Joan's Mistake
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2010 by mattwatt

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Joan gets caught taking funds at work, and becomes a sex slave to atone.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant   Slut Wife   Wimp Husband   DomSub   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation  

It was a quiet evening, much like most evenings for them. Joan's routine assured that.

She came home and showered after work, as she normally did. Dressed in a black a-line skirt and blouse with heels she proceeded to start on dinner. Joan liked to look nice at home, and Gary appreciated that.

"It's one of the few things," he often thought "that she did that were even remotely romantic."

Because Joan was otherwise not really overtly physical or demonstrating. Sex was fairly routine and fairly seldom these days. Joan just seemed wrapped up in her job. Gary sighed often.

It was about 8 PM that the door bell rang. Wondering who might be visiting them that late, Joan went to the door and was surprised to find her boss, John Smart at the door.

"Hi, John," she said fairly cheerfully.

"Sorry to look you up at home, Joan, but there's a business thing that needs to be discussed briefly. May I?" he said pleasantly.

"Of course, John," she said smiling and ushered him into their living room.

Turning to call to her husband, she said: "Gary, it's John Smart."

Gary came in and greeted their visitor and sat for a moment of chat before excusing himself from the room.

John came to his point immediately. "I'm glad that you're here, Gary, you need to hear this. I'm not going to prevaricate or beat around the bush at all here. Joan, I'm really sorry to have discovered that you've been embezzling from the company. I've worked on this for a number of days and know the amounts and the accounts from which the money has been taken. Please don't insult my intelligence by denying it."

Joan's reaction was to burst into tears. One of the thoughts that immediately flitted across her mind was her original impression of John Smart as a kind man but one whom she wouldn't want to have angry at her.

Gary sat without moving, while Joan cried herself to a stop.

"Oh, John," she began.

He interrupted her saying: "I think it had better be Mr. Smart now, Joan."

"Uh..." she continued, "Uh, Mr. Smart, what are you going to do."

"Well," he said, "That's why I'm here. I've come to help me solidify my decision about what to do. Of course, one prominent option is to turn it over to legal tomorrow morning and you'll be in jail beginning tomorrow afternoon."

Joan shook her head 'yes' and began to cry again at her own stupidity and the way that her world was suddenly crumbling so quickly around her.

"But," he continued, "There are other options too."

She looked up at him through her tears and said: "There are?" with a kind of hope in her voice.

"Yes," he said, "That's why I came."

"First of all," he continued, taking a video camera out of his case, "I want you to read and sign this statement; it contains information about the details of what you've done. I'm going to put this on film."

He hesitated a few seconds and then put in: "Of course, if you prefer to go to a lawyer, then I'll leave right now, and we'll just let the legal process take care of this."

"No, please," she said, "I'll cooperate fully. I can't possibly say how sorry I am, Mr. Smart."

"Then you're willing to do as I say here?" he asked, glaring at her.

"Yes, of course," she said readily.

Taking the paper she read it through and then, addressing the camera, she introduced herself, said that she willingly with no coercion of any kind was making this statement of her guilt and proceeded to go over the embezzling that she'd done.

When she was finished, John put the camera away and thanked her.

She proceeded to say "No, thank you, Mr. Smart, for helping here."

"Okay," John now continued, "here's what we'll do. I will work to divert funds to cover what you've done. No one will know about this but we who are here. You will have to pay it back over a time period."

"Yes, of course," she said quietly.

Then John continued:

"But you have to agree to something."

"Yes," she said readily through her tears, "yes, anything."

"Good," he said, "I like that spirit. But know this, if at any time you say to me that you won't follow my instructions, won't do something you're told to do, at any time, I'll proceed with legal action against you. The penalty for embezzling in this state is 15-25 years. Do you understand that, Joan?"

"Yes, sir," she was quick to add, I do understand."

"Joan," he persisted, "Get this clear in your mind; you may say 'no' initially to what I will say but if you ever say 'no' to me a second time about anything, ever, then it's jail. Am I being clear?"

"Yes, sir, Mr. Smart you're being clear; I may say 'no' once initially but if I ever persist and say 'no' a second time, I go to jail."

Joan's mind was somewhere between stunned and hopeful at this point. She kicked herself mentally for ever thinking that she could get away with such a scheme. But John broke into her reverie then.

"Okay," John continued, "I have some questions for you first."

"Fine," was her answer, as she tried to relax a little. But the question he asked took her completely by surprise.

John had a strange kind of feral look on his face as he asked:

"Joan, tell me what kind of panties are you wearing?"

Her answer was instinctive: "That's none of your business."

"Fine," he said, "That's your one 'no', Joan, now think very, very hard when I ask that question again. I'm getting out my cell phone now to call the lawyers and the police."

She stared at him.

He knew that the effect was sinking in now; he could tell by the stricken look on her face.

He asked her pleasantly, "By the way, Joan, what kind of panties are you wearing?"

Gary interrupted at this point saying: "This has gone far enough."

Joan cut him off curtly saying: "Shut up, Gary." He was quiet.

She got a blushing look on her face and said quietly: "They're pink, Mr. Smart."

"Speak up, Joan, I can't hear you."

"I said, sir, that my panties are pink, and that they have lacy panels down the side of each leg band and lace at the waist."

"Lovely," was John's reply. "Now, Joan, for the rest of this interview I think that you should be dressed only in those panties, and maybe your heels."

The thought struck her rather hard but again she knew her position and simply rose saying: "Of course, sir."

She ran her fingers to her blouse buttons and unbuttoned the blouse, removing it and folding it to put onto a chair.

Gary was now staring at his wife's unaccustomed compliance.

John glanced and noticed the bulge in Gary's pants.

It was as he'd thought; Gary was pussy whipped and didn't stand up for himself.

Joan was now removing her camisole and putting it on the chair also. She recognized amid her turmoil at having been caught and threatened, that there was an actual twinge of the erotic in what she was being made to do.

She had tears running down her cheek, and she could have kicked herself for being so stupid and foolish and getting into this position but she also feared that her panties were getting wet from this treatment.

She was ready to do her skirt next and a thought occurred to her.

She said: "Uh, sir, should I face you or face Gary, when I remove my skirt?"

John turned to Gary and said: "Which is her best part, Gary, her ass or her pussy?"

Gary, now smiling, said quietly, "Her ass but not by much; she has a gorgeous pussy."

"Okay," John continued, "Then, Gary, you choose; should she face me or you?"

Gary said that she should face John, giving him, Gary, the sight of her ass first.

Joan just looked at Gary and turned to face John to comply. The skirt was shimmied down her thighs and past her nicely large ass and added to the pile of clothes.

Joan was now naked except for her panties, pretty pink as she had intimated, and her heels.

"Lovely, lovely," John enthused, "Now walk around the room for us; show yourself off."

Joan began to automatically do what she was told. But as she passed John, he lashed out with his hand and slapped her ass, really, really hard.

Joan gasped and broke into tears again; Gary got a ghost of a smile on his face.

John said gruffly,"Walk like a sexy woman, damn it; it's what you are, show it, mean it."

"Yes, sir," Joan said, "Very, very sorry, sir." Now she stalked about the room, exaggerating the swing of her hips and ass.

"Is that better, sir?" she asked.

"What do you think, Gary? Is that better?"

"Oh, much better, Mr. Smart," he said, easily slipping into a subservient role here.

"Fine," John continued, "Now sit down Joan."

She complied to the order and sat. She felt strange, certainly, intimidated also but she could feel the build up within her of a foreign kind of excitement that she was just not used to.

She sat in her panties here, with two fully dressed men. Her tits were bare, the nipples were hard. To her distress she realized that this was beginning to turn her on.

John noticed it; so also did Gary but he was silent.

John said: "It looks, Joan, like you're getting a little turned on by this; is that so?"

Joan was silent for a few seconds.

John pounced: "Is that your second refusal?"

"No, no, not at all, sir," Joan hastily said. "It's just that my emotions are so mixed up right now but 'yes', you're right; I am getting kind of turned on here."

"I thought so," John said. " Feeling just a little bit slutty, are we?"

"Yes, sir," Joan said, "I guess you can say that."

"Tell me, Joan," the interrogation went on, "do you often wear white panties?"

"Yes," she answered, "I do often wear white panties."

"Okay, then both of you come with me," he said roughly.

He had Joan lead him to their bed room. When they got there he asked which bureau was hers; she pointed it out.

"Now show me your panty drawer."

Without a fuss, Joan opened her panty drawer for him.

"My life is certainly open to his gaze," she thought, "Why not her panties too?"

Looking into the mass of panties, John proceeded to pick out ones that he didn't approve of, all the cotton, leaving her with only the colorful ones, nylons and bikinis.

Then he said to her: "Only these kinds of panties for you."


"Clear, sir," she said.

He picked out a pale pink pair of bikinis and turning to Gary said:

"Gary, now you take your clothes off and put these on. And don't even think of using the word 'no' in any form; you two have already had your allowed 'no.'"

Gary blushed and immediately got a withering look from Joan, which spurred him on to strip off his clothes and don the proffered panties.

"You look cute, Gary," was John's comment.

"Thank you, sir." was Gary's embarrassed reply.

"Now back to the living room," John ordered, "and Joan swing your hips or you'll get another slap."

When they were back in the living room John said: "Okay, I'm going to tell you how this is going to work. First of all, Joan, how often do you suck Gary's cock?"

Joan looked stricken but answered pretty quickly: "I ... uh, sir, I don't do that."

"I thought not," John said, "Do it," he continued, "Do it now; on your knees and suck Gary off."

She hesitated just long enough for John to slap her face. It propelled her to her knees in front of her husband, whose prick was straining against the material of the pink panties he was wearing. Then, pulling the panties down, she grasped Gary's cock and began to put the head in her mouth.

John interrupted her:

"You didn't ask his permission, slut!" he said, giving her a tremendous slap on the ass, as he said it. "Do it!"

"Gary, love," she said, her chin quivering with emotion but her pussy was getting wetter and wetter, "Can I please take your thing in my mouth?"

"What?" shouted John, "You are a fucking criminal, woman, and criminals know the words to use. You use them or our business is done."

"Yes, sir," said the startled and now cowed woman.

"Gary, love," she began again, "Can I please suck your cock?"

Gary grinned: "You really want to, Joan?" he asked almost playfully.

It made John Smart laugh. "Go on," he urged.

"Yes, love," Joan said then, kissing the head of Gary's cock, "I really want to."

And she was in the process right then of convincing herself that she did in fact really want to suck his cock. She knew that she had to have the mental frame of mind to do these things. She would simply let this excitement wash over herself. This was almost a matter of self preservation for her.

"Hands behind your back," John roared and slapped her jutting ass.

Joan quickly complied. This kind of treatment was certainly pushing her into a dark, dark place that she had only ever briefly contemplated.

Her mouth moved up and down on Gary's cock like a piston. Soon Gary was grunting and groaning and about to cum. John grabbed Joan by the back of the head and held her head on Gary's cock as Gary filled her mouth and throat with his sperm.

When Joan came up for air, really surprised that the taste of it hadn't been as bad as she had imagined it would be, at John's orders, she cleaned Gary's cock and nicely put it away.

"This is the first thing,"John said, "At least once every two days for the next three weeks you must give Gary a blow job. Is that completely clear?" he demanded.

"Yes, sir, " she answered, quite meekly now, "Completely clear."

"I will leave this camera with you; it records the date and time on the film. I expect a film every week showing your blow job activities. If you fail in any way to do this, two things will happen. First, the time limit will be increased and you will be required to suck him off every single day. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir," she hurried to tell him. "I understand completely, and will certainly do that."

"Do what?" John challenged her.

"I will ... uh ... I will do Gary at least once every two days for three weeks." She replied.

"Do what?" John said menacingly, "If you don't say it this time, I'll slap you again."

"No, no, no, please; give me a chance; I will suck Gary's cock; that's what I'll do. I'll put his prick in my mouth at least once every two days for the next three weeks."

"And," John continued with a smile, "I think by that time you'll be quite the cock sucker, and maybe we'll let you practice on others too." Joan blanched at that.

"And the second thing," John now continued, "If you fail to suck Gary off on schedule and bring me a video of it, is that you'll receive a visit from Sam and Timmie, friends of mine. As a matter of fact, they're going to come over here tonight to visit with you to show you what happens to people who try to fuck with the company like you did. I'll tell you. You won't like Sam and Timmie."

There were tears in Joan's eyes again.

"In addition," John said to her, "How often have you let Gary fuck you in the ass?"

Joan was shocked by the question. "We, uh, don't do that."

"Oh you don't, do you?" John sneered. "Well, before we leave tonight you will and we'll add that you to your little list of things you have to do. Once every three days I want you to film Gary fucking you in the ass. Am I making myself clear?"

"Very clear, sir," Joan said in a very tiny submissive voice. The smile on Gary's face was noticeable.

Then John turned to Gary and said: "I want you to write down every single time she refuses a sex act with you of any kind, any kind at all. You'll give that list to me every week for the next three weeks, and I'll have Sam and Timmie deal with those incidents. And if you weaken in any way and try to mock the evidence, I'll send Sam and Timmie to visit with you personally, clear?"

"Yes, sir," Gary snapped back to John. "And, Joan," John continued his instructions, "I will want you to purchase new, sexy panties of all sorts. You can continue to dress conservatively unless I tell you otherwise. You will show me your panties every time I tell you and you'll show them to whomever I tell you to. Got that?"

"Yes, sir; it's clear." She nodded her head for emphasis as she spoke.

"Well," John said, "We're almost finished here, I think."

Joan breathed a kind of sigh of relief then. John smiled and said:

"Oh that's right; we need to initiate Joan into the sorority of women who take it up the ass, don't we, Gary?"

"Yes, sir," Gary said, "we do."

John turned to her and said: "Go get some lube, slut; it can be Vaseline or anything like that."

"Yes, sir, right away," Joan said somewhat reluctantly.

Joan came back soon; she brought with her a jar of Vaseline.

John smiled as he said to her: "I think that I'm going to let pretty panty wearing Gary do the honors here."

"Uh, Gary?" Joan said looking up at John.

"Do you object to that, slut?" John wanted to know.

Joan, knowing full well that she was sinking farther and farther into this, and likely becoming even Gary's toy in the process, which she never had been, was simply ready to do what was required of her.

"Be polite now, Joanie and ask Gary nicely; you know how," John said to her in a voice that brooked no denial at all.

She went down on her knees by the couch, where Gary still was sitting. She looked up at him earnestly and said:

"Gary, honey; I would really like you to do this for me; would you please fuck my ass, honey?"

"You're sure that it's what you want, love?" Gary said sweetly.

"Positive," Joan said, kissing him to reassure him.

"Okay, sweetie," he answered then, "Give me the Vaseline."

She handed him the jar of Vaseline and he told her to get on her hands and knees with her head on the floor.

Joan took up the humiliating position, and waited. She didn't have long to wait.

Gary's next command was for her to reach behind her and puller her ass cheeks apart. Joan did this also.

She was being overwhelmed by the fact that a part of her really resented this happening, and a part of her knew that it was turning her on more and more to be treated this way. She didn't seem able to resolve the conflict.

Then she felt Gary applying the Vaseline. Then it happened.

The first sensation was a pain that was so terrible that she could hardly believe it. Gary was pushing his cock into her asshole.

Joan opened her mouth to simply scream but John was there and pushed her panties into her mouth instead, cramming them in as far as possible.

She was surprised that the pain and pressure building up in her ass was turning for her into sexual heat. She began to groan into the panties not from the pain any longer but from the heat that the fucking was generating.

Then Gary was cumming, filling her ass with his sperm, and then collapsing on top of her. His final thrust pushed her beyond the pain and into an orgasm that was produced by the very pain of the situation itself.

"My, my," John said, as he came over to where Joan and Gary were collapsed, "We both seemed to like that. Now get up, children; we're not done here yet. Joan you go take a shower quickly."

He accompanied his words by a slap to Joan's ass, which sent her scurrying to the shower. John went and watched as she cleaned up.

He told her to put panties back on and go with him to the living room.

Joan was wondering then what was next.

But John wasn't quite finished; they got back to the living room and John had Joan sit on the floor. She obediently took her place.

"That scene was certainly an eye opener," John said to the two of them. "Didn't you think so, Gary?"

"Yes, sir," Gary said with a smile.

John then turned to Joan and said: "Now see, Joanie, how happy Gary is when you just stop being such a bitch for a minute or two. See?"

"She raised a head and merely groaned."

John was out of his chair and over to where she was instantly. She knew even before he got to her that he was going to slap her but she didn't do anything to prevent it.

She corrected herself quickly, after the slap: "Yes, sir, Gary does seem to be very happy, when I cooperate and stop being bitchy."

"You'd better mean that, bitch," John said, "Because Sam and Timmie are coming over here to teach you a lesson about the down side of being a bitch."

Tears started streaming down Joan's face at that point but John interrupted her sad reverie:

"Okay just because you got so sullen on us, I want you to crawl over to Gary and take his cock in your mouth to clean it."

Joan's head snapped around to look at John.

John had a huge smile on his face: "Do I take it that you're saying 'no'?" he said grinning.

Joan moved immediately: "No, sir, I wasn't; I was just, you know, uh, overwhelmed by the ass fucking that I've been kind of disoriented here. Thank you for correcting me. Yes, yes, I'll just go over here and do what a wife is supposed to do; I'll just clean Gary's cock; that's what I'll do."

"Good girl," John said, "Now clean it good."

Joan crawled to Gary and pulled at the waist band of his panties until they were down to his knees. Then she took his still slimy cock in her hand and began by licking the head.

"If I don't see some enthusiasm," John said, "I'm getting my belt off; you won't like that Joan, I can assure you."

Joan then took the entire cock into her mouth and started to clean it, swirling her tongue around the head of it and around the under side of the cock."

"Mmmmmmmm," Gary moaned.

"Well, Joanie," John said, "You're at least making an impression on Gary, I see. Why don't you continue and just let him get off in your mouth again."

Joan, at this point in the evening was some where in her spirit between cowed and therefore anxious to do what she was told, and so turned on that there is no sex act that she wouldn't willingly do, especially at John Smart's request or order. This was a side of her that she didn't recognize at all. She wasn't even sure though that she disliked the side.

Gary's prick had now grown in her mouth and she began the rhythmic bouncing of her head that allowed her to give him a good blow job. She was surprised that this time she didn't mind it: didn't mind the taste anymore, didn't mind the texture--actually liked the silky softness of it in her mouth. It was more of a pleasurable experience for her now. It even came with the mental note:

"Gee, why didn't I begin doing this sooner?"

Joan even smiled at the thought, as she was sucking Gary off.

John, watching closely, noticed this too:

"Like doing that now, do we?"

Joan took her eyes off of Gary's pubic hair long enough to look up at John and shake her head 'yes' to his question.

"Joan, I always thought you were good cock sucker material," he said with a laugh.

Joan's own inner voice agreed with the statement, as she sucked hard and brought Gary to another orgasm.

When the blow job was finished, John spoke up again:

"Well, Joan, let me tell you; all this up to now has been a matter of simple household items. How often you'll suck Gary off, how often you'll let him fuck you in the ass; the fact that you will not refuse any sexual request. And I really believe that we're straight and clear about those things, aren't you, Joan?"

"Oh, yes, sir," Joan said, now with a ring of truth about it, "I am very clear about those things."

"Fine," John continued. "You see in stealing from my company, you fucked with me in a major way, and now I'm going to fuck with you in a major way. It's about time that I introduce you to Sam and Timmie. We'll get the evening's entertainment underway now."

Joan was on the couch sobbing quietly in fear as he said this.

Then John took out his cell phone and made a call.

He only briefly said: "Hi, Sam, yes, she's ready; you two can come on over now."

Then John turned to Joan and asked her: "I'll ask one last time; would you rather that I went to the police with my evidence and your statement and proceeded with jail time for you? It's a felony and carries with it from 15 to 25 years, as I've said. You can check that out. Or is our arrangement here satisfactory?"

"Very satisfactory, sir." she said with tears in her eyes.

"Fine," he concluded, "Then you're mine to dispose of, so to speak."

She agreed with a simple, quiet 'yes, sir.'

"Okay now for tonight's program," he continued with a smile.

The door bell rang just then. "That must be the guys; I'll let them in."

Sam and Timmie turned out to be burly, really rough looking individuals. Joan and Gary were noticeably nervous, when the two of them came in.

"Hey, guys," John said. "Here she is. I think that the first thing that we do should be here."

"Yes," Sam said, "We'll do it whatever way you want."

"Good," John said, "Gary, Joan, show us the way to the garage. And, Joan, I need hardly remind you that we have new guests now and I want you to shake that lovely ass for them."

"Yes, sir," Joan said, and swung her hips back and forth for Sam and Timmie's appreciation as she and Gary got up to show the way to the garage."

"Cooperative cunt," Timmie said.

"Yes, you're right," John said grinning, "Our Joan has turned out to be very cooperative."

When they got into the garage, John looked around at the amount of space there and said:

"Yes, this will do nicely; Sam, Tim, I'll leave this part to you. Gary and I will watch."

"What ... what are you ... uh going to do?" Joan almost moaned.

Timmie spoke up then: "Something that teaches bitches not to steal from the company."

Joan began to cry: "I'm so, so sorry, Mr. Smart, I would just undo it, if I could."

"Well, I know that now, Joanie," John said, "But this is what we have to do now."

Sam walked up to the naked, trembling woman standing off by herself in her own garage, waiting as though an execution were about to happen. He said to her in a very cold kind of voice:

"Open your mouth, bitch."

Joan complied; she stood there with her mouth wide open.

Sam pulled an object from the bag that Timmie had been carrying. It turned out to be a black rubber cock. It was about six inches long. Sam carefully pushed it into Joan's open mouth. Then, with straps that he attached to the end of the rubber cock, he fasted it around the back of her head to keep it snug in place.

When he was done, Sam stepped back to see the effect. Timmie was using a camera to film it all.

"Very nice," Sam said, "How does that fit, Joan? Good?"

She shook her head 'yes' and mumbled something into the cock gag in her mouth that was unintelligible.

"Hmm," Timmie said, "The girl mumbles!"

"Well, we're glad it fits well, Ms. May," Sam said. "Oh, shall I be polite and call you Ms. May, as at work, or should it be Joan?"

She made a noise that told them that 'Joan' would be fine.

"Joan it is," Sam said with a grin.

"Now let's fit her up, Tim," Sam said.

Once he'd said that, Timmie produced a kind of harness from the bag and a couple of metal bars that were about 3 feet long.

Sam grabbed one of Joan's arms and put a padded cuff on each wrist. Each cuff had a kind of hook on it. To the hooks he attached one of the 3 foot long bars. It had the effect of keeping her hands apart at the wrists.

"There, love," Sam said, "Now you just keep your hand in the air for us."

Joan did as he said, keeping her hands in the air. This had the effect of forcing her tits forward. Her nipples were hard.

Sam ran a few fingers over one of the stiff nipples. Joan trembled, when he did.

"I think that Joan's in love here," Sam laughed, he was joined in the laugh by Timmie, John and Gary.

Joan only looked around with a kind of wild look on her face.

Now Sam bent down and attached a similar pair of cuffs to Joan's ankles. Next came another bar, forcing Joan's legs apart.

"Nicely done, girl," Sam said, "Don't you agree?"

Joan shook her head 'yes'. Sam reacted by grabbing a handful of her pussy hair and pulling on the hair with force.

"Speak when you're spoken to, bitch!" Sam said, continuing to pull the pussy hair.

Joan began to speak rapidly and incoherently into the cock gag. It caused some spittle to begin to seep outside the limits of the gag and run down her chin.

"Nice picture!" Sam said, "Frosty Ms. M from accounting naked and drooling! Get a shot of that, Tim."

Timmie shot the pictures that Sam had in mind.

"Now let's get down to business," Sam said.

He grabbed Joan by the elbow and said to her: "Walk with me, Joanie,"

He pulled her along. She was only able to waddle with the 3 foot bar between her ankles. She was also still holding her hands in the air, as she'd been told.

They got to a part of the garage that was an empty space. Timmie took a long chain from the bag and gave it to Sam, who managed to wrap the chain around one of the overhead beams, and, when he'd gotten the end back, attached it to the bar that was between Joan's wrists.

It had the effect of stretching Joan's arms up in the air, and almost lifting her off of her feet. Only her toes were on the floor at this point.

Now Timmie gave Sam a series of long cords and odd looking metal pikes and clips.

"Let's see about getting you all outfitted with the rest of this," Sam said pleasantly.

He began that process by attaching the clips to Joan's nipples. With the attachment of each clip, Joan let out a loud series of moans.

The very slow and deliberate method that Sam was using to 'get her ready' was having a strange effect on Joan. She didn't know what to expect as a reaction to what John had set up for her but being turned on by it had certainly not been one of the options that would have come to her mind.

But here she was, trussed up in the garage at home, having given Gary a couple of blow jobs, having gotten fucked in the ass. And she was turned on; not only that but, she realized, as turned on as she'd ever remember being.

If she could say something at that point it would probably be a semi-unintelligible, request to be fucked by someone, or by all of them.

Her mind was swirling. She was frightened but she was definitely as turned on as she'd ever been in her life.

Sam was proceeding now with the set up of his device. Once the nipple clips were in place, he took one of the wands and knelt in front of Joan. She glanced at him with wary eyes, as he began to slowly push the wand up into her pussy. There was no resistance because she was so wet.

"She's all wet, Gary," Sam said gayly, "Did you know that your wife likes to be tied up and abused?"

"I had no idea," Gary said calmly.

"Come here," Sam said, "Let me show you."

Gary walked over to where Sam was with a bit of difficulty, since his cock was one again stiffly pressing against the fabric of the panties that he was wearing.

When he stood next to Sam, he allowed Sam to take his hand and put some of his fingers into Joan's pussy. She moaned. Sam laughed and Gary just grinned.

Sam moved around to the back of Joan then but Gar stayed in place for a few moments, rubbing Joan's clit, and smiling at her. He kept the pressure up until he had her shaking violently with an orgasm.

At that point, John appeared at Gary's side. He grabbed Gary by the stiff cock and led him away saying:

"We'd better let Sam do his work here, Gary; we don't want Joan to get hurt."

Gary moved away with John without another word.

Meanwhile Sam, kneeling behind Joan, had forced open her as cheeks, and rubbed the next large wand with vaseline. He pushed it against the rosebud ring of Joan's asshole. The vaseline coated wand glided in, companied y Joan's moaning and groaning.

Sam pushed the wand in until it was all the way inserted into her asshole.

Sam then turned to John and said curtly: "We're ready, Mr. Smart."

"Good," John said, "Joan, I want you to know that this is one of the things that Sam and Timmie do. If you displease me for any reason whatever, they will be back to do it to you, or they will do it at the office. Shake your head, if you understand me."

Joan shook her head 'yes' violently.

Then turning to the two men, John simply said: "Sam."

"And, by the way, Joan," John said, "Timmie is filming this to make a movie for us and our entertainment. Won't that be nice?"

Joan shook her head 'yes', and said a garbled 'yes' into the gag in her mouth.

Then Sam took over: "The main point here, Ms. M, is to just demonstrate a little here, with just a little touch of punishment for being such a bad girl. You see, Joanie, when I twist this knob to a low setting, this is what happens."

There was a slight hum and Joan stiffened at first and then shouted into the black rubber cock gag in her mouth. Here eyes were wide; there were tears on her cheeks and her nose was starting to run.

"That's it, Joanie," Sam said, "You're getting into the spirit of this. But now, if I were to twist this knob up to the middle setting, this is what would happen!"

The hum was louder now; Joan's reaction was immediate. She now screamed into the gag from the force of the electricity invading her from her nipples, pussy and asshole at the same time.

When Sam turned the dial down again, after a few seconds; Joan slumped against her bonds and was crying bitterly into the gag in her mouth.

"Sorry that you fucked with me and the company now, Joan?" John asked.

Joan shook her head violently 'yes' hoping to make him understand.

"Now," Sam continued, "We're going to give you three or four medium blasts, as part of the price you need to pay."

Joan shook her head 'no' violently.

John Smart jumped in immediately: "Are you saying 'no', Joan? Is that what you're doing?"

Joan's eyes got wide and she shook her head 'no' again as violently.

John smiled, and said: "So, Joan, we should proceed?"

Joan shook her head 'yes' this time, and John laughed. Then he turned back to where Gary was standing. John let out a huge laugh and said:

"Joan, look, Gary has a hard on; he's going to be one of your new masters, you know. You don't mind, do you?"

Joan looked at Gary then and shook her head 'no' to indicate that she didn't mind.

"To it!" Sam said and twisted the knob to medium.

It had the same huge effect on Joan. This time, however, Sam gave her no rest; he gave her five jolts in a row.

She was now sweating profusely, tears were on her face and drool was running down her chin.

"Get some close ups here, Timmie," John said.

The camera man complied with close-ups of Joan's ravaged face.

"One last little bit here, Joan," Sam said. "This is the real payment, and the real message. This is what you don't want to happen any more, either here or at the office."

Sam twisted the knob to high and Joan screamed into her gag, and pissed herself.

After a few seconds, Sam stopped.

John turned to Sam and Timmie: "Take her down now, guys."

They released her from the chains and bars. She was on the verge of collapse, when they finished.

"Get her, Gary," John said, and Gary went across the garage to Joan. He put his arms around her to support her. She looked at him, tears in her eyes, and said something quietly to him that he never ever expected:

"Gary, I'm so sorry."

"It's alright, babe," he said, kissing her lightly, despite the drool.

"Okay," John said, "There's a sink over there; clean her up, Gary; we'll wait in the living room."

John, Sam and Timmie went into the living room, leaving Joan and Gary alone. He used paper towels to wash off her face and her tits. Then he used some wet paper towels between her legs also.

He looked at her and said simply: "You're really wet!"

"Yes, love," she said quietly, "I really don't understand it; I'd hate it if all that really turned me on. But I just don't know," she sobbed.

When they got back into the living room, with Joan cleaned up, John spoke to them. Sam and Timmie were gone, to Joan's relief.:

"Now for our little preamble here," John said with a smile.

He turned first to Joan and said: "Go get some red lipstick."

She said a quick 'yes, sir' and moved to leave the room.

"And," John shouted to her, "Every time you're with me, every time, make sure you exaggerate the swing of your ass as you walk."

Joan said another 'yes, sir' to that. As she walked, she tried to put one foot in front of the other to exaggerate her walk and the movement of her ass for John.

"And for Gary," she thought.

She also admitted to herself that for some odd reason she was enjoying this way too much. She was soon back with the lipstick, and offered it to John.

He refused it and said instead: "Put it on Gary's mouth."

Joan and Gary just stared at him.

Then he explained. "You see to seal this bargain, I'm going to have Gary suck me off, while you suck off Gary."

Gary looked stricken at this but Joan had a brief smile. "Oh, don't smile, our Joan," John said, "Until you see what Sam and Timmie have arranged for you tomorrow. Now come here, Joanie, and show me how good a cock sucker you are."

She didn't hesitate; she was beyond hesitation. She knelt in front of Gary at the couch and fished his not quite erect cock out of the panties that he was wearing. She lowered her head and, after licking the head, took his cock into her mouth to make it hard.

"Make it noisy, girl!" John demanded and immediately Joan started using spit and making loud sucking sounds.

Gary was moaning. Then John stepped up and unzipped his fly, taking out his already stiff cock. He moved into place so that he was standing with his thighs on either side of Joan's shoulders. He grabbed Gary's head and pulled him forward. Gary didn't hesitate but opened his mouth for John's cock.

"Make it noisy," John ordered and began to plunge his cock into Gary's lipstick covered mouth.

Between Gary and Joan there was a lot of noise accompanying the blow jobs. Soon Gary was coming. John held Joan's head in place by his thighs and he held Gary's head in place with his hands. When they were finished and both Joan and Gary had swallowed a load, John ordered Joan to clean them both up.

"Well, this has been fun," John said. "I want you to know that we'll be back tomorrow evening at 8 PM. I have other things to do tonight. I want you to answer the door dressed exactly as you are right now. Understand?"

Both Gary and Joan said 'yes, sir, ' to that.

"And, Joan," he continued, "Whether we have a garage repeat tomorrow night depends entirely on you. I want Gary to fuck you in the ass tonight and I want you to clean him with your mouth. I want it filmed. I will say this, though maybe I don't need to: Fuck with me, if you dare."

Then he was gone.

As soon as the door closed, Joan raised her hands to her bent head and began to cry. Gary went to her immediately:

"Hey, babe," he said soothingly.

She put her arms around him and said, sobbing into his shoulder:

"Oh, Gary, what a fuck up I am; I've gotten us into a mess with my greed, and I've been such a bitch to you, such a cold unresponsive bitch!"

When she'd said that, she wailed all the more. Gary's response was to stroke her back and hold her, while she cried.

She came up for air but then continued:

"And I've dragged you into this charade also; we're stuck in a huge mess, and it's all of my making, all of it!"

Gary made an attempt at soothing her then:

"At least John's not insisting on ... you know, jail."

"Yes, there is that, love," she said but still she cried.

Then his voice softened and he said to her:

"I'm really sorry though, babe, that you had to go through that stuff in the garage."

"Oh, Gary," she said with a new kind of tone in her voice, "I'm not going to keep up all of my prevarications; I just can't. You've taken this so well, and here you are still there for me. I guess, I need to say that what they did in the garage was probably the greatest single turn on for me that I can ever remember."

"Wow!" Gary said then, "Really?"

"Really, darling," she cooed into his ear now, still shaken by sobs periodically. "I know that sounds terrible but I just need for you to know the truth. I mean, look at you, at what he did to you."

Gary blushed; he was still wearing the panties only. Then Joan actually giggled.

"What?" Gary wanted to know.

"It's just that you look so cute!" she said with a grin through her tears.

"Hmm," he answered, "Cute is it? But if it's really truth time between us, then I have to say that I was turned on too by what happened."

"Really?" she asked, "What part of it?"

"Ohhhh," he said thinking, "I am turned on by wearing these ... these panties. I don't know why but I like that. And I have to confess, sweetie, that the scene in the garage was a huge turn on for me. I'm not sure why but it was."

"Well," she said back to him softly, "Then I guess that we both enjoyed it."

"Yes," he answered her back, "I guess we did. But what do we do now?"

"Whatever he said that we need to do," was her answer.

"Yes," he said, nervously now, "John did tell me how he wanted this to go tonight; he gave me some details."

She put her arms around him again:

"Come on now, Gary, we only get through this if we do it together; we're going to do what he wants us to do, especially since we're both unaccountably enjoying it."

"Well," Gary began, "The video camera is set up in the bedroom; he wants me to take you there for tonight's blow job and ... uh ... he wants me to, you know, fuck you in the, uh, ass."

At that Joan actually giggled:

"Oh, Gary, don't be so hesitant; I know what a bitch I am; what bitch I've been, and I really, really intend to try to change that. My sweet man, looking handsome and fetching in his panties, take me to the bedroom; let's take a shower and then fuck me in the ass. The boss man wants it that way, so, we'll do it."

Gary grinned and went out of the room with her, hand in hand.

They went first to the shower and, once they had showered, into the bedroom.

Gary spoke up then:

"This is what he said we needed to do: I'm going to write some messages on you and then we're supposed to make a hot disk for him."

"Hot, uh?" Joan said, still obviously in the mood, "He wants hot and hot he gets."

Gary took a tube of lipstick then and wrote 'Joan the cock sucker, ' in bright red lipstick just above her tits. Joan giggled, when she saw it. Then Gary turned her around and wrote: 'Fuck my ass!' just above her ass cheeks. Joan had a giggle fit again, when she saw it in the mirror.

The video camera on a tripod, where Timmie had set it up, was waiting across the room.

" Are you ready, sweetie?" Gary wanted to know.

"Oh, Gary," Joan gushed, "We can get through this and I will be better than ever; I just don't want to hurt you any more. I mean, sweet man, what about the other men that John seems to insist upon? I really don't want to hurt you."

Gary kind of blushed, and replied to her:

"I don't know, Joan; I don't pretend to understand but it's one of the things that turns me on; I mean you submitting to other men."

"Ohhhhh," she cooed into his ear; "Is my lover turned on by that? Maybe as much as I was turned on by seeing you in those panties among all the men, and watching John's cock go into your mouth?"

"You are so wicked!" he smiled.

She grinned back at him, and said: "I guess the wickedness is just beginning to show. But I'll say one thing, your use of the word, the phrase 'submitting to other men' really kind of hits me."

She hesitated then, and leaning back to look him in the face, said:

"You know we can get through this; we need to talk about every stage of it; we need to do that; don't you think?"

"I think that I'm with you through all of this no matter."

"Ohhhhhh, Gary, my sweet man," she cooed again, and then added: "But what's this thing that keeps poking me?"

"That's what goes in your mouth first, and then your ass, bitch, once the camera is on."

"Hmm, Mr Forceful!" she said, her voice heavy with lust.

It seemed to her that the effect of the entire evening was suddenly crashing down on her. Now she really wanted what was demanded by John.

"Oh, Gary," she almost wailed, "Give me your cock first, put it in my mouth, then fuck me, fuck my ass, even if it hurts. I hate to say it, love, but I just like the hurt so much."

Gary answered: "Then here it comes, bitch."

"Ohhhhh," she whispered, "I almost cum when you talk like that."

"Good," Gary said, "Now parade a bit in front of the camera, once I turn it on. But make it look all the while as though you're just parading for me. He wants to be a kind of a voyeur here, and look into our private lives. So, we'll let him."

Gary turned on the camera and, having positioned Joan, had her walk into the camera field from the other side of the room. It gave the camera a chance to get a good shot of the lipstick sign on her ass. Then Gary encircled her with his arms, and turned her around to run his hands up and down the front side of her body, pussy, tits and nipples. The camera took that side of her in also.

Soon Joan was panting. She was also mentally kicking herself for not being this sexually aware before. If this is the effect of John's discovery, then, she had to really thank him for that.

Then Gary maneuvered her around so that the camera could see them both, as he sat on the bed and she went to her knees between his legs.

Gary was thrilled; he didn't mind the camera. He'd wanted her in this position so often, and thought of it so much. It was a major turn on.

"And, if I have to suck John Smart's cock for this, then it's the least that I can do to say 'thank you' to him," he thought, as he rested his hand in Joan's hair.

"Now," Gary said, during one of her thrusts downward on the cock in her mouth.

While he said it, he grabbed her by the back of the head and pushed his cock deep into her mouth and the entrance to her throat. She gagged, and he was thrilled by the sound.

"Breath through your nose!" he said to her.

Then the cock came out with Joan sputtering but grinning at him.

He'd gotten the vaseline from the bathroom and coated his cock with it; he positioned Joan with her upper body on the bed and her legs on the floor. It put her ass at exactly the correct angle. The camera was able to see all of it.

"Use your hand, bitch," he said roughly, "Help me here; spread your ass cheeks."

"Yes, sir,"! She said then automatically and pulled her ass cheeks apart.

Gary positioned his cock at the rosebud of her asshole and gave a slight push, letting the head of his prick enter her asshole.

Joan grunted with the pain, and Gary stopped and only pushed after a moment or two. She grunted again. The progress was slow this way, for their first time but it was steady.

Joan's mind was absorbing the pain, and was beginning to respond to the heat that was radiating from the pain.

"God, Gary, that hurts," she said, then she added quickly: "I love the pain, lover; it causes the heat that just kind of takes me prisoner. Push it in, Gary, push it, fuck my ass."

Gary did exactly as Joan was saying, and began to establish a rhythm with it. As he was fucking her ass, he reached back his hand and slapped her right ass cheek really hard.

Joan squealed into the bed covers, when he did that. She was making more and more noise as the heat from the fucking and the pain of the ass slaps were beginning to overwhelm her.

Gary kept up his pounding of her ass with his hand, as his cock kept up its invasion of her asshole.

Finally, he stiffened and began to cum in her ass. The pain and the heat of the fucking had driven Joan over the edge of her orgasm also.

When they were done, they lay for a few moments, as Gary's cock slipped out of her ass. She made a mewing noise of disappointment, when that happened.

She began to move but he said to her:

"Wait, stay right there; he told me what I had to do now."

"What?" she said quietly.

But then she smiled as she felt Gary make his way down to her ass. With his hands then he forced her ass cheeks apart and began to lick the cum from her ass as it spilled out of her asshole.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, Gary!" she wailed, while he did that.

When they were finally done, he whispered to her:

"Shower again, and bed."

Joan made sure that she blew a kiss to John into the camera, as they walked past.

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