My Computer Crashed
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Oral Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Needed my computer guy to come and fix my computer...he is not your regular computer guy he is very hot.

I was working hard today concentrating on a bill ... when all of a sudden my computer shut off. I didn't know what to do, so I called my computer guy. He said he would be cum over. So I wanted to look good and had a little time. I ran a hot shower so I could smell good. I stepped in and soaped up all my best parts ... starting with my nice hard nipples ... oh and they were so hard thinking about his hands all over these beautiful plump breasts ... then worked my way down to my firm belly then to the nice soft lips that protect my sweet clit. Ohhhh how I wanted to play with that clit and get it hard, but I wanted to wait and hope that he would play with it for me. I washed my long soft hair and then got out and toweled ... I put on some sweet pea perfume. Dabbing it in all the right places ... first between my breasts then a dab on my inner thighs and last behind my knees. Not sure what to wear I didn't want to look too eager. I dressed in a nice black lace thong. I put on my cut off jean shorts and a nice blue halter top that shows lots of cleavage. Just got done doing my hair nice and fluffed ... look of sex in my eyes, the door bell rings. I answer the door and he looks great in his nice tight jeans and a lose fitting tank. I can tell he likes what he sees ... there is a little bulge starting in his pants. I show him to my room where I have my computer. I sat in my chair and he scooted under the desk to see if there is a problem with the connections ... and he brushed my leg which made my pussy start to humm. He looked at me from under that desk with sex in his eyes ... he spread my legs and started kissing my inner thighs. Then pulled me closer to him and started eating my shorts where my clit was underneath. I put his face in my hands and moved him up to my lips and we kissed ... so passionately we kissed deep with our tongues tasting each other. He was massaging my legs and putting his hand up threw the leg of my shorts searching for my pussy. I couldn't hold it any longer I removed my shorts, then he pushed my thong to the side with his teeth. He started by kissing my inner thighs sooo close to my pussy ... teasing me which makes me want more. I push my self forward to try and get him to hit the spot I want licked. He knows I want more but stops short of licking my pussy lips. He picks me up and puts me at the edge of my bed and slowly pulls my top up and kisses every inch of flesh that is exposed first my belly then just below my breasts, I am going nuts with desire and I just want to rip the rest of my close off ... but he tells me to slow down ... in time. Then he reveals my breasts and kisses the left first and sucks on the nipple which is so hard from anticipation then kisses the right before sucking on the right nipple. He pulls the shirt finally over my head and kisses me with his tongue going deep in my mouth ... I taste him he is sweet. He is massaging my breasts and pulling on my tits ... then he breaks away and lies me down and starts on my clit finally eating me like he hasn't eaten in weeks. I want to cry out his name and have him get on top but it's too early for that ... He wants to go slow. I sit up at the edge of the bed and he stands in front of me with those nice tight jeans and bulge of his hard cock just wanting to be released. I carefully let him out to be freed and is he nice and hard I gently take him in my hand and slowly run my tongue up and down his hard dick. He sucks in a breath and I know he is enjoying it. Then I grab his firm round ass as I go in and out slurping and licking back and forth. I put his balls in my hand and just rubbed them and pulled on them. Then I sucked on his balls ... They started to get firm and new he was filling with his juices ... but he can hold out he is not ready. Then I grabbed my breasts and wrapped them around his hard cock and rubbed his cock between my breasts. Oh that feels so good. I can feel the throbbing between my breasts. He then kneels down in front of me and sits me back so he can get to my pussy ... my clean shaved sweet pea smelling pussy. He starts licking my lips one side then the next then sucks on them and then works his way up to my swollen clit licking with his tongue and moving it up and down ... oooh do I love being licked and sucked and nibbled pull on that clit ... make it cum a little. I am so

wet I can here him slurping my juices. He sticks his finger in me looking for my g which he finds immediately making me cum and I squirt in his face and he licks me up loving that sweet taste of me. Then comes up to my face and kisses me so I can taste too ... and it is so sweet. He turns me over and gets me on my knees and he taunts me with his hard cock ... he wants to push into me ... he sees I'm ready and plump with desire as he pushes in ... oh it feels so good ... in and out ... I come for the second time. He still has not come so he turns me over and puts me in his lap and I ride him hard as he plays with my tits ... pulling them with his teeth ... sucking and pulling. I feel him cum in me ... hot and juicy it cums all over my pussy ... seeping out as I play with it and rub it all over my breasts. We lay there till we catch our breath. Then he tells me the bad news ... my mother board is fried. I said I'll say!

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