Moving to a Retirement Community
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Hermaphrodite, Swinging, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Female, Black Male, White Male, White Female, Oriental Male, Oriental Female, Oral Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The lives of senior citizens as they move into a Retirement Community that caters to their needs, in more ways then one.

When I retired, 15 years ago, I never realized just how boring my life was.

I was happy though. I'd managed to stay single all my life, never even tempted to get married and have a family. Yes, I'd had plenty of girlfriends, but for one reason or another none of them lasted much longer than a couple of weeks. I think one relationship lasted almost 6 month, but I didn't end that one. She was killed by in a freak accident one evening. She lost control of her car and it went into a lake, drowning her. It really tore me up, too, and that surprised me. I hadn't realized how much I'd cared for her. I didn't date anymore after that.

I loved to stay at home, read and watch movies. With no one around I could do as I pleased, and I did.

Boy, did I figure that out wrong!

When I reached 70 I decided to go to my favorite bar and enjoy the atmosphere. I took a seat at the back of the room, where I could do my people watching without being noticed, or at least I thought I had. To my surprise my old buddy, James, found me sitting there about an hour later and decided to join me and we sat there and chatted for a long time.

"I've been meaning to call you," he said to me, "but you're a hard person to find these days."

"Yeah. I've been busy. I got my place all fixed up and settling in just fine."

"When did you move?"

"I guess it's been about six months now," I told him.

We sat there in silence for a while, both of us nursing our drinks. He had a scotch and water and I had my usual Cherry Dr. Pepper, with no ice.

"How in the world do you drink those things?" he asked.

"Just like you drink those things. At least these won't end up killing me," I joked.

"Yeah, but how do you manage to do it with no ice?"

"Hey, it's cold when it comes out of the machine and all ice does is water it down once it melts. This way I enjoy all the taste and besides that, it's what I like."

We both laughed a bit and then he got to his point of being there.

"Listen, I wanted to let you know that I'd found a place where I thought you'd be comfortable in your retirement."


"Yeah. Really!"

"And what made you think I'd consider moving again? It's only been six months and I'm finally getting comfortable there."

"Well, this is a different 'Retirement' place. I found it through a mutual aquaintance."

"And that would be..."

"You remember Robert Towns?"

"Yeah, I remember him. He made enough passes at me at work. How could I forget him?

"I remember that. Ever do anything with him?" he laughed and took another sip from his drink.

"No, and I never intended to, either."

That was a lie, but I didn't want him to know that. There had been many times the thought crossed my mind about 'doing something' with Rob, but I always chickened out at the last minute. I'd even called him one evening and invited him over for the following Saturday night, but then called and told him something had come up and I wouldn't be home that night. Actually I'd stayed at home and turned out all the lights, hoping that if he drove by he'd think I wasn't really home and would keep on going.

"Why do you ask?" I asked him.

"Well, Rob and I have gotten together several times lately and your name's always come up and I guess we were hoping we could get you to join us some time."

"And what would we do?" I asked, even though I knew what the answer would be.

"You know. Things."

"Yeah, I guess I do know, but I was hoping you'd inform me of what those 'things' would be." I was beginng to get pissed that he'd even brought it up, but then again, my cock was slowing rising to the occasion, so what harm would it do to ask questions concerning things I was already aware of.

Robert Towns was gay and the night is long. He made no excuses for his lifestyle, either. We'd worked at the same company for almost 15 years before he retired and joined a 'Retirement Community' that catered to gays and lesbians. I'd talked to him several times in the past year or so and he would always tell me how much I'd 'fit right in' there, but I always declined, telling him that I preferred to be by myself.

I wasn't gay myself. I considered myself to be bisexual though. I have a huge collection of DVD's that I watch on a regular basis, while sitting in my favorite lounge chair and jack off, sometimes several times in only a few hours. I've never had any problems with cumming several times in one night, with no ill effects that I was aware of. Even at my age it's nothing to get a hard-on without any problems. No Viagra required!

I just didn't 'declare' my sexuality to anyone else. I figured it was my business and no one elses. I still have no idea how Rob figured it out. I really didn't mind though, as long as he didn't go around telling anyone what his suspicions were. As long as my private life remained private I was happy and content.

"Have you been there?" I asked.

"Went down there last month to check it out. Nice place, too. You have your own place, very private and no one intrudes on your space unless you invite them. There are many nice men down there, too. I've made friends with several of them and I think you'd like it, too. Want to go down there with me tomorrow afternoon? I'm meeting Rob and several friends around 1 tomorrow and he asked me to see if you'd join us."

"No pressure, right?"

"Hey, I'm not pressuring you about anything. It's just an invite. You can come or you can say no, it's completely up to you."

"When would you need to know?" I asked.

"Well as soon as you can, I reckon. It's only an hour drive down the coast, you know."

"Yeah, I know."

I'd actually taken the time about two weeks ago to go down there myself to check it out. I found it to be quite pleasant and, in some areas of the place, quite secluded. I even went as far as to visit the office and inquire about the place and to see if one of the secluded areas was available. There were two openings. The manager asked if I was interested and I told him I was. We made arrangements for information to be sent to me, along with all the appications and other paper work. I'd already finished all that and had gotten it in the mail earlier in the week. I was hoping there would be a response in the mail when I got home. To tell the truth, I thought it was a good idea and found that I was looking forward to the idea of moving down there. After all, there was not really anything keeping me here. I had no family, almost no close friends anymore, and the fact that I felt alone most of the time was an important factor in me changing my mind about the place. I really didn't care if Rob lived there or not. But it did have it's advantages.

"Can I call you in the morning?" I aksed.

"As long as it's before 10," he answered.

We sat there just long enough to finish our drinks then we both got up and went our separate ways.

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