Do It!
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, BDSM, DomSub, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Squirting, Spitting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Chris Matthews is about to embark on a life changing experience.

I had met Ted Mason when he'd been hired to come in and do some consulting on a major company merger I myself had been working on. His reputation preceded him, both in his almost ruthless review of a Company's organization, as well as his penchant for the ladies. His photo appearing quite frequently in the society pages of the paper.

He had one of those rough, chiseled looks about him, handsome beyond measure. Just over six feet tall with wavy black hair, cobalt blue eyes, and a body that one could see even through a three-piece suit he took care of. One could only imagine what else he was in possession of that the women all seemed anxious to want to have a look at.

When I heard he'd been hired to come in and do some consulting prior to the anticipated merger, I was more than a little bit nervous, as I'd be working very closely with him during the course of the time he would be here.

"Mr. Mason? This is Chris Mathews, she'll be your liaison and will be the one to show you around and inform you on all the area departments, procedures and organizational structuring," My boss Mike Bradford said introducing the two of us.

Having heard about his reputation long before hand, I had purposely dressed for the occasion. Not that I wore inappropriate attire into work anyway, because I didn't. But the last thing I wanted to do, was to wear anything that might be construed as sexual in any way. It was for that reason I had purposely worn a women's business suit, white high necked collar blouse with my long reddish brown hair pinned up rather than wearing it down as I very often did. Even my business jacket did a fairly good job of concealing what I felt was one of my more prominent attributes, C cup breasts that were full and as I'd been told on more than one occasion, damn near perfect in shape.

I knew going in that I'd end up working late at night, one or two weekends in fact though I'd be compensated for my efforts accordingly. Even so, I wasn't too keen on having to do so, working that closely and alone with the infamous Ted Mason. Though he lived in the suburbs, rather than commute back and forth every day, he had taken a suite in one of the nearby luxurious hotels where he would very often work late into the night. When the time came, which I knew it eventually would, he had invited me up to his suite one evening to go over a few final documents with him.

To be perfectly honest, I was nervous as hell. Being alone in his room with him, though he'd not once made a pass at me ... up until now anyway, gave me cause for concern. Having ordered room service, we ate while going over the papers of the merge. I was again surprised that he kept it formal, almost too formal, which in a strange way now irritated me as for the first time since we'd started working together, I had actually let my hair down. Not only that, but I'd even allowed myself to wear a blouse that did little if anything to hide my more than ample breasts. Not once however did I see him attempt to steal a glance, or look at me any place other than in my eyes whenever we spoke.

By the time I had finally left, I'd decided that perhaps I just wasn't in his class, didn't live up to his standards and expectations, and was somewhat relieved that our less than exciting journey together was over.

A month later the company I worked for merged. Everyone said it was one of the smoothest, easiest merges to ever take place with a Billion dollar company. Few realized or knew about the long tedious hours that I had personally put into it myself, except for my boss perhaps, who'd given me a rather nice bonus, and a few extra days off in order to rest and recuperate.

I was doing just that at home, lying out by the pool taking in some much needed sun and actually relaxing after several weeks of hard grueling work when a florist stopped by. Having tried the door-bell out front, with no answer, he had come around the back hoping to at least leave the arrangement in a safe place, only then noticing me as I lay out by the pool, topless I might add as he called out to me.

"Ah, excuse me? Miss? Flowers!"

It was funny, normally I might have panicked, even been a little embarrassed to have been caught in such a compromising position. But I had been so frustrated lately, sexually ... that I actually found enjoyment in simply standing up, walking over, and then signing for the delivery as the poor driver stood there with his mouth half agape, staring at my exposed tits.

"Thank you, I said taking the arrangement. Let me get you a tip from my purse."

He smiled, "No thanks ... not necessary, you've already given me one ... a nice one, thank you!"

I smiled back, appreciating the compliment, something I hadn't had in a while, and then walked back to the patio carrying the large vase of beautifully arranged flowers, curious about the card. I opened it, read ... and suddenly sat down. It was from Mr. Mason himself, inviting me to dinner to celebrate our success in having worked so closely together.

I was impressed, having me picked up in a limousine, though he himself wasn't in it. The driver informing me that I was to be taken to his personal estate, out in the suburbs, where dinner had been arranged. It was an hours long drive, and I amused myself in having a drink, well several actually, to both calm my nerves somewhat for one thing, and for another, to show him on a more personal level, that I was perhaps indeed worthy of his attentions.

No longer working together, as far as I was concerned, there was no longer any reason to be coy or formal around him any more either. This time, if he made any sort of a pass at me, I was half a mind to receive it.

I was admittedly impressed. A half-mile long drive through the gate, eventually making its way up to the enormous looking mansion itself that sat easily on several acres. The surrounding yard, gardens, and orchard well groomed, and obviously taken care off. Pulling into the circular drive, I was let out, and escorted up a few steps to an enormous mahogany carved, doublewide set of doors. I didn't even knock as the doors almost immediately opened.

I don't know what I was expecting exactly, if I was expecting anything. But what I wasn't expecting, was to be met by a woman, perhaps a butler maybe, but certainly not someone who was dressed, and appeared to me as she did. She was absolutely beautiful, and for a moment I was actually jealous in a way. Wondering now if she was his lover, his companion, and that "they", not "he", had thus invited me to dinner and into spending the evening with them.

"Miss Mathews? Welcome, I am Deidra, one of Ted's personal assistants, welcome to his home. This way please," she said inviting me inside. And though she had addressed herself as a "personal assistant," I couldn't help wondering what else she likewise helped to assist him in, especially dressed the way she was.

Deidra was a very tall, very statuesque blonde. Her long hair full, cascading well down over her shoulders. The dress, though more gown ... flowing as she walked, hugging the curves of her obviously near perfect sculptured body. I had thought to wear one of my favorite "little black" cocktail dresses, now feeling vastly underdressed even having put that on as I followed her down the long, expensively decorated hallway.

If I had thought my own breasts to be impressive, I was even more impressed with the way hers looked. Her gown, a deep plunging "V" in front, showing off more than enough cleavage, that even I wasn't sure I'd be very comfortable with in displaying. Once again giving me pause as to her actual role and association with Mr. Mason.

I was soon led into a formal, yet cozy sitting room.

"May I fix you a drink while you're waiting?" She asked, pouring herself one obviously. "Ted will be here shortly," she added, once again waiting for my reply.

"Hmm, Ted," I thought. Certainly and suddenly less formal all of a sudden. "I'd like a vodka martini please ... dry?" She smiled at that, pouring out of a silver pitcher, obviously some had been made up ahead of time. She poured two in fact, handing one to me, the other left on the bars counter. Obviously that was Ted's preferred choice of beverage too.

It was at that moment the doors opened and Ted came strolling into the room. He had on a white dinner jacket, black bow tie, hand-tied as I could easily see, and immediately accepted the drink that Deidra now handed to him.

"Glad you could make it," he said smiling for what I believed had to have been the first time really, and then complimented me on my dress. "Please, sit down ... enjoy your drink." He then turned to Deidra. "Let us know when dinner's ready," he said simply, obviously dismissing her.

"Yes Ma..." she paused catching herself, correcting herself. "Yes Sir," she finished. She then hurriedly left, though I caught the briefest of less than satisfactory looks from Ted as she did so. His face immediately changing again however back to that near perfect smile as he held up his own drink to mine, clinking glasses.

"To a very successful and hopefully lucrative merger," he toasted. "I enjoyed working with you," he then added.

"And I ... enjoyed working with you too," I responded, now sipping my perfectly made drink.

"Dry enough?"

"Perfect," I said smiling back, fidgeting just a little as I all but melted down into the plush leather seats we were sitting in.

He stood, for the first time walking over to stand there beside me, looking down at me as he did. And it was the first time, I honestly believe, that he pointedly stared at my breasts. From his angle and position, there was no doubt he could see a hell of a lot more of me than he would have standing any place else. And I knew it, though as I'd already promised myself earlier ... if he did, I might just sit back and see what happened next.

"Besides celebrating tonight," he began once again looking into my eyes, "I wanted to invite you out here for another reason."

"Oh? And what was that?"

He smiled, that disarming, charming ... fucking good looking smile of his making me feel like some teenage girl who'd just been given her first kiss. And he hadn't even kissed me!

"I'd like to make you a proposition ... after dinner," he informed me. And then as though on cue, Deidra reappeared announcing that dinner was ready. He held out his hand to me, helping me to stand as Deidra then took our drinks, remaining where she was as I followed Ted down yet another long hallway.

Once again, I wasn't sure what to expect, or what I should have been as we were met at another large set of double doors. "Another assistant?" I asked myself as another very beautiful brunette met us at the door, dressed in the very same dress that Deidra had been wearing. She held the door open, saying nary a word, a slight bow of her head as Ted and I walked by, a small upturned smile on her lips as she and I locked eyes very briefly. Ahead of us, within an enormous room sat a small, but well laid out little table. I'd half expected some long formal dining room table as big as the room was. As though reading my mind, Ted spoke.

"I do have a much larger table, seats well over twenty guests," he informed me. But for more intimate dinner engagements, I find this feels a bit more comfortable. Looks awkward to be sitting at one end of a large table like that don't you think?"

I actually laughed. "I wouldn't know ... I'm not sure I ever have."

Ted then introduced me to "Bella," this new assistant as she in turn escorted in yet another young woman. This one less formally dressed, more like I'd expected some sort of servant, butler, or even a maid to have been dressed as she and another young woman who then appeared, brought in the first course, serving us simultaneously as Bella stood there looking on.

After Bella then poured us both wine, she followed out the two young looking females, once again closing the large doublewide doors, and backing through them as she did, almost bowing in a way.

"I can barely afford the cleaning lady I have," I said trying to make a joke, simultaneously trying to calm my nerves as I once again caught Ted with his eyes obviously devouring my chest again.

"They don't clean ... they serve," he said pointedly, though once again smiling. "I have other staff hired that do that ... but not when I have guests here of course."

"Of course," I said sipping the perfectly prepared potato soup and marveling over the obviously expensive bottle of wine that had been especially opened and served along with it.

We sat enjoying our meal together as one course after another was served. Each one perfectly prepared, especially the Beef Wellington, as we continued on getting to know one another a little better. At least far more on a personal level than we had done when we'd been alone together in the past.

When we were finished, Bella passed us back off to Deidra again, now led into yet another room where after dinner brandy's had been prepared and were waiting for us. I also noticed that there were two bound leather binders lying on a nearby table as we entered the room.

"Well, as I mentioned to you earlier, I have a proposition for you Chris, and hopefully, you'll give it some time to think about it and seriously decide."

"Decide what?" I now asked curiously, though by now ... I had a pretty good idea as to what he was about to propose to me.

"What you'd think about coming to work for me of course," he said once again smiling that smile. Such a simple thing really, and yet ... sending a pulse of excitement coursing through me, stiffening my nipples, which in turn sent a relay of anticipation and pleasure all the way down to my groin. "Now I know ... they pay you well, or well enough where you work hopefully. But after you've had a chance to read through the contracts, I think you'll find that the compensation I'm offering you, will be substantially more than that."

Now I had to ask, curious. "Two contracts? Why two?"

He paused looking at me, trying to decide perhaps if now was the time to tell me, obviously deciding that it was.

"If you're half the woman I think you are, then you've already done some homework learning about me," he began. And he was right, I had. Long before we'd even met, which is how I had learned a bit more about his lavish way of living, the bevy of women he seemed to have on each arm at nearly every social event in town.

"I have ... yes, and I'm pretty sure you've done the same thing with me as well, which is obviously how you knew I enjoyed a nice dry, vodka martini."

He smiled at that. "Yes, I have. But ... it was actually working with you, judging your character and professionalism, under stress, and under very unusual circumstances, that convinced me to see if you'd be interested in coming to work for me," he stated.

Once again, I was curious about the two different contracts however, and so asked him.

"As I've already said, I would hope that you would take both contracts home with you tonight, read both of them through thoroughly, and then after having done so, be prepared to give me an answer as to which one you'd feel most comfortable in signing." He grew serious then, his look ... the same one I'd seen him use when he was consulting, firm ... non negotiable in his approach, almost menacing. "Whichever one you decide on ... IF you decide on either one of them, is non-negotiable. I need to tell you, they'll be no discussing it, the terms are specifically clear. What it says, it says. There are no hidden or double meanings, in other words ... no fine print. It is what it is, and I'd expect you to live up to the terms of the agreement, one hundred percent. Whichever one, you decide to accept, should you choose to even do so."

Now I really was curious. "Ok, I will do that. I'll read them each thoroughly, completely, and then give you my decision. But will you at least tell me now ... what the difference between the two of them is?"

He seemed to think about that for a moment, and then nodded his head. "Very well, since you've asked, and since you've promised me to at least read through both of them later before making any final decisions towards either one, I'll tell you. The biggest difference between the two of them is this. Under the terms of the first agreement, you come to work for me solely as my assistant in whatever consulting project we're invited, or hired on to do. Nothing more, nothing less. But that means ... there will never, ever be ... anything intimate or sexual in nature between us. Period. The moment you even suggest it, hint at it, desire it ... you'll be terminated for cause."

His answer, his explanation shocking me a little. "Ok," I paused hesitating ... not sure what I should be feeling at the moment at his surprising candor by way of explaining it to me. "And the other?"

"Just the opposite," he said smiling. "You come to work for me as my assistant, much like Deidra and Bella. You'll escort me at times, be there with me to entertain and socialize with clients, friends, and influential people of all sorts in a wide variety of ways. We will no doubt become intimate, have relations, and from time to time, enjoy ourselves in the company of others. At any time you thus choose not to fulfill that particular role as outlined in the agreement, you will also be terminated for cause. And I can assure you, they're both legal, binding contractual agreements. There will be no severance, or any other monetary compensation beyond that which you will have already earned. So, as I said ... it will be entirely up to you, which one you elect to choose. But once decided, there will be no going back either way. Understood?"

He then further shocked me again. My compensation as he called it, in the first one ... the monthly amount alone more than I made in an entire year. And I honestly thought I was making fairly decent money in my position. And though I enjoyed my job, I also knew I was in a niche, one in which I would never be able to climb out of, or leave, or hope for any other kind of advancement in the company I was currently working for. It's just the way it was, family owned and controlled for the most part. And unless I was willing to marry into it myself ... which I wasn't, then I was basically at a dead-end job, even though it still paid fairly well.

But if I thought I was surprised, shocked, by the first offer, I was even more confused by the second one. It paid substantially less. Still far more than what I was making now, but at a considerable difference.

"Ok, I'm confused here," I told him honestly. "I make more ... a hell of a lot more, if there's no sexual relationship between us, just business correct?"

"In a way, yes. On paper at least. But in the second option, you will have considerably more perks so to speak. For one, you'll find there is an option to move in here, so all of your needs, requirements, and expenses will be taken care of. You'll have an entire private wing all to yourself, complete with a personal maid, driver, and even a chef, all of which will be on twenty-four hour call for you, should you ever require anything of them. Even if that is wanting or desiring a hot freshly baked cinnamon roll at three in the morning. That's what they're here for, and that's what I pay them handsomely for in doing. Obviously, you'll accompany me on certain trips, you'll be in a position to see a lot more of the world, go to exotic places with me, entertain guest with me, go to premiers ... that sort of thing. But as you will see upon reading both documents, I do have ... and will require, absolute obedience, in whatever form that it takes. If you cannot, and will not agree to either one of those conditions or terms, then we part ways here tonight. And we will not speak or see one another again afterwards. And likewise, as already mentioned. The moment you break the terms in either one of those contractual agreements, then so too will our relationship come to an immediate end. As long as you understand that, and can accept it, then either one you choose, I look forward to working with you ... or, being with you," he then added.

It wasn't long after that, I was escorted to the door again, and out to my still waiting limousine, carrying the two leather bound contracts. Both Deidra and Bella walked me out to the car, somewhat surprised that Ted had said his own good-byes for the evening there in the sitting room where we'd finished our Brandy's, not following me out.

"We do hope, you'll decide to come and stay ... and work with us," they both told me. "If you do ... I think you'll find it to be very interesting," Bella added. "If not far more enjoyable than anything you could have ever imagined," Deidra concluded. And with that, I slid into the seat, watching them close my door, and then kissing one another, as the car slowly pulled away.

"Fuck me!" I thought looking back through the window. I had every intention of reading every single word in both contracts ... at least twice, if not three times.

As it turned out, I read them both, three times that amount. And even then, I still hadn't made a decision.

I decided to sleep on it. But all I did was toss and turn half the night, getting up at four in the morning, reading them both again. What finally decided it for me, was while sitting there in the dark, all alone ... I realized then what my life had become like for me, and what it would continue to be unless I went out and did something about it.

And then suddenly, I knew.

I waited until six a.m., and then called him on his private number, which he had told me he changed once a week, so I only had that long in which to contact him with my final decision. It hadn't as yet even been twenty-four hours. To my surprise, he answered on the first ring, telling me he was in fact already up. Even the sound of his voice when he answered was sharp, crystal clear, sounding like he'd been awake for hours, maybe he had.

"Mr. Mason?"

He laughed. "For now anyway ... call me Ted. Surprised to hear from you so soon, and so early Chris," he spoke sounding genuinely surprised. "Have you made a decision yet?"

"Maybe," I responded back, though I'm not sure he was too pleased with my answer. I do have one more small question before I do that," I informed him.

Having read through the contracts numerous times, Ted had in fact been correct in that everything was clearly stated, and accurately defined. There was no legalese being used to confuse me, or require that I too obtain a lawyer, just so I could read it. And there was also no fine print. If anything, there was BOLD print, which had been paragraphed all by itself, at the bottom of one page. It was clear, precise, and obvious as to what it said. But it was also the one thing that still bothered me, caused me to hesitate.

"When asked, you will do what you're told without question."

"What does this mean precisely?" I now asked.

"Just what it says," he responded back simply. "Whatever I ask you to do, I expect you to do it, without pause, without hesitation, and without question."

Just the way he'd said that told me he meant what he'd said. The problem was, what was it he'd require of me, ask me to do? What if ... I just simply, couldn't, or wouldn't do it? I already had the answer to that, I'd be terminated, our contract broken, end of subject. But the real question was ... what would I be asked, expected to do? What if ... I just couldn't do it, was I then throwing away a good job? Would I thus come to regret my decision?"

"I know what you're thinking, what you're wondering about Chris," he told me, as though still able to read my mind. "You're concerned that I will ask you to do something that goes against your moral upbringing, your self-worth, your conscience? Yes?"

"Yes," I responded back. "That's it precisely. What if you ask me ... tell me to do something, and I can't. Then that's it right?"

"That's correct Chris ... that's it. However, let me assure you of something before you decide one way or the other. Things I might ask you to do, are things I know that you can and will do. Even during the short time I've come to know you. I believe I know you, better than you know yourself. I will never ask, nor will I ever require you to do anything illegal, or immoral, though some by society's standards might see that a bit differently. But the point is Chris, and especially in the beginning, I won't ask you to do things that I know for now ... you might not be comfortable in doing. It is not to say I won't test you a little, cause you to stretch some until you are. But I will never, ever ask you to do anything that I don't think you'd be ready or willing to do. Does that make things any easier for you?" He asked.

I had the distinct feeling he wouldn't accept another "maybe" from me ... so I told him "yes," instead.

I could almost see the smile on his face when I said that.

"Tell you what Chris, how about you come over this morning, have some breakfast with us," he said obviously including both Deidra and Bella in his invitation. "And I will give you a small, though dramatic demonstration of just exactly what I might expect of you for now. How's that sound?"

"Ok, that sounds fine," I said somewhat nervously, though excitedly too.

"You remember how to get here, or would you prefer I send a car?"

"I remember," I told him, best give me a couple of hours though before I can get there."

"You can shower here later, it's just six-thirty now. I'll expect you by eight." And with that, he hung up the phone without waiting for a response.

I barely had time enough to dress let alone anything else. I figured during the hour long drive I had ahead of me, I might at least be able to apply a little makeup. Beyond that, I threw a brush through my hair quickly, jumped into what I figured was a reasonably nice skirt and blouse, and then headed off. Taking both contracts unsigned with me when I did.

I arrived at ten minutes to eight. As before, Deidra meeting me at the door. She too looked a bit more casual, though still elegant. She had on what appeared to be an expensively tailored white blouse and black skirt. It certainly wasn't short, but she wore seamed stockings with it, and I knew then, she no doubt had garters on underneath it as well.

She smiled upon seeing me, even leaning over to give me a quick kiss on the cheek when I entered. "Nice to see you again," she offered. "I do hope you've decided to join us here."

"I don't know ... we'll see," I responded back seeing a slight look of disappointment in her face though she said nothing else, now leading me down the hall, though past the room I'd been asked to wait in before. "He's in his study this morning," she informed me, now leading me down another hallway, and then up a short flight of stairs. "This way, this is his own private quarters," she then informed me, letting me know, that coming here was by invitation only. Something I would no doubt need to remember.

He was indeed sitting behind a desk when I entered. Bella standing off to one side likewise smiling at me as I came in.

Once again another quick round of "good-mornings and hellos" followed. I placed the unsigned contracts down on his desk.

"Which would you prefer? Breakfast first? Or the small, simple demonstration first?"

I was too curious, and admittedly too anxious to wait. I'd already decided that if what I saw, or whatever it was he now asked me to do ... if I in fact couldn't do it, that there was really no point in wasting one another's time, even over breakfast.

"Why don't we do the demonstration first. That way, if we find out this just isn't going to work, we won't find ourselves being awkward over breakfast afterwards."

He smiled at that, nodding. "Deidra? Bella? If you two wouldn't mind standing next to one another at the door please?" He now asked.

The immediately did so, each one once again wearing the same identical outfits. Black skirts and expensively tailored white blouses.

Ted then looked at me, his face taking on that serious demanding expression of his. "Just remember Chris, this is only a demonstration ... a bit dramatic of course, with good reason. But even then, I don't believe I am about to ask you to do anything that I don't believe you incapable of doing. It might seem a bit of a stretch maybe, even for you. But certainly nothing that I think you, or anyone else would find themselves wrestling with after doing it. So ... having said that, shall we begin?"

Nervously I nodded my head.

"Oh, one small minor thing you need to know. When it's just us, and no one else ... you will always respond with "Yes Master." Any other time, it will be Yes Sir, or Yes Mr. Mason if we're in some sort of a formal setting, or if I am entertaining guests when you're around. Though ... there will also be what is called "relaxed time" when you are free to speak your mind, call me Ted, or whatever else you feel like calling me at the moment, without fear or repercussions for having done so. But ... to fail to do so, when it's not relaxed time, doesn't come without some form of minor penalty. All of which, either Deidra or Bella can explain to you later. So ... understood?"

I couldn't believe it when I said it ... but I did.

"Yes Master."

Although he half-grinned when I said that, he didn't comment on it any further either. Instead, once again looking at me directly, and then told me to go over and stand directly in front of Deidra, which I then did.

"Ok now. Chris? What I want you to do, is to grab the front of Deidra's blouse and rip it open."

I looked up into her eyes, I know the confusion, uncertainty in doing that was showing in my face. She quickly whispered to me as I stood there. "Just do it, do it exactly the way he asked you to ... but do it now!"

Surprised at myself, I reached up, grabbing her shirt, yanking it, ripping it open. Button's suddenly flying everywhere, in every direction. The beautiful hand-tailored shirt she was wearing completely ruined. She now stood before me in her tattered shirt, the white also expensive looking lacy bra the only thing still covering her magnificent looking breasts. Deidra hadn't even flinched when I'd grabbed her and torn her shirt apart.

"See? Not too terribly difficult now was it?" He said, "though ... you did hesitate some when I told you to do it. So ... let's try it again shall we? Go ahead and step over in front of Bella this time."

I did that, now standing there looking into her eyes, as she too smiled at me and just mouthed the words, "Do it!"

"Ok Chris ... rip her blouse."

This time I didn't hesitate at all, doing the exact same thing to her beautiful looking blouse that I had done to Deidra's. It too came away in my hands, button's popping off flying everywhere, an obvious rip being heard as I yanked it, likewise revealing her rather sexy-looking bra clad breasts.

I looked over towards him then, wondering if I'd passed the test.

"We're not done yet," he informed me. "Now, reach up and remove her bra."

I turned back around, looking. It was indeed one where the fastening was in front, easy to reach up for and undo. Which I now did. The moment I'd unfastened it, it came apart, her beautiful breasts now bare, popping out of it. I stood there staring at them, at her, wondering as I did ... what next? Somehow I knew we were far from finished yet. And then I heard Bella once again whispering.

"Do whatever he asks you to do, don't worry about it, just do it."

"Well done Chris, now ... for the stretching it a little part," he stated standing up walking over so he could now stand off to one side looking at me, at the two of us as I stood there. "When I tell you to do so ... I want you to slap her breast."

I almost looked at him, somehow holding my ground, somewhat shocked at what I'd heard, and yet Bella simply smiled at me though just barely.

"Now! Do it!" He commanded.

I couldn't believe myself when I did. The moment the words came out of his mouth, my hand came up, striking her breast, slapping it, although I held back just a bit when I did, not so much that I didn't feel it, or that she didn't when I did. But I didn't want to hurt her either, hitting, or rather slapping her exposed tender flesh too hard.

"Do it again, to the other one this time, but harder this time too Chris ... now, Do it!"

Once again I did so, and in fact, actually did slap her tit a bit harder this time, feeling it in my own hand, seeing her breast wobble for a moment afterwards before settling down again. Even Bella's expression told me she'd felt it that time, wincing just a little perhaps, but then smiling again, even more so than she had been.

"Better, much ... much better. Ok, now, let's see you do Deidra this time."

Just as Bella's bra had done, Deidra's too popped open in front, revealing her breasts. Though she didn't smile, she did wink at me, just moments before the command came.

"Now ... do it!"

My hand came up, fully this time, coming around, slapping her breast, feeling the weight of my palm grazing it, seeing it wobble, hearing the harsh sound as flesh came against flesh. Her eyes actually widening in surprise, along with the smile that now came to her face.

"Nicely done," Ted said moving over, his own hand now coming up, caressing the reddened breast gingerly, softly, even going so far as to briefly pinch and twist her nipple a little, causing it to further harden even more than it already was.

"No need to do the other one, you did very well that time," he said returning to his seat, inviting me to sit back down again as well. Though I noticed, neither woman moved, neither one bothering to cover themselves up again, or attempt to straighten or in any way repair the damages.

"You may all speak freely," he then said. Having heard that, Bella was the first to step over, leaning over, kissing me on the cheek.

"No worries honey," she told me. "Both Deidra and I are used to that. In fact, not that you've any need to worry about it around here, but if there ever is any disputes between us, or any of the other lesser attendants you'll be running into? We have what are called "titty" slap discussions, where whatever disagreements or disputes that might exist between us, are resolved in a very similar fashion. There hasn't been the need for one of those in quite some time now, as most of us all get fairly well along together. But ... just so you know, you certainly didn't hurt either one of us when you did that," she assured me. Deidra then too expressed the same sentiments to me as well, likewise kissing me on the other cheek.

"In fact..." she laughed. I rather enjoy having my titties slapped, amongst other things," she added once again winking at me. "So no worries ... it didn't hurt at all, in fact honey ... it felt amazingly good."

Personally, I wasn't too sure about having my own tits slapped like that, and made a mental note not to ever push anything where I'd find myself in a tit-slapping match with any of the other women around here, which there obviously were after what she'd just said.

"The only thing you might want to be aware of?" Bella did now suddenly add. "Is some of the other girls, who've been hoping to fill this current vacant position? Well ... they might not be as friendly towards you as we are. They've all been vying to replace the position recently vacated. And with you ... if you do decide to join us, filling the void, well ... they might not be quite as cordial towards you as we've been.

"Now girls," Ted said finally speaking up. "Let's not go getting Chris unduly concerned or worried about that. Especially with me here. And if she does in fact decide to accept the position, I'll make a point of warning the rest of them, that she's to be treated as a head mistress, even if she hasn't earned the right to fully be one as yet."

"Head Mistress?" I thought to myself, but decided to save that question for another time.

Ted then announced he had an appointment he needed to head off to, giving instructions to Deidra and Bella to give me a brief tour of the estate. "What else is on the schedule for today?" He then asked.

Bella spoke, it was obvious she was in charge of doing that. "Besides your noon meeting, and the guest we have coming over tonight, we do have one "Lesser" with a small violation that needs seeing.

Ted looked at me, smiled. "Take care of it, show Chris ... and explain to her what that is. Oh, and you might also want to show her the girls dorms while you're at it," he stated, and then stood up in preparation of leaving. "Time we get serious again, and back to work," he then added.

"Yes master," both Bella and Deidra answered, bowing slightly as Ted left the room.

"Dorms?" I asked after he had gone.

"We'll show you, and explain all that later," Bella informed me. Just before Ted had left, he also invited me to stay for the evening as well. He had a guest coming for dinner, and informed me that I might want to sit in on the evening, get an even better idea of some of the things that went on around here. That he believed might give me an even better understanding of what it was like being here. With that, he headed out as Bella and Deidra took me on a brief tour after first changing their blouses since the ones they'd been wearing had been ruined.

As I already knew, the place was enormous, sprawled out on several acres of immaculately manicured gardens, pool area, and orchard. Towards the far back of the property sat what appeared to be almost an apartment complex. This I was informed were the dorms.

Deidra was showing me around as Bella had other duties to attend to soon leaving us. "This is where the Lesser's stay," she began. "Usually, we have at the minimum twelve who are here, no less than eight most of the time. A few, actually live off grounds in their own apartments, though if they do ... Ted doesn't pay their full tuition for schooling if they are in fact going to school, which many of the girls are. For those that are here full time, he pays their tuition, books and such. They earn extra money based on their participation at whatever functions, gatherings, or social events we have here. She had already explained to me that they were called "Lesser's" as they were in fact less than anyone else here while in attendance. In addition, I learned there was also a privilege ranking even amongst Deidra and Bella, and me as well if I so decided to join them in coming here.

After taking a brief tour of the girls dorms, where I also learned they cooked, cleaned and fended for themselves there. In addition to actual studies if they were going to school, they also had studies and assignments in what they were obviously being taught here too. Many girls with the hopes of one day climbing up in the ranks as it were.

"We do lose a few," Deidra informed me. If there is a third violation for the same offense, the girls are then asked to leave, and there is no coming back, no reprieve. For those who truly do wish to remain here, they learn quickly. That is why there are very few disputes that ever really need to be resolved. On occasion however, we'll get someone who's a bit more stubborn and bullheaded, and press her luck. Unfortunately, those girls don't usually remain here very long.

"What was this infraction you spoke of earlier?" I asked.

"Oh that," she laughed. "A minor one really, and not worth Master's time. Usually, he calls on one of us to administer any appropriate punishments, and in this case, I'll be the one doing so, which is where we are headed now."

"What did the girl do?" I wondered.

"Like I said, a minor thing really ... but something the girls know better than to do. She looked me straight in the eye, rather than looking down as we passed in the hallway. For that, she's to be punished having not been given permission to have done so."

The more I heard, the more I wondered. "Was this indeed the kind of place, the type of environment I really wanted to be in? I now had my own doubts, though I hadn't as yet fully made up my mind either. I was curious yes, at times intrigued even, but this was an aspect of life that I wasn't too sure I would fit in with very well myself. Even so, I followed Deidra back into the main house and into another area I had never been in before.

"I'm taking you to a place we call Chambers," she informed me. "Chambers is where we hold meetings, court, judgments, and of course punishments if they're to be given. Now, I would ask that you do me a favor here if you would please. Follow along and observe only, say and speak nothing while inside. There will of course be curious onlookers as to your being here, but that isn't to be mentioned or addressed now. As far as any of the Lesser's are concerned, you are right now, one of us."

I was surprised when we entered a small room, all around inside were long black satin like robes that hung on the walls. "I'll need you to put one of these on," she told me and then began to undress until she was entirely naked before slipping on one of the robes. "If you don't mind doing the same," she smiled. "And please, remember what you see and hear today, must remain here. What you are about to witness and see is for a reason, the girls are here to learn obedience, and discipline, and there are many, many ways that we go about teaching them that."

After I had myself undressed and slipped into my robe, I followed Deidra into what almost looked like a cathedral inside. And though it was arranged with what appeared to be hard wooden benches, they formed a half circle in front of some sort of Dias, or platform. Behind that, several far more comfortable seats, one of which was currently being filled by Bella as she patiently waited for us to join her. At the moment, there were nine young women sitting there on the benches wearing white, with six others wearing blue, two of which I now realized, had to be older than even I was! All of them wore robes similar to the black one I had on, though obviously in different colors. Though Bella I had noticed was the only one wearing red.

Bella stood as we came in, as did everyone else sitting there in attendance.

"Mistress Deidra?" Bella began. "As it was you who the novice affronted, it will be up to you to administer her punishment. Also, it is noted, this is her second offense for the same lack of respect shown to you as was shown to one of the Attending's the last time. As such, her punishment shall be doubled for the offense, and given as a last and final warning."

Obviously as I now realized, as Bella spoke looking over towards the row of women all sitting together dressed in the blue robes. These I realized, had to be the one's she'd addressed as "Attendings".

"Novice Jamie? If you would please step forward and approach the platform?"

I now watched as one of the younger looking women, obviously Jamie, walked over towards the raised platform stepping on to it. She had long blonde hair falling well down to the middle of her back. She was strikingly beautiful as well, though her look was one of fear and anxiety as she slowly approached. I stood off to one side, merely watching ... observing, as Deidra now moved forward joining her. Behind Bella, on the wall, I only then noticed what appeared to be a collection of various kinds of whips. I'd at first thought them to be part of the d├ęcor, some sort of a collection perhaps. But now I realized, they were items that were obviously used. Deidra stepped up, selecting one that I later learned was called a "quirt". Once she had done so, she walked over towards the young woman, motioning over towards the Attendings as she did. Two stood, immediately coming over to now join the two of them.

As one, the two Attendings now reached down, lifting the robe pulling it up and completely over the young woman's head. She now stood there, totally naked in front of everyone. "Assume the position," Deidra told her letting the sound of the Quirt be heard as she snapped it within her hand. Jamie turned, bending over completely, her hands actually coming down to take a hold of her own ankles. In the next instant, Deidra struck Jamie's bare ass with the small whip, three times in rapid succession, stopping briefly, and then doing so again. I noticed from even where I stood, the young woman's ass had taken on a rosy red glow where each one of her cheeks had been struck.

"That is to teach you discipline and respect," she informed the young woman. "And now, you will be further taught obedience and humility." Deidra then nodded her head at the two Attending's, who now walked over towards her. Unlike the Novice robes that were pulled over the top of her head, my robe like Deidra's were tied and fastened in front. As one, they now stood in front of Deidra, undoing the sash and fastenings until it fell completely open. They then stood behind her, taking it from her as it came away. She now too, standing there as naked as the somewhat now cowering young woman was. One of the Attendings now leaned over pulling something out of a drawer that was in the six foot long Dias they were standing next to. It looked as though to be some sort of padded comforter, along with a pillow, all in a rich deep red, that was now spread out upon the Dias itself. Once it had been, Deidra climbed up, lying down upon it, making herself comfortable, legs spread. The two Attendings then took up positions on either side of the Dias and began softly caressing, almost playfully teasing Deidra's beautiful nude body as she lay there. Only then did Bella step forward speaking once again.

"Gather round," she simply commanded, "Learn how to obey and to serve," she added as each one of the Novices now approached, forming yet again another half circle around Jamie and Deidra as Jamie now leaned forward, though still standing, and immediately began licking Deidra's very exposed pussy.

I was slightly surprised to be witnessing this for one thing, not quite or entirely expecting it. Once again my own emotions a jumble at this point, realizing to some degree of what was expected and being required around here. And yet ... standing there witnessing what I now was, I found myself becoming mildly aroused by it.

I had a few years back, dabbled in my own college curiosities as they say, and had admittedly in fact, enjoyed the experience. Since then however, I hadn't again experimented, or enjoyed the pleasures of being with another woman. As I stood there watching this now however, those same feelings, desires, wants and needs suddenly came rushing back. I was thus quite surprised to find myself becoming obviously aroused as I stood there watching the young woman obediently, and now quite openly enjoying it, as she continued licking and sucking Deidra's cunt.

Bella had in the meantime taken down what appeared to me to be a riding crop. Walking up behind the young woman Jamie, she now joined the half-circle of curious interested Novices and Attendings who all stood around watching what was now taking place. Without warning, without hesitation, she again landed the crop with a loud resounding smack on the woman's left cheek, causing her to wince slightly as she did so, though she continued without pause, licking Deidra's wide open, obscenely displayed pussy.

To my ultimate surprise however, even as this was going on, I noticed more than one Novice had now lifted their robes, hands down between their legs, obviously and very openly masturbating themselves. Even one or two of the Attendings were doing so as well, though these, I also noticed, appeared to be doing one another in some instances. Bella struck the woman again twice more, then laying down the crop, reaching to part her own robe. When she did, I immediately saw something else, what appeared to be a long, thick, life-like looking phallus sticking up between her legs. It was evident, Bella was wearing some sort of a strap-on.

She now stood behind the young woman, placing the fake prick against the woman's ass, though without inserting it, simply asked her. "Do you ... submit?"

"Yes Mistress Bella!" Came the reply. "Yes!"

I couldn't believe I could now find myself as aroused as I now was, standing there watching this, walking forward just a bit in order to get a closer, better look at everything that was going on. Upon hearing the young woman's willing submission, Bella immediately repositioned the stiff hard cock she had on, and slid it inside the young girl in one single thrusting motion, burying it deep inside the young woman's pussy. There she held, staying for a moment, letting the girl get used to it perhaps, though she herself continued to lick, tickle and suck Deidra's spread cunt without missing a single beat in doing so.

I now felt my own moisture gathering between my legs, no longer caring, though no eyes seemed to be focused on me, I reached down, likewise parting the seam in my robe, easily locating my own, very wet split and began toying with it.

Standing there watching the spectacle before me, I was surprised at the level of obvious intensity which had been reached. The two Attendings on either side of Deidra, each one leaning over to suck, kiss and caress her breasts, all the while openly fingering themselves while doing so. Many of the other Attendings going so far as to remove their own robes, now stood fondling, caressing, or brazenly finger-fucking one another or themselves, one or two others now inviting one of the Novices to begin doing so to them, which they likewise now did. I noticed however, than none of the Novices touched any of the others, only themselves as many now were invited to remove their own robes, which most of them did. Bella continued fucking the young woman, even as Deidra finally cried out with climatic joy, announcing the unbridled arrival of her pleasure.

"May I ... may I come now Mistress Bella?" Jamie asked looking back over her shoulder.

"No ... you may not, not today, not this way at least," she warned her. Only then stepping back, pulling out of the young woman's cunt. "But you may, pleasure yourself to completion if you wish, while we all watch you," she then added. I saw a small look of obvious relief on the young woman's face. Deidra now sliding off the table, standing beside it as the Attendings brought her robe back to her, helping to put it on again. She looked towards me, smiling, and motioned me over. I was still standing there with my own hand between my legs, not realizing it for a moment until she'd done that. Only then removing it, allowing the folds of my robe to close once again, before walking over to stand next to her.

"You may have one of the Novices, or even one of the Attending's finger you if you'd like," she said whispering, but you must not touch any of them in here," she then added.

"No, that's ok ... I'm fine," I responded back, though admittedly aroused, still in need and surprised to find myself enthralled watching all this.

As for Jamie, she had now crawled up onto the Dias, openly spreading her legs, where she proceeded to furiously finger-fuck herself, slapping her clit in fact, urging herself on towards climax all the while others standing there looking on, watching her, fingering themselves, or someone else having been invited to do so. Throughout the entire chamber, one by one, the pleasured moans and groans of ecstasy finally being reached, began to reverberate throughout the entire massive room.

Even though I was honestly still aroused, I had decided against allowing myself to do more than I already had. Following Deidra back into the small changing room, Bella soon after arrived joining us.

"So ... you ok by all of that?" She asked pointedly.

"It was ... interesting," I responded, still feeling the flush of excitement and arousal as the three of us stood there dressing again. I couldn't help but glance over, admiring Bella's firm full breasts, the continued stiff hardness of her nipples as she almost too slowly, too casually slipped back into her clothing again. Deidra too took her time, but then surprised me further, reaching over before I had managed to replace my bra, which was still hanging on one of the nearby hooks on the wall, hefting my breast in her hand momentarily.

"You have lovely tits," she told me. "I'm already looking forward to sucking them." I laughed at that, feeling embarrassed, still flushed, a jolt of renewed arousal traveling down to my groin as she quickly kissed it, sucking the nipple briefly before letting go. "Whenever you're ready for that," she then added.

I hated to admit it, but I was ready now, wrestling with my emotions however, just barely succeeding in overcoming them as I hurriedly finished dressing.

"Well, since you'll be staying with us through dinner this evening at least, how about I show you the fitting and dressing rooms? Let's see if we can't find something suitable for you to wear tonight," Bella told me. I soon after followed, wondering now what the rest of the day and evening was going to be like. It had been interesting enough as it was. But with a male guest being in attendance tonight, and one that both Bella and Deidra told me had some interesting little quirks about him, I couldn't help wondering what I was letting myself in for.

They had shown me the gowns they would themselves be wearing this evening, each one similar to those they had worn the night before, though in a dark sparkling blue color.

"You'll be introduced to Robert as another one of Ted's guests," Bella told me. "We don't want him making any assumptions about you, and as such, we'll make sure you're dressed in something totally different than what we'll be wearing," she explained.

I tried on a few different gowns, dresses, though one that fit almost perfectly ended up being a long floor-length emerald green affair that was cut well up the hip along one side. Obviously, I wouldn't be able to wear anything underneath it. But also posing as another one of Ted's guests, I'd no doubt not be expected to be doing so either. And though it wasn't as low-cut as either one of the gowns that Deidra and Bella would be wearing, it was low-cut enough that I knew I'd be showing off more than an ample amount of cleavage myself. Still, I had to admit, I thought I looked pretty good in it after putting it on.

"It's time for our afternoon massages," Deidra stated then as we handed over the gowns to a waiting Novice who was to ensure that they were clean and wrinkle free before the evening began. I watched as she hurried off, remembering the scene in the Chamber.

"You mind if I ask another question?"

"Feel free, ask anything you'd like ... it's the best way to learn," Bella stated.

"Well, I was wondering. Obviously there is a hierarchy of privilege between the Novices, Attendings and yourselves. I got that, that much was obvious by what I saw. But I am curious ... amongst the two of you, is there also a level of priority and privilege there as well?"

"As a matter of fact there is, though it's not nearly as obvious perhaps, between Deidra and I, and say us ... and the Attendings or Novices. But yes ... there are a few minor differences. For one, as Senior Mistress, I have first rights and privileges always. What that means is ... say the three of us were invited to share Ted's bed one evening. What I have ... is first right, first privilege to fuck him, before either one of you would ... as would Deidra have first rights over you. However, if I so choose to pass off on that, then she is free of course to fuck him first, provided I have given up that right to do so. Likewise, on anything else that might happen or take place while in the room together. I have first right to suck his cock, though I might then ask or invite one of you to do so along with me. Or ... I might wish to be the first one, perhaps even the only one, to drink down his seed. In that instance, it is my right to do so, without either one of you questioning me on that, do you see?"

"Yes, I think so," I told her.

"Something else you need be aware of," Deidra added. "Until such time as you decide, if and when you do decide to come here and stay with us, and even then ... decide to become a full Mistress, until such time as you do, you will never be allowed, or invited to share Ted's bed alone with him. One of us at least will be there to join you. Only a full Mistress can accept an invitation by him to sleep alone with him in his room. It is a rare privilege to be invited to do so, usually ... one or both of us are usually with him. On even rarer occasions, if one of the Attendings, or Novices even have shown some worthwhile improvements, or have accomplished a specific set of goals, or achieved excellent grades in school. Sometimes they too can be invited to share his bed with us. But there again, always ... always ... always, will one of us at least be in attendance with him even then. But, I will also add this. Master has the right to decide what he wants, and when he wants it, regardless. If he chooses not to leave it up to us, or the natural order of things, then he has the right to overrule or decide for himself what he wants. In those instances, privilege, and first rights no longer come into play." She saw the look of confusion in my eyes perhaps, chuckling. "Don't worry sweetie, it's not nearly as complicated as it may sound. After you've been here a while, see how things work, it's actually quite simple. Now then ... we're already running late for our afternoon massage, so ... shall we?"

I followed the two of them down yet another hallway, entering a large bathing room complete with its own small sized pool, sauna, and obvious massage tables. Three Attendings stood waiting for us as we entered. Each wearing only a small, very short wrap around much like a sarong, and bare breasted.

"They are all fully skilled in the art," Bella said removing her robe, now naked climbing atop one of the tables, as she lay first face down. Deidra followed doing the same, as I then did. "Whatever kind of massage you'd like ... deep tissue, full workout massage, or even a nice gentle relaxing massage. Or ... if you prefer, a very sensual massage, that I guarantee you, is well worth it," she added, nodding her head at the woman standing next to her, thus letting her know that's exactly what it was she wanted for herself. "Anyway ... your choice, just relax and enjoy yourself."

I glanced up, the Attending one of the two older women I'd seen earlier inside the Chamber. I had seen her gently caress and suckle one of Deidra's breasts, arousing me to no end as I'd stood there watching her do that.

"I'll have what she's having," I said simply, seeing her smile, and then felt her hands as they soothingly began working my back.

None of the three spoke so much as a single word while the three of us lay there, though it wasn't long before I heard the pleasured sounds coming from both Bella as well as Deidra, as the two women working on them brought them ever closer to the peak of ecstasy. Whoever the older woman was that was working on me, had very skillful hands as well. She'd been slowly and ever so gradually teasing my neither lips, eventually even going so far as to allow an occasional finger to slip inside me, that I'd finally relaxed, even going so far as to spread my legs a bit more, inviting her to continue doing so.

I had been after all, very aroused, still very horny earlier from what I had seen, even though I hadn't as yet come to any final decisions about it. And yet ... I was indeed enjoying this, enjoying the company of these two very interesting, and obviously very powerful women who had seemingly accepted me as a near equal, when most anyone else might have felt threatened, jealous even, by having been given such an offer as I'd been given. And yes, even though I realized and now understood, there were still subtle differences, and would be until and if such time as I decided to allow myself to be "trained" as Bella had put it. I couldn't help but lay here and wonder what it would be like to experience and enjoy this every single day. Especially when I felt my own Attendant suddenly surround my clit with her fingertips, and begin working it slowly up and down.

Later that evening after a nice long hot bath, pedicure and manicure, I was then helped to dress. I hadn't seen or spoken to either Bella or Deidra shortly after our massages, though I am sure they had other duties and requirements that needed attending to. Soon after, I was escorted back down to the very same room I'd first been greeted in, where I again sat, enjoying and drinking another very nice dry martini. A short time later Deidra entered the room leading another rather attractive gentleman inside.

"Robert Jones? I'd like to introduce you to another one of our Master's guests for this evening. Miss Patricia Anderson," she said introducing me with a fake name, mainly for my own continued anonymity and security. Which immediately had me wondering, if both Deidra's and Bella's names weren't otherwise not their real one's either. But ... it was my mother's name, and maiden name, that I had given them to use. One at least I would be more familiar with in hearing during the course of the evening.

Deidra then fixed Robert a Scotch and tonic, soon after excusing herself, though promising to return back to us in a few minutes time, letting us know as she did, that Ted had already indicated he was already on his way down from his private rooms.

I had to secretly chuckle over my somewhat amusing cover story as well. One that I'd been told, Robert would be made well aware of prior to his arrival and meeting me. I was plain and simply a full-fledged lesbian, not at all interested, nor attracted to men, whatsoever. As such, though intrigued, perhaps even challenged, Robert knew going in, even as attractive as he actually was ... he had no chance with me whatsoever in anyway. And I noticed after our cordial, but less than friendly acceptance of one another, he appeared more anxious than comfortable, left alone with me in the room. I on the other hand, was enjoying this minor bit of role-playing immensely.

"Very beautiful women Ted has working for him doesn't he?" I said making small talk, though letting Robert know, and having it confirmed for him, that it was seeing them, not him, that had my full undivided attention here tonight. Though later ... he would be as well according to what I'd heard. Though I'd also heard, there was another aspect about him that was interesting as well, though I'd not been told as to what that was. Bella simply saying..."Enjoy it as it happens," she'd said, and then chuckled to herself.

Thankfully it wasn't long before Ted had joined us, along with both Bella and Deidra, wearing their beautiful, sparkling blue dresses, breasts almost bare, tantalizingly revealed, as they then escorted both Robert and I into the formal dining room. I smiled inwardly as we entered. A slightly larger table than the one I'd first dinned at myself, though not nearly as big as the one Ted had previously described. This time it was set for the five of us, and I knew then, Deidra and Bella both would be dining with us.

After we had finished another delicious meal, we were then escorted into yet another room, this one very spacious, relaxed and comfortable looking. I noticed at one end, there appeared to be a slightly, though small raised platform, though carpeted, with a wide variety of very comfortable looking pillows casually strewn about. After being offered a brandy, along with a small cigar, I had accepted each, perhaps surprising not only my host and hostesses, when I did, but not at all surprising Robert, who I now believed considered me more a rival as opposed to someone he had a chance at trying to seduce. Sitting back, sipping our cordials, enjoying the cigars, I was more than a little excited, and interested to see what was in store for us next. Thankfully, I didn't have too long to wait either.

The moment Bella and Deidra had seen to our immediate needs, they soon walked over to the small plat-formed area, where they slowly proceeded to undress one another. After they were both naked, I now watched as Deidra positioned herself there on the mini stage, kneeling on all fours, as Mistress Bella, having now procured a small whip, began laying it upon, and soon caressing her with it. Occasionally, as she did, she allowed a quick flick of her hand, the sharp sound of report coming from the gentle stinging sound of it landing against Deidra's exposed flesh. Marks soon beginning to appear across the cheeks of her ass, reddening in color, though Bella would very often lean over, kissing and licking them before striking her once again.

I couldn't help but glance over at Ted's additional guest, sitting there in his chair, Ted purposely sitting between us. Robert was obviously hard and aroused, his hand even then pressed, caressing and touching himself through the strained material of his slacks.

"Go right ahead," Ted told him, "Enjoy yourself, that's what we're all here to do tonight isn't it?" He mused.

I too had been told ahead of time, that I could do as much, or as little as I felt comfortable with, though I was also told, that Ted would no doubt very much enjoy seeing me participate, even in a small way, much for his own added pleasure. But that would in fact go a long way as well, in making Robert a bit more comfortable in having me there, since he'd not been expecting me. And if I wanted to see ... and enjoy whatever it was that Robert enjoyed doing, it would help a lot, if I was to in some way at least, openly act aroused, and uninhibitedly enjoy myself there in front of the two of them. But it was again ... totally up to me if I chose to do so or not.

Admittedly however, it wasn't so much an act at this point, as I was definitely becoming aroused, watching Bella and Deidra together. Eventually they had switched positions, where Deidra now caressed, and colored Bella's sweet ass with the crop, eventually even using it to fuck her with as the three of us sat there looking on.

Robert continued to periodically reach down, fondling his hard cock through his pants, though not quite being bold enough to expose himself, perhaps worriedly, and nervously so. Amused, but now more than a little aroused myself, I suddenly threw caution to the wind, standing up, where I now reached down, bunching up my dress and in one fluid motion, pulled it up and over my head. I sat back down, naked ... surprisingly comfortable in my own skin. And that was much to Ted's delight as I saw, his eyes shining, now fixed on me, as were Deidra's and Bella's as they both looked over and winked at me. I then allowed my hand to drop down into my lap, and found it pleasurably stimulating to be sitting there actually masturbating, smoking a cigar, as well as sipping my brandy, while the three of us sat watching Bella and Deidra begin to more explicitly pleasure one another.

At last, no longer able to help it, or contain himself, though I am sure that my having done what I did went a long way towards that, Robert too finally stood, undoing his pants, dropping them down around his ankles, though he went no further than that, in disrobing himself. He didn't need to. What I then saw ... nearly blew me away.

I have to freely admit, I have had one or two fairly large cocks in my lifetime. To be also be honest, I found it usually difficult in pleasurably accommodating one of any great size. Here however, what I now found myself looking at, seemed almost freakish, and perhaps in a way ... was.

There was also no mistaking the fact, he wasn't as yet fully hard or erect, even if he could be by what I now sat looking at. I had heard of course exaggerations before, men claiming to be this size, or that size, but without even knowing for sure, I sat there gauging, and thus judging Robert's prick to easily be a good twelve inches or more in length. Even now as he sat there using both hands on himself, it was like watching someone trying to climb up a pole, rather than his actually sitting there, merely pleasuring himself. But ... it was also then, that both Deidra and Bella now came over kneeling down in front of him as he did that. Seconds later, all three of them wrapping hands around his prick as they sat stroking it together, with still plenty of room for another's, had I decided to join them. Which for a moment ... I almost did. However, where Bella and Deidra had been the show only moments ago, it now obviously became the three of them. And I sat back comfortably, allowing myself the perversion of enjoying it ... enjoying them as I watched, unashamedly, unabashedly, touching myself. I even caught a brief acknowledging look of appreciation from Ted as I did so, before he too turned back around, facing what was quickly becoming a rather bizarre, but mind numbing, thought provoking almost obscene display happening right there in front of me.

And I hadn't even seen the best of it yet as it turned out.

Seeing the three of them together sitting there actually stroking that massive prick of his, which by now had indeed somehow gotten completely hard, was amazing enough. But as I soon realized, I hadn't really seen anything yet. Both Deidra and Bella now began licking it, sucking each of the sides, effectively sandwiching his massive cock between them. And then Robert leaned over himself, his own mouth coming down around the head of his prick as he easily sucked the thick fat knob into his own mouth! If I thought what I'd been sitting there watching had been unusual before, it was nothing in comparison to what I was witnessing now.

Obviously the three of them had performed this particular act together before now, Deidra licking up and down one side, Bella the other, very often meeting one another at the end where they would briefly lick with their tongues, tickling the semi-exposed head of Robert's prick, as he himself continued to lean over, sucking it contentedly, small mewling sounds, and slobbering dribble as he did so.

Amazed, thought I continued to fondle and play with my clit, I was still once again taken by surprise as I now watched Ted, finally unzipping his own fly, reaching in, and soon after withdrawing his own rather impressive, though not nearly as large magnificent looking tool.

I half expected him to jerk himself off, though he didn't. He'd merely released it, now sitting there with it fully exposed, hard, gleaming with his own pre-lubrications, which were readily apparent.

"Now you may," Ted said simply. And then without looking, without releasing his own cock as he continued to sit there sucking it, being sucked as Deidra and Bella likewise continued doing the same, Robert now reached over as though his hand had eyes, and wrapped itself around Ted's stiff straining prick!

Though slightly stunned by the totally unexpected turn of events, I was also intrigued, more than a little aroused at this point, and now sat fully fingering my own self, watching, listening and hearing the decadently obscene sounds now coming forth as Robert even more forcefully slathered his own cock, sucking, slurping on it like it was an ice-cream cone. His own hand now smoothly, effortlessly, yet somehow slowly, in direct opposite of what he was doing to himself at this point, continued to work Ted's prick up and down as Ted sat back, unmoving, yet watching without even once glancing towards me as this went on.

In moments it became evident that Robert was hovering on the edge. Sweat formed on his brow, his face nearly beet red as he now sucked himself for all he was worth.

Once again Ted spoke, saying a single word. "Now!"

As he did, Bella, or perhaps Deidra, I didn't honestly know which ... suddenly speared Robert's ass with their finger. The moment they had done so, he came ... erupting, spewing, spunking his own cum into his mouth as he literally drained himself. When he had taken as much as he possibly could, and as I only then realized, hadn't actually in fact swallowed it, he now stood. He turned, leaning over, and though without even coming close to placing his lips over Ted's prick, I now watched as he simply spat, a torrent of his own fresh cream now falling out to almost completely and entirely cover Ted's hard stiff prick.

It was the most bizarre, titillating thing I had ever seen.

After Robert had done that, both Deidra and Bella immediately commenced to work cleaning him up thoroughly with their mouths and lips. And as they did that, finally Ted too, added his own skyrocketing streamer of fluid to the mix, which they likewise now consumed. So involved in watching this spectacle, I hadn't even realized fully my own small little pleasure as I strummed my clit, watching this.

By now Robert had fully composed himself, zipping up and straightening preparing to leave.

"I'll expect an answer first thing in the morning," Ted said simply looking over towards him. "And it had better be what I'm expecting to hear," he'd added once again using a tone of voice that I would prefer not having directed towards me.

"You will, and it will be," Robert assured him, and then with that he promptly left the room without escort.

After he had gone, we too recomposed ourselves, the evening obviously at an end, though I found myself still quite aroused and wanting.

"You are most welcome to spend the night in one of the guest rooms," Ted told me, "Or if you'd prefer, I will have someone drive you home rather than allowing you to drive home yourself."

It was a long drive home, and I wasn't too terribly anxious to have to do so, though I was also slightly disappointed in realizing that the evening, even as late as it now was, had come to an end. At least for me. I graciously accepted his offer however, bidding him goodnight as he then left for his own private rooms, leaving Deidra and Bella to show me to my room and see to "whatever needs she may have," as Ted had stated it. Just before he disappeared, he turned once again facing me, a small smile on his face. He had an uncanny way of perhaps reading my mind, though I'm sure the disappointment in my face had said as much.

"I would have invited you to join us, but until I think we've come to an agreement and understanding..." he didn't finish, though turning to the girls. "Deidra? Bella? In an hour?" And with that he left.

Shown to my room for the night, Deidra and Bella saw to my immediate needs, in so far as they showed me a drawer full of various and sundry types of toys and vibrators. It was evident that I was to receive no such attention directly from either of them in a pleasurable way, leaving me to my own devices.

"Is it always like that with Robert?" I found myself asking them just before they departed. Bella laughed.

"Yes, always. Never different. I think Master indulges his "kink?" shall we say, primarily because Robert does send a lot of business Master's way. And for that, he allows him this simple perversion on occasion. In fact, it was his doing that brought our Master into working on the account which has now brought you here!"

There had been something familiar about his name, and then it suddenly dawned on me where I knew it. "Oh my god! Robert's on the board of directors where I work!"

"That he is," Bella grinned, and one of the reasons he was invited over this evening, though I daresay, Master got quite a kick out of your being here to see that." With that, they both kissed me on the cheek, wishing me a restful sleep, and then departed.

Somewhat frustrated as well as disappointed, I decided against using any of toys offered me however, and simply slipped into the large, comfy oversized bed. Sleep was a long time coming to me, though I was again up well before the sun's rays had begun to penetrate through the window in my room. Even before it had, I had made a decision however. And knew then, I was about to write a new chapter in my life.

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