Bred Wee to Serve
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Slavery, Lesbian, BiSexual, Fiction, BDSM, Spanking, Sadistic, Interracial, Oral Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a story about a midget born on a sex slave farm and raised to be auctioned off as such at eighteen. She is sold again at nineteen when her first owner dies. The story then follows her through the next auction where she is sold at a record price to her new owner who leaves her in a harem with an extemely cruel mistress in charge.

"Well now what do we have here, a piglet! Where's your collar?"

"The master had it removed in the smith shop."

"Show me your brand!"

"Here near my anus #MM-1245" She turned spreading her cheeks revealing her identification number.

"Very well Piglet, were you ever given a human name?"

"No mistress, my previous owner referred to me as M4. I was his Midget sex slave number four. He won me at an auction as a virgin sex slave when I was eighteen. I'm nineteen summers now. When he died I was sold off as part of the estate auction since he had no heirs."

"Where were you propagated?"

"I was bred at the Moor slave farm in a special division for the propagating and rearing of midgets. They have their own auction house."

"I've never heard of Moors; what region is that in?"

"Sorry Mistress, I only know it was three days in a cage-wagon to my first owner's farm. This auction was an eight day chained march from there."

"What size cage-wagon was that?

"It was not a large wagon we were ten female sex and house slaves in it, squeezed together and collar chained to an iron bar in the floor.

In the evenings a fresh layer of straw was thrown in and then some gruel and water.

"Did you feel ill treated being transported under those conditions?"

"Sorry mistress, what is ill treated?"

"Well it means that someone is not being nice to you, making you suffer under terrible conditions."

"I'm a slave mistress I don't understand how I could suffer or be ill treated."

"So you accept that an owner can exploit a slave like an animal?"

"Yes of course Mistress, I'm chattel not a person."

"You don't think you're better than animals?"

"I don't think there's a difference mistress, I served my owners sexual needs; animals are used in other ways."

"How many slaves did your first owner hold?"

"The drover boss counted sixteen sex slaves and eighty-five field and house slaves when checking the inventory papers."

"How do you know that, can you count?"

"A little mistresses but I have almost total recall. I heard the boss drover count us, while sitting on his horse, as we were being chained for the march."

"How did you keep up in an eight day march with those legs?"

"The sex slaves were collar chained in a grid four across and four rows, separately from the others. We were four midgets on the inside and the drovers allowed two slaves to carry us, four-handed seat style when we got really tired; after two day though the four of us were transported in a cage wagon."

"I thought sex slaves were always transported in cage wagons?"

"The auction house representative said we were out of shape and that the march would firm us up so we would fetch a better price. They got the cage wagon because we slowed the drive too much."

"Did the drovers use your body?"

"The auction house rep. wouldn't' let them penetrate us but said they could thigh-fuck and have us blow them. So whenever they stopped to water the animals we were busy sucking or being thigh fucked.

Sometimes the drovers would jump from their horses and cling to the moving wagon sticking their cocks inside to be sucked. Also during the overnight stay in the corrals; they said we needed the moisture."

"Drovers can be amusing at times; so no penetration sex?"

"Not with the sex slaves but some of the house and field slaves were used that way in the night. I could see parts of it because the drovers had lamps. They beat some with the riding crop, before and after. Some of the male slaves were beaten too, for looking at the drovers in a certain way they said, while they were using or beating the females."

"Interesting pastime for drovers but necessary I suppose ... yes well, describe your auction then. Women are not allowed to attend slave auctions; I am always curious about the proceedings and having total recall you should be able to give me all the details."

"Yes mistress, I remember what the auctioneer said as he described my body and documentation history to the prospective bidders:

'Look what my keeper is leading out of that holding cell. His hand is holding its chain at the same height as the slave's neck collar. "I was lifted up on box next to the auctioneer" 'My honourable and disguished gentlemen, this next auction item is for estate unit number thirty-six on page eight, a very rare and unusual example of the dwarf female sex slave category. We have not been able to offer such a thoroughbred critter for many years. It is perfectly proportioned standing three foot eight inches, as you can see with a very pretty and sweet face. Beautiful unblemished alabaster skin, nicely shaped thick thighs, a striking bubble ass, long golden blond hair with a full red bush below and nicely pointed breasts.'

"He flicked my tits with the riding crop letting them bounce and then motioned for me to turn and wiggle my ass." 'I ask you gentlemen, is that not a perfect body to pick up and ram?' "He padded my ass and thighs several times with the riding crop." 'Look at that ass and those fatty thighs jiggle. Nice and soft, there's an inch of comfy fat there; this property was bred for one reason and one reason only, a fine gentleman's comfort. The cunt is of course trained like all sex slaves for pleasuring the penis. This particular unit can grasp and hold your manhood, until you command a release but fortunately this property is slavishly ... obedient.'

"Loud laughter from the crowd, as he emphasised the word 'slavishly' strongly;" 'The previous owner referred to this unit as squeezy in his chattel log. This critter also comes equipped with unusual long tongue, which is useful for many applications ... ahem, except for of course backtalk.'

"There was more laughter from the crowd." 'Show the gentlemen your snake slave.'

"I licked the bridge of my nose, resulting in an amazed and approving murmur from the crowd." 'The unit is also rated very high in lesbian sex techniques. It has never failed to satisfy another female, human or slave, great for visual performances. Totally submissive, no discipline necessary here, unless of course you take pleasure in that recreational activity known as: beating the flesh; if so stripes show exceptionally well on this type of fair skin. This unit is just pure pleasure for any new owner and of course propagated and trained on a sex farm, it has never known clothing and would be very uncomfortable wearing any. Besides, fitting a sex slave in anything but an iron collar is against the law but then what goes on in a harem stays there.

'The registration is sex slave brand # MM-1245, the deed details its pure-bred pedigree with a direct blood-line through seven generations of midget propagated units with no escape violations on either the male or female side and all documents are verified by the property registry office with dated wax seals.

' Like all of our choicest selections, this unit has been available for witnessed and duly recorded; thigh-fuck and or suckling trails in the last thirty days for prospective buyers of proven means, with no complaints. Let me see here ... ah yes, forty-eight honourable gentlemen plus, ahem ... yours truly have tested its oral skills and muscular texture; in my case ... of course, just to make sure the unit functioned according to its specifications. You can't endorse a product, I say ... without sampling it first.'

"There was roaring loud laughter from the crowd."

'There is a prorated buy back clause from Moore's sex slave farm for breeding purposes, good for another six years. As you might not know propagating these units is highly specialized and should be left to experts and not until age 25 or so. Take it down the catwalk keeper and stop when asked. Please gentlemen, feel free to physically examine this unique property.'

"The Keeper lifted me down to pace the catwalk on his chain, I strutted my stuff while bouncing my flesh in the most desirable manner. Stopping when he yanked my chain to display my brand or turn showing any part of my body requested and then prodding me on with the riding crop. Many potential buyers groped my thighs, fingered my vagina, slapped and clasped my ass and squeezed my tits or asked to see me lick my nose. I loved the attention and the admiring looks. I am multi orgasmic and soon had cum running down my thigh." 'Look!

"The auctioneer beamed when I arrived back at the stage." 'This property is so hot from showing and being groped that juice is running down its thighs. This is a natural born sex slave relishing its status in life, guaranteed to give any gentleman, his wife or mistress years of enthusiastic service and appraised at much more than the starting bid with no reserve.'

"Well there's no need for a reserve on that little sex pistol.

Someone in the crow yelled."

'Be that as it may, the papers guarantee multi orgasms if you care about that, with men or women. Can I hear the starting bid gentlemen as noted in the catalogue?'

"I don't know much about numbers or money mistress but there were many, many bids while I was being displayed along the catwalk again. I recognised many gentlemen who had tested me during the thirty days, including the Master who finally won me. I heard from someone in the crow after the final bid, that it was a new record for a non-virgin sex slave in any category. I had the great pleasure of suckling the

Master many times in his fancy carriage during the three day trip here."

"Alright pig, I've heard enough! In this house I hold legal title to ten chattels that I refer to as a heard of pigs, well nine and one piglet now. I could care less about how much you cost the master. As to your offensive claim that a lowly subhuman swine can achieve a sexual climax! I don't ever want to hear that again! Understood!"

"Yes mistress I'm very sorry."

"A pig slave is a non-person and sexual pleasure is the sole domain of human beings. Neither do I care much about how beautiful you are or about your long golden hair. If it were not for the master who visits occasionally, I would have you all shaven bald; that would be so much more hygienic. Instead your hair will be done up in a tight bun, where it won't get in the way. The only attribute you have of importance to me is that protruding flesh on your ass. I share an interest in that area, porky, with the master for a different reason. Display it!" Pig ten swung her long hair aside and eagerly arched her back gyrating the requested globes, hoping for a hands-on inspection. The mistress studied it carefully for a moment while piglet maintained eye contact; she then signalled her to turn back and then cast a meaningful eye to a riding crop hanging from a slave's cunt. "You are merely an extension of my will ... pig! My personal pleasure ... is your singular reason for living. I refer to all my slaves' as swine, pigs, sows, porky or such ... because ... they are! So ... it will be up to you to know, when you are spoken to or gestured at. In other words, you would be very foolish to ever ... take you eyes off me unless ordered ... even for an instance!

"Failing to carry out any suggestion made immediately ... being that spoken, gestured or implied, will result in up to ten lashes on those

'protruding ... fleshy ... buttocks of yours!" She emphasised the words in an erotic tone and then took a deep breath. "I use the word 'suggestion' in the sense that you don't need to obey me if you don't want to ... as long as you are willing to face the consequences..." she took another deep breath while eying piglet's ass and then the riding crop.

"In a little while I will take extraordinary delight in impressing upon you, the value of focusing your undivided attention on the only ... human being ... in these chambers. It will also ensure that your blasphemous claim as to a slave attaining a sexual climax will be forever wiped from your feeble sub-human brain. First though, I want you to look at each swine around you and tell me what you see?"

Every fibre of her shapely little body was now igniting with sexual tension; her whole being was about submission to an owner's pleasures.

She didn't miss her reference to the crop but she relished this new experience, of being unnecessarily threatened into submission.

Inflicting pain was an owner's privilege and did not lessen her desire to obey. She had never been beaten before but now, the thought of pain and then satisfying her mistress sexually became an aphrodisiac. She could feel the juices stirring in her crotch as she eyed each of the other slaves in turn.

They were all on their slightly spread knees revealing their bodies in profile to the mistress, except the slave standing next to the mistress with the riding crop hanging from her vagina. All were beautiful and smiling with sweet angelic expressions, heads slightly lowered and cocked with faces turned towards their mistress, the fingertips of their praying hands just touching one cheek. Their elbows were lifted, accenting their perky breasts and every pair of eyes were fixed, with a glazed devoted intensity on the mistress.

Every luscious body of various racial backgrounds had a curvaceous body in common. They were all about her age or a little older and obviously adored their mistress.

She was desperate for the feel of a female body, any female.

Her mind wondered while she focused on each of her sister sex slave, to her last owner's death, to the drovers and then the auction house.

There she was exhibited outdoors daily on a raised porch, neck chained to a post on public display along with many other beautiful and desirable females, each holding a sign with a stock number on it. Well dressed gentlemen on the sidewalk would look over the collection of female slaves at their leisure, sometimes motioning one to turn one way or another.

They had been trained by the auction house staff to smile seductively at potential customers with a sweet 'please buy me' expression. She knew this was done to increase the number of bidders for the upcoming monthly auction date. Less desirable slaves on another porch were auctioned weekly. At least once a day a customer would go to the sales office with her number and a keeper would unlock the chain and lead her back to one of the inspection cells. There she was groped and sometime thigh-fucked but mostly performing blow jobs on the prospective bidders. This was always done under the watchful eyes of a keeper to make sure that customer did not attempt vaginal penetration but more importantly to make certain that she performed the requested sex acts with a deliberate and heated passion. When done she would wash her customer's penis. After he left she washed her own body and was then quickly taken back outside, chained to a post, smiling hopefully and seductively at the next gentleman catching her eyes or ogling her body.

She was hands-on coached by the auction house owner or an assistant several times in the first few days and occasionally after that. They directed her to moan and groan erotically as they fondled and groped her body roughly at times; also while being thigh-fucked or sucking cock. After ejaculation she had to thank them sincerely in her sweetest voice and describe how honoured she was to have satisfied such a distinguished gentleman.

In the case of a blow job she was to stay on her knees and look up adoringly while sucking every drop out of his shaft. All the while making contented moaning sounds while trying to catch every glob of semen dripping from her chin and covering her chest, stomach and thighs.

She was instructed to look down scooping the globs with her fingers and then look up with a grateful expression, sucking them clean making contented ah and um sounds. Most gentlemen and the drovers demanded to watch that. Finally while washing his penis with a warm cloth she was to express her sincere hope and desire for such an honourable gentleman to bid on her at the auction.

Between the drovers and the auction house she had sucked many cocks and downed a lot of semen. Maybe all her fingers and toes times the fingers on her one hand but she had lost count. She had never imagined that she would ever suck so many cocks in a short time. Her training however had taught her over and over again, that to question an order from a citizen owner was a serious violation of the law punishable by a severe flogging or even death by hanging, that was her fate as a slave.

She had faced the day of the auction with a sense of relief. She was proud of her body and loved the ogling adulation from the large crowd.

Every gentleman there wanted her body and she wanted one of them. She longed for one owner and the private security of his harem.

She loved her new owner who had left her here with his mistress and her lesbian side now yearned to surrender her body and will, to this dominant woman with an obvious fetish for the female buttocks, or on her orders any one of her luscious sister slaves. She imagined a continuous orgy of erotic punishment and repeated commands for a variety of lesbian sex acts.

Snapping out of her reverie she faced her mistress again, smiling enthusiastically careful not to appear too eager. "My beloved mistress

I see the sweet reverence of love, deep affection and the profound desire to submit their bodies to any pleasure the mistress could desire." She spoke hoarsely, revealing her sexual passion while falling to her knees, adopting the posture and yearning expression of her sister slaves taking care that her ass profile was maximum to her mistress's eyes.

"Very good piglet, you learn quickly for a sub human swine, now let me make something very clear. Your mistress and my kind were created by a divine higher power to rule and exploit ... the inferior orders of sub humans for their own good! To you then, I am ... undisputedly therefore ... the proprietor of that power. Since you and your kind, are helplessly ignorant and incapable of independent thought, that higher power has bestowed upon me ... by divine right ... the responsibility of controlling every aspect of your life." Piglet felt a strong surge of moisture in her vagina, as her obedient disposition doted on very word of this new experience; she worshipped her mistress already.

"Some time ago while praying for guidance when dealing with the dim-witted behaviour of sub-humans, an angel appeared to me in a vision. I was assured that the riding crop by itself, although a consecrated entity, lacked a deeper spiritual connection without a dedicated altar. I was then given a directive for having a sacred behavioural modification altar constructed.

"The altar; includes the sacred number of seven motivating elements with their triangular shapes representing the holy triad. The angel assured me that the ceremony, provided that the crop is wielded by a divinely inspired soul, would impart a passionate love and unselfish devotion in any sub-human chattel for its possessor.

"As you have seen by the sweet devoted faces around you, this altar combined with the crop performs miracles. Occasionally a sow will pass an entire day without the need for a corrective ritual. Such extended good conduct by swine is unheard in other households.

"A minimum of one daily ritual on the altar for all sub-human creatures was recommended by the angel in order to discourage sinful behaviour. Every pig ... should keep that in mind and if an entire day should pass for any pig without a violation; that pig will be allowed to request permission to mount the altar for a voluntary crop ritual.

If I generously decide to accommodate such a plea, that pig will then choose the altar settings but not the number of strokes, stroke intervals or the degree of force with which the crop will strike the ... ass flesh... ; my hand ... wielding the holy crop is always directed by divine inspiration following a solemn prayer."

She then pointed at a contraption resembling a footstool at her feet.

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