Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A college student who thought she was in love, dropped out of school and came to Tampa with her boyfriend. She found out he wanted more from her than what a boyfriend should want. Instead of turning to the worlds oldest profession she chose to just tease around the edges. Her new occupation paves the way to some good money plus the chance to meet new friends. (Characters and locations of the Florida Friends Series are used in this story.)

As I squirmed in my old Corolla, trying to get up the courage to go inside, I kept thinking, "You are a dumb fucking blonde. Damn, how could you take that line and believe it? You are one fucking dumb blonde."

With that thought, I slid from the car, shut the door, and used the key to lock it. I headed toward the door with the "Nude Girls" sign over it. Out front was what I understood was the sign of a famous landmark, "Mons Venus."

I was dressed for the occasion. I had on a miniskirt, a short, open midriff, top that was low enough to see some cleavage, along with some three inch heels. I did have a full set of underwear on although the bra was a half cup push up and the panties were a thong, my only sexy pair. My outfit was complete as I had foot to waist sheer panty hose that made my legs look glossy.

As soon as I entered, the cool dark air wafted over me. Inside there vestibule about eight by twelve with about a five foot opening on the club side. There was a counter with a cashier who smiled at me, "Are you here to watch or?" I see inside the club behind the cashier but could see seated customers in the dark club area.

The cashier looked at me expectantly so I took a deep breath and said, "I want to apply to be a dancer, waitress, or something. I understand that the girls don't turn tricks and that management frowns on that."

"You got it in one, Honey. You get caught soliciting and you're hoofin' it down the road. What kind of experience you got, Honey?"

I frowned and said, "Other than going dancing on Saturday night, none."

"What makes you think you can be a dancer here? You know these girls take everything off, right down to their g-strings while dancing for three songs. They have to tease their way through about eight to ten minutes, depending on what songs they play. The idea is to make the folks watching excited and want to throw money your way, and to buy dances from the other girls. Do you think you can do that?"

I actually smiled, "I love to tease, and this would probably be a great place to do that, since I don't have to come across with anything but some 'I'll show you mine while you throw money.'"

"Good attitude, Honey, whatcher name?"

Typical country girl, I stuck out my hand and said, "Gerry."

The lady said, "I'm Gladys, the evening manager. Is Gerry your real name?"

I answered, "Yes'm, is it all right?"

"Its fine, Gerry, but you might want to use a stage name while, and if, you work here. How about something slinky like Jezebel, or Mona, think of something. Meanwhile, let me get someone to watch the front while you and I work on some forms."

Gladys waved a partially dressed young lady who was carrying an empty tray up to the front. She gave the girl some instructions and took me by the hand and walked to the side of the big stage that had a girl, near nude, dancing to some loud rock music.

Behind the stage, in a cluttered office that had photos of hundreds of girls on the walls, Gladys pulled a set of forms out and began with the top one. "Gerry, fill out this form with the correct information and before you sign it, read the rules on the back, especially the no soliciting rules. You won't be expected to fuck the owner, the bosses, or the bouncers. If anyone gives you a hassle, see me and I'll cut their balls off. I may not do that to the boss, but he has all the pussy he can ever want. When you are through with this first one, read and sign each of the forms after that. They are the state, county, and city rules governing clubs such as this. We don't like you coming to work drunk or high. If you get caught doing drugs here, you are down the road. When you get these done, I'll get you out on stage to see how you like it. If you like it, stay and learn, if not, all you'll need is a shower and you can go apply at Wal-Mart."

Wow, that's pretty cut and dried. I didn't know there were so many rules for dancers though. I couldn't very well put a 1988 Corolla for my address, so I left it blank for right now. Perhaps Gladys knew of some girls that would share a place with me.

It took about thirty minutes to finish the paperwork as I read every word. I wanted to make sure that if I did this, I would do it right. I shivered, thinking about getting up in front of a bunch of guys wanting to take me into the bushes, but then, I did like to tease and I was proud of my body.

Finding Gladys wasn't tough as she was dressing down a girl in a room that was probably the dressing room. The room was three walls of desk height built in table in front of walls of mirrors. The table was completely covered with various cosmetics of all kinds.

Gladys was hollering at the girl, "I don't care how much he gave you, you do not give a customer a hand job in the club. You can pack up and get out. You have a week off for pulling a stunt like that. Do anything like that again, and you'll be walking the streets. Now get dressed and get out."

The girl shrugged her shoulders and began putting on clothes. Gladys looked around at the few girls who were touching up makeup and said, "The only way we can stay open is to run an honest joint. We have to play by the rules. Make sure none of you screw up like that."

She turned to me and smiled, "Did you read all of the rules?"

I said, "Yes'm, all of them."

Gladys checked where I was to sign on each piece of paper then said, "Feel like getting your feet wet? You can go out and watch a couple of girls do their thing first, or just jump in now. You start with clothes on and finish bare-assed. What do you want to do?"

Not wanting to let my nerves get the best of me by waiting too long, I said, "How about now? You see how I do and let me know when I'm done."

Gladys smiled, "That's the spirit. I suggest you take off your panty hose as it's tough to do onstage, unless you've practiced teasing while doing it. Unless you want to do something with makeup, the next girl is due up in a couple of minutes. You need to pick out your music too. You pay for your tunes on the juke box with your tip money. I'll spot you the first time so you can get some cash ahead."

After thinking about it a second, I answered, "I'll use the panty hose to tease a little. Perhaps some of the men will like it."

Gladys motioned me to follow her as she left the dressing room. We went out another door that had us right at the jukebox at the side of the stage. Gladys put in some money and said, "Pick out what you like best. Make it something you like to move to. Remember that you will want to move with the music and you'll want to give some special views to all the guys up near the stage. Don't get too close to the customers unless it's to let one of them put money in a garter. Oh yeah, do you have a garter?"

"No, Ma'am, but I do have this hair thing. When I get my panty hose off, I'll let my hair down and put the scrunchie on my leg. That'll take care of the close up tips."

Gladys cautioned, "Be careful out there when you're getting those tips. Don't let some guy get his hand on your coochie or up your ass. Let them at the garter, but move away if they try to touch too much."

"Got it."

"Pick your music, this one is almost over."

I noted the girl on the stage was totally nude on the floor with her legs spread, withering around, while passing her hand over her trimmed fuzzies.

The first song I saw was AC/DC's "Dirty Deeds" so I punched that up, then a gentler tune, followed by a Charlie Daniels piece to end the set."

Since I was already in three inch heels, I felt sexy but a little cheap, knowing that this was probably one step short of doing even more for money. Well, I wasn't doing that, I was dancing and teasing. That's it, nothing more. If things worked out, tonight would not be spent sleeping in my car again. I handed my small purse to Gladys and asked her, "Could you hold on to this for me?"

Gladys said, "Sure, Kid, when you get through out here, I'll get you a locker. Come look for me up front when you're done."

The music ended and the girl on stage got on her hands and knees and crawled around, picking up bills that had been thrown up on the stage. She got close enough to the guys at the stage bar to let them slip more money into one of the garters she had on. When a guy teased her with a bill, she would give him a shake of her butt and a smile, hoping the guy would give her the money. They must have liked her, since she had two fists full of cash and her garters were stuffed as she strutted off the stage with the money in her hands.

Another girl went up and picked up the discarded clothing for the dancer and followed her off. Before I walked up to the stage, a very large guy said to me, "I'm George; I keep guys in line and watch the girls so they don't get carried away. I'll turn on your music when you hit the stage. You ready?"

I smiled and nodded and walked up the steps at the side of the stage, but in full view of the patrons.

George was true to his words and the music started immediately with the driving beat and blaring metal. I let the music take over for me and strutted around the stage twitching my hips and butt, leaning over to give some cleavage shots and walking close to the edge of the stage so guys would try to look up my short skirt. The stage has two poles to hang onto when you dance. I figured on using them to help tease. Halfway through the piece, I went through the gyrations of unclipping my bra and taking it off without removing my top. Guys love that. I teased a little by bending over and giving the viewers a shot down my top. My tits aren't big, but they are firm, with nice nipples that stretch way out when I'm excited.

This took me all the way into the second piece, which was Mariah Carey's Obsessed. This had a slower sensual beat that let me end up on the floor taking my panty hose off, one leg at a time, while guys were hollering for more.

They could all see the pink thong that I was wearing, which just further teased them. When I was standing again, I bent over backwards and flipped my little skirt up to tease, then I strutted around the stage smiling.

Several guys had thrown money onto the stage but there were even more holding up bills. I saw some fives, some tens, and even a few twenties. Wow, this could get good.

Before Obsessed was over, I stood in the middle of the stage bent over to give the cleavage shot then ran my hands up my legs between my thighs all the way to the thong covering my pussy. I visually shuddered, as this teasing was getting me hot.

By the time Charlie Daniels band began the "Devil went down to Georgia" I was in only my top and thong. I pulled the scrunchie off my long unbleached blond hair and shook it to let it fall around my shoulders. I know I look good that way. I leaned back against a pole and slid to the floor holding the scrunchie. Then with as much grandeur as possible, I pulled the elastic hair holder up my leg putting it mid-thigh. I pushed myself back up the pole then bent over touching the floor. A good trick when you're wearing three inch heels. My top slid off me to the floor. I tossed it back with my skirt, bra, and panty hose, then strutted close to the customers just wearing my thong. I was so aroused that my nipples were sticking out almost an inch. As I slowly passed by the men at the edge of the bar, they were stuffing bills under my scrunchie that was acting like a garter.

The song was more than half over, so I turned my back to the audience, bent over, looking at them between my legs, and slowly began pulling the thong down my legs. As I pulled it down, I had to stand straight as I had to put my legs together. When I had the panties at my ankles, I pulled one foot from them and used the other to toss them into the pile of clothes at the back of the stage.

The noise from the guys was louder than the music. What a turn on. I did a slow strut, wagging my very pronounced bottom, but never totally opening my legs as I walked past each guy. A couple tried to get their hands high between my legs, but I just turned slightly and moved away without making a big deal of it. I watched as two guys put twenties into my garter. One was mouthing, "I want a private dance." The music was almost over, so I went to the middle of the stage and stood with my legs apart and my hands on my hips, grinning the biggest shit eating grin I could give, as the last chord was played. Guys were hollering for more, but I just casually went around the stage and picked up the bills that were scattered around, saying thank you to every one of the guys at the stage bar. With both hands and my garter full of bills I went to my clothes and scooped them up then walked down the stairs, pushed the door that led into the back, and went in.

Gladys followed me in and pushed me toward the office. "You did great, Gerry. They loved you. You were able to keep them interested all the way through the three songs. Put the money down and we'll count it up for you real quick."

I was amazed, when we finished counting the cash., there was three hundred and eleven dollars. I was shocked.

Gladys said, "If you think that is good, wait till Friday or Saturday night. You'll double that. Plus you get to get on stage about once every hour and a half, depending on how many girls are here."

I asked curious, "What do I do in between dances?"

"That's when you can work the crowd. You can walk around and give what some call private dances or lap dances. We aren't supposed to do real lap dances anymore, and we're supposed to keep six feet between a girl and the customer, but the cops quit enforcing the rule a couple of years ago after the Super Bowl. You can rub all over the guy, but don't let him get intimate with you. Watch what he grabs or touches. Just like Gabby in the dressing room, no tricks of any kind, period. You can tease some guy up close for twenty to thirty dollars, depending on how much he wants you to dance. Remember; watch the touching and absolutely no soliciting. I can't tell you what to do when you leave here, but keep in mind these guys are going to be running real hot later tonight. If you even remotely say you'll meet one of them they are going to expect more than just a handshake. Don't let me find out you're making pay dates while you're here."

Gladys handed me my purse and said, "Let me get a locker for you then you can decide what you want to wear while you work the floor."

She gave me a locker with a padlock and key. I wanted to hit the john and brush my hair before I locked everything up so I quickly went through the dressing room and used the restroom. I washed my hands then went into the dressing room to brush my hair.

A girl was sitting at the table putting on makeup. She said, "Hi I'm Bonny, that's my name here. What's yours?"

I almost said Gerry, but thought a second, "Just call me Tess."

Gladys heard me and said, "Teasin' Tess huh? That's cute."

Bonny said, "Here, you need a couple of regular garters. Take these, they were Shirley's and she's gone for good. Her wedding was last Friday. She was working for a down payment on a house, what are you working for?"

Without thinking, I said, "Food and a place to sleep. Before a few minutes ago, I had a dollar and eleven cents, and an almost empty gas tank."

Bonny said, "Well, hopefully you did well on your first dance. It looked like you did. The guys all like you, even old Henry. He comes in a couple nights a week and gives the girls a dollar each when they dance. He's that old guy at the far end, the guy with an almost white short beard."

I said, "I think he put a dollar in my garter for me. That was nice."

Gladys said, "He begs me to let him in for free, saying he can give the dancers the money if he doesn't have to pay the twenty cover. I let him in as he doesn't cause any grief. He just watches the girls, gives them his money then leaves."

I finished brushing my hair and asked, "So what should I wear out on the floor?"

Bonny said, "Some girls go nude, but they get hassled a lot. A lot of unwelcome hands groping you as you pass. I like to wear just a top and skirt that way I can tease by flipping the skirt up or bend over to let a guy look down my top. You can get those two items off easier for a one song private dance."

I asked, "So how much to do you charge for these private dances." Gladys had said twenty to thirty, but I wanted to hear it from one of the dancers.

Bonny answered, "The usual is twenty for a one song private dance to fifty for a full set of three. Don't be bashful, most of the guys that come in know what we ask for and they willingly give it. There are even signs that state private dances are twenty to thirty. Do a good job of teasing and you'll get some guy to drop a "C" note on you real quick. Just keep dancing. You can rub all over them, and even let them play with your tits if you want, but don't let them play with your pussy and don't touch their dick. You never know when the cops will come back in and if they do, we'll all get busted for violating that stupid six foot rule."

I put on my top and skirt then took my bra, panties, and panty hose to put in the locker. Gladys was with me and said, "Keep out money for your next dance music. You'll probably want to pick out something different for your second stage dance."

Not knowing where to put the money, I slid the bills under one of the twin garters I was wearing. I put my hair back into a ponytail and followed Gladys out the door.

As soon as I was out on the floor a guy said, "Remember, I wanted a private dance, please?"

The guy was a geeky looking character with thick glasses, but a friendly smile. He led me to the back on one side and sat on the built in couch back there. I noticed a couple of girls dancing in front of guys, but I thought that I should give this guy a full dance so I sat next to him.

"Do you want the money first?" he asked, holding a bunch of bills.

"Do you want a one song dance or more?"

"How much for a," he counted the bills in his hands, "how long will you dance for forty-six dollars?"

I smiled and said, "Tell you what, you keep six and I'll give you three dances for forty. Don't tell anyone as I'm supposed to ask for fifty minimum, okay?"

He was grinning as he separated the money, pocketing some and holding out his hand with the rest. He asked, "My name is Jim, what's yours?"

A new song was about to start so I stood in front of him but said, while leaning down to let him look down my top, "Tess."

I gave the guy a really good dance for three songs, teasing him the whole way. I think he saw everything I had. I did the last song completely naked, giving him ample view of every nook and cranny of my body. I rubbed my butt all over his lap, feeling his hardon beneath his zipper.

It must have been what he was looking for because as the last song was finishing, I noticed a huge wet spot on his khakis. I really doubt he pissed in his pants. When the last song was finished, several people around clapped, including a lady sitting nearby. Several handed me some bills, including the lady who stuffed a twenty into my garter as I dropped my top over my head.

Jim was sitting there a little red-faced, and when I was dressed, I leaned over and kissed him on the forehead saying, "Thank you, Jim, it was my pleasure to dance for you."

I didn't make it ten feet before I had another request for a private dance. This kept up until my next stage time. Some guys were grabby and some were down right ignorant. Those were treated to a show at a distance. Too bad, because if they didn't show me some respect, I didn't give them much of a dance. I repeated my show after putting my bra, thong, and panty hose on. I couldn't do that though, until I had gone to the restroom and gotten rid of the drool from my pussy. This dancing was making me hot.

Finally, at three in the morning, I was so tired I was just sitting in the dressing room nodding off. The night manager, Gwen came in and said, "Tess, why don't you go home? I think you've done enough for your first night. You've been really busy. Here's the scoop, you need to tip out the waitresses, the cashier, and the bouncer. Some give a percentage and some just give out a set amount of cash."

I asked Gwen, "What should I give? I don't have any idea what I took in tonight, what do you think?"

Gwen thought a second, "Give each a fifty tonight then find out what the others do and let your conscience be your guide. There are three waitresses so that's two fifty total.

I went for my purse where I had been stuffing the bills in whenever I had a chance. I sorted out two fifty real quick and handed it to Gwen in the office. She said, "Don't give it to me, go out and give it to each of them. I don't work the door, so just hand it to the cashier as you leave."

I didn't even bother to put my bra on, but did put my thong back on. With my bra and panty hose stuffed in my purse, I went out on the floor and made the rounds, giving fifty bucks to each of the people. The bouncer walked out of the building with me saying, "You were popular tonight. Let me make sure you make it to your car. Don't stop for anyone because some guy may follow you. If you see someone following you come back and start honking. I'll come out and get rid of the problem."

I was sitting in my ancient Corolla, thinking that I might just lean over and go to sleep, but I would really like a bed. I remembered a nice looking motel right up the street so I started the old car, noting the gas gauge was showing about an eighth of a tank. Dale Mabry wasn't that busy at this time of the morning and I was able to get out of the parking lot and head north. The motel was just up the street, so I pulled into the place at the front, making sure no one pulled in after me.

Inside at the desk, I paid for a room and a late check out then drove around to the room. I took clothes in to wear tomorrow, and walked into the room. After a quick shower, washing my bra, panties, and panty hose, I lay down on the bed and passed out.

I woke just before ten and sat up. After a drink of cool water, I decided on some coffee. I took another shower and washed my hair. With my hair in a towel and wearing a T-shirt and shorts, I ordered coffee from room service.

When the guy came with the coffee, he said that a free breakfast was available until eleven, so if I hurried I could get some fruit and or waffles. That sounded good so I hurried to the big room off the pool area and ate a big waffle with a couple pieces of bacon.

Back in the room, I took all the cash from my purse and began counting. I kept counting and counting, not believing my eyes. When I was done I sat back in wonder. I had given away two hundred and fifty dollars, used about twenty for juice drinks, the juke box, tipped the bellhop, and paid for the room, but I still had over eleven hundred dollars in ones, fives, twenties, and one fifty. Holy smokes.

Whew, that let the pressure off. I started the day yesterday with a dollar eleven and in total I now had eleven hundred thirty-three plus my dollar eleven. I wonder how often I can make that kind of money? I smiled to myself thinking, I'm going to find out.

First things first, I needed to find a room. Then I thought, I have enough to get back to Canyon, Texas for school. No, I really can't go back there as I had officially dropped out to go with that creep who had promised me the moon. I was going to have to wait until next semester to get back into school. Meanwhile, I need a job. I have a good one it looks like. I need a place to live, and I need to buy gas for the car.

I grinned at myself and my newfound riches and success and actually spoke out loud, "Let's get this show on the road."

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