Interupted Idyll
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Fiction, Oral Sex,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Karla Solon, on arriving in the city of Tamnet, has met and become the lover of the beautiful Ulrika Night Wind a powerful sorceress. Their blissful Idyll together, dining, theatres, sports events, and making wonderfully explosive love ends with attempted murder of both ladies by assassins. Now they want to find out who wants to kill them and why!

Indigestion! That what's woken me up, bloody indigestion, you can't kill me with dragon bane, okay it makes me ill, but a dose that will see off a good sized fire drake will just gives me a nasty case of the ague! I'll lay here a while longer to see if it goes away, I don't want to disturb Ulrika.

Right next to me, in our rumpled bed, Ulrika the Sorceress. All six feet plus of her lean and slender frame, naked but for a silk sheet tangled around her legs. Small breasts like a schoolgirl, tipped with hard little pink nipples, flat belly, lean thighs that flow into smooth calves, and that taut jewel of her sex!

Ulrika my equally semi immortal lover snores softly along sides me.

Gazing at her aquiline features, her short cap of silver gilt hair, almost as short as my cropped copper locks, is pleasant, but it doesn't' cure my upset stomach.

Another surge of acid fouls my mouth! I'll risk waking my slumbering sweetheart to reach out for the carafe of water on the bedside cabinet.

Shit! I remember now. I was in such a hurry to chase 'Rika up the stairs to our bedroom, and make thunderous love to her, I've left it down below in our kitchen. Another smothered belch, another surge of gastric acid, decides me I'll have to move.

My own bloody fault! After 'Rika and I watched the bare handed fights at the "Castle of Blood", and having won a nice purse on a skinny, black, wench, who knocked out the betting favorite in the second round, we went to dine at the "Golden Cockerel" to celebrate.

A bottle of the house's young, white, Takan vintage, to sip while I stared dreamily at my partner's profile, as she ordered her meal.

"I'll have the peppered beef stew please Rosetta!"

In my state of horny anticipation I made a BIG mistake.

"Same for me love please!"

Rosetta flounced away, swinging her ample hips, heading for the kitchens. She can't make up her mind whether she wants to be bedded by me, 'Rika, or both of us at the same time!

It's true what they say; "The Cockerel" serves the finest peppered beef in the city of Tamnet. I've eaten it before, and it bloody near killed me before, but dreaming of 'Rika's white thighs, and her expert tongue, pushed that thought from my mind.

So after we drove each other to a series of shattering climaxes we slept. And now my stomach is burning!

Enough! I'll take the chance I can slip off without rousing her. She's normally a light sleeper, but we cracked a second bottle of that Takan, and that, coupled with my head between her thighs, for a long time, might have her deep in dreams.

Slipping out of my share of the sheet I pad naked towards the bedroom door.

For a plump and curvy lady I can move lithely and stealthily, and I'm trying really hard to do so. Down in our kitchen, along with the cool water, is a bottle of oil of silver mint. A few drops of that with a goblet of water should kill the fires.

From the angle of the moonlight, shining through the window, I estimate its mid way between midnight and dawn, call it the third hour.

The house is silent, as is the street outside. I'm reaching for the heavy, brass, doorknob, when I see it's turning, slowly and silently. Only we should be in the house so there's something seriously wrong! Thought is separated from action by only a split second.

Grabbing the handle, just as the door opens a fraction, I wrench it inwards, throwing the man in the doorway off balance. He's taller than me, but not as tall as my towering lover, lying in the bed behind me. Dressed all in black, from head to toe, and a mask obscuring his features, he's clearly a guild assassin.

He's right handed, a broad murder blade clutched in that hand, he's opened the door with his left, so he can't bring the knife to bear in time. Grabbing his thick wrist I twist hard, the knife falls as a bone cracks noisily. With my free hand I throw him into our bedroom behind me. She should be awake by now but I make sure.


I've no time for anything else, as a second, all black clad figure, has taken the first killer's place in the doorway. He's toting a curved short sword, poised to strike, I don't let him!

Stepping inside his swing, I hammer the heel of my hand into his sternum, and the blade of my free hand, against his sword arm's wrist.

Behind me I hear "whiz thunk, whiz thunk", which means 'Rika's got to her harness of throwing knives, and I can forget the first killer.

Then fuck me! There's a third black form behind the one I've just disarmed. Heaving his partner into him I duck and scoop up the fallen short sword.

"Whiz thunk, whiz thunk!"

A bone handled throwing knife blossoms from the eye socket of the killer I've staggered, a second one appears in his throat like magic. My lover can work magic but this is just plain skill, and long hours of practice.

With one, effortless, stroke, I nearly behead the third masked man, and step over the two corpses onto the landing. Shit! There's another one heading up the stairs and almost on me. He's carrying a stiletto in either hand, but I don't let him get to use them. With the captured sword I cut him from neck to navel!

It's a good job everything's been in bad light, because my specs are on the cabinet, along side the bed. My inflamed tummy made me forget what's normally a conditioned reflex, to put them on as soon as I wake up.

The killers were no better off than me in the half light. Now Ulrika's with me on the landing!

Soft sandals scuffle below in the hall, and a final black clad figure is running. Ulrika's hands blur! Three "whiz thunks" and three blades materialize in the black jerkin, and down he goes.

Two stark naked women, one of them me, blood spattered, stand staring at each other then speak together.

"What the fuck's going on?"

"Who the fuck is this lot and how did they get in?"

Bending I wrench the mask off the nearest corpse. Tattooed on his forehead is a small skull.

"Black Skull assassin's guild 'Rika, five of them, a hand as they call them. Somebody had plenty of gold to splash out on our heads!"

It's then the reaction hits me, and I'm trembling a little. Not just for myself, I could have lost 'Rika as well as my life. Oh I'm hard to kill! My ancestry makes that a given, sorceresses have more lives than a cat, but our idyll together has made me/us careless lately.

Reaching out I fold 'Rika into an embrace, she's more than a head taller than me, so it's nice that my face is resting against those apple sized breasts as I speak.

"Gods, Love! That was too close for comfort! I could have lost you, we could both be dead. We've gotten slack; we've got to find out how they got in here, and who hired them!"

She kisses me on the forehead like a mother kissing her child off to school.

"You're right Love, but first you better get cleaned up, there's a lot of those bastards blood all over you, and a bit on me now. I think it might be a good idea if we got some clothes on too."

She's right! When you take off somebody's head, and open another one up from one end of his torso to the other, things get messy. Both of us retire to our bathroom, running water, hot running water, courtesy of 'Rika's magic. Cleaned off and dried we dress fast.

Though before we went near the bathroom I checked, very carefully, that the four up here were dead. 'Rika watched the body in our hall, but from the blood pooled around it, I figure that one had long ago met the judgment of his gods. Okay they LOOKED dead but I take no chances.

I pull on a pair of black leggings, a blue cotton shirt, leather slippers, and a leather waistcoat. I don't bother with a breast band, or a pair of those lovely, small, cotton, briefs, they make and sell in this city.

'Rika slips her endless legs into doeskin trousers, tugs on a lamb's wool sweater, no breast band needed for her. Finally, brocade slippers, sheathe her narrow feet. She retrieves her knives, one by one, from the bodies, cleaning the blades scrupulously, on a towel from the bathroom.

Checking the body in the hall I find I'm right and also wrong, at the same time! The assassin's stone cold dead but he is a she. When I peel off the mask, she's olive skinned, dark haired, maybe eighteen world cycles. 'Rika shakes her head ruefully.

"Pretty little thing, but why was she running away when the other four went after us?"

"That "pretty little thing" would have tried to kill us, just like those other four, Love, but she'll be the apprentice. Their job is, if the rest of the hand are captured or killed, to attempt to get back to the chapter house, and then report what went wrong."

It's then that 'Rika wrinkles her nose in puzzlement.

"Where was she running to Karla? She'd turned away from the door and was running down the hall."

"First thing is, Love, to find out how they got in here. The wards are up? Yes? So could they have ported in here through your wards?"

"Karla there's maybe six or seven magic users within a thousand leagues of here, who can teleport themselves, or other people, through my wards. But if they had I'd have known about it instantly, and the shields would have gone up around our bedroom at once."

I'm checking the locks and twin bolts on the ironwood front door while she's talking.

"Still locked and bolted Love. Could a mage have opened them from the outside to let those five buggers in?"

"Not without tripping my wards Love, just like apportation, kinetic manipulation of the locks and bolts would alert me at once."

"Then how the fuck did they get in? They can't port in; they didn't open the door, what's left?"

"There is one way! A portal ring! But one would have to be here in the house, while the linked ring can be anywhere. You step in one and step out of the other instantly."

Things start clicking into place then!

"She was running that way 'Rika! Does the ring have to be visible, like lying on top of the carpet or something?"

"No you can sink them into floorboards and lay a rug over them if you like."

Pointing down to the hall floor I ask 'Rika what might sound a stupid question.

"What do you see 'Rika?"

"The hall floor of course."

"No 'Rika what do you SEE?"

"Sea green tiles with dolphins on them love what else?"

"Yeah our brand new, just recently laid, green tiles!"

Dropping to my knees, I draw back my left fist, and hammer it down SO hard! The tiles explode into fragments and fly like hail. Two more strikes and we can see it! A metal ring, perhaps four or five feet across, made of a dull, yellowish, material.

"Those bastard Arkelian brothers! Remember they wanted us out of the house while they tiled the hall? They said it would be really messy."

"Yep Karla! So we went to eat at the "Cockerel" then watched the horse racing at Bluegrass fields, while those pricks hid this under their tiles."

As I'm reaching down to the ring of metal 'Rika grabs my hand.

"Careful Love! It might be spelled!"

"Do you really think that's likely to hurt ME?"

"Well it's better to be safe than sorry Love, let me check."

Her hand hovers over the dull metal and tiny filaments of silver light flicker over the metal.

"It's safe but still open! Break it Karla! Whoever's at the other end could still send a fireball through it at us."

Hooking my fingers under it I lift it, its light and the metal's malleable, a couple of twists of my wrists and it cracks across.

"Well if that's safe now 'Rika we'd better call the Night Watch!"

A year ago I'd have told my lady to just vaporize the bastard's bodies, but I've learnt how she respects the laws of her city by now. Cupping one of her palms, and frowning, as a tiny manikin appears there. It bows.

"Your wishes my lady?"

"Go to the square of the goldsmiths, you'll find Sergeant Cullen and his patrol there. Tell him to come to Serenity Villa on Birdsong Lane. Tell him murder was attempted here tonight. Now go!"

Surrounded in a globe of orange light, the imp floats through the wall, and is gone. I turn and head off towards the kitchen.

"Karla where are you going?"

"Well if Cullen and his boys and girls are coming here I'm going to put the kettle on and make a pot of tea."

"For them love you better make two pots!"

The Watch arrive promptly, and by then the door is unlocked and unbolted. The imposing figure of Cullen is first through the door. Just a fraction shorter than my lady, he's double her weight, and larger in every other dimension except height!

"Ladies! What in Chaos's name's been happening here?"

His eyes are locked on the small body on our hall floor, in its pool of blood, plus shattered tiles and a broken ring of metal, hurled to one side.

"Rogan! Get back to the station and fetch Lieutenant Di Grizz! He's senior investigating officer tonight. He's a prick ladies, but he's the boss, so he'll be in charge once he arrives. Chen! On the door! Nobody in without my say so! Corporal Trent bag and label the evidence! Black and Wetzel do a walk through and check for anything the corporal might miss, not likely but six eyes are better than two."

I've never seen Cullen at work and now I know he's a complete professional. He also fights and drinks like a pro, so he's three out of three with me!

He and his boys and girls work smoothly on the job, and even smoother on the tea, bread, cheese, and slices of ham I've served up. But then DiGrizz turns up. And Cullen's right he is a prick!

"Sergeant I want a sit rep then I'll talk to the "ladies" in that front room."

He manages to invest "ladies" with a total contempt. First off he's looked at the short cropped hair of 'Rika and me, secondly he's a Watch officer, and he's surely aware of the choice of bed mates The Sorceress makes.

I should explain the hair thing. In this city, and the land around it, when a woman marries or accepts a civil partnership with a man, she ceases to cut her hair. The lieutenant knows 'Rika's reputation, so seeing another short haired lady with her tells him she's her lady lover.

I should also say that lady/lady or men/men pairings are common enough, so DiGrizz has a personal prejudice, or an axe to grind! Looking at my lover's face I can guess there's history between them.

"Please ladies we have things to talk over!"

We're barely out of summer but at this time of the morning there's a slight nip in the air. Ulrika lit a small fire in the grate, in the front parlor there, a little earlier, lit it with a snap of her fingers! We settle, side by side, on the settee, Lieutenant Di Grizz takes a chair facing us.

Unlike Cullen, and his patrol, the lieutenant's uniform is impeccably tailored, and snug fitting. Dark blue whipcord, gleaming, knee high, boots. From a patch pocket on his jerkin he produces a leather bound notebook, and one of those new fangled things the alchemists have invented. A pencil.

"Ulrika Night Wind can we start with your version of what happened please?"

"There's only one version Lieutenant, the true one!"

That earns my lady an icy stare and...


"I woke when Karla shouted my name; there was a man, an assassin, on his knees, on the floor besides our bed. I grabbed my knife harness and put two of them into his chest. Karla was fighting another in the doorway, when she disarmed him; I put one knife into his throat and the other into his left eye socket. Tricky shot that!"

"Citizen Night Wind! You are reckoned to be the most powerful sorceress for thousands of leagues around; couldn't you have simply paralyzed or frozen them with a spell?"

I can see my lover getting testy at this line of questioning.

"Francesco you know it doesn't work like that! I can't just wake up and cast a major spell. I have to form it in my mind, and Karla and I had shared two bottles of wine, and a lot of time making love. Armed men were trying to kill us, so we had to kill them before they killed us. I've practiced for bloody ever with those knives, which is why I'm still alive, spells or no spells!"

"Francesco" so there IS history between 'Rika and this guy!

"Resident Karla Solon! Could you give me your point of view next?"

Okay 'Rika's getting pissed with him already, so I'll do my best to be calm and objective. Ulrika's a citizen; I'm only a legal resident!

"I woke up with bad indigestion officer, peppered beef stew did it, and I was at the door just as it started to open. I was on my way down for some mint water. When the first one came at me I broke his wrist, then threw him into the room and shouted 'Rika. I disarmed the second one, and pushed him back into the third. As 'Rika said, she killed him, and by then I had his sword. I bloody near beheaded the third, then the forth came at me with two stilettos. As I cut him down 'Rika picked off the last one, the one that turned out to be a young woman."

As we've been talking he's been writing into that notebook. Looking up, he poses the question that's been niggling away at me and Ulrika, once we stopped reacting and started thinking.

"Now ladies! Who wants you dead so badly they paid for a hand of assassins, purchased a portal ring, and bribed the Arkelian brothers to plant it in your home?"

I've been in the city around two years, moved in with 'Rika six months after arriving. Apart from slapping down a few drunks, male and female, who wouldn't believe that I didn't want to share a bed with them, I've had no trouble with anyone.

In the almost two years I've been 'Rika's lover, I can't recall her making any enemies that would go to these lengths, to kill both of us. A few minor disputes over money owed to her, very few, since who in their right mind, wants to upset a lady who can do nasty, lethal, or non-lethal, things to you, with a wave of her hand.

A few professional spats with other magic users, but I don't see a mage or wizard hiring assassins. Pride would make them try to take 'Rika down with magical powers.

"Nobody that I can think of."

"I've made no enemies in your city Lieutenant!"

He looks miffed at our replies!

"So neither of you have even a hint of who wanted you dead?"

"In all honesty Francesco no! All Karla and I have been up to recently has been to have fun and relaxation. Work wise my tasks have been mundane, magical, workings. For local businesses and the city museum."

He stands, slips the notebook and pencil back into his pocket, and calls to the stoical Cullen.

"Are we about finished Sergeant Cullen?"

"Yes sir! Just loading the bodies onto the wagon to take them back to the station. All the evidence is labelled and bagged lieutenant, and there's half a dozen men watching the Arkelian house."

"Then my men and women and I will take our leave of you two lovely ladies. But this evening Captain Stavros will want to talk to you at the station. Any time after the sixth hour. Goodnight or I should say good morning ladies!"

Once he's gone I re-lock and bolt the front door, then glance round the wreckage of our hallway. Shattered tiles, the portal ring has been removed as evidence, a puddle of dried blood, where the youngest assassin's body laid leaking gore, till Cullen's team took her.

On the landings and stairway the polished hardwood is streaked with more dried blood.

"Do we clean up now 'Rika? Or leave it till morning? Forget that Love it is morning but you know what I mean."

She gives a rueful shake of her head.

"What do you want to do Love?"

Suddenly I know what I want to do! It's the excitement, the rage at those who tried to kill me and my lady, and now my body's so alive.

"I want to go up to our room and make love to you till you we're both exhausted, then make love all over again."

Her thin lips light into a lovely smile.

"I doubt I'll get a better offer than that for the next century or so Love."

Stepping closer I slip one arm around her waist, the other under her knees, then lift her like a featherweight. To me she is a featherweight, mind if I'd picked up Cullen he'd be a featherweight to me, though the idea of carrying him upstairs to bed him is just too bizarre!

'Rika curls one arm around my neck, rests her head on my shoulder, then murmurs in my ear.

"Take me up there Love; we need to forget what's happened for a little while."

Striding up the stairs, and into our room, I disregard the blood smears on the varnished planks, to toss my lover onto our bed.

"Get naked 'Rika I don't want to wait!"

I mean just that, I'm burning to get my hands and mouth on her slender body. Even as she's tearing off her own clothes I'm shedding mine, like a snake wriggling out of its old skin. Naked I leap onto the bed and the silken form of Ulrika.

My mouth locks on hers and our tongues slither around like two eels in a mating dance. One of my hands cups her breast while the other caresses her smooth buttocks. Then my body shudders, as her hand moves between my thighs, to knead the wet folds of my labia. I moan my desire into her open mouth.

Neither of us has time for preliminaries, writhing my way down her body, kissing a wet trail down her breasts, over her flat belly, my head nestles between her strong but slender thighs. Kissing the satiny lips of her taut sex brings deep moans from her throat, when my stiffened tongue slides inside her, her long fingered hands lock on my head.

I can feel the tremors rolling in ripples down her belly, and her thighs clamp then unclamp on my head, as she gives herself over to my loving. Her hands leave my head and clasp her own, small, breasts, her moans turn into groans, and then she's gasping for breath, as I slip my fingers into her hot depths. Her body arches as her climax hurtles towards her.

Now her groans have gone and shrill screams rocks the room, as her thick juices soak my face, while she thrashes beneath me. Her vaginal muscles are locked on my thrusting fingers as she bucks against my hand like a wild thing.

At last she slumps back, sated, even her spring steel body and massive appetites can produce no more. I'm stroking her sweat soaked hair and lightly kissing her, as she gathers enough strength to speak.

"In all the millennia of my sorcerer's long life I've never found a lover like you Karla. Don't ever leave me will you?"

Resting my cheek against her small breasts I can reassure her on one thing anyway.

"Well Love at least I'll never grow old on you anymore than you'll grow old on me. Whether somebody kills us is another matter! We're warned now so we'll be prepared if they try again."

Shifting her body with the agility of a hunting leopardess she rolls around to my thighs.

"My turn to give you what you need Love, lay back and leave everything to me."

I settle back against the mound of goose feather pillows, propped up slightly, so I can watch her as she pleasures me. Touching herself between her thighs, she thickens her fingers, with her own creamy fluid. Then those fingers enter my parted labia, stretching me delightfully, as her lips and tongue caress my now erect and swollen woman's cock.

She raises her eyes to lock them on mine, as she twists and corkscrews her fingers deeply inside me, while her tongue plays symphonies on my sopping flesh. Harder, faster, her fingers pound me towards a giant explosion.

My body arches up from the thick mattress; I spread my thighs even wider, granting her the deepest access to my womanhood. Then I explode into an enormous and violent orgasm that blanks my mind, leaving me shuddering and gasping in ecstasy.

I just lay there feeling the glorious afterglow of wonderful loving. 'Rika wriggles up the bed till she can slip into the crook of my arm, we rest a while in companionable silence, till my mind turns from pleasure to darker matters.

"Right love it's time for practical matters! We snatch a few hours sleep. I'll go round to Marina's and hire a couple of her daughters to come round and clean up the mess. Mop up the blood, sweep up those smashed tiles. I probably shouldn't have punched them so hard, but gods Love I was angry. Then we go visit this Captain Stavros and we try to figure out who wants us dead and why."

She snuggles tighter against me to murmur into my ear.

"Alright love, but for now just hold me and we'll sleep."

I have to say one more thing though before we drift off.

"'Rika love! One more thing though. This morning, over breakfast, you tell me all about this Lieutenant Di Grizz, and what has the two of you circling each other like two angry cats. Also we've got to get our game back together. We came too close to dying because we've gotten sloppy. We've been having fun, enjoying ourselves, and getting careless. Time to return to being sorceress and warrior, we're still lovers but we want to stay alive to be lovers!"

My lover makes me a promise I know she'll keep.

"Later, after we sleep, I'll tell you all about Di Grizz. And you're right, we need to be ready for more enemy action, so I'll load up with some combat spells and you unlock your travel chest, and start wearing "Falling Star" again. As if there's a war coming. Maybe there is love!"

Now to rest, to sleep, and then find out what the fuck's going on!

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