A Persian Princess Falls
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mind Control, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A Persian woman living in Germany, accidently overhears a subliminal CD being used on a girl by her downstairs neighbor. When she unknowingly opens her door for her exboyfriend, she comes under his control and she ends up paying the heavy price for having dumped him and being a bitch.

It was a cold day in Hamburg and the winds were blowing strongly. Jasmine hung onto her coat as she got out of her car and walked from the parking lot. She just came home from work and she wanted to get inside her flat as fast as possible. It was 5 on Thursday afternoon but the skies were cloudy and the sun no longer shone through, typical Northern German weather. Jasmine was an attractive Brunette whose parents came from Iran but she was born in Berlin, the capital of Germany. She was slim and sexy at 6 foot tall; 24 years old, very intelligent and hard working, she was a surgeon by profession and was normally pale but happened to be tanned at the moment. She reached the entrance of her apartment building. She lived on the third floor if the four-storey building with each floor having at least two flats. She lived alone at the top with no neighbor, and only three other inhabitants occupied the building. To her surprise someone stood at the front entrance of the building, someone she knew and didn't want anything to do with. He was Blond; tall at 6 foot 5, 26 years old, quite pale like a Raphaelite, very well-built and muscular, handsome, with features as striking as Jasmine's, and was her ex-boyfriend. His name was Boris, he was a Neo Nazi, even claiming that his grandfather was some high-ranking Nazi officer during the Second World War, but often operated by himself like some Maverick.

"Hey, how's my favorite Persian Princess doing?" Boris asked as he smiled at her.

"What do you want?" she asked him in a pissed off way as just seeing him had ruined her day. They broke up about a year ago because he brought her so many problems, and she could guess that he was in some deep shit now so that he needed her help. She noticed that he had a large black bag with him. I hope it is not what I think it is, she thought.

"I need a place to stay," he sounded serious.

"Let me guess, you didn't pay any of your bills, your landlord kicked you out, no one else wants to take you in and you got fired, right?" Jasmine was being sarcastic. She was the one who chose to break up with him in the first place.

"I've got nowhere else to go. You can't be so cold to me like this. Look it'll be just a couple of days until I get my life sorted out," he protested. He looked like he was going to start begging. Even go on his knees. Her greatest worry was that he was going to grab her and strangle her and threaten her to let him stay with her or else he could do real damage to her, like rape her, and given his height and strength he could get away with it too.

"Isn't there anyone else who could take you in? Perhaps one of your skinhead buddies or something," she suggested. She could never stand their White Supremacist ranting and didn't like them bringing up all that Aryan stuff.

"You ever tried calling one of them?" she moved her eve brow in a sarcastic manner. He took out his cell phone and called someone.

"Hey listen can I stay over at your place?" Boris asked the person he called. Silence for a while from Boris's side...

"Alright then," Boris hung up. "I can stay there for a night. He already promised to take in three more of our friends and he no longer has any space," Boris quickly picked up his large bag and walked past Jasmine.

"Perhaps, once you're there, he will let you stay longer," Jasmine took out her house key and opened the building door.

"I'll see you tomorrow Princess," Boris said as he walked away.


Jasmine was out drinking with her work colleagues in a night club and felt that Boris would be at her place. The music was loud and she wanted to have a good time, talking about all sorts of things, but she never brought up Boris. She hoped that they let him stay longer at wherever he went, the worst that could happen was that she returned to her place and found him there. He might just break into the building or he would be sleeping out in the cold waiting for her. After clubbing, she headed back to her place about 1AM. When Jasmine reached the front porch of the building she saw someone lying down with a bag, Boris. She wanted him to go away so she slowly crept up the front steps and took out her key, opening the building door. She slowly pulled it open so as not to wake him up but once she was inside the building, he woke up and saw her closing the door.

"Wait. Jasmine, wait, please let me in." he started banging on the building door. She rushed up the stairs, still hearing him banging and cursing at the door. His shouting got worse as he called her a "hure", whore, and "nutte", prostitute but German male customers normally used it for Brunette prostitutes. She felt pretty scared that she made him angry and that he might come after her or wait for her outside the building all day or all night long. She shouted back at him, saying,

"Go away or I'll call the cops." The banging stopped. She climbed the stairs until she reached the third floor. When she reached the third floor she opened her flat and got inside and closed and locked the door behind her. She got undressed, washed her face in her bathroom's basin and headed off to bed, hoping that he did go away.


Outside the building, one of the tenants walked towards the front porch of the building. Like Jasmine he too was just coming back from a night club. He saw Boris crouching with his bag by the entrance.

"Hi, Jasmine is my girlfriend and she didn't answer her intercom. I guess she must have fallen into a deep sleep. Could you let me in?" Boris asked him. This tenant smiled and said,

"Ok, but I can't let you in my flat and she may not let you in if she is heavily asleep. You might have to sleep outside on her doorstep and when she wakes up tomorrow morning and see you outside the hallway she will let you in," the tenant smiled.

"I ... I am ok with that. I don't want to her wake her up. I'll sleep out in the hallway on the third floor," Boris nodded. The tenant opened the building door, letting them both in. While Boris made his way all the way to the third floor, the tenant stopped at the second floor where he opened his flat door and got inside. This tenant was a skinny man in his early 40s. He went to one of his bedrooms; each flat has two small bedrooms, and started playing one of his recordings. It was for a girl from work and was a special CD just for her. He had managed to coax her to his apartment after work and she was now tied to the bed in this room. As he started it, he put earplugs in his ears and went back to the other bedroom. The recording had a hypnotic message in it, intended to make its listener be obedient to the first person he or she saw. He wanted this girl to be his mind controlled sex slave who would obey him at all times. Jasmine's bedroom was just above the bedroom where the recording was being played and a part of her subconscious mind was listening to it.


Boris woke up and heard Jasmine's bathroom water running with her pacing around. He quickly got up from the floor and started knocking, not hard but gently. He heard Jasmine headed for the door, thinking that it must her land lord or one of the other tenants. Jasmine opened the flat door fully and saw Boris standing in the doorway.

"How did you get inside the building?" she asked and was about to slam the door but he moved his body quickly and managed to move his body between the door and door jamb, preventing her from closing it.

"Look, I just want to talk, let me in," he said. Before she realized it, she walked away from the door and allowed him to come inside. He then closed the door behind her and followed her farther into the flat. She was about so scream when he instinctively told her not to scream. Jasmine found she was not able to open her mouth and realized that she was obeying him, as if she was under some sort of spell. Boris saw that she was doing as he said.

"Why did I let you in? Why am I not screaming?" Jasmine made the mistake of admitting openly the things that she was doing, she didn't want to do. Boris also realized it and gave her a wicked smile.

"Don't speak until I allow you to," he commanded. Jasmine kept her mouth shut. "Get on your knees," he commanded as he tested his control over her. She dropped down onto her knees against her will.

"You know what I think is happening here? I think Wotan, the ancestral pagan German equivalent of God and the God whom German Nationalists and Neo Nazis claim as their object of worship, is punishing you for being cold and rude to me; especially when I was out there shivering and had no place to stay last night, as well as the night before that. Now I am going to the living room and I want you to follow me on all fours. You cannot scream for help nor try to escape from me. You will obey me loyally at all times and refer to as Master. Got that? Now you can speak," he said as he carried his bag past her, heading for the living room.

"Yes ... master," she responded and started crawling after him. He laughed at her obedience in calling him "Master."

Boris sat on the sofa with Jasmine facing him on all fours. She looked scared as he sat and looked down on her. She was now his obedient slave.

"You knew I was shivering last night. Lucky for me one of your neighbors let me in. He was a kind man which is more than I can say for you," Boris said. He pulled his zipper down and let his pants lose.

"Do you have anything to drink slave?" he asked sounding cocky and commanding.

"I have some orange juice, a water bottle and I have some wine ... Master," she responded meekly.

"No beer?" he asked.

"No master. I don't have beer at all," she shook her head meekly.

"Bring me orange juice then. You will crawl to the kitchen but you can bring it to me on your nice two legs," Boris said, trying to sound generous.

"Yes master," she crawled towards the kitchen and he watched her ass wiggling as she crawled.

"That is a nice ass that I would like to fuck again," Boris said bringing up the old times that they had. Jasmine came back with his drink and handed it to him. He sipped his glass, savoring the taste of it.

"Beer is better but I know you doctors prefer this health shit," he said as he put the glass down on the wooden table in front of him.

"Now you will kneel in front of me slave," he told her.

"Yes master." Jasmine dropped to her knees in front of him and he quickly held her face and kissed her firmly on the lips.

"And the spoils of war goes to the victor," he commented. "You will give me a blowjob and swallow every drop of it as you look me in the eye." He pulled her, by the hair, towards his cock which was out already.

"Yes master," she said, opening her mouth wide enough and she engulfed his entire cock. She looked at him as she started sucking on his dick like a child does to a lollipop.

"Ah, you give such a good blowjob. Wotan was kind enough to give me a beautiful Persian Princess as a personal slave, with her entire kingdom of course." Boris looked down on her victoriously and all-superior as he had conquered her. Her eyes looked fearful as she looked up to him and really felt like a slave, someone lower and inferior. Her life was his to do with as he pleased from now on. He began to cum in her mouth and she was swallowing all the sperm ejaculating into her mouth.

"How the mighty has fallen. Not so tough and independent now are you?" Boris asked remembering the time when they broke up and she was putting him down for not having any real solid future and being on government welfare, while someone like her did work for a living, and had a good job too.

"Not so superior now are you. You used to think you were better than me but now you have to do whatever I say," Boris became more emotional due to the memories of them in the past.

"I have got plans for you Jasmine. You hurt me before and now you are going to pay," he looked at her ... menacingly. Jasmine's eyes became even more scared, as her Persian mouth continued swallowing all his German juice.

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