Chapter 1

Caution: This Cheating Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating,

Desc: Cheating Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I went to surprise my wife at the reunion but I was the one who ended up being surprised.

"John, we got an invitation to our ten year class reunion and I want to go. Will you be joining me this time?

I hated parties and reunions and really didn't give a shit what the people I knew ten years ago looked like or hearing what they accomplished. My friends lived in our area; the others I just considered schoolmates.

"We'll see, but you know I don't really care to go," I replied.

"Beth and Brent are both going and they mentioned we could ride with them. Come on John, we hardly ever go out since you took that truck driving job. Besides, what if I go alone and Mark Brady shows up?" Amy asked with a smile.

"Look Amy, I know you're joking, but I don't think it's funny. I just don't like the guy."

Mark and Amy were both jocks when I transferred into the school from the inner city for my senior year. Amy and Beth were on the volleyball team and Brent played sports. He and Beth were a number.

I had just moved into the neighborhood and didn't really know anyone. A couple of guys knew the inner city school I was from had a rough reputation, so they tried to see if I was as bad. They soon found out I was when some guy started hitting on Beth. Brent knocked him down but two more creeps stepped in.

I didn't like unfair fights so I jumped the two and kicked the shit out of them while Brent took care of the prick bothering his girl. From that day on Brent and I were good friends. He then introduced me to Amy. She and Beth grew up together and had always been best friends.

I asked Amy out and she said yes. Brent told me that Amy and Mark had dated but since I wasn't into messing up relationships, I asked her about him. She admitted they had dated but weren't steady.

For our senior year, Amy and I dated but the same went for us; she would never commit to a relationship. She even went out with Mark a couple of times. I think she enjoyed flirting with both of us.

It didn't take long before I got tired of the bullshit and told Amy so. The prom was coming up and I wanted her to make a decision between us. If she chose Mark I would bow out of her life; if she chose me she would no longer be seeing Mark and we would become a number.

She kissed me and said, "I choose you. There is no way I will ever lose you."

Amy and I went to the prom and doubled with Brent and Beth. They got married the following year and we got married two years later, with all of us remaining best friends.

Mark took Cindy to the prom. She was another member of the volleyball team who always had a crush on him. Rumor had it she put out for him and got pregnant. They were married shortly after graduation and moved to Iowa where his uncle found a good job for him.

I got my CDL license and drove truck locally. Amy worked at the area shopping mall along with Beth. Brent worked in the local machine shop. Amy and I decided not to have kids for a few years so she took birth control pills. Beth and Brent already had two really sweet girls. Life was pretty good.

When our fifth year reunion came up I told Amy that I wasn't in the mood and I wasn't going. I found out that Mark and Cindy returned their form saying they wouldn't be there because Cindy had been pregnant again and didn't want to make the trip. Amy ended up going with Brent and Beth.

I remember she was a bit drunk and we had some pretty hot sex when she got home. She was one of those women who got horny after a few drinks. I never had a problem with it since I was the one who benefited from it.

Brent told me Mark and Cindy sent back their RSVP for the reunion. He and Beth were in charge of the registrations and he thought I would want to know. That's why I finally decided to go. I think I was the only one who didn't like Mark. But of course it was because of Amy.

"Okay, Amy, I'll go to the stupid reunion."

She kissed me and we headed to the bedroom for some hot sex.

Damn! She was a good lover. There was hardly anything she wouldn't do for me. We were young and tried just about every position we could think of. She gave great oral but didn't care much for taking it up the butt, which was okay with me. Why fuck a dry asshole with a nice hot pussy just an inch away?

For the reunion, we decided that we would double with Beth and Brent. We each got our own room at the hotel where the reunion was because we intended to drink a lot and didn't want to drive afterwards. I kept thinking of how hot sex was with Amy when she drank. I really loved her and was sure she felt the same about me. We seldom had any big arguments.

I did always wonder if she had ever done the nasty with Mark. She told me I was the only one she went all the way with and it really shouldn't have made a difference but I believe most guys wonder about things like that.

Our first time together was in the wee hours of the morning on prom night. We went to her finished basement, took off our clothes, and made love on the couch. There was only a light on in the bathroom, but it was just enough for me to see her silhouette. She looked so sexy.

She placed a towel on the couch and set a box of tissues on the end table. I guess she was afraid we might make a mess.

I rubbed and suckled her breasts. We had to be quiet so her parents wouldn't hear us. I started rubbing her sparsely covered mound, then went down on my knees and kissed her. I tongued her clit until I felt her juices drip over her lips. She was hot and I was ready. I quickly put on a condom and she held my cock at the entrance of her love hole.

"Easy John, this is my first time. I love you so much."

I pushed forward and gently entered her. She was holding onto my cock. I heard her let out a noise. I didn't know if it was pain or joy but I kept pushing. In no time we were fucking like bunnies.

"Oh god, so good, I love you John. I love you so much," she kept saying as I felt her reach an orgasm. "Oh god, oh shit, feels so good."

I couldn't wait any longer and pressed in as deep as I could just in time to feel hot cum shooting from my cock. I have no idea how many times I shot into the condom. All I know is that it was the greatest feeling in the world.

As her pussy stopped pulsating and my cock began to soften, I pulled out. She grabbed a couple of tissues then pulled the condom off my cock before pushing some between her legs. Then she ran to the bathroom to clean up.

I took a couple more tissues, wiped off my cock and began to get dressed. Amy came back and told me she had a mess of blood and cum as well as the condom to dispose of. We kissed and claimed our love for each other and agreed to be a couple from that day forward. I was a very happy man.

We saw each other regularly and eventually Amy went on the pill. The first time without a condom felt great. Amy laughed and said it was a lot messier but she loved the feeling of me inside of her without it.

It had been a couple of months prior when I was down in the basement working on the furnace vent. I heard the doorbell and Amy answered it. It was her friend Beth. They were in the kitchen having wine coolers and talking. I could hear them as clear as if I was sitting at the table with them.

They were talking about their marriages and how happy they both were. Beth was talking about her kids and Amy mentioned that she was going off the pill since we were going to possibly start a family. We figured we were old enough and financially ready.

Eventually they got around to talking about old boyfriends. Beth mentioned that Brent was a good lover but often stopped before she was ready. I was surprised when she said she was only with one other guy and it was the one Brent had beat up when I met him. Of course Amy already knew since they had always been best friends. That was why the guy was hitting on Beth at the time. He wanted more nookie.

"So what about John? You always say what a great lover he is. Is he really that great? Is he better than Mark was?"

I almost fell over. I had always thought I was the only one Amy had been with. It shouldn't have made a difference since we weren't going together but that meant she lied to me.

"Mark was awful. He would just grab my tits and stick his dick in me and cum in the condom and he was done. I was only with him twice and I never had an orgasm until after the prom with John.

"I didn't understand the big deal when I heard women talk about great sex until I was with John. He has always been so sensitive and caring. There is no comparison between the two." I heard the two girls laugh.

On one hand I felt hurt about her being with Mark, but on the other I felt good she thought so highly of me. Since it was so many years ago and we weren't together then, I decided not to bring it up. Instead, I remembered what she had said that first time and made long passionate love with her that night. It was one of our best love sessions ever. The next morning she asked me what got into to me.

"Just wanted you to know how much I love you and never want to be with another woman."

"I feel the same about you John; I'll love you forever."

It was the weekend of the reunion and Amy was mad at me for working that day, but I told her I would be home in plenty of time. Everything was going fine until one of my truck tires blew out. When I called the company to send out a repair truck, they told me it would be a couple hours.

Amy was totally pissed when I called to tell her what happened. I did my best to explain to her that I couldn't help it and even told her that if I got back at a decent hour I would still meet her there.

After telling me how inconsiderate I was, she hung up on me. I really felt bad but there was nothing I could do. I finally pulled into the station around nine. The reunion was only going to last till eleven and I figured it would be a waste of time to rush home, clean up, and make an appearance. But I still felt bad about hurting Amy, so I decided to do it anyway. Then at least we could spend the night together at the hotel.

I arrived at ten forty-five and saw Brent and Beth cleaning the greeter's table just outside the main party room.

"Do you know where Amy is? I know I'm late, but my truck blew a tire," I said.

"The last time I saw her she was inside saying goodnight to people yet," Brent replied.

"Aren't you going to go in and say hello to everyone?" asked Beth when I didn't move.

"No I don't think so."

I took a quick look inside from where I was and saw Amy at the far side of the room talking to Mark. That pissed me off right away, so I looked around for his wife Cindy.

"Where the hell is Cindy? I see Mark but not her," I asked as I turned to Brent.

"Mark said that one of the kids got sick this morning so Cindy stayed home. She told Mark to go ahead since the room and everything was already paid for," replied Beth.

"Did Amy spend the whole evening with him?"

"Take it easy, John," replied Brent. "He sat at our table since we had an extra chair but Amy didn't do anything wrong. She was with us the whole time."

"Did she dance with him?"

"Yes, and she danced with me, Bob, Charlie and other classmates. I swear John, she didn't do anything wrong. She might have drunk a little too much but she was with us. Why don't you go in and surprise her. I think she would be happy that you showed up," said Brent.

"No, the reunion will be over in a few minutes. I think I'll just meet her up in our room."

I stepped inside the party room long enough to grab a bottle of rum and a large bottle of coke.

"Don't tell Amy you saw me because I want to surprise her," I said, holding the bottles up.

They laughed and promised to keep it a secret. Then I went to the desk and got a keycard. I headed up to the room and turned on the small lamp. After pouring a drink, I sat in the big chair in the corner. I wasn't happy that Amy danced with Mark but it was my fault for not being there. And Brent and Beth wouldn't lie about her actions at the reunion. Besides, they were happy to see me. If anything had gone on, they would have been nervous when I showed up.

Drinking my rum and coke, I thought back to an afternoon a couple years ago when I got home and found a message on the answering machine from Mark.

"Hi Amy, this is Mark, remember me? I haven't seen you since high school and wondered if you wanted to have dinner with me and catch up on old times. I'm in town tonight, but I'll be going back home tomorrow. If you can make it, give me a call at the motel. It would be great to see you again. Well, I guess I'll be waiting for your call." He left his cell phone number.

I was pissed when I heard the message, especially since he hadn't said anything about his wife being there or me going along. So I decided to return his call right then and there. Mark answered on the second ring. He must have seen our number on his caller ID.

"Boy that was quick. You must have missed me as much as I've missed you."

"No, Mark, I haven't missed you at all," I replied. "I don't know what the fuck you want but the next time you call my wife, I'll hunt you down and put you in a body bag."

"Take it easy John. I didn't mean anything by it; I was just joking. I'm in town for the night and thought I'd call a few old friends."

"How many of your old friends are you meeting for dinner tonight? Is Cindy there with you?"

It was silent for quite a few seconds before he answered. "I'm sorry I called John. Just tell Amy I said hi."

"Let me repeat this for you, Mark. Stay the hell away from my wife. I better never see your name on this caller ID again."

Slamming the phone down, I erased the message. I didn't figure Amy knew anything about it and there was no use getting her all riled up. And the sooner I forgot about the call the better. That night when Amy got home I took her out to dinner. We made love as soon as we got back.

Hearing voices in the hallway brought me back to the present. A quick glance at my watch showed it was going on midnight, but Amy still hadn't come to our room.

Amy's story

I was so happy when John agreed to go to the reunion. I understood he was never comfortable with our old school crowd and only knew a few of the classmates. But Brent and Beth were our best friends and we were going with them.

We got separate rooms for the night because none of us wanted to drive if we drank too much. Plus I always seemed to go wild after drinking. Of course John was always there to take care of me. He was my rock.

When he called me and told me he probably wouldn't make the reunion because his truck broke down, I got really mad at him. Looking back I should have understood that it wasn't his fault.

Brent and Beth picked me up and we went to the reunion. The tables were set up for six people, but we only had five since John wasn't there. A few minutes later Mark, my boyfriend before John, arrived. The two never did get along.

Mark had married one of the other volleyball players and moved to Iowa. He and Cindy had three kids. Their youngest child had gotten sick and Cindy decided to stay home with him. So he asked if he could join us at our table since we had an empty seat. Everyone at the table was friends with Mark, and I didn't feel threatened in any way because Brent and Beth were there.

We were all having a great time. I danced with everyone so when Mark asked me, I said yes. When a slow song came on, he held me close, saying how much he missed dancing with me among other things. Back at the table he talked about Cindy and his kids but whenever we danced he would talk about the way it used to be between us. He brought back a lot of good memories.

I knew I was drinking too much but I figured I would be heading up to my room later to sleep it off. When Mark pulled me closer I didn't say anything. He wasn't doing anything wrong like trying to cop a feel. I guess I liked listening to him talk softly about old times and how he missed me.

Toward the end of the evening he mentioned calling a couple years ago and offering to take us out for dinner. He described how John yelled and screamed at him and told him never to call our house again. I apologized but he just said if he had married me he wouldn't want another man around me either. We both laughed a bit at that.

After the reunion I was hugging everyone goodnight and told them I would see most of them in the morning for breakfast. Mark had given me an extra long and tight hug that made me weak at the knees. He went upstairs and I talked with Beth and Brent.

"You have a wonderful night and try to get some sleep," said Beth.

She looked at Brent and they both laughed. I was a little aggravated they did that knowing John wasn't there.

"You two are the ones who are going to need sleep. You'll probably keep the whole motel awake with your noises."

When I got to the elevator I saw Mark there, standing near the doors and smiling. "I was waiting to escort you to your room."

We got into the elevator together and he started talking about how much he had always loved me and missed me. Then he leaned over and kissed me. I don't know why I did it but I kissed him back.

Maybe he was helping me remember our good times or maybe I was just pissed at John for not being there. Both of us had rooms on the fifth floor, so when the doors opened, we stepped off together.

"Will you come to my room so we can talk a little more, maybe have a nightcap?" he asked.

I had no excuse other than drinking too much. Why should I go to my room alone when I could talk with an old friend?

But I nodded and went with him. It didn't take long before we were kissing again.

"Mark, we're both married. We shouldn't be doing this. It's so wrong."

"Amy, no one need ever know. It will stay between you and me just like old times. Who knows, we may never see each other again."

While he was sweet talking he was slowly undressing me. I knew it was wrong but I let it happen. I had all my clothes off and before I knew it he was fucking me. It wasn't love it was just sex.

I had to wonder if he would just stick it in and cum as he did years ago, leaving me unfulfilled. He wasn't a whole lot better than he was when we first did it but I think the thought of cheating and getting away with it just did something to both of us.

Because he had a lot to drink, it took him a while to cum. But when he did I could feel his seed going in me. I was in heaven when I finally climaxed. He asked me to suck his cock which I had never done. When I did, he moaned and told me what a wonderful lover I was.

He ended up taking me again doggy style holding on to my hips while he fucked me. Once he came he pulled out, not waiting for me. I was tired and just laid down and either passed out or went to sleep.

I woke up suddenly and it was dark. I tried to get my bearings and then it hit me what I had done. There wasn't much I could do about it. I honestly did regret it. Even though I was mad at John, he didn't deserve a cheating wife.

I was still totally naked and could feel cum running down my leg. Pulling on my panties and dress, I stuffed my bra and pantyhose inside my purse. I knew I looked a complete mess but I had to get to my room down the hall.

The clock read four forty-five—early enough that hopefully the hallway would be empty. I looked back at Mark and wondered how I had been so stupid. Slowly I opened the door and checked the hallway before going to my room. I fumbled with my purse looking for my keycard, took it out and opened the door.

There was a light on inside which I figured I forgot to turn off. It was then I froze in my tracks. Lying across the bed was John. I must have made some noise because he woke up and looked at me. He turned toward the clock and then back at me but didn't say a word.

I was scared shitless. I could see he was a bit drunk himself. Dropping my clothes and purse on the floor, I headed into the bathroom to take a shower and get the cheating filth off me.

All the time I was in the shower I wondered what I would say to John. Should I tell him the truth or lie to him. How could I possibly explain the way I looked, not wearing my bra and pantyhose? I was crying the entire time I was in the shower. I don't know how long I was in there but I knew I had to face him.

After slipping on a robe, I opened the door prepared for John to start in on me even though I had no idea what I would say. I had just cheated on the man I loved with the man he hated most.

John was gone. On the end table was his keycard and wedding ring. I sat down on the corner of the bed and began to cry. For the next couple hours I cried, taking a few minutes to pack my clothes and straighten up the room. I saw the half empty bottle of rum and wondered if it was full when John started drinking.

My nerves were so bad that I threw up. I ended up taking another shower wishing I could wash away the sin I committed. At eight o'clock there was a knock on the door. I hoped it was John, but it was Beth with a big smile on her face. When she saw me she immediately knew something was wrong.

"Where's John? He was going to surprise you last night. Amy, what happened? Where is John?"

"He left me. How did you know he was here?" I asked, bursting out in tears.

"He got here at the end of the reunion. He was a little pissed when he found out Mark was here alone. Brent assured him that nothing went on and he seemed to settle down."

"Why didn't you tell me he was here? You're supposed to be my best friend."

"What happened? He left to go to the room maybe fifteen minutes before you did. He asked us to keep it a secret so he could surprise you. Wasn't he here when you got here?" asked Beth.

"Oh god Beth; I just ruined my marriage."

"What happened, for Christ's sake? What did you do?" she demanded.

"Mark was at the elevator and we rode up together. I didn't mean for it to happen." I started crying louder.

"God no, you didn't go to Mark's room? Please tell me you didn't," said Beth.

"I was mad at John for not coming and Mark came on to me. I had way too much to drink and you know what I'm like. I didn't mean for it to happen. I didn't think anyone would ever find out. I came back to my room, thinking no one would ever find out.

"When I got here John was sleeping on the bed. I guess he had waited for me all night. But he woke up, and I was such a mess. All I could think was to clean up and figure out what to say to him. When I came out he was gone."

"He'll be back. You're just going to have to tell him the truth. It's the only way to save your marriage. I can't believe you were so stupid to cheat on John. He's one of the nicest men I know."

"He's not coming back to me. He left his keycard and wedding ring on the end table. I was so foolish and now I lost him."

"Amy, get dressed and we'll go down for breakfast. You have to put on a good front so no one else knows about this."

"I don't think I can do that. And I don't want to face Mark either. What if he tells everyone?"

"If I know Mark, he just wanted in your pants. He has way too much to lose if his wife finds out. Cindy's uncle owns that dealership he runs. Right now just the three of us know. I'll have to tell Brent, so he can talk with John. God, I can't believe you did this."

After I got dressed, we met Brent and the three of us headed down to the reunion breakfast. I did my best to act normal. Mark was there and smiled at me but I didn't say anything to him. Brent told him to stay away from me—he had caused enough trouble.

Mark looked surprised but didn't say anything. Everyone ordered breakfast and began talking about what a great reunion it was and how nice it had been to see each other again. I didn't talk much and hardly ate anything. I looked up and saw John come into the restaurant. He looked pretty hung over and extremely mad.

He finally eyed Mark. "You mother fucker. You just had to fuck her again, didn't you? I told you to stay away from her or I would kill you."

Mark smirked before responding. "I never touched your damn wife, you fucking drunk. Maybe if you took better care of her you wouldn't have to worry about her finding another man."

I couldn't believe Mark said that to John. Without thinking, I walked up to him and slapped him as hard as I could across the face. His head jerked and he grabbed his cheek. I then turned and ran to the elevators and back to my room.

Brent later told me that John went after Mark but before he could get to him the motel security stepped in and made John leave the premises. Brent said that Mark looked really scared while the rest of the class sat motionless.

Security followed John to the door and watched him leave. As he left he clipped a light post. Apparently someone had called the police as soon as John went after Mark because they were there almost immediately.

The police pulled John out of the car and arrested him for driving under the influence. He refused to take a breathalyzer test, though he probably wouldn't have passed it anyway since he drank half a bottle of rum less than eight hours before. Brent said all our classmates watched as the cops put John in a squad car. John yelled to Mark that it was far from over just as the door closed.

I stayed in my room and watched through the window. I knew I was to blame for all of it. Brent and Beth came up and got me as soon as the ruckus was over.

Brent had told Mark that he made the biggest mistake of his life and no longer considered him a friend. But Mark denied that we were together. I guess it was the only way he knew to save his marriage. There was only one person I told and that was Beth. John had blurted it to the class and they would all have to decide for themselves. After the police car left, I remembered John saying about Mark fucking me again. How had he ever found out about the first time?

My stomach was upset from my nerves being on edge. I also realized that I had unprotected sex with Mark. I wondered if the day-after pill would work two days later. Monday I saw my doctor first thing.

I was hoping John would call; I needed to hear his voice. I was almost frantic, and if it wasn't for Beth and Brent, I don't know what I would have done.

John spoke to Brent, emphasizing that he just couldn't see me right now. He had no idea what our future would be and needed time to work it out. Because of his arrest, he probably would lose his job. In our state he would get an automatic three days in jail and a six months driver's license suspension for the DUI, even though he didn't take the breathalyzer test.

He had to post five hundred dollars bond and instructed Brent to get our credit card information so he could withdraw the money. It hurt that he didn't want to see me since I was hoping we could work things out.

My stomach was hurting something terrible. I threw up till I had nothing left but the dry heaves. I struggled to make it to my doctor's appointment even. Thankfully I didn't have to wait long before they called me in.

"Amy, you don't look so good," he said when walked into the examination room.

"I've been a nervous wreck and throwing up."

"Why don't you put on a robe and we'll check you over. Open the door when you're ready for me to come back in," he said as he left the room.

He didn't take long once he returned. After asking me several questions, he turned to my chart and made some notes.

"Dr. Sheldon, I'm not sure how to ask this, but can you prescribe the morning-after pill for me? And will it work two days later?"

"Amy, I'm afraid it's a little late for that."

"I don't understand."

"You're pregnant, Amy."

Was it even possible to know a pregnancy two days after sex? I wasn't even in my right mind then.

"Amy, from what you told me, you stopped taking the pill several months ago. My best guess is that you're two months along. Don't you want the child?"

That's when I came to my senses. It wasn't Mark's child; it was John's. How could I have been so stupid?

"Amy, the throwing up was a combination of your nerves and the alcohol. I suggest you refrain from drinking while you're pregnant. Also, I should tell you that I don't do abortions. I'm here to save lives not take them. If you choose that route you need to go to a family planning clinic."

"No, Dr. Sheldon, I want my baby. God, I can't tell you how much I want it. I'm sorry I was so confused, but I want John's baby. Thank you so much, doctor."

The good doctor was probably pretty confused by then, but I didn't want to tell him anything about the horrible mistake I made. I hoped telling John about the baby would be enough for him to forgive me.

On Tuesday Brent went to pick up John. I had no idea what we would do since he had lost his job as a truck driver. All I knew was that I made a horrible mistake and I regretted it. I just wanted my John home with me so we could work out our problems.

I told Beth that I was still scared to face John, not knowing what he might say or do. Three hours later when Brent pulled up in our drive, he was alone.

"Where's John?" I asked.

"I picked him up at the jail and took him to the bank."

"Where is he now?"

"He told me to drop him off at the airport. I refused so he told me to pull over and he would get a cab. I did just that but I also followed the cab to the airport. I had a hard time finding him but he boarded a plane to Iowa. I came back as soon as I could."

"Oh my god, he's going after Mark. What should I do?"

I was frantic. Should I call Mark or Cindy to warn them? I was worried about John getting in even more trouble, but at the same time I didn't want him thinking I was siding against him. My friends were as confused as I was. It was then the phone rang. The caller ID said Cindy Brady.


"Amy, this is Cindy, Mark's wife. I received an anonymous call that said you and Mark had sex at the reunion. Mark denied it, swearing it was totally untrue. Is he lying to me? I really need to know."

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