Good Daughter
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2010 by ShannonQ

Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Kelly & Miffy along with rest of the world are doomed to an approaching comet. They are racing for a cave Kelly found long ago. Will that be their salvation or are they doomed as the rest? Get ready for a wild ride.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Science Fiction   non-anthro   DomSub   FemaleDom   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Fisting   Pregnancy   Violent  

Kelly Gordon was one of the most beautiful women many people ever laid eyes upon. She was a mix of Jewish and Hispanic. Tall, slim but wiry, raven hair down past her shoulder blades, ebony eyes, lush pouty lips with her brows, lashes, and eyes needing no make up at all. For her fourteenth birthday present she had her eyelids tatooed to give her a permanent liner that augmented her beautiful face.

Her waist was tiny, hips flared out, and breasts were not large but not small either. The long legs on her six foot frame were shapely and showed the muscularity of her working out for years in the martial arts. She learned these crafts not for self-protection; but for discipline. Like her late parents, she thrived on discipline. Her diet, exercise, learning, and everyday fuctions of life. Discipline. If she had studying to do, no matter what other events may occur, Kelly shoved it out of her mind and studied. All other things were as important that studying. It drove Miffy to have fits, but she soon gave up and never bothered Kelly if she were determined to do what she set out to do.

Having inherited a great deal of money upon her parents death in an earthquake in Sumatra four years ago. She was nineteen and only a quirk of fate kept her from becoming the third. Being the only child of Ezra and Doreen Gordon, everything was awarded to her.

Although Kelly did not indulge herself in many luxuries in life. She did however have a fetish for very expensive clothes. She inherited this stylishness in designer wear from her mother. Having them made to her frame, she was a sight to behold when she walked to her classes at Yale University. She valued a high education and had already decided to attend Harvard Law School after graduating from Yale this spring.

That is until the coming calamity in the shape of a comet headed toward the earth. The scientific world had reached the consenus of this body wouldn't collide with the planet at all. Many were completely insistent that the Earth would reach its end in less that two weeks while others conceded it would be a close call but the orb would miss by several hundreds of thousands of miles. Meanwhile this coming event brought about ten of millions of religious conversions. Kelly nor Miffy being one of them.

"Are you ready to come up for air?" Kelly asked Miffy as her cute little friend continued to lick Kelly's pussy. "You've been down there for an hour and I'm all cummed out." Kelly held each side of Miffy's face.

Taking the hint, Miffy's flaming redhead appeared from under the blanket. Her faces awashed in Kelly's juices and cum. A big smile appeared on her lips, "I wanted to make sure that I got it all. Who knows when we will be able to do this again."

"Lets take a shower and get dressed," Kelly swung her long legs out of bed then pulled Miffy to her for a passionate kiss while the tongues filled the other's mouth. Miffy's long nails lightly raked Kelly's nape which was a sure thing to get her back into bed. If there were a kink in Kelly's armor, it was the back of her neck. Miffy had learned of this weakness four years ago the first time they made love. Being tossed together by the administration, it was not long to learn that the girls were bisexual. Both liked men but they frequently found pleasure from each other. "It won't work," Kelly pulled Miffy's arms from around her neck. "Not this time any way. We've got to shower, dress, and leave. It will take us two days to get there."

"The damn comet is not going to hit us," Miffy insisted, not too convincingly. She only knew. that if this were the end of time for them, she would perish in the arms of the one she worshiped.

They behaved themselves while cleaning each other off. Except for a few kisses and probing their cavities with long slender fingers, they cleaned the other out. Since this might be the last hot shower either would have for an definate time, they took their the shower in a leisurely manner. Both girls were almost always randy for the other. It was seldom that one turned her partner down. Usually during their monthly curses which occurred within a few days of each other.

Kelly & Miffy finally emerged from the comforting shower, both patted the other person off. Then threw much baby powder all over them. Miffy went to the other bathroom so Kelly could take care of her long thick black hair. It took her an hour to get it the way she wanted then worked on her makeup. When she came out of the washroom, Miffy was already dressing in her skin tight whitr leather outfit Kelly had purshased for her. She loved the silk lining. Miffy only wore a red thong panties.

Kelly climbed into a similar suit but all in black. Only she did not wear panties. With the tautness of the stiff leather and matching boots, gloves, belts, and luggage cost Kelly over five thousand dollars. In their two luggage bags were their necessities. Kelly's was black to match her outfit and Miffy's was white. More than once Kelly spent thousands of dollars on Miffy alone if she felt her best friend/lover would knock the males dead if she wore whatever Kelly bought. Kelly splurged on herself as well and both of them were leaving most of the gorgeous clothes behind.


It was still dark outside while they packed Kelly's black 4Runner. They had put other items in the back the night before. Miffy ran down a half block to a 24/7 convenience store mostly serving the students pop and snack needs. She ran it pickup some cold cokes. Two cans each plus two super slurps. She paid for them telling the old man to keep the change knowing that if Kelly were right, money would not be needed within a week. She returned just as Kelly slammed the back panel shut.

"Got breakfast," Miffy smiled, handing Kelly her big gulp.

"Good darling, the donuts are in the middle seat."

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm donuts," Miffy gave a perfect Homer Simpson impression. Her slurp was flawless too. Miffy loved the show and could imitate every major character. Even Barney's belch. Kelly watched her take a chocolate cake one from the box with a large bite. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm."

"There are five more to feed your face with," Kelly chuckled, turning on the car. The sun was supposed to rise in an hour and a half. She wanted to get out of the city before any law enforcement edicts from the state took place. She drove slowly through the town of New Haven until the road showed its first 55mph sign. She put it on cruise at 45 mph to play it safe.

"You got these at Olive's, didn't you?" Miffy grabbed another and handed it to Kelly.

"Later, this coke is enough right now," Kelly shook her head.

"I see the comet," Miffy's body shivered with a chill.

"Eight days," Kelly replied.

"Do you think everyone on earth will die?"

"There will be someone or somebodies who will live through this if it hits. I have a feeling that not every human or animal will die if it comes to a direct hit."

"A direct hit? Where is that?

"You're asking me? You're the candidate for that Rhodes Scholar, not me." Kelly giggled.

"I don't know shit about comets," Miffy snorted. "Besides, if it hits us next week, what good is living in jolly old England going to do me?"

"It'll hit us," Kelly replied assuredly.

"I know," Miffy started with her tears. "Those damn scientists are just saying that so they don't panic the people. What would happen if all seven or eight billion start rioting at once. Lots of polices and army guys will open up on the people then say that they're just calming by gunning down a few." She broke down and cried.

One thing that really bothered Kelly was Miffy crying. She unzipped her black jacket, pulled out a tit and pulled Miffy's face to it. "Suck my nipple for a while," she said softly. "It always pulls you out of your funk and gives me a lot of pleasure too."

Miffy complied.

Kelly's breast was a taste of heaven to her. They'd been together for over three years and it never failed to appease her. In a matter of moments Miffy was asleep sucking on her nipples, ever sensitive, caused her pantiless pussy to flow freely with its fluids. She thought of them both making love earlier in the morning and how much Miffy meant to her. Kelly had known she loved her best friend in all matters for at least two years while felt that Miffy felt her adoration for Kelly was the day they met. It took almost a year before Kelly became tipsy with too much red wine and seduced the little redhead.

She reached over and pushed a button. Down came the automatic dark shades. It filled the vehicle with darkness. She lay her head back to the pate rest and slowly moved herself into a comfortable position. She closed her eyes and rested. Tonight they would drive into the large forest to the secret cave she discovered while in high school on a hike with her senior class. It was hidden with a large bush which she squeezed in to urinate in private. She told no one, not even Miffy later, about her find.

The first rays of the sun poked through the edge of the driver's side window which caused her eyes to open briefly. She looked down at Miffy, half on and half off, her lap still sucking her nipple. It wasn't enough to give her an orgasm, but it was a pleasant feeling nonetheless. She closed her eyes again concentrating on her nipple being blissfully sucked and soon was in a deep sleep within ten minutes.

They were awakened by a loud thud that hit the car. A strange noise followed like that an animal in pain. Kelly did a quick check of interior of the 4Runner then opened the curtains with the same button she used to close them. Except for the brightness of the oncoming comet, there was nothing outside the immediate vicinity. Only a light cloud of dust was fading away.

Miffy zipped up Kelly's jacket and settled back opening a can of coke. She was acting calm which was unusual for her. Kelly studied her in the fading sunlight wondering why she wasn't panicking. "I enjoyed suckling your tit all day," Miffy smiled. "There is no candy on earth as sweet as your titty."

"There won't be any candy left on earth my tit or otherwise unless this comet misses us," she started up the engine and moved slowly from under a jutted out rock so they wouldn't be spotted by the authorities. Miffy turned their radio station regular attention on to get the news.

It was one of the stations that played ten in a row of the lastest pop music. Both liked the station and the frequency did not have any interference yet. But it was not music being played, only panicked readers giving out the latest news. "Would you believe this," Miffy frumped. "Earth has a week to live and these jerks are sitting there reading off some paper instead at least being with their families."

"We have no family," Kelly responded.

"If it isn't there, I want us to go in a sixty-nine position," the younger girl giggled like a teenager.

"It it isn't there, we'll go out in our own bang. Imagine you and me in the throes of a massive orgasm when that thing hits," Kelly grinned.

"What a way to go."

"It's there, believe me," Kelly said with some uncertainty in her voice.

Their drive into the forest of northern Connecticut which was in the Berkshire Hills. She checked her gas and saw that even putting on sixty miles, Kelly's Toyota had hardly moved off the full fuel gauge. They travelled to a clearing all the time listening to the radio. There was no doubt that the earth was in deep shit. It was coming at the surface at almost three hundred thousand miles an hour and though the moon was silhouetted against the oncoming body, it wasn't going to miss. Some had prayed that the moon would take the major hit, but it was not to be.

"I've got to piss," Kelly said, climbing out and stretching her long legs.

"Me too," Miffy jumped out the passenger side. Both unzipped their leather pants and scooted into a catchers position and let go.

"Feels almost as good as sex," Kelly laughed.

Kelly was still emptying her bladder when she felt a hand from behind stroke her pussy.


"You love it," the redhead replied. "I didn't touch you with my hand, it was the toilet roll." She got up only to be tackled by Kelly. With her strength and quickness she easily pinned the smaller girl. With wild abandon she pressed her mouth to Miffy's bruising her lips. "Mmmmffffmmmm," Miffly tried getting out from under her.

"Not now bitchy one," Kelly snorted. "You've got me all wild now. I'm raping my little bitch here and is she going to be sorry. You will have to pay."

"Let's call a truce while we get these expensive things off," Miffy pleaded.

"Okay but no funny stuff." Kelly started working off her boots.

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