Agent X5 - Trouble in Paradise
Chapter 1

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Rape, BiSexual, Fiction, Spanking, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Masturbation,

Desc: Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This story is about four girls that get into trouble with a black ops group. It's up to the interrogators to find out which of the girl(s) have the information they need.

Sofia and Sylvia are two gorgeous women that have been on holiday in Rio de Janeiro for the past three weeks. However, today they have to return home, to their ordinary lives as secretaries for a subsidiary of one of the larger banks in France.

During the last three weeks, they have partied like never before, throwing all inhibitions overboard and enjoying the free nature of the Brazilian beaches and the party atmosphere. During the day, they always went to Praia do Abricó, the only official nude beach in Rio and during the evenings, they had gone to the finest pubs and other more eccentric nightclubs in the area of their hotel.

One of the things they did, was bringing home men and women every night, so they could spend a hot night with them. After these three weeks of love making, they sure would be more than satisfied for the coming months. And if everything else failed, they still had each other to relieve some of their sexual tension. That's the nice part of living together in an apartment in Paris.

Last night, they had picked up a wealthy couple in one of those kinky nightclubs. Sylvia had enjoyed herself with the woman while Sofia had been pleasured by the man. They all had had multiple orgasms and in the end they fell asleep from exhaustion.

When Sofia and Sylvia were awakened by a call from the front desk, to warn them that they would be picked up in about two hours by the bus of the airport, they also noticed that the man and woman were gone. A pity, because both girls had planned to trade partners this morning and have a last fling with them.

Well, now they had nothing else left to do than packing up their things and prepare their suitcases for departure. While they were doing this, they noticed that somebody had gone through their closet and drawers, but it seemed that nothing was taken. So, they didn't pay much attention to it.

While both girls were packing their things, Sylvia said, "I can't believe those three weeks went by so quickly."

"I know," Sofia replied. "Now it's back to our job and at least 11 months of boring workdays."

"If only we could win the lotto," Sylvia said jokingly. "Imagine spending the rest of your life on those white beaches of Rio, without the need of wearing anything."

"Oh, you little nudist!" Sofia said smiling. "I can't believe you talked me into going to that nude beach everyday. I sure was glad that they allowed me to wear my bottom part of my bikini."

"I really don't get you. I heard you scream in pleasure every night, but going naked on the beach is a problem for you!"

"I don't mind it when we are making love, but in public, I prefer to hide my little kitty."

"And that's another thing! I can't believe that you can't say pussy or even vulva."

"Hey, I know you would prefer that people called your kitty a cunt, but I prefer to call it my sweet little kitty," and while saying this, she was petting her panties at the front.

"Well, I know you like to pet your kitty, but I'm also glad you do other things with my cunt by times."

Sofia giggled and said, "Well, you can call it what you want, but I love your little kitty as well!"

Now they both laughed and went on with packing their suitcases. Sylvia knew that Sofia was maybe somewhat reluctant in public when it came to nudity, but she also opened up after a few glasses of liqueur and could be as sexual as she was. That's maybe why it clicked between them.

After the suitcases were packed, they called down for two bellboys and let them do the heavy lifting. However, the two boys sure didn't mind it, because they were greeted by two lovely women, dressed is flimsy summer dresses, not to mention that both of the boys had also spent a very hot and sexy night with those two women a good week ago.

And those boys were more than happy to accept the tip and a hot and sensual kiss from those women for their hard labor. Those two girls sure would be missed by them.

It was still about an hour before the bus would arrive, so they went for a small breakfast in the dining room and said goodbye to the lovely employees of the hotel where they had stayed.

While they were talking with some other tourists, one of the bellboys came to get them because the bus had arrived.

The bus was packed with tourists that were going home and because the air conditioning of the bus wasn't working, it was steaming hot in it. Even with all the windows open, it was almost unbearable.

By the time they had reached the airport, all of them were sweating, especially those tourists that had already put on their normal clothes.

Sofia and Sylvia were happy that they had decided on their flimsy dresses, their bikini bottoms and those open shoes that were kept on their feet with straps. Sure, they were sweating as well, but once they got out of the bus, they could enjoy the breeze that was blowing while the other tourists were still puffing and huffing in their warmer clothes.

Of course, the air conditioning inside the airport was working. So, the moment they walked inside of the big entrance hall, the cold temperature grabbed their bodies, and in no time they were showing the imprints of their hard nipples in their dresses. When they noticed how a group of teenagers were looking at them with more than a little interest in their nipples, they couldn't help themselves and had to giggle with it. They even teased those boys with their interesting features.

Their suitcases would be taken care of by the airplane company. So, with only a little purse, for their papers and airplane tickets in it. They walked towards the check in.

Thanks to the current situation in the world, the check in was annoying. First all their papers were checked and rechecked. Then they had to go past security, because those security people had to make sure they hadn't anything illegal or dangerous with them. They even had to remove their shoes these days, so those people could scan them for hidden compartments and explosives.

While tiptoeing through the security gate, they noticed how some of the security people were smiling at them, because by walking this way, their hips moved seductively and their breasts jiggled enticingly. Those robust and tough looking security guards, sure looked less dangerous with those happy smiles on their faces. Well, wearing no bra can do this with those perky breasts of them and seeing those strong and sexy men looking at them, made it of course even more fun to make sure those fun bags moved in ways that men can't help themselves, but have to look at those globes.

One of the security guards had some questions for them. Like, if they had been approached to carry something over the boarder for others, or if they were carrying something illegal with them. However, the girls answered everything truthfully and with a flair that made the man smile at them. In the end, they were let through with not too much of a hassle.

Once in the plane, the girls decided to relax and maybe try to get a head start on their jet lag from the moment they were in the air. Using the blindfolds of the airplane company, they both tried to have a nap. The flight would take about 12 hours, and thanks to the time difference, they would arrive 15-hours after liftoff in Paris. It meant that they would arrive around 3am in France, and with some luck, they would be home around 5am.

So, they had planned to sleep during the flight and then stay awake until it was bedtime again the next night. The idea was that they could avoid being too much out of sync by doing this.

And it didn't take long, or both women were asleep.

6 hours into the flight, they were awakened by the air hostess for their dinner that they had ordered in advance. After dinner, they talked to each other for a while and then decided on sleeping for the rest of the flight.

Sofia and Sylvia were awakened by the pilot announcing that they had to fasten their seat belts. Due to unforeseen circumstances, they would be landing soon.

Still a little out of the world, Sylvia asked, "Are we there yet?"

Sofia looked at her watch and said, "No, that's not possible, we have only been flying for 9 hours and a bit."

When the air hostess walked by, Sofia asked, "Excuse me, Miss? Are we in France already?"

"No, Miss."

"So, why are we landing?"

"I'm not sure, Miss. But the captain will announce it soon enough, I think," and while the air hostess said this, she looked like she was a little worried.

"I'm sorry, but I need to check the other passengers," the woman said and then walked along between the passenger seats. Making sure everybody was strapped in.

The pilot didn't tell them anything, even not when they had landed. Looking through the windows, they couldn't see much from the outside world, only the darkness of the night. However, the tarmac around the plane was lighted, and they could see some other lights on in a building, somewhere, in the distance.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please stay seated. More information will be available soon," the captain announced through the speakers.

Sylvia, Sofia and the other passengers looked worried about this. Especially when they noticed how trucks and jeeps were driving towards the airplane with soldiers in it. There was also a car with them with a staircase attached to it, and it drove up to the side of the airplane. A hostess opened the door from the inside and then a few soldiers came inside the airplane. The passengers noticed that they were as black as the night, so they had landed somewhere on the African continent it seemed.

They walked between the passenger seats, and one of them was looking at pictures in his hand and to the people inside the plane. When they reached two young girls, somewhere around the age of 25, one of the soldiers started shouting, and they forcefully removed those young girls from the airplane, under loud protest of those two girls. Sylvia was about to protest as well, when Sofia said, "Shh, keep quiet, or they may take us too."

Sylvia was a little mad about the cowardly reaction of Sofia, but decided to stay quiet. Maybe Sofia was right and she sure didn't want to end up in an unknown Country under the thumb of those nasty looking soldiers.

However, the soldiers didn't leave the airplane yet, they were still looking at the other passengers and going up and down the aisles of the airplane.

And then one of the soldiers looked at Sylvia and Sofia, and he started to shout in that language again that they didn't understand.

In only a few seconds, some soldiers were grabbing them and Sylvia started shouting, "HEY, what are you doing?"

The soldiers didn't say anything and just pulled them out of their seats.

Sofia looked at some passengers and begged them to help them with her eyes, but all those other passengers didn't say or do anything to stop those soldiers.

The air hostess helped the soldiers to track down the carry-on purses of the four women they had removed from the plane and then the soldiers left.

"Sorry, for this inconvenience," the captain said through the speakers. "We will continue our journey in about 15 minutes."

You could hear many of the passengers sigh in relief, and then they started whispering to each other. Most of them suspected that those four girls were maybe suspected terrorists or maybe drug traffickers. Why else would they do an unscheduled landing in a place they even didn't recognize and unload those girls without a protest from the airplane captain and his crew.

This was the method, they used, to ease their minds. Of course, some of them felt bad that they hadn't intervened when they had seen how rough those soldiers had treated those girls. However, they also had been too scared to give any help, and they had promised themselves that they would inform the authorities of their own Country about it, after they would be safe and well.

And not much later, the suitcases of those four girls were offloaded from the airplane as well and thrown in an empty army truck.

Some of the passengers, that were sitting on the left side of the plane, could see how those four girls were sitting on their knees on the tarmac with their hands on their heads. Two soldiers kept their weapons locked on the girls.

Even so, when they felt sorry for those girls, they were also relieved it hadn't been them who had been plucked from the airplane. Especially those other young women in the plane felt very lucky they weren't picked out for whatever reason those four were. They already could imagine the worst kind of things that could happen to those four.

The airplane taxied over the tarmac and away from those girls and not much later they were back in the air, flying to Paris.

What would happen to those four girls? The passengers and the crew members had no idea about it and even the captain of the airplane couldn't give them an explanation about why those girls had been taken out of the airplane. The only thing he could tell to the other members of his crew, was that they had been very lucky, because if he hadn't complied with the demands of those soldiers, they would have been shot out of the sky by a squadron of fighter jets that had been following them.

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