German men or the Brunette Persian woman?" Nita asked.

Tim didn't want to answer this question. But he knew he had to if he didn't want risking any form of abuse in Nita's hands.

"The second one Mistress," Tim responded.

"Listen slave. I want you to say it," Nita told him.

Tim gulped for what he was about to say.

"The Brunette Persian woman ... Mistress," Tim sighed.

Nita laughed ... cruelly.

"And what are German boys good for," Nita further tormenting him.

"To be slaves ... Mistress," Tim sighed.

"Slaves to whom," Nita continuing her torment.

"To Persian girls ... Mistress," Tim said.

"And what are Persian girls," Nita said.

"Superior ... Mistress," Tim responded.

"And what are German boys," Nita taunting him.

"Slaves ... Mistress," Tim answered.

"And why are they slaves," Nita said.

" ... Mistress ... please don't make me answer this. This question really hurts," Tim begged.

Tim knew he sounded like a little boy now and not some grown muscular athletic young man.

Nita enjoyed this and liked the fact that now Tim was "begging" and not being tough now.

Nita wasn't the type to go soft on anyone.

"If you don't answer me I'll make you fuck a dog in front of the whole school," Nita threatened.

Tim gulped. He knew Nita very well and how far she would go to get her way.

"Because they are inferior ... Mistress," Tim answered.

Nita and the other 3 girls laughed.

That whole night the boys were serving their Mistresses drinks from the fridge, like alcoholic drinks.

Sasha was giving massage to Jazmin's feet while Albert lied on the floor and was licking at Shermane's feet as her feet was on his face.

"Nice to have a German tongue licking my Persian feet," Shermane smiled.

"Or his German tongue on my Persian ass," Soraya cried.

Soraya was sat down on Patrick's face. His tongue was licking at her anus.

"I guess not all Aryans are equals. After all Brunettes are superior to Blonds," Nita making a joke, while her slave was massaging her shoulders.

Tim knew that Nita was repeating herself so as to make all their moral go lower and lower.

She is a master at psychological warfare and she is winning, Tim thought.

"Isn't that right slave," Nita turned to Tim.

"Yes ... Mistress," Tim responded.

"You know girls. I am quite tired. I think I want to take my slave home. I suggest you all do the same," Nita suggested.

Nita took Tim home with her. Soraya took Patrick home with her. Jazmin took Sasha home with her. Shermane took Albert home with her.

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