Strange Dates
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Coercion, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, BDSM, DomSub, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Big Breasts,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A strange tale of a manipulating school girl; use of a boyfriend to gain acceptable grades; her downfall against his rise and the ultimate revenge he seeks.

Gina was five feet tall; around a hundred and eighty pounds in weight; with a small cute pear shaped ass and 44DDD tits; her long black curly hair hung to mid back length and she was sixteen when I first met her. Me; well I am Sam; six feet tall athletic build; sandy coloured hair and have an average six inch cock; and I too was sixteen; I suppose in honesty it was her large tits which I first noticed; not that she was plain looking or anything like that.

Around the sixth week of seeing her in the same classes I finally plucked up courage to ask her if she would like to go for a coke or something; I was shocked but surprised when she agreed. I know it was stupid in hind sight but I think that was when I fell in love with her. That evening after school we sat and had a glass of coke and chatted; she confessed she was going to approach me anyway but for different reasons; for she was struggling with her sixth grade chemistry homework and wondered if I could explain it better to her.

I was delighted and in the finish I actually did her homework as well as my own; obviously I did not copy it word for word but put all the salient points over but in a different way; anyway to cut a long boring story short; a week later she grabbed me as we walked home and kissed me full on the lips thanking me for the first A+ mark she had ever got. That was something over the next year she was to repeat times many.

It was three months later I finally got to sleep with her at her parent's house; they were away for the night on business and she invited me over. Before we could go to bed though; which to be honest was the sole reason I was there; I had to complete her English and Maths homework. Then we went up to her room and I was surprised because instead of a single bed like I had at home she had a queen sized bed almost double the width of my own bed.

Nervously I hesitated before undressing for this was my very first time and I longed to leave the room a man no longer a virgin; but that never quite happened. She mean while did not hesitate and soon slipped beneath the sheets wearing just a flimsy pair of panties; I was gobsmacked; I had caught glimpses of my own mothers tits in the bathroom but Gina's were so different somehow; less sag more in general and her areola's were about the size of a dollar piece and the stubby nipple was already erect and so inviting.

She saw my nervousness and chided me to hurry up; so like her I kept my pants on and moved towards the bed but she told me to remove them before I got in bed. She smiled as she saw my cock already semi hard from just seeing her tits; she threw back the covers and invited me in. I reached over to kiss her but at the last minute she turned her head away so instead of a full mouth on mouth kiss I only got her cheek.

I let my arm move close till I was touching her skin and turned to face her; I felt the side of her breast against my chest and brought my hand over to touch the nipple. She grabbed my hand and said, "Before we start; I need to know you will still respect me and I will only let you do these things if I know you love only me and no one else?"

"Oh Gina; if only you really knew how much I do love you; I would give my very soul for you!" I replied.

With that she placed my hand on her panties and moved her arm to behind my head; pulling it down till my mouth found her nipple. I confess I did not really know what to do but I thought of a baby suckling from its mother and imitated the actions I thought that would use and it worked for she began cooing in my ear. I was scared to move my hand from where she placed it but could feel the heat of her cunt through the panties; my own rapidly hardening cock beginning to press into her thigh.

Eventually I began to move my hand up towards the top of her panties when again she stopped me; I am a virgin and have promised my mum I will remain so till I marry she lied. Not knowing any different I believed her and agreed to respect her wishes; so I thought nothing of it when she threw off the covers and then told me to remove her panties; her thick black bush over her cunt confirming she was truly a raven haired beauty.

Then the weirdest thing happened; she pushed my head down and at the same time opened her legs till my nose was pressed against the top of her cunt; I could smell the strange heady aroma of aroused sex; but did not know what to do. She laughed and told me to lick it; I anxiously stuck out my tongue and probed the slightly open slit; I suppose more by luck than judgement I hit her clit and she groaned and jerked; so I did it again a bit more forcefully and once more received the same encouraging signals.

Continuing this probing my tongue slipped into her cunt entrance and I tasted my first ever cunt juice; it tasted strange but something told me I wanted more so I dipped my tongue in again. Looking back now I realise this was a very crude effort of my first attempt at cunt licking but I did seem to get the desired results as suddenly she gripped my head and held it tight to her cunt while it seemed to me she was pissing; later I worked out it was her orgasm.

I was hoping she would now repay the favour and at least suck my cock; but she refused saying, "Mommy would not like her daughter to do things like that!" Instead she took hold of my hand and wrapped my own hand around my cock; holding it in place with her hand she stroked my cock.

Where she got my pants from or when I do not know but as my cock twitched; she instantly had my pants in her other hand and covering the one eye of my cock; so my spunk flew into my own pants. She said it was so her parent's would not find traces on her bedding. I was allowed to sleep with her but no further contact was allowed and I must confess I found it hard to sleep but felt happy to be so near my own little princess.

After that she was more demanding; I was now doing all her homework and she was coaxing half my pocket money from me too; but I thought that's what you did for the one you loved; what a sucker I turned out to be; because at the end of the school year she dumped me. I protested that we loved each other and she just laughed in my face telling me, "I never loved you; you limp dicked moron, I needed you to get my averages up so I could graduate and not spend another summer in summer camp!"

My ego was hurt and badly bruised as I wondered if all women were like her. So I vowed that in future I was going to concentrate on my own education and fucking leave women well alone. To this end I graduated with flying colours and gained an entry place at Harvard business school; graduating five years later still a virgin but with a master's degree in business and commerce.

I took my father's ailing business and within four further years I had turned it into a million dollar empire; but somehow I never forgot my one first true love; Gina.

Now some of you will be saying how come a guy reaches 25 still a virgin if he is so successful; well I did not. After graduating from Harvard I went out celebrating with a few guys had too much to drink and ended up losing my virginity to a street whore in a back alley for 10 bucks. Not something I was proud of but it cleared the decks; I did have several suitors as I built my dad's business up but I could never fully trust them and so never let them get close enough to qualify as a lover.

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