Uriel's Ring of Domination
Chapter 1

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A teenaged boy stumbles on a worthless antique in an abandoned Mansion. He finds it is the Angel Uriel's Ring of Domination with power over females and magic.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Romantic   Lolita   Mind Control   Magic   Fiction   Science Fiction   Vampires   Incest   Brother   Sister   Cousins   Harem   Violent  

It all started as a joke really; I was with the guys, my friends and the City was going to tear down this old house. Abandoned houses are cool and we went in and were looking around. This section is now working class but once this must have been a mansion, it was run down but you could tell it had been something once. I was in the old house and we separated, I went into what must have been a dining room, looking for treasure and was knocking on the wooden wall like you see them do in movies and a small drawer opened in the wall and I pulled out this piece of cloth with tobacco tin wrapped in it. I was hoping for diamonds but this was an antique, it was kind of cool and I slipped it into my pocket and forgot about it.

After we searched through the old house we found nothing and we all went home as it was nearly dinner time. I had dinner with the family and went to my room to surf for porn. I remembered the old tin and checked it out, no tobacco was in it but there was a small silver ring with three tiny stones and a folded up type written booklet entitled with a silly name "Uriel's Ring of Domination". I knew this must be something like a Queen Victoria Era joke and put it in my desk and noticed you could feel the paper indented from when it was typed on a old typewriter. Then I decided to try the ring on and it was kind of cheap looking but I couldn't get it off, I was so pissed, this sucked.

I read through that short booklet and it was in old fashioned language and type written, said this ring had belonged to the angel Uriel and was handed down with great care, the ring brought you luck, wealth and if you touched the three stones to a females neck it enslaved her to you, and it warned, once enslaved a female could never be released. It noted women were chattel too be owned and used for pleasure. Then the writer gave some bogus history how many of the great men of history had owned this ring and all this nonsense.

To be honest as I read I day dreamed about how if the ring was real I'd enslave my older sister Katie, she is a wholesome, blonde, 5'3", slender build, large breasts, face with freckles and golden blonde hair; think wet dream and you know Katie, to be exact California Cheerleader wet dream but my sister was kind of innocent, decent, shy and nerdy in the School Theater Club and other groups. She may be the best looking nerd in School and she is nice. I felt guilty lusting over her. It all started when she hosted a pool party at our house and wore that red thong bikini. I was in my room, over looking the pool and there was Katie and her friends all in itty-bitty bikinis.

It all started in error, that ring looked cheesy and I turned it so the three cheap looking stones on the front, turned inward, hiding the ring face. I'd tried to get the ring off but couldn't move it, it had not seemed to fit too tight when I put it on but it was jammed on. The booklet said the wearer could remove the ring as death approached and to leave the ring for the next wearer. I instantly forgot all about the ring and worked on my homework.

I went downstairs for a snack before dinner and had a P&J sandwich, as I was about to return to my room Katie was coming downstairs and tripped, I caught her and she thanked me and as I went upstairs the sweet memory of how she felt against me went through my mind over and over. Too bad things like the ring did not really exist, I'd make Katie my love slave in a flash.

Dinner was uneventful and mom wasn't home she called from the Office and once again told us she be home late. Katie and I live with mom, dad passed away in a car accident and mom has been both mother and father; but she works long hours and we do ok. Sis smiled at me a few times through dinner and we made the usual small talk. After dinner I returned to my room and was surfing the net, visited a chatroom or talked to guys I knew online. Talked to my friends all over the world and had some laughs. I then brought up some internet light porn and went to Victorias secret site and was looking at models, one girl looked a lot like my sister Katie and I was staring at her page for what seemed like forever. She was wearing a panties and bra set with nylons and a garter belt in her shots, as well a teddy nightie. I was just going to check out some Victoria's Secret type porn at a online site when there was a knock at my door. "Hey" I heard my sister's voice. "Come in Katie" I called out and closed the net.

My sister Katie entered my room wearing her thong bikini and she was so beautiful but wondered why she had that on. "How do I look in this old bikini?" she asked; "do I need a new swim suit, Rita is a having a pool party in 3 weeks and I wasn't sure about this suit?". Katie was looking to me for advice and my eyes just ate it up, "looks fine; no problemo" and I turned back to my laptop before I did something stupid. I sat there with major wood and heard her leave my room. Damn that girl looks so fine.

The next day in school my mind wondered in classes. I thought about my sister Katie an how impossible it was; then a disturbing thought came to me. I heard my inner voice say "Katie is already your property". And I smiled and thought "sure dude just say it and it will come real". Today was Friday and I planned on watching the Creature Features on local late night TV. I was laid on the sofa and Katie came home early, and went upstairs to change and came back in a long silk sleep shirt and panties, I saw her panties as she bent over to pick up a book and place it on the coffee table, her thighs were perfect. Our mom was out for the night and attending a dinner dance in the next city, so spending the night so as not to have to drive home in the middle of the night.

"Move over I'm joining you on the sofa" Katie announced. I grumbled "try a chair we are to old for this". Katie laughed and replied "move it stinky I'm coming in" and plopped down on the sofa and stretched out laughing. As kids we'd shared the sofa but tonight she smelled great. Katie pulled the throw over herself and smiled "this is living". I must have drifted off in the second Creature Feature Movie.

I was half-asleep and feeling warm and still dreaming, my hand on her breast, her nipple hard in my palm. I came awake with a start, who's naked tit and opened my eyes and Katie bare breast was in my hand. I dragged my hand from under her sleep shirt apologizing "Oh MY God Katie; I am so so sorry." Katie turned onto her back and looked at me and trapped my hand on her belly, holding it there. "You were asleep and I didn't want to wake you brother. When I first felt your hand touch me I thought about waking you, and you cupped me through my shirt. Then for the first time since I was a girl I felt at peace. "I nodded and was embarrassed, and had pulled back so my wood wouldn't touch sis. "Then you slide your hand up my sleep shirt and again I thought about waking you and removing your hand, but it felt right." Katie paused and I waited in silence. "It was right, your hand on my breast felt so right. Then you felt up both my breasts and touched my nipples." Katie moved and pressed into me and I was ashamed her hips touched my woody, and I tried to move.

"It's ok brother" she whispered, "I felt it touching me before, and it is natural." Her hand still held mine in place "you touched both my breasts and put your hand down the front of my panties and touched me there to." I turned red with shame as I heard her words. "I've known for awhile that I belong to you brother, tried to fight it. I broke up with my boyfriend the other day, the day I stumbled and you caught me."

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, I'd touched her neck and had the ring with the cheap stones facing inward, on the palm side of my hand, I touched her neck by chance. Sis took my hand and slide it up her sleep shirt and my palm was over her breast and pressed into my hard cock. "I'm glad I make you hard and love your hand touching my tit" she half whispered. She looked at me and we kissed a soft loving, slow kiss. "Do you have a condom to use on me?"

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