Cinema Unexpected Treat
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, Wife Watching, Mother, Son, Father, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Group Sex, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Sex Toys, Big Breasts,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A man visits an adult cinema and gets picked up by a wimp husband and his strong wife; but all is not as it first seems as the couple have instructions to engage this particular man and entice him into an incestuous relationship with his father and mother.

Being at a loose end and feeling more than a little board; I was checking the internet when I spotted information for a local adult cinema and decided to check it out. I found the place easily and from the outside it looked a real grubby seedy place; so apprehensively I entered and was pleasantly surprised. Once inside the plain front door the entrance hall was well kept nicely carpeted and very clean and presentable.

I paid my entrance and membership fees and was shown by the manager to a discretely placed door; I say discretely placed because the door was almost camouflaged into the wall. The manager must have been used to the wonder for he said it was in case they were raided the police would almost certainly disappear through the more obvious door and back out to the back yard; where by this hidden door he pointed out now led to the twin cinema auditoriums. One showing hetrosexual films while the other one showed more tailored films from gay to shemale and sometimes even beastiality films or the more discerning client.

The manager simply told me that the first door I came to would be the hetrosexual theatre and the specialist theatre was up the staircase at the end of the corridor; with that he closed the door behind me; clearly a case of him not bothering which I went to see.

I decided to go to the first theatre and as soon as I approached the door; I slipped inside a medium sized auditorium with about seventy tiered seats although the seats were more like leather two seater settees. There were about four people in the theatre and they were well set apart; I made my way to the rear and chose a seat mid way along the row.

Making myself comfortable; as the lights dimmed and the screen suddenly burst into light; the film was called "Swedish housewife escapades" and seemed to centre around a buxom woman and three burly well endowed males. About ten minutes into the film and the woman was naked and taking a large cock in her cunt whilst a smaller cock pounded her arse; when I saw out of the corner of my eye a couple enter. They stopped for a little while; I assume while their eyes adjusted to the gloom; they seemed to look around and made their way up to the same row I was sat in.

I thought no more about it as they stopped three sofas away from me; I thought they had to be a married couple as the man allowed the woman to make all the decisions as to where they were going to be sitting. I returned my attention to the screen and watched the action unfold; I must admit that the action there was beginning to have an effect as my cock ached to be released and stroked. I did contemplate getting up and visiting the gents to have a wank but thought no it could be more interesting here.

I slid my hand down to my trousers and unzipped myself; all the time I cast a sideways glance towards the couple to see if they were watching me or the action on screen; I suddenly thought wow they are closer to me than I first thought for now they were two sofa's away. Out of the corner of my eye I was shocked to suddenly see the man stand up facing me; he had his trousers around his ankles and his cock although small was sticking straight out whilst the woman had one hand between her legs and the other pressing against her still covered bust.

It appeared the woman said something for the man brought the hand furthest from the woman around and placed his thumb and forefinger against his cock and began stroking it slowly; again the woman said something as then the man began to stroke it faster. I could not take my eyes of the real action now and I was sure the woman saw me looking for she smiled and tapped the man's leg who immediately looked in my direction but never slowed his pace.

Just then the woman shoved the man along the aisle towards me and he suddenly blushed but kept stroking his cock as he stumbled towards me; now standing next to me he continued to wank his cock as he asked me to join him and his wife; I looked beyond him towards the woman he referred to as his wife and found she had moved on to the next sofa to me; but she was sat at the furthest end away from me and simply patted the spare place beside her. I stood and in moving passed the man our cocks accidentally touched.

I quickly took my place beside the woman; who introduced herself as Sonia and her husband was Tom; now a lot closer I could see she had her skirt up around her waist and was busy stroking her clit whilst pinching her tits through her blouse. She waited for me to introduce myself and then she lifted her hand from her cunt and took my hand; pressing my hand now down on to her heated wet cunt.

Tom now turned and standing beside me he watched intently as I inserted first one finger into his wife's; Sonia's; cunt and then I added a second and a third. Sonia suddenly coughed and Tom shot her a look and immediately went back to stroking his cock and then he leaned down close to my ear and whispered; "Sir, my wife would like you to come home with us and fuck her with your glorious cock; however she will insist that you complete one of her tests before doing so!"

I looked at Sonia and said, "Ok what is your test?"

"She wants you to allow me to suck your cock; while you stuff your fingers up her cunt and if during the time I am sucking you; you cum then the deal is off; however when Sonia stops the action if you still have not cum then she is yours; for the evening and may I add so am I!" Tom whispered.

"Very Well!" I responded.

Instantly Tom knelt and began to suck my cock as now three of my fingers ravished his wife's cunt and Sonia was almost grunting like a little fuck pig as her own climax crept up on her. I had never had a man suck my cock but had let several women do it and so I simply ignored the fact that this man was sucking me as I concentrated on getting as much action into my fingers as possible. Just as I was about to lose the battle Sonia grunted enough; I pulled my cunt juice covered fingers from her snatch and held them up under my nose; I gasped, "oh the aroma of a cunt on heat!". No sooner had I begun to move that hand than Tom engulfed the fingers in his mouth as he cleaned off Sonia's cunt juice.

We all adjusted our clothes and then made our way out of the theatre and leaving the cinema we walked to the side street where Tom had parked their car; Tom unlocked the car and climbed in the driver's seat as I opened the back seat and instructed Sonia to get in beside me. I told her that she was to tell Tom in a loud clear voice everything I was doing to her and I promptly slipped my hand back into her crutch and worked three fingers back into her cunt.

Sonia was a true professional slut; for she started off, "Oh yes Ray, that's right stick three wonderful fingers up my horny wet cunt; oh god; yes rub my clit with your thumb too!" she continued, "Oh my god; I can't wait to have you sucking my tits and feeling your hard cock slamming into my baby cradle of a cunt!"

Just as we pulled into the street where Sonia and Tom lived I saw Tom hurriedly adjust his trousers and demanded to know if he had been playing with himself whilst driving; a red faced Tom admitted he had and Sonia warned him he would be punished for that. With our clothes once more properly adjusted we climbed out the car and headed into their home; as the front door closed I ordered Tom to remove all his clothes and then he was to show me his boy pussy. He quickly disrobed and the spread his legs as he bent over; then reaching back he pulled his arse cheeks apart and displayed his anal ring.

Sonia immediately seized the opportunity of Tom being distracted to swat his arse with a hard firm slap and told him he could expect several more to follow for showing her up by playing with himself. I went up to Sonia and ordered her to remove her blouse as I was promised if I passed her test total control over her; she smiled as she slipped the blouse off her shoulders and revealed she was not wearing a bra; her tits looked fantastic with cherry red nipples sticking out like thumb tacks.

As I played with her tits; Tom remained in his position awaiting permission to stand up but I was lost in a wonderland of playing with this woman's supple tits; pulling the nipple this way and that, twisting the other nipple as sharply as I could. I then ordered Sonia to remove the rest of her clothes and for her to get down on her knees; once more she complied and never even baulked when I made her suck her husband's five inch cock; while my own seven and a half inch one throbbed inside my pants.

After watching her suck her husband dry and swallow his load; I made Tom slowly undress me while his wife sat on the settee with her legs wide open and she held open her cunt lips in a vulgar manner just like the slut she is.

Once Tom had undressed me; I made Sonia beg him to suck my cock until it was rock hard and ready to fuck her wanton cunt; she tried several times before I said her begging was good enough and allowed Tom to suck my cock. However before he started to suck me; I climbed between Sonia's legs and slipped one finger up her cunt whist calling her a filthy fuck slut; a second finger was added and then a third until I had four fingers of one hand sliding into her sopping wet cunt. Then I folded my thumb in to my palm and slowly forced my whole hand up her well stretched cunt; Sonia groaned with lust and as my hand finally passed into her cunt her whole body shook as she sampled her very first fist fuck; her cunt began spraying its juices all over. I told her she was the biggest whore I had ever met and asked how much she loved having her cunt stretched by my large hand buried deep inside her bitch cunt. She almost screamed out that she loved it and if she had know how good it felt she would have got Tom to do it to her every week since they married. Sonia was cumming nonstop as she gasped that she was in heaven and swore she would be my personal fuck slut forever for showing her the pleasure of fisting.

As he sucked me I told Sonia I could not make my mind up whether to fuck her arse or her cunt; I told her to convince me one way or the other; she begged me to stick my manly cock into her real cock starved cunt; hinting it would do Tom good to see her taking a real man's cock in to her cunt and maybe even make him suck my spunk from her fertile cunt.

I made my mind up and had Sonia stand against the back of the settee and then lean over resting her head on the cushion; I then walked around behind the settee and slipped my cock slowly up her cunt; as I slowly began to slide it into her I insisted she play with Tom's cock and she was to tell me about what she wanted to do to him.

"Sir, I would love to slip on the strap on cock that Tom loves so much and after he had sucked on your real cock making it hard and proud; I would slip the strap on up his boy pussy with him on his back and me gripping his weedy cock as I fucked him; then you would come around behind me and force your delicious cock up my cunt and it would be you forcing the pace as if fucking the pair of us as one!" she gasped. "You would fuck me till you shot my cunt full of your spunk and then I would pull out of Tom's arse and quickly remove the strap on before sliding his weedy cock up my well used and fucked slit; his poor excuse for a cock would be wash with a real man's spunk and as I rode him asking him how he liked the very sloppy seconds; you would make him suck your cock clean just before I sat on his face and squeezed your baby making seed out of my cunt and all over his face; making him lick my cunt clean before me bathing his face with my tongue!" she giggled.

"You are just one perverted mother fucker of a slut!" I commented.

"More than you would believe, Ray!" she responded, "We have a couple who are very close friends who would love to be part of this right now but they are shy so they would require you to show a little trust and wear a blindfold for the first meeting; then after they got used to you they would allow you to remove the blindfold and take charge of everything like you seem to do so well!" she continued.

"Ok; today is Wednesday; so if you are sure they want to; set it up for Friday and I will be here about 7.30 pm!" I suggested.

Pulling my slick cock from her cunt I ordered Sonia to go get Tom's favourite strap on whilst Tom sucked my cock clean. Sonia quickly disappeared with a smile and returned five minutes later wearing a 10 inch black strap on rubber cock; I told her she would have to wait a little bit as Tom was about to feel my cock plunder his boy pussy; I arranged Tom on the floor on his back and pulled his legs up over his head raising his anal ring into view; then I slide my condom covered cock into his arse and began working it slowly in and out.

I built up the speed as I watched tom licking his lips at the sight of his wife sporting this mammoth rubber cock; I dropped my hand down on to his balls and I suddenly gripped them tightly; Tom shrieked and looked terrified; I made him beg me to fill his ass with spunk as I twisted his balls this way and that. I instructed tom to show me how he wanked like when he was in the car listening to his wife being a whore; and he slipped his hand down around his small cock and began the five knuckle shuffle; his face was blushing as I told him to wank harder or I would have to do it for him in a rubber glove full of my hand and ice cubes.

Suddenly Tom shot his second load of spunk of the evening all over his stomach just as I flooded the condom with my own spunk. Sonia was made to lick his stomach clean but not allowed to swallow the spunk until I added directly into her mouth the load from the used condom; then she swirled the thick white cream around her mouth coating her tongue thoroughly before being allowed to swallow.

Then Sonia slipped the rubber cock up her husband's arse as I dressed and I left them fucking on the floor with a promise of another good night on Friday.

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