A Doctor's Strange Therapy
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Fiction, Cuckold, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Doctor/Nurse,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A Couple having relationship problems discover the kink of a doctor to be the best cure.

Doug and his wife Pam were having problems; sure they loved each other but both had confessed there love life had rapidly gone downhill. They had been married eleven years and what had been an eager nightly event was becoming a monthly chore; they had always promised each other that they would be totally honest with each other and so it was two weeks ago that Pam had brought up the subject of the unsatisfying love life.

Pam was thirty nine years old; five six tall; with very sensitive 38D tits, while Doug was forty two years old; five nine tall with an eight inch cock. Doug had always been honest with his wife and confessed to being bi sexual but he had put aside that part of his sexuality to remain faithful to his wife; who too had set aside her bisexuality to be the devoted wife,

As they discussed their failing love life; the usual repair options had been looked at; they had discarded the ideas of role playing; going swinging and having separate affairs even with the appeal of telling their partners all the lurid details. They eventually decided to ask the family doctor to recommend a sex therapist who could be both discreet and yet highly recommended.

Now here they were outside the private clinic; both feeling slightly nervous as they waited for a response to their ringing the large buzzer. Suddenly the door clicked open and a female voice asked them to enter and proceed to the reception area. Both Doug and Pam were surprised by what they saw in the corridor just inside the door; for there were nothing short of pornographic pictures of couples involved in all different aspects of sexual acts; spaced among these pictures were cabinets of sexual toys some of which would have not been out of place in a sex museum.

At the end of the corridor; a slightly blushing couple entered the reception area and gave their names to the lady behind the desk; Doug could not take his eyes off the woman; for she was well stacked and displaying a fair amount of cleavage; Pam too was taking quite an interest. The couple was asked to make themselves at home and to fill in a questionnaire separately; taking the two clipboards they turned to find a comfortable seat and once more looked at each other with mild amusement for all the chairs were made of rigid plastic and in the shape of sex organs. They began to head off together to sit on two large cock shaped seats when the receptionist stood up and came around the desk; Pam almost gasped as she saw the woman was wearing a skirt so short she could clearly see the panty gusset covering the clearly defined cunt lips.

The receptionist; asked them both to sit as far apart as possible as the questionnaires were designed to be private and none conferring. So Pam and Doug sat several seats apart and began filling in the forms.

It contained questions like; 1. What was your earliest recollection of sex? 2. Had you ever seen your parents naked or whilst they had been making love? 3. Have you ever had sex with members of the same sex as yourself? 4. Have you ever had a group sex experience? 5. Would you ever experiment in bondage? 6. If you were ordered to do something sexual would you do it willingly? 7. Have you ever tried non human sex? 8. At what age did you lose your virginity? 9. What would you consider to be a health sexual appetite (number of times per week)? 10. Is there anything you would absolutely refuse to do sex wise?

A few cagey looks and red faced stares flashed between Pam and Doug; but no words were spoken. Eventually they both returned their completed forms to the receptionist and they went and sat together as they waited to be called in to see the consultant. After what seemed like an age, the door to the consulting room opened and a young looking male approached the receptionist's desk collected the forms then called Doug and Pam to follow him.

Once through the door, the couple found themselves in a large office; on one side of which was a large ornate desk; about three feet from this was two low easy chairs and on the far wall was an examination table surrounded by metal trolleys and cabinets. Doug and Pam were invited to sit in the easy chairs as Dr Travis introduced himself; he explained the way the examination would progress and he stressed the need for total honesty from both of them and he made a big point of trying to get them to put their emotions on hold asking that whatever they heard from each other in this room should not be taken personally.

He then asked a few general questions along the lines of how had they met?; how long ago?; how soon after they had first met had they become lovers?; during their relationship had there ever been occasions where they had not been faithful?; how long had they been married?; in the beginning how often had they made love?; was there any taboo aspects to their sex?

The Dr Travis turned to Pam and asked if she was happy to go first? Pam looked nervously over to Doug; who did his best to give a reassuring smile; then she agreed to answer any questions ahead of Doug.

"Pam, what was your first recollections of sex and were you a virgin when you met Doug?" he asked.

"I suppose I was thirteen when I first started to take notice of my changing body and I suppose like all teenagers I began exploring my own body! I was not a virgin when I met Doug for I had lost my cherry at the age of sixteen to a randy uncle!" Pam explained.

"Doug, how about you?" the Dr asked.

"I discovered sex by chance when a boy I later found out to be gay; invited me to sleep over at his house one weekend when I was fourteen and he managed to persuade me to play with his penis while he played with mine; this led to him sucking me and me sucking him before he actually fucked me!" Doug responded honestly.

"How did you feel about that, Doug?" Dr Travis asked.

"It was ok I was not disgusted in fact I felt excited and horny as I first held another male's penis and then later as I sucked it; I felt so good and natural!" Doug responded.

"Doug; were you open with Pam about your feelings around other men's cocks from the start of your relationship?" the Dr asked.

"Oh yes Doctor; on our first proper date he told me he was bisexual and he confessed he still loved the idea of sucking and fucking another's cock; just like I told him about my not being a virgin and about my escapades with other females. We have always been honest with each other!" Pam explained.

The doctor then asked if they were both happy to be examined by him with each other being present. After the both agreed; he moved them over to the table and asked them both to fully undress. Both boldly undressed without any concerns and soon the stood naked in front of the Dr.

The Doctor carefully observed the pair and began by checking their sensitivity to touch; this time he started with Doug and lightly touched Doug's cock which jerked in response. Then cradling the cock in his hand the doctor asked Doug to explain how he felt having his cock held by someone he had only met minutes ago. Doug explained it felt surreal but acceptable because deep down inside they all knew he was a doctor and therefore it was a medical necessity.

The doctor then said he wanted them out of that comfort zone and he knew only one way to achieve that; he then asked Pam to undress him completely. Pam shot Doug a scared look but having received a smile by return she stepped forward and removed the doctor's clothes. She let out a low moan though when she exposed the doctor's impressive ten inch cock which was surprisingly semi erect. Doug too swallowed hard at the sight of the massive member.

Dr Travis then reached out and took Doug's hand and placed it around his semi hard cock; instinctively Doug began to move his hand up and down; bringing a sigh from the good doctor. Pam moved closer to observe her husband's actions but secretly she licked her lips hoping to be allowed to taste the delicious looking cock.

The doctor then turned to Pam and told her to bend over; then parting her ass cheeks he asked if she was an anal virgin. Pam confessed she was not and without being prompted added that she actually liked anal sex and regularly allowed Doug to fuck there whenever he wanted.

As the Dr slipped his index finger up into her anal ring; he watched closely for a reaction from Doug; it was Pam herself who sighed with pleasure and Dr Travis noted a strong twitch in the cock of Doug. The doctor then asked if they were vocal when they made love and was pleased to hear they were; Doug now offered a little un-requested information by saying yes he often noticed how Pam got wetter and more excited when called a slut or whore.

Pam retaliated by letting it out that Doug liked to be called a cock sucking pimp when he was having a dildo pressed home up his anal chute. The Doctor pointed out that neither of them should be embarrassed by his questions as he was there to help. All the time they had been talking he had been working his finger in to Pam's anal ring. He then asked her to tell him why as a slut and a cock loving whore it should make a difference to her levels of horniness. As he asked and called her a slut he noted her arse muscles gripped his finger tighter and he suspected that it was because she raised her passions up a notch.

Taking his other hand the doctor now slipped his hand between Pam's heated thighs and felt just how wet her cunt was; he remarked that she really must be feeling like a whore to have such a wet cunt at the mere sight of two cocks and he bet she was wishing she could take one up her cunt and one up her arse. Doug then let slip that with a big cock like the doctor's he too would love to feel it sliding into him; either into his mouth or as he put it into his boy pussy.

The doctor merely smiled and Doug took this as an invitation to kneel before the magnificent cock and he began to kiss it before sliding his tongue over the purple head and he closed his eyes as his mouth engulfed the great piece of man meat.

Unseen by Doug or Pam; the doctor pressed a small buzzer on the main trolley; he pressed it three times as a signal to the Receptionist who moments later escorted another lady into the room. This new woman was five seven tall and walked with a certain swagger; at first look she would have been easily mistook for a medical professional; as she wore a white lab coat; she seemed to be moderately enhanced in the boob department and had an earthy plain look about her.

The well endowed receptionist also wore a white lab coat; as they both approached the examination table both instantly pulled the white lab coats open and dropped them to the floor revealing both were naked beneath. Doug was first to react for from his kneeling position he had the best view of the striking difference between the two women; the unknown woman was sporting a rock hard cock and was slowly stroking it as if to tell Doug this was here for him. Although this cock was real and only six inches long it made Doug almost choke as he was taking the doctor's cock in his mouth.

Pam was first to speak and what she said was the exact same thing that Doug was thinking, "Wow, a transsexual, perfect such tits with a cock as well what could be better!" Pam uttered.

Dr Travis responded, "Yes this is my new trainee consultant Sun-Lee, she is very accommodating and willing to do what is necessary to help our clients!"

With that Sun-lee, moved closer to Doug and then asked, "You want me to suckee your wife's cunt a little or maybe I fuck you long time while you fuckee da lady!"

Doug could barely speak so he just nodded; Pam was slightly more settled as she reached forward and took hold of Sun-lee's cock at the same time she bent her head down and caught Diana's left nipple in her mouth; the receptionist simply groaned and begged her to suck her nipple really hard.

Dr Travis now ordered Doug to climb on to the examination table and had Diana strap his ankles into the stirrups; then he moved to Doug's feet and applied a generous dollop of KY gel on to his anal ring. Pam was then brought over and told to finger her husband's anal opening while Diana began to kiss and play with Pam's tits. Sun-lee gently stroked her cock and looked at Dr Travis; who simply nodded as Sun-lee stepped between Doug's legs and offered up her cock to his anal ring. Now Pam took hold of her cock and began to guide it into her husband's eagerly waiting anal ring.

Doug let out a low groan as his anal ring accepted the intrusion of this she male's cock; Pam now took over and was telling Doug he was to take the fucking like the whore that he was and he was to make her proud of her cum loving wimp of a bi slut. Pam's tits were now being mauled by the mouths of both the doctor and the receptionist and somehow Doug had managed to get his hand around the doctor's cock and was steadily wanking it.

Pam's cunt was not being neglected either for Sun-lee and Diana were almost battling to gain control with their fingers at the wide open overheated love tube. Dr Travis manoeuvred himself so he could now rest on the table and feed his considerable cock into Doug's mouth. Then with a firm confident voice he ordered Pam and Diana to go over to the space just behind the two seats and get into a sixty nine position and to suck each other's slutty cunts dry.

Now He and Sun-lee simply fucked Doug in tandem and began calling him all the slutty names he just loved to hear; as they neared their orgasm; Sun-lee began for fist Doug's cock hard and fast making him shoot his overdue load all over his own chest. Doug's whimpering cries of lust were matched if not beaten by the wailing screams of Diana and Pam in the throes of their earth moving climax. Dr Travis and Sun-lee pulled out at the last moment and added their spunk to the pooling, cooling, load from Doug's own cock.

Then as Doug sucked clean the cock of Sun-lee; Dr Travis began to lick up the cold clammy mixture of three cocks worth of spunk from Doug's mid-drift. Now in an afterglow of passion Diana and Pam lay cuddling.

Twenty minutes later as the Receptionist Diana and Sun-lee headed out of the room; Dr Travis spoke to Doug and Pam, he said they had made a little progress today but felt they needed at least another four sessions to make real progress. He then pointed out that that was joint sessions but he felt Doug himself would need three or four sessions separate to Pam and they would be almost certainly one to one with Sun-lee as for Pam she would need six sessions shared between Diana, Sun-lee and Dr Travis.

As Doug began to accept the doctor's recommendations he reached forward and leisurely stroked the Doctor's still naked but limp cock. Dr Travis smiled and asked if he wanted more of his cock and was slightly surprised by the response he received, "Well I would like to suck it hard enough to watch you giving my slut of a wife the fucking she so rightly deserves!" Doug said confidently.

With that Doug knelt before Dr Travis and began to lovingly suck his cock and tease the bulbous head with his tongue whilst the doctor began to finger Pam's almost throbbing cunt. Pam for her part was busy wrapping her tongue around the good doctor's tonsils; Doug managed to slip his hand up behind his wife and began to finger her arse. As soon as the doc's cock was hard enough Doug pulled away and guided the stiff member towards his wife's already open and anticipating cunt lips. The doctor then lay down on the office carpet and Pam hurriedly climbed on top of him and whilst Doug held the doctor's cock secure she lowered her cunt down on to the full ten inches.

As she rode the doctor's cock she felt her own husband ease his cock into her anal ring and soon she felt so full of cock; if she had realised just how good being double fucked could feel she would have agreed to have a threesome years ago. For Doug it was a feeling he would never forget to feel his wife's cunt full of another man's cock and his own cock up her arse feeling every single vein and bump of that other man's cock through the thin membrane which separated his wife's arse and cunt. He swore he could even feel the heat from the doc's cock and they began to pound the bitches' cunt and arse.

Such was the intensity of the fuck that he even felt the first throb of the cock in his wife's cunt as it flooded her cunt with its jism; this triggered his own climax as he flooded his wife's are with his own baby making seed. He was delighted afterwards to become the complete cuckold and suck the doctor's spunk from his wanton wife's well ravished cunt. Yes all concerned could not wait for their next appointment.

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