Part 1: Constance

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Sex Story: Part 1: Constance - Newly divorced, Lee Stephenson sets out on a journey of rediscovery. There is no set destination, just an aimless voyage to decide on his future.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex  

I can remember exactly when I knew my marriage to Jocelyn was over. It was the night of our tenth wedding anniversary. I came home early, brought flowers and a nice, silver pendant that I knew she would wear. We kissed perfunctorily at the kitchen door before I went upstairs to shower and change prior to taking her out to her favorite restaurant for dinner.

What made it memorable is that we spoke hardly a word to each other despite the fact that we had not seen or talked to each other since the previous evening. I typically left for work an hour before Jocelyn, and she was in the shower when I pulled out of the driveway that morning. At the restaurant there were no reminiscences of past times together, no fond remembrances ... nothing. We made the odd comment about the weather or our work, but nothing intimate. When we went to bed I reached for her, hoping for at least some anniversary lovemaking, but she said she was too tired and that was that.

I lay on my back and knew then that it was over. We had each been pretending that our marriage was still alive. I thought back and realized I wasn't even sure if we were ever even in love with each other. We went through the motions, but I couldn't remember a moment when I knew for sure that I would do anything for her: walk through fire, slay dragons, or take on a gang of villains. It was a dispiriting thought, and with our life having sunk into ennui over the past two or three years, I knew a decision was at hand.

I delayed leaving for work the next morning. I might as well face it when I knew what I wanted to say. Jocelyn came down and was obviously surprised to see me sitting at the kitchen table with a coffee and the morning paper.

"What are you doing still here?" she asked, curious as she poured her first coffee.

"I wanted to talk to you. It seemed like the best opportunity," I said quietly.

I suppose it was my tone of voice that alerted her. She looked at me and then picked up her coffee and sat in her usual chair.

"What did you want to talk about?" She was clearly uncomfortable with the uncertainty.

"Jocelyn, there's no easy way to say this. I will file for divorce early next week."

I watched her eyes grow large and heard the sharp intake of breath.

"Why?" she struggled to ask.

"I think you know the answer to that as well as I do. Our marriage is dead. It died a long slow death, but it is dead," I said solemnly.

She sat silently, looking at me, thinking about what she had just heard. Slowly, she lowered her gaze to her untouched coffee and stared at it for a few moments.

"I'm sorry, Lee. I wish it had worked. I'm sorry," she finally whispered.

"I know. Don't blame yourself. Sometimes ... sometimes it just doesn't..." I couldn't finish the thought. I saw a tear and then another trickle down her cheek.

"I'll look after the paperwork. If we use the do-it-yourself forms, we can cut the legal costs ... unless you want to contest it," I said, almost as an afterthought.

"No ... I won't fight it. You're right ... it just didn't come out the way we wanted it to."

I stood up, kissed her cheek, and left quietly for the garage and off to work.

If there is such a thing as an amicable divorce, we were the model. It was civil and civilized. We split everything almost 50-50. Jocelyn's income was very healthy as an assistant director in the provincial government Ministry of Environment. Thus there would be no alimony. We agreed to sell the house and close the mortgage. Our home in Burnaby was valued at an almost ridiculous amount after the eight plus years that we had owned it. After we retired the mortgage, we split nearly three hundred thousand dollars. We both had our own retirement savings plans and maintained them in our own names.

Jocelyn kept her car, but I drove a company lease car with no asset value to me. I let Jocelyn keep most of the furniture except a couple of pieces that had come from my parents and grandparents. I guess, all told, she would have taken away thirty-thousand or so in value more than me, but in truth, I really didn't care. I just wanted the whole unhappy episode to be over.

We met once more just before the divorce was final to make sure there were no outstanding issues to be resolved. We chose a pub not far from our former residence and found a semi-secluded place to talk. It didn't take us long to determine that there was nothing left to discuss except our feelings and our futures.

"So, where are you going to live?" she finally asked.

"I don't know. I quit my job last week. I'll be finished at the end of the month, and then I'm going to do what the Aussies do; 'go walkabout.'"

"I almost envy you. I wouldn't mind a sabbatical myself. I hope you find what you're looking for," she said sincerely.

"Me too. I just hope I'll know it when I find it. What about you ... where are you going to live?"

"I've taken a job in the Ministry of Industry and I'm moving to Victoria. I found an apartment there. I'll enjoy that, I think. Less pressure than Environment."

"Good ... I'm glad," I said honestly.

"Regrets?" she asked.

"Sure. Plenty. I wonder if it would have turned out differently if I hadn't been sterile. I'm sure that must have hurt you more than you let on, finding out after we were married. I know it hurt me. Not good for the male ego."

"Yes ... it hurt. But then, we talked about adoption and IVF. We had choices. I'm not sure that would have made a big difference except that maybe we might have hung on a lot longer because of the kids, and then been that much more unhappy. Not much of a choice in my opinion."

"I suppose you're right. Well," I said, raising my mug, "here's to a better future for us. I wish you all the best, Jocelyn."

She touched her wine glass to my mug and offered a faint smile. A few minutes later we hugged and kissed each other for the last time and I stood and watched as she slowly worked her way out of the pub and into the parking lot. I slumped back in my seat, waiting for the waitress to come around so that I could order another beer. I didn't have any place special to go and I was in no hurry to get there.

I moved in with my folks for a couple of weeks after the sale of the house. They were very generous and sympathetic. Mom and Dad were married over forty years, and I think they were deeply disappointed at my divorce. I had failed at something important, and I think they knew that I was ashamed to admit it. They said nothing directly to me, but I could tell by some of their inferences what they were thinking. The sooner I hit the road, the better off they would be.

There was only another week until the end of the month and my employment. I think they were surprised and dubious about my unplanned future, but they said nothing to discourage me. On a bright, sunny March Saturday morning, I loaded the last of my bags into my car, kissed and hugged my folks, and drove off into the sunrise. I had absolutely no idea where I was going, but I really wasn't worried about it.

I made the decision to explore my home province. At this time of the year, there was no need for reservations since it was nearing the end of the ski season, and well ahead of the summer vacation season.

I drove for a couple of hours, stopping in Hope to stretch my legs, top up the tank, unload my morning coffee, and then get another fresh one at the kiosk across from the gas station.

By noon I was in Keremeos, but I wasn't hungry and pushed on to Osoyoos before stopping for a snack at a grocery store deli bar. On the spur of the moment, I decided to head for Nelson, a picturesque little town in the Kootenay Mountains. I would take my chances on a bed and breakfast, or a motel, and if worse came to worst, I could double back to Castlegar or Trail for accommodation. I pulled out my pocket guide to British Columbia B & Bs, chose one that looked likely, and thumbed the number into my cell phone. A mature sounding woman answered the phone and identified herself as Connie Bradshaw. I was in luck. She had a room and was featuring off-season rates.

It was almost six when I finally arrived in Nelson and found the Alpine Rest Lodge. I stepped through the outer entrance to the large, quaint Victorian house and twisted the t-bar on the old fashioned ringer. In a matter of a few seconds and woman appeared in the hallway and opened the door for me and ushered me in.

"I assume you are Mr. Stephenson?" she inquired.

"Yes ... Lee Stephenson. You must be Mrs. Bradshaw."

"It's Connie," she said smiling. "Do you not have any luggage?"

"In the car. I thought I'd check in first before I started to haul things in. I wasn't sure where I should park."

"Not a problem. Bring in what you need for your stay and park around the back. It's a reserved lot."

I filled out the registration and looked around the entrance as Connie ran my credit card through. I was struck by just how elegant and detailed the old building was. It was in flawless condition inside and I was anxious to see my room and more of the old house if possible. I also took the time to survey Connie Bradshaw. She was somewhere in her late forties I guessed. Very attractive, with a still-youthful figure and a bright smile.

"You're my only guest tonight, Mr. Stephenson," she said as she handed me back my card.

"It's Lee. I was just admiring the interior of the house. It's very beautiful and in great condition."

"Yes, it's been a lot of work but well worth it. It was built by my great grandfather and it's been in the family every since. I don't dare let it get rundown," she laughed.

"So you and Mr. Bradshaw are the keepers of the flame, then."

"No, just me. There is no Mr. Bradshaw." She said it with a smile and a slightly raised eyebrow.

"Oh ... excuse me. I didn't mean..."

"That's quite all right," still with that enigmatic smile on her lips.

"Can you recommend a nice place for dinner?"

"Of course ... right here."

"Uh ... I was under the impression that this was a bed and breakfast," I said uncertainly.

"It is, but since you're my only guest and I hate to eat alone, you are welcome to join me."

"Well ... that would be very nice ... but I don't want to put you out."

"Nonsense ... it would be my pleasure." She was obviously not going to take no for an answer.

"Perhaps I can find an off-license and supply a wine then."

"Why that would be very nice, Lee. I'd enjoy that. Make it a red ... if that's all right with you." Her tone that suggested red was the only option. "There's a store connected to the pub on the next street up. It's less than a block and you can walk there more quickly than you can drive."

"Great. Let me get my bag and you can show me my room," I said happily.

I picked my overnight bag and laptop out of the back seat and followed the shapely backside of Connie Bradshaw up the stairs to the first landing. The sway of her hips was captivating, and I wondered if it wasn't a bit of a show for my benefit. If so, I was delighted, as well as somewhat stimulated. She unlocked the door and opened it, allowing me to enter first. It was as elegant and finely decorated as the rest of the house.

"I think you'll find this to your liking, Lee," she said again with that almost seductive smile. If I didn't know better, I would think she was at least flirting if not actually hitting on me. I found that very pleasing. My ego needed a shot in the arm.

I set my bag down and checked out the ensuite bath and found it to be correct for period and, as with the rest of the house, immaculate. I shook my head in admiration. Connie caught the gesture and smiled.

"I take it you're impressed."

"Very. I know something about what it takes to put an old house in this condition and it isn't easy. This house is something special."

"Yes ... it's my pride and joy. It's very unusual not to have several of the six rooms occupied, even at this time of the year."

She caught me staring at the big, wrought iron bed and imagining what a romp in that big, queen sized pedestal would be like.

"That's a reproduction. I had it made locally to an old photograph from a family album," she explained. She was watching me and trying to read my thoughts I suspected. I turned to her and smiled.

"How about I go get that bottle of wine and maybe we can enjoy a glass before dinner."

"An excellent idea except I was going to make up a small shaker of martinis that we could share. I warn you, they are quite evil," she smirked.

"I haven't had an evil Martini in quite some time, if ever. I'll be right back."

There were some serious messages being sent to me and I was becoming quite aware that Connie might have some designs on the entertainment portion of this evening. As I walked up the street toward the liquor store, I was surprised at just how blatant her moves were. She was not trying to be subtle. I thought about what the consequences might be, and considering my situation, I couldn't think of a single negative one. I decided that I would "go with the flow," and just see how things played out.

When I got back to the house, I used my key to enter the foyer just as Connie appeared. She was holding a tray with two shallow Martini glasses and a small flask of premixed little devils that would probably do great harm if consumed in quantity. I offered her the bottle of French Cote d' Rhone and she smiled her approval, again with the raised eyebrow.

"Come into the sitting room, Lee. We'll have our cocktails there before we move to the dining room."

I smiled my approval and followed her into yet again another impeccably finished space with appropriate period furniture.

"I feel almost like I'm in a museum, a life size diorama," I marveled as I looked around.

"Well ... perhaps it is. Not everything is original. Much of the furniture has either been rebuilt, refinished, or is a reproduction."

"It's very impressive. Very beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing the outside in the daylight. Would it be alright to take some pictures?"

"Of course. I can use all the free advertising I can get," she laughed.

She had a wonderful smile and it made her more attractive than most middle-aged women. As I sipped my cocktail I was appraising this impressive female. She was not slender; rather she was well proportioned with what appeared to be fairly large breasts, and a definitely attractive hip flare that emphasized her delightful backside. She must have been about five-foot-seven tall at least, but she carried herself as if she was taller still. She was wearing a simple print dress that seemed appropriate for the house, and yet displayed the fact that she was very attractive. She was an elegant woman living in an elegant home.

We chatted as we enjoyed our Martinis. She was curious what I was doing by myself on the road at this time of the year if I wasn't in sales. I reluctantly told her of the dissolution of my marriage and my decision to take some time off to recharge my batteries. I watched her reaction to my story, and she seemed to be both sympathetic and interested.

By the time we were ready for dinner, we had finished off the Martinis and I had opened the wine. Somehow, she had conjured up a wonderful meal of lasagna, caesar salad, foccacia bread, and the aforementioned Cote d' Rhone. I complimented her and she smiled her thanks. By the time we had finished the meal and were working on finishing off the wine, we had become good friends.

Connie wanted to know more about my marriage and I have to admit that without the benefit of the martinis and the wine, I wouldn't have considered discussing my personal life with a woman I had only know for a little over two hours. But then, since my inhibitions were severely compromised, and I was alternating between lascivious thoughts about Connie and morose memories of Jocelyn, I spilled my guts out.

I'm not completely sure how it came about, but I found myself back in the drawing room with Connie sitting beside me on a love seat, listening intently as I tried to explain why I needed to take this time for myself. At some point, she'd put her arm around my shoulders and pulled me to her, making sure her generous breasts rubbed up against my shoulder and arm.

I was working very hard not to be downbeat and to put a positive spin on my situation. I think that was the trigger for Connie. She was apparently turned on by my ability to look for a positive in a situation that others would consider a dark negative.

She was looking into my eyes intently, and I found that I had run out of things to say. I just sat there, looking back at this attractive woman, and I was about to look away when she leaned toward me and planted a lovely, warm, wet, passionate kiss on my lips. There was even a hint of tongue. Her arm, still around my shoulder, pulled me into her and I couldn't help but put my arm around her and allow my hand to travel up and down her lovely smooth back. My intelligence gathering foray determined that she was wearing a narrow strap bra with a back hook. My high school skills had immediately kicked back in as I sought out the zipper for her dress, establishing its location for future reference.

It turned out the future was now. Connie had moved her other hand to my crotch and had confirmed that I was harder than granite and hornier than I had been in months. As she slid her hand back and forth over my erection, I groped for her zipper and began to pull it down. As I leaned back to look into her eyes, I moved both my hands to her shoulders and pushed the dress off and down her lovely upper body. She was wearing a soft, champagne coloured bra that perfectly framed her beautiful, large breasts. There is no substitute for great tits and this lady had them in spades.

I was able to unhook the bra without a fuss, and I was gazing into her eyes as I slowly removed it. I could sense the fire inside her, and I guessed that it might have been just as long for her as it had been for me since she'd had a good fucking. There is no substitute for alcohol when it comes to bravery, and I pressed my hands over her breasts and began to knead them softly, my thumbs quickly bringing her nipples to an enlarged state. I hadn't removed my gaze from her face since this had begun and she hadn't stopped looking into my eyes either. I leaned forward again and kissed her, slowly inserting my tongue between her lips. She opened her mouth and we began to truly engage each other in mouth to mouth combat.

Connie was very aroused and I knew this by the erotic scent I had detected. I dropped one hand into her lap and slipped it up under her dress and along her silken thigh. I discovered she was wearing 'thigh-highs, ' and soon I was massaging her bare upper thighs and slipping slowly toward her pussy. She had conveniently opened her legs to allow my advance and as I touched the gusset of her panties with the edge of my hand, I could feel the dampness. The rest was inevitable.

The love seat was no place for a sexual union and we both knew it. I leaned back from her and asked, "Your place or mine?"

She smiled that lovely big smile and stood wordlessly, taking my hand, leading me to the back of the main floor. I followed willingly, knowing I was about to enjoy the favours of a wanton woman who was undoubtedly a great deal more experienced than I. I was looking forward to it and cautioning myself not to be in too big a hurry. I wanted this to be perfect for both of us.

Her bedroom was a larger and even more elegant version of my room and I was led by her to another marvelous bed. She pulled back the coverlet and turned to me.

"Undress me, Lee," she requested in a soft voice.

"My pleasure." I pushed her dress down over her fulsome hips and she stood before me in a pair of bikini panties in the same champagne colour as her bra and the pale thigh-highs. It was a very erotic vision and I moved to her and pulled her to me.

"You haven't finished yet," she said in a reproving voice.

"The panties go, the stockings stay." It was a moment of silly bravery.

She just smiled and I had apparently been given her approval. I began to remove my cotton pullover but Connie intervened and pushed my hands away. It was clear she wanted to undress me and I was fine with that. She undid my belt buckle and slipped my jeans down. She pulled off my boat shoes and socks before finishing the removal of my jeans.

So there we stood. My hands were back on her breasts and she was leaning into me with one hand on my erection. With a single move, she pulled my jockey shorts down and I was naked. My erection sprang forward and she seemed pleased with what she saw. I gently placed my thumbs in the waistband of her panties and slipped them down over her hips, letting them fall to her feet. She stepped out of them and took my hand, leading me toward the bed.

"You are a very beautiful woman, Connie," I said, meaning every word.

"Thank you. You're very handsome and I can see that you are definitely interested in me."

Her hand moved to my cock and she gripped it and began to squeeze it gently. I could feel the pre-cum leaking out of the glans, and I began to pray that I could hold out long enough to satisfy this very desirable woman. I reminded myself not to hurry and make sure I gave her all the pleasure that she demanded.

I pushed her gently back on her bed and placed my hands on each side of her hips. I leaned forward and began to lick and tease a breast, first the areola and then the nipple. She responded almost instantly and I could feel her back begin to arch. She was quickly aroused and as I switched to the other breast, I guessed that I would easily be able to bring this woman to orgasm. I played with her breasts with my tongue for a few minutes and then I began to move southward. She flinched when my tongue entered her navel as I persisted in teasing her.

I continued my journey down toward her mons and my tongue traced the outlines of her vaginal hair. She twitched and reacted to my gentle strokes as I got closer and closer to her now very wet centre. Her scent was almost overpowering in its erotic aroma as I moved ever closer to her outer lips. As I touched them for the first time, Connie jerked in a spasm, and I heard her gasp as she reacted to this latest sensation.

I felt her hands on the back of my head and I recognized the message. I began to stroke her lips more forcefully and she began to pull my face more compellingly into her pussy. I hadn't yet touched her clitoris and I didn't intend to until I had achieved all I could from her slit. I moved my head down further and my tongue touched her perineum and she immediately reacted to that new sensation. I could hear her moaning now as she became either more aroused or more frustrated. I wanted to bring her to orgasm and I guessed that when I moved to her clit, it would be all over.

I pulled my head back to look up her body toward her. The lower part of her face was partially obscured by her breasts, but I could see that her eyes were almost closed and her head was rolling from one side to the other. I looked down at her bright pink pussy and I could see her clitoris was erect and it only took a single stroke of my tongue to have Connie erupt into a loud cry of ecstasy as her hips rose violently from the bed toward my mouth. The second, third and fourth strokes on the little nub were more than enough to produce her orgasm and she was rigid with her glorious ass arched above the bed. She was very loudly proclaiming her pleasure as well.

"Oh Lee, oh Jesus ... awwwwwh!"

It's a very satisfying sound to a man.

She collapsed on the bed and was breathing deeply as I moved up beside her. I reminded myself that I was in no rush and we were not limited by any time constraints. I lay beside her as she began to come down from what was a very explosive orgasm.

"Is Connie short for Constance?" I asked softly.


I took that as a yes.

"It's a name I've always loved. Something about it and the universe. The stars and the moon and the sun are always where they are supposed to be and they will be ten thousand years from now. Constance is a beautiful name for a beautiful woman. I would like to call you by that. May I?"

She turned her head and looked at me. It took a minute as she tried to decide if I was serious, but then she smiled. "I'd like that very much. It will be just for you, though," she cautioned.

We lay they for a few moments when she turned back to me. "Is Lee your formal first name?" she asked.

"Leighton ... Leighton Philip Stephenson."

"Oh, I like that name. Very distinguished. May I call you Leighton?" she asked seriously.

"Yes, of course. But only you and my mother," I laughed.

"Well, Leighton Philip Stephenson, are you going to finish what you started?" she asked with that sly smile and another raised eyebrow.

I rolled over on my side and began to stroke her body from breasts to thigh. I think she knew my answer. We kissed passionately again and my hand slid between her thighs and searched out her centre. She was no longer just damp, she was awash in her fluids. I needed no further encouragement as I mounted her. She spread her legs, bringing her knees up in a welcoming gesture and with no more than a single probe to locate her opening, I pushed slowly but firmly into her.

I was surprised with her tightness as she gasped at my invasion. I sank into her until our pubic bones touched and just stayed there for a moment. She was showing signs of becoming impatient and I could feel her muscles contracting as she tried to stir me into action. I pulled my head back and smiled at her, lowering to kiss her gently and then began to stroke, slowly at first, and then gaining pace. I was determined to make this last but Constance was not going to make it easy for me. She was gripping me with her vaginal muscles and she was pushing me further along.

"Constance ... if you keep doing that I'm going to finish before you want me to," I gasped.

"Don't worry ... I'll bring ... you back ... I promise," she said between deep breaths.

It didn't matter. I was quickly losing control. I hadn't had passionate sex for so long I had forgotten how powerful a force it was. I finally surrendered and just let it all go.

"Awwwwwh ... Oh ... Connnn ... I'm going to ... finish." I was lost in the sexual whirlpool we had created. I came with a loud "agggghhhh!" and that was that.

I had no idea if she had come with me or at any time during my efforts. I don't ever recall having sex that even remotely resembled what I had experienced in the past few minutes. It had never been this intense.

"I'm sorry, Constance. I just couldn't wait any longer."

"It was your turn. Next time we share. You really did go off, though," she laughed.

"Yeah ... I did ... that was wild." I was still partially out of breath.

Constance had rolled on her side and one breast was lying against my chest while her fingertip was drawing patterns nearby on my abdomen. I took my fingertip and gently traced the outline of the areola and then the tip of her nipple. Her eyes closed and I felt her hips begin to move into me. She opened her eyes, smiled and then began to slide down my body.

She grasped my partial erection gently with her hand, and after looking into my eyes for a moment, bent her head to my manhood and began to kiss and lick and stroke and suck and generally make love to it. This was something that Jocelyn never wanted to do but that Constance certainly did. And she was good at it. Very good! I was rigid in a matter of a minute or two, and if I hadn't had such a major orgasm just a few minutes earlier, I would have come in no time at all. As it was, I could feel the stirrings in my groin and scrotum and I wanted to warn her.

"Constance ... if you ... keep doing that..." It was the only warning I was capable of providing. I was torn between having the best blow job I had ever had or even hoped for, and my responsibility to my lover to complete her pleasure. What I didn't realize was that the experience and skill of Constance was at play, and she seemed to know just exactly how far to take me before backing off and letting me recover. She was amazing. She brought me to the edge three times and each time I was sure I would surrender and each time she kept me from falling off. Finally, she decided she had tortured me enough for the time being.

She rose and climbed up my body until she was straddling my face. She slowly lowered herself onto my mouth and I hungrily began to feast on her. I couldn't see anything as I licked and kissed and sucked and tickled, but I knew by her reactions that I was on the right track. Soon, she was bouncing all over the place and it was all I could do to keep my tongue and mouth on target. Finally, she mashed her sex down on my mouth, nearly loosening some front teeth with her pubic bone, and I heard her wail of approval.

She was still for a minute, on her hands and knees, and then began to move further forward off my face.

"Take me from behind, Leighton. Take me now!" she commanded.

I rolled over and propped myself up on my knees as I approached her from behind. I grasped her hips and pulled her back toward me to give her more room. In a single stroke, I quickly entered her and began to move into her forcefully.

"Harder ... faster ... do me Leighton! Do me hard!" she gasped her demands.

In seconds I was pounding into her at a furious rate. I knew I wouldn't last too long this way and I decided to slow for a minute or so to calm things down. She was having none of it.

"No ... don't you dare. Fuck me Leighton! Hard! Now!" There was no compromise here.

I resumed my frantic pace and I was getting closer to the finish with each pounding stroke. Somehow or other I managed to last long enough to sense her change in response and the beginnings of what I was sure was her orgasm. I prayed to the gods that I could last long enough to give her what she so richly deserved and the gods answered me kindly.

"Ahhhh ... fuck ... that's perfect ... that's so perfect ... ahhhh!" she squealed in an almost little girl voice. As she voiced her orgasm, her vaginal muscles gripped me tightly and it was all over for me. I came with a series of grunts and a final groan as I pulled her lovely ass tightly to my groin. I stayed there motionless as I felt my erection diminish and after a while, it finally slipped out of her. She had been gasping for breath and turned her head to look at me.

She had a big smile on her face and her eyes sparkled as the sweat dripped off her forehead. "Nicely done, mister. What did you say your name was?"

I burst out laughing and fell over on my side and she fell with me. I nearly fell off the bed but Constance saved me and we held each other, laughing as we came down from our high. She had reminded me that sex could be fun as well as exciting.

"I hope m'lady found my performance satisfactory?" I said with as serious a tone as I could manage.

"Oh, I think it will do," she grinned back at me.

I lay there for a minute just studying her and thinking about what had just happened. I could see the clock radio on the other side of her body and it read 10:18 pm. I had met this woman a mere four hours ago and here we were in her bed in this magnificent house and I had just had the best sex I could ever remember. What the hell was going on?

"Do you always treat your guests this well?" I asked cheekily.

"Of course. It's the best way to get repeat business." She couldn't keep from giggling.

"I'll bet it is." I leaned forward and kissed her gently and she returned it with the same soft touch.

"Where are you going tomorrow?" she finally asked.

"I don't know. I have no plan. I'm just moving along from place to place until I find something."

"Stay ... stay with me. There won't be anyone here tomorrow or the next day as far as I know. We can continue this lovely little tryst at our leisure." She wasn't pleading, but she was serious. "You haven't seen the town yet. There's a lot to see and my rates for your second and third night are very reasonable." I couldn't fail to catch the real meaning.

"All right ... as long as I'm not imposing on you."

"Leighton ... you are a breath of fresh air. I haven't had a man in my bed in quite a while, and I don't know if I've ever had anyone that I've had quite as much pleasure with as you. You make me feel young again." I could see that she was offering a very honest expression of her feelings.

I smiled. "You are young. You act and think young. I can honestly say that not for one second had I given any thought to your age. I was too busy trying to keep up with you."

"That's a lovely thing to say and it's a lovely thing to hear. Thank you Leighton." I thought for a moment I saw a tear forming in the corner of her eye. I pulled her too me again and kissed her.

"Constance, this bed is a little messed up and a bit damp in places. Why don't we go up to my room?"

"How thoughtful. Do you mind waking up with a strange woman in your bed?"

"We are hardly strangers any more, and I always prefer to wake up with a beautiful woman in my bed. There is nothing more erotic than the scent of a woman when I wake. If it could be captured, it would be the world's first genuine aphrodisiac."

"Did your ex-wife know you had these special talents all bottled up inside you?" she asked playfully.

"No ... I guess not. But then ... well ... she's not around any more and I have something much more exotic lying right beside me."

"Silly girl. She'll never know what she's missing out on."

"Why don't we agree we don't talk about her?" I asked carefully. "I'm here with you and you're the only one that matters. There isn't anyone else."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to open an old wound. That was thoughtless of me."

"No apology necessary. I'd forgotten what it was like to have truly uninhibited sex, if I ever even knew. It was fun as well as exciting. I really needed that and you were here to make it happen. I loved every second of it."

"I'm glad. I meant it when I said you were good for me."

"Shall we have another glass of wine? I can always run up to the store for another bottle," I volunteered.

"I have some brandy. Why don't we have that? It may help us restore some of our energy," she said in her sexiest voice.

"That sounds splendid. Shall I dress for the occasion?" I asked in a cheeky faux English accent.

She laughed a genuine laugh and hugged me as I rose from the bed. She walked to the closet and came back with a navy blue terrycloth dressing gown which she handed me. She wore a black satin one which showed off her lovely legs and on occasion, the lower part of her finely sculpted ass. Her breasts swayed languidly under the smooth fabric and I could see the nipples become erect once more. It looked to me like we were going to be making just as big a mess of my bed as we had of hers. Oh well.

I awoke the next morning with the sun streaming through the light fabric curtains and lighting up the entire room in a lovely pastel yellow shade. Next to me, Constance slept and I moved my head toward her shoulder to sample that marvelous sexual aroma a woman produces in her sleep. It was intoxicating and stimulating. I had an erection but I also had a full bladder. I slipped out of the bed as carefully as I could without waking her and then nearly blew it all when I stumbled over the dressing gown that lay in a heap on the floor beside the bed.

I crept as quietly as the floor boards would allow and softly shut the bathroom door behind me. I must have had quite a full bladder because I though the stream was never going to end and the sound might have wakened the dead. It's always difficult when you're trying to pee with an erection and this was no exception.

As I stood there, I thought about the last twelve plus hours. Constance was as real as the bed and our nakedness. This hadn't been some extended wet dream brought on by a porn movie fantasy. I had actually gone to bed with a beautiful older woman, made love to her several times, and awoken this morning with her sleeping peacefully beside me. If this was a dream, it was one of my best ever.

I had noticed my overnight bag on the floor, exactly where I put it when I had first seen the room. I wanted to brush my teeth and shave and probably shower, but to do that, I needed to get into my bag. I quietly opened the door to find Constance propped up in bed, the sheet draped around her waist and a smile on her face. I winked at her and walked naked and somewhat self-consciously toward her.

"Good morning," I said as I sat facing her on the side of the bed. My hands went to her lovely large breasts and I fondled them as I gazed into her eyes.

"Good morning, Leighton. Did you sleep well?" she asked, wrapping her arms around my neck.

"Wonderfully well ... except for the erotic dreams. They were very stimulating," I said softly.

As she nuzzled her lips into my neck she whispered, "Tell me about your dreams."

"I dreamt that I met this wonderful woman and she plied me with evil Martinis and wonderful food and then seduced me. It was very ... exciting."

"When she seduced you, what did she make you do?" she asked, smirking.

"Why, it would probably be easier if I showed you." And so I did.

She tasted as wonderful that morning as she had the night before. She responded just as dynamically as she had the night before. Our pace was a little slower and less frantic than it had been the night before. Her orgasms were just as enthusiastic as the night before. I was just as excited as I was the night before. We loved and laughed and stretched and changed positions and generally made a complete mess of my bed, just as we had hers the night before. It was wonderful.

After we had made love, I had been ordered to the shower and I used the time to shave and brush my teeth. When Constance finally rose, she went downstairs to her bathroom and I took the opportunity to explore the kitchen and its supplies. I surprised her by making the breakfast while she was in the shower. I found the necessary ingredients and by the time Constance had emerged from her bedroom, the scrambled eggs were in their final stages, the toast was made and in the warming drawer, sliced tomatoes fried, mushrooms sautéed in the skillet, and the coffee had finished its percolation.

She walked up to me and wrapped her arms around me and pulled me to her for a passionate kiss. "I may just keep you here forever," she said with a smile.

"I might just stay."

She was wearing a pair of tight fitting jeans and a cotton pullover. As she moved near me, I suspected she wasn't wearing a bra. I ran my hands up the sides of her torso until I reached those lovely globes and my thumbs extended to graze her nipples. She smiled as she realized what I was doing.

"You're trying to tempt me, aren't you?" I said with a sly grin.

"Too late for that, isn't it? Besides, I just like the freedom, and I know you like the look and feel, so why not?" she asked simply.

"No good reason I can think of." I kissed her and then led her to the kitchen table and pulled out a chair for her. She sat and I served.

"Leighton, these eggs are marvelous. What did you do to them?" she asked in genuine appreciation.

"Simple little formula involving Worcestershire sauce and shredded sharp cheddar cheese."

"You'll have to show me. My patrons will go crazy for them."

We spent the rest of the day together. Constance was my tour guide for the delightful town of Nelson, and I was doubly lucky I had chosen that particular town and that particular B & B. My spirits were better than they had been in a long, long time. We visited a specialty wine shop and picked up several bottles of reds from France, Spain and South Africa. Constance knew her wines and I was happy to be the carrier. I offered to pay for them, but she vehemently refused. She could be very strong-willed when she wanted to be.

We lunched at a little deli near the far end of town, and I had brought my small digital camera to take some photos of the many wonderful old buildings. We worked our way back to her home by mid afternoon and she checked the voice mail to see if there had been any last minute bookings. There had been none.

"Ah ... I have you all to myself again," she grinned.

I turned to her and took her hand, pulling her to me. "Is this going to be another two bed night?" I asked, giving her a raised eyebrow.

"Probably. If you're ... up for it."

"As long as you're with me, I'll find a way to be up for it."

"Hmmm ... just what I wanted to hear."

I stayed with Constance for four nights. They were the best four nights I had ever had, and I would remember them always. By Tuesday night, I could tell it was time to go. Our lovemaking was still very passionate and fulfilling, but she would be welcoming guests on Wednesday and it would be awkward to continue our affair in those circumstances.

Our lovemaking on Wednesday morning was sublime. It was gentle and passionate and calming and immensely satisfying. We both knew that this was the end of this part of our lives, and we also knew we wouldn't easily forget these four days. We showered together, made breakfast and ate together and in a few minutes, I had packed my small overnighter and was ready to leave.

She passed me a receipt for my stay and it showed only the one night that I had arrived. I looked at her in surprise and she put a forefinger against my lips.

"My treat, love. For services rendered."

I kissed her, wished her well and promised to stay in touch. She had taught me a great deal and brought me a long way back along the path of restoration. She gave me a feeling of hope and had rebuilt much of my battered ego. She was a therapist of a very different kind, and only by chance had I stumbled into her life.

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