Bad Landlord
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Coercion, Incest, Mother, Son, Daughter, First, Fisting,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Owning and running an apartment complex was a lot of hard work and a lot of responsibility. Everyone needs to find some way to pay the rent. It doesn't hurt if they get a little life lesson out of it too.

Tim Parker slowly climbed the steps toward the third floor of the apartment complex in the late afternoon heat. Tim was panting slightly and cursing at himself for not exercising more when he was younger and for not staying in better shape. Tim was 61 years old and his six foot frame was carrying about 20 pounds more than it should be. Ok, Ok ... Maybe it was closer to 30 pounds. Tim's sparse blonde hair made him look a lot balder than he was and his face was starting to get a little jowly. He was always surprised when he looked in the mirror. It seemed like that young, vibrant 30 something that he remembered from what seemed like only months ago should be looking back at him. It always seemed to be an effort to remember the intervening years. Tim wondered where the slight stoop came from and why he had to look so hard to find the smile lines that used to be so prevalent on his face.

Tim was 32 when he inherited the apartment building just outside the Phoenix city limits along with over five million dollars. He and his wife were pretty excited about it until the lawyers and tax people got their hands in the pot. Between taxes and lawyers, Tim and his wife ended up with a little less than one and a half million and apartments that sorely needed some maintenance. They had partied hard for less than a year before his wife left with one of her 'party' buddies and over half the money. Losing his wife like that was a real blow to his ego. Tim could have understood her running off with another guy with a longer dick or longer tongue, but a woman? A few other relationships over the intervening years convinced Tim that women were not to be trusted at all. Oh, Tim still liked women, and girls too for that matter, but they only had one purpose and that was to fuck and to be fucked over.

Women and girls have been a millstone around his neck ever since he got that inheritance he thought as he paused to catch his breath on the second floor landing. He often wondered what his life would have been like if he hadn't received these apartments and that money. It had always been women that caused him problems. He would probably be gay if he didn't like female bodies so much. Unfortunately, he thoroughly enjoyed the female bodies. His motto had always been '8 to 80, blind cripple or crazy'. The problem was, he always seemed to get more than his share of the crazy ones. There was the girlfriend that had moved in briefly and accused him of molesting her 12 year old daughter. Of course he had molested the daughter but the stupid bitch mother didn't have proof and the girl denied it too. How could they prove anything when the little girl had only given him blow jobs? He had broken her cherry, slightly, with his finger, but that could have been anyone or anything. There were no charges filed but it had been a hassle. Another girlfriend had tried to sue him for 'palimony' after living with him for four months. She had read several articles in the gossip rags she subscribed to about palimony so she decided to try it too. That one cost him money for lawyers but the case was thrown out. There had been others but those two could have been serious if he had trusted females enough to let them get anything on him.

Tim continued his climb to the third floor and started swearing at his reason for climbing the steps. Six months earlier he had rented an apartment to a single mother and her two kids. The credit report and rental history had been border line at best so Tim had required an extra month's rent deposit. Tim insisted on meeting everyone that would be living in his apartments before renting them. Tim almost turned the brassy blond mother down based on payment history but she did have a cute little 12 year old daughter and her son seemed like a nice enough kid. The young girl's chest sported clearly defined bumps that stood out a good inch as a promise of tits to come. They were clearly defined because the kid was wearing a thin old t-shirt that seemed to form around the little nubs and highlight the puffy morsels and the little nipple in the center. At least he would have some eye candy if the near teenager used the complex swimming pool. Tim felt sorry for both of the woman's kids but especially the 13 year old son. The kid seemed polite and kind of quiet when Tim met him. The mother bossed the poor boy every time he moved during the interview process. "Bobby, close the door." Bobby, sit there." "Bobby, sit up straight." Tim hated the way both kids cringed every time the mother spoke to them. He did hold back approval for the rental until the mother was pleading, just to make her do it in front of her kids. He didn't particularly like the mother and the way she treated her kids just made it worse.

Elaine Jenkins was chunky, late 30's divorcee. She had big tits that she liked to show off with lots of cleavage. The problem with the show was her tits moved around like a half filled water balloon in the over emphasized push up bra. The extra roll around her middle and hips were all too obvious in the tight pants she liked to wear. Elaine was obviously a good looking woman earlier in her life but too much booze and too many hard nights had taken their toll. Unfortunately, Elaine couldn't admit that she wasn't an 18 year old beauty queen any longer and tried to dress and act as if she were. Tim had seen her once in one of those elastic things the girls wore now days that covered them up but really didn't hide anything. Crop tops he remembered suddenly. God help him if his memory went he thought. He had been surprised her tits hadn't sagged more. He could tell that Elaine had large, prominent nipples and her tits looked like two cats fighting under a tent when she walked.

Tim stopped at the landing on the third floor to catch his breath again. He was thinking about what he had to do now. He didn't like this part of running an apartment complex even if he didn't like the tenants. Elaine Jenkins had missed the rent payment for two months. He wasn't out any money yet because of the deposit but had processed the eviction notice the month before. The 30 day delay requirement would be up tomorrow and now he had to give her the 24 hour notice to get out.

He shook his head, looking down the landing at the door to the apartment. Tim disliked the mom but he did like the kids. Bobby seemed to be a really good kid and had helped Tim around the apartments a few times over the last six months. He hadn't even asked to be paid. He had just pitched in to help but Tim had paid him a few bucks anyway. Tim knew when Bobby's birthday had been from the rental documents and had slipped him a 20 for his birthday. The kid acted like he had never seen a 20 dollar bill and had followed Tim like a puppy whenever he worked around the complex.

Kathy, the now 13 year old daughter, was sweet and shy and didn't seem to know what to do with her new little tits and broadening hips. She was a lot of fun to look at in the pool. Tim had watched her over the last six months as her little buds grew into genuine tits. Her two piece swim suit was obviously a relic from before she hit puberty and the way the top filled, then overflowed over the six months had been pure pleasure. Tim loved the way her little C cup tits bulged around the edges of her pre-boob top and the way the bottoms of the suit pulled into the crack of her ass and pussy. Six months ago the lips of the little preteen pussy were bare but over the last six months he had seen the first sprouting of fine, blonde hairs.Tim encouraged her to dive in the deep end and swim to the shallow end. He enjoyed the way the wet top would mold around the little tits and hard little nipples. Her pussy lips were always in plain view because the bottoms were embedded between the lips and the barely noticeable wisp of fine blonde pubic hair would stick out from the tight bottoms even after she pulled the material out of her crack. Tim made it a point to be at the pool when Kathy was at the pool and made sure she saw him looking at her pussy when she pulled the material out. Kathy always blushed but the uncertain smile from six months before had turned into a secretive grin. The young girl always made sure that she was facing Tim when she dislodged the embedded material from her pussy. Tim was sure he could tap that young thing if he just had a little more time. Tim grimaced wishing the stupid bitch mother had just kept up her rent a few more months.

Tim took a deep breath and let it out with a sigh as he looked at the 24 hour notice in his hand. He could always give them more time if he wanted but the mother was a pain in the ass. She was always bitching about something and wanting her rent reduced if something broke and it wasn't taken care of the same day. It would be a relief to get rid of her but he would miss the kids. Tim sighed again as he walked toward the door.

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