Owned Couple
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Married couple become the slaves to his boss because of husbands mistakes. Cuckolding and humiliation. Please check the codes. If this type of story does not appeal to you please do not give me a bad rating just because it is not your type of attraction.

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I can't believe that my wife and I are even in this position. How did we get here? We used to be so normal. Now I can't hardly remember what life used to be like without Jack and Ruth. Were there days when we owned our own bodies? If there were, I try not to remember them. It would only make me more depressed than I already am.

Six Months Earlier

What a day. I had slept in too late for the millionth time, was late for work, and ended crashing the entire office's server. This forced me to stay well into the next morning using the backup discs to recover everything onto the new server that was installed. I still couldn't figure out how it was my fault that the original server crashed, but both guys from the IT department said it originated from my workstation. Considering that my advertising agency employs over fifty employees and has several hundred clients this was definitely a big deal. Fortunately my boss was out of town today and I didn't have to face him immediately.

I walked into my house dropping my briefcase in the hall and collapsing on the bed without even trying to get undressed. My wife, Sherry, stirred next to me and groggily asked "Did you get everything fixed?"

"Yeah, hopefully Jack's in a good mood tomorrow." I replied sleepily.

She didn't say anything else and a few minutes later was snoring happily. That was probably for the best, I didn't want her worrying and keeping herself up through the night.

The next morning I made sure to get up early, I was determined to be at work on time. I surprised my wife in the shower and was reminded of why I was so attracted to her ten years ago. Sherry was a five foot eleven inch goddess. She had an amazing body due to the fact that she was athletic and visited the gym several times a week. At 32 she had a great set of tits, 36 C, with dark brown nipples that always showed when she was excited. Because she enjoyed swimming and the beach she had always shaved her pussy since I had met her. After seven years of marriage though, our sex lives had gone from exciting and new, to monotonous, and then almost nonexistent. It was times like this when I saw her showering or changing her clothes that made me regret that. But I couldn't think about that right now, I had to get to work on time today.

I got to work fifteen minutes early and immediately started in on my tasks for the day. I made several phone calls to businesses on my client list and started to get caught up on my work. Before I knew it the time for lunch had arrived and I hadn't heard anything from Jack, the company owner and my direct supervisor. I grabbed a quick bite at the deli across the street and came back with twenty minutes to spare and got back to work. I was determined to be the model employee.

Finally around 4:30 I got an interoffice phone call from Jacks secretary. She said Jack wanted to see me ASAP in his office. I quickly dropped everything I was doing and took the elevator up two floors to his office. Jack's secretary, Beth, was as always dressed to the nines. She was a little shorter than Sherry and had lighter hair but she had at least the same bust size and always showed it off. Today she was wearing a red blouse that cut half way down her torso and it was very obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra either. As soon as I walked in she buzzed Jack and told him I was here and told me to go right in.

"Gene! How's it going today?" Jack asked from behind his huge mahogany desk.

"I'm doing good Jack. How about you, did you have a good trip?" I replied, somewhat bolstered by the fact that he seemed so pleasant.

"Great. I was able to land those Japanese guys which should keep this place running for a little while longer." He said smiling widely. The joke was that Jack had enough money to keep this place running for a hundred years if he wanted to. Most of the employees all said he did this just to keep from getting bored.

"Listen Jack, about yesterday..." I started, trying to sound strong willed.

"Gene, buddy, it wasn't that big of a deal. Hardware crashes, it fails, we pick ourselves up and keep going. What I needed to talk about was the reason the server crashed. The guys told you it came from your workstation?"

"Yeah, I can't figure out what happened." I said.

"Well I had some computer gurus that I know do some digging and they found out what happened. Apparently a virus from your computer uploaded to the server. And I think we figured out where the virus came from." He picked up a remote off his desk and pointed it at a bank of screens behind me. I turned around and felt the world start to spin around me. On the screen were several different porn sites that I had visited from my work computer. One of them was a cuckold site that specialized in the husband being humiliated and made to clean creampie's from his wife's pussy. Another was a femdom site that showed a man being fucked with a strapon by a beautiful vixen.

I slowly turned and looked at Jack who was still smiling. "Jack, I don't know what to say."

"Well, Gene, you know what company policy is about employees using our computers for this kind of thing don't you?"

I swallowed and replied meekly. "Yes. There is a no tolerance policy. The employee is supposed to be let go immediately."

"That's right. Did you know that when you were surfing these porn sites?"

"Yes." I said this in almost a whisper.

"Well Gene, you really haven't left me any choice then have you?"

"No, sir. I guess not." I couldn't believe this was happening.

"What will you and Sherry do? Is she working?"

"No, the retail store she was at went into bankruptcy. She hasn't been able to find anything else yet."

"Well, I did some checking with some "accountant" friends of mine and it appears you and your wife have created a pretty big mountain of debt in the past few years."

I couldn't believe this was happening. How did he find out about this? "Yes, sir. I have always had a bit of a gambling problem."

"Is bankruptcy and option for you?" He asked seemingly genuine.

"No, we already did several years ago."

"So without this job you and your wife will be up a creek as they say?"

"Yes. I guess we'll find a way though"

"What if I told you there was a way to keep your job and I would actually pay you more?"

"That would be awesome!" I replied eagerly.

"It may require some extra hours and duties that you haven't done before." Jack said with a small frown on his face.

"I will do anything. I can work double time if I need to." I said energetically.

"Just what I wanted to hear!" Jack said with a large smile. He stood up and walked over to the couch sitting against the wall. Suddenly he started to undo his pants. "I want you to come over here and suck my dick."

I stood there in shock. I didn't know what to think or do. In the span of ten minutes my world had gone from normal to a nightmare.

"Make your decision quickly Gene. This is a limited time offer. You wait too long and I will fire you and you will never get a job in advertising again."

I slowly walked over to him and dropped to my knees. I sat there staring at a cock that was at least eight inches long and was throbbing. It was obvious Jack had been looking forward to this. I had never done anything like this before. I had fantasized about it while surfing porn on the internet, but I never thought that it would ever actually happen. I lowered my mouth onto his cock and started sucking.

"There you go. That's a good bitch. Just keep sucking and licking that cock. Use your hand and jerk me off."

I wrapped my hand around his shaft and started working it up and down.

"I'm going to cum soon. You have a decision to make. If you spit it out or refuse to swallow when I tell you to you can go clean out your desk and never come back here again. If you are a good bitch and keep that cum in your mouth and then swallow when I tell you to you are agreeing to be my personal bitch and do anything and everything I tell you to. If you do this you will be well paid and taken care of. Do you understand?"

"Mmm..." I said while nodding my head up and down. I felt like crying.

"Better get ready, I'm going to cum."

I stayed there kneeling in front of my boss sucking his dick as I let him cum in my mouth. It filled my mouth and I could taste it's musky, salty odor on my tongue.

"Ahh ... Good boy ... now open your mouth and show me."

I did as he told me. "Now swallow." I did, feeling completely humiliated. I could still taste his slimy cum in my mouth, and what I couldn't believe was that my dick was hard and aching to get out of my pants.

Jack stood up buttoning his pants and said "Not bad for a first timer. If that was your first time." He chuckled. "Now as your second task as my bitch you are going to call your wife and tell her that you have invited your boss and his wife over for dinner."

I stared at him in horror. "Why? What are we going to do?"

"Next time you address me it better be with a Sir or a Master! Do you understand?" Jack was obviously upset now.

"Yes, sir." I said shakily.

"Good, as far as tonight you only need to concern yourself with making sure your wife is aware of our presence."

"Yes, sir."

I quickly left his office trying to forget what just happened or what could happen tonight.

Sherry was not happy about the fact that I gave her such short notice about dinner. I did my best to help her get everything ready though. At 7:00 sharp Jack and Ruth Thompson rang our door bell. I answered the door hesitantly not sure what we were in for tonight.

"Hello Gene. You remember my wife Ruth don't you?" Jack said with a sly smile.

"Yes, sir." I said remembering his earlier order. "How are you tonight Ruth?"

Ruth looked at me with a look of contempt and ownership and said "It's either Mistress or Mrs. Thompson to you little cocksucker."

I was caught flatfooted. Obviously Jack had told her everything. For the first time in my life I experienced full on shame and disgrace.

"Yes mistress." I practically whispered this. I was still in shock.

I walked into our living room and introduced my wife to them. Ruth quickly took to Sherry showing a lot of interest in her. Dinner was good and fairly uneventful. I was uncomfortable because I was sure that my wife was going to figure out that there was a huge elephant in the room.

After dinner we retired to the living room for drinks. I was trying to politely end the evening but it was obvious that Jack had other plans.

"So Sherry, did Gene fill you in on today's events at the office." Jack asked my wife while smiling at me.

"No, he mentioned the problem with the server yesterday though." Sherry responded pleasantly.

"Yes, that was very unfortunate for Gene. You know there is something that I wanted to show you about some of the new duties Gene has now." Jack said.

He stood up and pulled a DVD out of his jacket pocket hanging in the hall. By the time he had the TV going and we were all watching I was sweating bullets. On the screen popped up my workstation. The date was several months earlier. I was suddenly very confused; I didn't know what this was about. After about 30 seconds I entered the frame and sat at my desk. I started clicking around on my computer when suddenly a porn site popped up on my screen. On the TV I started to view several different movies and then I started masturbating.

I looked over at Sherry to see her stunned face looking back at mine and then back to the TV. For the next fifteen minutes we watched as I surfed different porn sites and masturbated multiple times over the last few months. The screen faded away then came back to show Jack's office dated today. I knew what this was going to be and felt like I wanted to die. I watched with everyone else in the room as I knelt down in front of Jack and gave him a blowjob like I was an old pro.

Afterwards I sat there not knowing what to do. Sherry still hadn't said anything.

Finally I looked over at Sherry and said "Honey, I'm so sorry..."

"Shut UP!! I saw the bulge in your pants afterwards. You liked it!" Sherry yelled at me.

I hung my head in shame. Jack started laughing and then turned to Sherry. "Well, it's not completely Gene's fault you see." He then proceeded to explain how far into debt we were, how the only way to continue living was going to be for me to keep working for him and do whatever he told me to.

"Now Sherry, the reason I am here tonight is I wanted to explain your options to you. You can either divorce your husband and try to survive in an economy with an 11% unemployment rate and no education. Or, you can come work for me. I will even pay you more than Gene." Jack said this with such pleasure I could tell he had been planning this for some time.

"Work for you? Like Gene worked for you today?" Sherry said with shock in her voice.

"Yes, the difference is that the only people you will have to obey are me and Ruth. You will even be in charge of Gene. You can punish him in any way you see fit."

Sherry stood there for a full minute without moving or saying anything. Finally she looked at Jack and I saw an almost imperceptible nod. My heart fell through the floor. My life was over.

"If you agree to be Ruth's and my slave and your husband's master you need to get undressed right now."

Sherry hesitated for about five seconds staring me down the entire time, then stood and started undressing. I watched horrified as her beautiful tits came into view and then she worked her pants and bikini panties to the floor.

"Excellent! So beautiful! Wouldn't you say so dear?" Jack asked his wife.

"Oh yes, very nice." Ruth responded. I could tell she was enjoying this.

Jack turned to me. "Get undressed bitch. We have a couple of things planned special for you."

I slowly started to remove my clothes. I watched as Jack walked over to Sherry and started to grope and explore her body. She just kept staring at me in defiance, obviously trying to make me feel even more ashamed.

"Sherry dear, why don't you undress me and Ruth?" Jack asked in a commanding voice.

Sherry started taking Jack's clothes off. When she freed his cock she let out a small gasp at realizing the size of it. It was easily twice as long as mine and definitely thicker. Ruth chuckled behind her knowing what she had just seen for the first time. When Sherry had Jack completely undressed she moved to Ruth and started with her. Ruth was early forties but still had a great body. Her breasts sagged a little but not to the point of being unattractive. She was certainly in shape and the only hair on her body was on her head which glinted a strawberry brown.

"Now, why don't we start off with a little appetizer." Jack said. "Sherry, you suck me while your husband works on Ruth."

Sherry quickly sank down to her knees in front of Jack and didn't hesitate for a moment before sucking on his cock. Ruth sat back on the couch and motioned for me. I crawled over and slowly started to lick her pussy. It had been a while since I had licked my wife and so I was out of practice. With some coaching though from Ruth I was able to do a passable job.

After about ten minutes Ruth spoke up. "Honey, I think it's my turn with pretty little Sherry there don't you?"

"Absolutely. Okay you two bitches, switch."

I slowly crawled over to Jack passing my wife on the way. She had a glazed over look in her eyes and her mouth and chin were covered in her own saliva. I kneeled in front of Jack and started sucking. It wasn't quite as bad as last time because the shock was gone, but it was still not a pleasant experience. I angled my head over to see Sherry's head between Ruth's legs and was suddenly very turned on. Ruth noticed my hard on and misinterpreted it's cause.

"Look Jack, he does like sucking you."

Sherry brought her head up long enough to look at my dick, glared at me, and then started licking Ruth again.

"Okay, I think it is time I had a shot at the beautiful pussy on Sherry." Jack said eagerly.

"And I have a surprise for Gene." Ruth said as she headed for her handbag.

Jack bent Sherry over the couch and waited no time in mounting her. Sherry moaned in what I could only take as pleasure as he entered her. From her position she could look right at me as Jack was fucking her.

"Oh God, its so big." She said to no one in particular.

"You like that cock, cunt?" Jack asked her.

"Yes, oh God, yes. It's so much bigger than Gene's."

At this point I looked up to see Ruth wearing a strapon cock similar in size to Jack's.

"Get up." She said roughly. "Bend over the couch like that whore of a wife of yours."

I stood up and bent over the opposite end of the couch from Sherry. I was beaten at this point. There was no use to fighting it. I was their bitch.

"Please Mistress, can you put some lube on?" I asked meekly. This was my only protest.

"Because you called me Mistress, yes, I will let you have some lube." Ruth said.

She walked over to Jack and Sherry. Jack pulled his cock out of my wife and I watched as Ruth plunged her dildo into her. She fucked her for several minutes until my wife was moaning non-stop. Then she pulled out and I saw her dildo glistening with my wife's juices. Ruth walked behind me and spit on my asshole. Then I felt the tip of her cock as it started to slide into me.

I groaned in pain and pleasure. Ruth wasted little time or emotion on me and within a minute was fucking me.

"Oh God, Oh God, unnnnhhhh..." I couldn't help myself. It felt too good.

"Look at your husband Sherry." Jack said. "He likes to get fucked in the ass. Isn't that true bitch? You like that cock in your ass don't you?"

"Yes, sir. I do." I replied.

Sherry stared at me from the other end of the couch as we were both getting the fucking of a lifetime when an orgasm ripped through her body and made her shiver and convulse with pleasure. This must have been all Jack was waiting for because within seconds after watching Sherry cum Jack was cumming in her pussy.

Ruth picked up speed enjoying the show. "Do you like that bitch? Do you like watching my man cum in your wife's pussy?"

"Yes mistress." I said in pleasure. I no longer cared.

Jack pulled out of Sherry and told her to sit on the couch.

"Gene get over here. You have a mess to clean up." Jack said.

Ruth pulled her dildo out of my ass to my dismay and I crawled over to where Jack and Sherry were.

"Start with my cock and then clean your wife's pussy. I want to see you eating all that cum."

"Yes Master" I said.

I bent forward and licked his cock from the balls to the tip before putting it in my mouth. I could taste Sherry and Jack's cum mixed together. Unbelievably this turned me on even more than the dildo did.

When I finished cleaning Jack's cock I turned to Sherry. She was leaning back with her legs spread and in the air. I could see the large amount of cum that had leaked out her pussy and was dripping down her asshole and onto the carpet.

Sherry looked at me and said "Get everything you wimp. This is your job from now on."

I couldn't believe Sherry was saying this but I obediently bent over. As my tongue made contact with her pussy lips she spoke up. "No, start with my asshole." I lowered my head further with shame and licked the cum from her asshole. I then worked my way up licking and sucking any drops of cum I could find. When her pussy was clean and only glistening with my saliva Ruth walked back over to us. She had removed the strapon and we could all see her wet pussy.

"Now it's my turn. Gene you are going to fuck your wife while she eats me out."

Ruth straddled Sherry's head and Sherry wasted no time in trying to make her orgasm.

I was so turned on I quickly entered Sherry's pussy. My dick was so small I felt like I was swimming in there. Regardless it took me less than two minutes to reach an orgasm. When I finished cumming I felt Jack's hand on my head and he was pressing me down.

"Clean up your mess you wimp. From now on not a drop of cum is to be wasted."

I licked and sucked my wife to another orgasm as I cleaned her. Soon after Ruth came all over Sherry's mouth.

As Sherry and I sat naked and used on the couch Jack and Ruth started getting dressed.

"Well, that was fun." Jack said. "Sherry, he's all yours for the rest of the night, but we expect you to be on time for work tomorrow Gene."

"Yes, sir." Sherry and I repeated at the same time.

I looked at Sherry and knew that my life was never going to be the same.

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