Jen: a Girl, a Car, a Road-getting Her Kicks on Route 66
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - It's 1963. The girl is twenty-three. The car is a 1963 Corvette. The road is Route 66 and Jen is out to find her kicks. Once again, my quotation mark formatting got left out after I submitted. Sorry. Also, chapter one (my introduction) was edited, Don’t know about this version. The chapter titles should have been headed as follows: Two Chicago, Three Bloomington, Four Springfield, Five St. Louis, Six Tulsa, Seven Amarillo, Eight Tucumcari, Nine Holbrook, Ten Santa Monica,

The TV drama, Route 66 that aired its first of three season from October of 1960 through June of 1961, almost never actually took place on Route 66 The adventures ofTodd andBuzz took place all over the country: from Maine to Florida, from the right coast to the left coast, and from the Canadian border to the Gulf. Of course, they received the use of a brand new Corvette at the start of each season. I decided to remedy that by telling some of the story of Route 66 and to tell it with full disclosure of Jenskicks. The complete story of Route 66 can probably never be fully told, but a check on the internet for the Mother Road or Route 66, will keep you busy for a long, long time. This is the first of a series of stories that I wrote in 2005, that will take Jen from Chicago to L.A. onThe Mother Road, U.S. Route 66.

Ah, first there is the girl: She is just twenty-three, gorgeous, independent, liberated, aggressive, orphaned, and rich enough from her inheritance that she doesnt have any financial worries this side of heaven. Oh, and did I mention, she is essentially a nymphomaniac. She loves to go halter top, short-shorts, barefoot in sandals, but sans bra or panties. She loves to show off herSwinging 38s as she calls them.

Then there is the car: Its not just any car--its a brand new, 1963 split window Corvette Z06 coupe. The Z06 was really meant for off road racing, but then, thats Jen. She calls her black beauty, Miss Swifty. Ready to go for a run down Route 66? Jen is.

And finally, there is the road: U.S. Route 66, ah what memories that ghost of a road holds for those of us over thirty-five or so. And there really are ghosts on old 66--at least there are sightings form Chicago to Santa Monica. Begun in Oklahoma in 1926 and the last segment finally put to rest (decommissioned) in 1984, the road was intended as a motor car version of the transcontinental railroad. Its two nine foot lanes were meant to connect all the small hamlets of little people that it could on its journey.

The theme of the story is that Jen wants to start at one end of the Mainstream of America (Chicago) and drive on it all the way to the other end on the Pacific at Santa Monica.

Wont you come along and enjoy the ride with Jen and her sexcapades along the way?


Jen (Jennifer) OConnell ... Lead female character, twenty-trhee

Miss Swifty ... This is the 1963 Corvette, split window coupe that is as much a character of the story as is Jen.

Route 66 ... The Mother Road is the third main party of the story. All of the Route 66 information is historical., even the subject matter of almost all the ghost stories depicted herein.

Minor Players ... Throughout the story, these are the people that Jen runs into in the course of her adventures and with whom she has further adventures. All characters are eighteen or more years of age.


The story takes place in the summer and fall of 1963 on Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica in California. The Vette is brand new and Jen is twenty-three years old.


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