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Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Female,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Linda, a lawyer, through an accidental meeting gives in to her slutty side but then has to deal with her husband, Paul.

Her bag was packed and stored in the car; she'd at least gotten that much of it finished. Now it was the note. She knew that the only way that she'd get through this was to be absolutely honest with Paul.

"He's such a caring, sensitive man," was her thought. It brought tears to her eyes again but she just let herself cry, cry, that is for what she'd ruined in her selfishness. "Too bad," her thoughts went on, he's married to a slut; or at least was married," she added as an after thought She put 'read me first' on the envelope. Then she put a photo in the second envelope, writing 'To be opened after you've read the first note."

She looked at the photo and started to get wet all over again. There she was partially surrounded by men. They were all fully dressed, she, on the other hand, was wearing only a pair of heels. There were hands all over her, her ass, her pussy, her tits, and she was partially leaning over so that she could keep her mouth on someone's cock. But she knew it wasn't someone; no, it was Jackie from high school. She looked in the photo like she was having the time of her life, and to tell the truth, she was. But there was always the getting back to Paul. He didn't deserve this; he certainly didn't deserve to have a wife like her.

"For heaven sake," she whined to herself, "I still remember Jackie's parting words: 'Next time, Linda, it'll be more private.'"

She'd scoffed at the idea of any 'next time' but she knew that it stayed with her, dwelt in her mind, and she'd exchanged numbers with him.

"Oh, there'll be a next time all right," was her final thought.

Then she went back to the note:

"Paul," it began. "I've left; it's late but I'm going to Barbara's. I'm sorry, more than sorry but I've done something that I can't forgive myself for, and have no right to ask you to forgive. I'll tell you this story and then, only then, look a the photo in the other envelope, one of many, I'm afraid. But let me tell you the story."

That's what she proceeded to do. It had been a dinner out with her crazy friend Barbara. As usual, Barbara had regaled her all evening though dinner with stories about her sexual exploits, which there certainly seems to be a great deal of. By the time she dropped me off behind the Legion Hall, where I'd met her, I was really in the mood.

Let me break off here for a moment to talk to you about my deepest, darkest fantasy. All my life, from my teenaged years on I have had a fantasy of being involved in a gang bang. I know it sounds unreal but it was always there in the back of my mind; it was a dark delicious thought but one that I was afraid would never come true. It was also one that I was afraid would come true. My own private dilemma. I never told you about it, Paul love, because I never seriously considered it. It was also part of why/how I was feeling vulnerable that night. Barbara's outrageous behavior, her telling me about it, played directly into the fantasy.It's strange but there it is.

But back to what happened."

(Here the scene changed and, as she wrote, Linda actually lived out again what had happened.: Linda walked to the back of the Legion building, where she parked because it was convenient for her work. As soon as she went around the side of the building, she noticed a group of guys, most of them youngish, at the very back of the lot. They were drinking. As soon as Linda came into view, they kind of greeted her with whistles and some calls. Someone yelled "Hey, the entertainment."

Linda smiled and waved a them, as she moved toward her car. It was then that one of the voices yelled out: "Hey, Linda Wilson; is that you?"

She stopped in her tracks and looked again at the group and realized that the one who was calling out to her and waving was Jackie Hart. She'd gone to high school with him; had had a crush on him in those days. She was surprised to see him.

"Is that really you, Jackie?" she said in wonder, as she took steps in the direction of the guys. There were more whistles and comments as she got near them but Jackie silenced them with an angry word about minding their manners.

He came to her and extended a hand: "Gee, Linda Wilson, it is you; it's been years."

"Jackie," she said with some relish, "Hi, it has been years and it's now Rogers, my married name."

"Well it's a treat to see you," he said to her. They were now standing on the edge of the group of drinking buddies.

"And these are your 'merry men', I suppose," she said with mirth.

"We get together now and again to knock back a few," he answered.

Then he motioned to the group, there were six more of them of different ages, seemingly from about 19 to probably late 20's. He gave her all of their first names. She smiled and greeted all of them. Then Jackie told them that she had been in high school with him and was a kind of old flame of his. There were some cheers and whistles then.

Someone spoke up: "Then you're the entertainment?"

Linda laughed and said: "Hardly; I'm an old married woman."

Another voice: "You don't look old to me."

"Thank you," she said in a coy fashion.

Yet another voice: "It's Jackie's turn to provide the entertainment but he has welshed on us; so, you must be the entertainment."

Linda was grinning at them, and waved to them but Jackie said:

"Don't listen to them, Linda, have a beer with us before you go; they'll all behave."

She hesitated but then took the beer from Jackie and held it up to toast the group:

"To your entertainment," she said. They cheered again.

She looked at Jackie, who said: "Don't pay any attention to what they say about entertainment. They're just letting off steam."

She smiled at him then but couldn't possibly dismiss her own thoughts, which had plunged her into the dark heart of her favorite fantasy. Here was the situation; here were the men, all pretty much gorgeous, and this was her 'gang bang' for the asking. She shook her head to clear it, realizing that she was getting wet between her thighs just thinking of it.

She'd missed what Jackie was saying and had to apologize to him and ask again what it was that he'd said. They talked about the high school days a bit as she finished her beer.

Someone said: "Hey, give her another."

She laughed and answered: "No, thanks, guys; it's not going to work to try to get me drunk. That's just not going to happen."

She had to admit to herself that seeing Jackie Hart was a real turn on for her; she remembered her crush and lusty thoughts that dated back to high school concerning him. As she finished her beer, she pushed out of her mind once more the thoughts that kept pushing her in the direction of truly wanting to be the entertainment, especially if that meant beginning with a blow job for Jackie Hart. This made her laugh.

"What?" he wanted to know.

"Oh, just old thoughts about high school and how much of a crush I had on you in those days."

"Gee," he answered, "I wish that you would have let me know about it; we could have done something about it. Now it's too late."

As she moved toward her car, leaving him and waving to the others, that thought reverberated in her brain: "Now it's too late."

Her little insistent, erotic inner voice said simply: "Linda, honey, you know it's not too late; but you also know that it's now or never."

This hit her harder than she would have believed. It was probably responsible for what she did next.

Someone called out to her: "Aw, come on, Linda, be our entertainment."

She turned then, and went back. They thought that they had maybe gone to far and were very quiet as she reached them.

Not even believing what she was saying she spoke up and said:

"Ok, guys your party but my rules."

They were still silent, struck by what she had said. For her it was almost like hearing herself speak, standing outside of her own body. She recognized instantly that this was the fantasy; that it was going to take place; that it was going to take place here and now. She was slightly torn but knew also, struggling instantly through her tension that she was about as excited as she'd ever ben in her entire life just then.

"First, no cell phones," she began in a kind of bossy voice, "All cell phones are put in this car; no one takes a photo of this."

"Agreed," they all said, and soon the cell phones were in fact deposited in the car's front seat.

"Next," she went on, "We use my camera; the photos are mine and if I want, I'll let you each have copies; if I want." As she said this, she got a small digital camera out of her bag."

"Agreed," they said, this time with greater glee, having gotten beyond their initial shock.

For her part, Linda was now on a roll and just going with it.

One of them broke in at that point saying: "Hey, Jackie, was she always this bossy in high school?"

Jackie turned to him and said: "Burns, the lady is cooperating and she's going to be the entertainment; if your mouth screws it up, I wouldn't want to be in your shoes."

Burns subsided quickly. Linda went on then.

"Next, no one gets naked here, except me," she grinned, they cheered.

"You all stay clothed; I want to be naked."

("There," she thought to herself, "I've said it; finally said it to a group of men, for whom I'm going to take my clothes off and be as slutty as I've always imagined." The very thought gave her pangs of conscience right then and there but she was in this now and couldn't, nay, wouldn't back out.)

"Last," she said in a quieter voice: "Everyone gets laid, everyone gets their cock sucked." Once she'd completed that, she grinned at them again and they cheered again.

She looked around and eyed Burns, who'd spoken up; she winked at him and said:

"Hey, soldier, come and help a girl out; she can't very well get laid with her dress on, can she?"

Burns smiled and came up behind her, as she turned her back and faced Jackie Hart.

"And you," she said decisively, "I've wanted to do this since high school."

As she was saying that, she pushed him back so that he was leaning against and on the hood of a car. Burns was working, simultaneously, on the buttons on the front of her dress. He got it unbuttoned to her waist and she shrugged, letting the dress slip down her front. They clapped in rhythm for her. With a kind of a shimmy, she sent the dress cascading to the floor, standing now in front of the circle of 7 men, gathered around her, in her pink panties and bra and her heels.

She briefly bowed to them and 'yipped' as Burns now had her bra off. She shook her tits loose and they made appreciative comments about the size of Linda's tits and her nipples.

Linda's nipples were hard, her breath was coming in shorter and shorter gasps. She knew that her thighs were wet from the moisture of her pussy. She had Jackie stretched out in front of her on the car's hood and felt Burns' hands at the waist band of her pink panties.

"Panties, Panties, Panties," they now chanted, as Burns, grinning, began to slip the panties down past her hips, which she was gyrating like a dancer to give them a show. Then the panties went past the swell of her ass cheeks, down beyond her thighs and then were puddled at her feet. She deftly stepped out of them, naked now for them all.

(And, she knew, naked for herself. She was acting, she knew this all the while, shamefully but she had simply allowed herself to sink into the dark middle of her fantasy and was living in that realm mainly right then.) And now she had Jackie Hart's zipper open and, reaching in, found his stiff cock. She pulled it out and said softly, so that he could hear but the others had to strain to hear:

"Mine, finally mine!"

Linda lowered her head and licked her way up the under side of Jackie's cock. She had never been so much one for sucking cocks but this was somehow different. This was exciting; this was what she wanted right then and there, and she knew that she was opening a door here and once it was open, it would certainly stay open.

It mad her almost giggle softly to herself as she said: "Linda's becoming a cock sucker."

With that thought in mind, she took the head of Jackie's cock in her mouth and swirled her tongue around the head. She looked up at his enraptured face, and smiled at him, as she sunk her head and mouth further and further down onto his prick. She began to bobb her head up and down.

"I don't do this much," she thought, "But I certainly know how."

She increased her motion and had Jackie moaning. Then she felt Burns behind her.

"Finally," she thought, "Finally to get fucked."

Burns' cock brushed against the back of her thigh as he pushed himself into position. "Fuck her, Burnsie," the guys were saying, almost chanting. "Fuck her good." And he was pushing his cock into her waiting pussy. She was wet and ready.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Linda wailed, as Burn's cock pushed home, "Ohhhhhhhhhh," she wailed around the impediment that was Jackie's cock in her mouth.

And there were hands mauling her tits; pulling at her nipples, pinching and pulling.

Linda was just then, right there in her own type of heaven; right then and there she was living the fantasy and wallowing in it. She felt Jackie's cock in her mouth stir and swell just a bit and knew what was coming, but she was too far into the whole experience to do anything but accept his load now. She took spurts and swallowed them, struggling to keep the spurting, thick liquid down, as her throat worked to accept it.

Behind her Burns made a final push and, sinking as far into her as he could go, began to cum inside of her. But Linda wasn't finished. She was ready and anxious for more.

On the hood of the car, Jackie was replaced with another guy, another cock for Linda's mouth. And someone came up behind her, another cock for her pussy.

She was feeling dirty and, for the moment, simply didn't care at all. She'd been waiting almost a lifetime to feel this dirty and was just going with it.

But slowly something happened; it was something that she never expected. She did expect to enjoy this kind of situation, in which she gave into her slutty fantasy but she never did expect to learn from it. But by the time Linda was presented with the third of the cocks to suck, she noticed that it had become a different kind of thing for her. She found herself interested in the different shapes of the cocks that were entering her mouth; she was interested in their soft, soft texture, in the still rampant hardness that prevailed, and how that felt inside of her mouth. She experimented with running her teeth along the soft exterior skin, producing trembling at times in the guy she was blowing. She discovered that she even liked the smell. Some smelled of soap, some of their own kind of smell, at least one smelled of sweat and had a stronger oder, a 'cock kind of oder' she thought, and she discovered that she liked that smell also. It was strong but it smelled like a cock and she loved it. She had never even suspected that she'd enjoy sucking cocks this much. She began to take the balls out of the fly with the cock and play with and lick the balls also. She concentrated on how much of the cock she could, without a mishap, shove into her mouth and throat. She was pleased to discover that the more she did it, the more cock she could actually get into her mouth. Linda just never expected this.

"Sure," she told herself, "I did expect to really enjoy the fucking, and the fucking was great but I never expected this.

She always dutifully would give Paul blow jobs but never with this kind of joy or this kind of abandon. This was totally new to her; it was new and it was wonderful. By the 7th blow job, she was enjoying it immensely. Her mouth and throat were getting tired but she loved it.

It was at that point that she said to them: "Guys, everyone has had a blow job and my mouth and throat are sore. If anyone wants one more crack at fucking me, fine but the blow jobs are done for the evening."

They agreed and three of them fucked her again. For the first few minutes, once they were done, she had some trouble standing up straight and walking. She herself had cum three times but she was tired now. She grinned at them and said:

"I think that I'm going to make one exception to my rule about my mouth being tired."

She turned to Jackie and said: "Come here, Hart."

She pushed him against the hood of the car again and unzipped his pants. Grinning at him with an almost feral look she said:

"The last blow job was for high school; this one's just for me."

She engulfed the head of his prick with her mouth, tasting and licking at it.

"Hmm, Hart," she said, looking up at him. "Where has this been? It tastes funny?"

"Like the taste, Linda?" he asked.

"You know, I do," she said and smiled. They all laughed but Linda meant it. She was interested in tasting her own vaginal juices on his cock and licking them off.

"Gee," she said to herself, "I've got it bad."

She went back to work on his cock then, using the technique that the evening's experience had allowed her to develop. He wasn't complaining. She lifted her head and said:

"If you weren't so busy with Fran Hartley in high school, I would have done this then."

"She would put out for me," he explained.

"I would have too," Linda said, going back to the blow job.

She concentrated then. Having regaled herself with the taste of it, the length of it, and the girth and softness, she got down to the business of bobbing her head up and down on it, of pulling her lips out to the head to suck on the underside of the head, and scrape her teeth along it.

She looked at him, his eyes were almost closed. "Frannie was never this good, was she?" she wanted to know.

"Never?" he stammered. Then he asked: "What the hell do you do? Do you get lots of practice?"

"I'm a lawyer," she said, "So be careful, and yes, you and your horny friends gave me all sorts of practice tonight."

Then she finished him off. She kept his cock in her mouth long enough to clean it, before putting it back in his pants. She turned then and said to Burns:

"Burns, come and wrap up, what you previously unwrapped, sweetie."

He went to her and first of all, held her pink panties for her to step into. Then helped her on wit her bra and then held the dress for her.

She looked at them, when she was dressed, and said: "Gentlemen, it's been a pleasure; everyone gets a hug and a kiss on the cheek. You all know where my mouth's been."

They laughed and collected the hugs from her.

Jackie walked her to her car.

"A lawyer, eh?" he said.

"Yes," she answered, "And a very good one."

Then he said: "Next time it'll be more private."

She stared at him and said: "I'll control the 'next time'; you just give me your number. I'll see what I can work out."

He did and she left.

She was elated, as she left the parking lot but not even a block had passed by, when she was absolutely in tears. It had come rushing back to her that she had betrayed Paul, her Paul in the worst possible fashion.) There, Paul, you have the ugly truth about what I've done. I've finally lived out that lingering, hungering, dark fantasy but in the process I've betrayed you in a way that I can't forgive and simply won't ask you to. Take a look at the photo in the next envelope, if you wish. It tells its story.

I do love you, Linda.

Then, having done that and packed a bag, she went to Barbara's. Barbara met her at the door, wearing a robe. Linda started crying immediately. Barbara took in the scene with Linda crying and her suitcases and simply pulled her friend into the house, shutting the door.

"Honey, what is it?" Barbara asked.

"I've left," Linda said, sobbing and miserable.

"What?" Barbara asked, "What happened?"

They sat on the couch and Linda told Barbara the whole story. At the end of it, Barbara was wide eyed.

"I can hardly believe it," she said, aghast, and subtly smiling.

It was then that Linda produced the photos that she'd printed. She passed them over to Barbara, and she scanned them.

"Gee, Lin," Barbara said, "These are the sexiest things that I've ever seen."

Linda gave her a shy grin and said: "Yeah, they are aren't they?"

"How many," Barbara asked.

Linda grinned again: "Seven."

"Seven!" Barbara was aghast again, "You minx!" Barbara continued without even trying to take the envy and admiration out of her voice. "You should have called me!"

"No, love," Linda answered, "My scene, my fantasy, my way this time. Next time, I call you."

"Next time!" Barbara exploded, Next time?"

"Yes, I'm sure there will be a next time," Linda said. "That's one of the reasons that I had to leave. I can't do that to Paul. I can give in to my fantasies and be disgusting as I want; but I can't ask him to put up with that. It's just not fair."

"Oh, sweetie," Barbara said, holding on to Linda, who was crying again.

"I need a shower," Linda said, "I smell like sex."

"Smells nice to me, darlin'," Barbara drawled. "Here it's this way."

After her shower, Linda put on her robe and the two of them sat talking again. It was then that the door bell rang. Barbara answered and it was Paul.

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