All That Glitters
Chapter 1

Annie had just turned nineteen when her mum died unexpectedly. Her aunty Harriet her only living relative swept down on her and took her grieving inexperienced niece under her wing.

"Come on my dear," Aunty Harriet soothed the devastated young woman gently, "you come home with me."

So Annie found herself carried off from the quiet country life she had been used to, to the busy London life that her aunt enjoyed.

Aunt Harriet lived down a slightly seedy back street of north London, on the top floor of some private flats. Aunt Harriet liked to live the good life, and she often found herself out living her income. It was a constant battle to find the money for those tedious little bills, things like the gas and water and electric. Always at the bottom of Aunt Harriet's list was the rent.

The landlord was a weedy little man of about forty, with slicked back dark hair that looked to be thinning; and beady little dark eyes in a long thin pointed face. He gave the illusion of a little man, but he must have been at least 5 foot ten, maybe even close to six foot in height.

On more than one occasion Aunt Harriet had missed her payment of the rent, she never worried too much since she could usually fob Mr. Jones off with a little batting of her lashes and a fulsome promise to make good the following week.

On this Friday though, on the first week that Annie had come to stay, Aunty Harriet had not made a payment to Mr. Jones in over three weeks.

The thumping on the door heralded his arrival and Aunt Harriet stood up nervously. "Annie my love." Her aunt called softly to her, "just you go into your bedroom and close the door. Be sure not to come out until I come to fetch you."

Annie looked across at her aunt her huge blue eyes soft and trusting in her pale face. Annie was a simple soul, willing to trust whoever she came into contact with. Her aunt had taken one look at her older sister's daughter and known that she was a born victim. Her biggest surprise had been the rush of affection she'd felt for the girl, the feeling of protectiveness that had washed over her.

Aunt Harriet was all the girl had in the world, and Aunt Harriet had vowed silently to do the best she could for her young niece.

Annie tucked a strand of white blond hair behind her ear in a little girl fashion and smiled at her aunt. She was such a beautiful young woman; men would be drawn to her like flies. She walked over to her bedroom her rounded hips swaying in a totally natural way.

Just as she closed her bedroom door there was another impatient thump on the door.

Aunt Harriet unfastened the top two buttons of her blouse showing the curve of her ample bosom and walked over to the door.

Mr. Jones came bustling in his long thin nose twitching in expectation of some cash.

"Please won't you sit down for a moment Mr. Jones." Aunt Harriet put on her best hostess voice as she guided the landlord into her living room.

Mr. Jones sat down on her leather sofa his eyes narrowed suspiciously, "it's been three weeks now Harriet, so no more excuses, you need to pay up." He told her gruffly.

Aunt Harriet sat beside him on the sofa her hand resting lightly on his knee. "I know Mr. Jones, I've been terribly bad, but my sister died suddenly last week, and I had to travel down for her funeral, and what did I find when I got there? Her young daughter no less, all alone in the world with no one but me to care for her." she allowed her dark blue eyes to fill with tears, and blinked rapidly as though to try and remove them.

Mr. Jones made a grunting dismissive kind of sound and Aunt Harriet realised that she'd run out of chances with her landlord, he would need something more this time to pacify him.

She leaned forward giving him a bird's eye view of her ample bosom, and allowed her hand to run gently up his leg.

"I'm really sorry that I've no money for you this week Mr. Jones, but maybe I can make it up to you somehow?" she whispered seductively to him.

Mr. Jones sat back on the sofa, his beady black eyes glittering, "and what did you have in mind?" he asked tartly.

Her hand had reached his groin by now and there was a feeling of hardness about him.

Aunt Harriet smiled gently at him, "you definitely feel a little, shall we say tense in some areas. Maybe I could help relieve some of your stresses." She suggested with a little lift of one of her brows.

Mr. Jones studied Aunt Harriet for a moment; she was still a handsome woman despite the fact the she had to be knocking on the door of forty, with dark blond hair always immaculately styled, with those unbelievable eyes in the fine if somewhat aging face. Her figure was a good shapely rounded figure, but her bosom; well he'd had more than one fantasy about that incredible bosom of hers.

"Unfasten your top." He told her gruffly.

Aunty Harriet lowered her eyes to shield the look of triumph that briefly lit them.

She undid the buttons on her blouse all the way down until she reached the belt of her trousers. She allowed the two flaps of material to fall apart to reveal the dark blue bra which covered her breasts.

"Pull your bra down so that I can see those nipples." Mr. Jones whispered shakily. He fumbled at his trousers opening them up to release his throbbing erection. He tweaked at Aunty Harriet's nipples, tugging on them and twisting gently. He put his hand to the back of her head and pushed her down to his dick. "Now suck it. Suck it dry like the little whore that you are."

He closed his eyes on a little gasp as he felt Aunty Harriet's mouth close around his dick. She started off gently licking a little here and suckling a little there, her hand gripped the base of his shaft to hold it in place, and her head started to move.

Mr. Jones gave a great sigh as he felt his climax fast approaching. He felt his body tensing as he opened his eyes suddenly and let out a loud gasp.

There in front of him stood an angel. With golden hair and huge innocent eyes watching him worriedly as he put his hand to the back of Aunty Harriet's head and held her there while he gushed his cum right down her throat.

All the time he was climaxing, he kept his gaze fixed on the young woman in front of him, the blood pumping through his body as he imagined her lying naked before him. She was a challenge to any red blooded man, and even some women would lust after this one.

He sat back and released Aunty Harriet's head so that she could stagger back, still choking, with tears streaming down her face.

She caught the look on Mr. Jones face and turned around to see little Annie standing there her eyes round like saucers in her inexperienced young face. "Go back to your room!" Aunty Harriet screamed at her.

Annie after one surprised looked at her aunt turned and fled.

Aunty Harriet wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and then proceeded to fasten up her blouse.

"Who was that exactly?" Mr. Jones asked in a dangerously quiet voice.

Aunty Harriet shrugged not meeting his eye. "I told you, my sister's girl." She said tonelessly.

Mr. Jones leaned forward his arms resting on his legs. "You led me to believe she was some little school girl." He accused.

Aunty Harriet gave a bitter little laugh, "she's not much more than that, as you saw for yourself."

"I'll be back tomorrow for last week and this week's rent." Mr. Jones suddenly said shortly.

Aunty Harriet looked at him in surprise, "but I thought," she stammered at she indicated his now limp and satisfied dick.

Mr. Jones shook his head with a greasy little smile, "you thought wrong then. That little service took care of one week's rent, but remember; you owed me three."

Aunty Harriet sighed in defeat. "Okay what will it take tomorrow, because I won't have the money then either?" She whispered miserably.

"Mr. Jones rubbed his nose as though he were thinking, "well let me see," he murmured softly, "how about an hour or so alone with your niece?"

Aunty Harriet whirled around, her eyes blazing with fury. "Absolutely not!" she snapped, "this is between you and me!"

Mr. Jones sighed sadly, "Well then I suggest that you and your niece need to go and find somewhere else to live." He told her regretfully.

"But she's so innocent." Aunty Harriet whispered brokenly. "Still a virgin I expect."

Mr. Jones patted her on the shoulder, "there there," he soothed, "I promise you that by the time I leave her tomorrow, she will no longer be a virgin, but she will have had at least one orgasm." He vowed.

Aunty Harriet paused to study him, "you'll be gentle with her? And you'll see to it that she get's pleasure from it?"

"As long as she cooperates." He nodded.

"Oh I'll see to it that she does." Aunty Harriet murmured softly.

Mr. Jones looked at her sharply. "But I don't want you anywhere near this place when I come round tomorrow, otherwise the deal is off."

"Very well." She agreed solemnly.

"Good," he stood up and refastened his trousers. "Tomorrow if all goes well will take care of last week's rent. And if she's a good girl, maybe we can work out something for this week's rent."

"I'll talk to her and see." Aunt Harriet murmured noncommittally as she led him over to the door.

After she had seen him out, with a parting promise to be gone from the flat by six thirty and not to return before nine, she walked over to Annie's bedroom door and tried the handle. The door was locked.

Aunty Harriet knocked gently on the door. "Come on sweetie, I'm sorry that I yelled at you."

Silence greeted her.

Aunty Harriet gave a soft little sigh. "Alright be like that, but I'm going to make a start on dinner, it'll be ready in half an hour if you're interested."

Aunty Harriet shrugged her shoulders; Annie would soon come out once she caught the scent of food cooking. She gave a little smile and headed for the kitchen.

Alone in her room, little Annie sat down in front of her mirror; she looked at her huge blue eyes in that angelic face and smiled a little.

She couldn't help the way she looked. But she sure could make use of it. It seemed like city folk were just the same as country folk. How you looked was how you must be.

She slid a hand inside her top and let out a little gasp as her fingers found her hardened nipple. Watching her Aunty Harriet and that man had really turned her on. It had been more than a week since anyone had so much as touched her, and boy was she horny. Just for tonight she would have to service herself, but tomorrow she promised herself, tomorrow she would go out and find some poor sucker to take advantage of the naive young country girl.

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