Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Protector Reming (introduced in A Tiger's Love) was looking for a replacement for one of his team. Tama Seri Ar seemed like the perfect fit. But Tama had her own reasons for wanting to be part of the ASP Team leader's team. She had a mission to complete, one that might end up causing the extinction of her kind. When Reming finds out, will he understand or will the Phoenix be the only thing that Tama could hold on to?

The wind came up around her with unexpected strength. It left her feeling as if it wanted her to fail, to fall from such a distance and die upon impact on the cement so very far below. But Callista Star hadn't come all this way to fail. She set her jaw, one almost too soft and rounded to actually set, and took another step closer to the edge.

She glanced down only once, then she reached out for the low hung railing, using it to drag herself up and over the cement safety rail. The sounds of traffic, of people and the beat of the city below was only an echo as she studied the roofs around her, trying to concentrate only on what she was doing here and ignoring the insane fear of heights that had her trembling. A growl escaped lips too lush and beautiful to make a harsh sound like that.

"Just do it!" She stood straight on the slippery rail, grabbing the button that closed the low cut vest. Tearing at them, she pushed it off of her shoulders. She was half naked now, her breasts gleaming in the bright sunlight. She brushed the beautiful golden tresses that kept flying into her face, tucking them irritably behind her ear. Soft azalea colored eyes closed and she took a deep breath. "I can do this, I can." A tight leather skirt barely reached to mid thigh and gave her all the freedom she needed. She just needed to take that final step.

"Do it, do it," she chanted to herself, hating the fear that had her almost leaving her perch to step back onto the roof. "No!" she growled and took a deep breath, then dove through the air. The side of the building rushed by her quickly and she arched her back, tears streaming down her cheeks. "Come on, damn it!"

A sudden sharp pain had her convulsing and she thought she was going to be sick. But then the sound, like a flag unfurling in a brutal wind, snapped behind her and she felt them. With a little effort, she spread the wings that now sprouted from between her shoulder blades, feeling them catch the wind, lifting her back up. Learning to make them flap was a bit harder but soon she was flying as if she'd been doing it for centuries.

Turning into the wind, she flapped them harder, taking her back to the roof top she'd thrown herself from and the small group of women who waited for her. The leader of the group stepped forward, pushing long strands of black hair from her face and holding her hands out to the girl.

"I knew you could do it, Callista. Welcome to the order of the Guardians." She slung the cloak she was wearing off of her slender shoulders, exposing her own wings.

Callista stood motionless under the eyes of the Mistress of the Guardians and then felt the softness of the woman's lips feather across her cheek. She was turned, her hand taken and raised into the air. "Welcome! As is the way of our people, the name that you were once called will no longer be yours. You will now be called Tama Seri Ar. In the language of the Guardian ... Warrior Woman!"

The voices rose in volume and she was passed from woman to woman, each giving her a kiss of welcome and repeating her new name before passing her to the next.

All fifteen of the women wore a loin cloth around their slim hips, their breasts bared to the sun, their wings out spread and blowing in the wind. One woman lifted a small iron from a brazier of white hot coals. Callista took a deep breath, reaching down and lifting the hem of her short skirt, exposing her left bottom cheek. The tiny wire at the end of the iron was pressed firmly against that cheek, and Tama, the woman Callista had become, barely managed to swallow the scream that wanted free. Then the iron was removed and a soothing balm rubbed into the burned flesh that was now the perfect outline of a Phoenix, the mythical bird who would burst into flames and then rise once more from its ashes.

The leader once more took Callista's hand. "You know of your mission," she said softly, waiting for the girl to nod. "Your sisters are but a call away. I've set up your interview for tomorrow afternoon." She pressed a small packet of papers to Tama. "Your tickets, passport, bank accounts and credit cards are in there. An apartment has been set up for you, along with the clothes you will need for this new job. Getting the job is your responsibility, Tama Seri Ar. As is keeping your identity secret. We can't let anyone know what we are about. Is that understood?"

Tama bowed over the woman's hand. "Yes, Mother. I shall succeed and I shall make you proud."

"Of that I have no doubt." She pressed a kiss against Tama's temple. "Beware of the men you meet. They shall try to sway your course. Humans are not to be trusted." With one last kiss, she turned, untying the cloak at her neck and letting it fall to the rough surface of the roof. One by one, the woman stepped up to the edge and then dove out, their wings spreading to catch the wind drafts. Then, only Tama was left, her hands filled with the folder that Mother had given her. She opened it, glancing through before lifting a driver's license out. She smiled as she read the name on it. "Tama Phoenix. I did it!" She unfolded her wings, wrapping them around herself and smiling at the beauty of her own feathers.

The next day dawned early but Tama had already been awake for hours. She was studying the case file. She'd read the damn thing over enough that she knew most of the pertinent facts by memory. "If it's worth doing, it should be done right." It was something the Guardian Mother slammed into their heads during classes before they got their wings.

A sudden surge of nerves made her belly turn and she cringed at the thought of what came next. A couple of deep breathes pushed it back and she rose, going into the bathroom to start a shower. Her feather cape was now hanging in her bathroom and she let her hand press against it proudly. It had been many years since a girl had been capable of sprouting wings. Years that had the guardians concerned. Many had tried, more had failed until even taking the test to start along the path had others shaking their heads.

But that had never stopped Tama. She knew her own mind and knew what she was capable of. She knew when it was time, she would be able to prove her worth and she had. Stroking a specially made cleanser over her wings, she used the smaller shower head to rinse them clean and then hooked the wing cape to finish her shower.

Getting dressed was something else she was going to have to get used to. No more bras, they just weren't feasible with her wings. She pulled on a tank-top, tugging the material down so that it caught under her wings. Tight black shorts slid on like a second layer of skin and she buttoned them, smoothing the fabric down over her ass. She glanced at the mirror, slicking down an errant strand of golden hair. Tugging on the bottom of the halter, she sighed then gave herself a stern look.

She was ready for this. She'd trained, she'd been counseled. She knew her mission. Spreading out her wings, she shook them lightly. When her cell phone rang, she jumped for her purse, digging it out and looking at the window in the front. She rushed to open it, almost dropping the phone in her hurry. "Yes?"

"We're waiting outside, Miss Phoenix."

"Oh, yeah, great! I'll be down in a moment." She closed up the phone, sliding it into the back pocket of her shorts. Grabbing her keys, she took one last look in the mirror before leaving her apartment. She had a private elevator and reveled in the fact that she didn't have to share or deal with the stares of those who had no idea who she was. She took deep breaths, trying to calm her frazzled nerves. If this wasn't her only chance at this, she might have taken it a bit less seriously.

The elevator bell rang and she stepped out, pushing through the glass doors that led to the sidewalk. She slid into the limousine that was idling out front.

"Welcome, Miss Phoenix. If you'll buckle up, we'll be there in no time."

Tama looked at the man who was sitting behind the wheel. He didn't look Were or Vampire. She wasn't sure what species he was but the way he was staring at her was giving her the creeps. She buckled her seatbelt and then stared out the window at the buildings as they streamed by. The wharf area of town was soon off to her left and she was a bit shocked when the limo drove into one of the warehouses.

The driver stopped the car and then hopped out, opening her door and giving her his hand to help her out. "They are waiting for you, Miss Phoenix. If you'll just go through that door," he pointed toward one of six doors that the room had. She moved toward it but before she opened it, she turned back to look at the driver one more time. Her eyes grew wide when she saw the floor under the limo shift and then drop, the driver standing next to his car. He tipped his hat at her and then another cement looking floor curved up around him and blocked him from her sight.

"Shit," she murmured. "Talk about toys."

The door opened in front of her and a tall, well-built man wearing sunglasses held out his hand to her. "My name is Protector Reming, welcome to ASP. I hope your trip here was pleasurable."

"Very." She glanced in the doorway seeing an oasis of half walls and desks, people manning them and walking between them. There were all kinds, Weres, Demons, Vampires, even a Witch or two. Each was wearing a different color jumpsuit, all made of fine grained leather. "This looks like an office building."

"Well, we do try not to let ourselves be noticed. The humans are a very curious species." He waved her through the door and then closed it softly behind him. "If you'll follow me, we'll go to one of the conference rooms." He started walking and Tama couldn't help the way her eyes watched the way he walked, almost as if he were a predator and he was stalking his prey. It was very sensual.

"What are you?" she asked before she could help herself. Protector Reming glanced back at her through the dark protection of his glasses.

"I am Protector of ASP, Miss Phoenix. I've had this job for ten years and as such, I am very used to the job that I hold."

Tama held out her hand in a soothing manner. "No, sir, that's not what I meant. I just ... you don't look Vampire or Were, I couldn't help but be curious about..." She let her voice die off, her eyes trying to see behind the dark lenses of the Protector. It annoyed her that she couldn't determine his mood and she sighed. "I'm very sorry if I've offended you. It wasn't my intent."

Protector Reming smiled and she breathed a sigh of relief. She'd thought she'd blown it but he didn't seem upset. "It's okay, Miss Phoenix. I've been asked the question before. It's just really hard to give an adequate description."

Tama grinned. "Phew, I thought I'd already blown my interview."

"Nope, at least not yet." He held open a door and closed it behind them, drowning out the sounds that were usual in an office building. "Why don't we sit?"

She took a chair and watched as he did the same. A file sat before him and he opened it, scanning quickly over the information it contained.

"I really only have one question, Miss Phoenix. Why do you think you are the right person for this job opening? You've never worked in law enforcement. As a matter of fact, I don't find any information on you before six months ago."

Tama had been ready for this question. "My parents loved to travel, and being supernatural, they avoided paper trails. I guess I didn't fall far from the tree. But when I decided to apply for this position, I decided I should do what my parents didn't and become a citizen. As to why I think I'm the right person, that's easy. I have a strong sense of right and wrong; I've been trained in different forms of martial arts and know weapons. I do not jump to conclusions and I know that I'll be working with many different types of supernaturals."

"And you think that you can handle the training as well as the work?" His brow arched above the dark glasses.

"I do," she said simply.

"You're very self-assured." Protector Reming flipped over a few pages in her file, checking his facts before he closed it. "The position is to fill a vacancy in my own team. As such, you will be working with myself, a Witch, and a Vampire. That won't be a problem?"

Tama shook her head, her golden hair spilling over her shoulders. "Definitely not. I think I'll enjoy the diversity."

"Good. Then I'd be happy to offer you the position. You've been recommended highly."

She grinned. Holding out her hand, she waited until he offered his, feeling a bit of a shock when their skin met. She hesitated just a moment, her eyes trying to bore through those damned dark glasses. He was a mystery and she very much wanted to know the answers to the questions that circled in her mind. But she wasn't dumb enough to ask and jeopardize the position she just gained.

Working for Reming and so closely might give her enough clout to find what the Guardians had sent her here for. If she had to use him, considering how important this mission was, she'd do it. "When do you want me to start?"

"Right away, today if it's convenient. Oro was a member of my team but his pack called him back. It's been a strain on the rest of us. So if today's good, I'll get you set up with a uniform and your gear and introduce you to the rest of the team."

"I can't wait," she said, giving him a flirty little smile. It wouldn't hurt to have a small flirtation with the boss, especially if she might need to use him in the future. She rose when he did and walked in front of him, waiting while he opened the door for her. "So, may I ask a question?"

"Sure," Reming said, his head tipping so that she knew he was looking at her.

"What are the different colored uniforms for? I thought ASP used a standard gray uniform?"

"I've found it's much easier to rank my people by color and species. Just the Were population alone here at ASP would confuse anyone not used to them. It's actually pretty easy." He waved his hand at a woman sitting at a desk, biting on a pencil with sharp white teeth. "Tessa is a Vampire. She works mostly with the Beta crew. Because she's a Vampire, she wears a red jumpsuit. The bars on her collar indicate her rank and the small, round pin signifies what unit she's in."

"What color will I be wearing?"

"Blue for now. We'll change it as you gain experience and I see how well you fit in here. We'll get you validated on weapons and see what you can do in one on one combat, then I'll introduce you to Mariska and Sage. They'll be happy to see you. Since Oro left, we've been stuck on desk duty. They'll be excited to get back out in the field."

Tama filed away the names to check out when she got home. She talked easily with Protector Reming, enjoying his easy charm and finding it fascinating how everyone they passed stepped back against a wall and at attention. "You run a tight ship."

"It's a big ship, as I said. One warning about your new team mates. Do not touch Mariska unless it's absolutely necessary. She's what they call a touch/know. If you were to touch her, she'd know your entire life story in just a few seconds."

"Noted." She went through the door he held open and into a huge room full of everything and anything that an ASP agent might need. A short, squat redhead stood behind a long desk. She smiled up at Protector Reming and greeted him warmly.

"And what can I do for you today?" she asked.

"Tama, this is Jude Bottomly. She is our equipment clerk. If you ever find that you need something, do not hesitate to ask her for it. Jude, our new agent, Tama Seri Ar. She is starting today if we can get her set up with equipment."

"It's a pleasure, Tama. And thank God for you. Sage is going nuts strapped to a desk." Jude reached out, taking Tama's hand and turning it over in his. She traced her fingers over the lines of Tama's palm, smiling as if she saw something she liked.

"Uh, hi," Tama said, extricating her hand from the woman. "Thank you?"

"Jude is a Mystic, Tama. She loves to play matchmaker, but she's mostly harmless and is absolutely crucial to keeping this place running as smoothly as it does."

Jude nodded, reaching up to pat the strange man on the cheek. "Thanks boss." Then she looked back at Tama. "You're a four." It was a statement, not a question and she reached back into the racks, pulling out two sapphire blue jumpsuits and laying them on the counter. Then she placed a large black backpack on top of it and began to pack it full of all manner of equipment. "Shoes?"

"Seven and a half," Tama said, reaching out and snagging one of the jumpsuits. It was a bit different than the ones she'd been seeing today. The front was the same, a long silver zipper closing it to the neck, a black belt with a military buckle in the front. But the back was very different. A blue strap held the neckline and then the back was open to the waist, giving her plenty of room for her wings. "How many women do you have working here that have wings?"

Reming picked up the black combat boots up and held them up to her. "I think you're my one and only, but ASP is a huge law enforcement community. They are setting up offices in every major city in the States. There's a dressing room back there. Why don't you try it on?"

Tama nodded and then went through the doorway that Jude held open for her. She could almost feel Reming's eyes on her ass and she made sure to add just a bit more wiggle to her walk. Following Jude, she stepped into the tiny cubicle, closing the curtain. She could barely contain her satisfaction. She'd gotten the job. Mistress Jade was going to be pleased.

She'd thought the leather would be heavy and cumbersome but it wasn't. It was actually comfortable. She reached up and buttoned the strip of leather across her neck and then turned to stare into the mirror. The blue looked good on her, making her hair gleam in the light. Her eyes danced and she crouched into an attack position, enjoying the way the leather moved with her.

The boots were heavy, but not overly so and she'd get used to them. Twitching the belt one last time, she picked up her clothing and folded it before going back into the equipment room.

"Oh yeah," Jude said with a grin when she spotted her. "You look as if you were made for that uniform." She picked something up, clipping it in the small holes at her waist. "Now you look official."

Tama stared at the bright shine on the badge. "It feels pretty good."

Reming handed her the full backpack. "Now we have to get you over to the gym and set you up with a locker and with a laser."

They got her set up with a weapon and then gave her a locker. Then Protector Reming took her to the weapons range. "Have you ever used anything like this?" he asked, picking up the laser she'd been given. It was a duplicate to the one he wore at his hip.

Tama smiled. She'd used the exact same model and had become more than proficient with it. "I think I can figure it out." She held out her hand, waiting until he set the laser into it. Then she checked it out, sliding the power lever on the side down to the target setting before lifting it and sighting down the sights. Squeezing the trigger, she sent five bursts of brilliant green down toward the sights, hitting the middle of the bulls-eye with each burst.

Protector Reming picked up the validation form and scrawled his name across the bottom. He handed it to her without a word, watching as she folded it and stuffed it into her backpack then holstered her laser at her hip.

"Back to the gym? We can get you through training in the next couple of days and then get you out and into the field."

Tama nodded. "I'm ready."

Reming shook his head. His head tipped down and she knew he was looking into her eyes. "Somehow I get the idea that you're not lying."

Tama laughed. "I told you, I was prepared for today."

"We'll see. If you feel that confident, maybe we should dispense with the need for a trainer and you and I should hit the mats."

His smile was only slightly mocking and she nodded her head. "I might be tempted so spot you a few points as well," she smirked.

"We'll see when we get on the mats." He led the way, turning into the men's locker room. He beat her out to the gym. When she came out, she was dressed completely different. A tight white tank top was tucked under her wings, the front dipping low. Dark gray shorts were tight across her firm, curved ass. She had legs that looked miles long.

Reming stood on a corner of the mat. His dark glasses still covered his eyes but she could see the way his head was tipped that he was watching her. He lifted his hand and wiggled his fingers at her in a come hither way.

Tama bent and stretched out her legs, warming up her muscles before moving toward him. Then the fight was on!

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