Naughty Time
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, Incest, Mother, Son, Aunt, Nephew, Light Bond, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Spitting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Kyle hooks up with a mysterious older woman on the Internet

As I'd been prone to do lately, I was up late again surfing the web, enjoying a few of my favorite erotic web sites. I'd just finished my quarterly exams and was looking forward to Spring Break, though unlike a lot of my college buddies, I couldn't afford to go anywhere. Still, it meant a bit of time off to sit back, relax ... even sleep in. Which was one of the reasons I happened to be up this late.

It was naughty time.

I glanced at the clock on the wall in my bedroom, it was just then 10:50 p.m.

"Ten more minutes and she should be on line," I said to myself, already becoming aroused just thinking about it. About her.

Though I still lived at home, primarily for financial reasons, my parents had basically created an apartment of my own downstairs. I had a small kitchenette, though I rarely if ever used it. My own fairly large bedroom with a small sitting room within. I of course had my own shower as well, and all the amenities that made it feel just like an apartment. Even mom and dad knocked on the downstairs door waiting to be invited in before actually doing so. For the time being at least, I had plenty of privacy and space to spread out in. After I graduated, a year or so from now, I hoped that with a decent paying job that I'd finally get out and move into a place of my own.

But for now, I paid my folks rent, which they were most grateful for, and it didn't cost me an arm and a leg doing that, and putting myself through school either.

The one really downside to all of this had been the fact I didn't have a decent set of wheels at the time. Close enough to the University, I took other transportation, rode my old bike, or occasionally borrowed mom and dad's car whenever they didn't need to use it. Unfortunately, it was a luxury I couldn't afford at the moment, though that too I was working towards. But ... not having transportation also made dating a lot harder to do to. And that was one of the main reasons I currently wasn't seeing or dating anyone, besides my own hand.

And it's not like I was a nerdy, or a geeky looking guy either. Reasonably attractive, or so I'd been told anyway. Though I certainly wasn't a jock, or worked out every day either. Still, I'd had my fair share of attractive women myself, and until lately anyway, and hadn't had any complaints in the bedroom department either.

But the fact was, because of all this, I had turned towards the Internet for my sexual release and amusement. And it had been while doing that, that I'd signed onto a website were couples met, chatted, got to know one another (very often intimately) and on occasion, sometimes even met. So far, nothing like that had been offered up, but I had been enjoying a few steamy chat-room sessions with what I knew to be an older woman. The only name I knew her by was her sign-on, which happened to be "Naughty Time".

Yeah, now I know ... I'd heard it all before. That maybe some of these people claiming to be women, were in fact actually men. And in the beginning, I'd been nervous about that a little. But over time, several weeks now in fact, after getting to know "her" and some of the things we'd discussed, shared, I was ninety-nine percent sure she was in fact who she said she was. And as such, had begun loosening myself up a little. It had been a very slow and gradual thing with us too, another reason I was fairly confident that it really was a she, and not a he. Had it been otherwise, I seriously doubted it would have taken us this long to actually start talking about, or discussing sex. Something we'd only just really gotten into doing, not counting last night of course. Our last chat in fact the night before had gotten pretty hot and steamy. So much so, I had actually jerked off while talking to her, and according to what she'd shared and told me, so had she. Needless to say I was looking forward to another hot "naughty" erotic session with her again tonight.

I had already logged on to the website, just waiting. In the meantime browsing a few other websites, looking at porn, watching a few videos, and arousing myself. Mom and dad had retired to bed quite some time ago, so I knew there was virtually no chance either one of them would find any reason to come downstairs and disturb me. As such, I was now sitting there naked, stroking and fondling my hard cock in anticipation of her soon signing on. When I heard the "ping" of an instant message waiting for me, I immediately brought it up in order to read it. Sure enough ... it was her.

Naughty time: "I'm horny ... you?"

My online screen name was "Home Alone," maybe it wasn't too sexy, or very original, but it was the best I'd been able to come up with on short notice when I'd signed on the first time.

Home Alone: "Very. Hard as a rock now!"

She responded back with an LOL, along with an EWG, then adding..."Wish I could see that."

I did have a web cam, and wondered if she did. So I sent her the message telling her I had one, and that if she really did want to see me, I'd turn it on for her. Her response back wasn't nearly as quick as they usually were, and I wondered for a moment if maybe I'd been wrong about her all along. Maybe "she" wasn't a she at all ... but really a guy after all. To my relief however, she responded back moments later.

Naughty Time: "I have one too. But to be honest, I've never used it," she told me. "I have to be careful ... can't show you my face. Sorry. But if you can accept that ... then I'll turn it on for you."

I felt genuinely relieved. If she was willing to do that at least, then she really was for real. I responded back.

"Agreed. No faces ... just naughty bits, how's that sound?"

"Sounds perfect, I'm looking forward to it," and then, "Wait one."

Seconds later I got a prompt from her, inviting me to view her web cam. I likewise connected, doing the same, turning my own web-cam on, quickly adjusting it so that it was totally focused on my hard erect cock. Which is about all she could see as it basically filled the screen.

"Wow! You're big!" she typed, as the image of her came up, likewise filling in the view I now had of her, which was two fairly good-sized breasts sitting there staring at me, which is about all I could see of her too. But it was good enough in anyone's book. She had great looking tits, and especially as she was obviously much older than I. No, they weren't firm perky breasts of some twenty-something, but that wasn't what I was interested in either. I'd always been partial to older women for some odd reason. So seeing these mature full breasts that tended to rest against her ribcage a bit more than they might on a much younger woman, was still more alluring to me and sensual than anyone else's I had seen. It was also the main reason I tended to browse the "older mature" photo and video sites, not to mention setting up the filter on the website when I joined, inviting mature older women who'd like to chat to contact me as opposed to letting just any woman at any age do so.

"I love your 'tits'," I typed, remembering. She had told me a few days ago, she liked the more obscene, decadent sounding words whenever she was aroused. "Breasts where what woman called one another's," she'd told me. "But tits ... was a naughty word, which she preferred using whenever discussing them, or talking about sexual matters regarding them. Boobs were for young girls, tits were for mature, horny women.

"I like your prick," she'd responded back. She liked the word cock too, but she said it was almost used too much, and thus had slightly lessened the erotic sensuality of describing a man's member, though she liked that word too, over cock. Penis of course was too clinical, whereas prick at least, had a naughty feel and sound to it, according to her anyway.

"I'd like my prick between your tits," I had typed back. "I bet it would feel heavenly, fucking them, squirting my juice between them."

"It would feel heavenly for me, jacking you off with them too," she responded back, and then adding. "I am so fucking wet just thinking about it. Wish you could hear the sounds my fingers are making inside my pussy while I'm sitting here playing with myself."

Maybe I couldn't hear her, but I could sure see how wet she was. And she could likewise see how juicy I was getting too as I squeezed my dick, a fat juicy dollop of precum oozing out of the tip which I quickly gathered up with my finger, smearing it around the head of my cock.

"Oh, I wish I was doing that," she said, the camera now pointing further down at her pussy, showing me a nice close up of her cunt, her lips glistening with juice, her fingers now taunting her hard extended little clit as she captured it, pinching it and showing it to me.

"I wish I was licking you too," I told her. I'd love to be sucking that hard amazing clit of yours," I said stroking my cock for her, showing her just how fucking hard I really was.

"I want to watch you cum, see you squirt," she told me. "Will you do that for me baby? Cum for me? Cum hard? Give me a big messy, juicy squirt?"

Just watching her as she fingered herself, playing with her clit, suddenly slapping it a bit with her hand was enough to get me off. I quickly typed "soon" that was all, and then sat back away from the keyboard just enough so she could watch it, watch me, without squirting all over my monitor or keyboard. I then watched as she did the same, giving me more of an exceptional view of her magnificent tits, and pussy at the same time. The moment she did that, I felt the tightening in my balls, the churning surge as my come raced up the length of my shaft. I quit stroking it, though only long enough to momentarily fight against the onslaught, forcing it to erupt by itself, making the orgasm even more intense before helping it along.

"Oh fuck!" I cried out, wishing she could hear it, hear me crying out my pleasure, my joy ... my excitement. But I did see it.

Staring at my monitor, I watched her as well. Watched her hand as it came up to clasp one of her breasts. Her fingers forcefully pulling on her nipple now, stretching it out, thus lifting her breast as she did. Her other hand a blur on screen, almost too fast for the web-cam to capture as she obviously frigged her own clit violently. It was a pure joy to watch, watching her cum, seconds later a surge of clear juice emerging from her cunt, surprising me a little, yet exciting me beyond measure.

I continued to spurt, though the orgasm itself was now lessening. No longer the ropes of sperm shooting out of the end of my prick, but continuing to ooze, running down the sides of my shaft and onto my hands where I continued to milk my prick, forcing out each and every last drop of my spending.

"God I wish I could clean you off, lick it all up ... suck you down," she typed. "That felt so good ... watching you, watching you cum just as I did."

"That really was amazing, seeing you cum too, actually seeing you. Do you always squirt like that?" I had to ask.

She gave me another LOL. "Not always, but usually when I am exceedingly horny, like I was tonight," she said.

"Do you enjoy being horny?" I now asked. "I mean ... do you enjoy arousing yourself during the day?"

"Sometimes," she confessed. "I do ... why?"

"Because I'd love it if you'd do something for me," I asked her.


"Do you own a vibrator?"

"No, I don't. My husband, or rather my ex-husband I mean, would have killed me if he ever caught me using one," she said. "So I never did bother to get one, even now," she added. I had wondered about that, an inadvertent slip perhaps ... but I didn't pursue it. "I have used other things though," she said giving me another LOL. "Why do you ask?"

The thought of that gave me another idea, even more wicked than the one I'd been toying with.

"Ever used a banana? Cucumber? Zucchini?"

"Naughty boy," she then said. And then said, "Yes. What do you want me to do?"

"Wear it ... all day if you can, put one of those up inside yourself, hold it in with a pair of panties ... and then tomorrow night, sitting here, show me ... use it on yourself and come for me with it."

"OMG!" She responded back ... hesitating for a moment while she thought about it before typing anything more. "OK, I will ... but then, you're going to have to do something special for me too!" She said.

"I will, I promise," I told her.

We signed off after that, it was late, now nearing one in the morning. At least I could sleep in a little, though I did have plans to go grocery shopping sometime during the day. Beyond that, I only had time to myself. Time to fantasize, time to imagine ... and time to wonder what "Naughty Time" was feeling while doing all that.

I was already anxious for tomorrow night.

When I finally got up and came upstairs, mom had just gotten home from dropping dad off at the airport. He'd be out of town on business for a few days, or so he said anyway. For several years now their marriage had been one of convenience more than anything I think. I couldn't even for the life of me imagine them still having sex either, though they still must have from time to time, whenever dad got horny ... or wasn't scheduled to be out of town. And I honestly felt sorry for her, it wasn't like mom still wasn't attractive, because she was. Sure, she wasn't exactly svelte, had put on a few more pounds than she would have liked, and even had a bit of grey hair now intermingled with her reddish brown. But all in all ... I still found her to be an attractive woman, even if she was my own mother, and had told her so.

She blushed at the comment, trying to pass it off, ignoring me. "Sit down ... eat, and don't dawdle too long doing it. I need to get to the grocery store, we're just about out of everything."

I had assumed we'd be going later, but now she seemed to be in a bit of a rush, so I hurriedly ate, and then ran back downstairs to dress. She was waiting for me almost impatiently at the door when I came back up, but at least she was smiling at me when I arrived.

The moment we got to the store, she headed over to the produce aisle. A bit out of the norm perhaps, as usually we started at the other end, and then ended up there. But today obviously she'd decided to go there first, so I followed her, pushing along with the cart. I stood patiently waiting while she picked up a bunch of semi-ripened bananas, tossing them into the cart before moving along, next stopping where the cucumbers were displayed. She picked several examining them putting a couple of them back, picking others, finally selecting two. She then moved on, locating the Zucchini, where the entire process was repeated again.

"What are we having for dinner?" I asked.

"Oh, I thought perhaps we'd have a nice tossed green salad tonight. It would be nice not having to cook a big meal for a change. Been a while since we've had something good and wholesome don't you think?" She was right about that. Dad had always been a meat and potatoes kind of guy, so it was rare that we had anything much different than that. Admittedly, I was now sort of looking forward to that myself.

"I'll help you cut everything up later, maybe we can relax, have a glass of wine, maybe even watch a movie together," I suggested.

"I'd like that, but ... the fact of the matter is, your aunts coming over pretty soon. She's planning on having dinner with us. She knows Harold will be out of town for a few days, and you know how much she dislikes visiting whenever he's here. Hope you don't mind," she told me.

"Oh no, not at all, I like Aunt Kathy, she reminds me of you a lot," I said. "Too bad the two of you don't spend a lot more time together as it is."

"Besides, wouldn't you rather be going out ... with a girl perhaps, instead of hanging around here all evening with two old ladies?"

"For one, you two aren't old, Kathy's what, one? Two years older than you?"

"Yeah, but she looks ten years younger than I do!" Mom quipped.

"No she doesn't. But she's also a lot more independent and outgoing that you are too mom. Ever since she left Uncle Fred years ago, she's been much happier, far more content, just like you used to be. Maybe, some of that will rub off on you," I hinted without coming right out and saying it. But I could see by the look in mom's eyes, she got my meaning.

"Never mind that, we need to finish up here and get home again. I still have a few more chores to do!"

We soon after finished our shopping, and then rolled out several bags of groceries out to the car. "Here, you put these in the trunk, she said handing me the keys to open it, taking a few of the smaller bags, mostly the fruits and vegetables we had purchased, and began putting those into the back seat. As she leaned in doing that, just as I began lifting out the other bags, I caught a nice view of her legs. It wasn't often than mom actually wore a dress, or even a skirt, but she was doing so today, and once again it reminded me of how nice she looked.

"You know mom, you really should wear a dress more often, you really do have great legs you know!"

"Thank you," she blushed. "I'm glad you still think so, not sure your father does, he rarely even notices me anymore," she said looking a bit sad-eyed.

"Yeah, I know," I offered turning to put away the rest of the groceries as she all but climbed in to the back seat for a moment, before reemerging to sit back up in front with me as we drove home in order to put everything away.

We soon after began doing that, standing side by side in the kitchen while mom handed me stuff, which I then put away. Including the somewhat green bananas that I placed in the bowl on the kitchen table.

"Wasn't there five of these?" I then asked, seeing that one of them appeared to be missing.

"No ... I don't think so, I'm pretty sure I only purchased four," she told me. "Or perhaps, one of them broke off and dropped someplace."

"Maybe in the car, in the back seat," I suggested. "I'll go out and look for it later just in case it did."

Mom just smiled at me nodding her head, and then informed me she had other things to do, and that I could run along back to my room if I wanted to. Which I was grateful to do, wanting to spend some more alone time, browsing the net, getting myself good and aroused for this evening, just as I hoped "Naughty Time" would be doing.

I'd gotten so involved in browsing the net, in particular one site where all the women posting personal photos on it were considered "mature", that I didn't hear the quick brief knock on my door for a second. By then, my Aunt Kathy having made her presence known, simply opened the door walking in.

Unlike mom and dad, she didn't stand there and wait to be invited inside, especially as I hadn't locked the door. Thank god I wasn't naked. Bad enough I had to hurriedly shut down the screen. Worse, that I was sitting there with an erection, having to wait just for a second as she closed the distance between us coming over to give me a hug. Only then did I stand when she was close enough that she wouldn't have seen the tent I'd created in my jeans. I hugged her, bowing in the middle just a bit to ensure that I wasn't pressing anything against her that would give away my predicament.

"Studying?" She asked.

I doubt she had seen anything, though I know I looked flush in the face by the time she had reached me. I could feel it.

"No, not really. Spring break," I said lamely sitting down again, inviting her to do so as well, though she sat down on the corner of my bed when she did.

"And you're spending it here?" She asked surprised that I would be. "You should be out chasing a few bikini clad girls rather than wasting your time hanging around here!" She said exasperatedly.

I don't know why I said it, but I did. Maybe it was because I was after all still damn fucking horny sitting there. But my Aunt Kathy, ever since her divorce, had tended to wear somewhat revealing clothing. She might have been sixty-one, but I'm here to tell you, she looked a hell of a lot sexier than most women my age did. Like mom, she too had a nice set of breasts, though she tended to let them "hint" at you a bit more than mom ever would. Even now, the blouse she was wearing had one more button undone on it than most women would feel appropriate wearing that way. As such, when she leaned forward even a little bit, you caught a glimpse of her well rounded, smooth orbs peeking out at you, along with a bit of lacy edge to her bra as she also tended to wear far more sexier one's than was also otherwise normal. I'd even seen her go without one before when she'd worn cashmere pullover sweaters and such in times past.

"I'm not really into young women, or even a lot of women my own age," I informed her. "So it's obviously a bit more difficult for me, finding someone a bit older who is interested in any kind of a long-term, more formal, or even intimate relationship with someone like me."

I saw my Aunt's eyes suddenly turn into saucers at the revelation, along with a hidden smile on her face that she'd allowed herself to show.

"I see," she mused. "Well ... let me say this, I for one would find someone like you a blessing in disguise," she chuckled. "Not many women my age, or your mother's age, are lucky enough to even consider having a younger man for a companion, or lover. Usually, it's the other way around, which is why I'm no longer married to Fred," she laughed finally standing up. "Anyway, I just thought I'd come down and say hello. Your mom and I are putting dinner together here shortly, we'll call you up when it's ready," she turned heading towards the door, once again stopping, looking back and smiling at me. "You can bring your naughty pictures back up if you'd like," she laughed. "Though I would have been interested in seeing them as well," she added, and then left before I could comment on what she'd just said.

Dinner was a delight. Not only because of the fair we'd been eating lately, but because my mother was acting far more animate than she'd been lately. Laughing, telling off-colored jokes even with me there, and generally having a really good time. I had my Aunt Kathy to thank for that though, somehow she always did bring the best out in mom whenever the two of them where together. Though I also attributed part of her more relaxed attitude towards the two bottles of wine we'd already managed to polish off. Even then, there seemed to be a bit more going on as well, which they'd obviously, and somewhat secretively kept from me. I'd caught them more than once leaning over, whispering, giggling like school girls over a dirty secret, laughing openly about whatever it was, and then hushing one another if I got too close, or too curious about what it was that had been said.

At least they were obviously having fun, and I just assumed they were no doubt making and sharing rude comments about dad, or possibly old Uncle Fred. There was one very strange thing however, that I almost didn't see, which had thrown both mom and Aunt Kathy into fits of giggles afterwards, though they both refused to tell me what had happened, or why they had.

I was just bringing in the last of the dinner dishes from the dining room table when I walked into the kitchen, mom spun around towards me faster than you could blink an eye. She and my Aunt standing at the sink washing and drying the dishes, or so it appeared anyway. When I walked in. For the briefest of moments, as she spun, it was clearly obvious that the back of her sundress had been hiked up. My Aunt's hand just then pulling away as mom spun around. It came down of course, immediately as she accepted the last of the now empty wine glasses from me.

"Thank you," she nearly burst out laughing, her face beet red handing off the glasses to my aunt, and then almost as quickly collapsing down into one of the nearby kitchen chairs.

"Are you ok?" I asked worriedly having watched her do that.

"I'm fine," she still giggled as Kathy too stood at the sink likewise chuckling to herself. I figured then it had to be the wine, and since mom really wasn't much of a drinker, it had gotten to her pretty quickly, even though we'd just eaten. Still that didn't account for the reason my Aunt had had her hand on my mom's ass, though I then figured it was just the two of them fooling around, annoying one another the way they must have done when growing up together.

Having finished up with everything, I then turned to leave the two of them alone, let them get back to their own silliness. Which is when I looked over towards the fruit bowl only to discover that two of the bananas I had put there this morning were gone. That in and of itself wouldn't have been odd ... but the fact they weren't quite ripe yet, and now missing ... was.

I headed back down the stairs to my room without saying a word, though still trying to puzzle it all out. And then I laughed. "No way!" Mom would certainly never do anything like that ... maybe my Aunt Kathy would, though it was possible she had coaxed, or convinced her into doing something like that. But once again, I was more inclined to think I was allowing my own wild imagination to run away with me than consider the other possibility as realistic. Especially as I myself had suggested something similar to "Naughty Time," asking her to use some sort of fruit on herself for me. Still, stranger things had happened, and whenever those two got together, that was usually the case. Even so, I still couldn't quite imagine or accept that as being very logical, and assumed there had to be another explanation for the two missing bananas.

When I reached my room I glanced at the clock, I still had three hours to go before hopefully, "Naughty Time" would be on line again. Mom said they'd call me again when coffee was ready, which would be served along with some pie that we'd also picked up at the store for dissert. That would maybe kill another hour at least, after which, I'd feign being tired, and say my goodnights, and then retire back to my room for the night. A short time later I heard my Aunt Kathy knocking on my door again, this time seemingly waiting to be invited in, which I did.

"Come on in!" I called out having immediately and safely closed down my browser, so that now a game appeared instead, which looked like I'd been playing as Kathy opened the door walking in. She immediately glanced over, somewhat surprised to see that perhaps, expecting something else.

The thing I noticed however, was that she'd changed since the last time I'd seen her standing in the kitchen. It wasn't exactly a nightgown, or something too terribly revealing or even sexy ... and yet it still was. Mainly because of who was wearing it, and especially this early in the evening still. What she had on was a thin breast hugging satin like beige colored camisole that did little if anything to hide the contours or fullness of my Aunt's magnificent full breasts. Even the shadow of her dark colored nipples could be seen, not to mention the hard tipped little points pressing against the clingy material. The bottoms where comfortable looking full boxer types, giving her the appearance of modesty in a sense, yet simultaneously hinting at sexiness, especially the way she looked while wearing them.

"Coffee and deserts ready," she announced taking notice of the fact I was staring at her. "You like?" She suddenly added seeing the look in my face. "Just got it today, thought I'd put it on and show your mother, damn fucking comfortable," she added.

That did make me laugh, and likewise helped me to close my mouth again, which I only then realized was hanging open. That was a word I'd never once heard mom use, and had never heard my Aunt Kathy use it around mom either, though it wasn't the first, and no doubt the last time she'd use it around me.

"Looks like it would be," I finally said finding my voice, only then tearing my eyes away from those sensual peeking nipples poking out at me. "You look great in it Aunt Kathy," I told her sincerely, though once again feeling my face flushing a little.

"You're just saying that because I happen to be one of those older women you enjoy jerking off too," she then said.

I figured it was the wine talking, though she had in the past teased and messed around with me like that before, though perhaps not to such an intimate extent as she just had. The thing was however, I had also in the past entertained one or two fantasies regarding my own Aunt, masturbating furiously, conjuring up impossible scenarios while getting my rocks off. But never before, even with the way she most normally dressed, had I been given quite this much of a view, or a hint as to how those breasts of hers really looked, let alone anything else.

But ... being as horny I was now was, obviously looking forward to later, seeing my Aunt dressed as she was, standing there in front of me, and using the wine as an excuse perhaps to take advantage of the situation, I decided to fight back, at least for the naughty fun of it anyway.

"Well, if half the women looked as good as you do right now, I'd probably be doing that a lot more often!" I responded back, surprised at myself for doing so, though she seemed to take it in stride, responding back.

"So you think I'm good enough to be jerk off material huh?" she quipped, and I swear her nipples seemed to grow some having just said that, though maybe it was the way she suddenly stretched her arms up over her head, purposely causing them to do so which did it. Either way, I was suddenly hard as a rock sitting here, which she then pointedly looked down towards. "Please don't tell me you got that playing a game. No way could it already be that hard in just the few seconds that I've been standing here."

Now that comment floored me. It was one thing to hint, suggest, even tease about perhaps. But now she was staring directly down at my crotch, and making no bones about the fact that she was, or that she could clearly see my arousal. And the fact there was no point in trying to cover it up, or hide it was obvious. I clearly was.

"You caught me," I said instead. "No ... admittedly Kath," I said using the shortened version of my Aunt's name, which I sometimes did whenever we'd spoken less formally, even more intimate in the past when I'd come to her with some question or concern as I long ago used to do. "I was indeed looking at a few sites just before you came down. Don't want to embarrass anyone having them walking in ... seeing what I've been looking at."

"Show me," she then said walking over to lean over my shoulder. "I'm curious ... and interested," she then added very seriously.

I couldn't believe I was actually showing her, but I quickly killed my dummy game, and brought up the page I'd been on once again. Her eyes widened a little when I did. There was an entire page of them, older women. Some of them just posing alone, though obviously touching themselves. Others ... very much involved in some decadent, obscene sex-act, most of which were with younger men, not too unlike myself.

"Wow!" She said. "So do you belong to the site? Or is it free?" she asked.

"It's free ... though you do have to sign up and then enter a screen name to log on," I informed her.

She reached over my shoulder placing her hand on my mouse. As she did, I felt the soft press of her left breast pushing against me. I didn't pull away, holding still, enjoying the sensation as she clicked on a particular photo, enlarging it. I looked over, holding my breath. The woman in the image looked quite a bit like my aunt, though perhaps even more like my mother. She was kneeling there holding her fairly large breasts together, the young man standing in front of her ... squirting. His discharge of semen perfectly caught in mid-air as it arched out prepared to once again coat her already cum-covered tits.

"Hmmm, been a while since I've felt that myself," Aunt Kathy said, and then minimized the screen. "Well, anyway ... deserts ready if you want to ... come up," she said pausing, making me wonder if she'd done that on purpose, smiling at me as she said that. She then turned and left the room, leaving me to sit there and wonder...

"Had she?"

I had to sit there for several more minutes, finally willing my cock to go down. There was no way in hell I was going upstairs in that condition, no matter what. As I opened the door to the kitchen, they were just then serving the pie and coffee up. Mom was still dressed thankfully, though I was once again immediately reminded of the way Kathy looked, wearing that very sensual, somewhat revealing outfit of hers. I quickly crossed over taking a seat across from the two of them and dove into my pie.

"So, what have you been doing all evening?" Mom asked. Though unfortunately with a mouth full of pie, Aunt Kathy answered for me, taking advantage of the situation perhaps.

"He seemed to be playing with something ... playing a game," she quickly added as though having made a mistake, "When I went down to invite him for coffee and pie."

Mom simply nodded her head. "Not surprised, you really do need to get out more," she then told me. "You spend far too much time down in your room all cooped out like that." Kathy was grinning from ear to ear looking down at me. I merely smiled back, nodding my head.

"Yeah, I know."

Which was about the time I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. My Aunt standing just back of where mom was sitting, just out of direct sight. She lifted the corner of her camisole top, just briefly, almost too quickly, baring her breasts for a moment before putting it down again. But there was no mistaking the fact ... she'd just flashed me!

There was nothing else that came out of that however while I sat there eating my pie. There was no mistaking the fact that my Aunt had flashed me however, showing me her tit, even if it was all too brief. The fact was ... she had!

Almost immediately I contributed that to the wine, though making a mental note to pick some more up tomorrow, especially with Aunt Kathy spending a few days with us. Who knew that I might get her to do it again, though for a bit longer next time. One could only hope.

I had soon after excused myself, feigning the need for sleep, which both mom and Aunt Kathy had hinted at as well. It was kind of interesting in a way, as the new guest room which was just down the hall from my parents room, happened to be my old bedroom, which is where Kathy would be sleeping. I bid them both good night, and then returned to my room as mom got up and turned off the rest of the house lights preparing to go to bed as well. It was now 10:45, just fifteen minutes before I "Naughty Time" was scheduled to meet me again. And to which I hoped desperately, she'd be just as horny and aroused as I was. Especially if she had done as I'd asked.

I logged on, logged in ... went to the site and waited for that familiar naughty ping on my PC.

I even jumped when it did, grinning ... already turning on my web cam in preparation.

Naughty Time: "Are you as horny as I am?" she asked, her own picture just then beginning to clear coming on. I had typed.

"Oh fuck yes ... waiting for you," I said only then looking up.

Sitting in front of me, in front of the camera I was staring at, was the very same beige colored camisole I'd been looking at earlier.

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