Desires Can Conquer
Chapter 1: How It Began

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Slow,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: How It Began - How a young virgin looking for a lucrative career follows the right path to attain her ambition and how the road leads her to find her own hidden sexual desires and how the desires conquer her life.

Kavitha sat cross legged and made herself comfortable in the birth of the train and took the envelop from her purse. The envelop was sealed but she had already pried it open diligently before leaving her house. It was an introduction letter addressed to a college professor in Hyderabad by the name Ms Darshini P hd, written by her own professor Mrs. Reshma Satish. She took out the letter and read it carefully twice before sighing and replacing it inside the envelop once again. She took out the gum tube she had in her purse and sealed it as before carefully.

She sat there and considered the contents of the letter. Every word in the letter was etched in her mind and it was easy for her to remember it. It read as follows

"My dear Darshini,

The bearer of this letter Kavitha is twenty years of age and is very pretty as you can see. She hails from a poor village family and is leaving her home and family seeking a decent career in the computer related field. She has just completed her college degree in Computer Science and is very brilliant. She has a flair for programming and has done some extremely interesting projects during her college course.

Like I said she is not only very pretty but also very intelligent and has a craving for city life. She has well prepared herself for city life and tries to be open minded as well from what I have gathered. As she comes from a very conservative village I am not very sure of her open mind. But her desire to be a successful career woman suggests she would consider opportunities with care and would decide on them intelligently.

I have not dared to test her for your purpose since I am considered a respectable citizen here and do not want to jeopardies my position for any reason. I sincerely hope you understand.

I am hoping you will be able to break her gently for your purpose. Her family has high hopes on her financial success and would not care what she is doing as long as they are financially supported by her. I know how diligent and persuasive you can be and I am sure you will find a way to make her see your way.

With love and regards

Your Reshma"

It took a while for Kavitha to understand the meaning behind the letter. At twenty she looked hardly sixteen with her innocent youthful face. However she stood 5'5" inches tall, slim and had luscious breasts that was neither too big for her figure nor too small. Her face was charming and pleasant and her firm breasts stood out prominently even in loose dresses making her very desirable for the opposite sex. From her early teens she got used to the envy of her own sex and the open admiration of the opposite sex.

She was fully aware of her attractions even then and had long considered how she could use it to her advantage. The attention she received from the local men she ignored for she realized they will not help her in any way. The contents of the letter gave her some hints as to the purpose but she had trouble convincing herself as she had high regard for her professor. After long deliberation she decided to play the game as the cards fell. She was intelligent enough to accept the contents of the letter and postpone her decision until she was certain.

She slept peacefully as the train sped on its way and woke up well before her destination and made herself presentable. The dress she chose was not too provocative but was suggestive of her natural appeal. On getting down at the Hyderabad Train station she looked about her in awe. The city seemed more than she had expected even at that early hour of the day. With the single travel bag she had she walked out of the station and found a taxi and bravely gave instructions to the driver of her destination.

The address she had given was located in the posh residential area of the city where only the very wealthy lived. The driver did not suspect her newness to the city and took her straight to the address with out any of the usual games they played with unsuspecting rural visitors.

She paid him off and went into the apartment building nonchalantly. At the Elevator however she was pleased that it was manned and gave the floor number and watched the young boy who took her up. She had noticed the admiration in his eyes when he saw her and she talked to him pleasantly hoping to befriend him for future needs, just in case.

At the apartment where she was expected she rang the bell and waited patiently. After a short wait the door was opened by a middle aged woman who looked very attractive even in the night gown she wore. At her mid forties Ms Darshini was 5'8" tall and had a perfect figure uncommon for her age group. She smiled pleasantly at Kavitha and invited her in.

When Kavitha entered the hall and offered the letter of introduction she took it and said smiling, "Reshma called to tell me about you my dear and I have a room prepared for your stay,"

"Did she say why I am here madam?" Kavitha asked

"Of course my dear, I will see that you are well placed at the earliest," she said as she led her to a door at the far right of the hall. The room was spacious and had everything a woman will need for a long stay. The room was tastefully decorated and the bed was king size and the dressing table had a full sized mirror. A door opened to the bathroom which was also spacious and even had a tub for comfortable bathing.

"Freshen up and make yourself comfortable my dear, I have class today so we will talk later in the evening,"

"By the way there is food on the table and also in the fridge and feel free to help yourself, there is a spare key for the main door in the dresser, just in case you feel like going out," she added as she left the room closing the door behind her.

The day moved slowly for Kavitha. After bathing she had her breakfast and had explored the apartment and found it luxuriously furnished. She could not believe a college professor could afford such a posh apartment. Even the professor's bedroom was not locked and when she entered the room she stopped short amazed. The room was exquisitely decorated and had a large bed. The walls were painted bright red and the curtains were pink and very expensive fabric.

On the wall that faced the bed directly, two very large pin ups were pasted side by side. The one on the left was that of two women naked and standing side by side. Both women had one of their hands around the other and was cupping a breast. The other hand was in front placed on the others mons with one finger inserted into their cunts. Both women were smiling pleasantly and looked excited. Definitely this is a poster of two lesbian women openly and proudly exposing their lifestyle.

The other pin up was that of two men and a woman in an obscene position. One man lay on his back and the woman was straddling him with his cock deeply buried inside her. She was sitting straight and the man was cupping her tits. Another man stood on the side of the bed and had his cock inside the woman's mouth. All three of them were in an ecstatic state.

Kavitha felt her breasts swell and her nipples harden as she looked at one and then the other pin up slowly. By the time she turned away from the pin ups she was wet between her legs and felt her panties soaked with her juices. She closed her eyes and tried to erase the photos from her mind but could not. Her breathing became labored and she was sweating. Quickly she returned to her own room and threw herself on the bed panting.

Still a virgin, she is not so naive as not to understand what the pictures meant. She knew about the birds and bees and knew women made love among themselves. She herself has had some playful experience with other women when they bathed in the river. Most villagers had their bath in the river and women especially enjoyed their bath in the river as it gave them the opportunity to meet the other women of the town and exchange gossip.

More than the gossip they were able to access the other women while bathing and it was not at all unusual that they are fondled under water by some of the more aggressive women. It was always done playfully and no one took offense. Some in fact enjoyed the fondling and went out of the way to get their tits fondled and their sex explored.

The river also had another more discreet lover as the fishes often liked to nibble the women in their most sensitive areas. The fishes often made the women gasp and moan with pleasure by their diligent ministrations.

Kavitha also knew that most girls in their teens are curious about sex and being scared to try it out, would fantasies of being raped instead. She had done it herself often enough and always was enthralled by the rapture it gave her.

However she had not thought of two men having one woman between them and the photo where one woman was being taken by two men took her by surprise and at the same time exalted her excitement to new heights. The passion the two pictures aroused in her erased her initial shock and she had been more turned on than ever before.

Now alone in the room she massaged her tits roughly and pinched her nipples hard to ease the pain in them and when the pain in her tits turned to pleasure she turned her attention to her desperate cunt. She gently rubbed the swollen lips and inserted her fingers inside as if to check out the wetness and then her fingers came back to touch her sensitive clit. The minute she touched the nub, her pleasure exploded and she writhed in the bed holding back the scream of pleasure with difficulty.

When the pleasure subsided and she was normal, she ran to the bathroom to clean up and came back fresh and glowing. She reclined on the bed comfortably and took stock of her situation. She realized she has been duped by her professor and is handed over to this lady for some dubious purpose. The dubious purpose was obvious by the pictures in the professor's bedroom and Kavitha felt a thrill go through her.

She was not averse to sex and would love to have sex both with men and women. But she had no intention of becoming a prostitute if that should be the intention of these two professors. She was more than willing to use her sexy body for pleasure and also to get favors from either sex. Favors in her situation meant a lucrative career in her own chosen field.

She decided she will play along with Professor Darshini as long as she was not misused. The minute the opportunity arose she would make her position clear to this woman so that she could satisfy the woman's intentions if they are within her limits and will aid her own ambition.

Her mind made up, she had a shower and chose a mini that stopped way short of her knees and a low neck blouse that was short and exposed her flat stomach to advantage. Standing before the full sized mirror of the dressing table she checked out what she was presenting to her host.

First she looked at her tits to make sure they stood out prominently even with the blouse on and her valley plain to see. The blouse stopped just below her tits and showed off her flat stomach and her sensitive naval. Pleased with what she saw she looked down at her exposed thighs and shapely legs. They were smooth and looked provocative even to her. Satisfied she sat before the dresser to comb her long black hair and add a little make up to her already beautiful face.

By the time she was finished with her make up the time was 4.30 P M and she heard the front door open to announce the return of Professor Darshini. She smiled with satisfaction and went out to the hall to greet the lady. When she entered the hall the professor was just closing the door after her and when she turned around she was presented with the pleasant sight of Kavitha dressed sexy and looking provocative.

She stopped short and her mouth opened in admiration and Kavitha smiled pleasantly.

"Good lord girl, you look so lovely," she exclaimed walking forward.

"Thank you madam," Kavitha blushed happily and pretended to be shy.

"I will get you your coffee madam," Kavitha said without giving the professor time to say anything more and walked away leaving the professor still stunned.

By the time she prepared coffee and brought it over, the professor had already gone to her bedroom. The bedroom door was open and Kavitha went in without bothering to knock. Just as she had expected she found the professor changing and standing their with only her bra and panties but looking away from her. Coolly walking over to her she offered the coffee with a shy smile.

Hearing her foot steps the professor turned and feigned embarrassment but accepted the coffee with a smile.

"Can I help you change, madam," Kavitha said sensually and without waiting for her answer went behind her and undid her bra hook. She pushed the bra off of her slowly and carefully removed it.

"My god madam, your bra is so tight," she exclaimed as she rubbed gently the marking on her back the bra strap had left.

"You are so kind Kavitha," the professor cooed her voice sultry.

"It must feel awful for you madam and it is a pleasure," Kavitha said in her sensual voice and her hands moved forward ever so slowly, tracing the marking of the bra strap to the front of the professor. As her hands massaged under the professors breasts, she moved closer so that the professor could feel her warm breathe on the back of her neck.

The professor was sipping her coffee but sighed deeply as kavitha's hands gently and sensually massaged under her breasts. Neither spoke as Kavitha kept massaging and every now and then let her hands move up a little as if weighing the breasts. The professor's breathing was becoming labored and she sighed again and again.

"Your skin is so smooth and silky madam," Kavitha whispered into her ear her voice as sensual as can be.

"Your hands feel so wonderful and soothing dear," the professor returned sultrily.

"Thank you madam," Kavitha said and moved her hands down to her panties. Her hands paused at the top of the panties a few moments to see if the professor would resist but when no resistance came she pushed the panties down her legs and pulled them off of her. The professors lifted her feet tamely and when the panties were gone, turned around to look at Kavitha.

Kavitha was not surprised to see the naked lust in the woman's eyes and pretending to be shy looked down. Her eyes went directly to the woman's mons and moved past to admire the clean shaved and smooth sex of the older woman.

The professor placed her hands on Kavitha's shoulders and squeezed them gently and said, "You are so sweet and understanding my dear; it is so soothing to have some one massage the aches of the day,"

"My pleasure madam," Kavitha muttered, looked up and stopped at the professors exposed breasts. They were round, full and stood firm for her age and surprise was plain on Kavitha's face.

The professor lifted kavitha's face up with her hands and looking into her eyes with gratefulness for the admiration and open lust for the younger woman whispered, "Do you like what you see my dear?"

"You are so lovely Madam," Kavitha whispered with genuine admiration.

"Feel them my dear and ... kiss them if you wish," The professor said lustfully watching Kavitha intently.

As if she had been waiting for the invitation Kavitha cupped both tits almost reverently and kissed the valley between them lovingly. She gently squeezed the breasts her mouth sealed to the woman's skin. The feminine aroma intoxicated her and her tongue came out to lick and taste the woman's body fluids.

At the touch of tongue on skin, the professor moaned and pushed her chest against the girl's face and kavitha's fingers now took the woman's nipples between her fingers and tweaked them slowly.

"Dear God, I love that my dear," the professor said and her hands came over to clutch the girls head in them.

Minutes passed as Kavitha gently squeezed the breasts and tweaked the nipples and kept licking the woman's skin. The professor moaned with pleasure and her hands tightened on the girls head pulling them closer to her.

"Oh my dear sweet girl, you are amazing, my feet feels so weak, girl," the professor said

Kavitha looked up at the lusty woman and then still holding her tits sat her on the bed. Reluctantly she took her hands off the woman's luscious breasts and pulled the woman's face to her tits and held her there lovingly. Kavitha was surprised by her own actions as she had never had such intimate experience with any woman. During her bathing in the river she has never been the aggressor.

So far she had been acting instinctively but was not sure how to proceed further. She needed a little guidance.

As Kavitha stood their with the woman's face against her breasts and uncertain, the woman took over by circling her hands around the girls waist and pushing her hands up under the girls short blouse to caress the girl's back. Her fingers strummed on the girls back sensually and when Kavitha moaned with pleasure, her hands moved to the front under the blouse in search of the young girl's luscious tits.

The woman's hands found the girl's tits and at the same time she also pulled her face away so she could cup the young girl's tits. She squeezed the girl's tits roughly and Kavitha cried out in pain. The professor did not stop at her cry but continued to roughly fondle the girl's tits and then pinched the girl's nipples hard. While the rough handling of her tits were painful, Kavitha also felt her excitement heighten and when her nipples were pinched hard she went over board with waves of pleasure coursing through her and she muffled her screams and squirmed in the woman's hands.

"You like that, don't you my dear," the professor said as her hands left the girl's tits to hold her tightly to her.

"Yes madam it is so wonderful," Kavitha mumbled

"Men are rough my dear and that is what makes them so desirable for us," The professor said softly.

"When a man handles your lovely body rough and enters into your privacy hard, you will love him dear,"she continued

"Let us get more comfortable my dear," the professor said and unceremoniously undid the girl's blouse and took them off of her. Holding the girl at arms length she looked at the girl's exposed tits

"You have such marvelous tits, dear, it is round, full, firm and perfect,"

Kavitha did not answer. She knew she had a perfect figure and loved hearing her looks praised. As a thank you she softly kissed the neck of the professor and let her tongue glide on the smooth skin, making the professor moan softly.

"Men would do anything and give anything at all just for a glimpse of these delicious globes my dear," The professor continued.

The professor's hands returned to the girls tits to cup them fondly and she squeezed them gently now and her fingers caught and tweaked those buds eliciting moans of pleasure from the girl.

"But before you let any man look at your treasures or use them for their pleasure, you need to know women are the best lovers for women, dear,"

As she said this she pulled the girl to stand between her legs and them gently pushed her down so the girl knelt between her legs, her face in line with her sex.

"Look and see what I have between my legs dear and tell me what you feel as you look at it,"

Kavitha was already looking at the professor's cunt and felt a shiver go through her. The swollen cunt lips and the protruding clit was so inviting and Kavitha moaned loudly.

"I feel like kissing your lovely cunt lips madam and want to take that wonderful bud between my lips and suck on them," Kavitha said truthfully looking at the professor's eyes intently.

"Go on dear kiss my cunt and suck on my clit,"

Kavitha was only waiting for this invitation and leaned forward to kiss the cunt, pressing her lips ever so lightly. Her tongue came out and traced the cunt lips and dipped her tongue into the love channel tasting the older woman's nectar. It felt extremely erotic to her and she lapped up the juices hungrily pressing her face hard on the woman's sex. The professor closed her legs to hold the lusty girl in her control and ruffled the girl's hair fondly.

"Go on dear, drink my honey and feel the sweetness of my cunt,"

Kavitha took the woman's clit between her lips and sucked it into her mouth. Her teeth nibbled on the warm flesh and she was pleased when the professor moaned loudly. She kept sucking and nibbling the clit and was rewarded sooner than she expected when the woman's hands on her head and her thighs tightened around her face and the woman almost jumped as the first orgasm took hold. The older woman shook and cried as pleasure waves engulfed her.

Kavitha kept up her ministrations and made the woman orgasm again and again. When the older woman could not take it anymore, she pushed the girl's face away from her and closed her legs. Kavitha placed her head on the woman's lap and relaxed letting the woman calm down. For Kavitha this is her first full experience with a woman and she was pleased that she could satisfy the woman in her very first try.

She knew the woman was satiated by her loving and was confident she could make the woman do the things she wanted to begin a lucrative career. She had not planned any of this in advance and had played the game as the cards fell and was pleased with the results. Her tits still needed fondling and her cunt needed release badly. But she waited patiently as the older woman calmed down from the heights of pleasure she has just experienced.

When the professor was fully relaxed, she pulled the girl up and pushed her on to the bed. She rolled the girl to lay on her back and then climbed on top of her and let all her weight fall on the girl as she wanted their entire body to touch. Both of them were warm and sweaty and the older woman relished the feel as she passionately kissed the girl full in her mouth. Kavitha has never kissed anyone in their mouth and so was slow to respond.

But the older woman was aggressive and her lips closed in on the girl's lower lip and her tongue came out to lick the girl's lip and she kept pushing her tongue between the girl's warm lips until they opened to let her in. Once the girl opened her mouth, the older woman's tongue darted in and began to roll all around the cavity as if searching for some thing. When her tongue met the girl's tongue it paused and then rolled around and the girl responded by rolling her tongue on the older woman's.

As they kissed both women were drinking up the other's saliva and their bodies ground against each other wanting to merge as one. In the process their tits and cunt met and meshed together.

The professor felt the girl's urgency for release as the girl's body push against hers and she got ready to break the girl in for her purpose.

"You will love it more if it was a man on top of you, won't you dear," She whispered in the girl's ears once she broke the kiss and calmed down enough to talk.

"Yes madam Yes," Kavitha answered knowing what is coming, even in her excitement.

"The roughness of a man's skin and the violent pumping of his cock in your cunt will be more desirable, don't you think,"

"Yes madam, yes," Kavitha panted as she was getting more and more aroused by the woman's talk.

"May be I can arrange that my dear, I can get you a nice gentleman who will fondle you roughly and fuck your cunt hard and make you a real woman,"

"That sounds very interesting madam," Kavitha said as she squirmed under the woman.

"You will like that, won't you?"

"Yes madam only... ," Kavitha paused as she looked into the woman's eyes.

"Only what dear?"

"Only if that would get me a lucrative career madam," Kavitha said smiling sweetly at the professor.

"You are a smart bitch aren't you?"

"Would you rather I am a dumb whore, madam?" Kavitha asked.

"No dear I like them smart and the men I have in mind all like spunky girls,"

"So what is the deal madam?"

"There are men who would pay a hell of a lot for a young pretty virgin like you dear, but the man I have in mind would not only pay big, he will also find you a decent job as you wish,"

"You are a sweetheart madam," Kavitha said and pulling the woman's face down kissed her mouth passionately and long.

"Let me taste your cunt my dear," the older woman said when they broke away from the kiss and moved down between the girl's legs.

She feasted her eyes on the girl's young virgin cunt and sealed her mouth to her cunt hungrily. As the woman licked her cunt, Kavitha moaned and lifted her ass up wanting more of her tongue inside her. The older woman licked and tongue fucked the girl earnestly until the girl screamed in pleasure several times.

Finally she rolled over to the girl's side and both lay there panting for breathe.

"Now shall we come down to business, my dear?" The professor said as both women became normal.

"I am waiting madam,"

"There is a big politician who also owns several big companies. He loves young virgins and those who submit to his lust voluntarily, he gives them a good job in one of his companies and takes good care of them; the job of course depends on the girl's educational qualification and personal skill,"

"I am all ears madam,"

"I am sure he can fix you in a really lucrative career with your qualifications provided you prove your skill,"

"Sounds reasonable madam,"

"Want me to fix an appointment with him?"

"Yes Please,"

"I have special privileges with this politician and have his private number," The professor said as she took the cell phone and dialed a number.

When the call went through, Kavitha was amazed to see a very important politician come on the screen and realized the professor was using a video phone.

"Hello slut," the man's voice boomed on the speaker phone

"Hi Dev how are you?" the woman crooned

"As horny as ever bitch," the man said as he focused the phone on his semi hard cock. Kavitha gaped at the man's cock as it was really big even without fully hard.

The professor moved the phone down to expose her tits to the man and then moved on to show him her cunt, "As you can see Dev, my tits and cunt are waiting," the woman said erotically.

"Who wants your filthy cunt, whore," the man snapped at her.

"Don't tell me you called me just to show off your fucked up cunt bitch," the man snarled.

"Of course not darling, I have a young virgin cunt for you," the woman said unfazed

"Now you are talking," the man said softening

"She is just twenty years of age and fresh from the village darling, she is really cute," the woman said

"A village girl eh? I will decide if she is cute," he said unrelenting

"See for yourself darling," The woman moved the phone to show off the girl's face.

"Good lord you fucking whore, are you sleeping with her already?"

"No darling, not at all, I just had to convince her she needs your cock inside her,"

"Alright bring her to my guest house right away and bitch, for your sake I hope she is really a virgin," the man snarled and disconnected.

"We better hurry dear, I think he does not have a cunt right now,"

Hastily they dressed, the woman choosing a shiny long skirt and a shiny short blouse for the girl with the best under garments the girl owned.

In about 45 minutes the woman's car roared into a secluded bungalow in a luxurious residential area in another part of the city. The security guards at the gate looked into the car and seeing only the woman and the girl, passed them on and they went in.

At the door of the bungalow a woman in her late twenties who looked like a secretary met them and smiling led them upstairs to the room where the politician waited.

"Professor Darshini sir," the woman announced as she opened the door and ushered them in.

"Hello Dev darling, here is your virgin," the woman beamed genially.

"I can see her whore, now get out," the man snarled unceremoniously.

Pushing the girl towards the man, the professor left hurriedly closing the door behind her. Kavitha stood there a little scared and wondered if she made a mistake coming here.

"Come over here girl," the man said amiably

Half scared but a little comforted by the man's amiable tone, she walked slowly over to the king sized bed where the man reclined leisurely wearing only a boxer shorts. She was relieved that he was not naked like he looked on the phone screen.

When she was close enough, he took her by her hand and sat her by his side. He then lifted her face in his hands and looked into her eyes as though searching.

"How did you fall in this bitch's trap girl," he asked his voice soft and gentle.

"I came here looking for a decent career sir and my college professor referred me to professor Darshini sir,"

"So you are looking for a decent career? What have you studied girl?" the man spoke softly but his rough hands caressed her face as if checking her out.

"I have a college degree in Computer Science with high marks sir," she said almost proudly.

The man's hands moved down to cup her tits over her blouse and gently squeezed them, his gaze fixed on her face.

Kavitha was ashamed of offering herself so blatantly to this man and closed her eyes in an effort to shut down the shame she felt at the man's caress. His hands were warm and she was blushing furiously as his hands moved over her.

"You seem to have high marks here too girl," the man said and squeezed her tits a little harder to emphasis what he meant. Kavitha was so overwhelmed by the man's presence and his hot hands on her that she could not reply.

"But you will have to prove your skill if you want a lucrative career, you understand girl," the man said his hands moving down to caress the girl's naked skin between the bottom of her short blouse and the top of her skirt. His hands on her naked skin fired her passions and she stifled her moan with an effort.

"Yes sir," she whispered forcing herself to talk.

The man's hands sneaked under her blouse to move up and push her bra over her tits and then he was cupping her naked tits and kneaded them gently.

"Tell me if you are wet between your legs girl," the man said still in his softened voice. Kavitha was scared inside and had not been able to feel much except where his hands roamed and now she focused on her cunt and realized she was really wet.

"Yes sir," she said ashamed.

"Yes what girl?"

"I am wet between my legs sir,"

"Do you know what that means?" His fingers took hold of her nipples and began to tweak them.

"Yes sir," she answered and moaned loudly as she could not hold back her moans any longer with the man so skillfully tweaking her erect nipples.

"Tell me girl, I want to hear you say it,"

"It means I am aroused sir," she said moaning as his fingers pinched her nipples hard.

"Is that all?" he asked gently

Kavitha looked up at him not able to understand him.

"Don't you think you should say your cunt is ready for my cock," he smiled sweetly at her.

She blushed furiously at his words.

"Do you know who I am?"

"Yes sir, I know," she said as she knew how big a politician he was and how much influence he had in the central government.

"You know there are plenty of women who will do anything just to kiss my cock?"

"Yes sir," she said for she knew it was true.

"Then you realize you are privileged to share my bed?"

"Yes sir, I realize," she said sincerely.

"Take off your blouse and bra and show me your tits," his voice was still soft and he smiled reassuringly at her.

Closing her eyes to shut out the embarrassment she felt, she slowly took off her blouse and bra, exposing her naked tits to his leering eyes. He took his hands off her tits and placing them firmly on her shoulders, looked at her heaving breasts and feasted his eyes.

"You have delicious tits, girl,"

Now stand up and take off your skirt and panties," he continued taking his hands off her shoulders.

Slowly she stood up and took off her skirt and then pushed down her panties to expose her virgin cunt to the man. He also stood up and looked her over from head to foot very slowly deliberately embarrassing her. He then moved behind her and looked her back over and his hands massaged her ass cheeks gently.

"Yes you are very cute, the whore was not lying," he said at last standing before her. He still wore his underpants and kavitha could see the tent his hard cock made in them. Even she knew it meant she was turning him on and her looks were pleasing to his eyes.

"Sit on the bed and lay back," he said

When she did, he leaned forward and spread her legs open wide and scrutinized her cunt like a physician examining a woman's vagina. Her face was flushed and she closed her eyes tightly ashamed of the way she was opening her legs to a man.

Slowly the man knelt between her legs and then kissed her inner thighs hungrily. She could not stifle her moans at his warm kisses and moaned loudly. He massaged her thighs tenderly and then his hot mouth moved close to her cunt lips and he breathed out hot air at her open cunt. She shuddered and whimpered as the hot air hit her cunt lips and felt the butterflies in the depth of her stomach.

His lips sealed on her cunt lips and he kissed her cunt passionately. His hot tongue roamed around her cunt lips eagerly tasting her juices now flowing so freely. She moaned and whimpered and tried to close her legs unable to bear his ministrations on her virgin cunt. He held her legs firmly with his hands and continued his onslaught on her cunt. His tongue slowly went into her love canal rolling at her inner walls and bringing out loud moans and whimpers from the girl.

He was lapping up at her cunt like a hungry dog and Kavitha moaned, whimpered and pushed her cunt up at his face involuntarily, wanting more of his tongue inside her. Alas his tongue was not long enough to reach her depths and his tongue retracted to flick at her engorged clitoris. She cried out as waves and waves of pleasure coursed through her and she almost slammed her ass up at his face.

He held on to her clit relentlessly and began to nibble on it with his teeth. Kavitha screamed at this fresh attach on her clit and almost fainted at the intensity of her orgasm. As though satisfied he took his face away from her and inserted his middle finger into her cunt and rolled around trying to expand her canal. When his finger tip came across her virgin layer, he was pleased and pushed another finger in and began to slowly finger fuck her.

Kavitha moaned, whimpered and cried as his fingers ploughed into her cunt relentlessly and as she began to lift her ass up to take more of his fingers into her cunt, he leaned over and nibbled her clit again. Kavitha screamed and shuddered as the pleasure shook her very core and it was a miracle that she did not faint.

The man took his fingers out of her with a satisfied grin and stood up looking down at her as she lay there gasping for breathe, her face glowing. He took off his boxer shorts and stood there his hard cock pointing and throbbing. He waited for her spasm to subside and then took her legs and pushed them on to the bed and claimed on top of her.

As he positioned himself between her legs and looked down at her face, she was looking up at him excitement and fear showing in her face.

"See I won't hurt you girl, sure the first time it is gonna be a bit painful, but believe me you will love it afterwards," he said gently and kissed her lips lightly. He just hovered over her heaving body, not in a hurry to deflower her.

"You have been very gentle so far and thank you so much," she said from her heart. From the way he had been snapping and snarling at the professor, she had expected him to be rough and cruel.

"Got carried away by the way I spoke at the whore, did not you?" he laughed loudly

"Yes," she admitted smiling. Although he was massively built and towered over her as he lay just above her, his soft and assuring tone relaxed her. She felt more comfortable now that she has seen his gentle side.

"Are you ready now to take me inside you?" he asked gently. Kavitha was pleased with his soft handling of her and slipped her hands around his neck tenderly and looking into his eyes salaciously answered him, " Yes I am ready,"

With his skillful ministrations he had already fired up her passions and she was more than ready for him.

"Look at my cock and tell me you are sure you want me inside your cunt," he asked again smiling.

Kavitha took her gaze away from his eyes and focused at his throbbing cock that was inches away from her cunt. It looked so big and really scared her. But the passion burning inside her conquered her fears and she said softly, " Your monster scares me sir but I want him inside me," she said looking back at him with naked lust glowing in her eyes.

"Call me Deva girl, you have earned it," He said as he lowered his body so their bodies were touching.

Kavitha shuddered as she felt his hot body touch her and the passion simmering inside her seemed to overwhelm her. Shyly she moved her right hand from his neck down to feel his hard cock as it lay scorching on her stomach. When her hand closed in on the rock hard shaft she shuddered again. She felt terribly excited and when her hand clutched at his cock, he slowly rose up a little and she guided his cock to her love canal tenderly.

"Rub the cock head on your cunt lips girl, feel the heat of my monster," he said smiling broadly at her. She was about to guide the cock head into her cunt but now stopped and slowly rubbed the head at her cunt lips moaning at the pleasure it elicited inside her. It felt big in her hand and if she was not so much aroused by his ministrations, she would have begged him not to hurt her with it.

As it is she held the cock lovingly in her hand and did as he bid her.

"Now guide him in," he said

She held the cock at her entrance and slowly pushed it in. Deva helped by pushing gently and the cock head slipped into her cunt and she gasped. He slipped his hands under her and held her tits glued to his massive chest. He did not hurry and let her get used to the cock head inside her cunt. Kavitha also loved the feel of the monster inside her and as he did not press forward, she lifted her ass lightly to tell him she wanted more of him inside her.

Obliging her, he pushed forward slowly until the tip of his cock felt her virgin membrane. He then stopped and looked into her eyes. She had her eyes closed but now when he did not move further she opened her eyes to look at him.

She felt embarrassed at his gaze and smiled shyly at him. He now pulled his cock almost out of her and then thrust in lightly so as it will not break her virginity as yet. He repeated the maneuver cherishing her moans of pleasure at his slow pumping. Just when she was least expecting he sealed his lips on her lips and thrust his cock hard into her, tearing her membrane and lodging his cock deep inside her cunt.

She screamed into his mouth as the monster tore into her and the searing pain inside her almost turned her off. He lay motionless above her, his body balanced on his toes and hands so she will not feel his weight but his body still touched her and slowly as the pain in her subsided, the warmth of his body aroused her passion once again. His monster cock felt alive inside her as it throbbed against her cunt walls and she began to feel the pleasure building at the depth of her stomach. Slowly her cries turned to moans of pleasure and Deva took his lips off her, wanting to hear her moans of pleasure.

"Do you want me to stop girl," he asked her seriously.

Kavitha looked at his face intently to see if he was teasing her but when she realized he was serious shook her head.

"No Deva please don't stop," she said and lifted her ass slightly to prove her point.

"You are a brave girl dear," he said as he pulled his cock slowly out of her cunt. When only his cock head remained inside her, he again looked at her askance and she lifted her ass up and said, "Your monster feels so wonderful inside me Deva,"

He smiled as he slipped his cock back into her slowly. Her cunt was tight and it was still painful as the monster pierced into her but she bit her teeth and took the pain as she knew the pleasure that is building inside her stomach is slowly moving to her cunt. He kept up the slow in and out motion for a while until she started to lift her ass in rhythm with his thrusts and then began to thrust harder.

He would pull his cock slowly, almost out of her cunt and then slam the cock hard into her. She gasped at his hard thrust and then moaned as the pleasure inside her was slowly but steadily growing in intensity. She whimpered at his hard thrusts and her hands around his neck tightened and she sank her teeth on his shoulders as the passion inside her became more and more intense.

He watched her face as he fucked her and noticed the way her expressions kept changing. She is not the first virgin cunt he has fucked but none of them were this passionate or had been able to hold on to his assaults as she has done. Most fainted unable to bear his assault on their body and those who did not, had begged him to stop. The village upbringing must have toughened her, he thought correctly.

His fucking became frantic and he pumped his cock in and out of her hard and fast. Both of them were breathing hard and sweating profusely. His violent assault on her cunt did not faze her and she lifted her ass to meet his thrusts eagerly and moaned and cried out aloud.

As he fucked her hard the pleasure inside her burst and she went rigid for a moment and then screamed and thrashed under him as the pleasure shook her up. He did not stop but kept slamming into her and as the spasm subsided yet another orgasm took hold of her and she screamed again and convulsed under him.

This time however he slowed down and almost stopped fucking her, giving her some time to recover from her exhilaration. He had lasted much longer than usual and he also welcomed the rest. When she came out of her orgasm she looked at him with a loving smile and hugged him closer.

"Have you had enough, girl, ' he asked her

"Oh No," she said vehemently, "Please don't stop until you fill me with your seed,"

"I want to feel your seed filling me, oh dear Deva your monster feels so wonderfully alive inside me," she continued.

"You are turning into a regular slut, do you know?" he asked playfully.

"If wanting your seed inside me makes me a slut, so be it," she returned

"Yes wanting my seed inside your cunt sure makes you a slut and you know my monster loves sluts," he countered.

"Then I am proud of being a slut for your monster," she answered smiling.

As they talked she kept grinding her hips against him and he groaned with pleasure. Her desire fired up his already smouldering passion and he began to fuck her hard again.

"Yes, yes monster fuck me hard," she ranted again and again. Her ass lifted up to meet his thrusts as violently as he slammed his cock into her and soon he could hold no longer. With a loud groan he let go and his warm sperm spurted into her cunt filling her and igniting another orgasm in her. As he groaned and shot his seed deep inside her, she screamed her pleasure and thrashed under him.

Deva remained above her until his cock shrank and slipped out of her. Then he rolled on to her side and lay there panting for breathe with her. When Kavitha became normal, she turned and rolled onto him affectionately. With her tits on his chest she looked into his eyes and said, "I never dreamed my first time will be this exciting,"

"I came only because I wanted a job but now, even if I don't get a job, I am glad I came," She continued when he only smiled at her.

"Oh don't you worry none girl, I will see that you are well fixed on a career of your choice," he said pulling her face down to him and kissing her lips lightly. He then began to massage her back tenderly and held her to him fondly.

"Where are you staying in the meanwhile dear," He asked.

Professor Darshini has offered a room in her home Deva,"

"That whore!, no you are not staying there any more, I will fix that; just do what my secretary says, you get that?"

"Yes Deva,"

Deva leaned across her and pressed a button on the side of the Bed. Almost immediately the secretary entered the door.

"Yes sir," the secretary said as she looked at them without any interest. Both were still naked and Kavitha felt ashamed but the man did not seem to be bothered.

"Kavitha here needs an accommodation Madhu, see that she has the best,"

"Yes sir,"

"She is private Madhu and fix appointment for her with some of the big IT guys;She is to be placed in one of the IT companies,"

"I understand sir,"

"That is all," the secretary left the room closing the door after her.

"Does not she sleep?" Kavitha asked surprised that the woman was in attendance at the late night hour.

"She will sleep when I am not here and by the way Kavitha I am leaving for Delhi tomorrow and won't be around for about ten days, Meanwhile just do what my secretary says and you will probably be settled in a decent job before my return,"

"You are so sweet Deva,"

"Now you better go, I have things to do," He said dismissing her.

Reluctantly kavitha got out of the bed and hastily dressing up walked out of the room. She was met by the secretary at the door and the woman led her downstairs without a word.

"Prem, take this lady to our apartment house and put her in flat 407, you get that?" She instructed one of the drivers who waited at the porch outside.

Kavitha followed the driver wondering what has happened to the professor. The driver led her to a Lanser car and as they drove away she hesitantly asked the driver if he knows anything about the professor.

"She left as soon as she was paid madam," the man said


"Oh you are new is not it? she gets paid every time she brings a new girl for the boss,"

Kavitha sighed in relief as she was now sure the woman will not bother her anymore.

When Kavitha saw the apartment given to her she was pleasantly surprised. It had two bedrooms and was luxuriously furnished. As soon as the driver left she went and had a hot shower and changed in to a night gown. Just as she was about to go to bed the telephone in the room rang.

Unsure if she should attend the phone, she took the receiver and said "Hello,"

"Look Kavitha have a good sleep, tomorrow you will get your special wardrobe and at about 11 A M be ready, you will be visiting the beautician then,"

Yes, Madhu," Kavitha answered and the phone went dead. She went to bed thoughtful but soon slept like a log as she was dead tired.

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