A Hot Night in the Middle of Winter
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, FemaleDom, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A leather loving married couple show each other (and the public) a good time

I typically dress rather conservative in public when it comes to my leather. I will wear my boots, coat and gloves, but that is usually it. I have on occasion worn my black leather jeans that I had made to fit like my Levi 527's, but only if we are going to a bar or a concert — it has to be dark and after-hours as these things fit me very tight, leaving nothing to the imagination. I usually settle for tight fitting jeans — but denim pales in comparison to the leather jeans. Either way, I have to be careful as my cock is on full display at all times. Now, I am not endowed with a huge donkey cock, but my 8" is nothing to snicker at either. I never fail to attract female attention when I wear them, usually having 8 to 10 sets of hands grab my ass or cock in any given bar. For this reason, my wife would rather accompany me whenever I wear them out of the bedroom.

My wife is also a leather lover, though she too wears only conservative items out in public usually. She has a pair of low rise, boot cut black leather jeans and a black leather pencil skirt that goes just below the knees that she will wear out — which is fine by me because they both hug her ass so tightly that I usually walk around with a raging hard-on all night, trying to get her home to fuck her.

Well, on this occasion I had some errands to run that called for me to be dressed semi-hip and while I would typically wear jeans and a jacket to this, it was so fucking cold and the wind was blowing so hard, I decided to wear my leathers for added warmth and to block the wind. There's no room for long underwear or anything under my tight jeans. So, I wore my black leather jeans, charcoal pointed toe leather cowboy boots with one inch heels, a white button up shirt with red silk tie and black leather blazer. On top of this, I wore my black leather trench coat, black leather gloves and black stocking cap (hey, it was fucking freezing!). After getting dressed, I headed out the door for the train.

As soon as I got on the train for downtown, the craziness started. As the train was warm and my trip was 45 minutes, I took off my hat and coat and stood to the side. Now, you're not going to see me with my shirt off on the cover of Men's Health anytime soon, but I am a pretty attractive, in shape guy: I'm 6' tall, 180 lbs., my jeans are 32 waist x34 inseam (the only reason I have a 32" waist is I have a good sized muscular ass — my waist is 30") and I have wavy brown hair and deep blue eyes. Women of all ages, sizes and looks were checking me out and smiling. One very attractive business woman in her 40's came up, grabbed my ass, slipped her card into my blazer and told me, "I'd like to see what's under all that leather sometime very soon ... as soon as tonight" as she got off the train. Wow, I thought, "Maybe I should be wearing these out more often".

The looks continued throughout the train ride and the subsequent meetings and errands and my wife called me on my cell. She said that she had noticed I had worn my leather jeans and blazer, and would I like to meet her out after while? Of course, I knew my leather would turn on my wife and since our schedules often kept us busy through the week, only allowing us to fuck on the weekends, I would take any opportunity I could to get laid on a weeknight. So we agreed to meet at a particular bar in 90 minutes.

I finished up early, so I was already sitting at the bar nursing a Jack on the Rocks when she walked in. Every guy in the bar noticed her. One server even dropped a tray of drinks. Women were slapping their boyfriends for staring — she looked that fucking sexy. Here comes my 5'9", perfectly shaped wife (bigger than average rack, tiny waist, nice juicy ass and exquisite legs) completely covered in leather. She had on 6" black leather platform knee high boots, fishnet stockings, a black leather mini-skirt that barely covered her ass, a black leather halter that had a collar on it, covered by a mid-length black leather coat that hung just below her skirt, black leather gloves and black leather hobo style hat. She had done her make-up right, with nice smoky eyes and glossy deep red lipstick just like I enjoy seeing her wear. Everyone, even the women, were watching to see who she'd sit down next to. Before her tight leathered ass even hit the barstool, the bartender was taking her drink order, "glass of merlot please."

The bartender nervously poured her drink and brought it to her. He looked disappointed when I told him to put it on my tab.

"Hey there sexy, how'd your meetings go?"

"Excellent, I got the deal I was looking for. God damn woman, you look so fucking sexy. I can't believe you wore that out of the house! Fuck, I can feel my cock growing as we speak."

"I can see that. Just watching your cock bulge in your leather pants is making me a little moist."

"I don't think I can have more than one drink, then I'll have to take you home and fuck your brains out."

"Well, first of all, we're going to have three drinks. And you're not going to take me home and fuck me."

"I don't think I can take seeing you in that outfit and not fucking you. That ain't gonna happen. I'm going to fuck you."

"Settle down stud, I just said you weren't fucking me at home, I didn't say we weren't going to fuck. You think I can see you all dressed in leather, watching all the women in the bar's pussies getting drenched staring at your bulging big cock and not fuck you?"

"Well, then what do you have in mind?"

"We're going to sit here, drink our three drinks, paw at each other a little bit, maybe share a kiss or two, then we're going to go somewhere and see where the night takes us."

"Okay then."

We sat there unable to take our eyes off of each other, which was okay, because everyone in the bar was looking at us too. In the middle of our third drink, she moved her hand over and started rubbing my cock outside my jeans. She was very obvious about it and looked at everyone watching us as she did it, licking her lips, teasing them.

"I love the way your big cock feels all covered in leather."

"I love you playing with it."

"Doesn't it make you horny to know that in this bar, every guy's dick is hard looking at me, wishing they could fuck me, their cocks leaking that little bit of pre-cum. Knowing that when they get home they will be thinking about me when they fuck their girlfriends or wives? Or that they'll be jerking off thinking of shoving their cocks deep into my leather covered ass?"

"Yeah, it does. I get to fuck you and they just get to fantasize about it."

"That's right. And I know every woman in this bar is soaking her panties looking at your tight ass and big cock in those tight leather pants. Wishing it was you and your cock that was going to be inside of them tonight instead of their puny boyfriends or vibrators. Just imagining that they're grabbing your leather covered ass as you jam your huge rod inside their pussies until they cream all down your throbbing shaft ... but I'm the one who gets to do those things to you."

"That's right, you own my cock."

"That's right. There's only four places your cock is allowed to be: in my mouth, in my hand, in my pussy and in my puckered little asshole."

After that, I couldn't take much more. Without saying a word, I downed the last of my Jack and then the rest of her merlot and dropped more than enough money on the bar. I handed her her coat, started putting mine on and said, "let's go!"

As we walked out onto the street, she immediately gave me a big, wet, deep kiss and ran her leather gloved hand down the front of my jeans. I just throbbed in her hand.

"C'mon" she said, "follow me."

So I did. I had no idea where we were going, but I didn't care. We were almost running, hand in hand, down the street. She was leading — I was watching her ass. Before I knew it she had hailed a cab and we jumped in the back. She instructed the driver to drive us to a certain hotel. As we were driving, we were kissing heavily in the back seat, both of us running our hands all over each other's bodies and then she climbed in my lap and began giving me a lap dance in the cab, grinding her leather clad ass all over my leather covered cock. After awhile of that, she climbed off, unzipped my jeans and pulled my cock from the leather pants bondage it had been in for the last few hours. Taking one gloved hand on to my shaft, she lowered her head down into my lap, using her other hand to move her long blonde hair out of the way. She then used that hand to cup my aching balls. About this time the cab driver noticed what was going on and adjusted his mirror to watch her thick red lips move up and down my cock. She was taking her time — she had plenty planned and didn't want me to cum before we even got started. The cab driver said something about being three blocks from the hotel and she stopped, pushed my raging cock back in my jeans, zipped them up and smiled, "the best is yet to come."

After paying the cab driver, she raced to the elevators with me close behind. We got in the elevators and she pushed the button for the second floor.

"The second floor? A special night and we're only on the second floor? This hotel is 60 stories!"

"There's a reason for that cowboy, don't you worry."

We got off on the second floor and went down the hall. She pulled a key card from her purse and we entered the room. There was one king sized bed, a table and a chair. The table had anal lube on it as well as a bottle of wine. She quickly went to the window and opened the blinds which covered a window that allowed the entire room to be seen from the busiest pedestrian street in the city. She moved the chair close to the window and came back for me, frozen, standing in the doorway.

"We are going to fuck in our leathers while giving the good people of this city quite a show."

"Wow! I don't know what to say."

"You don't have to SAY anything."

With that she kissed me, walking me slowly over closer to the window. She pulled the stocking cap off of my head and ran her fingers through my hair as her tongue probed deeper into my mouth — the taste of merlot and my cock still present. I couldn't even think to undress her, my leather covered hands moving back and forth between her perky 36C tits and her amazing leather covered ass. She was still obviously thinking clearly as she pulled my leather trench coat off of me and then threw it on the chair. She then stopped kissing me and smoothed the coat out on the chair so that it covered the chair.

She then pushed me onto the bed and turned on the stereo in the room — she had obviously set this up beforehand because the CD was of her favorite metal and techno music that she likes to fuck to. She started dancing to the music going back and forth between me and the window. She turned and wiggled her ass in front of me and I couldn't resist, I reached up and gave it a good whack. I love the feeling of her tight little ass as I smack it around. She then dropped her coat on the floor and grabbed me and moved me to the chair.

"Sit down cowboy."

I did as I was told. Who am I to disagree with this leather goddess?

She turned around and bent over and shoved her ass in my face again.

"Remove my G string. No hands."

I shoved my face towards her ass and grabbed her leather G string with my teeth and pulled it down until it was pas the top of her stockings, at which point she grabbed it and pulled it all the way down, stepping out of it. She then spun the chair around to face the window and got down on her knees and moved her hands up my legs, from my boots, to the insides of my thighs, back to my bulging cock. She moved her head up and started to unbutton my leather jeans with her teeth, which she accomplished rather quickly. She then pulled the zipper down, again, no hands. She then reached her leather gloved hand into my jeans and pulled out my cock, licking the pre-cum off of the head.

"C'mon baby, let's give 'em a show."

It was at this point that those juicy red lips came down on my shaft again, all the way down, leaving a nice red circle at the base of my cock. She cupped my balls, pulling on them ever so slightly. I watched her ass wiggle as she was moving to the music on the stereo. I could see behind her people pausing as they went by, pointing. This just made me that much harder — seeing people seeing this hot temptress I'm married to sucking my cock.

It wasn't long before I exploded into her mouth. She kept her mouth closed tight, sucking me until every last drop came out. She then got up in my lap and kissed me deeply, forcing my cum into my mouth.

"Don't swallow lover, I want that cum back in my pussy."

With that, I got up and got on my knees in front of the chair as she sat down in it, hiking her skirt up so I could get to her snatch. I slowly pushed all my cum inside her dripping pussy as I licked away at her clit.

"They're watching your tight leathered ass as you tongue my twat."

With that she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me so far to her she was practically smothering me.

"A guy just had to rearrange his cock because he got a boner."

With that she exploded onto my face, her cum and mine all over my lips. Her body convulsed for about ten seconds as she screamed so loud everyone in the hotel had to have heard her.

All the build-up to the first orgasm led to both of us cumming quickly the first time, but this night was not over yet. Not being able to speak yet, she motioned me into the chair. I got up and into the chair as she got on her knees. This was a mere five minutes since I came, I wasn't sure I was ready to go again yet, but that's not what she had in mind.

She pulled my pants down around my knees and lifted my legs in the air, she them rested them on her shoulder. She reached over for the bottle of anal lube, but did not open it. Instead, she began to lick at my asshole. I started twitching it felt so good. She was massaging my balls with one hand and licking my ass as if it was covered in honey. As her tongue was going crazy on my ass I didn't even notice her lubing up one of her leather glove covered fingers. Before I knew it, her finger was in my ass. The leather felt so good in my ass, sliding in and out, hitting my G spot. Next thing I know, my dick was so hard I could cut diamonds with it. Once she noticed this, she knew her plan had worked, so she slid my pants back down so they covered my ass again, yet left my raging hard-on out.

As I stood there gasping for air, she took off my jacket and shirt, leaving my tie and then putting the leather blazer back on me. She mounted me in the chair reverse cowgirl style so that she could see the street and they could see her. Now there were a few people watching and that just turned her on all the more. She bounced up and down on my cock, her hands on the arms of the chair for support and my hands alternating between her leather covered ass and tits. She started giving me the play by play.

"There are two guys down there staring at me. They keep touching their dicks. They wish they were you, shoving their cocks into me right now."

"Yeah baby, those guys probably even wish they were in the room, just being able to pull out their cocks and jerkoff, watching you fuck me so good — they've never been fucked like you fuck me."

"I bet they'd even come around and lick my pussy while you fuck me, would you like that?"

"Nah baby, your pussy is all mine."

"They could be there, licking my clit and then lick all of my cum off of your shaft as you go in and out. Licking my cum off of your balls."

"I bet you they would do that just for the chance to lick your sweet pussy."

"Yeah they would."

About this time she began to shake again. I knew she was going to cum so I bucked harder and she thrashed around, cumming violently, shaking her head around so much that her hat fell off.

"Baby, let me see your tits. I want to lick all over them."

"In a little while, we don't want the authorities called on us do we?"

"No, I want to fuck you all night."

"That's what I thought."

She gets up off of my cock and pulls me up. She sits sideways in the chair with her legs hanging off, spread apart. I push my cock deep inside her sloppy wet pussy and begin fucking away. This time I can see the street at the same time as her. The two guys have moved on, but now, two couples are watching, obviously turned on and petting each other.

"See honey, those guys want to fuck me, but their girlfriends are watching your tight ass and big hard cock fuck me wishing they were me, taking you inside them."

"Yeah, you think so?"

As she begins to moan again, "Yeah, their panties are all soaked about now. They'll probably do nasty things to their boyfriends tonight that they've been begging for but the girl's too much of a prude to have done before. We're doing them a serv..."

With that she convulses and cums again. By now, my dick is wet, my balls are wet and it's beginning to run down my legs into my leather jeans. The drycleaners will have fun with our clothes tomorrow!

She holds a finger up to state she needs a moment. After catching her breath she stands up but she grabs onto me as her legs are still quivering. She walks over to the window, puts her hands on the glass and her ass into the air.

"Fuck me cowboy."

I walk over and shove my cock back into her pussy, grabbing her leather clad perfect tits to stable myself. The crowd is growing as I continue to jam my cock in my wife, hard and fast.

"See them watching you give me such a good fuck. Those guys want to be you and those girls want you to be with them."

I begin to talk to the guys on the street, as if they can hear me.

"You want to fuck my wife? Yeah you do, but you'll have to settle for watching me fuck her. It's my cock she wants."

"Oh baby that's right. Knowing they think about me while they jack off gets my pussy all wet, but your cock is all I need."

"Hear that assholes! This sweet leather covered pussy belongs to me!"

With that, she erupts yet again. After she cums the first time, it takes nothing at all to get as many as she wants after that. I earn the first one and after that, I think a strong wind could make her cum — it's too easy.

She stands up, walks over the chair and turns it sideways and gets on her knees.

"Fuck my asshole cowboy!"

I pull up, slowly shove my cock into her tight little leather covered asshole, and thanks to all her cum on my cock, it glides right in. I start to move faster and before long I'm fucking her so hard she's screaming. Her asshole is so tight, and her clamping down on my cock is just more than I can take and I cum hard deep into her ass and this time we're both shaking, covered in sweat and cum.

"When you pull out, get down there and lick your cum out of my ass, I don't want it to stain my new leather mini skirt."

So I did, I knelt down and licked my cum out of her ass and sucked the rest out. She then stood up, faced the crowd, blew them a kiss and shut the curtains. We laid on the bed in our leathers, drank a bottle of water, ran our hands all over each other and talked about what a good time we had and how we were going to find a way to top this next time.

God, I love my kinky wife.

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