Peter Is 18: Maria
Chapter 1: Win

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Heterosexual, White Male, Hispanic Female, Oral Sex, Cream Pie,

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1: Win - Peter is home from the cruise and has found his first college girlfriend. Are those wedding bells I hear?

I was having one of those moments where you can't tell if you want to scream, cry or go on a shooting rampage.

I'll admit that it was probably partly my fault. But the school administration had more than its fair share of the blame.

I had arrived on my new college campus as a first semester freshman in the third week of September. Which was a pity as classes began the second week of August.

I had a good reason not to be there the first day - I was in Beijing winning both a silver and a bronze medal in the Summer Olympics. As I was on a full ride swimming scholarship, the coach of college swim team personally assisted me in enrolling in online classes for the first semester so that I could concentrate on the Games and not have to rush back to school. Apparently, having a State record holder and potential Olympic medal winner on campus was considered a good thing.

So, when the Games ended, instead of running to school, settling into my new dorm room and doing whatever freshmen do, I took a month and went on a cruise of the Pacific with my sister and my cousin. We spent 35 days taking pictures of exotic places, eating strange foods, and fucking. Fucking everything. Each other. Strangers. Members of the crew. Other passengers. People we meet on shore. It was dazzling and exhausting and the penalty - assuming I didn't catch anything - was that when the cruise docked in LA, we had to immediately take a flight to Richmond, rent a car to drop Beth and Alex at home, spend half a day unpacking, doing laundry and repacking and then drive to school in Fairfax, VA. In the last two weeks, I'd gotten maybe 10 hours of sleep. I was absolutely wiped out and was looking forward to sleeping like the dead for a day or so then meeting my new roommate or mates sometime thereafter.

So, I was not at my best when the woman in the Student Housing office informed me that they did not have a bed assigned to me. She searched by name, date of birth, student ID, and social security. She went through the unprocessed and rejected applications.

"Look again!" I growled. I am a McElroy, damn it! My family is sinfully rich. We own a historic landmark; a fishery that has been profitable since 1702. Where I come from, the small town of Reedville, VA, they would have taken one look at my name, given me a room and dealt with the paperwork later. There has always been a McElroy on the City Council. One of my Grandfathers is a judge. My Great Grandmother is the founder of several local charities. I won two Olympic medals for God's sake! I'm not used to being the one who doesn't get what they want - that happens to other people.

I watched the clerk type at the computer again and sighed deeply. My mother used to say that one day I'd leave the styx and learn that the world is bigger than the McElroy family name. "You won't get everything you want in life, Peter." She told me. "An' you best not cry 'bout it." She usually said it when she really meant that I wasn't getting whatever I wanted at the toy store. It wasn't often but if she said it, I didn't get it.

Now, I was beginning to see her point. I don't have a dorm room. And this woman can search for another two hours and isn't likely to find me one.

"Peter Harper McElroy?" She said suddenly.

"Oh thank God!" I gasped. "Yes! Thank you!"

"It was released."



"What does that mean, released?"

"When you didn't claim the bed, it was released to the open list." She scanned the screen. "On August 15."

"What do you mean, released?" The word didn't make any sense.

"When you pay the dorm fee, we reserve a bed for the student. But if the bed isn't claimed by the first day of classes, the reservation is released for other students. Harris room 626 was reserved for Peter Harper McElroy on May 18th and then released on August 15th. And another student took the room the same day, the 15th."

"You gave my room to someone else." I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Ok. So, what room am I in now?"

"You're not in any room now."

"So put me in a room."

"There aren't any. All the dorms are full."

"But I paid the fee." She shrugged and I pictured myself hitting her with the computer. "So where am I supposed to go?"

"I'm sorry but ... well, have you gone to Student Counseling? They keep a list of off-campus housing. Maybe they have something available."

"Ok. Ok. Call them for me. Thanks."

She looked shocked. "Oh, we don't do that. They're in Admin C - just across the Quad."

"And my fee?"

"What about it?"

I counted to five. I promised myself I would do this without calling my father and without killing someone. "How do I get my fee back?"

"Oh, the dorm fee is non-refundable."

Of course. One, two, three, four, five. "Ok. Where is the Quad?"

She gave me vague directions and I spent another half hour trying to find Admin C before a Latin beauty with smoldering eyes and a soft accent pointed me in the right direction.

I debated giving up on finding a room and following her instead but remembered that I needed to stop in at the campus clinic before I did anything - or anyone - else. I found the Student Counseling office on the third floor and waited in line for almost an hour before they told me that they too did not have any housing sources available. They provided me with a list of nearby hotels.

I went back to my car and sat. I could afford a hotel, for a few nights. But I couldn't stay there the entire semester. I could call my Dad. He'd fix it. He'd make the whole problem go away.

But the whole point of going to school half a day's drive away was to keep Mom and Dad out of my life. To grow up a little, solve my own problems and not depend on the family name to do everything for me.

A tap on my window startled me and I realized that I was falling asleep in the car. I looked up, expecting campus security and found my Latin beauty looking a bit worried. I rolled down the window.

"You don't like you were counseled." She remarked. Her accent gilded her words like the pages of a leather bound book.

"I don't feel like I was counseled." I agreed. "But I have been informed."

"Helpful information?"

"Sadly, no." I sighed. "You might be looking at my dorm room this year."

Her eyes circled the car. "Cozy. At least there's no roommate."

I had to smile. "I wouldn't mind that, if it was the right roommate."

She smiled back. She glanced over her shoulder and looked back at me. "My friends and I are going to the Union for lunch. Have you gotten your dining card yet?"

"Not yet." I hadn't even thought about food. "But I won't be cooking much here, so I'd better get one."

"Maybe you should follow us."

Anywhere. I nodded and got out of the car. "Peter." I said, offering her my hand. "Peter McElroy."

"Maria Alvarez."

"Maria." I kissed her fingers - which is a bit over the top but extremely effective if you can hold her eyes the whole time. "My pleasure." Beautiful, warm brown eyes.

She had three friends, none of whom held my interest at all. They took me to the student union where I was able to get my student ID and my dining card. I also found a bulletin board where local residents and students posted rental units.

"That one is in my neighborhood." Maria pointed to a card. "I'm off campus."

"Are you?" I took the number. "Maybe we'll be neighbors."

"Oh you wouldn't like where I live." She grinned.

"And why not?"

"I live with my family. I have two brothers and a baby sister. And a ton of cousins."

"I wish my family lived close enough to live with."

"Really? Everyone else around here couldn't wait to start throwing wild parties and doing things they couldn't do at home."

I chuckled. "Oh, I can't wait for that either. But having a place to sleep without worrying about all these roommate nightmares I've heard about. That would be nice."

We walked over to the food court and I realized that we'd lost her friends at some point. I did not point that out to Maria. Instead, I paid for her meal as well as mine. "The least I can do for my first college friend."

"I guess I'll have to buy the popcorn." She laughed deeply. "When you ask me for a real date."

"Is there a theatre nearby?" I could go for a nice dark movie.

"Not too far. We could see what's playing later." She laughed more lightly. "Of course, you'll have to take me back to your place and that's bad on a first date."

"Pick on a guy when he's homeless, huh?" I shook my head. "And here I thought you were a nice girl."

"That depends; are you a nice boy?"

Given that I'd spent the last hour thinking of immoral, possibly illegal things I could do to her just as soon as I found a private enough place, I shook my head. "I don't think so."

"Well that's a shame because I only go out with nice boys."

"Oh well, in that case, I'm a very nice boy."

"Are you?"

"Yes, I am." She laughed. I laughed.

We finished eating without much conversation but a lot of eye contact and smiles. Once we were done, she checked her watch. "I have to go to the athletics center to pick up my brother."

"Need a lift?"

"It's on campus. And we can take the bus home."

"I wouldn't dream of it. I'd be happy to take you. I could even see if this room is still available." I waved the phone number from the bulletin board.

"I suppose you could." She said, still appraising me. She stood up. "Come on."

Her brother - the younger one - was in a wrestling program that used the college's facilities. She picked him up on days she was available and rode home with him. When we got there, however, the sight of the state-of-the-art Olympic pool that was visible through the front glass wall struck me. It was still under construction when I last visited the campus.

"Oh my God." I had to admire it. "Electronic sensors. Sweet."

"Do you swim?" She asked.

"Yeah." I grinned. "I won two medals in Beijing."

"What?! No!" she laughed. "Oh, come on. Now you're just lying." I continued to grin. "Oh come on!"

"The silver in the Open Water and a bronze in the 1,500k."

"Really? You did not."

I shrugged. "Since I'm here, I should let the coach know I've made it."

We made our way to the Aquatics administrative offices. "Hi. Is Coach Lambert here?"

"He's in a meeting. Did you want to leave a message for him?" The receptionist put a pen and note pad on the counter without even looking at me.

"Yeah." I spoke as I wrote. "Just let him know that Peter McElroy was here and..."

"McElroy?" Someone at a desk around the corner nearly shouted. A tall woman with swimmer's short hair stepped out. "Peter McElroy?" She stuck her hand out. "Dina Wallis. I'm the Women's coach. Honor to meet you, really. This guy does the Open Water 10k in an hour, fifty. You were robbed in Beijing."

"I got beat. That's all."

"Robbed." She gestured to sofa. "Have a seat, and let me get Bill out here. He'd have a stroke if I didn't get him."


We sat and I tried not to be smug as Maria tried not to be impressed.

"You really won the Olympics."

"I really came in second at the Olympics." I smiled. "Some guy from Denmark won."

"What's Open Water?"

"Not in a pool. Ocean, lake, river. Just open."

"But isn't there stuff - fish or seaweed or trash out there?"

I laughed. "Well, hopefully, they clean it before a race. Part of the hazards. You just have to adjust."

A man I recognized nearly sprinted down the hall. "Peter! How the hell are you! How was the cruise?" He shook my hand enthusiastically. "Ready to get back to work?"

"Absolutely, sir. Ready to get back to training."

"Good, good, glad to hear it. Listen, this is budget talk so I have to get back in there but I'm glad you stopped by. Classes ok?"

"Yes sir. I started the onlines while we were at sea and everything's going fine." I paused. "Actually, the trouble is that they don't have a dorm room for me."

"What? I put you in Harris. That's where all the athletic majors are."

"I don't know. Something about not confirming the room."

"I tell you what, let me look in to it. Have you called your folks, yet?"

"No. I figured..."

"Call 'em. I know, you want to be independent but sometimes a parent can get the administration to do what a student can't. Come by after 9 on Monday. We'll get it all worked out." He shook my hand again and headed back down the hall. "Oh and the 1,500? Robbery!"

"What happened?" Maria asked as we left and headed to where her brother's class was.

"Nothing. I did my best; someone else was a tenth of a second better."

"Huh." She sounded thoughtful.


"I'm beginning to think you are a nice boy."

Her brother was about my brother's age - twelve or so - and took me up on the offer to treat them both to ice cream before taking them home.

"Bribery." I said as the counter girl served us. "Not at all a nice thing."

"Treating a child to ice cream?" She countered. "Very nice."

"Sugary snack. Bad for his teeth and ruin his appetite for dinner."

"Carlos?" She laughed. "You haven't seen him eat!" She smiled and spoke to her brother in Spanish for a moment.

"Are you coming to our house for dinner?" The boy asked me.

"I haven't been asked yet." I answered grinning at Maria. "And I wouldn't want to impose."

"Oh, Mom won't mind!" The teen offered. "She likes cooking for a lot of people."

"Well if 'Mom' is cooking, then I guess it's up to 'Mom' if I'm invited."

"Well then." Maria kept grinning. "I guess we should go ask Mom."

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