A Matter of Perspective
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Rape, Coercion, Slavery, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Historical, Spanking, Light Bond, Humiliation, First, Masturbation,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Beautiful babe coerced into a life of sexual servitude. Medieval setting.

Lenora Buckley found it hard to contain her excitement as she presented her paperwork to the guard at the front gate.

A summons from the King!! It was an unheard of thing for a simple peasant woman to be called to the palace, but here she was and her mind raced with the possibilities.

It had been a difficult two years. As happened to so many people in her day and time, her beloved husband had simply fallen ill and died in the prime of his life. No one really knew why, and aside from her, no one really cared.

That's just the way it was. Death came easy. It was life that came hard, but Lenora had not only survived, she had prospered.

It was her husband who had taught her to brew beer, but she had learned well and along with her terrific cooking and hard work, she had made a success of the little pub they had started together and she had even been able to add some rooms for travelers until she was the proud proprietor of a thriving pub and tavern perched perfectly half-way between the royal palace and the next largest city.

Over time, even some of the Kings men had begun to make a point of staying over at her place during their travels on royal business and she could only surmise that had something to do with her being called to the palace.

"This could be a boon indeed!" she rhapsodized to herself, "With the King's endorsement anything is possible."

Escorted to the Ante Chamber to await her audience, her happy thoughts were obscured for a few moments when she noticed the guard on duty looking her over, but it was something she was used to. As a tall and strikingly beautiful woman, she was the perfect subject for any man's fantasies, not only for her facial beauty, but also for her unusually large breasts, which she couldn't hide or disguise no matter how modest her attire.

Not that anyone ever got anywhere. She was most accustomed to men looking at her, but she was also very good at keeping them in their place. Her first line of defense was simply her bearing, which told everyone with half a brain that they had best mind their manners and she was also very good at the humorous comeback toward the good natured customers who propositioned her in jest just to hear her get one up on them, which she could always do, much to the delight of everyone within earshot.

It made her pub and tavern a popular place. Her customers loved her and she loved them back, up to a point of course. She had even been approached in the proper way by many a potential suitor, but she had been very much in love with her husband and it was too soon to think about any new romance. Besides, she had also been much to busy. For now, her tavern was everything and once again her mind turned to her happy thoughts of meeting his sovereign Majesty and perhaps getting some more of his business.

Finally approached again by two other guards and a man who introduced himself as "Mr. Simmons," she followed him down a long hall with a guard on each side until she was finally shown into a small room with a long table desk and suddenly found herself face to face with none other than the most powerful man in the whole country.

Taking in the entirety of his countenance, she couldn't help but like what she saw. A full head taller than her, he was ruggedly handsome and very well built, and most appealingly, he had a calm, but powerful confidence.

"I direct your attention to one Mrs. Lenora Buckley, Your Majesty," informed Simmons, "She has been summoned to answer for numerous crimes and misdemeanors."

Suddenly struck with shock and panic, Lenora's eyes bulged and she struggled for a moment to catch her breath, but before she could move or speak, the King spoke, halting any chance she might have to respond.

"Well, why has she not then been simply taken to prison?" asked the King.

"They are civil offenses, Your Majesty," explained Simmons, as he passed to the King a sheet of paper, "but very serious offenses nevertheless. With your permission, Your Majesty, I am recommending the board of inquiry. I have all the evidence and witnesses available for immediate deposition."

"Very well," replied the King, signing the paper, "The board will convene in one half hour."

Finally, able to recover enough to respond, Lenora found her response dominated by her panic and all she could do was cry out desperately before being cut off by Simmons.

"Your Majesty! Please!" she begged, "I have done nothing! I have always been a loyal subject, Your Majesty! Please!"

"SILENCE!" exclaimed Simmons.

Taking a long moment to stare silently at her, and no doubt take in her unusual beauty, the King, at least for the moment, gave her a reprieve.

"I will be alone with the accused," announced the King, and remained silent as Simmons and the two guards departed, giving him time to deliberate as the crushed and desperate woman wept before him.

"Alright, alright, Mrs. Buckley," the King finally offered as he rose from his desk and escorted her to a small couch on the far side of the room to sit next to him. Tell me your story..."

" ... Very well, said the King after she had used up most of the quarter-hour telling the King all about herself and of her situation and that she was unaware of any laws she had broken, "but I must tell you, this is very serious. I'm afraid you will be going to prison, probably for a long time."

"But couldn't you help me!" she began begging in earnest, throwing herself to her knees before him, "You're the King! You could pardon me! You have the power! Have mercy, Your Majesty! Please! I pray you, have mercy!"

"You are correct, my good lady," replied the King kindly, "I do have the power of pardon, but you must understand that a King must use his power judiciously. I do not intend any offense, but I'm afraid the power of pardon is reserved for matters of political importance to the state. In a case of this type it would set a very bad precedent. I am very sorry."

"But there must be something you can do," Lenora continued to plead, "Please, Your Majesty, I'm begging you!"

"Very well," replied the King after another long period of contemplation, "There is one procedural approach you could request. It is a very old procedure and hasn't been used for many decades, but it is still available. I think that would be your only chance before the board."

"What is it! Please, Your Majesty! I will do anything," pleaded Lenora.

"Well, you could request the chair," replied the King.

"The chair? What do you mean?" asked Lenora.

"It is a way of throwing yourself at the mercy of the board," replied the King, "It might at least mitigate your consequences."

"Thank you, Your Majesty!" enthused Lenora, "Oh, thank you!"

"I must warn you, Mrs. Buckley," cautioned the King, "It is a very primitive, brutal and humiliating procedure from the time long before now when the law was much crueler even than it is today. I would be willing to advocate for you, but should you fail to comply and cooperate in even the slightest way, or if any evidence comes to light to indicate the circumstances are other than what you have described to me, I myself will not hesitate to feed you to the dogs myself."

"I will comply, Your Majesty, "I swear I will. I will do everything, anything!"

"Very well, remain where you are," replied the King, as he slowly rose and walked to his desk and rang a small bell.

"Have Bailey report to me please," ordered the King as a servant scurried to do his bidding and shortly an elderly servant woman with mostly grey hair entered and made the proper bow before coming to attention, "Bailey, wasn't it you who used to assist the board of inquiry?"

"Do you mean with the protocol for the chair, Your Majesty?" replied the old woman.

"Yes," answered the King, "Do you still remember how to do it?"

"Yes, of course, perfectly," Your Majesty," the older woman replied, now looking at Lenora for the first time, but giving her no indication whatsoever of how she felt about it.

"Excellent," replied the King, "You shall do so again now ... if we still have one," said the King, his tone indicating a question.

"Indeed we do, Your Majesty," informed the woman, "It is in the basement. I will have it brought up immediately. There is one other thing, though, Your Majesty, I'm afraid these peasant women don't shave their armpits or legs, most untidy, you know. Would you like for me to have that done beforehand?"

"No that won't be necessary," informed the King, "and pass the word to the board that we will begin on the upcoming hour."

Her trepidation already at a high pitch, Lenora felt fear and dread quickly descend upon her once the four burly workers arrived with the apparatus that she knew could only be intended for her. Only slightly larger than an actual chair, it appeared to be two platforms one on of top of the other separated by only a small space between them.

At first its design and functioning was a mystery to her until one of the workers began turning the upper platform around and around a few times to test it out, revealing the whole thing to be simply a rotating platform on top of a stable one.

It wasn't the platform, however, that visited fear upon Lenora's heart. Rising from the center of the platform was a single narrow iron rod which was adjustable for height by a coupling in the center before being capped by a most foreboding and evil fixture.

Pointing straight up, it was another piece of metal in the shape of an inverted T. It's smallest diameter being about the same as a blacksmith's hammer handle, the vertical portion was a full six inches long not counting a long blunt point, but its most hideous feature was a series of six wide ribs which swelled its diameter to almost double before retreating again to allow for the next.

While the horizontal portion of the T was only an inch long on each side of the vertical rod and no more than a half inch wide, it was equally devious in that even after the occupant had successfully been impaled, all their weight would be concentrated on those two lone narrow pieces of metal.

Finally taking in the whole of it, Lenora's heart sank as she realized that the simple T shaped piece of metal was "The Chair," and the only place the fat vertical rod could go was deep into her rectum.

Taking a deep breath as her face blanched with fear, she tried to imagine and prepare herself for having to lower her underpants, lift her dress over the rod and slowly impale herself on the foreboding piece of iron.

Having to wait no longer for her ordeal to begin, she responded to the older woman as she produced a narrow wooden pointer about the same length as her arm and pointed to a place on the floor in front of the platform and directly in front of the King's long table desk.

"Stand here and follow all my directions immediately and with absolute exactitude," commanded the older woman, "Any deviation whatsoever from my directions will constitute a violation of this proceeding and will result in an automatic verdict of guilty on all charges against you. Do you understand?"

"Yes," answered Lenora, following the old woman's directions as a wicker basked was placed just to her right side.

The preparations now complete, the King rang the bell again and Lenora was presented with her first sight of the men and women who would decide her fate.

Taking their places as their titles were announced, three men and three women of various ages took their places on each side of the King behind his big desk and a third very young woman, whose job was going to be to simply keep a record of the events took her place at a small table slightly to one side.

Her head now spinning and barely able to stand or even catch her breath, Lenora didn't really even hear much of anything as the King went through the rather lengthy processes of calling the event to order and it wasn't until his final words that her wits were to restored to her.

"As the first order of business I would like to point out that Mrs. Buckley has voluntarily requested she be allowed to avail herself of the chair in order to better demonstrate her respect for the board and her intentions to be completely forthright and honest," said the King.

"At least he is advocating for me," thought Lenora to herself, with much gratitude in her heart.

"Very well, so noted," replied one of the men, followed by the King's nod to the servant woman to begin.

"The accused will render herself nude, place her clothes in the basket and stand at attention holding her arms away from her sides," the servant woman softly ordered, "Henceforth, the accused is forbidden from touching her body with her hands."

Her shocked eyes first darting to Bailey and then to the King and then to nothing in particular, Lenora was stunned into immobility. Having never imagined that she might have to undress, she found herself unable to even move and surely would have had her fate sealed right then and there had the King not again come to her rescue.

Loudly slapping a small hour-glass down onto the table to draw her attention and allow her to focus, he slowly turned the time piece over and spoke authoritatively.

"The accused has three minutes to complete the task."

A quick mental review of the consequences of a failure to comply spurring her to action, Lenora could not suppress a soft whimper as she reached for the buttons at the front of her dress and hurriedly began undoing them. It was the first time in her life she had ever undressed in front of anyone save her husband and she could not keep her eyes from slowly filling with tears which quickly began streaming copiously down her cheeks as she placed each item of clothing in the basket.

Completing the task save for her breast bindings and her underpants, Lenora found herself conflicted into inaction for a moment until she noticed the sand in the top of the hour-glass was almost exhausted so without any further contemplation, she quickly removed her breast bindings followed by her underpants and stood before the King and the board completely naked, her arms at her sides.

The reporter will make a drawing of the accused for the record," said the King and Lenora found herself flushed once again with embarrassment as Bailey placed the wooden rod beneath her chin and silently guided it to an elevated position before issuing her next order.

"The accused will remain perfectly still."

After the reporter had repositioned herself behind the board to better make her sketch and silently went about her work, it was also then that each member of the board sat in silence and contemplated the amazing beauty of this unfortunate peasant woman.

Being even larger than they had appeared under her dress and draping down well past her elbows, her breasts were also more magnificent than any of them had even imagined they might be.

Pointing well to the front, they were firm and full and in proud defiance of their size, they protruded well out from her body.

Capped by perfectly matching areolas, the color contrast between the two perfect circles and the creamy whiteness of her breasts was also just right, but it was her nipples which transformed both her areolas and her entire breasts from merely beautiful into the realm of the sublime.

Pointing slightly down in what was at once a most appealing and womanly angle, they were extraordinarily thick and long, at least as thick as a big man's middle finger and as long as from the tip to the first knuckle.

After the first couple of minutes in which she again regained her composure, Lenora slowly began to observe the members of the board even as they were observing her and her humiliation was renewed and deepened as, one by one, they slowly made her large magnificent breasts their own.

Even then, however, her humiliation had only begun as, one by one, their eyes slowly drifted down to the heart of her womanhood.

It was this part of her body that she had always been embarrassed for even her husband to see and as each pair of eyes found their mark and lingered there, she could only endure as each person indulged themselves.

Clearly, it was the biggest pussy any of them had ever seen.

Beginning with her well raised pubis which was of a well defined triangular shape, there was a perfect geometric decent as it flowed down to her most magnificently robust outer labia. Completely filling the space between her legs and protruding robustly out into space, it also extended well down before finally curving back toward her entrance.

Even as large as were her outer labia, however, nothing could discourage her clitoris which forged its own place in the center above everything, thick and long.

Nor could her inner labia be denied either as they too emerged from the crevice just below her clitoris, forming two very thick and perfectly round fingers of silky smoothness until they reached her entrance where they thickened significantly and transformed themselves into a large oval, leaving no doubt to any man as to where he was to do his business.

The crowning glory though, depending upon one's personal preferences of course, was the fact that none of these features were obscured in any way. Her pubis, being nicely adorned with a soft dark chocolate covering exactly matching the color of the long hair on her head, served only as an upper adornment and considered its purpose ended as it reached the top of her clitoris, leaving all that abided below perfectly smooth and bare.

Unable to help herself, Lenora began to softly weep at the indignity of her predicament as all sat quietly and simply watched.

The next quarter hour giving both Lenora time to finish her crying and the young recorder time to finish her sketch, the King gave the nod to Bailey who then gave her next awful order.

"The accused will mount the chair, remembering she is not to touch her body with her hands."

"The accused will have ten minutes to complete the task," added the King as he produced another hour-glass and placed it on the table.

Stealing herself for the horrible task ahead, Lenora stepped onto the platform, straddled the rod and slowly began to squat down toward the unlubricated spike until the cold steel touched her skin causing her to flinch and issue a soft whimper, but she soon found the right spot and made her first attempt, but in reaction to the cold steel, her anus contracted almost violently causing her to again flinch upward.

It was also then that the diabolical nature of the order not to touch herself with her hands became apparent as Lenora realized that the only way she could lower herself with the proper geometry was to spread her legs very wide and keep her arms well extended from her sides to maintain her balance.

It was also then that the ancillary result of the condition became apparent in that her gyrations provided the unobstructed spectacle of her breasts swaying and bobbing about with her movements, providing much for the imaginations of all who were watching.

Assuming the more practical position, Lenora slowly began to lower herself until her anus was once again presented with the tip of the blunt spike, but this time she persevered and was forced to usher her first loud grunt as she lowered herself past the blunt tip and her anus was presented with the first rib.

Now openly weeping and breathing heavily, she took a long moment to collect herself before her next descent which forced her anus to stretch well past anything that had been required of it naturally and she was forced to issue her first unabashed loud cry followed by several only slightly lesser ones until her anus finally and forcefully snapped back into the recess between the first and second rib.

Her audience now wickedly captivated by the spectacle, Lenora was forced to repeat the procedure five more times and the only variance to the drama was that as each rib was overcome and her anus snapped back into the next recess, the louder her cries became.

With each new hurdle filling the room with her piteous grunts and groans and cries and her body becoming soaked with sweat, all were treated as well to the additional spectacle of watching the beautiful young woman fling her breasts and arms about even more than before and the strain on her legs revealed every muscle as and she struggled to adjust her posture and squat down upon the rod until her severely abused anus was stretched to the breaking point for the last time and her rectum was painfully filled with steel.

Achieving her goal just before the time ran out, Lenora found herself exhausted and thus could do no more than dangle her arms at her sides and weep, but she found that due to the rigidly vertical nature of the metal inside her, she was forced to maintain an upright posture and thus share every emotion in full view of everyone, not to mention the obscene view of her unusually large pussy as it protruded well out and down between her wide-spread legs, revealing everything about itself.

Seeing what was needed at the moment, the King continued his management of the affair by turning over yet another hour-glass.

"The board will take fifteen minutes to prepare for the questioning."

It was then, in her first act of kindness, that Bailey produced a damp cloth and began to gently wipe Lenora's face and offer her some whispered condolences and encouragement and even some humor.

"There my dear, I know it was hard, but you did very well, very well indeed. It would have been nice though wouldn't it if someone would have thought to put some grease on that pole."

Forced to a small smile in spite of everything, Lenora also received and acted upon the kind old lady's further advice.

It will be best if you keep your legs wide apart, the wider the better. It will hurt less."

Her time for rest coming to a quick end, the King's words once again brought the proceedings to order.

"Questioning will now begin. Bailey, please bring the accused to attention."

The pain of the spike in her rectum now mostly subsided, Lenora found the focus of her discomfort was more and more becoming the narrow horizontal rod, as most of her body weight was being supported by only the two small pieces of metal extending from the hideous.

Wishing to God she could be elsewhere, but having no choice or any more time to think about it, she quickly had to give her attention to Bailey's instructions.

"The accused will lace her fingers together and place her hands behind her head."

Once again using the wooden pointer, Bailey began to tap Lenora's body where she wanted adjustments to be made as per her instructions.

"Elbows back ... arch your back ... chest out ... further..."

Making her last adjustment, Bailey finally placed the tip of the pointer under Lenora's chin and raised it up to almost a forty-five degree angle before issuing her final order.

"The accused will remain perfectly still."

With both her breasts and her pussy thus pointing far out toward the strangers before her, Lenora felt another wave of profound humiliation flow through her body and she now thought about her hairy armpits and how they would reveal and remind everyone that she was but a lowly peasant with no sense of the finer points of feminine grooming.

However, with no option to do otherwise, she was forced to simply endure as the questioning began and her predicament became fully manifest as she was forced to answer their questions while maintaining the absolute stillness of her posture.

"Lenora Buckley ... Thirty years old ... License to operate an establishment serving liquor ... license to brew beer ... license to provide lodging ... unlawful importation of pork ... failure to pay tariff on imported cheese ... production of wool without a license ... illegal exchange of foreign currency."

On and on the discussion and charges levied against her proceeded for almost an hour before all her offenses had been carefully enunciated and recorded, and for none of them did the beautiful, but doomed Lenora have any defense.

"Is there anything further from the board?" the King finally asked as the last of the charges was recorded.

"Nothing further, Your Majesty," replied the chief accountant.

"Very well," replied the King, "The accused may relax while the board prepares for the depositions of the witnesses."

Using the moment, Bailey informed the King as to the next element of the protocol.

"The blanket is the customary procedure for this portion of the inquiry, Your Majesty."

Receiving his permission, Bailey left the room only to quickly return with a large blanket especially made to fit around Lenora's waist and thus cover the lower portion of her body. Quickly fastening the item in place, Bailey once again came to Lenora's aid, offering her at least a sliver of hope as she gently applied a cool moist cloth to her face.

"Very good, Lenora my dear," encouraged the kindly servant, "You are conducting yourself very well indeed and don't forget the King is on your side, I can tell. It's going to get worse before it gets better, but if you can stand it, trust me, there is hope."

"It hurts," Lenora could only respond softly.

"I know," replied Bailey, "but listen to me now, the next procedure will be the last and while it won't be any more painful, it will be just as important. Most all of the witnesses will be your friends, customers and other people you know. I will not call you to posture, but you must not cover your breasts. They will all see you just as you are now and you will just have to endure it, but most importantly, you must not cry or cry out with your discomfort.

People understand the law is demanding and they will secretly enjoy your nudity, but they want to be shielded from harsh realities. That is what the blanket is for. They will not know there is a spike up your ass and you must not let them find out. The board will not appreciate it if you make them look overly cruel. Do you understand?"

"I understand," answered Lenora, meekly.

Receiving the nod from Bailey that all was ready, The King rang the bell and after some chairs had been provided, the first witnesses were called in and seated to the side of the platform.

"Is this the woman you know as Lenora Buckley?" began the King, as Bailey turned the platform to present Lenora to them face on.

Seeing it was her deceased husband's sister and her husband, Lenora's heart began to race. She knew the woman had always been jealous of her, but she was soon greatly relieved as no vengeance was visited upon her.

She did however notice it was just as Bailey had predicted and they were both enjoying her nudity, just for different reasons, he out of lust and she out of spite.

"Yes we know her..."

"You are informed that she has voluntarily chosen to present herself to you as she is in order to demonstrate her intention to be absolutely forthright and honest. Do you swear to be the same?"

"Yes, of course..."

Has Mrs. Buckley ever said anything to you about avoiding her government fees? ... Has she ever spoken ill of the Crown? ... Do you believe she is an honest woman?..."

On and on the parade of witnesses continued, each receiving the same introductory remarks and swearing to tell the truth until almost everyone Lenora knew and many she didn't had feasted upon her large protruding breasts and extraordinary nipples.

For the people she knew, it was a chance to satisfy their long held curiosity about her big breasts and indulge themselves in some new fantasies, even as most of them were her friends and felt immensely sorry for her. For the ones she didn't know, it was a chance for them to partake of whatever pleasure they might derive from watching a beautiful, helpless woman forced to display her breasts.

For Lenora, it was simply a matter of having to endure what seemed like an eternity of humiliation.

It was the town reverend and his wife, however, who were the last and, ultimately, the most consequential witnesses.

Both looking to be in their late forties or early fifties, they made a dignified entrance with their plain clothes and stately manner. The reverend's wife in particular exuded a most proper and conservative demeanor which was accentuated by her very old fashioned hairdo and by the way in which she slowly took her seat and assumed a most formal posture.

Adjusting his approach accordingly, the King took on a more gentle tone.

"First I would like to apologize to you Mrs. Fairfield for Mrs. Buckley's nudity," began the King, "as a woman of the cloth, I offer you my sincere regrets if you are caused any embarrassment."

"It's certainly no embarrassment to me," the reverend's wife quickly and piously replied, surprising them all, "The law is the law. We all have to respect the law."

"Indeed," agreed the King, "Well, perhaps the two of you could tell the board in general terms what you know and think of Mrs. Buckley."

"I know her be a good woman, Your Majesty," began the reverend, "She is virtuous and moral and we can always depend upon her to donate a little cooking and food for our various causes."

"I see," replied the King.

"Yes, and more than quite a few times I have seen her hand good food out the rear of her kitchen to some poor unfortunate soul, Your Majesty," added the reverend.

"Ummm ... continued the King, "and you, Mrs. Fairfield, what is your opinion?"

"Well, began the reverends wife, pleased to have the stage, "She can't sew worth a hill of beans, Your Majesty, and her language can be a little salty once in a while, but deep down she has the heart of an Angel and I will say that with my hand on the bible if you ask me to."

"Very well," said the King, but before he could say anything more, the reverend's wife found herself unable to refrain from making the most her moment in the spotlight.

"If she has broken the law it wasn't her fault, Your Majesty," continued the reverend's wife, "and I know that for a fact."

"Prey tell, Mrs. Fairfield," replied the King, now intrigued along with the rest of the board.

"Well, it's just as plain as the nose on your face," the reverends wife continued, forgetting herself, "She doesn't have a man. It's been more than two years now she's been without a man, you know. A good man would have been giving her the switch now and again, you see. There's nothing like a good switch to keep a good woman good if you know what I mean ... Your Majesty."

"Indeed," replied the King, having to hide his amusement.

"It's been working for me for over 30 years now," the reverend's wife continued, much to her husband's obvious horror, "Yes sir, 100 strokes of the switch on my naked backside every solstice and every equinox. Yes sir, you don't see me breaking any laws, no sir ... Your Majesty."

"Very well, and thank you very much," replied the King, ringing the bell for a servant to escort them out.

Waiting until the laughter of the members of the board had subsided resultant to Mrs. Fairfield's testimony, the King again called for order and a final decision.

"I think we've heard enough," declared, the King, "I would appreciate the board's decision within the hour. The accused may relax, but will remain on the chair."

"Alright my dear," informed Bailey, "but you still may not cover yourself."

Having to maintain her upright posture because of the spike, Lenora could do no more than drop her hands to her sides and begin softly crying.

"Oh! God, it hurts!" Lenora cried as Bailey cradled her head in her arms, "I can't take it any more. I want to die. I don't care if I go to prison. Bailey, please!"

"I know, my dear, I know," consoled the old lady, "but don't worry, my dear, you're not going to prison. The board is very good at reading the King and it's clear he likes you. They won't cross him on this. They will simply dump you in his lap."

"Do you really think so?" asked Lenora, finally looking up at her.

"I know so," replied the old woman, "You were magnificent today, my dear, you made the King proud of you. I've know him since he was born and I can tell."

Entirely accurate in her appraisal of the situation and with great simplicity, the board soon returned to the room and after Lenora once again laced her fingers together behind her head and thrust her breasts toward them, rendered their decision.

"The board finds that the accused, Mrs. Lenora Buckley, is guilty on all charges, however, being satisfied that Mrs. Buckley's offenses were committed out of ignorance rather than any intentional malfeasance on her part, the board recommends that her prison sentence of 14 years in prison and fines in the amount of 14,000 marks shall be rendered to the disposition of His Majesty the King."

The proceeding finally concluded, the members of the board silently filed out of the room and the King issued another somewhat surprising order.

"I will be left alone with Mrs. Buckley," he ordered, but to Lenora's dismay, the King simply turned her toward the couch, sat down and stared at her without speaking.

Not knowing exactly what to do, Lenora was able to wait only a couple of minutes before she began begging desperately with both her eyes and her words.

"Please, Your Majesty, I'll do anything you want, anything, really I will, anything at all."

"You will belong to me in every regard," declared the King, "and you understand what I mean by every regard?"

"I understand," answered Lenora, meekly.

"Convince me," ordered the King.

Reaching for the fastener that held the blanket around her waist, Lenora removed the blanket and slowly spread her legs to their widest possible extension, thus once again and even more than ever before thrusting her pussy out toward the King.

"Very well," declared the King, "Then this is my decision. Henceforth, for the next fourteen years you shall belong to me in every way, without any restrictions whatsoever. Additionally, you shall be required to pay the 14,000 marks of your fine according to my discretion. Do you agree?"

"I agree," said Lenora, meekly.

"Alright, Lenora," said the King, calling her by her first name for the first time as he walked to her and offered his assistance, "Here, put your hands on my shoulders, easy now, just go slowly, one at a time."

Her anus now somewhat lubricated by her own natural juices, Lenora found it easier to extricate herself from the evil spike than it had been to get on it and she was grateful for the Kings support after she was finally able to do so. Putting his arm around her shoulders, he slowly walked her from the room and down a series of small inner hallways until they finally entered a large well appointed bedroom with an adjoining bathroom.

"Take a bath now and get some sleep," said the King, after he had gently sat her on the bed and comforted her for a few moments, "You did very well today."

Venturing into the bathroom after the King had made his departure, Lenora found the large tub already filled with pleasantly warm water which greatly relaxed and soothed her, and after only a short bath she returned to the big bed and quickly fell into a deep sleep, not even thinking about the fact that she was still nude, nor even thinking to worry about tomorrow.


Awakening to a silent and empty room, Lenora lay quietly on the bed for a while, trying without much success to imagine and predict what her future might hold until the King entered and walked over to a dresser beside the bed.

Slowly and carefully removing his clothes, he paid her no attention until he finally turned to face her, totally nude and totally erect.

Knowing what was going to happen, Lenora lowered her head onto the pillow and spread herself to receive him, but found she was barely able to do so as she became almost overwhelmed, not only with fear, but strangely, also with excitement as she beheld the essence of the King's manhood.

Half again as long and easily twice as thick as had been her husband's, the King's penis loomed large in Lenora's imagination as he lubricated it with his own spittle, but she was left with little time for contemplation as he promptly mounted her without hesitation, forcing her to grimace and groan as he did so.

Giving her no time to make any adjustments to his presence inside her, the King promptly went about his own business of stroking her as he pleased, but as the moments went by, and in spite of everything, Lenora found that, just as it always happened, her strong natural responses took on a life of their own and a warm and pleasant feeling begin to emanate from deep inside her.

Receiving no quarter from the King as he soon began a vigorous assault, in no time at all Lenora found herself responding to him with eagerness, moving with him and signaling her pleasure with a variety of grunts and gasps and moans and groans.

Taking note of her pleasure, the King proceeded to give Lenora his best with a variety of long deep strokes and short powerful ones until she began humping her hips and lifting and kicking her legs even more forcefully.

Also using her loud and copious vocalizations as a guide, the King efficiently went about the business of pleasing them both and he found himself greatly enjoying the sounds as she continually grunted and moaned and groaned underneath him for several minutes until a final explosion delivered her into a foggy haze of contentment, but the king not having yet satisfied his own needs, gave her no release and bade her position herself on her hands and knees as he quickly mounted her from behind.

Beginning anew, the King lifted one leg up onto his foot and began to take his time at a moderate pace. With long easy strokes, he began to explore every aspect of Lenora's sexuality with his big dick.

Fucking her in both long and short strokes and in every other way he knew how, he used her in every way his imagination moved him, enjoying greatly her robust responses as she was compelled to answer him with every sound and movement of which she was capable.

For over an hour the King made the beautiful Lenora moan and groan and growl until three times more she bellowed her pleasure and fell onto her elbows, but even then the King wasn't satisfied until after a few more strokes, when in perfect silence and stillness, his big dick dove deep into her and the accompanying extra warmth as he emptied himself inside her prompted her to issue the long low chortling sound of consummation before she collapsed in exhaustion and fell deeply asleep in his arms.

It was then also that the King realized, with a great deal of surprise, that although he had taken her as he pleased, he had not been unaffected and his feelings for her as she lay in his arms told him that he already cared about her more than he had ever intended.

And thus did the time pass for the next month and a fortnight as the magic that had started in the bedroom found a life of its own and they spent most of their time outside of the bedroom together as well as inside it, taking long walks and having long talks, and by the time the first bloom of the garden roses had come and gone, the beautiful peasant woman Lenora Buckley and the ruggedly handsome and robust King that owned her had fallen deeply and passionately in love.

It was also during this time of pleasure that the King would talk to her of his plans to make her a rich woman. In great detail he would tell her of his plans to have his architects and craftsmen expand her tavern and of how it would now be an official royal stop-over for anyone on the King's business.

Almost forgetting about her former ordeal and the requirements that had been placed on her, Lenora's heart was filled with joy and hope for the future.

As it always is with the best of times, however, another time arrived and late one night after they had made love, the King informed his new love of other realities.

"Lennie, my love," said the King, having given her an affectionate nickname, "There is something you must know about me, one unalienable truth."

"Prey tell, Majesty," responded Lenora, having also given him a nickname of sorts by simply shortening his official title, although she was now greatly concerned by his tone.

"The life of a King, my life, is not my own," he answered.

"What do you mean, Majesty?" asked Lenora.

"There are things I must do to survive, whether I like them or not," he answered, "and one of those things is what I am about to do you now."

"What are you going to do to me?" asked Lenora, now shocked, confused and extremely fearful.

"I must remind you that you still owe me a debt of fourteen years and 14,000 marks and I will have them," answered the King.

"What do you mean ... exactly, Majesty?" asked Lenora.

"That will be explained to you tomorrow morning," answered the King, "I have appointed Bailey to be your mentor and immediate supervisor assisted by the reverend and his wife."

"I see," responded Lenora.

"I still love you, Lennie," consoled the King, "I want you to know that, and I always will."

"I love you too, Majesty," echoed Lenora.

"There is one last thing I must tell you," added the King, "You should know that I will accept nothing less than excellence from you in every regard. Henceforth from this moment, you will give me your absolute obedience and you will be subject to the strictest discipline.

Without exception, you will do exactly as you are told, not only by me, but also by others whom I will anoint with authority over you.

You can be certain that even the slightest act of disobedience or failure on your part to accomplish any task that you are given will be severely punished. From now on your life will be difficult and there will be many things you will have to do that you will not like, but that is, nevertheless, how it will be."

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