Nary an Englishman
Chapter 1: Lady Dunsay

Caution: This Historical Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Historical, Masturbation, Caution,

Desc: Historical Sex Story: Chapter 1: Lady Dunsay - Widowed English aristocrat searches for a lover in 1940's Britain.

Lord Charles Dunsay's wife was a fine looking woman. Although many thought the Right Honourable Dunsay had gone slumming, there was no doubt she was 'a fine piece' as the tommies would have said during the Great War.

Lady Katherine Dunsay lay under the covers in her frigid bedroom cursing the late lord silently. Charles, you would have probably got yourself killed by now but you would have relished taking it to the Huns one more time.

She hadn't bothered with starting a fire even though it was a cooler autumn than usual. The war effort was in full swing and she knew wood was hard to come by, although not so hard to come by if you were the mistress of the Dunsay estate.

Katherine arched her back, stretching, enjoying the feel of the silk across her full breasts. Her nipples, already peaked from the cold, became harder at the slight contact.

No, it isn't that kind of wood that I am missing, she thought with a smile. Lord Charles Dunsay had passed away three years ago to a sudden heart attack at the young age of forty-nine. He had been a decorated veteran of the Great War being a young Captain and fighting in the trenches at the Somme. They had met on one of his leaves in London and spent a couple of sex filled days holed up in a seedy hotel room.

Katherine's mind played over those days now, feeling a deep itch begin in her moistening sex. She had been almost ten years his junior but was by no means inexperienced. Even so he had shown her a thing or two between the sheets.

Her hand quickly moved down to her increasingly wet quim, imagining Charles preparing to enter her with his lovely cock. Teasing herself and lubricating the tips of her fingers she slowly worked two fingers between her labia and down to the opening of her pussy. Moving her other hand down she matched the rhythm of her fingers' penetration, coaxing her now stiff clit towards an orgasm.

Getting closer, she heard footsteps creaking up the manor's main stairwell. Oh bloody hell, not now! Katherine gasped trying to get herself off before...

The old wooden door of the master bedroom creaked open and Katherine dipped her legs back straight from their bow-legged stance as Bertha her maid entered with a steaming bowl of water.

"Sorry, mum, the boiler is down since Jack couldn't find any heatin' oil ... Should I come back missus?" Bertha was a plain faced thirty-something with plump features; she was half way to the lavatory when she had noticed Katherine's flushed features.

Damnation! Not even a decent climax this morning. Katherine stealthily adjusted her hand positions under the covers of the four poster antique bed. "That's fine, Bertie. Just leave the water in the loo and I will be down for breakfast in a bit."

"Yes, mum. You really should use the hearth, or you will catch your death from cold." The maid glanced back with a bemused look as she exited the bedroom closing the door.

Katherine contemplated finishing what she had started but the cold had finally got to her. What you need is a nice stiff prick! Jumping from her massive bed and fleeting warmth she quickly discarded her nightgown, tied up her long red locks and washed herself as best she could with the bowl of warm water standing in the iron bath tub.

Her thoughts ran to the sexual as the water cascaded down her large breasts and over the matted red hairs of her pussy. I wonder if Bertie has been with a woman? The maid had been at the manor for only a couple of years but she was a hard worker and although her work clothes covered it, she seemed to have rather nice curves if somewhat plump.

Katherine had only been with another woman once, back before she had met Charles, during her school days. It hadn't been bad but nothing would replace a nice hard cock in her mind. But desperate times call for desperate measures, she thought. Men are rather scarce these days. Finished with the water she patted her slender body down with a soft towel and sat at the bureau to do something with her hair. She looked at her reflection judgmentally placing a hand above one breast and eyeing it critically. Charles had been fond of her long nipples and smallish pink aerolas. The thought of his coarse tan hands cupping her pale breast and tweaking the nipple brought a smile to her face for a moment.

"Perhaps I will spend some extra time around the house staff and see if there are any that would enjoy serving the lady of the manor in a new fashion." She said to her reflection with a smirk. Passing the hairbrush through her blazing red hair she noticed it wasn't as dark as it used to be, noting the locks that had faded to a coppery orange in places and here and there a strand of gray had had the temerity to show up.

She quickly applied some cosmetics after pinning her hair up at the nape of her neck, making sure that the dark eye liner made her cornflower blue eyes stand out. Make-up was hard to find these days but like most items affected by the war effort her station made them easier to obtain.

After pulling on some thick stockings, knickers and dark brown riding slacks that fit particularly snug around her bottom she finished with a warm blouse gathered at her waist and buttoned up to her chin. She wrapped herself in a shawl and headed downstairs for breakfast. Katherine usually took breakfast in the kitchen area, the dining room was large and pretentious and especially this time of year — draughty.

As she headed down the servants passage to the kitchen she could hear the maid's giggles and a phrase stopped her short. Did Maggie just say 'large whanger'? Katherine stood silently in the dark passage, the acoustics allowed the conversation in the next room to be heard quite clearly.

"Oh yes, Sarah said she saw it quite clearly, as big as a horse's, she did." Katherine recognized Maggie's voice. Maggie was quite fetching, with dark curly locks cut above the shoulder and greenish-hazel eyes. It amazed Katherine that such an innocent looking young lass could be talking this way.

"The rumour I have heard," Katherine crept closer as the voices dropped an octave or two. "He fancies his sheep; buggers them he does!" Katherine's eyes widened at the last part, she pegged the voice as Bertie's. They could only be talking about Johnny Cork, son of the late William whose family had leased the north-western pasture for as long as Katherine had lived here. Katherine knew they raised livestock, mostly sheep.

"Don't be daft, Bertie. A sheep's cunny is much the same as a woman's." Katherine didn't immediately recognize this third voice but she assumed it was Lucy, a blonde in her twenties that had been working at the estate longer than Bertie.

"And how would you know that, Luce?" This comment coming from Maggie wasn't meant as a challenge. Lucy was known to be rather free with her feminine charms or at least that was the gossip that Katherine had heard.

Katherine rounded the corner as Lucy finished her sentence, Maggie and Bertie saw her immediately but Lucy had her back turned.

"Men fuck anything that lives and breathes, as sure as the sun sets in the west. And me brothers had that bit of information, wouldn't surprise me if it was from personal experience."

"Morning, ladies." Katherine entered the room nonchalantly. Maggie's lovely complexion was turning an alarming red as she tried to stifle a giggle.

"Good morning, mum," Bertie managed while immediately busying herself with some eggs and the usually imperturbable Lucy seemed to have a slight blush as she excused herself from the kitchen on some chore or other.

"Breakfast in the conservatory?" Maggie still hadn't lost the flush to her face but managed the query without another giggle as Katherine made her way through the kitchen.

"Yes, Maggie. Thank you." Katherine was known by her staff as very kind and charitable. It was when she had hired on Bertie that it was brought to her attention that some of the staff were taking liberties and that she should show a more firm manner, but it had never been her style.

Charles, you were always the disciplinarian, a smile crept to her face as she sat down at the iron table in the conservatory. Was it here or the dinning room that Charles had bent me over and thrashed my naked bottom with a riding crop?

Katherine looked out at the grounds which still looked very green this early in the fall, the numerous panes of glass were beaded with moisture from the cool air and the glass ceiling showed low ominous dark clouds. She did enjoy having breakfast here but she supposed it would be too cold soon. She clutched the shawl around herself as Maggie arrived bearing breakfast on a tray.

"Please, join me Maggie." Katherine gestured to the chair across from her own. "We haven't talked in a while. Any word from your brother?"

Maggie looked a little flustered before sitting down. "Maybe just a spot of tea. Thank you, mum." Katherine noticed a blush in her cheeks as she poured tea from the silver kettle to the china. "From the last letter he was still in North Africa, but my da' thinks he might be in Sicily."

"You poor dear, you must worry so." Katherine buttered a muffin and poured herself some tea. The butter was fresh churned at her dairy, a part of the Dunsay holdings.

"So how are our 'red caps' in Cuckfield doing these days? Any particulars you fancy?" Katherine sipped her own tea enjoying Maggie's reaction to her question. As expected the mention of the Canadian Army boys quartered in the nearby village caused a lovely pink flush to creep up Maggie's neck to her prominent cheekbones.

"Uh, well." Maggie managed to set down her trembling teacup before spilling it. "They don't seem to stay billeted here for any length of time, missus." Katherine couldn't help but notice what wonderfully shaped lips the young maid had. A marvellous natural pink they are!

Katherine returned her smile, "If I am not mistaken by that gleam in your eye there are a few that have struck your fancy. Please, do tell." She kept her half-hooded eyes on Maggie as she sipped her tea.

"Oh there really is nothing to tell, mum. Although..." Maggie's lovely green eyes lost focus, remembering something.

"Spit it out then, please. I could use a nice bit of romance." Katherine spoke after wiping a slight smudge of butter from her full lips with a linen napkin.

Maggie returned the smile and took another sip of tea as if trying to delay her story. "Well there was this one — a Richard Henley, everyone called him Rick or Sarge."

"I see from that blush he must have been quite handsome." Katherine gestured with her tea cup.

Maggie lost her reticence the more she talked about the Canadian. "He had sandy blond hair and these flashing blue eyes that you could lose yourself in."

Katherine finished her muffin and grinned wickedly at the girl, "So what did he look like out of his uniform?"

"Lady Dunsay! What kind of strumpet do you take me for?" Maggie looked genuinely surprised by the suggestion. But then her demeanour changed to a remorseful one. "He shipped out last week. He was very kind, once he gave me some lovely wild roses. All the lads are nice, they always trade us for the milk even though we would gladly give them what we could spare."

"I am sorry, Maggie. He sounds like a lovely chap." Katherine's blue eyes turned thoughtful as she brushed a scarlet lock back behind one ear, "I was thinking Maggie, I haven't really needed a chamber maid but lately with the house being so cold and Bertha having to look after her ageing mother in the evenings, would you like to stay on some nights?"

And would you mind placing your lovely mouth between my legs? Katherine's face remained completely neutral as the lewd picture played out in her mind.

"I would have to talk it over with my family, mum. There are some chores that I do on the farm in the mornings."

Katherine couldn't tell whether the idea appealed to the maid or not. "I would of course up your salary and we could spruce up the side bedroom upstairs. Just let me know tomorrow if your parents acquiesce."

"Of course, mum. Can I clear your breakfast?" Maggie stood and placed her own saucer and cup on the silver tray.

"Leave the pot, Maggie. I will have a spot more tea. Thank you."

Katherine enjoyed the warm black tea while watching the grey clouds gust past the moist windows of the conservatory. There was a definite feel of autumn and the cold made her feel much older than she wanted. It made her want to get out and do something. I think I will get some exercise in. A bike ride sounds brilliant.

After gathering some warmer outer-clothing and wrapping a scarf around her neck, Katherine was headed out the main entrance of the manor when Bertha intercepted her. "Excuse me, missus but Jack wanted a word with you."

Infernal man, what could he be bothering me about? Jack was the dairy foreman and responsible for maintenance and generally keeping the place working.

Katherine turned trying not to scowl at the man standing in the entry way between the manor's main foyer and the hall to the kitchens. John 'Jack' Hendrick wasn't much to look at, although less than five years Katherine's senior he appeared to be at least a decade older. His face was weathered and lined from so much time spent out of doors and he seemed to always be looking towards the ground at a person's feet.

"Lady Katherine. Sorry to bother you, m'lady." Jack always seemed to speak to her with respect while at the same time ogling her body from the neck down with a much less reverent attitude.

"Yes, Mr. Hendrick. What is it?" Katherine tried to keep the irritation from her voice as much as possible. Jack had on more than one occasion propositioned her in less than discreet terms after Charles had passed away and sadly Katherine had actually entertained the idea once or twice if only out of desperate sexual frustration.

"It is about your brother-in-law, the one that posted a letter about his son -- Lieutenant Gavin Clark I believe his name was. He says that he is being shipped out sooner than expected and would like to know if his son can come earlier than you had discussed." Jack's gaze for the first time actually moved above her bosoms to make slight eye contact before slipping away south again.

Katherine had lost contact with her extended family a long time ago. Her older sister, Elizabeth had basically raised herself and Katherine from a young age. Their father had skipped out when they were both young girls and their mother had drunk herself to death over the decade that followed. Not long after Charles and Katherine had married and moved to the estate Elizabeth had showed up looking for a hand out. That was the last Katherine had heard until this last summer when Elizabeth's husband had called informing her that she was an aunt and that Elizabeth had up and left them both quite some time ago.

"Make the arrangements, Mr. Hendrick." Katherine tried to avoid Jack's gaze. He had a lazy eye in addition to his plain features, including a balding head surrounded by greying bristles of hair and beard. "And make sure that one of the ground floor bedrooms is cleaned and made usable -- was there something else?" Katherine noticed he was still rooted to the spot as she turned to go.

"One other thing, m'lady." Katherine thought she detected a slight smile at the edge of his mouth as she turned back. "A Land Girl has been assigned to the dairy; there is the matter of her billeting."

Because so many young men had been conscripted and otherwise lost to the war effort, the Women's Land Army had been formed to replace labourers. Katherine herself had thought of volunteering during the Great War before Charles had swept her off her feet. "Oh, what's the dear's name? You can put her in the servants' out building with Sarah and Mary. Is the heating stove stocked with wood?"

"Of course, missus. Her name is Anna Brown, not sure where she is from -- my lady." Jack turned and headed back towards the kitchens. Katherine noticed his limp had worsened probably because of the colder weather and somehow felt slightly guilty that she didn't have one jot of sympathy for the lascivious scoundrel. She cleared her throat loudly.

"Excuse me, Mr. Hendrick." Katherine couldn't help the slightly imperious note that tinged her voice. He stopped and turned towards her.

"Sorry, m'lady. Was there something else?"

"I almost forgot, but I was going to ask you about the heating oil? When do you expect our boiler to be up and running?" Katherine raised one auburn eyebrow at him.

"Oh, yes. Sorry, Lady Katherine. I am doing my best but there simply is a shortage as you can imagine. It will probably be a few days."

"Very well. That will be all." Katherine turned and headed out the door, she didn't have to look back to know Jack's eyes were riveted to her arse.

As Katherine fought the chill breeze on her way to secure her bicycle from the detached garage she wondered what it would be like having a nephew around. She supposed the poor dear would need some extra emotional support being motherless at such a young age and now losing his father for a period of time. She supposed at one time that Charles would want a family but it never happened, though not for lack of trying. I guess my mothering skills will finally be put to the test. Thank you sister Elizabeth!

Katherine did her best to tie her hair down with her shawl as the gusts of wind blew and swirled around taking the occasional early fall leaf for an airborne ride. Pedalling the bike in a more or less random direction she dodged the occasional mud puddle left from the early morning squall and her pumping legs generated some much needed body heat.

More or less lost in thought about her nephew and proposal to Maggie, Katherine noticed the chill breeze of the morning had subsided and the clouds had finally surrendered to the noonday sun. She had ended up taking a north-westerly route in order to keep the cool winds to her back but now she stopped to undo the shawl around her head and wipe away the beads of sweat that had formed beneath. She also realized that she had an immediate need to relieve herself due to the multiple cups of tea she had imbibed during and after breakfast.

There was little doubt she wouldn't be able to hold it and pedal back to the manor house so she quickly looked for a slightly less conspicuous spot than the side of the road. There was a large copse of trees not too far that she thought wouldn't strain the limits of her bladder too much. The picture of Jack Hendrick driving up with imp-like grin goggling her white rump as she squatted beside the road propelled her across the field.

"Bloody hell!" Katherine cursed, pushing the bicycle while trying her best to clamp down on her urgent bladder discomfort. The long grass was still wet from the earlier rains and morning mist, by the time she felt secluded enough within the trees her pant legs were damp almost to the knees.

She couldn't see any of the road behind her and the urgent warnings from her bladder could no longer be denied. Quickly leaning her bicycle against a tree trunk she skinned down her pants and knickers over her ample round bum and squatted with her back against a pine tree trying her best not to splash herself.

Ahhhh! What a wonderful release. Katherine thought it might have been prudent to bring along some tissue, but then again it would have also been an excellent bit of foresight not to have drunk several cups of tea with her breakfast. As she pondered what to wipe herself with she heard the unmistakable bleating of nearby sheep. I suppose I am not too far from the Cork place. The thought brought forth like magic a mental picture of Johnny Cork's supposed huge penis.

Katherine pulled up her garments with a grimace deciding there wasn't anything else to be done. Leaving her bicycle leaning where it was she stooped below the overhanging branches and moved toward the direction of the animal sounds. And if that bleating is any indication I might just catch the perverted Welshman in the act!

Katherine had never spoken to Johnny Cork but she knew from stories about the Corks that he was simple minded and rarely spoke. She had never heard of a Mrs. Cork and knew that William, the father of Johnny and his sister Ellen, had passed away almost a year ago. I suppose I should have Mr. Hendrick check in on them from time to time, might even save the sheep from some wear. This last thought caused a giggle to erupt from her mouth.

The trees ahead of her started to thin out as Katherine approached the edge of the copse and she could see the worn grey wooden side of the Cork's barn. Trying to stay somewhat hidden behind the last few trees and bushes near the field behind the barn, Katherine tried to spy where the commotion from the sheep was being instigated. She let out a slight gasp as she saw the size of Johnny Cork.

The last (probably only time now that she thought of it) time Katherine had seen Johnny was when he was a teenage boy. She didn't remember the circumstances but Katherine thought William had needed to meet Charles on some matter of land usage. Then Johnny had been a tall lanky boy but now, now he was most certainly a very large man. He had a longish dark hair that seemed to halo his head in every direction. His beard and moustache were obviously long and unkempt and it had obviously been quite some time since he had washed his hands which were streaked with grime up to his elbows. He was wearing some sort of workman's utility coverall that was tucked into rubber boots and the sleeves were rolled up past the elbows revealing hairy forearms.

There was a wooden fence that surrounded the area of the field just outside of the barn and Katherine watched as Johnny strode through several milling sheep heading away from the barn. She felt a hollow disquieting feeling begin to grow in her stomach as he approached a rather large sheep that was tied to one of the back rails of the fence. No, he couldn't actually be doing that, could he? Katherine wasn't sure if she actually believed the story from this morning but now that she considered it and what sexual options a simple-minded young man living with his sister might have, she suddenly felt a flash of dread.

I can't simply let him do that to a sheep! Katherine felt a slight panicky feeling overtake her as Johnny reached a big dirty hand up to the zipper on the front of his coverall. She felt a horrible fascination as the zipper came down slowly from the base of his neck revealing an expanse of hairy torso. Despite herself Katherine felt a flash of arousal seeing the young man's broad chest and muscled upper stomach as the zipper continued its downward slide. Katherine had a white-knuckled grip on a pine branch with her left hand as she unconsciously adjusted her eye line so the needles didn't block her vision of Johnny's lower stomach.

The smell of the broken pine needles was overwhelming as she watched frozen in place, as the zipper came to a stop. His lower stomach was more densely covered with dark hair, it seemed to grow upwards in a narrow line defining the centre curve of his stomach muscles. Below she could just make out the pale flash of his manhood sprouting from a mass of dark pubic hair. She watched fascinated as he reached inside his coverall with one large meaty hand, grasping his cock at the base and pulling it forwards from the confining cloth. Katherine was surprised to see his long shaft wasn't even erect and it seemed to be quite thick already.

After pulling out his phallus from the confining coverall, Katherine watched Johnny grip the shaft in his leftward grimy hand skinning the foreskin back from his glans and then sliding it forward again. She watched in amazement as it continued to grow engorged as he stimulated himself and realized with a soft moan that she had been holding her breath during most of this arousing spectacle. That is a giant-sized monster! Even from a distance Katherine knew she hadn't ever seen anything close to it before. She had always felt lucky that Charles had such a well endowed penis, his had been a nice width and around seven inches in length, but Johnny's looked to be freakishly large.

At what she assumed was its most erect and engorged state, Katherine could only stand there, admire and feel frustrated from her position behind the nearby pine tree. The magnificent prick was now an angry pink that turned a much darker shade at the giant mushroom-shaped cap of his glans. She felt almost hypnotized by the spiral network of veins protruding from its impressive width. The ridge along the bottom stuck out in a muscular fashion all the way down to the hairy scrotum dangling heavily against the dirty grey of his coveralls. As each feature came to her attention, from the menacing upward angle of cock's trajectory to the slight upward curvature towards the middle of its shaft, Katherine could feel her own sex becoming wet.

Katherine almost felt entranced, her left hand still holding the pine bough, she felt her right hand almost with a mind of its own wend its way into the waist of her pants and under the fabric of her knickers. She felt the dampness of her quim and the heat of her lips as her hand cupped the furry area of her mons.

It was then that the bleating of the sheep broke her reverie. Katherine's gaze broke from Johnny's massive manhood and noticed his right hand was now ensnared in the curly wool of the sheep that was tied to the fence. Katherine was suddenly frozen with revulsion and fascination. He's really going to fuck that sheep! Her first thought was to turn and run from such a horrible sight but she was so turned on by the masculine display she hesitated. Then as Johnny adjusted the angle of his prick and bent his knees, she cried out, "Noooo!"

Even as she yelled it her right hand was up out of her pants covering her mouth from surprise. She saw Johnny whirl around towards the tree she was hiding behind, his left hand still gripping his engorged cock. Every thought in her mind was screaming and urging her to turn and run back through the woods but the scent of her own pussy and the arousal she had experienced watching him ready his huge phallus was just too much. Katherine saw he was frozen in place looking at her and she felt slightly ridiculous standing behind the tree and bushes so she strode around them as if that was her intended course of action.

Johnny Cork made no move to hide his erection as she came forward, not that there was any way he could, short of zipping up again. Katherine could see he had the same blank look as before, his cock seemed to have lost its angry engorgement but was still very large. Katherine moving closer could see that he was not only dirty but his hair was very unkempt. The beard was long, dark and completely wild and his lengthy hair was greasy and looked tangled in places, Katherine didn't see any change in his expression as she approached. His dark eyes looked almost sleepy and his even with all the facial hair she could see he had prominent cheek bones and a squarish muscular jaw. He is quite imposing, even without his huge manhood pointed at me!

Getting near she suddenly realized how big he was. Katherine herself was not a smallish woman, she stood around five feet eight tall and had a very curvy figure that narrowed at the waist making her hips and derrière seem larger than they were. But compared to Johnny Cork she guessed she would only reach his shoulders. She suddenly felt a tremor of fear run through her body. Perhaps this wasn't such a good idea, if he wanted to throw me down and fuck me silly, there is little enough I could do to stop him.

"Uhm, Johnny Cork? My name is Katherine Dunsay, the landowner." Katherine looked into his unreadable dark brown eyes and didn't see anything resembling recognition. "You must not harm the animals, you understand? Don't you?" Katherine gestured at the sheep that was tied to the near fence post. She was calculating if she would be able to turn and run quickly enough if he tried to clamber over the fence after her. Then her more practical side broke her train of thought. Don't be daft, your eyes are locked on that massive hard-on wondering what it would feel like.

Katherine blushed at the thought. "Shouldn't you zip up, then?" She gestured at his manhood which was starting to droop slightly now. Along with his huge stature she could see his muscles now quite clearly through the gap in his one piece coverall, he wasn't skinny by any means, but his large chest and stomach were clearly well defined probably from farm labour. The dark eyes continued to stare at her and he made no sound as he stood there with his prick and testicles draped outside his clothing.

"Perhaps, we can come to an agreement then." She studied his face for any sign he was understanding her. "If you stop —" She struggled to come up with the an appropriate word for a moment. "Bothering, the sheep. I will help you with your problem." Katherine gestured at his manhood.

Johnny still hadn't made any motion or said anything. His lips were slightly open and Katherine couldn't tell if he understood or not. She was looking at the barn and around the farmyard to see any sign of Johnny's sister Ellen; it would be very embarrassing to say the least to be seen like this. Although, Katherine supposed she could simply act completely appalled at the situation and pretend to be an innocent bystander. But she felt an incredible pressure building inside of her, almost as if her hands were itching to grasp him and stroke him.

Katherine knelt quickly next to the wooden fence and gestured for Johnny to approach. He stared at her blankly before blinking and he moved over to stand next to the fence on the barnyard side with two long strides.

Katherine felt almost hypnotized as she watched Johnny's manhood bob up and down as he stepped closer. Without another thought she reached out and grasped the base of his cock with her right hand and felt a tremor run through it. Almost immediately it was growing back to its former glory and Katherine realized that her fingers didn't reach around to touch her thumb do to its width. It must be a good ten inches long!

Glancing upwards she saw his dark half-hooded eyes staring down at her small white hand grasping the base of his cock and he let out a grunt of approval as a twitch caused the engorged plum of his glans to bob up. He placed a meaty hand on the top rail of the fence to each side of her head bringing his huge phallus around to point directly towards her face so it was only inches away. She could see a large clear bead of precum was oozing from his cock hole and she felt her mouth almost unconsciously start to open so her tongue could flick it off but then she remembered what she caught him in the act of.

Well so much for sucking him off! "My dear boy, if you want these lips anywhere near your exquisite shaft, you are going to have to become more familiar with soap and water." She looked up at his face and saw the same blank look, but as she started stroking her right hand upwards along his shaft she saw a flicker of lust light up his eyes. Bringing the fingers of her left hand up she used her thumb to smooth the drop of precum gently over his glans, partially cupping the huge mushroom head. She milked out more precum with each upward stroke of her right hand using her left to rub it around the glans making the end of his prick slick.

Once it was lubricated enough she gripped the crown with the tight tube of her left palm and slid it down past the cock head in unison with her right hand which was still stroking back and forth at mid-shaft. It excited her to see how much of his shaft was still visible even with two hands on his massive manhood and she could feel the crotch of her slacks were soaked through from her overly aroused quim.

Katherine could hear his breathing now and his glans had turned much darker, almost purple, as she continued to stroke his foreskin back and forth. His testicles were no longer dangling down but drawn up to the base of his prick in a large tight ball. It's a good thing, my arms are getting tired.

Katherine slid her left hand down next to her right and increased the pace of her efforts. Both hands looked incredibly small and white on his angry red shaft as she jerked his cock for all she was worth making sure to aim the head away from her face.

She felt the shudder run through him and Johnny let out a loud grunt. The cock head seemed to swell before a stream of semen shot out, clearing the second rail of the fence as her hands worked back down and up again. The next streak didn't travel as far, splattering the railing and dripping down the grey wood. As Katherine continued to pump his cock the cum streamed in spurts from the opening, dripping down in white rivulets over her hands. Johnny's groans subsided and as his huge phallus started to lose its hardness, she looked up at his hairy face and saw maybe his first actual expression, contentment.

Standing up Katherine had the overwhelming urge to lick his seed off her fingers. Just as she raised her glazed hands towards her mouth a voice called from the other side of the barn. "Johnny! Where are you? You need to fetch the firewood from out back!"

Ellen! The thought flashed through Katherine's mind and she turned and ran, not wanting to be seen with cum splattered hands and Johnny's dripping cock hanging for the whole world to see. "No more sheep!" she hissed over her shoulder as she disappeared into the trees.

Ellen Cork came around the corner of the barn as Lady Katherine fled into the trees beyond the farmyard. She had a slight smirk on her face as she watched Johnny zip up his huge cock inside his coveralls. What a shock! The lady of the manor tossing off my simpleton brother! Ellen had caught sight of the lewd act earlier but had waited and watched thinking of how to use the situation to her advantage.

"Johnny, did you hear me? The firewood isn't going to move itself." Ellen had the same dark features as her brother, but her long hair was pulled back in braids and washed to a lustrous shine. She cocked her fist on one shapely hip as her brother looked up at her with his blank look. "Well, don't just stand there looking dumb. Move it!"

She watched him trudge back into the barn towards the cottage, her mind a whirlwind of thoughts. I think the Lady Dunsay is going to become a much more generous land owner. She smiled, her cold dark eyes had a glitter that decidedly did not match the grin.

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