You're Screwed
Chapter 1

Caution: This Time Travel Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Time Travel, Historical, Violent,

Desc: Time Travel Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Have you ever woken up with the vague sense of something's wrong, and then realized you're totaly screwed? I did. un-finish time travel into pre-civil war USA. No sex yet though it will get nasty if i keep working on it

Did you ever get the feeling one morning as you slowly wake up from a great sleep and you get the vague sense that something is wrong and different and you open your eyes to find out you are totally screwed. Well that happened to me this morning.

I was slowly coming out of my coma of the overnight sort when my brain realized my body was screaming at me that it was uncomfortable. This wouldn't be bad except that I wasn't on a bed anymore this was a worry for sure. My eyes snapped open to take in the wide open rolling hills. Again things might not seem to bad to some except I wasn't in my room or in my house, then I realized my house isn't here either and that nothing look like anything I have seen before as well. That was bad when I sat up and felt the strange way my clothes felt and looked down.

Has anyone ever worn a scratchy shirt and a scratchy pair of pants well mine were twice as bad and then I found out when I moved that my balls were also no longer in there snug and warm home. My clothes looked like something out of the civil war era. This was what I think finally freaked me. I went to sleep in 2009 in my nice warm bed in my house I woke up I don't know where and I don't know when in the middle of no where. I really hope I was just kidnapped and dressed up like this and dropped off here as some kind of sick prank. If I am somehow back in time which the clothing seemed to suggest then I am really pissed I didn't get cmsix'ed. He at least got to argue at his alien captors and he knew what the hell to do in the past or got to pick up a bunch of supplies. For those of you who don't know cmsix writes stuff at storiesonline and I find them highly entertaining. Well no matter what is going on I need to take stock of what is around me. I had a shirt a coat a belt a pair of pants and cowboy boots and a big stick I guess to use as a club. Well at least I wasn't back in the Stone Age with the cave man like he usually ends up. I kind of like having the basics of sanitation already taught to the civilian population.

Well I thought this kind of looks like the area around my house just without any trees or my house. So I started walking south as toward were the town might be, that would give me some idea where I was. The first couple of hills made me think of a couple more things that cmsix and almost every other time traveler like this gets that I didn't, good heath and a newer better body so not only do I have no idea what the hell I need to do to survive, I also am so out of shape I might not live long enough to even worry about anything. As I crested another hill I looked off into the distance towards the town and saw for the first time something to indicate that there was at least one thing going for me. I could see at a distance again and I didn't need glasses to do that either. Well I thought maybe one of those alien bastards does want me to survive here after all. Now when I do get a gun for protection and food I can at least see to kill something.

When I finally got to where I thought the town would be I saw once again proof that I wasn't in my normal time anymore. There was no town here well I thought that gives me at least some idea as to when I am. Well since the town isn't here and I don't even see any houses I have to be here before 1865. I kept walking on along the river so at least I would have water. I had to rest soon but I wanted to get as far as possible before it got dark, but I was out of shape and I was tired so I started looking for a place to rest. Well I found a good spot to rest along the river it was a good spot for many reasons the most important was that it had a burned out wagon on it. Well I had this wonderful gift because I found a muzzle loading rifle that was a good looking and a very nice revolver that I think was a colt of some kind. I know it was an early type because I loved westerns I knew a little about revolvers. So now I was armed I looked around closer and found about 10 yards away the body of a man that still smelled bad. So after a thorough rummaging I found more clothes that and a pack to carry supplies in I found a gun belt and plenty of powder, caps, and lead as well. I also found several blankets to sleep on and a skillet to cook anything in as well as some cups and a very good knife. The most important find though was some food. Well it had been about 5 hours since I woke up so I decided to head out again to maybe find a better place to sleep.

The following couple days were some of the worst of my life I was hungry, itchy, and my feet were killing me because I wasn't used to cowboy boots or walking. About the third day and through what should have been another town I realized I would have to explain why I am the way I am. I don't understand the customs of how things work I'm not ever sure how to load my gun right I also have no money and no skills that will help me survive in this time period. I also can't ride a horse either by the time I get to a town I might be skinny enough it won't matter but it still worried me. Well after 4 days I see signs of civilization there is smoke and a couple of buildings. I got to within a couple hundred feet of the house and did something they always did in stories and movies "hello the house"

I got a "hello to you to" in response I walked up the house and saw it was of log and sod construction but very study in appearance. I had already decided that I would claim amnesia even if I wouldn't use that word. I told the owners John and Andrew two land developers hoping to get rich when the rumored rail road came through. I told them about falling off my horse and how I knew nothing about what was going on in the world or how to do anything. "I still know some of the basic like how to take a shit and such but things like what date it is and how to even load my gun or ride my horse and such seem to elude me." "I mean it's sorta there I know that I should know how but." "I guess that fall addled my brain quite a bit." They offered to let me stay for a couple days and re-teach me some things as well. Over the next couple of weeks they showed me lots of things they thought of as basic but I never even heard of, I had learned my way I guess. I decided to leave their fine company on the 19th of April in the year of our lord 1857. I was going to be a very unhappy man if I ever meet those aliens.

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