Lick 'N Tiff

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Fa/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Daughter, Spanking, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Bestiality, Food, Cream Pie, Teacher/Student, School,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Prologue - Tiffany is a 16yo girl in love with her boyfriend, a black lab named Licorice. While she struggles to hide their romance from her mother, Tiff has to deal with her emerging sexuality and the age old question, "Am I really a lesbian?"

I have to tell you, I'd started getting a little worried about my daughter.

Tiffany was sixteen and a great kid, a very nice girl that I felt very proud of, but something wasn't quite right. She never had a boyfriend, for one thing. She looked so pretty too. Tiff was growing into a beautiful young woman, tall and lithe and graceful like a dancer. With her long blonde hair and soft blue eyes complimenting a rather well-developed body, she really should have had a boyfriend long before then.

I knew for a fact Tiffany had plenty of admirers, like the boys attending the nearby high school, of course, but also a number of handsome young men from our church as well. It would have been good seeing her with a nice catholic boy from church, I thought. The altar boys always seemed so serious and well behaved. I mentioned it to her, just in passing sometimes, but Tiffany was always non-committal, apathetic even. It worried me.

Being a single mother, I tried to raise her as best I could. I thought perhaps her remoteness might have been caused by that, by the fact that she'd never known a father figure, or had a male role-model to demonstrate the qualities she should be looking for in a young man. I blamed myself for that. I'd had opportunities to remarry when Tiffany had still been a child. Men found me attractive, responsible, and outgoing. Too responsible maybe, as I'd resisted those men who'd shown real interest in building a future with my daughter and me.

I thought now that I'd been mistaken doing that, selfish perhaps, and Tiffany was the one paying the price. I felt that burden, that guilt, and perhaps it was undeserved, but also quite impossible to shed. I couldn't let it go while I watched my daughter grow up lonely, without a date or even a first kiss and that seemed hardly fair.

"I'm not lonely, Mom." Tiffany smiled at me patiently, but I could see the frustration in her eyes. We were having another one of our mother-daughter chats, another of my attempts to get her interested in some sort of social life, and I think Tiffany had grown bored with them.

"You should be outside, with your friends," I suggested gently one afternoon after Tiffany had come home after school. "Meeting a boy, maybe..."

"A boyfriend, Mom?" She laughed softly. "I already have one ... Don't I, Lick?"

She sat on her bed with Licorice, our big black lab. Well, he was her dog really, not ours, but he was part of the family and they were so close, Tiffany and Lick. It was one of the few comforts I had, knowing my daughter had at least the dog to comfort her, but that could be worrisome at times too. Tiffany treated the dog like he was a real person.

"Give me a kiss, Lick," Tiffany giggled. "Show Mommy how much you love me."

I smiled indulgently while Lick used his tongue to caress my daughter's beautiful face.

"Don't let him do that," I sighed, staring as Tiffany opened her mouth, letting Lick push his long red tongue between her soft lips.

"Mmmppph..." Tiffany began sucking the dog's tongue while he pulled it away. It was a game they liked and I always worried about germs, even though the vet assured me it was probably okay.

"He likes it," she giggled, licking her lips and hugging the dog while I sat nearby. "He loves me, don't you, Licorice? Yes, you do."

"Whatever," I shook my head. "I just think you need other friends, real friends..."

"What?" Tiffany glanced at me. "Lick is real, and he's my best friend. I can tell him anything."

"You know what I mean, Tiffany." I tugged at my earlobe nervously. "Don't you want a boyfriend? Ummm ... A kiss?"

"A kiss?" She laughed some more. "You don't sound like most of the moms I ever heard about."

"Well, most girls your age are at least curious," I said with a tiny blush, thinking perhaps I made it sound like I wanted her to get pregnant or something.

"I just don't like boys," Tiffany shrugged. "I love Lick."

She pushed him back until the large dog collapsed on the bed, lying down beneath Tiffany's insistent hands. She more or less fell down beside him, lying on her side so she could face the animal. I watched as she stroked the short black fur on his chest and down to his soft belly, which had a little white on it. Lick was clean, I had no worries about that and Tiff really took care of him. I only wished she would redirect some of that interest towards other people.

"Are you..." I paused, pursing my lips because I felt somewhat embarrassed by the thoughts suddenly in my head.

"Am I what, Mom?" Tiffany glanced at me and she'd started stroking the dog's furry sheath and I frowned at that.

"Don't play with him there," I told her, taking the opportunity to put off what I really wanted to ask my daughter.

"He likes it," Tiffany smiled. "He goes to sleep when I do it just right..."

She moved her hand slowly, back and forth, pulling the dog's foreskin back just enough so we could see the pink taper of his penis. Tiffany had never been shy with the animal, so far as touching him that way and I tried my best not to make a big deal out of it. It wasn't anything to get excited about, since Lick was just a dog, but it still made me vaguely uncomfortable seeing Tiffany massaging him like that.

"Well..." I sniffed.

"What were you going to ask me?"

"Oh ... Uh..." There would be no easy way, so I took a deep breath and just asked. "Are you gay, Tiffany? A lesbian, I mean?"

My little girl stared at me and I hastened to explain my feelings on the subject.

"I mean, if you have feelings for other, uh ... girls, it's okay," I nodded my head, speaking quickly.

Tiffany laughed and Licorice lifted his head at the sound.

"Go back to sleep, baby," Tiffany whispered, giving his open mouth a little tongue of her own.

"I understand," I continued. "Sometimes a girl can feel like that and I'm not mad or anything, I just..."

"No, Mom. I'm definitely not a lesbian," Tiffany shook her head and her eyes were bright, twinkling with cheerful amusement.

"Oh, um..." I nodded some more. "Okay then, well ... I just wondered."

"I just like Lick, that's all," she shrugged. "He's my boyfriend, Mom."

"I know. I know he's your friend," I assured her. "I like him too, but there's so much to do outside, with kids your own age."

"They're boring." Tiffany kissed the soft spot on Lick's tummy, just above the head of his penis as several inches had slipped free of the sheath by then.

"Some people would say sitting in your room all day was boring," I replied.

"Nah. I'm not in here all day, Mom," she sighed. "Just after school. You know I have to take care of Lick. He misses me."

"Lick is a dog." I took a little breath of exasperated air. "He'll be just fine if you want to do something else."

"He has needs. Don't you, baby?" Tiffany said softly, like she hadn't heard a word I'd said.

"And so do you, Tiff," I tried again. "A growing girl, a sixteen year old woman, she has needs too."

"Oh! I know that!" Tiffany giggled. "Lick takes good care of all my needs too."

I wasn't sure why my daughter thought that was funny.

"He's a dog, dear."

I picked at some lint on my skirt and noticed my daughter's plaid skirt had ridden high, giving me a rather immodest view of her little white panties. She still wore her uniform from the catholic girl's school she attended.

"He's Licorice." Tiffany grinned at me. "I just wish we could have puppies." She looked at her dog. "He wants them so badly."

Tiffany sounded almost sad at that and I wondered if she was trying to suggest something.

"We're not getting another dog." I gave her a wan smile.

"What?" Tiffany looked confused for a second. "Yeah. I know, Mom. I don't want another dog anyway. Not a bitch for sure, no way."

"A ... Bitch?" I stared at her.

"That's what they call a female dog," Tiffany laughed at me. "It isn't a swear word, Mom."

"Right. Yeah," I nodded. "I knew that." I just didn't like it very much, I didn't say.

"Nope..." Tiffany stroked the dog's penis a little more, exposing more of his cock, maybe another inch or so, and Lick's leg kicked a bit, " ... we only need one bitch in this house. Isn't that right, Lick?"

"Excuse me?" I blinked, wondering if my daughter had just called me a ... a bitch to my face.

"We only need one bitch." Tiffany narrowed her eyes. "What?"

"What?" I asked her myself, and we were both confused momentarily.

"I mean me, Mom!" Tiffany grinned and shook her pretty blonde head. "Lick thinks I'm his bitch. If we got a real female dog it would just confuse him."

"Oh." I had to think about that for a second. "Uh ... Why?"

"Why?" Her blue eyes widened as she giggled. "Because I'm his bitch, Mom! You never listen to me!"

"I do listen, Tiffany," I said, leaning forward in the chair and I couldn't help but notice a little damp spot on my daughter's panties now.

The cotton clung to her vulva and I could plainly see the cleft of her barely mature sex. She wasn't even aware of her immodesty, I realized, and Tiffany really was so entirely innocent. What would happen in a year or two? When she graduated high school and left home for college or a job, or just to see the world the way grown-up children do ... Tiffany was so naïve; what would happen to her then?

"No, you don't. Not really, Mom," she sighed. "But that's okay, I still love you."

"Um, I love you too." It seemed like our talking was coming to an end, although I wasn't certain why or how Tiffany had gotten the upper hand.

Or even if there was one, really. I tried to treat her as an equal, so much as that was possible, and I just sat there for a moment, watching as my daughter played her tongue along the dog's snout, slipping the tip under his upper lip and tickling his teeth. Lick didn't seem to mind and his penis was exposed a good four or five inches now, the tip red and glistening while Tiffany stroked his belly.

"I'll uh ... I'll go fix you some dinner," I sighed, realizing I hadn't accomplished anything really.

"Okay Mom," she nodded. "I'm just gonna play with Lick for a little bit. He's so ... tense!"

"Tense?" I laughed. "That dog is anything but tense, Tiffany. He's spoiled."

"I know." My daughter looked up at me with a happy smile. "He spoils me too though. We're perfect for each other."

"If you say so." I stood up. "Just, uh ... don't play with him like that. It's not right to get him too excited."

"You mean his penis, Mom?" Tiffany gave me a small pout. "He likes it though. It makes him feel good."

"I know, but..." I shrugged.

We'd talked about that before, my daughter and me, and I'd asked the vet about touching the animal's penis the way Tiffany did. He'd given me a funny look, but said it was perfectly safe. In fact, he'd seemed to encourage it. He'd told me it was healthy for my daughter to play with Licorice like that, even normal as some people are naturally curious ... And then he'd asked me to dinner.

"I need to get ready for my date too," I said, opening the bedroom door. "Are you going to be alright by yourself tonight, honey?"

"Ohhh yeah," Tiffany nodded at me. "Lick will keep me company. You just have fun. That Dr. Hanson is seriously cute!"

"He is ute, isn't he?" I smiled, thinking maybe it wasn't too late to get a father figure in Tiffany's life. Assuming that Dr. Michael Hanson would be interested in more than just getting me into bed; I'd had far too much experience with men like that over the years.

We'd find out soon enough anyway, and I already knew he liked my daughter. Tiffany took Lick to the man's veterinary clinic every Saturday afternoon. I didn't know exactly why at first, but later Tiffany had explained her growing interest in becoming a vet herself, and that made me happy. She'd be a good one, I had little doubt of that.

I took one last look at my daughter laying on the bed with her big black dog, and she'd started sucking his tongue again. She had her small hand wrapped around the animal's long, thick penis, stroking him slowly. Whatever Lick might have thought, Tiffany sure did love that dog.

I pursed my lips, really wishing I could understand why she didn't want a boyfriend. Maybe Michael would have some ideas. He had a daughter of his own in college and he'd told me that Tiffany reminded him quite a bit of her, especially the way my daughter had bonded so closely with Lick. His friendly reassurance always made me feel a little better.

I closed the door behind me with a smile, determined to figure this thing out eventually.

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