Chapter 1

Boston Massachusetts


I was valedictorian of my class, I graduated high school at the age of 13, I was a god damn genius, or at least I thought I was. College was a rude awakening for me, M.I.T. Is where the geniuses go to learn, so I went, and found that not only was I not the smartest kid on campus, I would be lucky to even be the smartest kid in any of my classes. There was one thing that I did place first in though, I was the youngest person there, which made my social life about as good as my high school one, that is to say I had none.

My earliest memories I can remember are of my father, he was a good man, an honest hard worker, he worked as a miner, it was a hard life but an honest one. My mother had died during child birth leaving him to raise me, he knew everything there was to know about working a mine, and almost nothing about raising a little girl, let alone one that could read at the age of two. I remember him coming home from work, sending the baby sitter home, one of his coworkers wives who was barren, she enjoyed playing surrogate with me. He would come home and sit me on his lap, I remember him reading the paper, I remember pointing to an article and asking him about it, to say he was stunned was an understatement, his wonder so turned to routine, he would come home and he would sit me on his lap and I would read the paper to him.

By the age of three no machine was safe in the house, I would take them apart and study them, by the age of four I was able to put the same machines together, and by 6 I was making improvements on them, it seemed I had a knack for machines. My dad said I would be rich someday, some big shot some where, he would smile and ask that I remember my old man when I hit the big time.

My father never saw me graduate, never saw me get to M.I.T., he died in a cave in where he worked when I was 11 in 2005, no one was ever sure what happened, or what caused the cave in, but my Dad had survived long enough to write a note on the wall of the cave in coal, it simply said tell Jenny I love her.

Im Jenny if you haven't guessed, I went to live with my baby sitter, she had always wanted a daughter, now she had one. I had thrown myself into my school work like never before, working day and night, I managed to graduate high school at 13, I got several scholarships, including one from the mine my dad had worked at.

M.I.T., is hard work, but not so hard that I didn't finish in 3 years and started to work on my masters in engineering. Still at 17 I managed to be among the youngest Masters students, but lucky for me, I now fit in with the freshmen arriving on campus. I tended to not let it slip what I was going for, most just assumed that I was there starting like them, I had housing off campus by this point, but I still went to the parties and started to mingle with kids my own age for once, that was how I found my self several beers into a good buzz.

"No no no, you see we are working with a bunch of Physicist, my part of it all are the machines, I build awesome machines." I giggle slushing my drink on myself.

"So you are like a lab aid for them?" The cute boy I was talking to asked.

"No no no, I am working with them toward my Masters, I turn the math and theory shit into workable applications." I said taking a drink.

"Masters? How old are you?" The boy asked.

"17, well just turned 17, but Ive been here since I was 14, oh no." I said looking down on the drink I spilled on myself.

"Here let me get you a rag." The boy said getting up, he returned with a rag.

"Thank you" I said, wiping myself.

"So tell me Jenny, are you okay?" The boy asked.

"Sure Im fine." I Said slurred.

"No Jenny I mean are you really okay, are you happy?" He said turning seriously and staring at me.

"Wha?" I Hiccuped and almost vomit.

"Okay Jenny, Thats our cue, its time to get you home okay, I think you have had to much." He said looking concerned.

I nodded, not remembering giving him my name.

"Sure, home good." I said.

"Okay Jenny, steady, just follow me." He said helping me up.

The boy walked me to my apartment off campus, he even found the key under the mat and let me in, I awoke alone and in my bed, there was a note on the night stand, I took it and read out loud.

"Jenny, brought you home last night, boy you are a lite weight, hope to see you soon." I said.

"Damn, I didn't even get his name, and he was so nice." I said to myself.

I got up and made it to the bathroom to shower and change, I caught myself in the mirror, Daddy had said I was pretty like mom but I had never believed him, I always thought of myself as a bean poll, Dad had said I had a grace to me like mom, staring at the disheveled mess I still didn't believe him, but I did smile to myself apparently I had met a nice boy, one that didn't take advantage of me when he clearly could have.

Three hours later had me working on the modified super collider for the experiments, we if you can believe it where attempting to tunnel into the fabric of space time, all very exciting and advance stuff, I was adjusting the refrigeration system of the unit when I heard my two colleagues arguing.

"Doctor Harris has worked on theta wave memory transfer might be what we are looking for, we saw magnetoencephalography was the only thing that even picked up any signal!" John Garcia, one of the astrophysicist on the team was saying.

"All we have to do is have Jenny build a machine that can create and receive Theta waves!" Michael Smith was saying back

"But why have her start from scratch? Doctor Harris has all the equipment over in his lab for theta wave transfers, and for the machines we have them all right here!" John said pointing at his own head.

"Your crazy, we can't use people!" Michael said.

"No we wont use people, we will use dogs, or chimps or something like that, but I am saying this will save us years of work. JENNY, Jenny you there what do you think?" John said.

I poked my head up from the section of coolant tanks I was working on.

"Well, if it saves me having to design and build those machines, I guess it wouldn't hurt to look, I am having a hard time keeping the micro colliders all aligned for each test." I said sheepishly.

"See we could easy the work load of our little Jenny." John said.

Michael looked over at me.

"Fine we will call this Doctor Harris." Michael said.


A week later and it was settled, Doctor harris was intrigued with our work, you see we had managed, well we thought we had managed to open a micro fracture in space time, we used a series of timed micro collisions of particles, using a micro super collider of my own design to create the fracture. We had set up a series of equipment to detect almost every kind of energy that came from it, what had happen on the day before the first test is the magnetoencephalogaphy machine had detected several spikes that matched the pattern of multi-spectrum energy we had planned to send through, in other words we had sent a signal through time.

The only problem was that no matter what we sent through the only thing that we could get was theta waves, the type and frequency that was often associated with human memory. The plan was for me to build a machine that could send and receive complex theta wave through so we could communicate, the problem with this would be we could only send a message to the point from when that machine was made, and its design was still on my computer, that is unless we could figure out another way to send theta waves to a preexisting receiver in the past. That is where Doctor Harris came in, he was working on memory transfer in chimps, it was said that he had been able to map memory and transfer them from one chimp to another, his work was still in the early phases, when he heard what we had planned he was more then willing to help.

It took months to get all of the Doctors work set up with our gear, I was taking a much needed break from the lab after a particularly challenging day in the lab, I was reading a book, science fiction, Michael Crichton to be exact, ironically it was Timeline, I was walking across campus toward a local deli I frequented, I was walking to the counter to place my order when the person behind the counter startled me.

"Hey Jenny, how have you been?" He said from behind the counter.

I looked up startled, it was the boy from the night of the party, I quickly looked to his name tag, James.

"Oh oh, Hi James, I never got to thank you for taking me home." I said shyly.

"Any time Jenny, what can I get you?" James asked.

I mumbled my sand which order to him, he smiled and made it, when he was wrapping it up he turned to me.

"Hey Jenny I gotta break, I mean if you don't mind you wana eat lunch with me?" James asked smiling.

"Um sure." I said smiling back.

We went to the campus to eat out in the open, it was still warm out but winter would soon be approaching, we sat for awhile eating our sandwiches in silence.

"So Jenny tell me about the work you do, you said something about colliders and physicists back at the party." He said breaking the silence.

"Oh its nothing really, just trying to manipulate space time." I said smiling.

He laughed.

"Is that all?" He asked.

"Well its not that exciting really, I just build and design the machines we need, no biggie." I said.

"No thats a skill, I was never very mechanical." He said smiling.

"Well its just comes natural to me." I said.

An hour later and I had filled him in on the project I was working on, conversation with him just came easy.

"So let me get this straight, you think you can implant memories from one dog to another in the past?" He said.

"well we have, Doctor Harris with our project has been able to send back memories from one dog to another back a few days." I said smiling.

"Wow thats incredible, um how do you know it worked?" He said smiling.

"Well this dog sparky, or subject one, did not know any tricks, we trained subject two, named rex, how to sit and roll over, we managed to send those memories to sparky." I said

"So how do you know he just didn't send them to the other dog in the here and now?" James asked.

"Oh thats easy, because he learned them the day before we even tested the machine for the first time." I said.

"Whoa, thats nuts, have you guys thought about doing it with people?" He asked.

"Well thats what we are working toward, imagine if we can send real tangible messages a few days into the past?" I said.

"Thats really cool, you could send yourself winning lotto numbers, oh crap I have to get back to work, ill see you later Jenny" He said laughing.

I started laughing too as he got up and shook my hand, I watched him leave, the idea had struck a cord with me, money was always tight, perhaps there was some merit in it.


That night in the lab I sat tinkering with all the new equipment, I was running test on all the equipment for tomorrows big test run, the dogs had arrived today and I could hear them moving in their cages, I looked at the paper in my pocket, it had tonights lotto numbers scribbled down.

"this is silly." I said out loud.

I looked at the targeting computer, if I could set it for a day earlier, exactly 24 hours it would be when I was the only one in the lab again, I should be able to transmit to myself, it should all be safe.

"this is crazy Jenny." I said.

I punched in the target in the computer, I started the power up sequence to the machines.

"Really what harm could it do." I said as I attached the electrodes

"I mean this probably wont even work" I said as I sat in the test area.

"I probably shouldn't be doing this" I said nervously as I watched the clock.


Outside the lab building, a small group was huddled by the industrial breaker box for the lab building.

"So you said these sick fucks did animal testing here?" One of the group whispered.

"Yeah Cynthia delivers the inter office mail here, she saw it her self." Another said.

"Okay you guys know the plan?" The first one said.

"Yeah we blow the breakers and we have 20 minutes before anyone should notice or respond, so we run in and free the animals." The 2nd one said.

"Okay lets do this." The first one said.


Back in the lab.

I was about to take off the electrodes and cancel my attempt when I heard a distant bang, I looked around quickly as the lights in the lab exploded from a power surge, before I could react I saw the countdown hit zero.


The animal activist stumbled upon the lab as they ran, the sound of dogs barking brought them to Jenny's lab, what they found was Jenny on the floor in a seizure foaming at the mouth.

"Dude, I think we need to get out of here." The first one said.


Blackness and pain is all that I felt, my world seemed to only contain these two things for sometime, I loss all track of time, I seemed to be lost in a see of pain. I don't know how long I was like that but eventually light drifted to me, at first blurry but it grew ever sharper.

I tried to make sense of the scene in front of me, it appeared as though I was being held up by two young boys, with a third standing in front of me, I tried to talk but couldn't, I could only watch as they began to beat me up.


Alex was beating me up again, I could never figure out why he picked on me, but I could do nothing but let the attack begin, I tried to curl up and block my sensitive areas, as I did so a blinding pain shot through my brain, it felt as if someone had stabbed me with an ice pick.

"What the fucks wrong with the nerd?" Thug one said.

"Who the fuck cares?" Thug two said.

"Naw man hes having a fit, lets get the fuck out of here." Alex said.

Ah yes Alex the brains of the operation, I felt myself slipping to the floor, I lay there until the pain stopped.

"Hey are you okay" A female voice asked me.

"I think so" I mumbled.

"How bad did they hurt you?" The girl asked.

"Not bad, help me up?" I said.

When I looked around I was startled to see no one.

"where are you?" I asked.

"I ... I don't know." The voice said.

I looked around panicking.

"Oh god they broke something in my brain." I said seeing no one.

"I don't think thats it, hey kid humor me and look at your hand." The voice said.

I did as she asked as I propped myself up again the wall.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god." Came her panicked reply.

"What what the hell? Im the one hearing voices why are you freaking?!" I said.

"No no no no no, this is not how its supposed to work" The voice said.

I Shut my eyes and rubbed my temples.

"Stop yelling it hurts." I said.

"Sorry sorry, oh god I fucked up." The voice said.

"um, mind telling me whats going on, I don't normally hear vocies, I mean am I going crazy? Did my id finally snap?!" I Said.

"No sorry whats your name?" The voice said.

"Jimmy, Jimmy Connor, whats your name crazy disembodied voice in my head." I said.

"I am Jenny Taylor, Jimmy I am a student at M.I.T. I was working on an experiment when something went wrong." The voice said.

I blinked at that.

"So what?" I asked.

"I was working on a temporal mnemonic device when I think it exploded." Jenny said.

"Okay sure that makes sense." I said.

I slowly got up, feeling dizzy.

"Do you mind telling me why you are in my head?" I asked holding the wall to steady myself.

"Jimmy I was supposed to send only a memory back in time to myself." Jenny said.

"Oh, wait back in time?" I said moving along the wall.

"Yes we have to get to M.I.T. So I can figure this out." Jenny said.

"Sure sure, Ill just ditch middle school and fly across country to the east coast, no problem." I said walking slowly down the hall.

"Jimmy where are you going?" Jenny asked.

"Oh I got a headache, gonna see if the nurse has some aspirin." I said

"Jimmy we need to stop and figure this out, you said across country, where are we?" Jenny asked.

"Southern California, whittier to be exact." I said as I approached the nurses office.

"What the hell, how did it broadcast so far? Damn it must have been the power surge." Jenny said.

I entered the nurses office.

"Jimmy what year is it?" Jenny asked.

"2005." I said walking to the nurses counter.

"Jimmy? Oh you poor thing, did you get beat up again?" The nurse said as she noticed me.

"2005?!?! fuck, it worked I traveled through time!" Jenny said.

"Sorry Nurse Gonzales, I kind of have bigger problems, theres a voice in my head from the future telling me to do thing..." I said looking at the nurse, trying to keep the hysteria out of my voice.

"WHAT?" The nurse said.

"What?" Jenny said

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