Chapter 1

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Found money is a good thing. As long as you use your head in dealing with it. Same goes for Women.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Mother   Daughter   Cousins   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie  

It wouldn't have happened to me if I hadn't gotten lost trying to short cut through the downtown alleys to get to the bar. I'd thought I could cut between the buildings and come out on Front Street just down from the Empty Nugget, a trendy sort of sports bar with a good clientele mix and great scenery ... meaning all the after-work secretaries, etc.

But it turned into a blind alley, which I couldn't tell from the street as the buildings overlapped at the back.

Anyway, I was going back to the street but still had a way to go and I saw someone run past the alley mouth and a paper bag bounced about 30 feet into the alley. I stopped and, just then, saw a Blue and White race past on the street, then a cop on foot run across.

That piqued my interest in what might be in the bag. I started to reach for it, then my brain engaged and I reached into my jacket pocket for my driving gloves and slipped them on quickly. opened the fairly full standard size grocery bag and gasped at the wads of bills in it, most of them banded, but about 1/3 loose. And about 6 or so quart-size plastic baggies with something white in them.

I quickly stuffed the bound money into my jacket and took a handful of the loose bills, straightened them quickly and shoved them in a pants pocket. I figured I had a minute at least ... but I didn't want to get caught by anyone who might be doubling back or following the action ... better to leave some of the cash, and all of the dope, of course. I quickly closed the bag back and dropped it where I found it.Then I slowly walked to the street entrance.

I peered around the corners, both ways, and saw with relief that no one was on the sidewalk and sparse car traffic. Then I crossed the street and went back to my car, careful to see if anyone was following. I couldn't see anyone but, just to be sure, I took the elevator to the level above my car, then the stairs back down to it. I was tempted in my excitement, to drive home right then but thought better of that, too. So I just popped the trunk and tossed the packs of bills in. Then moved my road kit to cover them, then took the opposite street side exit back out of the garage and walked the other way around the block to the bar.

Now I'm normally the kind of guy, if I say so myself, that would return found property, no matter who it was dropped it or what my financial state was but this was drug money, pure and simple, and I have quite a bit less compassion for the poor schmuck who tossed it, than I would for some Brinks guy dropping a money bag or a little old lady losing a diamond bracelet.

So, in this case, finders-keepers. And, if I lived through the next week, I figured I got it clean. But, obviously, there was some attraction to that risk as well.

I sat at the bar and looked around, evidently the woman I was supposed to meet there had gotten delayed so I ordered my usual Sam Adams draft and sat back to wait. There was a cute young brunette about three stools down who seemed to be waiting, as well. At least I assumed so, because she looked at her watch about every thirty seconds.

After I had drunk half my beer, she was still waiting and fidgeting. And her glass, I assumed wine, was empty. I called the barkeep over and motioned for him to set her up again and myself as well. She glanced over and started to protest, but I interrupted.

"Think nothing of it, I'm waiting for someone, too ... and I'll buy your boyfriend a round when he gets here just to keep things square."

Just then my cell rang and it was Julie.

"Brad, I'm sorry ... we got a last minute change in the contract and I'm going to be stuck here for at least another two hours, redoing it ... and it has to be ready tomorrow morning"

I mumbled my understanding words and she hung up with a promise of a rain check. I started to put the cell back in my pocket but, instead, slid it down to the girl.

"Well my date just cancelled, feel free to call yours, maybe you'll have better luck."

"Thanks, mister ... I broke my phone yesterday and haven't got it replaced yet."

She dialed and, after a few quiet words, the conversation seemed to get rather heated. I decided that would be a good time to take a restroom trip.

I went into the stall and closed the door and while I relieved myself, pulled out the bills I'd found loose and counted them.

Damn! All pretty high denomination ... fifties and hundreds with a few twenties. In all, about 2000 bucks! Who knew how much I had in the trunk!

She was still sitting there, but had her coat on, obviously waiting to return my phone.

"Thanks for the use of the phone, sir ... my boyfriend isn't coming. If he wasn't such an asshole, he could have called me at the office."

"I'm sorry, miss ... looks like we both got stood up."

She handed me the phone and thanked me again and started toward the door.

"Hold on a minute ... I know it's forward of me ... but as I was coming here, I saw some guy snatch a purse. Let me walk you to your car, at least. Let's not pile one bad result on another."

She looked doubtful, as she should have.

"Look, your friend has my phone number in his phone, and here's my Driver's license ... write my name and license # on this napkin and give it to the bartender to hold. He wont mind, I'm sure"

She looked over at the bartender and he nodded, "That's a good idea, miss, there's a few bad actors around this area after dark. You shouldn't be walking alone."

As luck would have it, or not, she was parked in the same garage. We chatted a little as we walked; she worked as a secretary and PA for an insurance company down the street, and I was a little surprised that she was also parked on the same level. It was then I decided to see where this led me.

I walked her to her car, a ten year old Mustang, and waited for her to get it started and back out. But when she turned the key, nothing happened. and I noticed there were no interior lights, either.

She pounded the steering wheel and said a few choice words. I tapped on the window and told her to wait a second, got my car and pulled it next to hers, and attached jumper cables, then let my car charge her battery a few minutes before I motioned for her to try it.

It started right up, but as I pulled the jumpers off, began to run rough. I quickly walked around and saw that her alternator light was on, the alternator wasn't charging her battery.

I signaled her to cut the engine. She got out.

"Has that little red light been on before?"

"Well, yes, it's been going on and off the last couple days ... but today it stayed on most of the time I was on the highway. I didn't have trouble starting it this morning, though."

I looked at her odometer ... yep, about 150,000 miles on it.

"Well I'm afraid there's a part gone bad in your alternator; not broken, just worn out. That's what keeps the battery charged. You cant drive this tonight ... the car would die on you before you got it out of the parking garage."

I handed her my phone again. Thinking, 'I'm rolling the dice, here!'

After a few minutes, she looked forlorn.

"My roommate's not answering, my boyfriend's phone died while we were talking.What am I going to do!"

"Do you have AAA, or insurance road service?"

"No, my dad keeps egging me to buy it, but the car never gave me any trouble before."

"Well, now you know why it's a good deal, especially for older cars like this one"

"I suppose."

"Tell you what ... I know it's presumptuous of me, but how about joining me for dinner, I'd have been halfway through the meal, by now and my stomach was anticipating, so when Julie cancelled, it started protesting."

"Well, I don't know..."

"Where do you live?"


"Great ... do you like Mexican? We could go to Garcia's."

"I LOVE Garcia's!" she smiled. "The food that is, the place is a dump otherwise."

I laughed.

"Good response and now you ALSO know I'm not trying to impress."

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